Nuke Experts: Fukushima plant must be entombed like Chernobyl — Reactors will remain a threat to world “for the rest of time” — “Humanly impossible” to clean up due to shockingly high radiation levels

Published: February 14th, 2017 at 12:45 pm ET


EnviroNews World News, Feb 6, 2017 (emphasis added): The astronomical readings bring major concerns to a cleanup operation already spiraling out of control — flying blindly into territory previously uncharted in the history of nuclear power…. To top it off, 530 sieverts per hour might not be the worst cleanup workers have to worry about. TEPCO also stated that surface-level radiation readings from parts inside the plant’s pressure vessels can reach “several thousand sieverts per hour,” compounding what are already seemingly unsurmountable tasks in the decommissioning process. Esteemed nuclear expert, engineer, and former reactor operator Arnie Gundersen told EnviroNews World News in an email that the position of Fairewinds, his educational non-profit, is that radiation levels are presently way to high to remove the melted fuel, and that the reactors should be entombed, like was done with Chernobyl’s sarcophagus, for at least a century before attempting dismantlement. “[These readings do] make dismantling the facility almost impossible for 100 or more years, as the exposure to workers would be too significant,” Gundersen said.

Snopes, Feb 7, 2017: In a statement they sent to us, Tepco [said] “The level of radiation discovered was higher than expected… Extra precautions have been taken to prevent leaks of radiation during the investigation.”… What that means, engineer and San Diego State business professor Dr. Murray Jennex told us, is that clean-up just became much more difficult than expected… “The structures are holding but inside where the fuel melted, it went all over the place…” Jennex, an expert on nuclear containment… surmised that Tepco would ultimately be forced to build a concrete sarcophagus around the unit like the one that encapsulates reactor no. 4 at Chernobyl. He added that they “may have to let nature take its course for a while.”

Sputnik, Feb 11, 2017: This level of radiation [at Fukushima Unit 2] is beyond extreme, even in comparison to the inside of the Chernobyl reactor, where radiation levels are ‘only’ 34 Sv/hr.

Dr. Helen Caldicott, Feb 13, 2017: … it will be almost impossible to “decommission” units 1, 2 and 3 as no human could ever be exposed to such extreme radiation; and that this fact means that Fukushima Daichi will remain a diabolical blot upon Japan and the world for the rest of time, sitting as it does on active earthquake zones… Bottom line, these reactors will never be cleaned up nor decommissioned because such a task is humanly impossible

Guardian, Feb 3, 2017: Tepco [has] yet to identify the location and condition of melted fuel in the three most seriously damaged reactors. Removing it safely represents a challenge unprecedented in the history of nuclear power.

Washington Post, Feb 8, 2017: [TEPCO] has released some jaw-dropping figures… The cleanup is taking much longer than expected… And Japan’s National Institute of Radiological Sciences said medical professionals had never even thought about encountering this level of radiation in their work. Fumiya Tanabe, a nuclear safety expert and former chief research scientist at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, said while experts expected the radiation reading inside the Daiichi reactors to be high, it was still “shocking” to learn how high it was six years on. “It will be very difficult to operate robots in there for a long time to come, and to remove the melted fuel. So the finding might greatly affect the decommissioning time schedule,” he said.

See also: “Unimaginable”: Record high radiation levels at Fukushima plant — “Gaping hole” found under containment vessel — Officials now admit: “It’s highly possible melted fuel leaked through” (VIDEO)

Published: February 14th, 2017 at 12:45 pm ET


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412 comments to Nuke Experts: Fukushima plant must be entombed like Chernobyl — Reactors will remain a threat to world “for the rest of time” — “Humanly impossible” to clean up due to shockingly high radiation levels

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Entombment like Chernobyl doesn't seem like it would prevent underground groundwater from washing core material into the Pacific, as it has been for the last six years. I don't see how they could contain that.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      the corium may not be very deep. Much may exist within the buildings. By constructing a wall 100 ft deep around the entire complex, you might/probably could stop the uncontrolled washout. Extend the wall up…a large dam, flood the whole place with water, cut it all up underwater with giant lapidary saws tipped with diamonds from the Queens jewelry collection, and you are on your way to total decommission. The trick is getting the public to fund it. Finding a company willing to get the insane profits should be easy. You can bet the TEPCO lawyers have been working the last six years to get the company off the hook so work can continue without a financial and fiduciary loss to shareholders

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        The government owns 50.1 percent of Tepco following its bailout, seen by some investors as an implicit state guarantee for the company. -CNBC
        TEPCO's annual revenues currently stand at about 400 billion yen, while reactor decommissioning alone is expected to cost some 300 billion yen per year. Nevertheless, the industry ministry believes the utility should be able to cover its obligations if it can improve its earning power through management restructuring and the restart of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant in Niigata Prefecture.
        If the situation is left as it is, the time required to decommission and dismantle the power station, which is believed to take 30 to 40 years, could be prolonged and the estimated costs of decommissioning the plant, which has already been revised upward from the initial 2 trillion yen to 8 trillion yen, could further rise. TEPCO is required to foot the costs of decommissioning the Fukushima plant, but the expenses will be passed on to consumers who pay electric power charges.

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          Yeah, HHD, Tepco just has to go.
          Nationalize Decommission.
          Army supplies labor.

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

            Nuclear: Pass the Becquerel.

          • freebywill

            I wonder what the young soldier, who joined to defend his country against foreign aggression, would think about having to risk his life to clean up a corporate mess while those responsible sit in their hot tubs sipping saki.

            While the pro-nuke crowd promotes the newkiller tech and its imaginary virtues I don't see a huge rush of them to go to Fuku and actually demonstrate by example how safe it is.

            Why isn't a pro-nuker buying up land in the Fuku exclusion area? If it's so safe to return to it could be a huge profit potential.

            The FUKU Challenge – Any pro-nuker should trade property with a FUKU resident seeking to escape. The pro-nuker would have a permanent job helping to clean up the mess. If in 20 years the pro-nuker has suffered no ill effects from living and working in rad wasteland they get to keep both properties.

            Go for it pro-nuker, move to FUKU or Chernobyl, convince your family and friends to join you, cheap land, steady jobs. If you survive we'll admit we were wrong, if not natural selection will remove you.

            • Silverlok Silverlok

              "…I wonder what the young soldier, who joined to defend his country against foreign aggression, would think about having to risk his life to clean up a corporate mess while those responsible sit in their hot tubs sipping saki…"

              Ask the sailors from the U.S.S. Ronald Regan ( aircraft carrier ), …if that is, one still can.

      • jscena jscena

        There's no way to do it really emtombing everything. How would they emtomb below if they even know where the molten core is? and it has to be done far below the place where the molten fuel is.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        entombment is possible but is the wrong word. Contain and filter is the correct concept. What is the purpose? To slow the contamination leaking into water and air. This gives time to work out a decommission strategy. The purpose is not to entomb it forever. If such a technology existed, the spent fuel storage problem would already be solved.

        It appears the aquifer is around 100 ft deep. Channels can easily be dug, filled with elastomeric material. The flow seems to be about 2.5 to 5 inches per day…thats the speed of the 'river'. This cant be difficult to stop and divert. A smaller project than the oroville dam! To put into perspective, a 380 meter drug running tunnel that ran from a restaurant in Mexico to a house in California was recently found.

        Why use concrete? What is the purpose of it? concrete makes future work more difficult, may not withstand earthquakes, and hinders upkeep. So a suitable material is volcanic ash, diatomaceous earth, charcoal, clay. This can and should fill the bay. It can be covered over with EPDM membranes to keep it from blowing and washing away. Other surface erosion methods could be used. A few meters is sufficient to filter a great proportion of any radioactive contamination.

        The Oroville dam is nearly three times as wide in one direction, twice the other and seven times taller.

        The question is not IF it can be done, but who will PAY for it

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          why do people say scooping the corium is impossible? You do this with large machines, under water. No one said you have to have men with pics and shovels. You use something like this…all corium fits into one of the shovels on the wheel

          In reality, you cut it up first. Still not a problem, we got you covered

          • "why do people say scooping the corium is impossible?"

            Well let's see here…

            Because there are NO machines built today that could even get close to it…

            The last robot sent to check the hole in the bottom of reactor 2 was reported to be disabled within 30 minuets and was no where near the actual material…


            What are you going to scoop it with? That stuff will melt (and react with) anything that gets close to it, there simply isn't a substance known to man at this time that could scoop that!!!!

            And then what are ya going to do with it???

            Einstien said "nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water"…

            The hippie says…
            That would be one hell of a ice cream scoop there code…

            …and ya gotta find a material that won't react and cause a explosion…

            Watch these kabooms from metal reactions (not a rock song I promise) 🙂


            The blobs at Fuku are thousands of degrees even under a constant stream of water and react with EVERYTHING!!!

            That's why it's currently impossible, until someone figures out a completely new technology, these monsters will be in that place producing fission reactions and poisons forever…

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              I think you are wrong on all counts Hippie. Many refractory materials can handle the heat. You cut it up and store like used fuel. Dry cask for now. You didnt look at my machine in the link. How many hundred feet do you want to be away? You can use all sorts of signals other than tiny onboard integrated circuits. Who would be so foolish? Use hydraulic actuators

              read this, then respond if you must
              A Study on the Coolability of Ex-vessel Corium by Late Top Water Flooding

              • You propose to use hydraulics?

                Let's go through this for a moment…

                First you'll have to show a material that can actually get close enough without melting or shattering from the bombardment, then what fluid will you be using to operate this hydraulic machine?

                How will you get the hydraulic fluid to the scoop, then how will you control the scoop?

                Then (of cource) you can't bring it into contact with the surface and you cant send the dry cask down to the blob and bring it back up either and the fuel has lost geometry so it's fissioning out of control and there's NO way to cool it so how will you keep the cask cool and then how will you keep the fuel blob cool enough to not get a runaway reaction like the biggest most deadly firecracker ever thought of?

                Then when you load this cask and move move it, where are you going to move it too? a dry cask? Where is it located?

                Spent fuel that is still in geometry where water flows around tubes the size of a first grade pencil have to be cooled for YEARS before they can be placed in dry cask. This stuff is a blob like chewed bubblegum still undergoing active fission with no cooling in the center and will continue to fission and produce 1000's of degrees of heat for decades to come.

                Perhaps you haven't thought this through…

                …But keep thinking, talking and learning!

                Maybe we'll find some answers to this impossible problem and save the world!!!

                Would be the greatest thing we could do…

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Hippie, Im saying use something to control the machine that doesnt die in radiation. Cables and pulleys, hydraulics, steam valves, levers and gears etc. The cutting and scooping tools can borrow from the smelting industries. But there are high strength ceramics, carbon/ceramics and so on. Some corium may be sprayed all over the insides of the containment. From steam explosions! How thick? 3/8 inch I think we calculated. Larger blobs need to be taken off in shavings so to speak. The reason for putting the filtration in place is that the decommission is not immediate. They already have five years…wait, six years of cooling. I cant say how much fission is going on but people that convened at Livermore no doubt have a very good idea. I would say they know to a high degree what is the status of each reactor, where the corium is and how radioactive and hot it is. My bet is that progress and information is controlled by financial forces, legal forces, and the iron fist of the nuclear village that wants to maintain an image of cold shutdown, 100% success and, in the case of TEPCO, continuing profits

                  • There is nothing that won't be degraded by the radiation coming off of these metallic blobs…


                    Hey code,

                    Had a moment to talk about this…

                    You are right, all the experts already know the condition and heat of these things.

                    The heat output is bad enough, but the radiation is the real obstacle…

                    Think about a material that could dig into that…

                    Go malleable (soft metal and it malts and melts, use hardened materials and it will get brittle and break and/or shatter)…

                    Remember that you are also introducing another compound into this environment and have to KNOW it will not react with it (and the coruiun reacts with everything known today that touches it).

                    So you cant operate it with cables, fluids or electronics. Anything that gets close reacts and changes the fission properties of the blob.

                    And the metals just won't survive the voyage to them (coruim blobs) with ANY remaining strength or structural integrity (broken all the way to the molecule level). ANY scoop you could think of would melt (soft metals) or shatter (hardened metals) and fall onto them and react.

                    The ONLY course of action is to try to keep the sea water (electrolytes) away by flooding the area with fresh water continually.

                    This is why no great effort was used to stop the natural fresh water from flowing through the site…

                    Could have been easily done but they didn't do it right? Why? Free added dilution of the sea water to help stop further explosions.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Just think what this Nuclear poison does to biological structures..

                      "And the metals just won't survive the voyage to them (coruim blobs) with ANY remaining strength or structural integrity (broken all the way to the molecule level)."

                    • SadieDog


                    • You know it Obewan…

                      Would be like drinking timed released battery acid that would break your dna, your death would take much more time…

                      Gama alone is the universes smallest knife cutting you so fine you don't even bleed, it cauterizes it's own cut. And cuts thousands and thousands of times a second. Add to that the chemical properties of the substances involved and you get the most deadly poisons ever though of on planet earth. The scariest movies ever dreamed up have nothing on this horror.

                      Now add sea water (electrolyte) to alkali metal and get a unthinkable explosion that produces world wide distribution…

                      AND YOU CAN'T SEAL THESE THINGS UP!!!

                      I get so tired of listening to people say this is a result of people that don't care!

                      Do you care about your kids?

                      Your grandparents?

                      The future of the world?

                      Me too and so do the folks that are working feverishly on stopping these things!!!!

                      Why don't they just simply seal it up?

                      Here's a great example of why!!!


                      Simple physics tells that tale…

                      It's not a conspiracy, it's not the lack of funds or greedy people that want everyone to die, it's the facts known from physics and years of study by thousands of caring individuals.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HDog…Im not tremendously intrigued to endlessly discuss something neither of us know anything about. My opinion is just a wee bit of brain food for the receptive.

                      I find your analysis and conclusion lacking, sorry rocker dude. The decay heat has a rather fast rate to it. 400 tons of water flows from the aquifer in and out of the plants every day. On top of that, they add cooling water. The corium is likely solid. In fact you are probably looking at some of it in the photos coming from TEPCO.

                      Even if it was freshly hot, say 1500 Deg C, refractory materials like titanium carbide can withstand it. Ice is just strong enough to erode tooth enamel, yet sea lions routinely dig access holes through antarctic ice. How do they do it? They sacrifice their teeth. This is one method of dealing with cutting heads that erode, corrode etc. Water jets, cutting slurry jets, diamond embedded cutting blades…lots of ideas to choose from.

                      As far as cable control goes, you missed the point. The cables are to control the robots or dismantling machinery. They dont go to the corium. Levers, gears, cables, hydraulics, lasers, fiber optics…anything but integrated microcircuits. Thats just crazy.

                      When someone says NOTHING can be done, I say balderdash. Nothing can affordably be done perhaps

    • All about appearance, NOTHING to do with SOLVING THE PROBLEMS.

    • Fukushima Emitting 30,000 Sv/Hr Radiation; Every Nuclear Reactor and Recycling/Production Facilities Are Venting 42,000 Curies Of Radioactive Poisonous Gases, Hot Particles, Iodine 131, And Tritium Per Year

    • Entombment is not possible there, this is not rocket science, think about these things for a moment and you'll realize why it hasn't been done…

      …and by the way it's a very scary and real emanate treat to the whole world.

      So why did the experts not demand entombment for Fukushima? Chernobyl was (supposedly) entombed within months.

      Seems strange no one is doing anything (to speak of) about this terrifying catastrophe. It's not a conspiracy to save money, it's simple engineering…

      You can't seal that area for many reasons the biggest being that they can't even find the blobs and no one would survive the dig long enough to complete it.

      Now add the fact that the ground water would wash away ANY contaminant underground before it could solidify, would release astronomical amounts of contamination while the dig was going on and then the whole area would fill up like a bathtub from the rains before you could complete it.

      Add the earthquakes that happen almost daily and the fact that no one even knows how far the corium is under the surface or how far it travels everyday and you risk a situation of making this thing a 1000 times worse than it already is by digging under these monsters…

      The math says that these blobs of molten radioactive metals are in the ground already contacting the water table…


      • Entombment is not possible at Fukuishima…

        1) The water table is very shallow there and will wash away any attempt to entomb these things…

        2) Earthquakes are happening continually there as this location is in proximity to the "ring of fire", the most earthquake prone zone on the planet!

        3) Can't start digging until the blobs are located or you risk extreme radiation levels, explosive hazards and the whole effort could (and will without doubt) add to the releases…

        What are you going to do with the radioactive mud?

        What if a earthquake happens before it's finished?

        What if a tsunami were to flood the area before the entombment was completed?

        What if the calculation on the location of the materials was miscalculated and they dug into the wrong place and drained enough electrolyte rich water away to cause a huge hydrogen explosion?

        Any one of these scenarios is a short term ELE for the entire northern hemisphere… ELE for the entire plant in a not so distant future.

        Entombment simply can't be done in any effective way at the Fukushima reactors so this idea is WAY more of a risk than any potential benefit!!!!


        If these monsters are to be stopped they will be killed with a chemical solution to stop the actual fission reactions and then dug up from the reactor buildings to eliminate the metallic and ceramic poisons from leeching into the pacific…

        That's the ONLY WAY to stop these…

      • Entombment is not possible at Fukuishima…


        So as bad as this situation is currently there is simply nothing they can do about it until someone invents a technology that simply doesn't currently exist to deal with it…

        ANY intervention (other than covering them with a glorified tent) is insane and so risky that it should not be allowed until such time as they know without doubt the actual location of the corium, get ALL the spent fuel at that location secured and have a real plan to deal with the water that's highly enriched and absolutely full of electrolytes from the sea water…

        That's how you make heavy water in the lab, it's also (electrolyte rich water) how you generate hydrogen (split water) in mass quantities with very little energy. Lots of car people making hydrogen with water for cars today using electrolytes and only 12 volts of power.

        Imagine for a moment how much energy is in 3 blobs (hundreds of tons) of melted down radioactive fuel…

        Digging around these things is a fools folly and could kill us all in short order…

        • Entombment is NOT possible at Fukuishima!!!!

          As I discussed above the elements in sea water create a dangerously explosive situation.

          I ran across this back yard video using simple table salt, although this is a VERY simple explanation I think it demonstrated the point of trying to seal the corium and the ultimate consequences of doing so…

          …so not sealing Fukushina is not a conspiracy, or ineptitude or lack of money or caring (imagine being there and having to look for a real solution to save your children and grandparents), it's the actual situation that prevents doing it.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            I think you are wrong on all counts Hippie. Under your scenario, there is nothing from keeping the place from blowing sky high right this minute, or any year since the first explosions. You may know how to play slide guitar with a bottle but your chemistry and grasp of physics is not so convincing

            • OK code but what about the 100's of tons of fresh water pumped through these things every single day?

              That is my point! They are keeping the temps down and diluting the contaminates at astronomical pressures and flows every second of every day…

              …stop the dilution and cooling and the contaminates, heavy water elements combined with the minerals in sea water (electrolytes) and heat will build up quickly and blow up just like this molten salt did.


              Very serious situation and we're all done within weeks to months if this were to happen.

              You simply can't seal these reactors up.

              I'm wrong about that? Why…

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Hippie, the pressures are not astronomical, just hydrostatic pressure. 400 tons of water leaks in per day, so your theory of steam explosion is well tested. I dont say you get rid of cooling, never said that. How long does spent fuel have to stay in water before you can move it to dry cask? Five years? Sacrificial men actually went up and took samples of the Chernobyl corium and samples were taken from 3 mile island. They handled it, and analyzed it. I dont say seal them up. My thought, humble as it is, is to create a filter. Dam the acquifer below with an elastomeric material, filter the bay, build a big pool of water extending upwards to flood a building, and cut it up. OF course its not easy, but nobody said it was going to be easy. You have to deal with the spent fuel pools. Ancient Egyptians raised immense columns and statues…surely weve come a little ways since then

                • PostHypnoticSuggestion PostHypnoticSuggestion

                  The habitable world is rapidly decreasing in size. Humans have not even mastered anti-gravity as the "Egyptians" had brought to our planet (see Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Castle or is just too disruptive to our hydrocarbon paradigm).
                  Probably the only solution for our nuclear woes will be to make the nuclear fuel inert. There must be a way to strip the offending electrons of their capacity to cause radiation. I try to think of it as a solar system with planets locked in erratic orbits. You would have to introduce another solar system with satellites, or orbital gaps, that would either strip or realign the problem orbits. That, or restructure the protons and neutrons to naturally realign the electron orbits. The formula, if it does not already exist under state secrecy, seems like it would be just as attainable as creating nuclear fuel in the first place.

                • "How long does spent fuel have to stay in water before you can move it to dry cask"

                  Fuel is typically cooled at least 5 years in the pool before transfer to cask…


                  That's a minimum estimate and we all know that's the best case minimum time quoted by the NRC…

                  Think of it this way,

                  You have hundreds of tootsie rolls ten feet long hanging from a rack, they are hot, you spray them with water, how long before they dry and cool completely…

                  Now heat em and mash (chew em) into a ball, how long will it be before they are cooled out…

                  NO comparison because they are no longer tubes and the air can't get between the original tubes, there are no tubes, it's a giant wad now.

                  Now realize that the center is making it's own heat (thousands of degrees) all by itself from a sustained reaction that will continue forever and you see the dry cask problem.

                  Ya can't cool this stuff in water because is a blob, NO water can get to the center of the corium and it makes it's own perpetual heat from the chemical and radioactive reactions…

                  AND the huge question is since you can't get near it and can't get near anything that has been close to it, where are you going to move it to?

                  Here's a basic explanation of trying to seal these things up…


                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    I think the main thing that sets us apart is that one of us is an imbecile and the other is an ignoramus.
                    The steam explosions may have splattered the corium to quite a thin layer, about 3/8 inch if it was deposited evenly in the containment sphere. Studies of corium show that it stratifies into a bubble filled metalic lower layer and loose fragments of ceramic stuff toward the upper layer, the particle size in the range between 2.6 and 4.8 mm. The corium spontaneously breaks apart into flakes and dust. They can peel away centimeter thick crust of the Chernobyl corium by daubing it with a glue tipped stick.

                    Why do people want to get close to it? This is constantly repeated. Do you scoop molten metal out of a foundry with your bare hands? One of the main things ape-man is proud of is his ability to make and implement tools.

                    The sustained reaction….actually mainly decay heat with some residual, spontaneous fission, but not chain a reaction, means the corium is hot, but cooling. They say the Chernobyl corium is nearly ambient temperature now. I didnt double check that. Chernobyl is still deadly raioactive but 1/10 what it was 30 years ago

  • razzz razzz

    A week or two after Japan's great 3/11 quake, the damage was done and the three meltdowns had left the reactor vessels and three containments were destroyed. So, what is with all the news releases near 6 years later after the main event?

    Seems like some kind of leverage to force someone's hand. These current media reports are showing nothing new after the original meltdowns and explosions. All the damage was done almost 6 years ago. Today the only thing worse that could happen is if a spent fuel pool fails at Daiichi since the ongoing release of radiation to the Pacific Ocean cannot be stopped and is taken for granted as a hopeless situation.

    What is the ploy in all the attention to Fukushima, Daiichi now?

  • hbjon hbjon

    Anything within 10 miles of the nuclear wreckage may possess hundreds or thousands of lethal doses per ounce. Logically speaking, the closer you get, the more deadly the debris is. Someone needs to stand guard forever.

  • Sol Man

    The game of charades is being played badly. There is nothing good to be found.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    It's going to sink… no need to entomb. That's the same jargon they spoke in the beginning when they said 40 years to decommission. Like the plant has slowly eroded over the past six years so will humanity over the next six. Then that chaos.

  • Magda

    Razz, releasing it now does make a kind of sense. People have had 6 years to get used to the changes in climate and the Pacific Ocean deaths as a consequence of climate change. The majority wouldn't attribute unexpected deaths or illnesses of family and friends to Fukushima. So releasing this info now on a large scale, doesn't strike the same kind of fear that it might have, had the full extent of the accident been known at the time.

    • razzz razzz

      Guess I am not diabolical enough to understand the machinations of the nuclear industry.

      Japan aka TEPCO setup the 'State Secrecy Act' as they only release information that is approved. They don't have to tell us anything and could remain quite but the latest news reports (carried by the mainstream media) seems to be some kind of positioning which I am not clear on.

      The US has a blackout going for researchers and Universities about Daiichi radiation so the US is not ready to admit the poisoning of the Pacific Ocean by Daiichi's ongoing radioactive leaks.

      Unofficial US oppression techniques of any Daiichi radiation studies or sharing of findings thus far.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Did they warn any of the population about any of this?

        No! Silence + trashed planet = mo money for the few!
        The Radioactive Ocean | Mother Jones

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        From a letter to Armstrong Economics:

        "I have just returned from visiting my friend, who is a senior cetacean biologist at one of the large west coast universities. While there, he described an amazing situation to me that has alarmed me greatly. He said that research at his university has conclusively identified the complete or almost complete collapse of several dozen food chains within the Pacific Ocean, all within the last 36 months or so. Further, in “unauthorized” exchanges with the relevant departments in other coast universities, he learned that the numbers involved may well be more like hundreds of chain collapses in the same timeframe as opposed to dozens. Finally, in talking with authoritative figures in Vancouver, they apparently believe that the figure is likely closer to 1000."

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          US Academic Conspiracy Of Silence

          "Regarding these findings about food chain collapses, mutations, and injuries, my friend’s university has instituted a policy that forbids them from publishing their findings, from discussing their findings (on this subject) publicly or in private with other researchers outside their own campus, or finally from taking “unauthorized” radiation readings as part of their research. The penalties for violating these new rules are severe: loss of tenure, civil lawsuits for violation of contract, and potentially employment termination. He showed me a memo on the subject from her own university, so there is no doubt about that in my mind. For the part about colleagues at other universities encountering the same things, I have nothing but my his word but that is good enough for me."

          Many thanks for the link, Razzz. Very illuminating discussion.

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

          Heads up, folks!

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        that Armstrong article is potentially of immense importance. The problem is there is nothing to back it up. Armstrongs reply didnt make much sense either.

        If there is a nationwide gag order at the university level, who put it in place? How come there are no whistleblowers? Where is Julian Assange? A total collapse of the ocean with a national gag order is the conspiracy of all time. Its not worth talking about, but surely Trump would have to know by now. For the Trump supporters, wheres your man? Maybe he didnt get enough tweets?

        horse walks into a bar. After the pain subsides, he orders a drink. Bartender says, whats with the long nose? Horse answers; ironic isnt it, Ive got the long nose and never tell a lie but your species with the short schnoz is the worlds biggest lying sack of manure. Why you would sell your daughter for profit and try to lie your way out of killing the planet. Not true, says the bartender. Weve never harmed anything, all of our machines are perfectly safe, we never lie, cheat or exploit and Im just breaking even with my daughter

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    That's a long wait and there is plenty of activity in the area…Maybe sink was a poor choice of words. How's about crumble? It really is just the beginning.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      more earthquakes, storms, and human failures are a certainty. If they can kind of decommission it within 50 years, they might make it. The building over unit four looks strong enough to hold up the entire reactor and spent fuel pool. Constructions of similar strength could hold the place together. Despite the major efforts so far, they seem to be pussyfooting the effort. This could be for legal, monetary reasons and also to stall for time.

      • earthsmith earthsmith

        Yes stalling for fiscal reasons and other reasons. The way it played out and what's being released now has me feeling what they knew all along is slipping away from them. I wish they could but it's them.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          you feel the Fukushima situation is getting more out of control?

          To me, it seems out of control but not more out of control…for the moment

          • earthsmith earthsmith

            I do think it is out of control. They have done some interesting triage at best….like an ice wall. The building on unit 4 is only because there was no getting around it. Try try try

            • They are basically using the play book from the 1992 German risk study of a NPP core melt down on the upper Rhine river.

              This study concluded that.

              1. Strontium-90 levels would skyrocket, and reach a peak levels around 5,000 days later. Strontium-90 levels would then stay high for around another 40,000 days + !

              We are already seeing reports of skyrocketing levels of Strontium being detected in the ground water tests, at the Fukushima Nuclear catastrophe site.

              2. Cesium-137 would reach peak levels after 10,000 days.

              Tepco has has tried to implemented the counter measures suggested in this document, at the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe site. They have not had much success so far.

              (Note: that the charts in this document are log scale.)


              If this study is correct, radioactive increases will continue long into the future!

              All the wars, and strife in the world at present is analogous to people fighting each other on a sinking boat. We urgently need the whole world to cooperate, and focus on mitigating the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe.

  • Grampy

    Back in March 17th 2011 I posted on a social media site with the idea of using one of these to tunnel under the area and use an underground nuke to implode the site.

    I'm an artist right brained guy so the technicalities of this idea were beyond me back then. It had a homeopathic quality to it and the loss of coastline or the possibility of setting off another quake did occur to me. Considering the damage since then and the poisoning of the Pacific would such an effort have been worth the risk? Would it have worked?

  • Dazy Dazy

    I had my first true dream when I was four years old. These dreams happened in the fall of 1999, a series of three prophetic dreams:

    1)A jet airplane broken on the shoreline = 9/11
    2)A flood in a bowl, higher than the house = New Orleans flood
    3)Fukushima Warning Dream

    In this dream I am more myself than I have ever been; I was a giant redheaded Native A Yellow Medicine Woman, I looked liked myself with long red hair in braids, wearing a yellow deerskin fringed dress. I traveled the earth on foot and spoke with the people, everything was in tune with nature. As I made my rounds I returned to an area on a coast. People were starting to develop technology that was not in tune with nature, I talked to the people and told them that what they were doing was wrong, they could hear me then.

    I made my rounds again, to me not a long time but to the small ones it was generations. I came back to the shore, the pollution and cities! The black smoke! I tried to talk to the people but most could not hear me. I told people who could hear me that I would be back and it must be cleaned up.

    After generations I returned, expecting things to be cleaned up, but no! I was so angry! I yelled and told the people RUN! then walked waste deep into the ocean and with my great arm created a wave and washed the shoreline clean. The people ran from the wave open mouthed, screaming. After that I found a couple of palms, plopped them in a hillside and was satisfied. Nature will return in time.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Someone piped up in todays conversations at work and said we need to get this economy going, if we don't nothing will get done.

    I replied before getting back to work, as I see it, that's the problem.

    Every day, something is done…

    Following last year's massive die-off of Alaskan seabirds, scientists still looking for answers

    As to how many died, and where, that can be hard to pinpoint, scientists say. Kathy Kuletz, a biologist with US Fish and Wildlife Service, says we still don’t have a definitive answer as to how many, but at least 30,000 dead birds were found. “Geographically and that it lasted a year, that’s unprecedented, Kuletz said. “And we still don’t have a good handle of the numbers of birds, but it’s certainly well over a hundred thousand and it could go many times that.”

    Only so many creatures and you are done…

  • butler43

    They knew within a day or two how bad things were and were going to be. Tepco is/was terrified that the populace would/will find out. People who have had their children/grandchildren poisoned are not going to be happy, in fact downright dangerous. It doesn't surprise me in the least that they are looking at this level of contamination but what does surprise me is that they're telling us. If this is out in the open, as discussed earlier, there's a monetary reason for it but that's probably not the only reason. I'm getting very cynical/paranoid in my old age and figure there's some more diabolical reason than just money. Burying the mess now won't do a bit of good. The corium(s) have most likely left the buildings anyway. The big worry is the spent fuel and I imagine this is another reason they're letting a little bit of information out. "We can't empty the spent fuel pools because of the radiation". Quite likely they don't want us to know the condition of those pools as well. How badly are we fuku'd I wonder? What a sad situation and maddening considering I have a relative in the industry that assures me they were warned at least twice about the height of the tsunami wall be too low. Diesel back up generators in the basement – brilliant idea! At the end of this I highly doubt we're even getting one bit of the truth. If we did there'd be a revolution and an outcry so loud you'd hear it all the way over here in BC.

  • Jebus Jebus

    sigh… A lake.

    Application of an ecosystem model to evaluate the importance of different processes and food web structure for transfer of 13 elements in a shallow lake

    In environmental risk assessments of nuclear waste, there is need to estimate the potential risks of a large number of radionuclides over a long time period during which the environment is likely to change. Usually concentration ratios (CRs) are used to calculate the activity concentrations in organisms. However, CRs are not available for all radionuclides and they are not easily scalable to the varying environment. Here, an ecosystem transport model of elements, which estimates concentrations in organisms using carbon flows and food transfer instead of CR is presented.

    Close, maybe someday.

    Sometimes I wonder if we will have the results before the study's are done…

  • butler43

    I haven't eaten anything out of the Pacific for years now and that now extends to anything out of any ocean. To be honest, what can we eat. The grass is irradiated so any animal that eats it is no good. No veges are any good. What does that leave us?And when exactly is the Canadian and US governments going to start checking our food???? I notice when looking at radiation maps that the radiation magically stops at the border. Looking at Bob Nichols page is just unbelievable. Counts per minute over 12,000 and those numbers are coming off the EPA's own website. They can't say they didn't tell us now can they

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      This will be a very slow type ELE event for the world at large that will take many years for most..not so for the oceans and other creatures that had no responsibility in these human matters.

      WE are seeing death patterns in a sporadic fashion within natural habitats and ecosystems and even in the human populations surprising numbers of people are leaving us.

      Where is Bobby?
      Gee, Bobby was very young.

      The pollution load from all human activity around the globe.. is accumulative.. and increasing rapidly.. which is the direct result of the economic systems embraced which based on their design are calling for massive consumption by all humans on this tiny planet's surface. 🙁

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    Toshiba facing bankruptcy, total disintegration thanks to bad bets on nuclear power
    February 14, 2017

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    Nuclear Experts: High Radiation Estimates at Fukushima No Surprise to Us
    9 hours ago

  • laconic93 laconic93

    All of a sudden Huntington Post is talking about evacuating Tokyo.

    Something they should of done 6 years ago.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    Japan’s failed nuclear reactor is still so radioactive it almost killed a robot
    February 14th, 2017 2 hours ago

  • Magda

    Obewan says: 'This will be a very slow type ELE event for the world at large that will take many years for most. '

    And that is the saving grace for the nuclear industry. Such a long latency period for radiation caused diseases and conditions. It makes it difficult to pin the blame on the nuclear industry. Science versus anecdotal information and – ta da – science wins. As it should, much of the time. But the scientific method is too slow in an emergent situation like Fukushima, where a rapid response is/was required.

    And when looking at radiation, it's too easy for science in the pay of govt's and big business to be selective in what they test for. Too easy to say 'not conclusive' and give TEPCO and JP governments an out for doing nothing.

    If only those 'experts' had taken note of what was happening and is happening to people on the ground. So many deaths and stillbirths and people dying in their sleep and people exhibiting the symptoms of acute radiation. It's there for anyone to find if they have the will to do so.

    So yes – this is the way the world ends – first with a bang then a whimper. How sad.

  • Danel Riqar Danel Riqar

    Danel Riqar

    Is everybody stupid…?

    Short of the Messiah's return, there's only one realistic way to solve this problem. Detonate a very high yield H-bomb underneath the power plant at a depth that'll create a huge and deep underground glass-lined cavern, but leave the surface intact. Then detonate more bombs at lesser incremental depths so as to cause the whole area to eventually collapse into the cavern like a giant sinkhole.

    Ocean water will immediately flood the sinkhole and stabilize the radioactive cores. Then just fill the sinkhole with sand, dirt, etc. Of course it needs to be deep enough to go significantly below the ocean floor, as in thousands of meters deep.

    Some people will think the radioactivity from the detonations would be extreme, but that's not the case. While the actual amount of fissionable material consumed in a detonation is only a small percentage of the total, the radioactivity released is also very high. But, the whole will be contained underground.

    Tepco has already released a far greater amount of radioactivity into the environment than probably the entire Nevada testing grounds received in the 20+ years of US government bomb testing.
    Maybe with cooperation of some of the developed nations, it may only take a couple years to fill the hole with dirt, but a whole lot less time than the 4 decades currently projected to dismantle Tepco and clean up the area. And the cost…….? Certainly much less. The human body count? Really?…

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Danel, what is better about your idea than just making a mountain of dirt over the place without first exploding it into the ground?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

      Japan is already liquified in many places with very many volcanoes. A hydrogen bomb would just send radioactive magma through all the volcanoes. The same for putting nuclear waste in the core of the earth.

    • Gasser Gasser

      Danel, I've purposed this "Nuke the complex" into a huge crater and cover it with an exotic cement compound idea about 3 years ago with some detail how to pull it off and got flack from posters here saying it would spread radioactive particulate matter from the implosion…but give it time as folks start (already have) dying in the streets by the thousands every day the World's leaders will go for this option as last ditch effort to save all humanity, but by then it will be to late as it is now.

      • Remember that there is a river running under there, and a nuclear explosion won't change that.

        There are also three or more molten corium blobs fissioning away. What will a nuclear explosion do to them?

        Would you rather have a concentrated ball of radiation in a few locations, or radiation spread out over a the whole world, from a nuke explosion that they cannot precisely control, and the results would be completely up to guesswork.

        What happens if the three corium balls also explode?

        Covering everything with a shell or a layer of concrete is like putting a band aid over a gaping chest wound, with a bunch of radioactive lead bullets rolling around in the chest cavity.

    • razzz razzz

      Fallacy or insanity or both.

      Thinking radioactive particle can burn up and disappear is beyond stupid.

      The last thing you want to do is atomized and scatter the melts and that is exactly what would happen if you nuked them.

      Just what you need are neutrons flying around during an atomic explosion to energize and create more radioactive elements while scattering them at the same time with the heat ball.

      Guess the spent fuel pools containing all their cesium, strontium and other radioactive poisons will disappear into thin air too during a nuke blast, genius.

      • theworldisalie theworldisalie

        I agree, bombing the site isn't an option. Unfortunately as for Atomizing and scattering radiation, they are doing that on a large industrial scale everyday all over japan.

        They are incinerating nuclear waste in for form of contaminated debris and leaf litter etc.

        It's insanity, they are liberating/aerosolizing isotopes 24/7 all over the place.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      "Is everybody stupid…?"

      Maybe not everyone, but someone probably is.

      Hey, they already tried this, a few times.

      Notice nothing really 'disappears'? The dirt it seems, needs a place to go, up and out is usually the path. This just sort of compacts it.

      You could just keep doing it, but thousands of meters down will likely take some time. Be kind of messy, disturb everything on the surface.

      25 years around mine sites tell me up and out is how you blast your way down, if you want a hole. 600 meters is the deepest I have seen.
      Dirt, is hard to move.

  • Gasser Gasser

    Fukushima, Fukushima,

    the whole day through.

Just an old bitter song,
keeps Fukushima on my mind.

    I'm saying Fukushima,

A song of you,
Comes death and fear

    As Corium's shine through the pines

    Other isotopes reach out to me,

    other radionuclides enter tenderly.

Still in nightmare dreams I see,

    the road leads back to you.

    I said Fukushima,
Ooh Daiichi,

    No peace I find
Just an old ELE song,
keeps Fukushima on my mind.

    Other enenews posters reach out to me,

    other Bloger's treat me tenderly.

Still in radioactive dreams I see,

    the road leads back to you.

    I'm singn' Fook…U…shima,

    No peace, no peace I find

Just this old pissed off song,

    Keeps Fukushima on my mind.

    I said just this old pissed off song,

    Keeps Japan's contamination on my mind


  • jscena jscena

    Sarcophagus should be used, but there's no way to do it really emtombing everything. Differently from Chernobyl, in Fukushima below the reactor is not rock. There are several acuifers flowing water through the ocean and inside Japan too. How would they emtomb below if they even know where the molten core is? and it has to be done far below the place where the molten fuel is.

  • rogerthat


    Agency to probe reasons behind underpricing of Fukushima items
    By NORIYOSHI OHTSUKI/ Senior Staff Writer
    February 15, 2017

    Prices of agricultural products and foodstuffs from Fukushima Prefecture declined after the nuclear plant accident in March 2011, and almost six years later, have yet to recover to pre-disaster levels.

    Now the government is seeking to ascertain why these items are still being sold at lower prices, suspecting that wholesalers are deliberately underpricing products being shipped from the prefecture.

    The Reconstruction Agency will survey wholesalers’ purchase prices of Fukushima-made food products, according to sources.

    The agency believes crops and other items grown in the prefecture are being undersold because of the negative effects of groundless rumors stemming from the accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. The latest decision is aimed at preventing the spread of those rumors. …

  • rogerthat

    High radiation readings at Fukushima’s No. 2 reactor complicate robot-based probe
    FEB 10, 2017

    The high radiation estimates in the No. 2 reactor of the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant will probably force a rethink of the nationalized utility’s robot-based strategy for locating its molten fuel.

    According to an analysis of Thursday’s abbreviated probe, the radiation in the primary containment vessel is about 650 sieverts per hour, more than the 530 sieverts estimated late last month, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holding Inc. said.

    That level could kill a person quickly and indicates the fuel likely burned through the pressure vessel during the meltdown and is somewhere nearby.

    Tepco, as the utility is known, halted Thursday’s robot after its camera went dark. The company suspects the problem was caused by the radiation.

    A number of government officials had questioned the 530-sievert reading because it was calculated from camera interference, rather than measured by a dosimeter. Given the unorthodox method, some were reluctant to release the figure.

    But Thursday’s analysis, also calculated via video footage, reinforced the experts’ findings, making it likely the radiation in that particular spot, near the pressure vessel, is high despite the considerable 30 percent margin of error. …

    • rogerthat

      “I had hoped that the previous results were wrong, but it is certain that there is an area with high radiation levels inside the reactor,” a government source said.

      A Tepco official said a reading of 500 to 600 sieverts should be “basically correct,” especially given that the camera, which was designed for 1,000 sieverts of cumulative exposure, broke down within two hours.

      On Thursday, the robot was equipped with a high-pressure water pump to wash off deposits up to 2 cm thick suspected to be the melted remains of paint and cable insulation from a 7-meter rail leading to an area beneath the pressure vessel, which holds the core.

      Tepco hopes to send another robot along the rail to survey the bottom of the pressure vessel later this month.

      A previous attempt on Tuesday to clear the rail was suspended because of a water pump malfunction.

      The deposits cover 5 meters of the rail. The robot was able to clean about a meter of it close to the exterior of the primary containment vessel but it could not do any more because the deposits were too tough to remove, Tepco said.

      If the deposits aren’t cleared, they might prevent the robot from getting beneath the pressure vessel, it said. …

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm at bit grouchy today.. so it's probably a false sensation of being thwarted.. although ..I've had the sensation before…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I don't TEPCO would go through all this if something isn't going on..
    Weak excuses.. like.. "If we can get the crud off the grate, we might not be able to remove the cerium" , as if there is a technology available to do so.

    Is the mass too far to be reached by boron injections?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Typo.. I don't "think"…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS. The biosphere can not afford our concerns about being considered conspiratorial.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS. What good does it do to add more weight to a geological situation that already shows signs of subsidence?
    What does a sarcophagus do if the majority of the release entered/enters the sea?

    I don't see how this 'solve' crosses his lips.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      It's just something about the brevity of his statement…that gets to me.
      Build a sarcophagus.. without mentioning the extreme dangers and difficulties.
      And wait a hundred years.
      No one gets to wait a hundred years.. no, it would be our children's children waiting and burdened.

      We flatter ourselves to think that after 6 years the governments of the world…so many complicit in the cover up are even willing to give it, the old 'college try' if there was a feasible plan.
      Just some EXPENSE robotics for a peeky-poo.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Fukushima Sarcophagus was suggested here on ENEnews very early on.
    If reactor buildings are too radioactive for workers, back away100' and build a Sarcophagus over Units1-4.
    No money wasted building robots.
    No new technologies needed.

    The aquifer extends 100' below grade.
    Make the Sarcophagus Foundation 100' deep.

    Borated grout for most radioactive areas: reactors, containments, torus, sfp.

    Locate and map corium.

    At 100' level, bore horizontal holes under units1-4, and fill with concrete.
    Becomes floor of Sarcophagus.
    Structure too heavy for mudrock?
    Buttress foundation and walls.
    Earthquake damages concrete?
    Cover sarcophagus with a think membrane roof.

    I suspect that Japan will arrive at the sarcophagus solution eventually, anyway.
    Up to now, any mention of "sarcophagus" brings strong condemnation.
    But, in the end, a sarcophagus must be built there.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Reposted from 2012:

    JUNE 8, 2012 AT 2:08 PM
    "[Sumio] Mabuchi, former minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism stated he suggested building sarcophagus for reactor 4.". Big 🙂

    "Sumio Mabuchi deserves our heartfelt thanks for having the courage to suggest a sarcophagus. At least he is talking about building a sarcophagus.

    "Having said this, come on, planet Earth! We need to think BIG about Fuku! After all, Fuku has (and is) dosing every one of us, and will dose our children's children, with deadly cancer-causing radioisotopes. This has been going on for over a year now, without any attempt to slow or stop the radiation pouring out of that pile of nuclear rubble at Fukushima.

    "Thinking BIG means building a BIG concrete sarcophagus around destroyed Buildings1,2,3,&4. To anchor it, we will need to build a foundation 100' thick and 100' deep into the bedrock. We have to build a sarcophagus about 300' tall. Since a sarcophagus is too expensive for poor old TEPCO to pay for, we need Japan to nationalize TEPCO right now, and spend whatever is necessary to build the sarcophagus. If TEPCO and Japan continue to refuse to do what is necessary to meet the ongoing Fuku disaster by building a sarcophagus around Buildings1,2,3,&4, then we call on all of Planet Earth to mount an international effort to take over the Fuku mess and build the sarcophagus. Let's get going on this, people of Earth. Our future depends on this."

  • SadieDog

    China issues warning over Fukushima radiation – "An update of an old issue in Japan has sent ripples across the East China Sea to shake China. After the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced its latest analysis of the inside of its crippled nuclear plant in Fukushima that showed the radiation level there has seemingly risen from 73 sieverts per hour to 530 – a potentially lethal dose – the news has been traveling fast on the Chinese Internet.

    Last Sunday, the Chinese Embassy in Japan issued a safety warning in reaction to this announcement, telling Chinese citizens to manage their travel plans to avoid potential radiation risks that may come if nuclear material leaks out into the surrounding environment. The warning caused even more discussion and when rumors started spreading, many Chinese became worried, some even canceling their trips to Japan. "

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    On to Unit 1..

    Pmorph Robot Prepares For Fukushima Unit 1 Entry
    Feb 15 2017

  • Sol Man

    Correction: ALL of the world's reactors remain a threat to the entire planet's life force for the rest of time.

    And, somebody is making money out of the deal.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog
    Particulate organic matter in rivers of Fukushima: An unexpected carrier phase for radiocesiums

    …1) Radiocesiums may have been absorbed into organic components at the early stage of atmospheric radioactive deposits and/or later due to biomass recycling and 2) Those elements would be partly carried by glassy hot particles together with organic matter transported by rivers in Fukushima. Both hypotheses would lead to conserve the amount of radiocesiums associated with particles during their transfers from the contaminated areas to the marine environment. Finally, such organically bound radiocesium would lead to significant deliveries of bioavailable radiocesium for living organisms at Fukushima.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog
    Fukushima radiation detected off US and Canadian shores again

    …Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution said on Thursday recent tests of Pacific Ocean water revealed that the Fukushima nuclear power plant continues contamination of the ocean with radioactive isotopes.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "it will be almost impossible to “decommission” units 1, 2 and 3 as no human could ever be exposed to such extreme radiation;"

    Decommissioning refers to a controlled shut down, that cannot happen to any of the units, 1 thru 4. Having the buildings explode and or burn down is not considered a controlled shut down. Having the fuel go ex-containment is not considered a controlled shut down which the word 'decommission' implies.

  • hbjon hbjon

    It is interesting to know what it is about radiation that has everybody so "up in arms" about the Fukushima disaster. Is it gamma, beta, or alpha radiation? What is worse?

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    I predict that after they fully realize that digging up the corium with picks and shovels isnt going to work, they will try larger machinery

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    The mood was serious at the TEPCO board meeting as they waited for the results of the latest robot findings from reactor #2. They discussed what they would likely find.

    Knowing that corium could emit 5 billion Sv/hr ,Professor Hirohito quietly told the members what to expect. "vanilla ice cream, we expect a large amount of vanilla ice cream under the reactor where the melted fuel is." Another board member spoke up. "with all due respect, I believe we will find sake, two or three cubic meters of sake"

    Lady Barbara Judge was of course attending. She said since implementing 'safety culture' at TEPCO, they could expect jello, and she had brought party hats.

    Finally the research team came in. "we found 530 sieverts per hour" A deafening silence struck the room. The president spoke "you mean…the closer you get to the corium, the higher the radiation? No Ice cream, no sake, no jello? This is worse than we feared" The news spread like wildfire. "radiation readings skyrocket as robots die in melted down nuclear reactors!" the headlines screamed. People were in a panic. China even cautioned its citizens…there may be high level of radiation in the melted reactors, take care when visiting. Still, there is no explanation why the radiation readings would be so high, even though very much less than expected at the corium. But the seriousness of the situation is finally getting out, even as far as the united nations. No sake, no ice cream, no jello.

  • Gasser Gasser

    The Coasters "Searchin"

    Gotta go here first for the reading rhythm


    Yeah, they ain't been searchin'


    Oh, yeah, searchin' every which a-way

    Yeah, yeah

Oh, yeah, searching
How come TEPCO's not searchin'

    Searchin' every which a-way

    Yeah, yeah

Be like like the Northwest Mounties
You know the'll find them Corium's today

    (Gotta find it)

    (Gotta find it)

    Well, now, if TEPCO has to swim a Tritium river

    You know they won't

    And a if they have to climb in a Reactor vessel 

    You know they won't

And a if its a hiding down
    Under a Cobalt blue glowing hill

    Were gonna find it folks
You know we will
'Cause we've been searchin'

    Oh, yeah, searchin'

    My goodness, Corium searchin' every which an-enenews way

Yeah, yeah

And were like the Northwest Mounties
You know we'll find that damn Corium someday

(Gonna find it)

    (Gonna find it)

    Well, Stocks tipping it home

    And PhilipUpNorth got the fix

    Mija, Dr. Goodheart.
    and or-well's got some tricks

    No matter where it's hidden'

    It's gonna see us a com in'

Gonna Blog right down Cyber street
Like Bulldog Blanchard

'Cause we've been searchin'

    Oooh, Lord, searchin', my folks

Searchin' every which a-truth way

    Yeah, yeah

And like the Northwest Mounties

    You know will find it some day

    (Gonna find it)
(Gonna find…

      • Gasser Gasser

        @ Hotaters

        She wears a dosimeter that shows Becquerel's high,
        O Maggie, come along and spend some time,
        O Maggie, come along and spend some enenews time, with me

        I like Sue, she's glowin' Cobalt blue bright,
        I'm gonna see my Maggie's dosimeter tonight,
        O Maggie, come along and spend some time,
        O Maggie, don't die, spend some time, with me

        I like Sue, but Rose's thyroid is better,
        I'm gonna write dying Maggie a letter,
        O Maggie, come along and spend some time,
        O Maggie, come along and die with me

        I like Sue, she's gone to my Fukushima head,
        I like Maggie 'cause she's rad hot better in bed,
        O Maggie, come along and spend some time,
        O Maggie, come along and spend some ELE time, with me

        Oh Maggie, come along and live the Radioactive times,
        Oh Maggie, come along and watch the Nuclear crimes,
        Oh Maggie, come along and spend your last Earth time with me

    • "How come TEPCO's not searchin"

      That's a easy one, they already kinda know but can't get near it…

      Simple math…

      Why no entombment? Simple, it can't be done…

      Why is the Japanese government going to continue to control Tepco? Cause they are broker than Fukushima…

      Here's a the new catch phrase for the 21st century "broker than Fuku"…

      It don't get worse that that…

      Yeeeeee ha….

  • Dodged the fatal bullet, yet grazed at the knee.

    Bleeding out now…

    When the decision is given that its dead we bury it.

    I ask myself whats the holdup-

    • "I ask myself whats the holdup"

      Can you say "seal it up and get a massive hydrogen explosion" that rockets the entire site into the air and kills us all with airborne rad particles? Like someone shot it out of a cannon, in this case a hole in the ground?

      I knew ya could…

      Tons of materials? Blasted into the air?? All at once from the combination of radioactive energy and sea (electrolyte rich) water???

      Tape your windows and stay inside for a month? Won't help…

      Raise food in your basement?? Won't help…

      Dig a hole under Fukushima? Not only would it not help, refer to the comments above and keep that crap below until someone invents a way to stop the fission.

      It's undergoing fission right now and will continue forever until someone finds a (chemical or electromagnetic) way to stop it.

      Cold shutdown??? NOPE, Elvis just left the building(s)….


  • Jebus Jebus

    Seems the system doesn't like discussions of Fukushima, claiming that if a reactor is proven to be breached, a new emergency starts.

    What page are we on?

    Oroville, the three mile island of dam breaches…

    No wait, above it says Global Catastrophe. hmmm…

    It's just water.

    Iodine 131 just reported by European Agency. Incident happened in January 2017!

    As usual, we are warned after the fact.
    And of course, the IRSN will carefully avoid telling us who is responsible for this pollution.
    Iodine-131, a radionuclide of artificial origin, was detected in January 2017 as traces in air at ground level in Europe. The first report refers to a detection carried out during the second week of January in the extreme north of Norway. Other detections of iodine-131 have been observed since in Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain until the end of January.
    Iodine-131 is a radionuclide with a short radioactive period (8.04 days). The detection of this short-lived radionuclide shows a relatively recent release.

    Report in French;

    It's just eight days, times ten, maybe, study's suggest.

    I see said the blind man peering around his giant thyroid…

    Arclight? is that you?

  • I still don't think a sarcophagus would work, though I wouldn't say don't try it..
    Sitting on the tip-top of an island nation, with different seas, and different sea-tides swirling around it, at below sea level, is Fukushima Daiini (at least what's left of four of these nuke=holes.) Highly radioactive water runs down from the radioactive (suicide) forest, through the radioactive campus, into what is fast becoming a highly radioactive ocean (Pacific.) Oh, but it does not stay there. The Sea of Japan holds onto and spins around, in its interesting tides, more of these isotopes, and they then deposit what there is back onto the shores of Daiichi……., where reactors 5 and 6 *which also went without POWER to COOL their pools,and must have EXPLODED or Melted-Down, and are still doing so… and the process begins anew.
    It is the fukushima death cycle.
    The food-chain and the life-cycle may be broken and dead, like the Pacific, but the Fukushima Death Cycle has only just begun.
    It will be forever.

    • Silverlok Silverlok

      " I still don't think a sarcophagus would work, though I wouldn't say don't try it.."

      3 powdered and blew radioactive submicron stuff everywhere, 4 (pool) burned and popped , blowing radioactive submicron stuff everywhere, 1 and 2 were more mundane meltdowns and only partially blew radioactive submicron stuff everywhere…


      Tepcrapco, and buddies, said , within the first 24 hours, this thing is already massively tits up and radioactive shit is everywhere for the foreseeable forever, so let's look at how we 'data manage' this so that share holders earn dividends again in five years when the human cattle have forgotten this and are invisibly dying from it in large numbers while simultaneously paying for it as a tax burden….
      so …no talk of expensive rapid response entombment, or any other remediation…remember disillusion is the solution, and we will leave the reduced tax based from dead citizens due to radiation for the next generation so they have to make the same decisions we have …lol,

      When they should (have been since day one )be flowing lead/borium solution into melt cooling water, not perfect or permanent , but it buys time and localizes problems…if not well, dilution certainly makes us all understand socialism on a global scale

      • But you can't put lead there due to the reactions of water splitting!!!! Remember Chernobyl was NEVER cooled with water!!!! It was in a dry location so they dug under (at the cost of MANY lives) and tried to seal it…

        NO water was used to cool the blob, and that was only one with NO fuel pools or spent fuel onsite.

        The lead caries the poisons and caused other problems as it became a radioactive gas. These things are well documented.

        Why did they cool Fuku with water? It was already in contact with water so cooling these blobs with massive amounts of water kept the reactions cool enough to prevent the water splitting into hydrogen and oxygen and causing further MASSIVE explosions that would waft unsurvivable amounts of particles into the air.

        This is why they continue to cool these blobs at Fuku with water while Chernobyl was NEVER cooled with water like this.

        It's simply a completely different situation because of the sea water!!!!

        The minerals in seawater (electrolytes) make it so easy to split into hy and o2 you can do it with a car battery!!! Not to mention all the heavy water H3 that is in that location as we speak and has been created every day since this disaster started. Dilution is and was the ONLY way to stop a buildup to explosive levels.

        Don't let anyone fool you with double talk on that fact.

        All it takes is a Big Boom from that (original explosions would be nothing compared to that) and we are all dead or dying in short order..

        • If you drop lead on that place it would be like plugging the hole in the top of a pressure cooker then placing it on your stove on high and walking away…


          Think about all the tanks, why do that? Simple!!! Capture and transport it (the heavy water) away before it builds up to explosive levels around the active reactions? You bet ya!!! Any first year physics student should be able to figure that one out right?

          If Tepco and other folks involved would just be honest, maybe we could find someone to figure out how to stop the fissioning and dig this crap up…

          But it seems to be all half information/misinformation instead and while that may keep the peace and lower accountability, it does nothing to help end this ongoing situation.

          1000's of never before seen man made elements are created every second of every day (getting new official names daily)…

          All we hear about or hear testing about are cesium, strontium and iodine…

          This secrecy MUST change if we are ever to stop this slow poisoning of our world.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Japan's nuclear watchdog slams TEPCO for inaccurate information ahead of reactors' restart – 02-16-2017

    TOKYO, Feb. 15 (Xinhua) — Japan's nuclear watchdog blasted Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) for providing an extensive amount of inaccurate information related to plans to restart two of its nuclear reactors in Niigata Prefecture, local media reported Wednesday.

    The information was about buildings at TEPCO's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant in Niigata.

    The buildings were to be used as headquarters in the case of an emergency.

    Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) heard from TEPCO officials that one of the buildings failed to meet the regulator's earthquake resistance standards in all 7 tests required to be passed by the NRA.

    TEPCO was the embattled owner and operator of the Daiichi facility in Fukushima Prefecture at the time of the worst commercial nuclear disaster in history there in 2011, and one which has yet to be fully brought under control.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Only 40-200 years till they can "fix" fukushima.

    What could go wrong?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Latest probe of reactor 2 fails after Fukushima robot blocked by obstacles
    Feb 16 2017

    "Challenges dogged the latest attempt from the start. There was little clear surface for the robot to move around, and the radiation could kill the unit as with the preliminary surveys."

  • nirakenna

    More info on nukes. with access to Shannon's book — Radiation Protective Foods. A must read for all.

  • PostHypnoticSuggestion PostHypnoticSuggestion

    A comprehensive list of known mass animal die-offs since 2011:

  • OT: Oroville, CA Dam failure and evacuation underway.

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