Nuclear Expert: Radiation plume has now hit Hawaii — In a year it’ll probably reach U.S. West Coast (VIDEO)

Published: April 8th, 2012 at 10:38 am ET


Title: How Dangerous is the Radioactive Wave Headed Toward the US?
Source: The Big Picture (RT)
Date: April 6, 2012
Description: Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear, joins Thom Hartmann. California beware! A radioactive wave is headed toward the West Coast of the United States courtesy of the Fukushima nuclear disaster? […]

Transcript Excerpt at 4:00 in

KAMPS: And that plume, as you said, it’s taken a year but it has now hit Hawaii. Another year from now it’ll probably reach the West Coast of the US.

This simulation shows the plume approaching Hawaii last month: [intlink id=”watch-radioactive-plume-map-shows-fukushima-contamination-nearing-hawaii-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

See also:

  • [intlink id=”japan-govt-radioactive-fukushima-water-to-hit-hawaii-within-2-years-ocean-may-be-50-of-epas-maximum-contaminant-level-photo” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
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Published: April 8th, 2012 at 10:38 am ET


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55 comments to Nuclear Expert: Radiation plume has now hit Hawaii — In a year it’ll probably reach U.S. West Coast (VIDEO)

  • bigfatscaryman sdyogini

    shit shit shit

  • Cindy Cindy

    There is an article on the San Francisco Chronicle about the radionuclides in the Kelp off the coast of California. I'm amazed and sickened at the comments left by these "sheeple".
    It makes me so ever more thankful for ENENEWS. Check it out:

    • Yep…even the article states that the Iodine will be gone "within days" why do they insist on lying, even when there is little need to

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Stock:…Because if they put that one line in, they know that "we" can't make a print copy to give to our skeptical friends because that is the one line they will see, pick up on, and quote back to you.

        Everytime I see an article I would like to pass on, I find this one line which negates the whole premise that NUKES KILL!

    • The comments are disgusting. Why don't people take this seriously?

  • Anthony Anthony

    Sorry news for the Hawaiian friends and posters here. Hawaii is one of my favorite places & glad I`ve been a few times.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Excellent video.

  • Why did they need them indeed, I asked this question here last summer !

  • This is about saving their investment's and retirement benifit's for many of the country and the elite of Japan and others ! It's about MONEY not life !

    • many moons

      But where are they going to spend their money? They are too stupid to see the big picture. Reminds me of those rat experiments where the rat is offered food or cocaine….the rat always picks the drug and soon dies….money is their drug…they see no beauty in life only in the things they can purchase…they have no concept that the best things in life you can't buy…that is still true although I think there are plenty of sick people with an agenda to change that.

    • Fall out man!

      I think that's an important point XDRFox and a perplexing question from ManyMoons. At first one might think, what is the use of all that money if all the "little people" they are bleeding that cash off are finally dead and possibly even the elite with them, despite their foreign food supplies. I think after having promoted nuclear to make money through lies about its safety for so long, they likely come to believe many of one another's lies. Liars like listening to liars.

      Its also hard for most people to realize, but a significant portion of the world literally worship money as some kind of god. A friend of mine from Taiwan told me the story of how a good friend of hers was jailed for the largest property fraud in Taiwanese history. He had stolen billions as some kind of corrupt public official. She cheerfully told me that it was "really good though, because his family had disappeared with the money and are rich". I said, "But they have no father, their Dad's in jail!". She couldn't comprehend what the problem was. She just responded, "yeah, but they are rich!". That is the mindset of a large portion of the world. They'd happily give up a family member to get rich. That's just part of the culture. Anything is justifiable as long as you get rich.

      The love of money is A root of all evils. Not the only root, but certainly A root.

      • Fall out man!,

        The loan would be on condition the reactors are restarted !!!!

        The lenders are concerned if two conditions — raising power tariffs and the restart of the utility's nuclear power plants — can be met in the face of public and political opposition following the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster a year ago.

        Sources said the most likely option under discussion is for Tokyo Electric to issue bonds backed by collateral to the lenders in exchange for the funds.

        "We have a fiduciary duty to our clients and shareholders," said a banking source.

        "We cannot make a commitment when we are not sure about these things. We could get sued if things do not turn out as we expect and we cannot recover our loans," said the source, who is not authorized to discuss the matter publicly so did not want to be identified.

      • Thank you for that story. Many people say "money is the root of all evil" but that isn't true. Evil existed long before humanity created money. But money is the primary medium of evil today. It is how we transmit it to each other. You could look at that as a blessing because historically we used to use violence. Now we use money. But, of course, violence is the foundation of money when you properly analyze it. So basically we have a method of doing evil that is "civilized."

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    New Tweet to me from 4/7
    Fukushima Day 393 Dangers of Fukushima Radiation to Northern Hemisphere …: via @youtube
    In comments Connect-the-Dots says:
    "I'm glad you watch and enjoy the info,even my personal Doctor had to kinda to apologize to me a couple of weeks back for a comment she'd made about my online hours of activity/research, she's turned around and asked for my Yt channel after seeing my 2 Geigers & hearing all my Fukushima radiation talk during my broken neck check-ups for last several months she now knows there is a risk LIVING on West coast…and how Food may be contaminated due to Bio-accumulation caused w/ "wash-outs"


    • Anthony Anthony


      Now if we can get others informed….

      You`d think a Doctor would be *right on* to Fukushima info…. you`d think!

  • sonnen.blum.239 sonnen.blum.239

    We have had a problem for some time, at least 70 years. But it is the bioaccumulation that most sheeple don't know or care about. They think, well, it's a little here and a little there, meanwhile the radionuclides are slowly giving them cancer, diabetes, cardiac problems. But that's even okay: big pharma and big medical can prescribe expensive drugs and force unnecessary procedures on the unsuspecting in order to cover up the truth. A melon from Honduras showed up in St. louis and tested three times background. I did not eat eat. Test and know, be uninformed and die. it is that simple. get an Inspector Alert before Congress outlaws them.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      You got that right sonnen! contami-NATION (working title 'Dark Water'): via @youtube "One has only to look back in recent environmental history at the devastation and death left in the wake of Love Canal, Three Mile Island and most recently Fukushima, Japan to see the future of corporate greed and disregard for the public health and well being"

    • alasanon

      WHY would a melon from Honduras show that much radiation??
      Honduras, by way of Japan, or Chernobyl??
      I think I've eaten a few from nearby Guatemala?…I would never
      guess they could be quite contaminated by radiation…
      well, well, well… There are strange things happening in some developing countries, but that's to be expected, unlike what is happening to the U.S.! 🙁

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    This 'minor' incident at Fukushima is the LEAST of our worries…. it is what is coming next that could be our focus..

    12 reasons why all nuclear power plants must be shut down; via A Green Road Blog

    Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth In 2013 'Carrington Effect'; Year Long Power Outage? via A Green Road Blog

    Remote Viewers Predict HUGE SOLAR STORM COMING

  • StillJill StillJill

    Happy Easter to you too Jebus!

    BE safe in the 'skanky site',…. foraging around in their EVIL thoughts and machinations,…!

    Remember as kids, we used to write 'CP' on the back of our hands? "Coodie Protection"? (At least in the US East coast, we did).

    You might even need a shot of penicillin when you come out! 🙂


      HAPPY EASTER to StillJill! I can give such salutations, as this 'holiday' was originally a celebration of one of the manifestations of the goddess; in this instance, "Astarte". The egg is an ancient 'pagan' symbol of fertility, and was first painted by the ancient Persians with blessings and prayers; later to be co-opted by the Catholics as means of washing-away our memory of her. As I worship all woman, I adore the loving heart of StillJill! In any event, God's blessings to you and yours on this most holy of days…

      Now we may return to taste of ash and the emptiness of this age's false promise…

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Yep! StillJill is a really, really good loving Heart! Thanks for being you, Still Jill!

      • StillJill StillJill

        Thank you soooo much dharmasyd,…and AFTERSHOCK!
        There's no way I can describe what your comments FEEL like for me,…as a near shut-in,…even before March 11th, 2011.

        My Father thanks you too,….He worries about me so! 🙂

        Thanks for EASTER Father,…in all her Glory and graspings! 🙂

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    HAPPY EASTER ALL OF YOU! I've got to get off of here and cook Turke…Oops! Ham! See ya later!!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Happy Easter ..Whoopie. EVERYONE….off to play Easter Bunny..till evening…

  • Did you know that Fukushima means Island of Dreams? Dai-ichi just mean Number 1, Daini just means Number 2.

    This Fukushima Poison Inventory is from Ray Masalas at Nuclear Hot Seat. What a great day for a new awakening, we have other good options and building these other energy options will create plenty of good quality jobs.

    Lets face it, when someone works in nuke, even though they have been fed enough lies that the truth doesn't appear to them on a daily basis….deep down they know that they are poisoning the earth, the humans, the animals. This is not a "quality job", and nuke attracts some of the most intelligent– but intelligence mean little related to making good decisions. To take some of the most intelligent and turn them into poison producing multi-level liars is a tragedy of Orwellian proportions.

    You know that in the multiple explosions that much of this inventory was simply launched into the air. Some rods fell into the rubble and we have mined video evidence of this from TEPCO releases. Sometimes they are sloppy about what they release, and sometimes they are just photoshopping things.

    Some were blown on the roadways and parking lots, hence the need for them to bulldoze and place steel plates just so you didn't take a deadly dose just passing by. Apparently some did take a lethal dose as detailed in this NRC letter.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    QUICK ONE! Magnitude 5.0 hits Fukushima — Multiple other quakes of similar strength hit northeast Japan

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Wow! Now this is NEW dated the 9th!
    Taiko group from Fukushima visits Washington:

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Former Japanese prime minister “I’m regretting to have admitted nuclear plants.”

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    SUNDAY, 8 APRIL 2012
    Fukushima Reactor 4: Life On Planet Earth in the Balance

  • INDEED the Nuke Pimp is closed, no further new posts although still seeing 50 or so people stroll through here everyday.

    Set your bookmarks to the all new


    Great material for Troll Jousting, my own coined term for Urban Dictionary. Even to reference truth about nuke

  • grasshopper

    Yup, glad we left Hawaii. Had a good life there but not good enough to risk an early termination and mutated DNA. In South America now, anybody else freaked out like I was cruise down, we'll be here. Don't stress about it as much, quite relieving. Too bad all our Japanese friends and family won't come, much less anyone living on the west coast… So yea, if your there, protect yourselves to the fullest or GTFO.

  • Lee Binder

    We *urgently* need Ocean-water tests (radioactive isotopes) from a) the Midway Island and b) the very Northwestern Hawaiian Islands!

    Anybody here who can test, or at least supply samples???