Nuclear-friendly Magazine: Fukushima melted fuel is glowing, could still be ‘lava-like’ — Only vaguest idea of where corium is — Pouring concrete in structure being discussed — They may not be able to decommission plant, but have to give it a try

Published: March 6th, 2014 at 9:08 pm ET


IEEE Spectrum (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), Eliza Strickland, Feb 28, 2014:

  • [Japan’s nuclear experts] have only the vaguest idea of where the melted fuel ended up
  • Damaged reactor cores continue to glow with infernal heat
  • Containment vessels are riddled with holes
  • Reactors are kept in check only by ceaseless vigilance
  • To placate the furious Japanese public, [TEPCO must] remove every trace of the facility
  • TEPCO officials have admitted frankly that they don’t yet know how to accomplish the tasks
  • “At Fukushima you have wrecked infrastructure, three melted cores, and you have some core on the floor, ex-vessel,” [TEPCO adviser Lake] Barrett says
  • Nothing like Fukushima, [Barrett] declares, has ever happened before
  • There is no guarantee that this epic project can be accomplished — But faced with the wrath of the Japanese people, TEPCO has no choice but to try
  • Explosions […] sprayed radioactive materials throughout the buildings
  • Many of the leaks are thought to be in the suppression chambers, doughnut-shaped structures that ring the containment vessel
  • Rooms that surround them are now filled with water […] no easy way to spot the ruptures
  • TEPCO may [end up] pouring concrete into the suppression chamber
  • As long as that melted fuel glows inside reactors 1, 2, and 3, Fukushima Daiichi will remain Japan’s ongoing nightmare
  • Melted fuel may also have a lavalike consistency, with a hard crust on top but softer materials inside

In another article for IEEE Spectrum, the author of the report highlighted above wrote, “The calamity will undoubtedly improve nuclear plant design. True, the antinuclear forces will find plenty in the Fukushima saga to bolster their arguments.”

Also, IEEE appears on a Tepco document revealing a select group of entities that are “working together” with Tepco to “disseminate” Fukushima-related information.

See also: [intlink id=”npr-and-california-department-of-public-health-appear-on-document-with-nuclear-related-u-s-entities-that-are-working-together-with-tepco-to-disseminate-fukushima-r” type=”post”]NPR and California Department of Public Health appear on document with nuclear-related U.S. entities ‘working together’ with Tepco to ‘disseminate’ Fukushima-related information[/intlink]

Published: March 6th, 2014 at 9:08 pm ET


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84 comments to Nuclear-friendly Magazine: Fukushima melted fuel is glowing, could still be ‘lava-like’ — Only vaguest idea of where corium is — Pouring concrete in structure being discussed — They may not be able to decommission plant, but have to give it a try

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    Let me begin:

    Die Herstellung von Tod.
    The manufacturing of Death.

  • We Not They Finally

    So this says what? That TEPCO really screwed up, but NPP's can still be wonderful? Like TEPCO-scapegoat but us-innocent?

    I find that outlandishly disgusting. BUT…. That said, for a pro-nuke mag, this is actually scathing! And for them to start turning on each other, may actually turn out to be a good thing. They've all but called Fukushima a massive permanent catastrophe. And that needs to be publicized, whatever the source. Or maybe ESPECIALLY from a pro-nuke source.

  • StevenStarr

    Like they said a couple years ago, all the reactors are in Cold Shutdown.

  • Jebus Jebus

    As we read from the nuclear friendly…

    My brain screams at the limits of the lie.

    The utter hopelessness of the reassurances.

    The sinister smile, the hollow knowledge.

    My heart sinks from the weight of the crime.

    Fukushima Fallout: Japanese Scientists Develop World's First Radiation Baby Scanner

    "We are happy to report that radiocesium was not detected in any of the 100 subjects," said a research paper about the new machine.

    See the limits yet? Read the paper…

    BABYSCAN, a whole body counter for small children with a detection limit for 137 Cs of better than 50 Bq/body, was developed, and the fi rst unit has been installed at a hospital in Fukushima, to help families with small children who are very much concerned about internal exposures. The design principles, implementation details and the initial operating experience are described.

    From the beginning, it was recognized that the BABYSCAN's design must be reassuring to parents, and that in addition to being a measurement device, it would be expected to play an important role as a communication tool to facilitate interactions between medical staff and residents.

    Gamma only, Caesium only. See the limits yet?

    • razzz razzz

      Steven Starr points out that Professor Yuri L. Bandazhevsky M.D discovered radioactive cesium concentrates in various areas of a body and does not spread out equally in human tissue. This is now the accepted basis esp. when deriving Sieverts calculations (unit of equivalent absorbed radiation dose) that cesium spread evenly throughout the body.

      Bandazhevsky M.D. was jailed for going against Russian protocol and reporting Chernobyl fallout dangers, contrary to what the Russians wanted to project, finally found asylum in Euroland.
      "…Caesium-137 levels in children's organs were examined at autopsy. The highest accumulation of Cs-137 was found in the endocrine glands, in particular the thyroid, the adrenals and the pancreas. High levels were also found in the heart, the thymus and the spleen…"

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        There are your varied cancers, diabetes and lymphomas etc. etc. all wrapped up in a nice little bow… 🙁

  • mayibfrank

    So what is this cluster fuck of the radiation scientists. WHO has put wireless technology, cell phones etc. in the same category as tobacco for non-ionizing radiation (land of IEEE). If WHO had a voice on nuclear maters it would be the same. So what are they going to bat for nuclear as they are batting zero at this point.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Oh there's more…
    If the children in Cali have shown statistically that their thyroids were affected, then what does one think about the children of Fukushima?

    Changes in confirmed plus borderline cases of congenital hypothyroidism in California as a function of environmental fallout from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown

    Radiation exposure has been linked to increased risk of congenital hypothyroidism (CH) for decades. CH is a relatively uncommon condition, occurring in about 1 of 2000 US births. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) levels for each child born in California permitted an analysis of combined confirmed and borderline CH cases. Borderline/confirmed CH cases are more than seven times greater than just confirmed cases. Airborne levels of gross beta nuclear radiation in the US were elevated in the period starting several days after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, especially in west coast states like California. The borderline/confirmed CH rate for newborns during the last 9.5 months in 2011 (exposed to Fukushima in utero) vs. births during other periods in 2011 and 2012 (not exposed) was significantly elevated, suggesting that adverse health effects to the newborn thyroid were not restricted to just a small number of confirmed CH cases. The sensitivity of the fetus to radiation exposure, plus the presence of thyroid-seeking radioiodine, suggest further analysis of Fukushima’s potential to cause adverse health effects in newborns is needed.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Gamma only? Casium only? The crime is mind boggling.

    • American Phoenix57

      Jebus here is the original article on MotherBoard. More pictures.

      Propaganda piece but at least it highlights a positive technology that can help save some lives. I wonder if they have one for the children of WIPP employess?

      • Jebus Jebus

        A positive technology in caring hands that is limited in scope.

        A detrimental manipulated technology in uncaring hands that supports the nuclear lie by isolating one aspect of nuclear fallout and radionuclide exposure…

        From the PDF above…

        Canberra Industries, Inc., 800 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT 06450, U.S.A.

        They all build the machines and fuel that creates the tragedy and then create the machines to support the lie all the while making a fast buck…

        • We Not They Finally

          Why do they bother what is gold power and control mean to a human that is so dead that life has ceased completely and the corpse or soon to be one struggles to make more Gold for what???? These beings are truly zombies from hell….

          • atomicistheword

            My friend you left out creating a big giant sulphur Lake, what was called the Pacific ocean. We need to stop the insanity of power and warfare and shift the resources to clean energy and mitigating the mess.

            You came into the world with nothing and you leave the same way. What utter futility is gathering the wealth of the world?

            Man made radiation and AIDS sees no gender or social status. Utter futility!

            Mutant plagues are developing from atomic radiation DNA mutation. Eat well, eat natural/nature food.

    • Socrates


      Mangano and Sherman nailed this. The fetus relies on his mother's thyroid for brain development but then needs to switch to his own. The problem is that the iodine 131 has destroyed his thyroid, if he was in an Iodine 131 plume at that critical time as many were in Fukushima and in North America. If the hypothyroid condition can be diagnosed, the fetus can be treated. If not, learning, behavioral problems, and cretinism result.

      Honesty from the EPA and health authorities could have mitigated these problems. Thyroid problems have skyrocketed but are being blamed on other causes. Thyroid prescriptions have increased, too, since 2011. Coincidence?

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        Of course, there are no co-incidences in this radiation field – only unconnected dots of information and data with the observational.

        In the absence of the connection, the polyanna principle simply fills in the void (present company excepted).

        • atomic_jihad atomic_jihad

          The dogs have it.

          • Gasser Gasser

            Diggin' up lies, exposing Cesium bones, pissin' on TepCo's legs and biting the bribed hands of the NRC, IAEA and IEEE…BARK, BARK GROWL HOWLing for more of the pack to come gang up on these lying none humans to chew off some stinkin’ lying asses…the dog’s are pissed off.

      • US Thyroid Medication Prescriptions Rise From 54 – 104 Million in 4 Years – WHY?; via @AGreenRoad

      • RonM RonM

        But if the mother smiles than the radioactivity won't effect her and if the fetus is happy and smiling the radioactivity won't effect it's development!

        All you have to do is smile!


        Smiling is a great way to avoid a sunburn and if you smile when you get X-Rays you don't have to worry about the X-rays either.


        Too bad all the fishes and walruses and polar bears and birds and other wildlife don't understand the smiling defense cause even if all of us humans smile away the effects of the Radioactivity, how will we survive when the ecosystem collapses?

        Then as soon as one of us stops smiling UH OH look out an instant reversal of the smiling antidote effect and all the Radiation takes effect and kills you 🙁

        I wish I didn't have to smile all the time it's kind of psychologically torturous to be smiling all the time while all these terrible things are happening to our planet but unfortunately it's the only way to survive!

        So smile everybody!


        • Jebus Jebus

          I went skydiving.

          I was smiling all the way up.

          I could not wait to jump.

          I turned and smiled at the pilot as I jumped.

          He smiled back. He said something to me.

          I wondered, ya, he said good luck, I smiled.

          It was exhilarating, I had a grin from ear to ear.

          I was flying, not a care in the world. I laughed.

          Then I chuckled as I remembered.

          I forgot my parachute.

          I laughed at mt stupidity…

    • mairs mairs

      I had hypothyroidism as a child, and my mother had hyperthyroidism from thyroid cancer a few years after watching a nuclear test in Nevada. Her doctors did attribute it to that. That was before the clampdown on blaming nuclear.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      "If the children in Cali have shown statistically that their thyroids were affected, then what does one think about the children of Fukushima?"

      What this means is that instead of the "for every three people that die in Japan ones dies from cancer" or which is actually in simple math a current Japanese population of 127,000,000 that 31,750,000 will die directly from cancer in their lifetimes. These are millions!!!


      It will be for every 4 people that die in Japan 2 or 3 will die directly from cancers.. 🙁 or which will mean 63,500,000+ Japanese citizens people will die directly from cancer or from the various complications thereof.. 🙁 This does not include the other millions living downwind and not counted!! 🙁

      After 1945 it has been thoroughly proven that Hormesis is a myth, just like so many others now flowing through our brains and Hormesis does not occur with continued exposures to Nuclear Radiation Contaminations! 🙁 If it did occur then Japan would not have the current 1.36 replacement birth rate. 🙁

      What does occur instead of Hormesis is varied rampant wild type cellular mutations that have no possible genetic research application long term solutions.. 🙁

      1 in 60 births are now Autistic and the numbers are climbing daily/rapidly and we are in the process of "Killing Our Own", go ahead and google it.. 🙁

  • TruthSeeker TruthSeeker

    "The antinuclear forces will find plenty in the Fukushima saga to bolster their arguments.” – Ya think, Grasshopper! — Chez, these nuke proponents and non thinking world governments are well beyond late stage rapid crazy!

  • Archie

    In spite of Fukushima, WIPP, Hanford, and every other insane nuclear-related disaster they still want to build two more power plants in the U.S.


    • We Not They Finally

      Yes and that is usually considered lost in greed and foolish beyond belief. If you think anyone will be saved from this total disaster you are as crazy as those people who deny what they have done just like WIPP. Counting bodies will just be useless.It is population zero literally…

  • Socrates

    After BP we had "Drill, Baby, drill!"

    After Fukushima we have, "Nuclear Renaissance. …"

    How about an Enlightenment? An Awakening? An increase in consciousness?

    Nope! Just fracking and tar sands on top.of deepsea drilling and reactors that can meltdown. No plan for nuclear waste. Soon they are fracking right into the nuclear dumps!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      WIPP … maybe they've aleady racked into the nuclear dump, Socrates.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        fracked into the nuclear dump.

        And Bayou Corne sinkhole was caused by what?

        EPA does not regulate the dumping of radioactive wastes into salt caves. See Enenews articles re: Bayou Corne sinkhole.

  • TruthSeeker TruthSeeker

    How did the inmates of the Insane asylum get in charge?

    • atomicistheword

      1.The war against terrorism that never was.
      2. Governments allowing lawlessness paper trading.
      3. Fear of economic loss.
      4. Fear of unemployment.
      5. Corruption in government.
      7. Controlled media.
      8. Genetically modified trans-human food replacement.


    • We are all inmates of a gigantic insane asylum. An abandoned insane asylum, it seems. The question is: when did the last nurse, psychiatrist, doctor, janitor, manager leave the site ? We must all have missed it, being completely focused on the never-ending rat race…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    And no clue what to do.

    No can fix.

    • GQR2

      you really do nail it everytime TBP just want to thank you. i have been reading your short statements for awhile now,not as long as some and just want to thank you. i read every one 🙂

    • mairs mairs

      I remember the short flyover video on Youtube of a glimpse of a molten red area in the blasted wreckage… was that #3?

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    Worse than you thought, Archie.

    take a look @ 1.10 minutes into this short clip.

    • atomic_jihad atomic_jihad

      I just watched the clip and its a hard reality that China will continue with nuclear technology. So its fruitless to appeal to Gaia. Nuclear will stay on the planet.

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        Yes, of course, about that.

        But then, again, blithely, my Radar admires your eye wear!

      • We Not They Finally

        As in Forbidden planet im sure nuclear will stay on the Planet..But will anyone be left alive. That I totally doubt.How long? Thats a guess as in On The Beach.I think as the grounds for all life disappearing so wont life in totality..Just a few conditions turned around like losing our atmosphere..Going from oxygen to Methane.JUst like the atmosphere our dinasaur friends lived with.Or the end of the food chain starting with the mass disappearance of Planckton.It wont take long in the time cycle. Not long at all.Bye Bye farewell so long.

    • Sol Man

      Great! Full of melamine and recycled plastic!

  • to "them" admitting complicity in genocide is honorable and necessary, same as admitting hitler escaped to argentina long after he died and most of the world forgot him. they mock us when admitting their plans in riddles and enigmas. mocking us constantly with the futility of thinking we can overthrow them by "voting" and at the same time saluting their flags of war with pledges of allegiance to them.
    just as monsanto sells us "food" contaminated and festering bioweapon gmo corn and soy, etc nutrient deficient food is one of the weapons of war as defined over the millenia.
    the death count from fuku will enable a shrine of sacrifice to their god. the president is but a isotope to be manipulated, he is an obamatope,, like americium or plutonium.
    engineered disaster is always profitable if you have solutions and elixirs, snake oil to sell as cures.. like the first wave of radium showed.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      Regrets; but stream of consciousness writing is difficult to read, decipher and mostly unhelpful.

      Am certain that it relieves, in some way. But please, and thank-you.

    • GQR2

      you said it alreadyconsideredead.

    • We Not They Finally

      What people should understand about Hitlers escape to SA is that it did happen. Hitler thoughout his life as mAD DOG INSANE MANIAC.He often being paranoid and crazy as he was..always had at the ready someone who totally resembled him and had a double available at many events. It was easy to have a double of eva Von Braun also.It seems as in the movie the Fall.Hitler escaped at the nd and the doubles were the one whose bodies were burned .Stalin Told FDR that Hitler had escaped. I believe hitler lived in SA after having cometic surgery that hid his identity. Also afrer hitler freed his right hand men . He had eva von brauns brother killed why? Because the brother probably planned hitlers escape.Watch the movies its really quite good.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      You/we/they are all now being synthesized and we/all/they shall soon be "The Borg". 🙁

      • GQR2

        if that doesn't put a knot in one's stomuch i don't know what would cause obewan it is so true. They got us right too right from the inside of our very selves. 🙁

  • Ontological Ontological

    Melted down corium art could be popular someday too. Place them outside of capital buildings in the cities of the future. The nine foot tall Mantises we mutate into may enjoy them.

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd


    Not many on this list tonight. Am willing to share some "jaw-boning" on your/my condition.

    How do we contact one another?

  • dosdos dosdos

    Of note, a Federal Judge denied USEC (uranium refining) a bankruptcy decision, saying it wasn't in anyone's interest to keep the corporation on life support, and that they may as well pull the plug. The foundation continues to topple.

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      @ dosdos, I know that it's late…..but foundations crumble, not topple! But, then again, we live in an up is down world, so it seems.

      Sentiment still holds, not soon enough.


  • atomicistheword

    Hey they could sell off chunks of Fukushima (like the Berlin wall) so everyone can have a chunk of man's greatest achievement, instead of giving it away for free.

    They missed the opportunity at new year, they could have sent up billions worth to make pretty sky rockets while children die of malnutrition in Africa.

    Oh well, such is a world filled with hate & cruelty. We of the truth faith know this!

    Could you imagine if a domed city was the answer & General Electric was commissioned to build it, what would the outcome be?

    • We Not They Finally

      Mans greatest achievement may well be destroying the World…Surely a sign of the greatness of man? How so? That humANITY WAS MAde in whose image??Beelzebub? Are our leaders nothing but embodyments of wh O? Satan?We have the technology to live all of us in Paradise. Now welive in a living Hell??

      • atomicistheword

        Free will a very prudent measure of Justice. You cannot blame a GOD for what man invents. GOD may have gifted you the knowledge, but you had free will to use said knowledge. PRIDE (stolen esteem) is the enemy of man, thinking that he can control his environment and create like a GOD; putting say a fish in an orange or an human atomic radiation in a banana, transforming it into potassium 40. If said banana was contaminated with cesium 137 the intake "* with potassium" in the banana would enhance attachment to DNA. The cesium would still be cesium 137.

        * cesium 137 mimics potassium in how it is absorbed into cells. Once in the cells radiation damage can occur. Cesium 137 can outlast a human lifespan.

        Would you care to answer the last question, my friend?

        "Could you imagine if a domed city was the answer & General Electric was commissioned to build it, what would the outcome be?"

  • Sol Man

    It is just fine with nukers that everybody shits their pants, so they keep everybody distracted, else they'd mess their own realizing that the people know who screwed the entire world.

    It is "leaking" all over.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      "It is just fine with nukers that everybody shits their pants!" Love it! 🙂

      Do you have any pudding?

  • rogerthat

    give it a try, give it a go,
    nothing to lose, better than blow
    give it a whirl, give it a shot,
    maybe they'll like it, then what?
    dive right in, never know till you try
    save the world, carry the day.
    riddled with holes, core on the floor
    nothing like it
    ever before
    furious public
    ongoing nightmare
    remove every trace
    no choice but to try

  • atomicistheword

    Hey word is starting to get out, from Brazil. (film review)

    TV Cultura is a free Brazilian television network headquartered in São Paulo.

    Japão lança filme sobre desastre de Fukushima

    1.15 ( Portuguese)

  • We Not They Finally

    I can give you a first hand report from Albuquerue and tell you right after the incidents happened both my wife and Me developed rashes we have never had before. Also when I first came out here in 2001 right after the World trade explosions..I had a terrible problem with Iritated Bowel syndrome the first person i met happened to a be a colonic therapist that got me through the syndrome.. Now i have the same problem Impaction and blockage after having a great number of treatments over the last 13 yrs and I had regained my health. Now im back to where i was…I am extremely worrried that there are denials and lies and no truth to denying the issues up here..I hope to go back to the east coast ASAP.But im not sure if anything will make a difference.Obviously Radiation can cause all these issues and more.Plutonium is the most dangerous substance on this planet….

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      My brother has a strange skin rash now too, and he is in Cleveland and they are still getting hammered with Fukushima Radiation Contamination via the Arctic Vortex.. 🙁

      • atomicistheword

        obe, I'm very interested in Australianspirulena. Hawaii used to make the best, but I don't trust it now.

        I've been told about fresh water spirulena and how it helps with atomic radiation.

        Have a look see what you think? They export as well.

      • Thanks for bringing the Arctic Vortex up Obewan. I am 37 and have for most of my life been a bit of a weather nut. Something about being at the mercy of Mother Nature and her great power that fascinates me…anyway, in my 37 years I have never heard of the term Arctic Vortex and all of a sudden this year I hear it every other day. Has anyone else noticed this as well?
        Obewan could you elaborate about Cleveland being hammered with radiation contamination in relation to the Arctic Vortex? I am in Toronto which in the grand scheme of things is not all that far from Cleveland…should I be worried?
        Thanks 🙂

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Rebeca, here is some information for you.

          Some of the Radiation Contamination releases from Fukushima went into the planet's upper jet stream and are now dropping in/with the snow and any rain coming down from the North Pole.

          They have found the Radiation Contamination signatures in the snow at varied depths at the North Pole and ever since the first Nuclear Bomb blasts started/took place in 1945.

    • atomicistheword

      Hmm interesting IBS, do you by any chance eat GMO materials and or consume high fructose ingredients? Many people would say no, but close examination says yes. That can really cause great problems. I don't eat sandwich bread at all, it has pervert ingredients to dumb up the masses. Canola oil can affect eyesight. ewww

      For the skin I bathe in a bath with potassium permanganate in it making the water purple in colour, not too purple it stains. Say the tip of a teaspoon in a bath. They are crystal.

      raw carrots, apples, onions, garlic, mangosteen, pineapple core, dandelion tea, nettle tea, cabbage, cauliflower, blueberries, purple sweet potatoes. purple salad mixes…. Know where they are from, esp pineapple.

      These are things I do or take, but not given as advice.

    • zogerke zogerke

      Wntf, i do for at and to heal from my wtc exposures: i eat no glutens, no soy, no dairy…little meat unless organic….eggs organic……lots of water…..lots of org greens if i can get them. Helps. Gluten damned near had me in a wheelchair. One crumb and i am in a world of hurt. Healed i have gotten by controlling my food like a maniac.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    After 3 years:
    No effort to locate and map missing corium.
    No underground wall to divert groundwater around Units1-4.
    No lock at harbor mouth to keep radiation inside harbor.
    No evacuation of Central Japan.
    No reactor, containment, torus, basement, corium lava tube filled with concrete.
    No sarcophagus.
    No SFPs emptied.

    The main plume from Fukushima passes overhead every 40 days.
    On each pass, we get more and more radioactive fallout.
    More and more radioactivity accumulates.
    Biological processes trap nuclides, bio-accumulating them up the food chain.

    The fallout is everywhere:
    RadiationNetwork reports half-alert levels of 50cpm+ radiation this morning in the following states:
    South Dakota
    New Jersey
    We have been watching as these readings have slowly increased since 3/11/2011.
    At that time, background was 7-15 cpm. Now, the new "background" is 25-45 nationwide.

    Government response:

    Increase levels of rads permitted in food to levels formerly used to identify nuclear waste.

    No testing of food imports for radiation.

    No testing of food for radiation.

    Have you noticed falling fertility in your family? You betcha! 😉

    • zogerke zogerke

      Pun, since i have been testing in philadelphia, cpm averages are between 41 and 44 for ten minute averages. Any info on what it was in PA or philly before 311? Philly is near no less than six NPPs….

      Apologize for a question better off in / post rad monitoring here.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Truly sorry for your health problems, WNTF.
    And everybody else, who reports their health issues here.
    Radiation and carbon based lifeforms don't play well together.
    And the radiation is everywhere, and getting worse and worse.

    And the nuke industry looks forward to a nuclear rennaissance?
    Plan to run old nukes 40 years past their design lifetime (because they have proven expensive to decommission)?
    Plan to build new atomic plants throughout the third world?

    Nuclear power died the moment Reactor 3 blew up. 😉

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    From the IEEE Spectrum article quoted above:
    vaguest idea…
    damaged reactor cores…
    riddled with holes…
    reactors are kept in check…
    placate the furious Japanese public…
    admitted frankly…
    they don’t yet know…
    wrecked infrastructure…
    three melted cores…
    core on the floor…
    no guarantee…
    radioactive materials throughout the buildings…
    many of the leaks…
    no easy way…
    pouring concrete into…
    melted fuel glows inside reactors…
    ongoing nightmare…
    melted fuel…
    lavalike consistency…

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      …all to keep alive the fiction that the cores are contained within the reactor buildings.
      And leak only a little bit into the ocean.
      Only a tiny little leak.

  • Nick

    Fukushima is decommissioning itself, wafting gases and puffs of dust and sizzling specks of corium constantly into the biosphere.

    Public: Where is the corium?

    TEPCO: We have formed a blue-ribbon panel to sit around a large round table and peer into our smart-phones while a distinguished colleague drones on about the rather boring details of nuclear physics and disintegrating awol reactor cores and fuel pool contents.

    Public: But we need infer NOW!

    TEPCO: The answer my friends is blowing in the wind and washing in the waves.

    • Sickputer

      Nick sez…"Fukushima is decommissioning itself."

      SP: +311 🙂

      …and you can take that to the nearest nucleorat bank.

  • Nick

    I ain't gonna study corium no more

    ain't gonna study corium no more…

    down by the waters' edge

    I ain't gonna study corium no more.

    Gonna lay down my aching body,
    down by the waters; edge,
    I ain't gonna know no more…..

  • Occupant Occupant

    “The calamity will undoubtedly improve nuclear plant design."

    It is their business to build these plants at the lowest cost possible.

    They ain't going to make the new plants as safe as money can buy.

    They ain't going to retrofit existing plants if the cost exceeds that of a Happy Meal at McDonnas.

    How much is a single human life valued at when it comes down to the cost of making the nuclear plants safe?

    NO ONE, OTHER THAN MYSELF, HAS THE RIGHT TO GAMBLE MY LIFE OR SPEND MY LIFE. Life is priceless. My life is valued as much as existance of the entire universe itself. Just think, no more wars or murders if everyone felt this way regarding life. The greatest gift in the universe is a human life.

    I'd say a single human life is worth more than the total amount of assets on the planet. Then multiply that by 7 billion, the people on the planet. You still want to build these plants as cheaply as possible?

    • 4Warnd 4Warnd

      Am reposting again today a mind boggling clip <3 min. see @ 1.06 particularly.

      Video is titled China build a new gadget a.k.a. NPP.

    • Here is a sad story for you. About 5 years ago my mother in law was killed in a head on collision by a guy who was intoxicated and blew .7 (.8 is legally over the limit) during the lengthy court case and figuring out the settlements it was established that if it were a child that had been killed the parents of that child would be entitled to $90,000 as a settlement payment.
      So to answer your question of "How much is a single human life valued at" apparently $90k…or significantly less if you are an adult.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    "I don't think we have a technology here that can ever be safe"
    – Arnie Gundersen –