Nuclear fuel found 15 miles from Tokyo suburbs — Fukushima uranium in ‘glassy’ spheres transported over 170 km — Structural materials from the nuclear reactors also present (PHOTOS)

Published: August 10th, 2014 at 10:47 pm ET


Fukushima Diary, Aug 9, 2014: NHK admitted pieces of fuel rods and reactor vessels blasted to at least Ibaraki to contain Uranium & Zirconium […] NHK announced that pieces of nuclear fuel […] were blasted to at least 130km away from Fukushima nuclear plant. It was 2μm diameter particle. The ball-looking shape proves it was molten in high temperature and quickly cooled down […] the same material as nuclear fuel and the structure inside the vessels. These were collected from 3/14 ~ 3/15/2011 in Tsukuba city Ibaraki prefecture by the study group of Science Univ. of Tokyo. […]

NHK News (Translation by SysTran), Aug 9, 2014:  Scattering of uranium fuel in a nuclear reactor damage […] in the Ibaraki prefecture immediately after the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station has occurred, the material of the structure of other nuclear reactor of uranium is detected […] it’s a result that confirms that damage to the reactor massive had progressed […] Research group of Izumi Nakai professors from Tokyo University of Science […] the dust in the atmosphere […] collected at Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture […] 130 km from the nuclear power plant over the next morning from the night of March 14 […] It is a result, in addition to the radioactive cesium, zirconium material of the fuel rods and uranium, and iron of the material of the pressure vessel, material that matches the structure of the nuclear reactor and nuclear fuel has been detected. It is that dust that these shows feature when it is cold suddenly you have to be in the ball-shaped of about 2 micrometers in diameter, and is released after external melted at high temperatures. […]

American Chemical Society Publication, Analytical Chemistry — Detection of uranium and chemical state analysis of individual radioactive microparticles emitted from the Fukushima nuclear accident using multiple synchrotron radiation X-ray analyses, Yoshinari Abe , Yushin Iizawa , Yasuko Terada , Kouji Adachi , Yasuhito Igarashi , and Izumi Nakai (Tokyo University, Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute, Meteorological Research Institute), August 1, 2014 (emphasis added): […] analyses revealed the detailed chemical nature of radioactive aerosol microparticles emitted during the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) accident, resulting in better understanding of what occurred in the plant during the early stages of the accident. Three spherical microparticles (~2 μm Φ) containing radioactive Cs were found in aerosol samples collected on March 14th and 15th, 2011, in Tsukuba, 172 km southwest of the FDNPP […] 10 heavy elements [were] in all three particles: Fe, Zn, Rb, Zr, Mo, Sn, Sb, Te, Cs, and Ba. In addition, U was found for the first time in two of the [three] particles […] implying that U fuel and its fission products were contained in these particles […] These results strongly suggest that the FDNPP was damaged to emit U fuel and fission products outside the containment vessel as aerosol particles. […] individual particles revealed that they were present at high oxidation states, i.e., Fe3+, Zn2+, Mo6+, and Sn4+ in the glass matrix […] These radioactive materials in a glassy state possibly remain in the environment longer than those emitted as water soluble radioactive Cs aerosol particles.

See also: Study: Plutonium found 120 km from plant; “Pu and non-natural uranium certainly increased in environment”

And: [intlink id=”major-study-saltwater-used-in-fukushima-reactors-causing-unprecedented-phenomenon-forms-tiny-uranium-compounds-able-to-travel-long-distances-also-concerns-about-how-much-this-will-increase” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: August 10th, 2014 at 10:47 pm ET


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122 comments to Nuclear fuel found 15 miles from Tokyo suburbs — Fukushima uranium in ‘glassy’ spheres transported over 170 km — Structural materials from the nuclear reactors also present (PHOTOS)

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    Long-time diver finds only four species of life in his exploration of 200 km of British Columbia coastline. Long but sincere.
    YouTube channel, beautifulgirlbydana

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      I would like to thank ..the youtube channel ..beautifulgirlbydana..and those involved with the work being done.
      I thank them very, very much for putting validity and reality to an hypothesis that has been held by some here at Enenews.

      How sad..
      Truly horrific.
      We truly need these truths.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Now if only someone like Woody Harrelson or any number of other notables would step forward and put together a presentation with that information. (ref; 200 km British Columbia dead zone)

        • itsanuclearwar

          May not be Woody Harrelson but I see that Leuren Moret, Alfred Weber of Exopolitics, and Rad Chic have taken the lead. What should be interesting, this video/info will prove to be a litmus test for some "experts". Which of the experts are going to promote this info rather than avoid it. And when? Will Arnie Gundersen climb on board, and if so, when? As in right away or after it has become to some degree, common knowledge.

      • mt1000

        Reminder – Dana could use donations to do more survey trips and has a shout out to others to help do coastal surveys (since the 'officials' shun that duty!).
        His website is at

        • kintaman kintaman

          Dana is not a scientist and cannot provide empirical evidence for anything occurring in BC as being caused by Fukushima.

          Please stop spreading his word and supporting him. Watching his videos and listening to him speak it is obvious that while he is perhaps well intentioned he has no knowledge about the reality of what is happening.

          Neither Dana nor Kevin Blanch can be taken seriously for what they are. That said, I do agree that Fukushima is FAR more serious than anything the news will ever tell us.

          • tinfoiled tinfoiled

            "… cannot provide empirical evidence"

            Sounds like shill talk.

            • kintaman kintaman

              Ah, anyone who demands evidence for wild claims is a shill. I think if you look through my post history you will see that I am anything but.

              I have evacuated my family from Japan and curse TEPCO and friends every single days since 3.11. I also think that Fukushima will be the beginning of the end for Japan and possibly beyond but I do not claim it to be fact without any evidence.

              • tinfoiled tinfoiled

                I didn't claim you to be a shill.
                Reread "SOUNDS LIKE shill talk"

                Terms like "empirical evidence" along with another favorite "peer reviewed" get thrown around by shills regularly.

                So, if you are so sure that Dana is wrong. Show the evidence you have to back up your claim.

                • kintaman kintaman

                  I think the onus is on Dana to show he is correct.
                  That video he posted showing photos of the shore did not provide any conclusive evidence of anything. Mind you I am not saying what he is saying is incorrect/false but we cannot believe it based on his videos.

                  • Winterborn

                    If all I'm able to take away from it is the apparent reduction in life observed by someone with 15 years personal experience in the environment he's reporting on that's enough for me to ask more questions at the very least.
                    If the onus is on Dana to show he is correct, what then would qualify as conclusive evidence?
                    How would he prove it?
                    So far the multiple sea animal sicknesses and die offs with 'experts' constantly reporting that they don't know what's happening but 'it can't be Fukushima' is more than a little suspect.
                    I mean really, what would it take at this point? a large Godzilla like mutant creature wearing a billboard sign that says 'Spawned by Fukushima Radiation' walking along the shoreline actively killing loads of sea life being filmed by multiple news agencies and citizens?
                    What he showed, regardless of what specifically caused it, should be deeply concerning to all members of 'life' and should be raising significant alarms.

                  • tinfoiled tinfoiled

                    Actually, the onus is on you.
                    You are telling us not to support someone or spread information, based simply on your opinion. Dana put his information out there. It's up to us as individuals to accept or disregard that info.
                    You say "he has no knowledge about the reality of what is happening." That's a claim YOU made, so prove it.

                  • chiappa

                    Yep. Good intentions, but looks like he is just creating a wider gap between those who "believe" and those who "don't believe". I think that the way to make a change is stop stop taking sides and actually figure stuff out 🙂

          • Winterborn

            By 'empirical evidence' you do mean a source of knowledge acquired by observation or experimentation correct? I'm thinking his observations provided a source of knowledge. It's not like I've been seeing a lot of experimentation going on by any of the parties, government alphabet agencies, that should be providing it on a daily basis. (Instead of turning off the monitoring systems to remove any possible government supplied data that is)
            Could you please explain what you mean by 'it's obvious that he has no knowledge of the reality of what is happening"?
            Actually, could you please tell me, in your opinion, what exactly is the 'reality' of what is happening because I'm not understanding your point. It sounds like you have your own predetermined conclusion at play here.
            From the observations, it looks like the Fukushima meltdowns 3 1/2 years ago should be publicly and widely considered and reviewed as possibly being related to a severe reduction in all species of life along the coast line. It fits the timeframe very well and is certainly as valid as any other options, ocean acidification, climate change, etc.

          • Yes, dammit Jim, I'm a fisherman, not an epidemiologist. I think we're stuck on #5 below.

            Scientific Method

            1.Ask a Question [Why zero critters?]
            2.Do Background Research [Head out in a zodiac]
            3.Construct a Hypothesis [It could be Fukushima]
            4.Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment [Blow up a nuclear power plant and see how the fish like it]
            5.Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion [Data says zero critters, therefore nail Fukey as prime suspect]
            6.Communicate Your Results [YouTube]

            That is, we haven't fully discounted global warming, el nino, navy sonar or aliens yet, but I'd put my bets on Fukey – given the wide range of species affected, the timelines matching with Fukey and the known delayed effects of radiation.

    • lucius.cornelius

      This is what is required. Reports of mass die offs without pictorial evidence can be dismissed. Film like this is much harder to deny. Though doubtless it will be blamed on global warming and C02 and not on Fukushima.

      But it still doesn't address the age old problem that "it's hard to get someone to admit something if their salaray depends on them not admitting it".

    • Yes, the People deserve to know. Thanks for getting the rad word out Folks, and letting them know

      Dana addition, Q & A
      Q & A : Fukushima Melts 200 Kilometers of Canadian Pacific Coast Line

      Thank you, Dana, for all that You do

    • We'll probably need a separate thread for this new information, even though we've discussed sea life in various ways before.

      Very depressing.

    • I've sent this video link through to CBC Vancouver.
      [an "email" link is provided – more like a feedback box]

    • itsanuclearwar

      Excellent video Arizonan! Everyone needs this knowledge and should go along way in waking up those asleep. This video needs to go viral!

    • I'll slide this article in here if I'm allowed – just out today:
      [relates to the movie about 200km of BC Coast now a dead zone]
      California: Ground Zero for Fukushima Radiation?

      Added by Adrianne Hill on August 2, 2014.
      Saved under Adrianne Hill, California, U.S.
      Tags: California


  • OldFool

    Two micron particles would be able to go deep into lungs. Lung cancer rates should be going up in the near future. Safety of the food supply and water supply are also called into question.
    It took almost 3.5 years for this information to be made public? Sad.


      My friend; for layman viewing this site, is 2 micron smaller than the tip of a sewing needle that you fix holes in your socks with?

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        A human hair can range from about 20 to 200 microns, so a 2 micron particle is super small. One micron is a 1000 nanometers.

    • OldFool

      The bacteria in your intestine, like E. coli, would be about 1-2 microns long – visible at 1000X in an optical microscope using a oil drop to get 1000X. So these little spheres could easily ride along just like bacteria on a dust particle blowing in the wind. Imagine a farmer on a tractor pulling something that creates lots of dust – would not want to be downwind of any airborne dust in the Southern Tohoku or Northern Kanto. Wind could carry them anywhere.
      The list of elements they published has some remarkably amazing missing elements – like no Sr-90, no Y-90, no Pu-239, no Pu-241, etc. Extremely difficult to see how they could not be included too. Breathing them deep into your lungs would not be advisable.

  • dosdos dosdos

    They don't want to admit that #3 was a MOX fuel explosion that scattered fuel all over the place. So much of their focus is on reprocessing fuel, having poured millions of dollars into the project. To admit that the MOX detonated and scattered fuel particles for hundreds of miles would deliver the project a fatal blow. This is one of their most strongly denied issues in the cover up.

    • dosdos dosdos

      (That's billions of dollars, not millions.)

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      dosdos, There have been many people who examined the fly over on the day of the blast who stated there was MOX fuel exposed. You are right, they don't want to admit to the MOX.

  • dosdos dosdos

    (That's billions, not millions.)

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    Humm, buckey balls. As predicted. Glassy? A matrix of silicon?

    • razzz razzz

      Apparently scientists knew about such things and even produced them in lab work but never envisioned it on a massive scale or understood the complete ramifications.

      'How seawater could corrode nuclear fuel'
      Date:January 27, 2012

      "…Peter Burns, professor of civil engineering and geological sciences at the University of Notre Dame and a co-author of the new paper, had previously made spherical uranium peroxide clusters, rather like carbon "buckyballs," that can dissolve or exist as solids.

      In the new paper, the researchers show that in the presence of alkali metal ions such as sodium — for example, in seawater — these clusters are stable enough to persist in solution or as small particles even when the oxidizing agent is removed.

      In other words, these clusters could form on the surface of a fuel rod exposed to seawater and then be transported away, surviving in the environment for months or years before reverting to more common forms of uranium, without peroxide, and settling to the bottom of the ocean. There is no data yet on how fast these uranium peroxide clusters will break down in the environment, Navrotsky said…."

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      No, they are not describing uranyl buckyballs.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    My bad sodium not silicon.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    Somethihg stinks here and it ain't the fish.

  • Sickputer

    Tepco/Diet: Oh damn those old girls painting watches with radium paint! They did it all! We are innocent of everything!

    Lying Fukumaniacs!

  • Sickputer

    Other Tepco/Diet lies:

    SP: Something stinks in Japan and it smells a lot like nervous genocidal lying nucleoapes. How can they sleep at night knowing their crimes… Killing their own relatives, sons, daughters, unborn descendants?

    They are cut from a different mold. Subhumans.

  • Socrates

    These particles could remain as a solid, become aerosolized, and be transported by wind over great distances. Such particles can easily be inhaled into the lung of a human being. You would have a tiny particle of uranium in your lung. A macrophage might remove it to another organ. A small number of these would be removed from the body. The rest would remain, largely in organs.

  • razzz razzz

    Unit 3 without water for so long, heated to such high temperatures that it created a cracking like tower i.e. used to distill crude oil in different stages along the height of the tower. Melted heavy elements settle out to the bottom, U and Pu for this example, with lighter elements rising in the pool melt with gases escaping first. Temperatures get hot enough then some or all elements begin to boil (vaporizer) and no longer stay suspended in the melt and escape as gasses or atomized particles.

    Throw in some saltwater and exotic elements begin to be formed in this unlikely situation or scenario.

    TEPCO said at the time some poor worker was awash and died in the basement of Unit 3 from tsunami flooding while inspecting for earthquake damage. So, eventually the melt could have found a source for seawater already pooled or through damaged plumbing. Definitely saltwater was sprayed or pumped or dumped on the melts later on.


      Were these the people referred to as "Freddy Krueger" by a certain regulatory authority?

    • Socrates

      Certainly a strange witches' brew was released from these reactors and spent fuel pools. So much of the releases are random events over the 3 and one-half years…. suffice it to say that thousands of tons of fuel will be released into the atmosphere, ocean and ground water during the next centuries. Hydrovolcanic events are possible, depending on where the corium are.

      The vectors that transport all this to the West Coast are in place – currents and winds. Aerosolized particles were dispersed in the initial explosions. Some of these circumvented the globe resulting in fallout onto human populations,

      Governments feel that inhalation of a random particle is an acceptable risk. Initial fallout is always the greatest risk because the lungs absorb the particles so effectively.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    "They" got away with bombing the USS Liberty, they got away with in-your-face demolition of the world trade center buildings, they got away with giving your money to the bankers, they got away with pillaging Iraq and Afghanistan (30 million peaceful protesters worldwide!), they got away with using tax money to underwrite nuclear everywhere which now kills in the untold millions. Lets face it….THEY GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING. Above the law, certainly above morality and public outcry.

    The public is outgunned, outmaneuvered, in the dark, …powerless as sheep. "they" may not always be the same group, but whoever they are, they are more powerful, more immune, more successful, with more weapons than any time in history. The public is largely on their side, the governments, the investors, the media…the scientists, the universities, the armies….all supporting them. Our voice is a voice in the wilderness, heard by a paltry few. Nuclear continues. Abe and the other leaders continue on as if we dont exist. Thats how it is…

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      I submit the above rant is relevant to nuclear fuel found 15 miles from Tokyo (and no doubt existing IN Tokyo). You would think there would be legal ramifications against spreading deadly poison far and wide. Some law somewhere probably says its against the law to poison the earth with billions of lethal doses of toxins. The reality is that instead of going to prison or having to give up money for remediation (if it were even possible) these perpetrators of poison get bonus checks and have their scientist tell the public fear is the only problem.

      I say this because there should be no rejoicing about some imagined "fight" against the poisoners. Right…"they" won, we certainly didnt….

      • mairs mairs

        Well said, Code.

      • itsanuclearwar

        You nailed CodeShutdown. The "they" that you refer to, TPTB, are responsible for Fuku. TEPCO and Japan are just used as the fall guy. When someone blames TEPCO and or Japan it serves to protect the true forces behind this and so many other infamous events and or false flags like 9-11. Many useful idiots in this regard.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Code, I'm sure nothing was ever codified because no one conceived of the enormity of the problem. No one could have foreseen a disaster on this scale. Or perhaps they should have foreseen it, but no one was thinking the "big picture" was quite that big — a potential ELE scenario. Just too big, too vast to be believable or comprehensible to most people.

        So here we find ourselves today, with no recourse, and the problem existing in the macrocosm of existence, not just in one small area of our collective existence ….

        The term "ecocide" pretty well sums it up. Previously unimaginable, I suppose.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          I just don't think most people have the tools to wrap their heads around a problem this vast, gigantic, all encompassing.


      Not above the laws of the universe and nature being part of such.

      Did you know that Australia is doing deals with India to supply uranium for atomic power stations? Yet morally wanting to suspend uranium exports to Russia. What a moral and kind nation. (sarc)

      Australia is open for business, whatever cost to the continuation of the human race!

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Code- your perspective is right on. People still cling to the authority figures who are killing the planet. Unfortunately, I don't see it changing and the planet is near death. If Earth was in the hospital the doctor would be breaking the news to the family that all the organs are failing and it is only a matter of time before everything shuts down.

      The crazy kids in control of the sand box don't care they are taking a crap where they play. They will kill us all, and people will die while still clinging to the false belief "they" will step in and save the planet.

      If "they" are so smart, why did they keep exploding nuclear weapons all over the planet when they had plenty of data as to what the bomb would do…they are insane…again you are correct they won't save us.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      I agree Code, it seems that way. Except they are the darkness and we are the light and when they win, they really lose. And when we lose, doing the right thing, we really win. So don't lose heart. "you are not enclosed within your bodies, nor confined to houses and fields. That which is you dwells above the mountain and roves with the wind.It is not a thing that crawls into the sun for warmth or digs holes into the darkness for safety, but a thing free, a spirit that envelopes the earth and moves in the ether." The big picture is yeah, we're all going to die. That was true before nuclear reared its ugly head. And dying sucks,its never pretty, but death is something different,it is the realm of the soul, only bodies die. And when you pass that threshold you will see, that we are all one, humans, animals, subhuman nuketards, and the earth and all the planets and stars and things you don't even know exist, yet. "but sweeter than laughter and greater than longing came to me. It was the boundless in you; The vast man in whom you are all but cells and sinews; He in whose chant all your singing is but a soundless throbbing. It is in the vast man that you are vast, and in beholding him that I beheld you and loved you. For what distances can love reach that are not in that vast sphere? What visions,what expectations and what presumptions can outsoar that flight? His might binds you to the earth, his fragrance lifts you into space, and in his durability you are deathless."

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        I know that was off topic and off the philosophical cliff, sorry. The quotes were from the Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran. I used all my letters. Peace and love, people.


          wonderful thoughts, melting mermaid…

        • Socrates

          I love Gibran's words and thoughts.

          The bullies in the sandbox found something worse than sand to throw in your eyes…. They love every minute of it because that's who they are. If you use a fMRI of their brains while they play with their favorite toy, their pleasure centers would glow brightly. They love having power over others. Pain is the name of their game. There is money to be made.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Beautiful, Melting Mermaid. Gibran ways always my favorite poet.

      • Angela_R

        Yes, HoTaters, it is so very beautiful. Thank you again MM, for drawing out food for the spirit

        "You are not enclosed within your bodies…"

        "His might binds you to the earth, His fragrance lifts you into space, and in His durability you are deathless." 🙂

        when we reach the point where we can say
        "O Death where is your sting?"

  • Sickputer

    I commented on the weather patterns of Fukushima fallout back in June 2011:

    My comments (about 82 down and then a second one two below) speculated on the rise of heated gases from Unit 4 fires and how they would travel to North America.

    But the principles are the same for fallout catching winds blowing to Tokyo…and those winds occur frequently and did carry massive radiation on the day of the big Unit 3 explosion. Many days
    and nights of intense China Syndrome nuclear releases also thrust large volumes of radiation into the skies over Fukushima Daiichi NPP.

    We saw the plant live videos of huge emissions in 2011-2012 (and even now) and there were many hours when the cameras were turned off by Tepco.

    Really amazing they have managed to keep so many citizens believing they are safe within the Tokyo area. 40 million people are breathing, drinking, and eating nuclear-contaminated sustenance. It's like an open air Treblinka.

    Their normal clock stopped on 311. Since then residents have just been slowly trudging to their final ovens. No rush needed, this extermination is going to take a few years. Plenty of time for some resisters to head for the far woods and safety. There will be no alarms go off as the Tokyo Flight silently surges for intellectuals.

    The mutants will stay to cough and applaud the games in 2020. The human body handles a lot.

    • jec jec

      Sickputer, good comments on the weather patterns. Now with this confession by Japan/TEPCO, along with the various weather patterns, the plume, the crew of USS Ronald Reagan will be able to demonstrate why they are ill..over 1700 in a crew of 5000 or so. Almost 1/2. This is also what many in Japan were exposed to, am hoping the revelations from the ship help with those in Japan who have symptoms and are told not to say anything. Of course, that is theory, as I believe the media blackout, doctors and governments are likely covering up all the issues, illnesses–in Japan and here in the USA. Bucky balls..micron sized death pills.

      Believe also the major reason for the coverup..we are are dangerously exposed or terminally exposed, and governments just are letting us live out lives in the hopes most will live… some how.

    • bo bo

      SP – This playstation game came out in 2012

      In Tokyo Jungle, you play as one of dozens of animals attempting to survive for as long as possible in a version of Tokyo abandoned by humans for over a decade. Players don’t initially know what happened to humanity, though it’s something slowly uncovered over time. Newspaper clippings and other reading material will further illuminate the situation that led to the seeming extinction of the human race..

    • Well, Busby was onto this quite early. Are these the same as buckyballs? If not, we'll have to come up some kind of shorthand for them – happyballs? fukeyballs? etc. and add them to the myriad ways we're getting nailed here – hot particles, buckyballs, fukeyballs, and so on.

      Shocking Tokyo Japan Radiation Test by Dr. Chris Busby (Fukushima Fallout)
      Another Fukey video [below] – one that I missed, so I'll just "bookmark" it here for anyone interested:

      ☢ Fukushima Documentary 2014 HD ☢ Nuclear Exodus: Pandora's Promise Was A Lie
      [Published on Mar 25, 2014]

    • zogerke zogerke

      sickputer: that sztrikes home. not that everything else didn't. we lost at least 28 i can count in treblinka, far more i never knew where.

      also love gibran thanks MM.

      catching up on threads.

      i can say, in the berkshire foothills where CT meets NY and MA; the crickets sing; the fish swim and make round nests in lake sand; the crazy chorus of songbirds chirp plentifully in a din; the wild blueberries were sweet and abundant. i didn't see loss of biota. I did bring my Inspector, the three hour average where I was staying in NY was – in CPM – about 38. I explained to my hosts what it used to be, how to interpret that number….. I guess they are within a hundred miles of Indian POint in Buchanen, NY….what is Indian and point and what is Fuku, I don't know.

      2 microns of death flying about in myriad forms is terrifying. Next oil change I will Inspector test my car's air filter…..

      greetings, enewserss. highly recommend getting awaw into the din of chirping songbirds and the wind whistling through trees near rivers, if any of you can: its worth the effort……replenishing….love what you still have, now.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    My take is they were looking for it because they KNEW it was a certainty that it was created in the meltdown and they KNEW it would be found in a certain zone because they aren't playing pixy sticks. Their predictive models are advanced enough, so they KNOW almost before it happens what will transpire. It's just that they ain't gonna tell us, till they are ready. The worst part is our own government…humm, yes well. It seems that Japan is calling the shots lets put it that way. More to this than we are led to believe.

    • jec jec

      Great comment as well..what is the chance a 2 micron bucky ball could be found in one specific location of thousands of square miles? Huh? Is that statistically significant. Bet it gets worse…soon. They would not have confessed up otherwise.

      Whats the matter Mr. TEPCOman, private citizens getting cancer and dying is an inconvenient truth? Am sure the figures are going up and illness will be to massive to hide, around the world.

  • rogerthat

    and let's not forget that all this was the result of a pissant hydrogen explosion. ha ha ha ha ha

    • jec jec

      Or Neutron Nuclear Explosion..they didn't lie..its hydrogen in that mess.I know if we go back in our webcam logs, we find neutron rays..lots of them. So my take is a Neutron explosion..heck we dont need a terrorist..we have TEPCO!

  • athome athome

    It might be a question of pride because 3/11 is becoming more important than 9/11.
    As Georges Crlin said "shit is the bond of our society".
    But only official shit like war.

  • athome athome

    It might be a question of pride because 3/11 is becoming more important than 9/11.
    As Georges Carlin said "shit is the bond of our society".
    But only official shit like war.

  • athome athome

    Let 3/11 become the official bond of our attention and pray to find a solution to limit the disaster; be all scientist from all over the planet work on Fukushima meltdown stop and for relieving the poisonous elements away.
    I watch the Mybeautifulldana video on youtube and facts are here. Marine life first then…

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Good mornin folks
    The past few weeks have been the tipping point for me
    I know more than ever now that we have to take this out of the box and to the streets and demand that the powers that be sit the #%uck down like Dana says and have a think tank of the greatest minds
    Take this out of buisnes hands NOW !

    Tell us the truth and while we pray come up with some solutions


    We may not like the outcome when the masses find out
    Some of us know that the gov has been preparing for a while now for civil unrest
    I am sad to say this might be it
    %#uvk I'm not sad I'm HORRIFIED

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Tonight at 530 there will be a march in boston for GAZA ..state house ..
    If anyone is from this area email me as I'm arming myself with my fuku cards and any other paperwork I can print out today about this .
    That will be my networking op for the day
    If anyone can email me with relevant quick to print paperwork please do by noon today ..
    I already have the cards made out and the fuku thyroid neclaces made that vital1has made for us ..can someone pull up the link and place it here ??
    I know how to work a crowd please come and help me if you can …

    Anyone creative come up with a slogan to write that can correlate GAZA and FUKU , tall order but I need it done for tonight ..thanks for your help

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      I do not want to mix the waters and compare suffering with gaza ..but if not any op to get the word out then when ???
      I'm in a dilemma

      I need some help with this
      I know this May sound selfish so please bear with me

      I feel that Fukushima overshadows everything

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        I wish I could come with you, Clam. Is it only tonight. That's so cool about your Dad and only a sicko wouldn't love Howard Zinn, imo.

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          My dad is why I do what I do so I have learned it's a plus . Oh the family dinners with the radical daughter I laugh now ..

          • melting mermaid melting mermaid

            Don't I know it. My family is military, right wing, fox news watching Athiest Catholics. I'm not even allowed in the house anymore.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        How about, the Nuclear Military Industrial complex is going to kill us all. Or the nuclear industry has turned the whole world into a war zone. Or thought shalt not profit off of death. If the military and the nuclear industry can kill randomly and without repercussions than civilization has already collapsed.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        I have decided after much thought and talking to some of my mentors that I will passively pass out info to folks I know tonight .. I do not want to overshadow when some of the fuku warriors are also putting together this event .. Glad I asked for direction .

      • You could argue that Gaza and Fukushima are related – the same psycopathic, bullying, shortsighted, genocidal, apocalyptic behaviour.


      People who wish to democratically protest in America should add a set of ear protector buds to their kit. These protection buds can be obtained at hardware stores, usually used for drills etc for hearing protection.

      Sonic crowd control technology is substantially defeated with these buds. These devices cause a feeling of throwing up etc, messing with your brainwave frequencies. New York City has loads of these devices on their vans, to protect the elite from pissed off citizens waking up to the crimes of corporation terrorists.

      As warner brothers we warn of such evilisation again innocent citizens/terrorists, depending on your viewpoint. 😉

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          Eko my da helped develop them ..I know and have seen them in DC and NYC ..I love Howard zinn ..and I believe that when the shit hits the fan the police will go home and take care of themselves . When is the question ..

          • EKO K£AP$€


            Weaponised Ebola is a grave concern. There seems to be an issue with statement protocols made by the CDC in regard to air related exposure.

            Why are their such precautions being used such as air containment units for transportation of infected people?

            Are we being kept in the dark? (as usual)

            I think also that law enforcement employees will figure out that the money provided simply isn't worth the death of their own family. Such times are close. The trees in Japan are dying, the ecosystem is collapsing, fish and chicken are no longer viable food sources, the Pacific sulphur lake is in grave collapse. A world war three won't save them. A plague won't either, look at the Aids targeted weapon, that really backfired on them. They remind me of daleks, exterminate, exterminate; we must die to live.

            It's no use putting this in "off topic" that doesn't work anymore. In, out, lost, found. Link, no link. Anyway that's only for propaganda and distortions of world war two history these days.

            I'm off to bed, 3am here. Night all. See ya tomorrow.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Johnny Blade- Wow- great article and proves that nuclear fuel could have EASILY traveled across the ocean to the North American Continent. It is interesting how the truth comes out if you take radiation out of the picture.

      So according to this article debris easily travels across the ocean, as dust from the Gobi desert dust storms travels to the West Coast of North America.

      Great find Johnny- thanks for sharing, and thanks for hanging in there.

      -peace to you and yours-

  • rogerthat
    While over 23,000 people, who worked hard to post comments to the US EPA on time, are wondering why their comments haven’t been posted yet, sleazy nuclear waste company Energy Solutions has theirs posted even though it was LATE, and their comment appears on top of the comments!
    The deadline was 11.59 pm, August 3rd, Eastern Time, a Sunday, and only 274 of those 23,959 comments listed as received have been posted, and Energy Solutions, nuclear waste company, who posted on August 7th is on top of the comments!

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      rogerthat- more proof the nuclear cartel refuses to have true discourse on the subject, and "our" opinions are unwanted, and they will not listen. Code is right on with his assessment of the situation. see his comment above. .

    • Cooter

      That's how the government works soooo… I'm still getting e-mails from them on this issue and posted a comment a couple of days ago about risk v dose. That e-mail contained about 18 comments and receive them dailey.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid


  • "…a result that confirms that damage to the reactor massive had progressed…" – NHK

    Collected March 14th and 15th, 2011.

    As predicted early on, the dribble of critical data would be slow in coming. (If at all.) Years or maybe even decades after the main event we may begin to realize the amount of suffering related to this insidious debacle. 😉

    The ONGOING releases and continuous FALLOUT adding to the main event of 311 are not discussed.

    What's the REAL CURRENT news?
    We can only guess and that's how the Nuclear Industry wants it.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    ATTN all here

    Please go to off topic and reply to admin about issues on threads while we have their attn
    This was posted an hour ago

    August 11, 2014 at 9:55 am · Reply
    Been trying to figure out problem with comment order. Is it affecting other threads too or just OT?

    Report comment

  • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

    "These radioactive materials in a glassy state possibly remain in the environment longer than those emitted as water soluble radioactive Cs aerosol particles."

    I don't think water-soluble radioactive Cs aerosol products simply leave the environment. They might be concentrated or bio-accumulated. What's in your environment?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Radiation from Fukushima spread to North America, and is still there. It's what nuclear meltdowns do. All of them.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    There was an amazing technological advancement in the last 150 years. If man could forestall complete destruction for another 150, its possible that some solutions could be found.

    I imagine filling the bay at Fukushima NPP with volcanic ash, diatomacious earth, "activated" charcoal, and also covering the entire complex with this. Any place could have easy access via pits and tunnels. This is natures cheapest and perhaps best solution. A massive filter, covered over by an engineered elastic membrane capable of withstanding earth sifts, storms and explosive events. All waste water should be pumped to a reservoir inland. In 100 years maybe they will have figured out transmutation with electron and neutron rays or something.

    This may all be possible using profits accrued by nuclear and weapons companies. The most important step is to admit the situation; multiple nuclear reactors in total ruin, blown up and melted through. "leaders" must decide its time to stop poisoning the world

  • FXofTruth

    All the TEPCO clowns are performing in their 3-ring circus of nuclear plants…throwing water on fires that never go out; trying to freeze ground that won't freeze; finding blown nuclear fuel spread over Tokyo and everywhere else.

    The circus ring leader Abe, just can't bring enough clowns to perform and fail!

    This would be all incredibly hilarious (with all the stupidity and idiocy being acted out) if, it wasn't for the harsh fact that people's lives are being threaten with disease and death.

    It has become such a boring and predictable circus performance because, after 3 plus years of performing every day….the act has become tiring to watch. All the punchline are predictable; all the skits are scripted to fail; even the performers are boring themselves to tears!

  • GQR2

    Test, this post in ending up on the bottom where i intended. If it does than it is looking like the out of synch posts are mostly in the OT thread. PS that nuclear fuel is not only in the Tokyo suburbs its all over this world and still spreading with every storm,wind and tide. Added to bring this post back on thread topic.

  • Dick Shenary

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that nuclear governments are the de-facto nuclear industry. All of the loan guarantees that support NPPs construction and operation make these governments the single largest investors in these thermal death machines that, OH BY THE WAY, produce electrical power and in some cases atomic bombs. The electrical power providers are just the work force that keeps the machines running. Make no mistake, when you oppose nuclear power, you are opposing the United States Government.

    • combomelt combomelt

      DICK, YES! GOTTA HAVE OPPOSITION TO tnptb!(The Nuclear Powers That Be)
      YEP, ME, LITTLE OL' COMBOMELT DEFINITELY opposes THE US GOVT MORONS & I oppose Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Power.
      So, I'm glad we can ALL BE CLEAR when we all say without ANY fear of the absolute wimps and buffoons and complete TOOLS that make up our supposed "govt"…. I scream…..


      Happy now Dick?
      I think with Freedom of Speech, I can actually say without fear of govt retribution, "I fucking hate the US govt jackasses, and I fucking hate nuclear power and its supporters who are complete idiots and jackasses as well."
      Bring it ON, political hacks that are buried in their own Hollywood for Ugly People. TIPP it you stooges, you wankers, you limp dick comb over pricks that sit in congress. All of them smell like "Depends". VOTE ALL INCUMBENTS OUT IN NOVEMBER.

  • Sol Man

    Dust honors no political boundaries. It is a terrible dilemma for all living creatures.

    Turn off the lights and throw out the infernal leaf-blowers! Ah, the sound of the seasons! Try not to breath too deeply.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Can you spot them? What to do? When some big news hits the wires, you can always depend on the paid nuclear whores to show up. They have arrived and expect more until you are wasted. Headlines like "200,000,000,000,000 becquerels/kg in fuel rod materials found near Tokyo… “the material spread globally”, and "Nuclear fuel found 15 miles from Tokyo suburbs — Fukushima uranium in ‘glassy’ spheres transported over 170 km — Structural materials from the nuclear reactors also present", and a visually compelling 200 KM video survey "HORROR " Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation" at, draw them here like a flame to a moth.

    Your responses to them are exactly what they feed on. Don't feed the pigs.

    PS…Ironically, some nuclear whore who come here, will discover the real horror story that is, for them too.

  • Dick Shenary

    combomelt – thumbs up for your strident response. I feel much the same way. Too many times, people ask – Why won't the government protect us citizens from the nuclear industry? The answer is the government is the nuclear industry. We need to understand what we are up against.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    Just picking through the gargantuan amount of data available to the layman I run across this little tidbit of information related to the bucky (buckey) ball revelation:

    Like all hexavalent uranium compounds, UO3 is hazardous by inhalation, ingestion, and through skin contact. It is a poisonous, slightly radioactive substance, which may cause shortness of breath, coughing, acute arterial lesions, and changes in the chromosomes of white blood cells and gonads leading to congenital malformations if inhaled.[10][11] However, once ingested, uranium is mainly toxic for the kidneys and may severely affect their function. To read more:

    Skin contact. Skin contact? One more time SKIN CONTACT.

    • Sol Man

      It is said that they do not know what the cause of the increase in diabetes is; wonder if they have considered the UO3 affect on the kidneys?