TEPCO: Nuclear fuel rods in No. 4 spent fuel pool are “confirmed to be damaged” — First time damage revealed at any pool

Published: April 13th, 2011 at 9:28 am ET


TEPCO confirms damage to part of No. 4 unit’s spent nuke fuel, Kyodo, April 13, 2011:

Some of the spent nuclear fuel rods stored in the No. 4 reactor building of the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi power plant were confirmed to be damaged, but most of them are believed to be in sound condition, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday.

The firm known as TEPCO said its analysis of a 400-milliliter water sample taken Tuesday from the No. 4 unit’s spent nuclear fuel pool revealed the damage to some fuel rods in such a pool for the first time, as it detected higher-than-usual levels of radioactive iodine-131, cesium-134 and cesium-137.

The No. 4 reactor, halted for a regular inspection before last month’s earthquake and tsunami disaster, had all of its fuel rods stored in the pool for the maintenance work and the fuel was feared to have sustained damage from overheating.

The roof and the upper walls of the No. 4 reactor building have been blown away by a hydrogen explosion and damaged by fires since the disaster struck the plant. The water level in the spent fuel pool is believed to have temporarily dropped. …

Read the report here.

Published: April 13th, 2011 at 9:28 am ET


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5 comments to TEPCO: Nuclear fuel rods in No. 4 spent fuel pool are “confirmed to be damaged” — First time damage revealed at any pool

  • radegan

    They’ve admitted to fuel rod damage in the spent pool which also contained the current fuel, taken out for maintenance. They have not admitted to the pool being cracked on the bottom like US authorities have suggested.

    The earthquake cracked the pool’s bottom and when the water level fell, heat built up and damaged some of the fuel rods, like in the Fairewinds demo of zircalloy’s brittleness following heating to limit. (love that guy, but he better stay out of hot tubs or private aircraft) If they can sample the water in the pool, presumably via robot, then they also would have internal pictures which would show any cracks in the bottom. Hey, TEPCO – when the whole world can figure out your game, you are not saving any face. Lay it out with naked truth, so the world can understand what will be needed. TEPCO, it’s not us who are not up to this challenge, it’s you.

  • 67Mopar

    Well, the rods are in “sound condition”, and radiation is now good for us! The only thing left now is to have the good folks at TEPCO downgrade this to a “Level 1” event.

    You see people, all it takes is team-work! ; – P

  • Glowing potato

    The fuel rods are not damaged, they are just scattered all over the place from the explosion.

  • What Fuel Rods Nothing to see here just move along American Idol will be on in 5 minutes.