Nuclear Expert: This is just 1st radioactive wave hitting U.S. and Canada; Fukushima pouring into ocean, unstoppable for years and years — Marine Expert: No sign it will stop anytime soon; Plant unstable, potentially worse than Chernobyl (AUDIO)

Published: January 21st, 2014 at 6:59 pm ET


Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, Jan. 16, 2014 (at 27:30 in): It’s the first wave that we’re going to see. The Pacific is becoming more and more contaminated because the leak from Daiichi has not been stopped, and is proven to be unstoppable for at least several more years. So we’re going to continue to be pouring in radioactive cesium and strontium into the ocean. Now for the first time we’ve detected it in salmon in Alaska. >> Full Gundersen interview here

Jay Cullen, associate Professor, UVic School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, CFAX, Jan. 16, 2014 (at 41:00 in):

Host: Based on your information, is this disaster in Fukushima worse than Chernobyl?

Prof. Cullen: Is it worse than Chernobyl? It’s fundamentally different than Chernobyl, in that the primary receiving environment for the radionuclides is the ocean. I think it has the potential to be worse. […] Release to the ocean continues and is ongoing daily. So, there’s still radioactive elements being washed into, and delivered into, the Pacific Ocean and there’s no sign that that’s going to stop anytime soon. The site itself is still unstable at Fukushima, and it could change there, conditions could change where we see rates of release that approach what we saw immediately after the disaster. If that were the case, we’d have to change our way of thinking about what the risk is and reevaluate and see whether or not both the marine environment and potentially public health could be impacted in a negative way.

See also: [intlink id=”marine-chemist-latest-figures-i-have-say-fukushima-released-80-quadrillion-bq-of-cesium-137-latest-chernobyl-estimate-is-70-quadrillion-the-radioactive-plume-itself-has-actually-arrived-it” type=”post”]Marine Chemist: Latest numbers I have are Fukushima released 80 Quadrillion Bq of cesium-137 (Chernobyl estimated at 70 Quadrillion) [/intlink]

Full broadcast available here

Published: January 21st, 2014 at 6:59 pm ET


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171 comments to Nuclear Expert: This is just 1st radioactive wave hitting U.S. and Canada; Fukushima pouring into ocean, unstoppable for years and years — Marine Expert: No sign it will stop anytime soon; Plant unstable, potentially worse than Chernobyl (AUDIO)

  • Fukushima will not be stopping. And the main stream media is not reporting. It's better to know than not know?

    To all visitors and the community of ENENews, the following Japan Radiation Citizen Memos are designed to be widely shared everywhere in your local and internet communities. All citizens need to know about Fukushima. Find bulletin boards in your local area and post on social websites. Tell the People.

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    If not you, then who? Please tell the People.

    Some are PAID to listen


      "Potentially" worse than Chernobyl? Look forward below to other Enenewsers revealing the truth of Fukushima …

      then, Tell the People.

      • atomicistheword

        My friend; has anyone brought up the topic of bio-accumulated uptake of atomic radiation via the natural therapy of fish oils?

        People are consuming fish oil pills like never before,thinking that they are safe. Surely this is now a great danger to especially the young whose bodies are in the process of maturing?

        People should look to the past to see the lies and cover-ups that are being revealed now, as declassification is maturing… A simple search of "Atomic accidents" on YouTube is enough to show how much we have been lied to. Then watch "Duck and cover" the infamous Burt the turtle as he teaches us to cover ourselves with a towel to protect us from atomic radiation.

        We're not so # dumb, dumb, diddle, dumb, dumb… # anymore lying frauds.

        Here is the ultimate public relations nightmare quote from Fukushima "We bring good things to life." Now that's an oxymoron if ever I've heard one.

        • artika rama

          atomic We have to change the way look at what is SAFE and what is UNSAFE ,, with radiation , everything has changed now . We have to relearn the rules of living a healthy life.
          Products that were used to be safe could be just packed with radioactivty . While we are trying to get concentrated vitamins / minerals , nutrients in out body we might be getting high doses of radiation instead.
          Living healthy has a totally new meaning now .

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Hi artika and all, maybe we should be considering alternatives like conjugated ELA's ? Other forms of Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids? Let's please continue the conversation over at the Forum for "Combatting the Effects of Radiation." This is a subject I've been pondering a lot, too.

            • artika rama

              hotaters IMO it is crucial to be informed about the products , where they are produced , how, were they imported form which region etc .
              To tell the truth i dont know what is the right way ,, i only know that we have to change our look at whats healthy and whats not .
              just as an example A product which would be considered healthy becasue of high calcium content might be the highest risk because strontium etc
              A concentrated product like fish oil maybe very high in radioactive isotopes.
              dried products in open air may have collected a lot of fallout ,
              certain plants may have affinity for certain isotopes becasue fo their similarities to other nutrients eg mushrooms colecting concentrating a lot of isotopes

              All i know is that the old methods are not valid anymore ,, we need to have a different view on whats HEALTHY and whats not .
              i guess its a learn process and little by little we all will adapt to high rad living .

              • ocifferdave

                "No sign it will stop anytime soon."


                As the coast becomes toast expect more 'socref' types to come in here and try and divide us again.

                When they do, use every comment as a way to fuel your desire to spread the word of

                Then post here what you did

                Thank that person for driving you to do this.

                I did this with 'Socref'. It *might* be the reason he left that same day I put up what I was doing and even proof of what I did.

                Plus, it feels good.

                • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

                  Excellent idea, but don't post here only! Even though San Mateo County officials later claimed that the beach was radioactive, just not from Fukushima (because somehow that makes it okay for the Mavericks which might start this or next week)…that one YouTube video got the message across to far more *new* people than Preaching to the Choir by posting here accomplishes.

        • GOM GOM

          atomic. The fish oils were never a good idea. I would always buy mine 'from Norwegian waters'. Yeah right. Just from being on here has taught me that fish from any ocean water was never safe. Now I use organic flax but its still isn't safe. Nothing is now.

      • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

        Hahaha Chemfood, exactly!
        We enewsers knew it was far worse than Chernobyl since the day we all saw the fukushima units blow sky high.

      • Southbound Southbound

        Potentially worse than Chernobyl? POTENTIALLY? P-O-T-E-N-T-I-A-L-L-Y-???

        How about definitely, certainly, undeniably, unquestioningly, clearly, decidedly, doubtlessly, easily, obviously, plainly, surely, unequivocally, unquestionably, categorically, doubtlessly, explicitly, expressly, indubitably, positively, specifically, unmistakably, without doubt, without fail, without question, no if's, ands, or buts about it, WORSE THAN CHERNOBYL!

        Did I miss any?

        • for any in doubt, past articles with research galore

        • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

          Hey, it was an accurate word choice ("potentially"). Just think about how the word is used in many science fields. Potential in that context often means that the ability to do something already exists, it just hasn't been used or revealed yet. Think, electron potential (ie the electrons are there, just waiting to do work) or potential energy (again, all it needs is to be realized.

          So, they know that Fukushima-Daiichi is worse than Chernobyl, it just hasn't been acknowledged yet…

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Excellent job chem thank you so much

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Thank you so much, chemfood

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Thank you so much, chemfood, you're a hope in human specie…

  • Socrates

    Worse than Chernobyl; more Cesium 137 and Strontium-90 coming to West Coast. Most of the radionuclides are going into the ocean. It is ongoing. So it is worse than Chernobyl. It's already in the fish we eat. After two years the levels in fish are just as high. It's getting worse and worse, and may surge into the 0cean as the infrastructure crumbles. Noble gas cloud over Pacific Northwest worse than

    OK, can we sue yet?

    • Socrates


      • James Tekton James Tekton


        Yes Soc, why is this more the case, than not?

        Hard realities are still coming to many of us.

        "If that were the case, we’d have to change our way of thinking about what the risk is and reevaluate and see whether or not both the marine environment and potentially public health could be impacted in a negative way."

        When this kind of nukdork-slave-mentality comes up, one is reminded about that one character in a cartoon who when told something important will say something like, gee George, do ya think so? Or, duuuh, OK George.

        Is it more blissful telling these kinds of bablefish yarns, or is more blissful to be hearing them?

        Ignorance is…what it is.

        In the many cases of radiation poisoning…it is nos so blissful.


        • harengus_acidophilus

          Same behavior, new colour

          "When this kind of nukdork-slave-mentality comes up"
          Against this kind of money-slave-mentality we have?

          Oh your precious Americans, on your stolen Land, thanks to the genocide from your ancestors to the natives. What a glorious race.

          Wheeny selfishness from you, but it's a global task!


          • GOM GOM

            harengus: Post is rude and insulting. "Our" ancestors genocided who? Most Americans are from all over the world , technically. What stolen land? Mexican/American war? I find your post ill-informed and hilarious.

            • harengus_acidophilus

              Reality BITES

              Take a look to "the history of the americas".
              Violence, murder, fraud, smallpox contaminated gifts …
              sould I continiue?
              I don't want so, we have to face to FUTURE!

              It's not just selfish america, ir's the whole world!


              • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                acid: OK enough is enough. Please, enlighten us all on your ancestry please. And please go back as far as you can and in as much detail as you can, OK? Post the link here to your answer in the OFF TOPIC NON-NUCLEAR Forum. I'll give you till Friday midnight PST, OK? Thanks so much.

                • ftlt

                  Skye: You are a bully.

                  • ftlt

                    And what did your Climate Dimming nonsense have to do with this subject?

                    Oh, I have some links for you overthere

                  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                    ftlt/socref: ya ya, I'm a bully for responding to inflammatory name calling simply by asking for one's ancestry to make sure they're squeaky clean?? Really? Give it rest socref.

                • harengus_acidophilus

                  I' sure, you want believe it

                  Going back thru time and different countries (recorded) …
                  do you know Charlemagne (* April 748)?



                  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                    harengus_acidophilus: So you are saying your ancestry goes back to Charlemagne? And Charlemagne (charles the great) never conquered a people? Never started a war? Never hurt anybody?

                    Charlemagne's crusade against 'heathens' took place in the course of his Thirty Years' War (774-804) during which most of the indigenous cultures of Europe disappeared. The violence and atrocities of Charlemagne's Thirty Years' War include the executions of thousands who refused to convert to Christianity and resulted in deaths of about a half and in some regions close to two thirds of the pre-war population. During Charlemagne's Thirty Years' War, people who refused to be converted were executed. These executions took place in recurring waves, reaching its peak in 782 when Charlemagne executed in a single day over 4,000 Saxons who refused to convert to Christianity. During his campaigns against Saxony, in his conversations transcribed by his biographer Eginhard, Charlemagne often repeated that: 'Saxony must be Christianized, or wiped out.'

                    See folks, this is why I challenge these people. Satisfied hypocrite?

                  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                    You said: "Reality BITES

                    Take a look to "the history of the americas".
                    Violence, murder, fraud, smallpox contaminated gifts …
                    sould I continiue?"

                    No, allow me to continue:

                    During the Saxon Wars, Charlemagne, King of the Franks, forcibly Roman Catholicized the Saxons from their native Germanic paganism by way of warfare and law upon conquest. Examples include the Massacre of Verden in 782, during which Charlemagne reportedly had 4,500 captive Saxons massacred upon rebelling against conversion, and the Capitulatio de partibus Saxoniae, a law imposed on conquered Saxons in 785 which prescribes death to those that refuse to convert to Christianity.


                    WAR, MURDER, TORTURE…. shall I continue!?

                    Ohhh Syke…. you're such a bully…. oh oh.

              • zogerke zogerke

                howard zinn/ the people's history of the united states/ is one of the book sources i know of that substantiates the stuff you are referring to.

                the smallpox contaminated gifts (blankets) were a way we wiped out native american tribes

                and i was born in the u s of a and so were my parents…..

                • harengus_acidophilus

                  Wich way we want to look?

                  Towards future or back in time?
                  Every nation and also every person has a history.
                  If we don't learn from history, we are damned to repeat history.

                  National pride … Japan refuses international
                  help because of national pride.

                  "I'm proud in a gift" … reasonable or not?


            • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt


              The 500+ Tribes that lived in North America before the white man came over.

              Millions were slaughtered or worse for their FAILURE to embrace the idea of GREED.

              Howard Zinns book "A Peoples History of the United States" puts it all in perspective.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Nice word and used often throughout history inside real history books.. genocided!

            • Rodger Rodger

              Telling the TRUTH isn't being rude, believing the lies you are told makes you ignorant, or is that your wrap your self in the flag patriotism showing its head.?

              Stolen land from the Native American Indians, while enslaving and murdering them,apparantly you know NO real history. I guess that you also think that Columbus was a great man and discoverer. He was a slave running pirate.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                Some of us Native Americans are still around. And many people have immigrated to the US after the Indian treaties.

                And what country has never in the history of mankind has seen no wars. The genocide in Europe is much more recent, for example in WWII, and Japan killed many in Manchuria and the Pacific and Hawaii And there is recent use of uranium and depleted weapons, for example as the genocide presently happening in Syria and Africa or Yuguslavia.

                How about the genocide in every country that has nuclear energy, and the genocide caused by nuclear powers who tested atomic weapons in other countries, or the genocide caused by NATO in Yugoslavia and Libya and other countries by use of depleted uranium?

                And there was genocide in China on its own citizens and in bordering countries.

                This is just a few examples.

                My computer is being attacked all the time for a week when I try to view or say anything on this site. It takes forever to scroll up and down or to try to type anything.

                • harengus_acidophilus

                  That's what I want to say

                  There is no room left for "national pride".
                  Not with this FUKU-situation.


          • James Tekton James Tekton

            "Same behavior, new colour"

            Same behavior?

            Excuse please disenchanted one, but the behavior of covering up by the nukdorks, is quite opposite of this writers expose' of the lies and disinformation of these slaves to the money god, and nuk industry.

            "Against this kind of money-slave-mentality we have?"

            Speak for yourself hurangus, but don't let your alligator mouth overload your humming bird ass!

            Your comment does not compute. If it is an attack on this reporter, then lets go buckwheat! Come on down!!

            "Oh your precious Americans, on your stolen Land…"

            Ya know what (please excuse this crew) but FUCK YOU!!!

            As a native American with ten traceable generations on the America continent alone, your racist remarks are not going to be tolerated, or put up with. You sound and write like a un-American. DO NOT BRING YOUR ANTI-NATIVE AMERICAN ATTITUDE HERE! You have no right to say chinga about our tribes, and our lands. GOT THAT CHICKADEE!

            Many of us are beyond pissed off and as angry as a hornets nest that has just been swatted down. We are very angry that our lands have been ruined for the rest of time. WE DO NOT NEED ASSHATS LIKE YOU DEFENDING US, OR OUR LANDS! Any fool that would provoke such a angered already mob is just stupid. Ware those socks if they fit harangus stomachache.

            Not sure why you have attacked this reporter, but if you keep it up, you will be reported again, and again, and again until you’re 86ed!~

            Still good hunters, and…

            • harengus_acidophilus

              Incroyable …

              Hate, rage, insults … that's your way?

              "As a native American" portayed in "Gangs of New York"?

              Do you really think an ELE would hit the US only?
              Seemingly, that is the only thing you care about.
              "Save [the] US even at the expense of the whole world"?

              There is no room for the ideas of nationalism or supremacy what ever kind in face of the dire Fukushima situation.

              We don't have 1914, we have 2014.


        • I wanna pet the radioactive rabbits george.

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            "I wanna pet the radioactive rabbits george."

            Geeee…duhhahhh…dooo ya tink it is dangorouss?



            Lol…only a real caring American would get the relationship between a stupid cartoon, and the unreality of the way these characters portray the wickedness that is killing us all. There is only us, and those who profit from death. Ask, how much are they PAID to lie and dis/mis-inform the masses? If it were not such a horrible ELE disaster, it could almost be funny how these cretins of satan come up to regurgitate the carp like they do.

            Even the UN-Americans in Europe, and down South will all die FASTER than normally. No escape.

            Here come the foreign invaders from russia and china in UN BLUE as planned. Brother Jack McLamb who God bless his soul has just passed on, WARNED US ALL TWENTY YEARS AGO in his Operation Vampire Killer expose' of what was to come. We have seen the USA military whacked down and dispersed all over the world as he said it would be. They have successfully killed off most of the old guard as planned. We are now seeing the build up of foreign forces in America as he also said would happen. Everything else is a cover up to get a lid on America BEFORE the planned economic crash happens to trigger the martial law lockdown.



    • artika rama

      socrates It is muvh worse than chernobyl and i dont think just calculating radioactivity is a good indicator either . MOX fuel used in fukushima can be much more toxic even if the amount of radioactive material wouldnt be that much , the toxicity IS . Fukushima is much worse tan any disaster untill now ,,and still going on .

      • Socrates


        Yes, I was paraphrasing from the articles… The MOX issue and the ongoing releases make Fukushima way worse than Chernobyl. The fact that the Pacific Ocean will be so affected, and that there are three cores in the group with water running over them, use of saltwater, earthquakes… really no comparison.

        Fukushima is way worse….

        • artika rama

          socrates I know i just needed to mention the mox issue as well so people checking the site wouldnt miss it 🙂

          • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

            And the MOX issue is really big…and really important in any discussion of what to do and what to put our efforts behind.

            • artika rama

              pinksailmatt It is , and that makes fukushima on a totally different scale than chernobyl . Much more toxic and much more deadly .

      • Tim42

        Your right. Even thought Chernobyl unit-4 was a bigger reactor, 925MWe, verses 3*784MWe(Fukishima units 2,3&4),460Mwe(unit 1).

        Chernobyl unit-4 was almost brand new, First criticality in December 1983, Accident in April 26, 2006. I.E. Just a bit over 2.3 years of operation, probably still in it's initial fueling cycle. No spent fuel was involved in the explosion, half the core remained in the reactor building.

        Note: TMI unit-2 (1000MWe) was in operation for just 4 months when it's core melted down.

        So, here you have 4 reactors that have operating for 30+ years, with many ton's more of spent fuel in refueling pools (unit 4 core had been removed and placed in the adjacent refueling pool). Fuel inside reactors 1,2 & 3 were just about as HOT, (radioactive wise), as they can get, (Cs, Sr, Pu, etc) when the quake hit.

        Note: Typical refueling cycle replaces 1/3 of fuel every 1 to 1.5 years.

        All melting down, breaching containment nearly simultaneously.
        Fire in unit 4 hold pool indicates additional release of HOT radio-nuclides.

        There is no comparison, total releasable food chain nasties(Cs-134, Cs-137, Sr-90), probably range in 15x(cores alone) to 100x(cores+refueling pools) over Chernobyl unit-4.

  • Canuck1

    My friends take no heed and accumulate radiated fish as if nothing happened. Until their "leaders" tell them otherwise..

    "munch"… "munch"…"burn"…"burn"..

    • Beyond annoying, many people cannot stand to face the truth

      • micky thered micky thered

        +311. I'm regularly dealing with people spitting venom in my face when I try too inform them what's going on.


          that's the reaction, micky thered, most have to issues that threatens their complacency. If they don't know how to respond to an issue, they'll only experience increased anxiety. When I encounter someone in public who I detect as being worthy of my blessings (like a checkout girl or gas station attendant), I'll give them the address to this website and advise them against be overwhelmed by the articles; something that happens to all at some time or another. I tell them it not as much about their own preservation as it is about their loved ones. I leave it there and go about my business. They'll come a day when events will obviate such prodding. When that time comes, those who educate themselves to the issues, now, will be the well received by those who didn't. Be patient and stay strong…

  • Sky-Valley Sky-Valley

    Mr. Gunderson seems to be unaware of these distribution models of radioactive Iodine 131 from 2011 –

    The Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) was providing public forecasts of possible radioactive isotope concentrations around the world that were generated by their Flexpart forecasting software.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Thank you Sky-Valley. Always a good idea to re-post the link to the NILU private forecasts once every so often. Good reminder.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        And significantly, the models also forecasted off the charts (scale) levels of Xenon 133 and Cesium 137, in addition to Iodine 131.

        Keep scrolling down the page until you get to the aggregate data.

    • James Tekton James Tekton


      Yes Sky!

      Thanks for that reminder that we did see massive amounts of radiation coming over us all right before our unbelieving eyes. The sad deal is, the stuff has not stopped coming like that. It is worsening. The cover up continues until the last day before the martial law lockdown. The crime of holding back this kind of information is as big as the crimes committed by the insiders on 9/11.

      If you notice, much of the plume was in the main parts of the jet stream. We can still follow the majority of the plume by watching where the jet stream is from several different pages. Here is a good one.


      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        James Tekton…

        That one shows real nicely how the radiation is thrown up into the arctic from Japan and then comes back down on the USA from the north, bypassing the pacific north west. This doesn't happen ALL of the time and during ALL seasons of the year, but it happens ALOT.

      • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

        Ya know…..the hottest stuff on that graphic is moving right over DC.

    • Socrates

      That was very revealing! Iodine-131 levels were as much as 100 times what was admitted by the global nuclear mafia mouthpieces.

      Those levels support neonatal mortality and morbidity epidemiological findings by Joseph Mangano and Jeanette Sherman.

      Children was gassed in Japan. Yet they still want to extend and pretend by "not causing panic.",

      Ft. Calhoun was close to going under the Missouri River that same year. Water from the river was flowing into the spent fuel ponds.

      Until everyone stands together, they will keep taking these insane risks.

      It's OK with too many people who trust whatever their "betters" decide. It's OK to nuke the Pacific Ocean. It's OK to nuke North America. When do these people wake up and draw the line?

    • Daisy207

      Models are accurate to 5% of the time being 10% correct with limited data input. By the time you get enough data to tweek the model to 95% certainty – you don't need the model anymore – the data say it all.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Sky-Valley…thanks for reminding everyone about this plume model….and to think that model was based on a release that lasted only two weeks.

      I was watching the live NILU feeds until it was shutdown in North America. I have a friend in Italy that could access it with no problem.

      There has been over 1050 days of continual release into the Pacific….the ocean and the food chain is in trouble.

      I don't know how everyone else feels, but the second interview listed above was all about minimizing.

    • J.

      Thank you for this. I don't understand the nature of the "private forecasts" that the writer claims have been suppressed. I don't doubt at all the claim itself is valid, but it's not possible to determine the validity of the "private forecasts." What exactly does that mean? Did I overlook an explanation? Thanks to anyone who can clarify.

  • the beebs

    Right now every MSM is reporting Chinese pollution crossing pacific,effecting the west coast.They cannot report Japanese radioactive plumes effecting west coast.Google it, comment on their web pages if the moderator will post it

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    The beebs

    hers a study done that Picked up on this morning that has relevance , interesting how the gov is releasing this to pervert our thinking . They think we will say "oh pollution from china is worse than Fukushima" bullocks
    We are smarter than this we can connect the dots yes? It's too coincidental that this is out there .
    Those of you that are scientists or wanted to be you will appreciate how this kid did his measurements . Great gravies you know he got an a ..and it just cements what is being said about the shit in the air from fukishima ..what do you think?

    Sent from my F-iPad

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      I noticed last summer a strange thing happening to low hanging tree branches below highways…branch die-offs to a degree much higher than else where.

      My first thought was that it was caused by diesel exhaust.

      Then the thought drifted to some sort of diesel/radioactive interaction that made the diesel exhaust more carcinogenic than it previously was. A synergistic combination.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Both plumes are very bad for everybody… 🙁 We need to stop consuming and producing materialist unnatural things/stuff…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        pinksailmatt, I've noticed the tree branch die-offs along the highways for a long time — over 30 years or more. Seen all over Northern CA, esp. in coastal areas and in the mountains, where there are a lot of conifers. Probably something having to do with automobile and diesel exhaust.

  • bozzy54

    From the west coast. Check….. The wind started again and since my meter has gone up to? There seems to be air pockets much higher then "Background" these pocket average at 0.40 mcSv/hr. If this is the new "Background" WTH!!!! Cannot hide. No RAIN or SNOW here water table very low. Governor Brown declared the drought. What's next ????

    • our counter just went off…

      0.49 uSv/hr 🙁

      Drink yer dirt. Protocols, People.

      • zogerke zogerke

        sorry. what is that in cpm? do you know

        • harengus_acidophilus

          It's a question of the kind of radiation

          "what is that in cpm?"




          • zogerke zogerke

            HA- Fair enough/ "rtfm". Looking for a converter shortcut on line. if you know of one, or source the formula, I would not mind seeing it. Admittedly, I was looking for a shortcut.

            • harengus_acidophilus

              A shortcut …

              We have alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation from different atoms with different energies, it's also a question of external or internal exposure. Sieverts take this into account, but cpm (= Bq*60) just counts decay events.
              E.g. alpha radiation is external 20x harmless (it's shielded by your outer layer of dead skin cells) as internal at the same "cpm".
              A proper calculation must based upon kind and energy of radiation and the radiated tissue and intern/extern.

              Any "shortcut" must take best/worst case guesses and you will get a big error margin. I don't see a shortcut.


              • Sieverts no more take into account internal vs external exposures than Rems do. The only difference is measuring counts per second or counts per minute. Damage factors for internal vs. external are always figured separately, and ONLY for those isotopes for which the damage factor is high [20-100 or more].

                People's internal exposures vary a great deal depending on whether they're breathing outdoors or indoors, how much is on/in their food/water, how much of that food/water they consume, and how the isotopes concentrate. It's never a 1:1×1000 situation across a population. Interior dose and its damage factors are always individually dependent.

                This is why you will never see the radioactivity from an isotope in air or water given as the median figure it translates to as bioaccumulated concentration or internal dose. You will always get only the amount of that isotope's activity in that volume as exterior dose, because it's the lowest of all the possible figures they could announce. And if that figure worryingly high, they'll go ahead and lop off a zero or a few zeroes before you get it.

                  • You're welcome indeed, zogerke. Most rad monitors are capable of reading either gamma or beta/gamma. The industry and its pet government erstwhile 'regulators' usually record both in their 'books' (subtract the gamma from beta/gamma for beta), but report for public consumption only the gamma. The beta is often zeroed out even in worker dose records, if "the usual" protective measures are taken for work in a radiation zone, since that protects against external beta issues (skin burns, lung dose and/or eye exposure). In accident situations beta can account for double-digit percentages of levels present. Alpha is generally a non-factor for exposure projections even in the worst of accident scenarios.

                    Interior damage done by beta (and alpha) is another matter entirely, 10-100 times worse than gamma. As I said, not normally an issue for workers with protection, definitely an issue to the exposed public with no protections. You are never likely to see that quantified into actual interior dose levels to the unprotected public by any nuke, anywhere.

                    • artika rama

                      joyb I keep following your messages and i have to say i have learned / and keep learning a lot form you .
                      Great job , great info , thank you 🙂

                    • Again you're welcome, artika. I figure my experience with the industry and its gub' lapdogs in serious accident situations is mostly good for helping people understand how dishonest such 'authorities' can really be when their power is on the line. Because if the public knew the truth, their power would be gone.

                      I was in charge of recording and logging the doses at TMI2 early on. They had all sorts of clever ways of minimizing those. The most immediate (to me) method was to program the computer log to 'disregard' – not record – the first 10mr of exposure from any device. Meaning it was SOP to 'lose' 100mr of dose every 10 days. In addition to dropping all the beta, which was 10-20% of the total. This even though 99% of the people on the island and at Trailer City wore no protection at all, just like the public.

                      I took to recording doses for myself, my partners and their work crews only after X number of days, so there would be something close to actual dose in the permanent records. Still, when I got mine for the entire period of my employment, it read "0". My notebook showed more than 250mr just gamma, so there you go. Some of the workers on the 'hottest' jobs got whole rems of exposure that was never on their record.

                      If they'll do that for their own managers and engineers and important contractors, what chance does the public have? …and how in hell can real data on dose/health effects be compiled?

                    • artika rama

                      joyb Well said , not for nothing they are called the nuke mafia huh ? 🙂
                      SOme people will sell their soul to make a few bucks .

                      But Then i come to the enenews and see people like you trying to help trying to give their input /their knowledge to help to make a change ,,,and my faith in humanity is restored 🙂
                      Keep up the good work 🙂

                    • zogerke zogerke

                      holy$%^&* joy B. TY for those details. i have done industrial hygiene and still do occupational safety. this profession creates strong skills in documentation. it is a sword. i have been blacklisted as a result, now i am really picky about who i work for, grateful to have employment at all. don't even try anymore to work for places that make me do that. and it is a deep education to keep your own books while biding your time and holding onto health benefits and paychecks. i can look in the mirror and go to sleep at night but there were years with no money for heat, too.
                      please continue to post clarity details and sound science. useful.

                • harengus_acidophilus


                  "Sieverts no more take into account internal vs external
                  exposures than Rems do."

                  SI defines 1[Sv] = 100 [rem]

                  But I will dig about it again, you too?

                  1st thought: in case of solid matter, you know, if you ingest.


                  • Rems and Sieverts are the assigned units of radiation dose given to the number of 'hits' disintegrated atomic pieces-parts make on a GM tube or excite the gas in an ion tube. Two different ways of expressing the same thing – the level of radioactive particles/photons present during the measurement as it translates to the chosen expression of dose. All the detectors detect the same things.

                    My equipment is DPM/Rem. Someone else's may be DPS/Sv. The only difference being the numbers on the 2-tiered gage (or electronic display). DPM deals with quantity in terms of Curies. DPS deals with quantity in terms of Grays [=Sv]. Bq/Sv/Gy is a handy system for providing lots of exponential zeroes to conveniently 'lose' between reading and reporting, that's all.

                    Exponentials confuse most people hopelessly, they soon give up even trying to count zeroes. Good for the nukes. Bad for human beings.

                    Unless you are TOLD specifically that the amount radioiodine in a reading delivers a "factored thyroid dose" that is ExpoZero+ times HIGHER than the environmental dose level, all you're getting is the environmental dose level. Rems or sieverts, doesn't matter. You are never likely to see a factored thyroid dose reported to the public in the media because it's deemed "alarming." You will only see a figure of how much iodine is present in the environment (if they report that), and that's probably missing some zeroes.

        • for the past years readings have averaged 24 CPM, with .08-.24 uSv/hr, when last week that jumped to 40 CPM. That's when i switched back to uSv/hr. will switch back to CPM today, see what follows. back and forth back and forth.

          It is clear to me at least, Fukushima is here

          • Ontological Ontological

            Could Been FUKU up here since the start. Were running peaks of 38, and 43 in Green Valley. Health here is bad, the "whooping hack" is everywhere. We stay inside, feed our birds, and go out only when we must. Each venture out is always just plain eye opening. Sad, the status of the world now. It's like people are expecting something, but most of them have no clue what is happening. People in church have done nothing. They brag about going hiking running camping etc. Of running joyously in the rain. thanking God for his "gift" etc. They all are looking very old now, and many of the kids are pale.
            Colors are fading from homes, tiles, rocks. All the local birds are basically gone. Humming birds, Mocking birds, here in this area are still ok due to we feed them nectar and apples. Not one single sea gull, there was a few here. Used to see Eagles over the ridges eyeing the many rabbits that were on the golf courses, gone. Trees are sick, some look half dead. I remember dragon flies. Have not seen any for too long.
            World is fading fast, and all I see is the same stupid go shopping and hoard crap is not missing a beat. Road rage is increasing. Boiling points easy to reach. They are taxed to death, and no raises for way too long. And never see anything good come back from paying taxes. I keep summing these reports up as pathetic. The lies to get these death traps built, and now to tell us pure BS; were fabricated upon the darkest evil.

          • zogerke zogerke

            Andsounds like i should get used to. Inspector being set on microseiverts per hour and not just cpm.

        • TruckerDave TruckerDave

          Do you have the Radex monitor ? I do and it's always a problem for me to know what anyone is talking about using cpm's. I figure that when my Radex gets up to .30+. i better start paying attention.

          • Ontological Ontological

            Correct. 43 is 1258 cpm. AM141 calibration source, on a dosimeter reading of 43. Inspector 1258 cpm.

  • Sickputer

    So what is it Jay? Have to gloat a little over David Suzuki getting pressured to retract his November opinion?

    Tweet today: Jay T. Cullen @JayTCullen
    MT @BC_Geo According to @nationalpost David Suzuki finally backtracks on unsupported statements about #Fukushima risk to west coast #yyj

    SP: The Huffers had even more to gloat about David:

    "According to some scientists, he simply went too far in his rhetoric….apart from some consensus that TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) may indeed be, as Suzuki states, "lying through their teeth" about the disaster, the experts pretty much trashed the B.C. environmentalist's position.

    They point out that over 20,000 people died in the tsunami that followed the earthquake, while there has not been one reported case of death by radiation. And if you take a broader view, the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear explosion was actually much worse.

    As for the suggestion that Japan would be destroyed and the West Coast would require evacuation, UBC nuclear and particle physicist David Measday told Vice: “I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. It's totally impossible! I can't believe he would say that. When he's in his own field, he's usually reasonable. But this is just crazy.”

    SP: Nobody died? Nobody TEPCO will report. There were and are deaths.

    • Sickputer

      Nobody died at Fukushima from radiation?

      "Former chief of Fukushima nuclear plant dead from cancer at 58 years old — Tepco: Not related to radioactive exposure"

      SP: TEPCO lied for over two years about the underground radioactive gushers into the Pacific lagoon at Fukushima Daiichi. I refuse to believe that no deaths are attributable to radiation from the out of control plant.

      I fear scores if not hundreds of workers have already died. I can't prove it, but if they are lying, they will not escape the verdict of history. They can't keep hidden such a secret forever. We are patient and will wait for the truth to emerge.

      • jec jec

        The Japanese are following the Chernybl playbook. As does the US EPA. Deny deny, raise the safe limits (gets people out of the ER and hospitals..they are cured!!)..limit what doctors can tell patients. And so on and so on…

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          jec…so true

          The EPA
          E- Eat
          P- Poison
          A- and die

          Deny the corexit, deny the water safety in West Virginia, Deny Hanford causing problems, deny Fukushima,,,Chernobyl, DU, Rocky Flats, Diablo Canyon etc

          Hide the health records, block the information, threaten, bully, and obscure the facts.

          But on January 28, 2014 Sister Megan Rice, an 83 yo nun to be sentenced for a peaceful protest against nuclear weapons.

          • J.

            To appreciate the extent of EPA mendacity, I recommend a video called Dust and Deceit, about the reported "safety" of the air in lower Manhattan after the WTC complex was turned into powder. It's a brilliant production, and makes clear that the agency is complicit in the epidemic of disease that resulted from inhalation of the deadly compounds.

      • Well, if they're just Shanghai'd homeless people, why would TEPCO/Yakuza/gub'mint report their deaths? Nobody cares.

    • name999 name999

      great to hear him speak the truth so stongly.

    • Did Dr. Suzuki recant?

      IMO – I don't think so. Not like is suggested anyway.

      The HEADLINES are MISLEADING on this one. I wonder why.

      –> What he recanted is that he 'read' it somewhere. But the concept that an evacuation or mitigation efforts might actually be needed was not as far as I can see.

      People who just read headlines now think they know something that they don't. Word magic.

      "To be very clear, I have never seen any credible source for a scenario implying the evacuation of the West Coast of North America."
      – Schneider (from article)

      Okay… so…?

      The critical need to evaluate an evacuation still exists, but that's not discussed.

      Hmm…? 😉
      [a re-post]

  • captvldz

    Just curious if anyone has been seen working and fuku lately ?

    • TruckerDave TruckerDave

      I see cranes moving around and a puff of steam here and there, sometimes. I hope you and your family are not breathing in 6 to 10 hot particles a day ! Maybe wearing an N95 mask outdoors would be a good idea and don't forget an iodine supplement. Hare Krsna

  • captvldz

    So if im in Everett Washington on the Puget Sound in the pacific north west and im breathing in on average 6 – 10 hot particles a day for a year or so wouldn't that mean i probably have a hundred and counting hot particles in me and im looking at 1-3 years to live ?

    • tarpus

      …one other good thing about cannabis (don't know if you use it or not) it is a great lung expectorant. I would have to say in this case smoking it would be a good thing. Bong hits and joints. Cough a whole bunch of crap up in the morning. Just might take some particles back up with it?
      You can find very low dose (1% THC) if you don't like getting high. I would DEFINITELY be using Rick Simpsons oil internally…
      One good thing about living there is it really easy to find, whereas here in the Midwest (where we seem to be about 40 years behind the rest of the country) is touch and go.

      As I said before my ex and my son live up there and they use cannabis like we use ketchup 🙂 Good luck to you sir.

      • daphne daphne

        I do the Rick Simpson oil daily for my lymphoma which is in remission. This stuff is incredible. DNA repair is evident. My hair has lost a lot of its silver highlights, BP normalized, hyperthyroid is under control, I've lost excess weight due to what seems like a recovery of my metabolism. I know many people treating and curing their cancers with this alone.
        Here's lots of fantastic info!

        • tarpus

          WOW! Nice find Daphne. I know for a fact the gov knew it shrunk prostate caner cells clear back in`74. But thanks to a few bucks from the pHARMS, you get radiation to fight cancer.

      • tarpus

        …I forgot to add that fresh cannabis will not get you high (THCA)you can juice it or whatever. I think you would be best off using very high levels of THC, only in the fresh form.
        Documentary called Leaf…
        The other things in cannabis such as CBD and CBN are important too.

        • daphne daphne

          I'm trying to get enough leaves for my daughter in law -25 just diagnosed with both lupus and rheumatoid arthritis…. Juicing can really help autoimmune conditions and with no high. Please share with as many people as possible tarpus.

  • captvldz

    I have a pregnant wife and a 20 month son and we do not have the money to leave Everett Washington. I really wish i knew what to expect with all of this. How much time am i looking at before ny wife and kid become sick to the point of no return? What's radiation sickness like?

    • Jebus Jebus

      Input as much info as you can. Not just this blog. Then use your instincts and your love for yourself and those you love, to guide you. Let no one but you, determine you and your loved one's future, fate, and location…

    • It would do all who come to Enenews A LOT of good to make the combat radiation forum their friend. There is tons of info there on rad effects on women, the unborn and children (and men!). Rad sickness is nothing nice, as you will read there. The key is to get your protocols together, simple as you can, and start consistently implementing them with your family there

      Then scroll yourself to the top of this comment thread and wake the neighbors. There will be a lot more done if we all realize we are in this together.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      You can't predict it exactly

      "I really wish i knew what to expect with all of this."

      It's like a life'n'death gambling and the "win chance" (e.g. life) is going down with every particle that contacts your body. Radioactivity interfers in a bad way with the rate of cell division. The higher the rate, the higher the risk. Young organisms have 1) a higher rate AND(!) 2) they build their bodies with the ingested atoms.

      Remember: sometimes you will have luck,
      but a whole life based on luck?

      hth, h.

    • demo demo

      captvldz, skim thru the FORUM archives on the lower right: Methods for combating radiation and its effects. Take it all w/ a big grain of iodized salt. Some info is contradictory. Look for Noah's posts. It is not nearly as bad as many ENE commenters believe, but the crisis could escalate and eventually devastate the northern hemisphere. Meanwhile, GMO's and pesticides could be more dangerous in Uruguay than Fuku rads in Wa, or ubiquitous EMF's in Bolivia, or the regime in Ecuador, or air pollution or crime in some countries of the southern hemisphere. People in Quito can only walk in groups of 4 or more or risk being mugged in broad daylight, even in otherwise nice neighborhoods. Keep the kids out of the rain. They'll enjoy 15 minute detox soaks w/ 2 lbs baking soda dissolved in a hot bath. Build your family's immunity as best you can and count your blessings. Shoe free home. Good luck.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        Based on what we know about low levels of radiation beating down the bodies immune systems, that fact, combined with the insane idea of "testing" humans with the GMO's, pesticides & herbicides will surely lead to another disaster within the larger disaster.

        Isn't there a name for a disaster within a disaster?

    • artika rama

      captvldz I dont think you would see direct radiation sickness (short term effect) . You must be subject to high levles of radiation to see that , so it may be a risk for people in japan it is not a risk for you if you are living in US . However the biggest worry is about long term effects . Like getting cancers , chronical diseaes related to immune deificiencies etc . And that s very hard to predict who will get it and who will not .
      We can only say with certainty that more the radiation in our environment , the more people will get sick . will that be you ? or your neighbour ? or someone in your famile ? nobody can say.
      I dont believe moving to another location in US makes much difference either . Infact you could be moving into a higher risk area becouse of bioaccumulation or weather accumulation or some other reason .
      it is very difficult to follow the spread of radiation .
      In short ; fukushima is pouring radioactive isotopes continuously y into the environment and our risk of ingesting inhaling particles increases day by day . As a nation / the whole public,, there will be increase in cancer cases and other diseases in US as well , just like in any other country ,,but who will get it nobody knows . Its like playing russian roulette . We know for sure that many will get sick because of it , but we cant guess who will .

    • Ontological Ontological

      Vomiting, rash, nose bleed, headache, fatigue. All signs you are being radiated. Get a radiation detector, if food is above background its hot, wash it, and retest to be sure of any drop you may get. When a dosimeter reads 24 on food, that is 550 to 600 cpm. And not too great to eat for long. Fasting is good logic keeps the totals down. Eating a meal of as low as possible rads as you can get when purchasing food, every 2 days, and a snack the day in between, can work wonders for many an aliment.

  • weeman

    Only the first wave? I would like to dispute that and it should have said one continues wave of radiation, continually rising in accumulation.

    • weeman

      Continuious, idiot.

      • Ontological Ontological

        Easy Weeman, DO NOT TAKE SELF BLAME. As smart people, our goal is the education of those who will listen. This is about all we can do. Calmness, center, and control of what little we have dear to us left, is all anyone of us has now. This was not our fault we were all lied to. You good man, are certainly NOT an idiot.
        I have admitted however over all the things as a lad I did to raise awareness of brown skies, and street light laws for a dark star filled sky, I will take the brown haze of the 60's over this! At least the skies will soon once again be dark, star filled glory.

        • weeman

          Thank you for the kind words, but realistically I am not the brightest spark plug on site, but I play my part and hopefully I put something on the table, maybe more than I think.
          You may notice I post alot of questions to the congregation and hopefully that promotes imagination.
          I read your posts and feel for you situation, you are strong and will overcome, the Weeman has spoken.

          • artika rama

            weeman I am sure most of us here are not nuke scientists so none of us are the brightest or most knowledgable or best experts in this ,,
            we are all learning as we go ,, everyone gives his/her input ,, you know something i dont i learn from you ,, i know something you dont and you learn from me .
            We may not be smartest experts indvidually but as a forum as a group we are the best experts you can find :).
            each one of us is a part of this forum and each ones input is valuable . everybody is good at something ,, and noone is good at everything . we are all part of this community becasue we have empathy for other people and all life we are sharing on this planet ,,because we do care ,, and THATS what counts ,, not how much you know about nuclear physics,,
            besides we are in this shit because of people who claim to be the experts in the first place:)
            Your words and you input are very powerful and very valuable for all of us and to everyone reading this forum . never under estimate that 🙂
            peace 🙂

            • weeman

              I am pleased to call the people on site brother or sister, we stand together, we are the path of enlightenment and I am going nowhere until the job is done or I expire first.
              Till death do I part. Full stop.

              • artika rama

                weeman ++++++ If nothing else , even only this last message of yours is enough to give me and many people here motivation to keep going 🙂
                you see how important these messages are ,,you sure play your part , never doubt that:)
                Dont go anywhere my friend , we need you right where you are 🙂
                take good care 🙂

                • weeman

                  Never, I am here to stay for better or worse, my friends.
                  We don't always have to agree on everything do we?

                  • artika rama

                    weeman SO are we 🙂
                    nope , we wont agree on nothing 😉 ,
                    we will keep discussing and arguing and ranting etc etc 🙂
                    and we will stay here untill we can win this war 🙂
                    thats the spirit 🙂
                    we are enenews 🙂

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    "The sea covers seven tenths of the Earth. Its breadth is pure, and wholesome. It is an immense world, pulsating with every form of life. Here there are no despots. On the surface, men still exercise their endless laws, fight and indulge in all their bloody earthly horrors, but below the surface their power ceases… their dominion vanishes. To live, gentlemen, in the embrace of the sea… only here is there independence… here, I recognize no master… here, I am free."
    A bygone era. Now the fingers of Lady Fukushima are reaching down into the depths of the sea and taking away the last freedom.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      The icy fingers of the nuclear cartel have reached into every crack and crevice on the face of this earth. Nothing has been spared. Their destruction will be absolute, and will change the course of earths living history.

  • or-well

    The comparison game is meaningless.
    If Fuku was the only nuke disaster ever, would it be any better or worse than it is? No. It would be what it is.

    Why compare to Chernobyl when most people do not know the full extent of the catastrophe that Chernobyl was, is, and will continue to be?

    The point is not which disaster is worse. (It never is.)

    The point is the damage radioactive contamination does to Life, not whatever level categorizes it on whichever scale is used.

    What matters is not whether Chernobyl was a lesser or worse disaster. What matters is the facts and the truth of the Fukushima disaster and the disaster that nuclear energy has been for humanity – EVERY accident, EVERY gram of waste, EVERY nuke plant, EVERY reactor, EVERY death, EVERY mutated child.

    I am sick of the bullshit comparison red herring.

    • bo bo


    • Jebus Jebus

      TY, or-well! ++311

      60 years of universal incremental radiological genome mutation.

      The result always, always!, equals the sum of the parts…

      May you all shine on, no pun intended…

    • artika rama

      or-well Big thumbs plus . Every bit of radiation brings us one step closer to total destruction . There is NO STEP BACK . There is no way we can decrease the radiation but we can ONLY increases it .
      The whole genome of every species is at risk of being damaged irreversibly. The whole world has turned into a mutation experiment .
      Chernobyl fukushima , nuke tests ,, all the same accident going on for decades , since the beginning of the nuclear age. It only adds up .
      Unless we find a way to stop the nuke industry we will not survive as a species.
      we have to stop this madness , otherwise by the time they wake up and realise what they have done it will be too late . No way of of decreasing radiation , no step back possible .we have to keep informing everyone and we have to win .

    • J.

      Very well said. It's an argument that doesn't matter. Focusing on the facts — for example, that even the official time for "decommissioning" is 40 years at minimum — is the way to focus the public. Fukushima Daiichi, a scarcely mitigated disaster, proves that all the scenaros nuclear proponents said could not happen can happen, did happen, and are damaging the global environment 24/7/365. This is what matters.

  • Horse Horse

    Even if the air releases won't end all life on land, the continuous releases from core material in the groundwater could destroy all life in the Ocean. Life will be harder for man without life in the Ocean.

    • artika rama

      horse We cannot afford to loose the ocean . If we loose the ocean, we wont survive either IMO.

      • Horse Horse

        artika rama, you are right, yet TEPCO threatens to release Tritium/Strontium water from the leaky tank farm with IAEA approval. The plant is becoming too radioactive to work there. It would be better to fill a tanker with the Tritium/Strontium water, sink the tanker in deep water, and hope it decays faster than it leaks out. Life in the Ocean is stressed from the contamination already released. The water contaminated by core material flowing continuously out to sea won't stop. A big experiment with little released data. Man may survive, fewer in number. Life in the Ocean won't recover for the 120 years it takes the tritium to decay. It will be harder for man without that abundant life in the Ocean.

        • artika rama

          horse Thats true ,, we need the ocean and besides if ocean gets radiated it wont stay in ocean . Everything mixes up with everything , ocean weather land flora fauna ,,
          It is not only tritium in those water tanks and many isotopes stay radioactive for MUCH longer than 120 years, sometimes thousands even millions of years .
          I agree with you that tepco is going to release all that water into the ocean . Thats what they were planning from the first day .
          Not only what has been collected untill now but also what is being and will be collected in the future will go into the ocean and there is no end in sight yet .
          Pacific is dying , and without it we will not survive either.

          • Shaker1

            artika, so very true concerning tepco and these particular releases, but also nuclear in general. Anyone who can reasonably think otherwise connected to the industy is plainly a fool and stopped thinking at the assumption of power, no true consideration of the outcome.

            Main Entry:1fool
            Etymology:Middle English, from Old French fol, from Late Latin follis, from Latin, bellows, bag; akin to Old High German bolla blister, balg bag more at BELLY
            Date:13th century

            1 : a person lacking in judgment or prudence

            Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary copyright 2000 version 2.5

            Education is a tool to more of the same, surely not a life of 'expert' that ends at that the nominal achievement. Life as we know it required time and nature to sequester or render such things as gross radioactivity harmless.

            One might blame mistaken assumptions, in this case the idea that we can mimic the sun (one might look into electric universe theories), but the idea that we might not do so is as old as the myth of Phaethon. He, despite his father Apollo's warning, could not handle the horses who pulled the car of the sun across the sky. The earth cried that losing the land and the seas would return it to the ancient chaos. Zeus (who I hold as a symbol of nature here) had to use a lightning bolt (appropriately, nature's method of restoring electrical balance in the atmosphere) to stop the destruction. Phaethon was destroyed.

  • name999 name999

    unimaginable, but happening now…

  • Aloha from Hawaii….several days air testing, all results between 25 CPM and 35 CPM, only a few high points.

    Once in a decade 40 to 50 foot waves coming in tomorrow. That will be interesting. Ocean spray will increase A LOT

    • Mark Wonclunker

      Stock, is there an explanation as to why the CPM in Hawaii is so low when the Pacific North West is so high?

      Also, doesn't the N Pacific gyre bring radiated flotsam to Hawaii?

      • I think it takes longer to circle back around to here.

        • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

          stock…That is correct & I'm sure you understand the paths…but for others…

          Both the air and the water radiation pass, for the most part, to the north of Hawaii.

          A good portion of the air movement from Japan goes to the north west, with Korea getting a big big hit, as the storms curl back around and lick it. This air continues up to the polar regions and can come back down in a number of normal pathways…thru America, Europe & Asia.

          The water path is almost a straight line from Japan to the Oregon/Calif Border, traveling along the North pacific current, with most of the current then heading south to the equator and then back east just below Hawaii, where it will end up at Japan to pick up more radiation.

          These are endless…ever increasing radiation loops of both air and water.


    For anybody that knows me, please go to the 'Marine Chemist' thread and read my post on/toward the bottom. thank-you

  • mungo mungo

    The amount of radioactive cesium that flowed into the sea through a river running across central Fukushima Prefecture when a powerful typhoon hit in September 2011 totaled 6.2 trillion becquerels, about 60 percent of the total for a 12-month period, researchers say

    January 22, 2014

    By TATSUYUKI KOBORI/ Staff Writer

  • Based on my data mining of a 300 page Gov report on radiation in Alaska….Fukushima did almost as much damage (increase in radiation in Alaska) as a direct nuclear bomb test on Alaskan islands in the 1960's

    Think about that. The data is here. As well as the complete download of the report if you wish.

  • Angela_R

    The following link, posted yesterday, takes you to a video that details three nuclear accidents, namely Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima. The documentary took me into the control room, I suspect the film is taken from actual footage of the incident at Three Mile Island. Be there with the men responding to the alarm bells. Hear their thoughts as they attempt to respond to the accident that was not supposed to ever happen…

    I'm returning to the video to view further details

    • artika rama

      angela Thaks for the link.

    • Sounds interesting, will have to check it out when my bandwidth re-sets. So I've saved the link, thanks.

      Just so you know, there was no film crew in the control room at TMI2 at 4:27 in the morning on March 28, 1979. They did later turn loose of some post-accident flashes, not enough for you to read the panel displays. Might be the control room scene from 'The China Syndrome', which came out in theaters on March 16, 1979. It was pretty dramatic.

      • Angela_R

        Joy, I am unaware of whether the control room scene may have come from "The China Syndrome," I have not seen the movie.

        The following link connects to a documentary, covering six episodes, detailing a construction that commenced in the last century. The first episode takes a ride into a dug out tunnel and commences with the words "I would say that you are now in a place where we have buried something from you to protect you and we have taken great pains to be sure that you are protected."

        For those that have no idea about the enormous problems being caused by nuclear waste, check out one arrangement for the storage of nuclear waste; wherein an attempt is being made to enclose it for 100,000 years.

        When asked how much nuclear waste there is in the world, the respondent replied that he did not know, but it could be between 200,000 – 300,000 tons.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Sent from my F-iPad
    Soil from Fukushima Daiichi found in baggage at airport in Kiev31

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    Ex-fugitive reactor operator accepts plea deal
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    Restart of nuclear facilities and policy for nuclear waste disposal in Japan unlikely to be settled soon
    A Japanese man was stopped by border guards at Kiev’s Borispol Airport after a radiation detector sounded an alarm during routine bag checks on a flight from Frankfurt, Germany.

    According to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, “Two plastic containers with 12 grams of clay soil were found during an inspection of personal belongings. The acceptable level of radiation was exceeded by about a factor of two.”

    The passenger told officials that the soil was from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan and that he was couriering it to a university in Zhitomyr, Ukraine.

    Source: Ria Novosti

  • Daisy207

    As I see it the government has most certainly been monitoring the air and water but denies having any data and refuses to share it because it is so bad that sharing it would cause mass panic. It does not matter – plants, animals and man will become extinct simply because they can no longer breed or reproduce in any meaningful way. Babies born in the past three years and in years going forward that survive may well look ok but my guess is that they will not be able to reproduce because of radiologic contamination already in the food supply altering their DNA. People alive today that are older will die from early cancers or other problems, and that will apply to animals and plants as well – but they are not reproducing anyway. The same will apply to people still in their reproductive years – who either can't conceive or choose not to – will also die off from exposure in the food, water and air supply. Oxygen on the planet will soon diminish because phytoplankten are being killed off in the oceans because one one nuclear site. Soon (it might take 100 years) we will just be an empty planet in the solar system with a lot of out of control nuclear reactors. Who knows – we might evolve into another star.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    "According to scientists from the University of California Santa Cruz and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)), who monitor marine animals in the Pacific Ocean, there are signs of low-level radioactivity in California fish. Starfish, Pacific bluefin tunas, sea lions, whales, dolphins, anchovies, and other marine animals either haves mall amounts of radioactive elements from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, or diseases caused by radiation."

  • Socrates

    Arnie Gundersen says that TEPCO is NOT doing much to stop this disaster from getting worse. The Japanese government is very pro-business. Banks have lent all the money to TEPCO that they are going to lend. Restart of the remaining reactors to get a cash flow to service these loans and to prove that their product, nuclear technology, is "safe" is all that is happening. Meanwhile, there is a nuclear haze over Fukushima and contaminated water runs into the ocean.

    The US has its nuclear supporters in the cabinet and in the president himself. Neither government wants to do anything that might rock the boat.

    There are controversies that allow experts to express "opinions" rather than to spend the one-half trillion dollars necessary to do anything. Obama will leave this mess to the next occupant of the While House who will do the same thing. 500 billion dollars would still not fix it. Lying is cheaper. Japan should have launched an effort on the scale of a war to fix the plant. Instead, it was about saving the company. Men supported the profit motive while women thought of the future. Too late to change these attitudes, values and beliefs there or here.

    Any complex issue baffles voters. Too lazy and uncaring it seems. Denial is easier.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Have we heard from our darling in a while. Are you out here C?

    And, what ever happened to that Michael Collins guy?

    When speaking of firsts, take a strong in stone note of this given base reading as the "normal background radiation would be 5-20 CPM" at min 1:49. Let it be known to all who say 30 CPM is a normal background that, THIS IS WRONG! Be real, what is normal? Try maybe, zero? OK, for the newbies, the Standard for Base Comparison is set at 0-20 CPM and from .020-.080 uSv/hr.

    There was a infowars team that went to the west coast lately and they kept quoting 30 CPM as the normal background for comparison purposes to get the over the average quotes like "three times over average" etc when the ACTUAL counts were FAR HIGHER than a normal background of 5-20 CPM.

    "Anyone who goes to Hawaii as a tourist or for ANY reason is committing suicide."

    Knowing this video was made last year, what does that say for conditions there and on the west coast now??

    INSPECTORS…report on the reporting thread thank you.


  • floen

    I'm wondering how many other people on here have experienced what I have – pretty much everyone that I know either acts somewhat indifferent or disbelieving, or acts angry/defensive and disbelieving when I have discussed anything I've read through this website. This includes friends I have on the CA coast.

    I used to live in CA (left in 2012) and now do not feel it would be smart at all to go back). I am stunned that so many people seem to have no reaction or no plan to concern themselves with any of this – no precautions, no looking deeply into it or anything. It's like people are just in denial and can't face it. And seriously some of these people are pretty intelligent/successful and not close minded people.

    I just don't get it. Other than people on this website or online, I seem to be alone in concern and taking precautions.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      floen each of us here have experienced the exact same thing as you describe…we have even lost friends & family members who refuse to talk about Fukushima now. I am sorry that you are dealing with it, but know that you are not alone. Here we rant, we cry & we even try to joke a bit too. And here we understand the need to share this info but the uphill battle that it requires.

      Keep in mind that many cannot deal with the fact that *their government, media & doctors would not warn them if there was any danger. Older people were brought up being loyal to government, doctors & trusting media & business. Kept their doors unlocked & the kids ran free…Now those *kids who are now parents took in what their parents believed, all the while they were being brianwashed via TV & all forms of media to thier kids..the now twenty somethings are being brainwashed too..& on it goes..that is what we are trying to deal with & why they cannot believe what we tell them.

      Do your best to find some happiness peace in your life as you learn to deal with the new knowledge. And know that we will still be here.

      • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

        Maiden, I just read your response to floen which posted while I was writing mine. I think between my own experiences and reading what you wrote it rang home to me that doctors know what's going on and are part of the cover-up. Just makes me so sad it has been decided we are lesser beings not worthy of having our children saved.

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley


      This has been discussed here. I am surrounded by people who treat me like I am some kind of dark, sulking force by bringing it up. I am usually dismissed and even started to notice some people subtly ignoring everything I say like I was a mentally deficient being.

      Chin up though. This week I've had my 3rd acknowledgement by a physician. When asked why I was giving my son an OTC herbal supplement, I said to combat Fuku radiation. I even gave him a little speech that I checked the EPA's own numbers for our city and I knew what we live with. If the government was going to block guidance on how to protect ourselves, of course we were going to take things into our own hands. He did not offer guidance. But he said oh yeah, and did not tell me I was wrong. I've had conversations with another medical professional from a different area of study that were more pointed and acknowledging of the facts.

      I also thought my chin was going to scrape the floor yesterday when my father in law started talking about Fukushima and what we were going to do about all the radiation pouring into the ocean. Both he and my MIL had dismissed me and changed the subject every time I had ever referred to it. They had refused to read links I sent. Their buddy Chris Matthew on MSNBC must've brought it up on his newscast and given credence to my claims. No apology for dismissing me for the last 2+ years. But at least the scales are falling off some.

  • floen

    Thank you Maiden and Phil, it has been tough wrapping my mind around people's reactions. A couple of friends ignored my messages when I sent them links, my health freak sister told me I was 'obsessing' just by bringing it up twice, and a guy I've been friends with for years flipped out and started sending me a bunch of hateful texts telling me I was ignorant or just making things up, and that I needed to get my master's degree like he did because I have no idea what I'm talking about. Then he said "let's not talk again until you have your master's degree." Friendship over as far as I'm concerned – but I'm starting to feel like I shouldn't bother telling anyone anymore.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. But you can eat them. 🙂

    • bf9 bf9

      Don't give up hope, and just be calm and as receptive as you can to all kinds of responses. I would not be here myself if an ex-poster didn't have a "sit down" with me, making me aware of this catastrophe and pointed me here. I'm in my early 20's and people my age or younger are FAR more receptive- I believe that is because we have grown up in a time where none of us trust a damn soul in authority. Normalcy bias is not a word/term in out figurative generational vocabulary…Phil is dead on explaining that concept above. Since I've been old enough to be aware I've seen the NSA scandal, militarization of our police force, the wage gap grow to the biggest in human history (which 99% of us are a victim to), pick a corporation- they've lied to us, pick a gov't alphabet soup agency- also lied to us, almost all media/press of any kind- lies to us daily, I could go on.

      That's the other half of why they haven't told the public anything…the phrase "the rug being ripped out from under you" would be the understatement of the millennium for the vast majority of people. It won't be long before they fall into a pool of "red pills" so don't sweat it too much.

      Back to the original news post- "possibly" worse than Chernobyl? I think it's possible the sky is blue…the sun is hot…

      The time is now to fix this. It's going to take a major paradigm shift but we're getting close to midnight.

  • We Not They Finally

    Actually we are all at midnight….Thats why we use the terms extinction level event…My wife and I have generally decided to be like town criers trying to wake up everyone we run into to the coming crisis…to be forewarned is to be fore armed.Start finding ways to improve our health at a time that health is at a premium.

    Whatever happens will happen.I hope that all of us are busy discovering ways to be happier healthier and committed to do what we can to make our and everyone we run into in a better place than we were before.

  • floen

    It is mind boggling to see how aggressively some people resist the truth, and to see how others resist it passively. In both cases, it has left me feeling disconnected from those people – anyone who is unwilling to look for the truth, or anyone who sees what is happening and can ignore it.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    There is a massive disconnect in 90% of the brains out here.. 🙁