Nuclear Official: Growing alarm at Fukushima’s out of control radioactive leaks… Emergency is accelerating due to “faster-than-expected swelling” underground — TV: Tepco now paving over surface with asphalt (VIDEO)

Published: August 8th, 2013 at 3:34 pm ET


Associated Press, Aug. 8, 2013: Shinji Kinjo, an official at the Nuclear Regulation Authority, said faster-than-expected swelling of the underground water following the installation of the chemical barriers accelerated the emergency

Bloomberg, Aug. 7, 2013 at 8:41p ET: The regulator has also indicated growing alarm about the water leaks. Radioactive water leaks are getting out of control and “creating a state of emergency,” said Shinji Kinjo

NHK, Aug. 7, 2013: [Tepco’s] paving the ground surface with asphalt to keep out rainwater

NHK, Aug. 8, 2013:  Industry, Economy and Trade Minister Toshimitsu Motegi told the panel of experts on Thursday to come up with concrete proposals by the end of September. […]  Among the approaches he suggested was the possibility of releasing into the sea groundwater that is below the legal limits of contamination.

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: August 8th, 2013 at 3:34 pm ET


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87 comments to Nuclear Official: Growing alarm at Fukushima’s out of control radioactive leaks… Emergency is accelerating due to “faster-than-expected swelling” underground — TV: Tepco now paving over surface with asphalt (VIDEO)

  • Proton

    sorry all you non-belivers, but after fukushiva dai'ichi unit #3 blew its 7% plutonium MOX core skyward into the jet stream, the REAL emergency was IGNORED!!!

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    "the REAL emergency was IGNORED!!!"

    Howdy Proton,

    Yes, true this. We did tell them back then and as you said, they ignored it. All in accordance with the population elimination agenda. The people of Japan are toast and too ignorant to know it. A sad truth and something that is beyond mans knowledge as to why whole societies choose a path of national suicide, instead of fixing the problems that are killing them. The deal now is, it is prolly too late to fix the fuckyoushima situation. Darn.

    What many know is the next false flag is a cover-up for greater events to come, and our friend Patty B. has been elaborating on it at other sites. Great works Patty and we all appreciate you very much, as well as wish you and yours blessings to the max. May you and the girls be enjoying all the greatest of liefs benefits from here to eternity.

    In fact, blessings to all as we shift towards the unknown. Blessings as they prepare for war, and another false flag event to mask what is really happening. It could very well be the blue Kachina (Ison) that is warning of the Red One. Live well and live in the light of love…one day at a time. Lay up your treasures in Heaven by manifesting good words, deeds, and actions in your matrix every day.
    Don't forget to pray~

    • richard mancer

      you were doing well, till your religious dogma started showing. There is no point in praying to invisible friends, if you want something done, get out there and do it. Gods and fairy tales are a pointless waste of time. Do not bring that drivel to this site, the issue was done and dusted a long time back.

      • nuknomore nuknomore

        Sorry, but making fun of someone else's beliefs isn't really called for.. Think as you please.. And allow others the same courtesy.

      • JPH

        Not cool Mancer. Lets stick to the subject.

      • excecutioner

        well said mancer! god delusions have no place here. keep them to yourselves. better yet, seek help.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          So there I was out there in theoretical time and space..
          Passing Kaku's ship on the right.
          Whee…. the creation of the Universe.
          All we know about the Universe…
          Heading to towards what we don't know…the mystery.
          The true matrix.
          In the meantime, the sun rises behind chemtrail skies.
          How very far humans are from understanding.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Agree nuknomore , no need to seek dividing dynamics in details.

  • DeSwiss DeSwiss

    ''Nuclear Official: Fukushima radioactive leaks getting out of control…''

    Getting? Getting?? When was it ever in control??? :-/

    • We Not They Finally

      Their PR sham has certainly spinned out of control!! I don't think that ordinary Japanese have been buying this for a long time now — they are just frightened. But now the whole world gets a glimpse. And their "BIG idea" to go kill off the world's Pacific Ocean because "they have no choice" is a bad one. They need to EVACUATE Northern Japan as they should have done in the first place. Then force the contaminated water INLAND, not out to sea. Unless their next "big idea" is that Japan is savable. It's not. You've mass-murdered your own country. So at least make SOME effort to spare the ecology of the rest of the world.

  • InfoPest InfoPest

    Just read this article; "Pump and pray" in RT. I think this guy knows what he's talking about. Very Scary Stuff.

    • DannieJ DannieJ

      "I was told that US experts had the idea at the beginning of bombing the reactors into the harbor. Not so stupid in my opinion. That at least may enable them to get sufficiently close to the pieces to pick them up, and should also solve the cooling problem."

      Good read. Also watch the youtube video he links in the article. Notice the year on that video. Busby is the man.

      • We Not They Finally

        BUSBY said that?? No….. We follow Chris Busby. We can't believe that he said that.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Busby first state, "All that they can do is continue to pump in the seawater to hope that the various lumps of molten fuel will not increase their rate of fissioning. And pray. The water will then pick up the radionuclides and flow downhill back to the sea. Of course, they can put up a barrier; surround the plant with a wall. But eventually the water will fill up the pond and flow over the wall. All that water will create a soggy marsh and destabilize the foundations of the reactor buildings which will then collapse and prevent further cooling. Then the Spectacular."

      The later Busby states, "The inventory in terms of the medium half-life nuclides of radiological significance Cs-137, Cs-134 and Strontium-90, is 3 x 10 to the 18 becquerels (Bq) each. Adding these up gives about 10 to the 19 Bq. If we dissolve that entire amount into the Pacific, we get a mean concentration of 33 Bq per cubic meter – not great, but not lethal. Of course this is ridiculous since the catastrophe released less than 10 to the 17 Bq of these combined nuclides and even if all of this ends up in the sea (which it may do), the overall dilution will result in a concentration of 1 Bq per cubic meter. So the people in California can relax."

      So Mr. Busby, which is it then? Should we pray or relax? Fucking moron.

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        And what exactly is the "Spectacular"? If it results in such an easily pooh-poohed 33Bq per cubic meter of water total of radiation in the Pacific what is so "Spectacular" about that? This guy talks out of both sides of his mouth, and his ass……..

        • We Not They Finally

          Busby has actually done amazingly good work and he is very diligent. Maybe this was out of context or very early in the game. He DOES know how serious it is. He would not even travel to Japan because he said he lost so many colleagues in Chernobyl. He's been a very GOOD anti-nuclear advocate for decades. I'll bet he is NOT making these suggestions now.

          • Kassandra

            Something is up with Busby. I believe he's been told in no uncertain terms to play down the GLOBAL scale of Fuku. I've seen him in 2 separate interviews do this and it doesn't make sense.

            Compare what he said in this recent interview at RT with what he said in 2011 to RT

            Busby says this now about global scaleL

            "1017 Bq of these combined nuclides and even if all of this ends up in the sea (which it may do), the overall dilution will result in a concentration of 1 Bq per cubic meter. So the people in California can relax. In fact, the contamination of California and indeed the rest of the planet from the global weapons test fallout of 1959-1962 was far worse, and resulted in the cancer epidemic which began in 1980.


            Dr. Chris Busby (2011c) reported on the Russian television network RT on August 17 that air filters from Tokyo are showing levels of Cesium-137 that are 1000 times higher than the levels of that radionuclide found in the air at the peak of atmospheric atomic weapons testing in 1963.[i] Busby also stated that plant emissions were reported to the Japanese Prime Minister by Tepco to be 10 to the 13 power becquerels per hour.

            Dr. Christopher Busby interviewed by Russia Today (RT) and uploaded to YouTube “Christopher Busby: Chernobyl-like radiation found in Tokyo,” [RussiaToday] YouTube (uploaded 2011, August 17):

    • flatsville

      By spectacular I believe he means an uncontrolled fissioning event brought on by collapse or shaking…like we don't have that now.

      This was a poorly reasoned and written article.

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        This has to be a perception-management effort on Busby's part to convey 1) a dilution-based minimal Pacific ocean effect, and 2), a minimal 1 klic "sea-to-land" transfer effect on the north-south Fuku eastern shore.

        When tempco loses cooling of the SFPs and common pool, or one or more of the reactors collapses, or both, the real problem will become a "land-to-world" transfer effect of incalculable magnitude, which isn't directly mentioned in the article.

        Fuku wasn't a water management problem before, and it isn't now; it was a gargantuan and expensive containment and reprocessing task such as is being successfully undertaken at Chernobyl, which type of task in Fuku is now an idea whose time has past.

    • "And what about the future? The future is bleak. I see no way of resolving the catastrophe." – C. Busby

      I disagree with Mr. Busby on 2 points in this article.

      1. "…the Pacific Ocean is big enough for this level of release not to represent the global catastrophe that some are predicting." – Busby

      I guess that depends on how one defines Global Catastrophe.

      2. "It is not eating the fish and shellfish that gets you – it’s breathing. " – Busby

      I would say, that depends on where the fish come from and how far they swim.

      • We Not They Finally

        I think point 2 is referring to "hot particles." Though OF COURSE fish is getting too deadly to touch. And OF COURSE "dilution" becomes a myth. The percentage of the world's plankton being killed off ongoing, by itself, doesn't think that it is because of "dilution." And Busby knows about bio-accumulation.

        He's a very weather-worn guy. He saw the horrors of Chernobyl close up and can't believe that mankind did it again but now so very much WORSE.

        • Kassandra

          I think there is a sleight of hand here and it is the hydro-volcanic eruptions of radioactive steam into the atmosphere.

          The powers that be want to us to focus on the ocean because of its size and the seeming dilution of radionuclides.

          In truth destruction of the Pacific is a global problem, but I think the powers that be think it is easier to trivialize ocean contamination than acknowledging the atmospheric releases, which have been quite large over the summer of 2013.

          • Kassandra

            Sleight of hand is not by Busby, who I actually admire, but by those allowing and facilitating this media surge on Fukushima.

            I think Busby was warned about any global discussion of contamination just the way i think Gundersen was told to steer clear of unit 3.

            I've seen/heard both of them engage in abrupt non-sequitors in response to direct questions on these issues.

            • We Not They Finally

              Interesting. We don't always get the back stories on how high-profile activists CAN function in this climate. But if they make the slightest slip-up, then they are called frauds and smeared. So sometimes they are more cautious than they really feel.

          • +1

            "…easier to trivialize ocean contamination than acknowledging the atmospheric releases…" – Kassandra

            Although I'm sure some 'expert' number cruncher will tell us at some point that the atmosphere is even bigger than the pacific. So a few contaminated particles will dilute. Plus the odds that it will be YOU are miniscule. IMO – It's all rhetoric at this point!

        • Tim Deere-Jones Report; Marine Fukushima Radioactivity In Sea Water; via @AGreenRoad

    • fockewulf190

      Looks like NHK has taken some heat from the powers that be in Japan…they have killed all of the links above that were from the NHK website. The current stories shown on their english site are much more tame. Can't scare those tourists away!

      • We Not They Finally

        Well, it' the same with RT. Like Thom Hartmann (who is a VERY good guy) appears on both RT and has a daily radio show in the U.S. And he's talking about The China Syndrome on RT, but in the U.S., he doesn't talk about Fukushima at all. He has to know that that kind of repressive climate here is bad, but he has to maintain his right to broadcast. The fascist media structure here hurts us big-time every day.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    And now nobody, but nobody, even mentions plutonium.
    But that tiny little mote of plutonium, (1/50,000,000g, considered a lethal dose) from one of the nuclear cores at Fukushima, that you just inhaled while jogging this morning, will cause your death, by cancer, in fewer years than you imagine you have left.

    Meanwhile, just west of town, there is a nuclear plant that, because of public pathy and inaction, is allowed to continue to operate, probably under a 20 year license extension the NRC used to hand out like candy. 😉

    No nukes. Peace.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes. Those "hot particles." There is a great article by Paolo Scampa on agreenroad blog from over a year back that there were already THIRTY THOUSAND BILLION lethal doses of plutonium circulating around the world.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Subsidence at Fukushima should seal the deal. They measured Reactor four back in April 2013 and it dropped 5' 6" so I imagine now it is around six feet. Looks like the entire facility could slip into the sea . They keep talking about how big the Pacific is and no need to worry it will dilute the isotopes but I have read that dilution is no solution. Yet the article posted by InfoPest states otherwise and I hope that guy is right as I have read the exact opposite. Does anyone know if that is indeed the case as stated in the RT article that the Pacific will dilute the radiation and that the west coast has nothing to worry about? Thanks in advance.

    • dosdos dosdos

      Currently 77 inches at the center of the unit, and not level.

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Wow over six feet and sinking, Thanks dos.

        • We Not They Finally

          msb, most say that "dilution" is a crap theory. A) NO radioactivity is safe; B) this is escalating daily; C) bio-accumulation will MAGNIFY the radioactivity up the food chain; D) this gets worse, not better, generationally into the future; E) we are only told ONE radioisotope at a time and there are 1,946 radionuclides, many of them VERY deadly-dangerous to health and to the ecology. Then there is F through Z.

          All "dilution" says is that less is better than more. Better for the world to be less dead than more dead. I could have told you that….

      • razzz razzz

        dosdos; Have a link to backup that 77" number?

        The entire site and local coastline sank almost 36" during the Great Quake before the tsunami even arrived.

    • dopestone dopestone

      Isn't dilution a broken argument? If Cesium is a muscle seeker and Strontium a bone seeker then won't the isotopes bio-accumulate their way to the top of the food chain.

      It will dilute, but by dilute I think they mean it will leave the ocean in the form of food and concentrate in coastal populations until they are decimated by cancer and death repeated for hundreds, thousands, millions of years (if we can survive that long)

      Am I wrong? Not seeing too much being reported on bio-accumulation, a lot of these "experts" are acting like we can just poop these isotopes out and vuola! no more radiation!

      • We Not They Finally

        dopestone, you're not wrong. And one of the scariest things is that radiation gets WORSE on through the generations, not better. So a normal seeming child is more likely to produce a genetically deformed grandchild and the like. Once it is in the gene pool, it STAYS there.

        • dopestone dopestone

          Yes. I fear for my children, they are so healthy and happy now but I fear for them.

          I try to see things from every angle, I mean, I just watched 90 minutes of Galen Winsor talking about handling weapons grade plutonium with his bare hands at Hanford in the 1950's and him swimming in and drinking from a spent fuel pool. The man lived to be 82 and was exposed to lethal doses on a daily basis. (It's rumored he died of Leukemia but still 6 years past his life expectancy)

          I feel as if though our universe is glitching, Schroedinger's style. Two realities co-existing at the same time purely from the state of mind of those who exist in it. Mind over matter.

          I feel as if though the sleeping giant is simply our hearts opening up to love and acceptance for one another, but that is a concept that only Jesus seemed to be able to grasp. Is there so little faith in our world that there is no one there to part the waters for us?

          • We Not They Finally

            VERY well said. But even physiologically (aside from conscious lifestyle choices)we have big gaps about why some people are more resistant to disease than others. And yes, now more than ever, we need to awaken compassion.

          • It is one thing to swim in a filtered nuclear reactor pool that has 'fresh' water in it and fresh fuel, which is almost non radioactive. This stunt spreads the myth that all things nuclear are 'safe'.

            But then let let that 'safe' to handle stuff fission inside a reactor for awhile and produce electricity for the life of those rods.. That safe fuel gets SUPER HOT, both in temperature and radiation lethality. The longer it is in there, the hotter and more lethal it becomes.

            If some pro nuclear apologist really wants to show off, let him show how brave he is and pick up a piece of spent fuel rod, fresh out of a 'spent' fuel load coming from a nuclear reactor. He will be dead within minutes and if lucky, maybe days, depending on how big a piece he handles and for how long. If he drinks unfiltered water from a spent fuel pool at Fukushima, odds are the same thing will happen.

            You can fools somes of the peoples somes of the times, but you cannot fools alls of the peoples alls of the times.

        • dopestone dopestone

          We Not They Finally,

          To touch on the generational damage done. I liken it to damaged code, I mean, we each live our individual lives but this individuality is reliant on the DNA code that is stored within us and transferred when we procreate.

          Mutations remind me of the blocky glitches you see in a videogame or a bad signal because the code is missing. Radiation not only terminates you, it terminates your entire lineage going back to the beginning of life on Earth. That is more than just death, it is a new definition of death.

          I remember being told when taught about relative tense that you can not use "dead deader deadest" but i feel as if though we are reaching new definitions of what death is.

          • Hello dopestone..maybe it is a good idea to get our blood frozen..later on our dna might be damaged if we decide to have children. The blood we have now may be unaffected at present. I for one wouldn't want to pass on damaged dna to my offspring.

            Perilous times we live in for sure.

    • razzz razzz

      Dilution for fallout is fallacious as the effects of radiation's long half lives are accumulative owing to the food chain. Relative to human life spans, the stuff never goes away.

      Dilution in the sea in a misnomer for in reality particles (silts) in the ocean trap pollution, radioactive or not, and any pollution begins acting like a traveling plume and does not disperse right away. Same as a radioactive cloud in air, travels as a plume takes awhile to evenly disperse to become part of a background radiation reading. I think Woods Hole confirmed that scenario recently, couldn't have been more than a week ago I was reading that.

      Recently California had flyovers by choppers over San Fran., LA and San Diego to name a few cities, to monitor (new from Daiichi fallout) radiation levels, shortly thereafter new higher 'safe' background radiation levels were reset including levels for food and water.

      • dopestone dopestone

        Yes I remember this. I believe it was an executive order.

        • We Not They Finally

          Oh, that "wonderful" Gina McCarthy, new head of the EPA. She ran the Office of Radiation Monitoring during the original Fukushima aftermath and was skillful at turning the monitors OFF. Apparently as a reward, she was promoted!!!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A 'pave job'..huh?
    Too bad the TEPCO officials aren't under it.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    They will need steel mesh in their asphalt to slow it breaking up as it begins to float on the surfaced ground water. Lol. It would be comical if not so ELE. What a bunch or jokers.

    • Gasser Gasser

      Mah-man, look at the bright side of this, never let a catastrophe go to waste, once they pave the Nuclear site area and it gets all lumpy bumpy to bank off the berms it will make the worlds best Hot Wheels International Skate Board Park so kids with a foot or arm growing out of their heads, chest and okoli can do some never before spectacular stunts…just say'…no wait!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    And when a storm surge comes..and washes the soil out from under?
    And it will.

  • SteveMT

    After two years and five months of lies, procrastination, duct tape, supper glue, diapers, and especially denial, the world is told that this emergency is now accelerating. How about setting up a conference call TODAY with the best minds in the world to decide what to do. Such a conference has already been delayed by two-years and five-months. Decide whether to nuke Fukushima or drag in out to the Marianas Trench or sink it at its present location. So much time has been wasted that all of the less radical ways to fix this are unfortunately no longer viable options.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Another earthquake..a further shifting of the fault.. the liquefaction under the pavement?.
    If this wasn't so awful…so would be laughable.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Putting down asphalt over everything to repel rain? Is this what the government is doing to help? Or is TEPCO doing this on their own?

    • We Not They Finally

      They have to KNOW that the radiation will eat through the asphalt. I don't even think they are going for PR anymore. I think they are genuinely desperate.

      And yes, they and other governments can be expected to knee-jerk. Shinzo Abe in Japan is from a "strong man" tradition. Yoichi Shimatsu thinks it is only a matter of time before military dictatorship.

  • SteveMT

    In addition to the reactors going critical, all of that asphalt is going to create more global warming. To minimize this negative impact on the environment, TEPCO will next propose topping the asphalt with AstroTurf to help the facility qualify for a green designation and provide a warm-and-fuzzy appearance for all photo-ops.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Situation is completely out of control .. runaway coriums are continuously changing, as we speak.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Perhaps..the continued geological situation and the motion of the corium has involved a deeper source of groundwater..a greater source. 'catching it's stride'(something else ..I say sometimes).

  • BirdOfTheFeather BirdOfTheFeather

    @ “faster-than-expected swelling” ,, Don't be suprised when one morning you wake to the news that the whole place has gone up (or down) and panic has set in and the store shelves are empty and no gas is to be had ,ect ect

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      No where to run the Southern Hemisphere is not a refuge. Two years ago I thought I would head south if Reactor four toppled (which could happen any day) but now I figure what's the point as it is flowing down there also. BTW thanks Heart for the chuckle concerning asphalt and covering the officials. Always maintain a sense of humor no matter how dire the situation.
      "For a long time, the government and the nuclear industry tried to pretend that they were going to contain radioactive wastes and materials, and that only a small proportion would actually be released. Aside from the very real health hazard that even small continual releases represent, this pretense has now been abandoned in favor of the theory that "the solution to pollution is dilution." Unfortunately, dilution of radioactivity in no way reduces its danger, due to the long half-lives of many radioisotopes, its persistence and accumulation in biological and physical systems, and the fact that its effects are cumulative and irreversible. What dilution and dispersal mean, quite simply, is that they will disguise for all practical purposes for the statistically certain cancers and genetic defects in the population at large by making the sources of such matters untraceable."

      • We Not They Finally

        Yes, that says it! It happens in Japan and someone in Seattle gets cancer and it is somehow "nobody's fault." Growing up post-WWII, cancer was RARE. Now it is COMMON. And without education, people get used to "the new normal." God only knows what it will be now. Pretty unbearable.

        • Ourself Ourself

          I cringe every time I read or head about the idea of the 'new normal'. It's another way of saying we are descending ever deeper into the metaphorical pits of hell, all the while most don't notice it due to normalcy bias and a highly controlled environment – like frogs being slowly boiled to death. God help us.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Its not important whether you hear the truth or not, since the entire point of any modern civilization is to keep you (citizens/slaves/serfs) under varied direct subliminal controls while insuring/keeping all riots out of the streets.

          Riots are not good for the top 2% since it would hurt their bottom lines and its always best to obey all the rules that you (citizens/slaves/serfs) did not write and if not.. the drones are almost ready for deployment.

          You need more and must have more of everything and you must live it, understand it, educate it and then.. "Make it So!"

          • We Not They Finally

            I relate to what you are saying, but it is too easy to sink into despair over "all of us being slaves and serfs." That's a state of mind too; and buying into it (however bad the oppressions and control)doesn't help in breaking out of it.

            I prefer to say, they can't take my mind, they can't take my heart, they can't take my soul. I'm not complicit in this. We surely cannot control evildoers in this world[!], but we can work towards sovereignty of spirit. Not so easy to do? No, not easy to do at all!! It's just that if one can BOTH be a realist, and work to rise above it at the same time, it may be the BEST we can do and then we are better off in ways evil people cannot touch.

            Not preaching here! I find it overwhelming too. I just see a lot of people falling into despair over all this. My husband and I fight that too. We just want to help people keep strong and to keep their human dignity in tact. Peace.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              I am sorry to disagree and no harm or foul meant but…

              We are "All" complicit in this!

              Each (all) of us have allowed ourselves to be manipulated/influenced by others.

              That allowed, shared, enforced, taught (by each of us) manipulation and control has led us all to this "one place in time" and none of us have clean hands regarding any of this.

              We are all guilty…

              • Enlite2.0

                I think you're right. I think it is that conscious 'tag' that allowed me to wake up and realize what was going on, a bit at a time. I would not have survived had I been hit with everything at once- all the subterfuge.

                I read once (forgive the lack of source) that denial is like a blanket keeping us from freezing. As we warm up (wake up) we kick it off. Well meaning 'helpers' might yank it off- and we'd die from exposure.

                I hope the two years + it has taken to reveal what was hypothesized on this site all along has led to many many kicking off their blanket. Almost out of time…

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


                  I like your blanket concept analogy..brilliant!


                  If you are alive today and have ever turned on a light switch anywhere, driven a car and/or voted in any election and/or attended any school.

                  Then you my friend are complicit.

              • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

                I disagree obewanspeaks,

                look at history from 800 to 1608 a.c. and from 1608 a.c. to now, and wonder who fought the devil and who didn't give a damn.

              • We Not They Finally

                obewan, I'm not complicit. Don't speak for me.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


      You are very insightful.

      Its only a matter of time now..

      Best to prepare now for the worst..

      No one is going to stop that ocean from doing what it wants to do..

  • Sol Man

    Re: the groundwater flow – It has been 2 years and 5 months and the spokesman says, "Please give us time to check on this."
    Doesn't sound hopeful at all.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Sooo..even up against Buesseler's three years until arrival scenario..arrival time is 8 months.
    But we all know the currents move much faster than that.
    Now don't we.

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    And as carefully as we all looked up on the internet who was at the roots of 9 11, we now look up who's at the roots of 3 11,

    and anyway …

    • We Not They Finally

      We lived in NY during 9-11. They did some early poll and 40% of NY thought that it was an inside job. And who knows if the other 60% even investigated for themselves. But it became 0% possible to effectively SAY anything.

      It's almost sad that this little website here has such thoughtful caring people but it's not the norm.

      • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

        "0% possible to SAY anything."


        You could have offered me a billion dollar,
        I had not inventd the atomic bomb (preconditioned I could),

        You could have threatened my live,
        I had not dropped it.

        And there were millions out just in NY to talk about it,
        sure, not the upper class.

        • Enlite2.0

          Your message is poignantly poetic, and intense. It is not often one hears someone speak from character of nature, anymore. It is not often one finds a nature in a human, anymore. I treasure the ones I do find.

          In a world filled with relativism I guess it is easier to allow atrocities, depending on the gain to the individual. I just like the integrity of these words.

  • Once a nuclear reactor has been operating for just 3-6 years, it contains more radiation than the detonating 6,000-8,000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. The radiation from a nuclear accident cannot be controlled. When a nuclear accident happens, (such as Chernobyl or Fukushima) all of this deadly radiation is released.

    Here is an article on my news website.

  • ftlt

    The rate of major nuclear melt downs is wholly unacceptable.. One every 20 years now.. And this is threatened to be made worse and worse by international instability (war and economic collapse); extreme weather, natural disasters and sea level rise; poorly engineered facilities and aging plants beyond their design life; etc…

    I really believe this has been made clear now even to many within the nuke industry… The rats are jumping ship even now…

    The longterm cleanup bills and threatened public health issues have eroded most public and political support that the industry had or has… Plus, they are un-insurable and cannot be constructed nor operated without public waivers… I see closure after closure coming soon…

    That said, what do we do with the mess already created???

    Out of sight out of mind has failed… The next wave of cancers that hits the world from Chernobyl soon and FUFU in another 20 years cannot be hidden…

    It will be expensive beyond affordability – is the frightening future that I see… The stuff will just lay there waiting for disaster

  • "Paying visits to historic places where death and suffering occurred is known as “dark tourism.” After taking note that in 2011, or 25 years after the accident, the Chernobyl reactor site has become open to general tourism, a group of individuals in Japan, J-Cast News (Aug 1) reports, is attempting to lay the groundwork for plans to make the No. 1 reactor at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant a tourist spot."