Nuclear Expert: The truth is the damage caused by Fukushima is “too great for the government of Japan”

Published: June 5th, 2012 at 5:43 pm ET


Japan Nuclear Development and the Disaster of the Fukushima NPP
Fukushima Symposium at University of Chicago
May 5, 2012

Hiroaki KOIDE: Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University, Japan

Slideshow, Page 45:

The truth of the damage caused by the Fukushima NPP accident


The damage is too great for Tepco to compensate.

It is also too great for the government of Japan

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Published: June 5th, 2012 at 5:43 pm ET


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25 comments to Nuclear Expert: The truth is the damage caused by Fukushima is “too great for the government of Japan”

  • No sh!t Sherlock. It's too great for mankind. Someone need to poop some new technology, it's as simple as that. Neither man nor robot can withstand what 'could NOT happen' to those that would NOT listen. 33 nuclear plant accidents that we know of… but, it can't happen.

    So now, it needs to be invented before it can even be tried.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Also too great for the U.S. and Europe, as they sit back and not have a clue what to do.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Ugly but true.

  • richard richard

    Japan will owe to the rest of the world for a very, very long time. Better keep those taxpayers alive, somehow. Don't know how.


    Japan doesn't owe the world anything. The US and Israel owe because of their terrorist actions against Japan at fukushima.

    • richard richard

      @ray, I have no sympathy for any of the above mentioned parties. But if you are making such a statement, can you please provide some quotes or links that validate what you are saying.

      Like, expand on what you're saying, do clue us in.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Lots of people are starting to say that there is a green glowing radioactive elephant in the room, and he is starting to stink the place up.

    Fukushima Crisis Total Cost Up To $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road Blog

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    We will either have to figure out how to start eating radioactive waste and thrive, or die trying to eat this green glowing radioactive elephant in the room.

    The elephant is in all countries…

    75% US Nuclear Plants Leaking Toxic Tritium Radiation Into Drinking Water Supply; via A Green Road Blog

    Of course, it would be much easier to just shut down all nuclear reactors..

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Was the cause the worms, the earthquake, the Tsunami, or ????

    No matter what the cause, the green glowing elephant is still in the living room, stinking the place up and radiating everyone.

    Elephants are EXPENSIVE too…

  • Worthw8n4

    So who actually is to blame for this mess? Is it Tepco? Japan? The US? GE? Isreal? How about Mother Earth for leaving these elements around for the kids to play with? May be there are some who Blame God for creating it all? I know who is to blame. It is the same person that turned on your computer, the same person that switched on the light when you entered the room. You use electricity? Then YOU are to blame for this! You use oil? Then look in the mirror when the BP Gulf mess starts to bug you. IF you are intellectually honest, YOU share some of the blame in this mess. Y O U ! (and yes friends, ME by the same reasoning). So, now that we have graphically demonstrated the futility of the blame game, does anyone have any concrete ideas or thoughts on the matter to offer? I still think that dropping the most egregious encapsulated waste into a volcanos molten lava should be investigated, but surely there are other, better ideas to explore. Without respect to that, the blame game is a complete dead end.

    • I think you need to read Karl Jasper's Question of German Guilt.

      We all share some blame for what has transpired, there is no doubt.

      However, that does NOT mean we are all equally guilty.

      There has been a concerted PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN since the 1950s to make people believe that nuclear is safe and that radiation from nuclear fission is the same as 'sunshine'

      (only for gamma is that true and sunshine causes cancer)

      Ignorance has been strategically cultivated.

      I spent two weeks reading headlines and news stories from the New York Times in the 50s and I can assure you that what I write is correct.

      Then there are the people who are LYING about the SCALE of the disaster in Japan and elsewhere.

      Those people are akin to the prison guards who led people to the gas chambers.

      Finally, we have people who built the reactors and who operated them and who KNEW WEAKNESSES, but profited nonetheless by suppressing that information.

      So, you are wrong if you think we are all equally guilty.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      I had thyroid disease by the time I was eight, Worthw8n4, I lived 9 miles from a nuclear plant. I am NOT responsible for my own destruction by these psychopathic serial killers, and I am NO MORE responsible for Fukushima than I am for the crimes other serial killers.

      Blaming everyone else, blaming the victims is the FAVORITE spin of the nuclear industry and other serial killers. This is all an unnecessary fraud, the nuclear industry consumes more energy than it produces. People here have spent over a year carefully outlining pragmatic approaches to this catastrophe, but the psychopaths don't seem to care.

  • richard richard

    the blame game is not futile. people will need and deserve compensation. blame needs to be placed so that compensation can be extracted.

    and personally i think you can't place blame equally on all of us.

    the protests of the people have been ignored, while backroom corruption and profiteering benefit a small few.

    placing blame is a search for justice. and equally blaming all our predecessors who fought the is an injustice.

    in my opinion.

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      I agree that "blame needs to be placed".
      Interesting that while we may all debate if we are all to blame or share in the blame no one is being blamed enough to be held accountable for the damage the nuclear industry is causing.

      If I wanted to commit a criminal act I would be sure to incorporate myself into industry or high finance first because of all the crimes committed by them only a small fraction of a fraction of individuals are ever held to account.

      • richard richard

        Ain't that the truth. Yeah, get into finance, you can steal the world and get off scot free.

  • pepperland pepperland

    i wish Godzilla was around!……..this short discussion on dry casks is from late april:
    it's from the union of concerned scientists.
    i learn quite abit from you'all
    thanks for your views

  • pure water

    It is too much for the humanity as a whole, and the lies keep going on. Chernobyl was something different, there was an opposition. Now all the officials underestimate the conseqences! Why?!
    1. We are wrong caring about cancer, herat problrms, and all the rest.
    2. They are cowards, who can not face the reality and think life in misery and lie is better then the reality.They are afraid of people`s anger and vindictivemness.And here:
    a) those, who are in power know the danger and:
    2a) will act in order to preserve life, without sharing it with the public
    2b) preserve themselves and sacrifice the rest
    2c) let everyone pay for the mistakes, including themselves
    b) those in power have no clue what is going on, and other people manipulate them.Who and why,and at what level of competenec makes things even more complicated.
    3. They, those in power, have made a mistake, which can open the eyes of many people. In this case we need to be active and strive as much, as we can.
    4. All humans are prone to stupid mistakes and underestimation and this leads to the conclusion: Do not play with dangerous technologies! Humanity needs to grow up first.
    5. We are ruled by creatures who are completely different from us.(psychopats, or something else)
    Just thinking…
    Why I think 1. have to be excluded? – because too many facts show the opposite, and lies have grown to unbearable extend.
    So, where are we now, and what have to be done? For me, the main task is to change the life style…

  • pure water

    I think we need to search the ways to survive and preserve this knowledge for the next generations.
    We (people at ENENEWS) have shown already that people can cooperate, and help each other facing the reality of great danger.We are not a mob, if someone has expected this!

  • Worthw8n4

    Perhaps a re-read of what I wrote is in order. At no time did I say that we all share the guilt EQUALLY. I simply, and rightly pointed out that if you use the drug, you support the dealer. If we find someone that has just been raped (we all have in this case), our first priority is to secure the victim and prevent further harm. Then we will have time to go after the monster that has been at the greatest fault. Justice is rather hollow to the dead. I was at one time a fan of Nuclear Technology. I was younger, and less jaded than I am today. I agree foursquare with #4 on Purewaters list above. Be blessed and protected today.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Nuclear consumes much more energy than it produces. The enormous energy costs to mine and enrich uranium, build the 10+billion dollar buildings, and safely store the incredibly lethal waste for millions of years is alone higher than any other source of energy. Even if you pay the workers minmum wage to inspect and care for the waste, it is obviously going to add up in energy and financial costs over millions of years.

    Nuclear is a con, a swindle, a lethal boondoggle. It has produced nothing but disease and death, along with money for the industry, money swindled from the public since Wall Street rejects investment in nuclear, private money knows it is a con, and no insurance company with insure them without taxpayer dollars.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      Nuclear has made no more positive contribution to our society than lead in paint, and much more harm. Energy conservation is always good, and the best form of energy conservation would be to shut down nuclear plants because they waste so much more energy than any computer.

      The definition of either a psychopath or sociopath includes an inability to feel "empathy or remorse" and a tendency to blame their victims for their own actions.

      While there are numerous example, all you really need to know is that nuclear plants are built to "vent" radioactivity into their surrounding communities. So infants and children are inundated with the deadly isotopes that are produced. Childhood leukemia, thyroid disease, etc., rises around nuclear. To be in favor of nuclear power, one must either be uninformed or to be unable to feel empathy for those infants and children and other creatures. Those in the nuclear industry know the purpose of venting.

  • glowfus

    the superstitionists always take mechanical/natural events and roll it into their invented fairy tales,