Nuclear Expert: Radioactivity increasing in Tokyo air filters — Not from initial blasts — Cesium is being revolitalized into air (VIDEO, Part I)

Published: October 21st, 2011 at 7:15 pm ET


Oct. 20 — Congratulations to the new website Fukushima Update and James Corbett for the informative October 20 interview with Fairewinds chief nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen.

At 1:40 (Transcript Summary)

  • We just received some data that shows air filters on houses in Tokyo have seen an increase in radioactive particles compared with two months before.
  • It’s not from the initial blasts.
  • I think it could be from burning of radioactive debris that is revolatilizing the cesium… Radioactive particles are no longer just on the ground.
  • We’re seeing this in air filters that were replaced a month ago… To see that is an indication that the cesium is now airborne again.

h/t Desert Lady,

Published: October 21st, 2011 at 7:15 pm ET


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60 comments to Nuclear Expert: Radioactivity increasing in Tokyo air filters — Not from initial blasts — Cesium is being revolitalized into air (VIDEO, Part I)

  • Anthony Anthony

    Excellent information.

  • Sorry Arnie, We got you in a pose that makes you look like your loosing it !

    : D

    • Anthony Anthony

      Arnie is excellent in this video. Its a must see for sure!

    • StillJill StillJill

      Yeah 🙂 Arnie could sue us over that pose!

      Or,…one could say I got my Christmas present,….does he look ‘all FUKU’,…or what?

      I see your hot sauce Mr. Gunderson! 🙂

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      A pose that shows the sad desperate state of our world. I can not think of a more fitting expression for the crap that we face.

    • theonlyjesse

      lol isn’t that a BEAUTIFUL thumbpreview of the video Jill?
      I got a kick out of it.
      Repsect the hell out of it, but I do hope Arnie gets to see it and has a good laugh.
      Know you’re reading the site buddy, love ya!

      • theonlyjesse

        Yet again, victim of no edit button.
        That should read ” Respect the hell out of HIM” But I’m tired. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 😛

  • arclight arclight

    i like the way you said tent arnie!! it spoke in volumes 🙂
    nice simple easy to understand video.. cool! +100

  • Could some of it have been a criticality in a fuel pool in August ?

    • theonlyjesse

      so much of this seems to intertwine and mesh in my brain, but I do believe I saw a video of Arnie saying that, fox.

      I could be wrong, my brain was addled before it had six months of nuclear/radiation mumbo jumbo research crammed in it
      DON’T quote me on this lol

      • thankless,
        Boy I know what you mean, we all been on a huge learning curve, more then any cramming for an exams endlessly, O’ Dave said it the other day, ODing on information !
        But I think I remember it to, but it may have been a post I wrote or said in comments ? So many things we say here become reality because we all are looking for the truths and know we are not getting it and have to put pieces together and read between the lines with a little critical thinking coming up with what may be the logical and it usually turns out later to be true !
        We all work so hard here tirelessly scanning the net to find the answers and it pays off, often they HAVE to come out with the truth because their answers don’t add up, keep pushing and digging everyone !
        Elenin Velikovsky,
        and your wisdom is renown, keep it coming !

      • There were the flashes in August night that were seen on cams after a quake , possible falling of #4 pool, no pictures have been shown of that pool since !!!

    • Radiation spewing from Fukushima reactor at record high
      TOKYO (majirox news) — The highest level of radiation yet detected at the Fukushima nuclear power plant was discovered Aug. 1 at the main exhaust pipe near reactor No. 1, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said.
      Radiation of 10 sieverts per hour was detected near the pipe and TEPCO has banned anyone from going within a 3-meter radius of the area. There is not any schedule for work to be done in the area.
      Previously, the highest level of hourly radiation detected at the plant was 4 sieverts.
      Exposure to radiation of 10 sieverts per hour for just six minutes would induce radiation sickness.
      The highly radiated area has not been worked on since the March 11 disasters that caused meltdowns at the plant. However, a camera capable of detecting gamma rays registered high levels during a scan on July 31 and measurements on Aug. 1 confirmed the finding, TEPCO said.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    DocFox, Yup, I’d say, and Then Some….constantly.

  • They sprayed reprocessed water all over a vase area during the process of cleaning the area to keep it from catching fire they said, so it is very possible there was criticality while they were moving and dozing the areas cleaning, that would also produce this later new increase !

  • theonlyjesse

    to quote Arnie, if the smoke we’ve all seen were coming from the fuel pools, it would look like this;

    ” steam would be much more gentle, almost like a lake with fog over it. ”

    just random fog coming off the ocean, fella’s? I beg to differ!

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    My baby girl was supposed to grow up in a world where you could be healthy, happy, and survive.



    I hate them all.

    • theonlyjesse

      I haven’t grown up yet.
      I quite agree.

    • farawayfan, theonlyjesse,
      I’m so sorry, I understand, … I have Children and Grand Children, my work for many years as a single parent for their health, happiness, and survival on this earth has been in vain !

    • CB CB

      farawayfan, can you put a name on them? Names are better than a carpet them, they, those. Define your they plz.

      • farawayfan farawayfan

        CB, who would it be? We’ve all been talking about it. Government officials more worried about their elections. TEPCO and other nuclear officials more worried about their source of income. Sad sad sad people left in the wake, not hated, but pitied for the sad sad sad situation they are trapped in.

        And sad, sad daddies who wonder if their daughters can ever find a world to be happy in.

        Define my “they” plz. Dude, you know. figure it out.

        • theonlyjesse

          Without getting mushy, I believe I can confidently say the families of ENEnews users are more appreciated and cared about than most.

          We all know at least a small amount of what’s going on, it drives me nuts that there’s nothing I can personally do to fix what’s happening, and I know I’m not the only one.

          Keep up the amazing work guys, Media long ago stopped trying to protect us by informing.

          • Nevadan

            You are so right. Most people are afraid to look straight in the face of what is happening, but the result is that their families don’t get whatever protection we can provide. I wish people had more courage.

          • beamofthewave

            That is why I sent my daughter to the South East Coast USA instead of keeping her here in Oregon. Arnie had said that we had as much radiation as Tokyo and I believe him. It breaks my heart being away from her but I cannot give up my job at this time. It is like ripping my own arm off. Those asshats at all those nuclear proliferation places dont have much time and they know it. Pretty soon all the kids in Japan are going to be born seriously deformed or not born at all. I bet it will be like the movie Children of Men where no kids have been born for over 20 years and humans lose their minds. No babies at all. We are only a year away from this, maybe two IMO and they wont be able to hide it as much as they will want to.

    • HamburgGeiger

      I hear you farawayfan. My sons are 26 an 6 months. They are so fantastic and sweet. And I wanted a very different live for them in a better world.

      I blame myself for being so uninformed. I should have known better what the world is like and therefore never beget children. And I have no excuse other than: When you live in this world every day, you kind of get used to all the misery and that is when you underestimate the danger. Now they have to pay for my lack of forsight.

      Whenever I look at them and think about all this I could cry. It is all so unbelievable, more like a nightmare then like a reality. In fact I can`t cry, and I can`t / want to pray either. Perhaps because there is nothing more that could be done, and perhaps because in a way I think we as mankind deserve no better considering all the bad things we do to this planet. But that is humanity as a whole. My little babies derserve better. Don`t know what to think sometimes.

  • I agree with XDrFox that not all of this is from incineration of debris.

    There have been signficant releases that we can see in steam and potential fires at fuel pools.

    reactor 1 has been at 37 sieverts an hour and more.

    Fission is still occurring, Mr. Gunderson has agreed.

    Why does he not discuss that ever?

    I really respect him very much but why doesn’t he discuss the criticalities that are ongoing– instead he just talks about incineration?

    • We should also figure in when the winds are blowing to these areas and carry more of the nasties to them, with the winter coming on there may be much winds blowing to the south since the weather patterns of seasons in the past month also ! These patterns have been talked about before and are happening now !

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      God it’s good to see you Majia. (everyone)
      I don’t understand Arnie either.
      I hope he’ll address these other MAJOR issues soon.

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    arni dont speculated
    cautious in talking
    the level of polite diplomacy
    other routes are too heavy and dangerous
    He is experienced and careful. this is serious.
    and he has less risk for themselves (attack surface)
    and can no longer stay close to it

    He does not have as much political power, to work with more pressure

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    FILTER and air- pips

    every day more particles are caught, air filters, compressors, turbos, wherever air flow has a high standing and again encounters, there is rising faster
    I think in bouster`s (turbines), let’s all prove all the elements, very dangerous, high air flow = high enrichment

    • Cooler air with the fall/winter seasons may not allow the nasties so readily to get aloft into the jet stream as winter sets in leaving them to settle closer from the source !

  • CB CB

    Wow, check out fukiviewer at 2011 10 22 @ 17:42:22.

  • Bleifrei Bleifrei

    old song by the group kansas
    gets new meaning!
    must always think back to the song>
    dust in the wind

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Food safety in Japan A Must Watch for people in Japan

    • ocifferdave

      Wasnt it mentioned that there is a certain neighborhood in Tokyo that views the heck out of enenews? I hope they see your food vid, Whoopie.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Here’s what I posted at HP:
        The Trip to the Supermarke­t reveals, while many products have “American” names, the products are LOCALLY made. Like Nabisco, Welsh juices, Oreo Cookies. So customers not paying attention and reads the “Nabisco” name, will assume the food was made in the USA. Watch out for dates. Rice products were dated with a date that proved it was rice from last year. He said it won’t be long before the rice products will contain radioactiv­e rice.
        Very informativ­e VIDEO. Educationa­l to all.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    (CS137)Potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud over The Northern Hemisphere | surface radiation #genpatsu #cesium
    11 minutes ago

  • StillJill StillJill

    Thanks Whoopie for the link. Wow,…#1 still looks like there’s vapors belching up! They all look ‘juicy’ today. Wonderful!

  • StillJill StillJill

    Great short article on xenon,…the daughter product of iodine 131. They say that xenon was the unconsidered trump card, if you will, in Chernobyl.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes Yohann Gambleputty,….the strong, young adults may well have the most to SEE. Have ‘we’ prepared them as best we can? If they won’t listen now,…will they listen after watching us die? I have ‘letters’ for my two sons, 26 and 22, to be given them six months or so after I die. My words might matter a tiny bit then. What more can we do? Pray! 🙂

  • dosdos dosdos

    One issue that has been ignored by the press in general is birth defects from exposure to radiation. It is a well known fact that the most vulnerable cells in a human body are reproductive germ (ova and spermazota). I have personally seen several people who worked in building nuclear plants who have children who who suffered from Downs Syndrome and other genetic defects, while they worked or shortly after they quit the job. This is under US regulations for exposure, which is pretty strict, much less than in Japan.

    270 days, the mean average gestation period for humans, after March 11 is December 6. Add five days for the plume to spread across Fukushima and Japan, and we have December 11. We are quickly approaching the six week envelope when otherwise healthy premature children can be born and expect some reasonable chance of survival.

    So far, there are no reports that I’ve seen in the news on increases in miscarriages and premature still births in Japan. It has to be occurring, yet surely the press is being told to squelch such stories to avoid panic. Before six weeks premature, it can be difficult to visually detect birth defects that are commonly caused by radiation. But we are getting very close to the point where the evidence is going to become extremely difficult to suppress.

    By year’s end, we will be seeing the true cost of Fukushima’s legacy become undeniable, the birth of children with nuclear induced maladies, born of reproductive seed that was damaged by isotopes of iodine and cesium and the other radionuclides in the environment. By year’s end, we will see the Japanese people come face to face with the real cost of this disaster and the coverup perpetrated by government’s and the utilities’ greed and arrogance. What the psyche of the Japanese people will face in 2012 will be the cost of believing the lies while trusting in the government. The true revolution is about to begin, not from cries of rage, but from the cries of…

  • dosdos dosdos


    babies’ pain.

    Keep an eye out for articles that deal with the rise in miscarriages, still births, and birth defects. It’s getting very close to the time where the years of horror begin, and they won’t be ending any time soon.

  • theonlyjesse

    To be honest I kind of hoped someone would say I was horribly wrong in my above posts about the Fuel pools.
    bummer moment