Nuclear professor “surprised” by radioactive seaweed south of Seattle — “I guess I was assuming it wouldn’t reach this far, but it did”

Published: April 12th, 2011 at 8:22 am ET


Radioactive Seaweed Detected In Puget Sound, But Not Harmful, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News, April 11, 2011:

… KIRO 7 obtained samples of seaweed from Budd Inlet near Olympia two weeks ago. Professor Kris Starosta [a nuclear scientist] at Simon Fraser University confirmed the presence of radioactive iodine Monday.

“We have seen iodine 131 in the sample you sent us,” he said. “I think it’s pretty clear by now this must be iodine 131 from releases from Fukushima.” …

“I think it is surprising,” Starosta said. “I guess I was assuming it wouln’t [sic] reach this far, but it did.” …

Starosta said that if you were to eat 2 pounds of dried seaweed with the highest levels of radiation he and his team had detected, it would be the equivalent of getting one dental X-ray.

Read the report here.

Radio interview with Prof. Starosta here.

Published: April 12th, 2011 at 8:22 am ET


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25 comments to Nuclear professor “surprised” by radioactive seaweed south of Seattle — “I guess I was assuming it wouldn’t reach this far, but it did”

  • radegan

    And will this fellow be running a reactor complex anytime soon? Now who could eat two pounds of dried seaweed in a day? But some milk, ice cream, lettuce, seaweed soup, raindrops that keep fallin on your head, the mist you breath, it’s wet up there in Vancouver – all might add up to the same dose as in two pounds of seaweed. Now how long would you remain healthy if you took a dental xray every day?

    • dan

      That old song “raindrops keep falling on my head” has been going through my mind the past couple days. Except I changed it to “Fallout keeps raining on my head…. and soon we’ll all be dead…. crying’s not for me… etc. etc.” It’s driving me nuts:)

      • Moco

        Great Dan, Now I’ll be singing that shit all day.
        So what you got for ” one less to fry”?

        • dan

          Sorry Moco. My dog’s not happy with me either. And I’ve got nothing for “one less to fry”. Luckily I don’t know that one:)

    • Noah

      Dealing with Radioactive Rain

      Living in a post 311 world

      The human head is vulnerable to radioactive rain. The contaminated water travels down the hair shaft and accumulates in the hair follicle. The hairy head is problematic in external radiation exposure. Protection protocol: cover head with plastic rain hood while outdoors during rainy weather. The top of scalp if unprotected in rainfall can form an unintentional hotspot. A nuclear hygienist, will scan for radiation from the very top, or crown of the head for this reason. Follow decontamination protocols when caught in rainfall without protection. This would involve washing with soap (and or shampoos for hair) and water at least three times, rise between washing and soaking in tub of water with one to three pounds of baking soda (arm and hammer) added to a tub of water.

      • xdrfox

        We had a short but very hard burst of heavy rain here today in Fl. and I saw so many get caught in it from my front door !

        : |

    • xdrfox

      seaweed soup, raindrops,
      Portland Or. 86.8, I-133 from perspiration, on 3/25/2011

  • I ams o tired of this freaking “chest X-ray” excuse! No mention of strontium, cesium, or plutonium – only the “safe” radiation. No mention that now the radioactive iodine will be internal as opposed to external via X-ray. No mention that people will be breathing in these radioactive particles and that the entire food supply will be affected and not just someone eating two pounds of seaweed.

    “I think it’s surprising” is the typical response from a nuclear industry whore. I am no rocket surgeon, but I am not surprised by any of this. Sad so many professionals haven’t a clue and even sadder that people continue on their daily lives as a cog for the machine, oblivious to the radiation spewing from Japan. Almost no one I have spoken with over the past month truly understands the severity of this catastrophe because so many idiots like “Professor” Starosta go around saying that nothing is harmful (i.e. stop worrying and pay your taxes and keep bombing countries like a good little American). Many people believe that the reactor problems have been solved!

    • Elaine

      Kelly Ann, I applaud your truthful expression of the real facts! Thankyou and thankyou again.
      Now if the rest of the US would open their damned brains up, we might have a fighting chance. Because basically, we ALL have this crap in our systems and it’s only a matter of time. 3-11-11 truly WAS a death sentence to the victims of Japan and the rest of us.
      Only self centered fools will think “well, it happened ‘over there’ so at least I’m safe”. It is precisely THAT thinking that keeps us apart. Divided and conquered…as the Cowards-That-Be would have it.
      If we unite, they become powerless. Think, people, THINK!

  • Mike

    They continue to compare internal ingestion with external background radiation. These isotopes getting inside your body and being metabolised is NOT the same as background exposure! An individual can know better and make decision accordingly, but it is still frustrating to watch such inappropriate comparisons being broadcast to people.

  • Isaac

    Don’t forget carrageenan, an ingredient derived from red seaweeds. The principle area for production is in the Phillipines. It’s used for a whole slew of products.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Thanks for the info Isaac

      Great.. something else to watch out for. My list is getting longer.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    The only reason, why I get some sort of understanding about this, is because of the people here.

    Things aren’t being broadcast.
    No wonder when you tell people, they give this look. As if you have no clue, that all is safe, and everything is alright.

    However, it’s not alright or safe and I’m not sure it will ever be.

    I am far from a Nuclear Professor, but I’m not surprised at all that it reached there, why wouldn’t it?

    AZ is farther and after the rain, it deposited yellow dust. Expect anything now.

  • radegan

    Now the dental x-ray comparison is misleading because they don’t specify whether they mean just bite wings or a full mouth set, which is almost 4x the radiation.

    Bite wings 0.038 mSV
    Full Mouth 0.150 mSV

    Of course, if you lived near Fukushima, you could just grab some film, stick it in your mouth and run an errand for a free full mouth set.

  • Zip Ominous

    “Chest X-rays” don’t bioaccumulate in your thyroid and stay there permanently, giving you continuous beta emissions.

    Iodine-131 and other beta-emitters do.

  • Elaine

    My dear friends near Seattle and in Washington state…if there is any chance at all of you reading this, please know you have been in my thoughts constantly. And Maggie, that would mean you more than you know. I don’t feel we will ever know or be told the full story on this. And I don’t think ANY place has been spared what-so-ever. These people go on saying and acting like there’s no “big deal” to worry over.
    And people just go about their day to day activities as if nothing is wrong. This country should have gone on red alert immediately after the explosions and the SIX reactors should be top headline news! But no. We must LOOK for the information that the controlled media is hiding. And all the alphabet agencies do in the USA is “increase acceptable levels” of—–fill in the blank.
    Thankyou for this website.

  • Moco

    Hey, I have had fuel dumped on my head, growing up near an airport, in farmland, sprayed with DDT, leaded gas fumes.
    I am tuffer than boiled owl shit.
    Oh, Did I mention my kids have 3 nipples?

    TPTB warrant tolerance, like they have from japanese citizens. Shit, in the US we ain’t citizens, we are useless eaters or consumers.

  • xdrfox

    Only my 2 girls had the same skin growths in the same spots from the Agent Orange I was exsposed to ! Had several Vietnam doctors say, That Agent Orange ! They should know !

  • Amole

    Buy as much frozen and canned foods on the shelves NOW from last year’s harvest in USA. As soon as people catch on the shelves will be bare, and only contaminated after that…

  • Novamind

    Amole: Yes, Now The cats out of the Bag’ I agree, and the runs at the store will soon begin. I already have my share, The ability to look/see forward is priceless. Reap the rewards of your wisdom, while you can.

  • Tricky Dick

    “Newclear expturt”:Shithead in Seatle.