Nuclear Expert: Reactors produce 50 years of electricity and half a million years of waste — Not a particularly good deal (VIDEO)

Published: January 1st, 2012 at 10:47 am ET


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Date: Dec 22, 2011
Description: […] On Oct. 11, 2011 a forum on the issue was held in San Clemente, the town closest to San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), operated by Southern California Edison. […] The final speaker was Danial Hirsch of, a professor at UCLA.

At 28:30 in

“These reactors produce 50 years of electricity and half a million years of waste. It’s not a particularly good deal.”

Published: January 1st, 2012 at 10:47 am ET


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74 comments to Nuclear Expert: Reactors produce 50 years of electricity and half a million years of waste — Not a particularly good deal (VIDEO)

  • CaptD CaptD

    The next 2 months will tell the tale in Japan IMO.

    TEPCO will either be nationaliz­ed and the Country begin to change,
    … How it does NUCLEAR business; moving like Germany to Solar…
    TEPCO will not only remain but become stronger, as many Japanese
    … are “Written Off” by their Government­, as part of the cost of doing Business!

    • Spectrometising

      Yes exactly CaptD…..the cost/debt is socialised into the host terrestrial life form of the planet affected and can never be paid. The Fiat currency financial system operates on the same pyramid of socialised debt. One prints money out of thin air privately and one prints power privately.

      If privately owned Banks/nuclear power companies had to actually pay their own way, both would not survive in any country.

      This is why sovereign banks were once only a sovereign asset in the USA before the FED took over, and in the UK before the “Bank Of England” which is privately owned took over. The banking cartel saw to the destruction of sovereign banks not so many decades ago.

      The Australian Commonwealth Bank was completely gone by 1990’s and our sovereign power company, Snowy Mountain Hydroelectric was privatised also.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Nuclear Plants And Radioactive Water Contamination; via A Green Road

      Nuclear Spent Fuel/Radioactive Waste Storage; via A Green Road

  • James2

    Well, assuming life on earth can dodge the fukushima dirty bomb, then I think it’s very clear now that nuclear energy is done.

    Even the pro nukes are starting to crumble. I talked to a friend the other day – energy industry insider, and he said the tide has turned, and nuclear energy being reviewed at the highest levels.

    There’s still a lot of face saving going on, but the die is cast. I just cringe at the suffering that is coming that could potentially have been avoided if the criminals hadn’t been covering it up for all this time.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Unfortunately, the investors and politicians will not respond quickly enough to stop new construction. And the 3rd world companies are being exploited to continue with new construction. I haven’t heard about any specific new construction in the US being stopped including MOX reprossessing plants.

      The push is still on for small nuclear reactors stuck in the ground.

      • Spectrometising

        Anne, ……… are person, and……… i am a person. Politicians are not persons, they are privately owned and do not own themselves like you or i do being free to see what is better for the greater good like you or i are..They serve only their private unaccountable interests. Investors and politicians are not persons, they are financial instruments that are owned by a financial organism which is sometimes quite complex.

  • Spectrometising

    The nuclear industry is similar or exactly like the banking industry.. Here in Australia we insure or nationalise banks by making the tax payer insure their own bank balances if the bank goes bust. Nuclear industry demands the same deal.

    We sold our last sovereign bank which produced money out of thin air like privatised banks to create projects like the Snowy River Hydroelectric power station and so on using money printed out of thin air at zero interest to the Australian people.

    The USA is a perfect example of how parasitic financial power system like a banking system owned by an international banking cartel merely goes into a country in order to threaten the host with blowing itself up (Financially) if it is not bailed without any accountability whatsoever. Or get what it wants.

    I did once think the banking system was an at the top of the financial food chain with respect to being the most dangerous and unaccountable parasite on earth and changed my mind recently when i could see that the nuclear industry was an even greater parasite.

    It cannot clean up after itself and is less accountable than the banking system which is like the top of the food chain as far as being on a permanent welfare system supported by the host country or planet with zero accountability.

    The similarities between both of these parasites is astonishing. These two parasites come into the host and inject power/money stimulating the host life form into destroying itself and along the way producing excess toxins and disease.

    • Kevin Kevin

      OT- As a side note the people who produced this video are from my home town. Over the holidays it was reported that they have in fact been successfull in establishing a supreme court case based on the premise outlined in this video. This is remarkable news for Canadians and potentialy people the world over. Additionally one of the main proponents behind the video has also worked on the chemtrail issue issue for nearly twenty years now. It would be amazing if he also was able to push that issue into the mainstream court system. That news was the highlight of my holiday.

      • Spectrometising

        Kevin:…….That is excellent news. As for “chemtrails”, don’t waste your time. Chem trails are caused because when jet engines burn fuel in the highly polluted atmosphere of the northern hemisphere, the jet fuel does not burn properly.
        Good grief Kevin. In the southern hemisphere, we get the chem trail only very occasionally because out air is cleaner. Chem trailers and the HAARP enthusiasts never cease to amaze me. You are from the USA right??
        We don’t have “chem trail enthusiasts and HAARP enthusiasts in the southern hemisphere. Or they are very rare.

      • Spectrometising

        Thanks for the reply Kevin…This set of videos are the best set i have ever heard on the way banks work. I consider them now to be the gold standard to explain where money actually comes from.

        It was kind of like finding out where babies come from. Before Fukushima, this/banking system was the biggest bee in my bonnet.

        I used to think banks were the top of the pyramid, but now i think the greed for power made the bankers who were a little more ambitious get out of the banking industry and get control of the nuclear power industry to elevate their status quo.

        Now instead of threatening to blow themselves up financially, they can threaten to blow themselves up atomically if they do not get what they want. It is a trump card.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      I agree with that general theme, Spectrometising.

      I would add that when/if a parasite destroys a host (some don’t), then it paradoxically destroys itself. One would think that entities would prefer a symbiotic existence to a parasitical one, but clearly that is not always the case.

      Knowing that parasites may be willing to destroy themselves weakens any appeal to authority based on “it’s your planet too” logic. They may not care. They literally may be unable to notice “big picture” consequences to their actions.

    • Semi-amazing how both ‘systems’ so closely resemble organized crime, isn’t it?

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Interesting observation, JoyB.

        As I understand it, organized crime normally is not the kind of parasite that destroys its host – it just takes its 10% (or whatever) forever. Some governments and some religious organizations have operated that way in the past also, I think.

        The current situation seems to feature plenty of host-destroying potential though. We’re in for a bumpy ride.

        • Yeah. When asked what the difference between yakuza and TEPCO was, the source for the article said “they have different corporate logos.” Then added that the yakuza probably cares more because they actually live in the areas where they do business. For TEPCO, Daiichi is no more important than a parking lot. Ouch…


      @ Spectrometising: wanted to thank you for a most excellent summation as to the intransigence on the part of those who’ve been such a major influence behind the so-called ‘economics’ of nuclear power.

      What must also be kept in sight is how such unfettered control can act to limit the ultimate success of that system. Not only have they gone beyond their wildest dreams, they’ve inadvertently undermined their control over the planet. Like some undisciplined child that’s been given unlimited access within the candy store, it’s now out of their hands…and on the floor.

      They’ll attempt what they’re accustomed to doing: brutish extraction of more production and resources from the world body. Unfortunately, this attempt at evermore harsh-enforcement of their influence (to cover the ballooning losses) will only accelerate the decline of their power and influence.

      • Spectrometising

        @AFTERSHOCK….Yes, there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth over the resultant limited access to the said candy store on that ill fated planet.

  • CaptD CaptD

    From PT on HP:
    December 30, 2011 by Chance Addison
    The full version of “Nuclear, PV and National Security”
    Nuclear, PV and National Security (full version 12/2011)

    This is a must read and save to disc link!

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    It amazes me how out of touch with the real facts U.S. professors on so many polemic topics are. I like that the professor here is trying to illuminate people about the dangers of nuclear power. However, he failed to point out that the melt down at Fukushima began before the tsunami knocked out the diesel generators.

    • CaptD CaptD

      The nuclear Industry is desperate to have that fact BURIED, since that would make all reactors UNSAFE from Quakes! TEPCO has had way more than enough time to phony up the records and everyone is basing their assessments on TEPCO’s data; which has been shown as highly suspect…

      My belief is that the quake started to break process piping big time and that started everything leaking badly; they could not maintain the cooling water because then the electricity and pump went out BUT the damage was done!

      They will argue that they were in control and the backups would have contained the leakage but that is just more Nuclear Baloney (NB) IMO!

      • Spectrometising

        CaptD….Yes i agree absolutely that the quake broke/fractured pipes and that this was the real kiss of death.

        • Kevin Kevin

          Besides reactor 3 this was/is the next issue on my list of priorities with the Fuku disaster. While virtually every re-telling of events, by those sympathetic to the nuclear industry or otherwise under yoke of the power paradigm, was that the plant was unaffected by the quake yet devastated by tsunami. This, as you folks are pointing out, is hardly the truth of the matter. There is a variety of data that suggests that the plant was seriously impacted by the quake and in fact the meltdowns were triggered by it. There has been considerable cover ups involved in this aspect of the issue including the burying of data that showed radiation detected outside of the contatinments between the time of the quake and the arrival of the tsunami. Furthermore, when some of this information was surfacing several weeks after, TEPCO then and only then (no explanation for the delay otherwise) released video footage of the tsunami approaching and deluging the plant site. I fuond that profoundly disturbing, and another aspect of the damage control effort that has so far sustained any and all scrutiny. Which, as you point out, is a crucial point impacting virtually all other NPPs the world over. If these things are unable to withstand quakes it follows they should be shut in.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    OK, another thing, I’m listening to the video as I type this, he is another American of the U.S. who actually believes that there are terrorists that matter aside from state terrorists like the U.S., EU by proxy with the U.S., China, Israel, etc. The aforement mentioned real state terrorists operate, including creating terrorist acts, daily. To believe that terrorists come from outside or are foreign is so typically (U.S.) American and is not an intelligent analysis. Again, believe it or not, I’m grateful that he’s bent the ear of citizens near San Onofre to warn them, they appear to be already convinced, of the potential short-term long-term dangers of nuclear power reactors.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    by “that matter”, I mean, of course, logically and proportionately.

  • CaptD CaptD

    The Nuclear Industry is in complete denial of the TRUTH that Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

    Nature does not OBEY design guidelines or NRC rulings; that is why all land based reactors are a RISK of becoming yet another Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster or worse!

    They can quote all the studies and data they want but the TRUTH remains; each is a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster waiting to happen…

    America and most other Countries cannot afford to pay for a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster!

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    “50 years of electricity and half a million years of waste” to which the shills reply:

    “That’s an unfair distortion of our industry. With only a few million dollars investment a reactor’s life can be extended by up to twenty years (we hope), and besides, if you were to lay a finger on them you would be plagued with rolling brownouts forever. Case closed.”

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      “These reactors produce 50 years of electricity and half a million years of waste. It’s not a particularly good deal.”

      When you put it this succinctly and accurately, why the fuck are we even considering more nuke shit??
      GREED !!

  • arclight arclight

    i am looking for a missing recording with hirsh in, amongst others!

    heres as far as i got.. download buttons dead.. website down since 2nd december.

    from the search
    “….. Christopher Busby, Arnie Gunderson, Kay Drey, Dan Hirsh, … Gov hiding Fukushima affects on America – Gerry Pollet (Heart of America Northwest) ”

    anyone got a fresh link to the interviews?,350f07f2&icp=1&.intl=us&sig=ZeWYEU0nDbRmcwY8ZH6Tlg–


    We currently ‘live’ in an age where ‘humans’ have been (purposely) conditioned to see themselves as transient entities. This lack of awareness is nothing more than a test of our ‘collective’ and ‘individual’ vision. Seeking justice without first accepting stricture upon ourselves is counterintuitive to peace. We need to accept that we are all responsible for where we’ve found ourselves. At every level, the practice of blaming ‘others’ only fosters defensiveness on the part of all.

    Due to of an ongoing lack of trust in the natural order of life, our species is very-much at odds with its supporting environment. We bought into the illusion that those at the top are evil, because they’re at the top, while those of ‘privilege’ see the balance of humanity as dangerous and incapable of grasping the incumbent responsibilities that come with ‘management’. [This analysis is purposely simplified in its range. A rehash of dialectics will only contribute to what is fast becoming our invariable demise. What is important is the acknowledgement that our species is at a major juncture on the path of survival.] Regardless of the impact of Fukushima on our lives, economy and environment, we are (and have long-been) moving towards this nightmare. We can continue battering-away at the walls of privilege (with endless tales of corruption) or perhaps send-forth ‘emissaries’ to parlay practical solutions. There is very little time remaining to arrive at any long-term solution(s) to where we have – all – found ourselves.




    To be sure, it is imperative that we understand the causes for our current state of affairs. If there’s any chance of recovering from the innumerable catastrophes that have befallen our species and environment, over the last century, we must – all – begin to lower our ‘swords’ and collectively works towards best-fit solutions. Such ‘idealism’ does not require the need to personally compromise ones moral stance, but rather, that we actualize our current condition. Should any bother to pulse public opinion, we’d quickly find that world-wide, we’re all in agreement that ‘things are amiss’. And be assured, those at the ‘top’ are only too aware of their tenuous condition. We – are all – at a watershed moment in history; one that promises the destruction of all who populate this planet.




    Cynics will continue to hide behind the Hegelian dialectic as being behind the Fukushima event. Some have even gone so far as to claim this event was purposely brought about, as means of killing-off billions of ‘useless mouths’. The reality is far from this scenario, as the ‘elite’ would never jeopardize their own living space. True, the elite may have THX 1138-like contingency programs in place, as insurance against ELE-type scenarios. Fortunately for all, they’re also well-aware that Fukushima-like events would also force them into untenable long-term conditions of refuge. If you doubt this, be aware that self-destructive behavior is inversely proportional to ones wealth-status. Simply put, those who’ve enjoyed wealth (for any period of time) are more likely to want to continue doing so. Returning to an ‘eternity’ of cave ‘retreats’ is not what any rational being would interpret as ‘living the life’! This does not absolve ‘them’ from enjoining in nefarious conspiracies to maintain that wealth. Most would exhume their own mothers to rob their jewelry. Their actions are and have long-been ‘evil’ by most contemporary standards of moral behavior. Yet, this ‘ruling class’ has also inherited something that is more important than wealth itself: a strong sense of survival. For such reason, any contribution on the part of those ‘in power’ which may have preceded the Fukushima catastrophe, can only be attributed to nothing more than…incompetence. To put it in common street parlance, “They’ve screwed up!” And attempts to keep the public in the dark are not only being done to protect the obvious ‘culprits’, but also to protect those who’ve insisted on fostering their interests through the intertwined and symbiotic relationship of nuclear technologies. Thinking one can burn bridges with impunity, prevents expedient retreat from hubris.




    Unless we’re resigned to doing nothing-more than cry over Fukushima’s deadly impact over all life on this planet, we need – now – to move forward with practical solutions. We are all ‘sinners’ and complicit in one way or another with the proliferation of endless forms of deleterious technologies. Whether biological or synthetic, few of us have refused the ‘blessings’ of ‘modern’ technologies. We must now busy ourselves with establishing paths to safety…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I think the elite are there only by fact of birth, not by any intelligence or talent. I think they actually believe the “scientific” studies that are sham studies but say that radiation will not hurt you. I think that privilege has blinded them to the realities of the world and over breeding or inbreeding has robbed them of intelligence as well as the radiation and power that they love. I think they actually believe the propaganda that they are handing out.


        @Anne: though I can sympathize with your ire for the so-called elite, I do not agree that they are as culpable as you’d have others believe. The hierarchy of power enjoins us all in having-only whispered that which the ’emperor’ wanted to hear. Such was necessary to our very survival. From media muse to technologists, we have all participated in the proliferation of the ‘great lie’. The greatest crime was in not allowing for more objectivity from ‘his’ minions.

        Fukushima is not unlike the rational behind Roman Emperor Claudius’ selection of Nero as his successor. He wanted a return to the Republic and felt that his petulant nephew would be become the inadvertent force towards its eventual return. Unknown to most (but not all), Fukushima will become a force for great change, as well. For those who may see this event solely in terms of its toxic effect, look also to how it may become cause for change…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I’m angry because my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren whom I already know, are going to be and already are suffering, and I don’t believe there is anything I can do.

          I would believe you about the force for change if I could see any change. But I don’t see that change. They are still building the MOX facility in I think it is Savannah. Bill Gates has negotiated with China for his Terrapower reactors. I don’t see any US reactors being decommissioned. Pres. Obama has made no statement condemning nuclear power. He has made no pledge to never use nuclear weapons. He has not stopped the research for new nuclear weapons. He has done nothing for the GOM. As Dr. Phil would say, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Until I can see positive changes there is no reason to believe they will happen.

          The MSM and the governments of the world have accepted the “cold shutdown” propaganda out of Japan. How is this indicative of change? It is same old, same old. Propaganda is the work of the devil.

        • Bobby1

          “Fukushima is not unlike the rational behind Roman Emperor Claudius’ selection of Nero as his successor. He wanted a return to the Republic and felt that his petulant nephew would be become the inadvertent force towards its eventual return.”

          In the miniseries “I, Claudius”, Claudius said “let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out”.

          A pretty good prophecy of what is happening now.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      @AFtershock, What do you think of this video?

      World War III already begun


        “Those who know don’t say. Those who say…don’t know.” There was little revealed by him that I wasn’t already aware of. His references to Carter and the 2000 Plan was about when I came aboard. His account of coke-addled elites offered little surprise.

        If you read my post, you may be aware of my scant references to what these people are about and how they’ve failed to realize their plans. Stories of bunkers and booty may be true, but sadly for them, Fukushima’s changed the rules. Unfortunately for them, most of these radiological components have a tendency to far outlive those who think they’re in a position to exploit them. Not unlike the two diseased hands that were hastily removed from Madam Curries forearms, their dream has slipped from their grasp. Put another way? They’re stumped…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I personally don’t believe that this disaster was caused intentionally. But there is no excuse for the many warnings which were given previously and ignored and for the utter incompetence and cover up of problems at the plant. And to have welded together earlier parts needed in case of a disaster was also inexcusable. Some people believe that nothing will happen to them and that they are invincible. These people have never grown up and are still children. Someone posted that nature can correct many problems. When will everyone understand that radiation does not go away and its consequences will also never go away. The members of the Manhattan Project were afraid that they would blow up the world with the first atom bomb test. They knew what they were doing was horrible. The idiots who believe that you can use nuclear for peaceful purposes are morons. They used nuclear devices for fracking. How can any of us want radioactive natural gas? I think we are already using radioactive natural gas from another failed experiment near Rifle, CO. They just want the money and believe all the nonsense from Hollywood about Superman or Star Trek or Harry Potter. Please, TPTB, grow up!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            I think this is still the best explanation of what happened and that it was an idiot accident that will be repeated again in the coming year because in the US alone we have 40 aged reactors of the same design. And our idiots will put MOX into these reactors and repeat the same mistakes. This is because the Japanese now own GE and Westinghouse and our media and our election process.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              Forgot the link:

              A Theory of Fukushima – English Subtitles (HAARP Methane Clutter)


              @Anne: Little of what you’ve recounted is disputable; except, perhaps the reference to the Manhattan Project and the ignition of the atmosphere. That concern was raised with the later hydrogen bomb tests. And yes, though the concern was raised, it was obviously ignored by the project leaders. With so much unknown, it is astounding that physicists would have ignored even the remotest possibility that this could’ve happened.

              What I’m having problem with is with your – albeit genuine – fixation on the cause of this problem. I hate to say it, but at this point, there is virtually no rational for nuclear power. Any who follow this issue from an objective position, know well that there’s no future in it. Regardless of the global warming / carbon dioxide component that was used to sell it, we know that nuclear power is finished as a cost effective power generation technology. It’s all well-and-good to highlight the problem. Assuming you’ve won the argument, where would you have us go from here?

              Aside from endless revelations of our failure to put the proverbial nuclear-genie back in the bottle, where are we to go from this point on? I’m here to put that question to you and others. Rearranging the deck furniture while water’s being taken on, is pointless. True, avoiding the threat might have been productive, but sadly, the ship’s now sinking! We have passenger and crew to rescue. We need to plan on alternative craft for those who are rescued. It’s an “ALL HANDS!” condition on the good ship Terra Firma.

              Like those in the outlying regions of Fukushima prefecture, we’re resigned to think that half-measures will suffice. The reality is, not only Tokyo but this entire region of world needs to be abandoned; and that’s just for starters. It is time for what we all know is in the back of our minds…

    • or-well

      Well said. All that needs doing is to convince the elite.

      “Lower your swords, abandon war, propagandising, rapacious economic manipulation and nuclear power, get practical and we’ll fix this together”.

      If those at the top are all too aware of their tenous condition and are willing to voluntarily retreat from their hubristic ways it should prove easy. After all, it’s so logical and straightforward.

      I am not saying anything you have said is wrong. I don’t think it is a vision “they” share nor one “they” will agree too peacefully.


        @or-well: I must thank you for your kind response.

        Actually, we must all come together on this most pressing issue. It now remains a matter of selecting those who would offer their (impartial) expertise in assessing the problem(s) and how best to go forward.

        The so-called elite are not constrained by immutable objectives. They have accrued to power by remaining open to that which ensures their power. I for one, care only that those in power be responsible in their dispensation of that power. Any attempt on the part of anyone to call for a relinquishing of that power will only be met by entrenched power. And we must be clear that this is no longer an issue of polemics. Our very survival as an ‘intelligent’ species is now in question. Rather than rail at our collective stupidity, we would be welled advised to turn this sorry affair into what’s likely to be our last opportunity to find peace.

        We all know the truth. It is now time that we act on it…

        • or-well

          I think 2011 alone provides ample evidence of their preferred methods of dispensation and going forward.

          One way entrenched power can be subverted is as you suggest – by acknowledging we are all complicit, and then by withdrawing from that position.

          Another way is by acknowledging the illusion of powerlessness and separateness fostered within us and rejecting it.

          I don’t think Fukushima is enough to provide those in power with an epiphany, to persuade them to act “responsibly”, to engage in a “best effort” co-operative response to all the currents presently converging on us.

          In other words, if they don’t get it by now they’re not going to get it until it’s too late and even then some may not, preferring to go out on top, even if it’s on top of a heap of smoking planetary rubble, all for the sake of religious belief or pathological lack of normal human emotional capabilities.

          See ya on the other side maybe !


            @or-well: those at the top are all-too aware of the implications of Fukushima and as such, put all of their power into the suppression of that awareness. They also know they’ve lost control. It’s the ‘dirty secret’ that most out here intuit but none-the-less fail to integrate into any constructive plans.

            In reality, their ‘epiphany’ – is – Fukushima! From day one, they knew what it was. They have been continuously in the loop. What we’ve been getting in pieces, they’ve been getting first hand.

            Transformation of humanity’s destiny is now in – our – collective hands. Not unlike the prisoner who wakes to find the cell door ajar, we are not sure whether its opportunity for freedom or grounds for further punishment…

  • StillJill StillJill

    John 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” King James Version-

    Just sayin’,…….

  • StillJill StillJill

    “,,usually men and women who are constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves or others. They are not at fault, they seem to have been born that way. They are naturally incapable of grasping and developing a manner of living that demands rigorous honesty. Their chances are less than average. There are those too, who suffer from grave emotional and mental disorders, but many of them do recover-IF they have the capacity to be honest.,,,,,” Alcoholics Anonymous-BIG BOOK

    They are, “constitutionally INCAPABLE of being honest with themselves or others.”

  • dosdos dosdos

    Been reading about the earthquakes that fracking is causing in the US. Also been reading about fracking going on next to (read underneath) nuclear power plants. Ah, the legacy that Bush and Cheney left us.

  • lam335 lam335

    Read this letter Daniel Hirsch’s organization sent to the EPA:

    It’s very informative and disturbing.

    I found it on his organization’s website; he has a related powerpoint and another letter posted there too:

    • lam335 lam335

      This powerpoint presentation from the same site has a long section (slides 71-131) critiquing the EPAs post-Fuk monitoring.

      He notes that the regular Radnet filters could only detect particulate stuff, not vapor/gas, thus missing much of the iodine (doesn’t mention Pluto, but since at least some of that was apparently in a gaseous form, I suppose the filters would miss that too?)

      Slides 106-07 note that they initially planned to deploy carbon monitors that would be capable of detecting gaseous stuff in CA, OR, WA, but then suddenly (and without explanation) changed course and did not deploy them there.

      Also, slides 56-66 show just how much higher than current exposure limits are the new proposed limits that some in government have been trying to put in place. I understand that the NRC and DOE have some very dirty vested interests here, but what is wrong with the other officials who have gone along with such plans???

  • Jebus Jebus

    I think this is on topic.

    We do need more fair, balanced and informed reporting from the media.
    Here’s an example why…

    New year wish- a more balanced media

    2011 had some terrible examples of what some might see as media bias and distortion in the energy field. We had a Panorama TV programme seeming to join in the media narrative (Times, Telegraph, Mail etc) that much of the increase in power bills faced by consumers (put by some at £200 p.a per household) was due to support wind power -whereas OFGEM said that only cost around £10 p.a, less than 1% of the average household fuel bill. For more along these lines see:

    This video is from the link at the bottom of the page…