Nuclear Expert: “Unit 4 is looking more and more like the leaning tower of Pisa right now” (VIDEO)

Published: December 20th, 2011 at 11:50 am ET


Title: Paul Gunter – officials declare cold shutdown at Fukushima
Uploaded by: Thom Hartmann
Date: Dec 19, 2011
Description: Thom Hartmann talks with Paul Gunter, Director, [Beyond Nuclear’s] Reactor Oversight Project, regarding the latest on the Fukushima nuclear power plant. […]

Transcript Summary

At 2:45 in

There are experts who still fear recriticality

At 3:45 in

  • Unit 4 is looking more and more like the leaning tower of Pisa right now
  • The whole building is listing… structurally listing
  • The full core was offloaded to the pool during refueling
  • And that building is now shifting
  • They’ve been sending engineers in there to try and shore it up with poles and whatever to keep it from falling over

At 5:30 in

We’re still in a guessing game in terms of what’s real and what’s staged

At 7:00 in

  • Some of the projections are that the core has already gotten into earth
  • They are still using computers to try to locate the position of the cores

See more photos of Reactor No. 4 at

Published: December 20th, 2011 at 11:50 am ET


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84 comments to Nuclear Expert: “Unit 4 is looking more and more like the leaning tower of Pisa right now” (VIDEO)

  • James2

    Experts who fear recriticality – aren’t very good experts, because it has occurred.

    The real problem right now is #3, not #4. Although when the #4 SFP falls it will be bad too – not if, when.

  • Actually if unit 4 collapses the radiation released will be many times greater than what has happened up to now… yes unit 3 is bad (so are 1 and 2) but a collapse and subsequent fire and vaporization of the pool inventory would be horrific. Even these fools would evacuate Tokyo at that point…

    • James2

      Uhh, actually no.

      Each one of the reactors has a spent fuel pool equally as stocked as #4’s – although the ones in #3 and #4 are probably the most dangerous.

      #3 might have had some hot fuel taken out of the core early to put MOX in and most probably had hot MOX rods in the pool. #4 had hot rods taken out for the maintenance operation and they may have had MOX rods ready to install.

      It appears that the #3 pool fell two weeks ago, and it is on fire right now – so your statement about “even these fools” evacuating Tokyo is incorrect – These fools are ruthless enough to let the whole thing burn and kill off even Tokyo.

      #4 will fall at some point, but they were able to do some reinforcement work in an effort to hold it up.

      • evendine

        You say that:

        ‘…It appears that the #3 pool fell two weeks ago, and it is on fire right now…’

        Do you have any direct evidence for that? It’s clearly an extremely serious development if it has happened :0(

        • James2

          Yes we had several threads on the fire yesterday.

          The fire can be seen – barely on the TBS/JNN webcam. Look for orange flames at the base of the building near the SFP location. They’ve done a good job of blurring it out, but it’s visible.

          The entire south wall of #3 below the top of the SFP was intact and still had the exterior paint on it after the explosion on March 14 – until two weeks ago.

          Yes it’s an extremely serious development and really sad that nobody is checking up on it.

          • Kevin Kevin

            Well this is interesting, we had several thread months ago that explained in painstaking detail the good portions of #3’s SFP were found a great distance away from the plant and bulldozed into the ground.

            You claim that the entire south wall was still intact with paint. You have to provide at least a link or pictures or something as it was established that was not the case shortly after the explosion.

            Also why is it being claimed that the whole core of four was in the pool. That is also contentious.

            Frankly it all seem like a bunch of complete bullshit.

            Might as well just go along with cold shutdown as an awesome milestone recently reached like my countries captial stated mere days ago.

            Remember its all attitude. If you have a good attitude everything will be fine its those damn dangerous rumours thats gonna getcha.

            • James2

              Read again. I did not say the entire south wall of R3 was intact. I said the entire south wall to the top of the SFP was intact, and it no longer is.

              If you follow what I’ve said here many times, I have never believed for 1 minute after I saw the explosion of #3 that the SFP exploded. That was confirmed photographically afterwards.

              Furthermore, it is a physical impossibility that the explosion we saw on March 14th came from the spent fuel pool. Anyone with training in explosives will confirm that.

              There is a very large full-court press by the nuke industry that claims the explosion came from the pool, because they don’t want you to think it came from where it did – the MOX core.

              The entire core of #4 was in the pool, because it was not in the reactor – at least they said it wasn’t. They said the reactor was in the process of being relined. We know the reactor cap was off and the containment cap was off.

              If the fuel wasn’t in the reactor it was in the pool. There are only those two places to store it. Why is that contentious?

              • James2

                Maybe I should qualify “anyone with training in explosives will confirm than the explosion didn’t come from SFP3”.

                Qualification: anybody with training that isn’t lying.

                • Kevin Kevin

                  Yes, well i have been on this site since its inception, day one actually, have followed the issue thorougly and while I will not claim that the explosion came from the SFP, I will say that I cannot beleive it remained intact. Rather much of it was sent sky high and both MOX related fuel and bits of rods were found a distance away from the containment.

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              While I can’t allow my level of concern or common-sense to be minimized due to “official” statements or whatever’s being spun by MSM,I also can’t allow anyone elses interpretation of what they may or may not be seeing via obfuscated,low-grade video feeds that don’t really allow for conclusively stating any of the possibilities as being fact. The first day bright orange & red objects began appearing in the TBS/JNN feed my brother had walked in and said it was flames,but then after we both watched closely for a LONG time we saw that it was the red chute being deployed from the orange-red cement pumper truck.Then we noted somw weird,shiny,red “anomoly” directly in front of & between R3 & R4 with a “white,glittery”effect on the ground that was made difficult to interpret-just like the red concrete truck was due to the time lapse between frames and was also dismissed as “fire” when the doors were opened to the structure housing the “green goblin”(ignition system for the 1.3 meter fuel rod-burning nuclear rocket)which wouldn’t have been possible if flames or the contents of either SFP had been spilled due to the proximity & time frames involved. Also there is lg. pcs. of structural steel in the wreckage of R3 that are painted with heat & corrosion resistant “red lead” paint that show up in the HID spotlights and in the flickering glare of the “nuclear rocket/flare” that burns from dusk to dawn for the better part of the last month now,but which are not as noticeable in daylight. With regard to the R3 explosion,Jebus & some of the guys description of the world’s largest “water hammer”from “underneath” the R3 bldg. seem logical to me & I’ve worked with ANFO,RDX,C-4,Syntek,TNT,Dynamite,FOM,det cord,etc.and also with “shaped-charges”,”directional explosive” devices & handloaded munitions of both civilian & military applications & origins-but without nuclear physics degree can’t/won’t speculate.The “true”status of Fukushitma is probably worse…

              • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                …than we can “speculate” with what we are able to see or determine via official BS & fuzzy,faulty video stream footage!! I’m sure “somebody” THERE knows what’s up and could elaborate-but we can assume that won’t happen while they’re still trying to bullshit the world into falling for their using the words “safe” & “nuclear” in the same sentences….~PEACE~

              • James2

                Seems like maybe you are trying to disagree with me here, but you don’t come right out and say it.

                Well, I had the opportunity the other night to see the video feed for a few minutes in a relatively un-cloaked fashion (must have been and accident), and I assure you at that time, there were very, very large flames coming out from the base of R3 where the SFP used to be.

                There was also a ton of smoke coming up from it. There was no mistaking a truck or an orange beam for what I saw. #3 was on fire, and I believe still is.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              “Might as well just go along with cold shutdown”. The experts all disagree that Fuku Daiichi is in cold shutdown. The radiation levels across the US also argue with this conclusion. No one wants to see their family living with these levels of radiation:

              “Might as well just go along with cold shutdown” does rather seem insulting, especially since the reactor fuel left the reactors long ago in melt through and cold shutdown says that the nuclear fuel is still in the reactor.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                Insults imply that you have no rational argument and have to attack a person to try to win an argument based on emotion.

                • Kevin Kevin

                  I think you misread my intent Anne.

                  This discussion is 9 months old.

                  It was pretty much put to rest many months ago. Its my opinion that the SFP at reactor 3 was largely destroyed at the time of the explosion. Now I am not a nuclear scientist and don;t work with explosives. Nor can I say for sure either way what caused the explosion and where exactly it occurred, nor what the true status of the majority of fuel in that pool is. But I can say that very few believed it was a hydrogen explosion that left the fuel pool in tact. Which was my original point.

                  I was not attacking the poster, just expressing frustration after 9 months of bullshit on this aspect of the story which to me was a very serious aspect of the entire issue. IF as many of us accepted early on in the discussion, 3;s sFP went up with the explosion it was the worlds worst dirty bomb with implications nobody can imagine and considerable evidence suggests that is precisely the case.

                  Finally the quote that we might as well accept cold shutdown was me being fasecious. In addition to the comment about having a good attitude versus dangerous rumours. All of which has been thoroughly reported on and most of us have a pretty good sense that cold shut down is a fallacy and good attitude doesnt prevent radioative contamination or the resulting cancers and death.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that you were being facetious. The definition of facetious:
                    “Treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant”

                    I have a hard time not being serious. It saddens me that the government is using cold shutdown to justify sending residents back to an exclusion zone that was much too small to begin with.

                    I sincerely hope we will not see more explosions. However, even if we don’t the radiation will not subside for another million or so years. The radioactive areas are uninhabitable.

                    • Kevin Kevin

                      Thanks for correcting my spelling of facetious.


                      I thought it was rather evident when I followed up the comment with the ‘its all about attitude” stuff, another outrageous commentary by a so called expert.

                      I hear your sentiment about the serious nature of it all, but sometimes you need to cut the stress levels down a notch with a little humour, facetious or not, in order to not let the stuff make you crazy.

                      This particular issue about reactor number three, really, really disturbs me. At the time I wrote a lengthy request to Arnie Gunderson while researching a piece I was writing on the issue. Which I subsequently posted to this site. Arnie did not respond due to legal concerns but the intent of my request was to get the bottom of precisely the status of the SFP at reactor three. I felt it was the centre of the controversy surrounding the source of the most wicked substances on earth in great volumes.

                      In the end, and after exhaustive research I was unable to gain any substantial conclusions with respect to the status of the pool and if the explosion resulted in the release of MOX fuel stored there.

                      Its all a very serious set of issues of course and I have done a considerable amount of activism on the issue, much of which was met with a stiff wall of resistence at the local level and none of my work was published in the papers where I live as a result of the issues management tactics of governments and industry.

                      SO I also share your frustration with lack of uptake on the seriousness of the issue.

                      I live on the west coast of Canada and we are now seeing debris after having long been exposed by way or air and rain to hot particles and god knows what levels of the 250 plus radionuclides released in disasters of this nature.

                      I have called out governments, papers,universities and agencies in Canada for their neglect on these issues and I have long appreciated the contribution of this site and its commentators, while thwarting trolls.

      • batista

        Gundersen has shown a video where only 1 fuel assembly was present in reactor 3s SFP.

        • James2

          I missed that video.

          I’d be surprised such a thing exists, because the only videos I’ve seen of #3 show a ton of the roof concrete and rebar dropped into the pool on top of where the fuel rods would be. You couldn’t see past the rubble to see if any assemblies were still there.

          And it’s a pretty big area to survey. I don’t believe they’ve done a comprehensive mapping of the fuel in the pool(s)

          What most don’t realize is that the roof of #3 had a steel frame, but the roof material itself was reinforced concrete. The blast of #3 opened the roof up like a tin can and when the steel frame flopped back down – the crashing sound at the end of the blast audio – it dropped all the concrete and rebar all over everything – covering the surface of the SFP.

          If you can find a video that shows only 1 assembly in all of the #3 SFP.

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            Hi James, for what it is worth, the video from July 1 has this shot of the R3 SFP, about a minute in. Only shows a very small area.

            Thanks for your work. The flash that lit up the sky a couple of weeks ago has haunted me, and would match up with what you are thinking about R3 SFP.

            • James2

              OK, thanks for pointing me to the video.

              I did miss that video of Arnies, and I wish I hadn’t. In the video Arnie claims that only a single fuel assembly handle is visible in the clip.

              The clip is very brief, and, as I said above the pool looks like a mess – with a bunch of crumbled concrete roof and rebar dumped all over everything.

              So I looked at the assembly diagram and then looked at the “single handle” that Arnie shows in the clip and it took me about 2 seconds to notice that there is a second handle – next to the one he says is the single one – right exactly where it should be – it’s a little harder to point out, because the contrast of the first handle has been enhanced and the second one hasn’t – but take a look and you’ll see a second handle just to the left of the “single one” he shows. The shot is not wide enough to see if there’s one on the other side, but I’m pretty sure I could find one.

              I’m not sure why Arnie is pushing the “fuel pool exploded” idea. But he is 100% completely wrong, and so are you if you listen to him on this point.

              • batista

                Yeah I think the yellow flash is coming from the reactor itself – Arnie himself mentions the introduction in the USA Mark I BWR of a Valve on the side of it.

                I somehow think that the explosion in the Reactor pressure vessel didn’t use the whole of the Fuel rods in it. May be they have already melted for the most thereof…

                The eventual meltdown prior to the nuclear fuel dirt explosion in 3 might have made things less bad, than they could have been.

                I often think of Webb’s opinions and pardon me to say that he was right but at least here we didn’t get an explosion fully equivalent to a nuclear bomb.

                • James2

                  it’s certainly possible that only part of the nuke fuel exploded on March 14th.

                  I’m not sure I would say it’s “less bad than it could have been”, however.

                  That explosion is probably a nuke plant operator’s worst nightmare – which is why we’re in an all-out information war over what actually happened.

                  It’s certainly the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen happen in my lifetime. On a scale – I would put it about 1,000,000 times as bad as the WTC falling down on 9/11.

        • Kevin Kevin

          Precisely and that is just one instance that supports the conclusion the SFP at 3 is/was and therefore will always be toast. However, I think he also provided grainy video of underwater assemblies suggesting the pool had dropped with rods intact, not all, but some, which at the time seemed to suggest some of that fuel did not go up with the explosion. However the view was grainy from the top of the assemblies and only showed a small portion of them and may be part of what is misleading people to believe the pool was entirely in tact.

          In the end the thing that convinced me the pool was not intact was the condition of the outer containment James suggests the photos and video prove this. I completely disagree and asked him to provide a link, video or photo that shows the containment infrastructure in tact to the height of the pools as he suggested exsited but nothing was provided.

          The outer most containment was blown away to well below the SFP pool, in my opinion.

          • James2

            Kevin you can disagree with me if you want, however I’m 100% sure that the pool did not blow up on March 14th.

            Let me try to explain why. Think of an empty box made of steel. about a foot cube with an open top.. Now think of a firework shell going off in that box. If you were standing – 6 feet tall, a foot away from that box, you would be in serious danger – because the explosion will come out of that box at any angle that can be accommodated from the middle of the bottom of the box to a top edge of the box and 1 foot outside the box and 5 feet above it is within the blast pattern area.

            Now think of another shell going off in a fireworks tube, which is a fairly tight fit around the diameter of the shell. in this case if you were standing 1 foot away from the tube, you likely would not get hit by the firework – you might get startled by the shell whizzing past your ear, but it will not hit you, because you are not in the blast pattern area.

            Now lets think about the height of the two fireworks. The box firework will blast out in an inverted pyramid shape and the blast will dissipate over a large area and it will reach a medium height. The tube shell shoots directly vertical. It goes very high very fast. In fact this is why they shoot fireworks out of tubes or guns – in order to get them very high.

            Now what does this have to do with the Spent Fuel at Fukushima #3? Everything. The spent fuel pool is an approximately 50 foot by 50 foot by 50 foot deep box shaped pool. If an explosion came out of it, assuming the walls are strong enough to contain it, the pattern would be exactly the same as the box firework – an inverted pyramid.

            if the explosion came out of the containment it would look exactly like a firework out of a tube – a vertical launch to a very high height.

            The explosion of #3 – we’ve all seen it – was not an inverted pyramid, it was a vertical launch. It had to come out of a pipe shaped container.

          • James2

            There are only two pipe shaped containers in the nuke reactor building. One is the elevator shaft and the second is the primary containment. The elevator shaft isn’t strong enough to contain that explosion. Leaving the containment as the only source of that blast.

            And that is 100% irrefutable physics. Talk to Isaac Newton if you don’t like it.

            The blast on March 14th did not come from the spent fuel pool.

            • Kevin Kevin

              Thanks James for your exhaustive explanation.

              As I have said elsewhere, I am not a nuclear scientist, nor an explosives expert. I also would not, based on the evidence I have been privy to, venture to guess what exactly happened with respect to where and when the explosion occurred and how. Clearly you think differently and, I assume based on your own research, have discerned precisely what has happened as you state. I cannot and would not make any such statement of certainty as all the research I have done has resulted in material that does not provide the level of detail required to do so.

              I would however again request a link or photo or anything that supports your conclusions. The SFP sat rather high in that building and above the core, which I think you are saying is what exploded, which is horrible enough. However if that was the case, and I think we agree detonation occurred and it was not a hydrogen explosion, I cannot settle, based on these facts alone, as you have, on the SFP remaining intact.

              I would like nothing more for that to be the case but my research and observations, while absolutely inconclusive, does not hold that the pool would have come out of the original explosion unscathed and both the potential for rods being part of the explosion and/or subsequent loss of cooling capacity and recriticality or melt was inevitable even with attempts to avoid precisely those things.

              • James2

                Well, if that explanation doesn’t give it to you , then nothing will convince you. I am trained in the sciences and do know a bit about explosions and the only way the explosion occurred in the pool is to defy physics.

                There are no links, because the conclusions are mine and I offer them here, not anywhere else.

                There are plenty of photographs that will support my conclusions – any movie or photograph of the explosion showing a vertical launch vs a pyramid shaped launch is enough.

                Just a couple of clarifications: The SFP is not above the core, it is beside it. The pool is designed so that the cap of the reactor can be removed and the fuel can be picked out of the fuel pool with a crane and kept underwater and moved into the reactor core – all without ever being exposed to air. There is a “doorway” between the pool and the reactor through the containment.

                This also gives you clues about what happened in #3. If the explosion happened in the pool, and yet it somehow held water afterward, then that means the walls would be intact and the only thing that would be destroyed in the building are things in a pyramid shape above the pool and possibly through the doorway into the containment.

                However you can plainly see from any photograph of the aftermath that essentially the whole structure was damaged. Again it would be physically impossible for an explosion to occur in the pool, the walls to be intact and blast damage to appear behind the walls. It’s a line of sight thing.

                As I said, I’m 100% sure the explosion was from the core. I’m still at a loss as to why they won’t bother to tell the truth.

                Kevin if you have some inside information that you are privy to that I don’t know – please share – I’m very happy to change my mind with new information – but I haven’t seen a thing in 9 months that changes it yet.

                • Kevin Kevin

                  Thanks James.

                  I thought I was clear, in that I stated repeatedly that I cannot say where the explosion occurred. All I have stated definitively about the explosion is that it was a detonation, not a hydrogen explosion. At no point have I said the explosion occurred IN the pool.

                  My issue is the impact of the explosion on the pool.

                  I do not disagree that it may have been the core, subsequently I believe if that were the case the pool would have been damage significantly.

                  You are correct that I misspoke when I referred to the pool being above the core clearly it is not, however my point was that it is at a height where an explosion in the core would undoubtedly affect the pool. Especially given that there is a door to weaken the separation between the core and the pool. This was precisely my point by stating the location of the pool is such that given the damage to the containment it is near impossible the pool is intact, a notion you consistently forward and the primary point I disagree with and have since the start of this discussion.

                  That has been my issue all along. The status of the fuel pool. That is the only contention I have made with your comments other than the fact I cannot draw conclusions such as yours based on the information provided as it is not anywhere near definitive and lacks clarity on a number of fronts.

      • While all the pools are indeed filled with more fuel assemblies than they were designed to hold (and every U.S. plant has severely over filled pools) the difference in sfp4 is that both the just-removed used fuel from the core and new fuel to replace it were in there as well as the older, cooler stuff. It just means that the time it would take to start burning and vaporizing after being uncovered would be shorter. Any fuel pool anywhere, if allowed to dry, or collapse would release massive local radiation and globe spanning radioactive gas and particle plumes. The releases to this point have been severe, but we are extraordinarily lucky they have not been far worse. If the video shows what you say then you will not need to worry about convincing anyone else. If pool 3 is burning we will see very clear and unambiguous evidence within a short time. I will be the last one to saythat the nuke industry should be trusted. I know fukushima is the worst nuclear accident yet, but it is still only under 1% as bad as it could be. If/When it happens there will be no more

        • Oops…continued from above.
          If/When that happens there will be no more happy talk about cold shutdown. There will be nobody allowed onsite at all because they would die quickly (not slowly which they can blame on other things). Only a Chernobyl styld suicide mission by thousands of men would prevent the rest of the pools and cores from burning then…they almost evacuated and “let ’em burn” back in March but one manager begged his staff to stay. They just barely avoided even worse releases. The big story is threefold: it can happen anywhere, it was far worse than most people know, AND it could still get MUCH worse.

          • James2

            Andrew I agree with you.

            #3 is indeed on fire just at the base of where the SFP was. The flames looked to be 60-80 feet high yesterday.

            I’ve heard people say this – “if it happens, there will be no mistaking it” but it has happened – and there is some possibility that SFP2 has collapsed also.

            Tacoma Groove says it will go up in a supercritical explosion. I don’t know. What I do know is that no one knows for sure what will happen.

            The pool that is most dangerous is the shared spent fuel pool. I suggested as soon as I saw that pool that they should be emptying it. I don’t recall exact numbers, but I think it contains more fuel than all the other pools and cores combined.

  • Dr. McCoy

    Tokyo is toast.

    Japan, cut the crap and fet your children the hell out of there. You’ve had nine months to get it together and you’ve failed miserably.

    I am not religious but Japan’s failure to take safety precautions for its little ones is truly a sin.

    The clock is ticking and you are almost out of time.

  • *On Now* Rense Radio “Jeff Rense Program” here’s the App, live feed for …

  • goathead goathead

    to be honest, if they got away with the evacuation of Tokyo already, then they aren’t going to ever evacuate it no matter how horrible the next event is! If Tokyo has to be evacuated then it would be the same for the rest of the country and I can’t see that happening somehow.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Boy we got a live one at HP Brianna Cole IN JAPAN
    ‘TEPCO has been more truthful with the Japanese people about this disaster than any American company has been in the history of America. Were things left out to reduce panic? I’m sure they were. Was anyon’es life put in danger by withholdin­g the informatio­n they did? No. “The World” as you put it was mainly feeding off of news out of America. CNN, NBC and the likes which sensationa­lized the entire event. I am proud of the way this disaster was handled as are the Japanese people on pretty much the whole. I think the “news” is less important than the “actions” being taken to fix the disaster as long as people’s lives aren’t at stake. Which they weren’t.”

    Excuse me, how can she say that when all Tepco has done IS LIE since the beginning!??! I normally don’t post many peeps from there, but this one just blows my mind.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Brianna Cole in Japan..stay right there…there are lessons to be learned from Fukushima…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    BECAUSE…it is time to “absorb in place”.

  • jec jec

    Use of concrete? Its said TEPCO/? are pumping or have pumped concrete into the reactor vessel areas…wonder if its also to stablize Reactor 4..the Leaning Tower..or LTP.

  • jec jec

    Cold Shutdown? If so, then US and Canada and Mexico plus all the Pacific Islands need to charge Japan for their garbage…which is slowing crossing the Pacific. Cold Shutdown announcement means they can send their millions/billions to clean up the debris starting to pile up on coastlines. If the debris has any radioactivity–we should request TEPCO to come get THEIR junk.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Unnamed nuclear facility….
    ‘A building housing an experimental nuclear reactor in Japan caught fire today, but there was no leak …
    Why unnamed?…yet they know it’s shut down.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      This could also be at J-PARC. The coordinates given are not for a nuclear facility, but the office where the report was made. There is more discussion on the thread: FORUM: Discussion Thread for December 13 – December 19, 2011 However we should be told where any experimental reactor is.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        4.7 National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (KEK), Japan – 98.900 Gflop/s

        “The National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (KEK) was established on April 1, 1971, as a national center of high energy physics open to users from universities and other institutions. KEK is the first of thirteen so called “Inter-University Research Institutes”, which are a new type of institutes operated under MONBUSHO (Ministry of Education, Science and Culture).

        “KEK is located at the northern boundary of Tsukuba Science City, in which about 40 research laboratories and two universities have been established, and occupies the site approximately 1 km x 2 km. KEK was originally established for the purpose of promoting experimental studies on elementary particles, and a 12 GeV proton synchrotron was constructed as the first major facility. Since its commissioning in 1976, the proton synchrotron played an important role to boost experimental activities in Japan and thus laid the foundation of the next big step in high energy physics program of KEK, i.e., a 30 GeV electron-positron colliding-beam accelerator called TRISTAN. The TRISTAN project was approved by the Government in 1981 and the accelerator complex was completed in 1986. The TRISTAN electron-positron collider is open to the international community of high energy physicists, for instance, the AMY collaboration has international participation by US, China, Korea and Philippine physicists.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          “KEK is also a key laboratory for many cooperative programs between university groups in Japan and foreign institutions. Most of them are being executed under formal arrangements or memorandum between Governments or institutions. Two major ones are the Japan-US Cooperation Program in high-energy physics and the Japan-UK Collaboration Program in neutron diffraction experiments. KEK is responsible for funding and coordination of these programs. The total number of the KEK staff members is now 627, consisting of 324 scientific researchers, 149 technical engineers and 154 administrative staff. In addition, there are 106 foreign long-term visiting scientists. …”

  • dosdos dosdos

    TEPCO and the Japanese government had better shore up unit 4 pronto, because the 89.9 MHz radio wave echo that preceded 3/11 has been bouncing again, and it looks like there will be another massive earthquake within the next two months, possibly any day now.

    • Atoms For Happiness Atoms For Happiness

      Measurements show a large amount of strain has accumulated over the entire length of the Nankai Trough.

      It is likely it will involve the Tokai, but also simultaneously rupture the Tonankai and Nankai, triggering a massive M9+ quake covering the entire length of Honshu and Kyushu, from Tokyo to Okinawa.


      Historically when Nankai ruptures, it always causes a large tsunami too, which could be up to 20metres near-shore height and onshore run-up heights of 40-50metres, i.e. significantly taller than the 2011 Tohoku tsunami.

      Nankai is on a hair trigger primed to be the next Japanese mega quake and tsunami.

      Genkai NPP still has inadequate power backup for a 15m+ tsunami that could occur simultaneously inside the relatively self-enclosed Saga Bay. The poor quality of the construction work at Genkai is legendary (kickbacks…)

      Ikata NPP is facing open water, the Pacific and Seto Inland Seas, and is also inadequately protected against even a 13m+ tsunami.

      These nuclear power plants are going to be wiped out by a 20metre tsunami, and we will have a Fukushima style meltdown-and-out replay.

      Close them all down now!

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        They need to cut the crap,shut down ALL of their NPP’s,remove all of the fuel & transfer it to more stable & secure locations which probably means out of Japan-no matter what the cost! They should waste no time playing this stupid game & swallow their FUKuD up pride and admit the true status of the radioactivity levels in the populated AND agricultural areas & offer the option to help relocate its citizens while embarking on a large scale mission to upgrade their power supply & grid to tap into the geothermal resources they’ve always had at their disposal.They’re either “doomed” or they’re not??!! If it’s too toxic for human habitat or producing its own food-then act accordingly and accept their losses & “fix” what they can or get the population the fuck out of there until they can!! Whether it’s a matter of “technology,leadership,available funding”or whatever has its thumb stuck up their Emperor and/or Prime Ministers ass!! It’s obvious our own leadership here has G.E.’s whole arm stuck up there with a fistfull of dollars to satisfy the sense of proportion neccessary in my irradiated homeland & it’ll take an even bigger FUKu UP or maybe just a country like oh,say Japan for instance to lead by example first??!! America isn’t #1 anymore and doesn’t deserve to return to its former glory as “leader of the free world” when those who govern it don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground!! Somebody,ANYBODY,take the reins on this issue & steer the rest of the stubborn asses away from where the world seems to be going!~PLEASE??!!………

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Geological changes to Honshu..including Tokai

  • The New York Times says cold shutdown is being declared over serious doubts about whether that really happened, and about what the true state of the FUKU complex.

    The Japanese government promised to bring this disaster under control by Jan. 2012. The promise has been fulfilled according to them, or has it?

    Where is the melted corium in or outside of the three melted through reactors? No one knows where the 65 tons of melted corium are in each of three reactors So how can they declare these melted through, out of control, radioactive fires are all ‘cold’?Are all the reactor cores melted through, all the way into the ground, or are they still contained in the building?

    They are also not releasing information about total radiation releases from all sources, (up the ‘vent’ stack, into the ocean, into the air, into the water, into the ground. They are releasing small dribs and draps of a little radiation here and there, but not total amounts from ALL sources, PER DAY.

    What state are ALL of the spent fuel pools in?

    Unit 4, contains 150 TONS of nuclear fuel, and it is highly radioactive. It is reactor core material. This building is shifting and leaning.

    They are trying to keep it from falling over. If it falls, due to an earthquake or just plain collapse, then we have a full reactor core of highly radioactive material completely out in the open, spilled on the ground. It may go critical right there, or it may go critical in the spent fuel pool, if water runs out due to leaks.

    An expert is saying they are pouring lots of water in, and the hope is that they cooled everything down, but no one knows for sure, because no one can get within 100 feet of the cores. No one REALLY knows where the cores are. TEPCO’S projections say that the cores are well on the way out of the basement and heading into the ground.

    So don’t book your vacation for the FUKU area anytime soon..

    Stay tuned.

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      What I find frightening and fascinating is how TEPCO openly admits not knowing where cores are, melt-downs, melt-throughs, and an inability to even approach the reactor wrecks, and the MSM is completely and utterly silent. I don’t think if they’d’ve had to “explain” the explosions way back when we would’ve heard anything about this.

      Even the limited info they’ve released should’ve been top headlines, but it clearly being buried “for the public good”.

    • Source: Transcript Summary of video above

  • jackassrig

    I just wondering maybe the corium has worked its way under the side of #4 that is leaning. #4 didn’t have fuel in the reactor but maybe the corium from #3 has worked its way toward #4. If the foundation has been weakened due to the burning of the bedrock, the building would lean to that side. Which way is the building leaning toward #3 or away from #3? Also the concrete and steel is weakening as time goes on due to radiation.

  • Clocka

    Kim Jong Il of NK is now dead.

    NK still has lots of empty land.

    Resettle the Japanese in NK after wiping out Kim Jong Il’s fat son and his cronies.

  • maaa

    Didn’t Tepco say that their temperature gauges were broken? How could they declare a cold shutdown base on faulty sensors?

    • James2

      Heck they began delivering temp and pressure data before they had power back in the facility and before they had access to the control rooms.

      We knew it was all lies back then. Of course there was never any possibility instrumentation survived the blasts, but folks kept listening to the daily temp and pressure lies anyway.

  • godzuki

    cloka – remember its the same media that tells you north korea is evil as that tells you Fukushima is safe… Ive been to North Korea (just for a few days on a controlled visit), it was very interesting, very different, very rural and very controlled. I can’t say i felt much “evilness” from the population I met. kids were kids who wanted to play, people were people who wanted to work, sleep and eat. Mind- washed yes. What country’s people aren’t? Is their leadership corrupt and wrong sometimes… yes… what countries leadership isn’t. Would I want to live there? No way! Do I think its as horrid as our media says? no. Do I think I was sheltered from some of the worse things? yes. was the poverty similar to rural china? yes. Going there opened my eyes a bit to many things…

  • godzuki

    – ha, that comment makes me sound like I love NK, I just mean keep your mind open and think for yourself, don’t just accept what your media tells you. Thats one of the common themes with us all on enenews.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Thanks for that reminder and your analysis of NK, godzuki. My understanding of MSM is that with a few exceptions throughout history, newspapers, radio, television, internet mainstream news has always been questionable, always been a mouthpiece for government or industry, always made up stories. It has never seen itself as a “truthtelling” device, but, rather as a business. In fact, until the last century, no western paper was even considered anything but opinion and fantasy – they were referred to as rags. Somehow they got an air of respectability they never deserved. Probably a good advertising agency. But, people historically read papers, as an example, to be entertained, not informed. Looking to an institution with such a long history of “journalists” making up stories in order to sell copy is like the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. There is a new animal called investigative journalism, but, it has always taken a backseat, has always been underfunded, and rarely is allowed to print. In fact, investigative jpournalism is such an exception to what passes as MSM journalism that i wonder if it shouldn’t be thought of as something entirely different than journalism.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Interesting video of TEPCO press conference concerning the methods uses to decipher water temp and levels. Wow, is all I can say.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Nice find moonshellblue.

      I notice the YT commenters are extremely skeptical of the presentation – no shill cheering section, for instance.