Top U.S. Nuclear Official in Fukushima: We won’t know if molten fuel burned into earth until we get a device inside to look — Expert: All 3 reactor cores may have melted down into groundwater (VIDEO)

Published: February 11th, 2014 at 9:36 am ET


CBS News, Mar. 16, 2012 (at 3:00 in):

  • CBS: Had [the plant manager not flooded the reactors] we now know that the cores may have burned all the way into the earth, releasing untold amounts of radiation.
    Charles Casto, leader of Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    at Fukushima: You really won’t know until you get in there and can get a video camera or some device in there to know what really happened.
  • CBS: How long will that be?
    : It could take years to understand exactly what happened.
    >> Watch the broadcast here

Interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott, MD, Feb. 9, 2014:

  • At 2:45 in: Units 1, 2 and 3… turned into molten lava, [melted] on to the containment floor made of steel and concrete — and it is not known, but there’s quite a strong possibility that 1, 2 or 3 of them could have melted their way right into the earth.
  • At 4:00 in: Now there’s molten cores, 3 of them, extremely radioactive, which are bring bathed by the water coming down from the mountains because the containment vessels are broken and the water pours in – and/or 1 or 2 or more of the cores are in the earth being bathed by the water. And that water is incredibly radioactive. Every day since March 11, 2011 300 to 400 tons of radioactive water have been pouring out into the Pacific.
    >> Full interview available here

See also: [intlink id=”govt-experts-warn-about-mass-of-corium-melting-deeper-than-claimed-by-japan-govt-and-tepco-could-be-eroded-more-extensively-than-announced-very-significant-differences” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 11th, 2014 at 9:36 am ET


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84 comments to Top U.S. Nuclear Official in Fukushima: We won’t know if molten fuel burned into earth until we get a device inside to look — Expert: All 3 reactor cores may have melted down into groundwater (VIDEO)

  • PeterC

    Japan, tell us who ordered the nuclear bombing of unit#3, all energy of the Universe is waiting…

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    ~~~ Build A Bigger Breakwater – NOW!! ~~~

    Casto: It could take years to understand exactly what happened. "

    URGENT message to everybody at Fshima: Study Hall is FINISHED, your time is done, the bell has rung… Quit standing around there with all your little toys probing into cracks. It doesn't matter if the corium is 1-millimeter left/right/up/down.

    You EXPERTS have done a good job over the past 2 years; you have succeeded in spray-painting a line in the dirt forming a rectangle around 1/2/3/4 showing where to build the first icewall. Everybody deserves a cookie.

    • arnoldinup

      I agree 110% !! The whole scene, all of the 'authorized' 'foto ops', all of the homeless people aren't going to put Humpty back together again ….. ever. It's like the people in the foto's have one thumb up their butt, and the other in their mouth, all waiting for someone to yell …. READY…. SWITCH !!
      The really astonishing and disconcerting element to all of this is the absolute refusal of mainstream media to talk about it.
      I believe that 21stCentury, post-industrial man has become a plague on the face of the earth.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Bigger fence. bigger stockpile of crap as a result. OK now what?
      Allow it to evaporate garbage into the air forever. AND DO WHAT WITH ALL THAT SCREAMING HOT WATER?

      • bf9 bf9

        A second breakwater making an isolated harbor would only succeed in damming up the underground river, water levels would rise and the whole site could/would collapse. Build the upstream or complete underground wall, without the water flowing out of the plant the rad levels would skyrocket exponentially from what they already are due to the same water just sitting there.

        It's a really fukued up situation.

        Gotta figure out some way to"cut out" and take the entire SFP's out in one piece on a giant/crazy apparatus, lower and move it inland away from the ocean and then worry about building an extraction crane for removal. And like…quickly before the next big quake. Then build the deepest underground wall ever, earthquake resistant as can be, and bury the buildings in boronated materials. I don't have a solution for the China Syndrome coria but I just don't see any other way to do this.

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        Too bad I missed submitting my info, was busy working my job. I'm not getting paid like all these EXPERTS are..

        Here's the silly haystack of proposals TEPCO is twiddling with..

        Here's a recent article about that haystack of confusion..

        Over the past 60 years, the nuke-industry's success rate for cleanup & decommissioning fission has been NOT GOOD & very inefficient. The quicker we quit being confused about Fshima, then the quicker we can fix all the other nuke-mess worldwide in our "War on Nukemess".

        Quickly pay attention to the details & get the big picture, or get off the battlefield.

        We are dealing with a very wet nukemess stuck in a beach.
        I have a lot of experience doing waterfront construction & demolition.

        The bigger breakwater is the outer offshore ring of containment for ocean protection, plus it will serve other purposes in the future strategy until cleanup is complete [hopefully in years & decades and NOT centuries]. A big-breakwater will become the outer foundation of aerial cable cranes, and the foundation of a possible dome roof in the future.

        Look careful at the picture I submitted, included in there is an outer uphill icewall diverting upslope water from entering the entire complex.

        Small inner icewall is good & Larger outer…

        • 21stCentury 21stCentury

          Quit looking at the huge mess with microscopes & endoscopes ONLY.. use binoculars too.

          Small inner icewall is good & Larger outer containment is very important. The whole project is always going to be massive water management, containment & filtration. Cutting down the water thruput, then using the pooled water as a moderator. The water will become a very useful tool for cleanup, just like washing the dishes with a fixed amount of water and not leaking one more dirty drop.

          A multi-ringed system of outer breakwaters will also address the hot-mess littered on the sea-bottom. This will quickly reduce further ongoing ocean contamination.

          A much larger outer impound pool will allow floating equipment to operate more effectively. We will need many-many barges of many different types; barge-cranes, excavators, drills, dredges, filtration, washdown, etc-etc; a massive flotilla of marine equipment.

          The parkinglot is choked with storage-tanks and the roadways are not big enough to allow properly sized equipment. the mobile cranes you see in there now are at the upper limit of operational size & ground weight loading on the unstable soils.

          Don't stop just building a bigger breakwater, keep building a outer industrial harbor there and include a LNG import terminal, and burn the LNG in the units 5&6 powerplants.
          A lot of power is need to quickly freeze the icewalls, but not much power is needed to keep them frozen, windmills will work for that.

          • Ontological Ontological

            Search back in ENE news files. They have tried everything. Endoscopes fried. All attempts failed at photographing the leaks. They even photo shopped a few. The toy boat they play with now is able to withstand the hard radiation. So only in the last month or so have they been able to determine how the leaks actually are leaking. Took them 3 years to make this new toy. Pathetic. Monitor cameras should have been in place when they CONSTRUCTED the "plant".
            Ice wall is useless due to weight constraints of the disturbed aggregate below. The more they back this water up, the higher the backed up toxin amounts go into the groundwater, and will eventually find ways into the sea anyways. Your technical suggestions are already proven difficult, if not impossable. Something needs to be done, there I agree. We will scrap a lot of flotilla doing it. No doubt the trench will get all of this used deconstruction equipment dumped in it eventually.

            One third of the water, one third of the ships, yep sounds about right.

          • J.

            Anyone who has ever filled a butane lighter knows how the canister rapidly chills. Is this the mechanism you're suggesting with LPG? Essentially the compression/decompression used in AC&R setups?

            • 21stCentury 21stCentury

              LPG = R-290 refrigerant

              Purified-propane is a good cheap bulk industrial refrigerant that can be used in windmill powered icewalls. The small windmills can be made from recycled junkyard automotive air-con units.

              The refrigerant is used to chill a glycol or brine circulation for freezing the wet soils.

              The LNG at Fshima can be imported from Russia, Canada & Alaska and can displace the need to keep refueling & running the dangerous old BWR-nukes. LNG-regasification makes a lot of freezing glycol for use in icewalls.

              I'm ok with temporarily restarting the idled nukeplants because they are just as dangerous sitting there stuck in the middle of a fuel cycle as they are when in operation. So, I think it's ok to plan to run them once more until the next & final scheduled shutdown. And certainly add more basic safety features ASAP [xtra backup power&water]

              There is big opportunity to quickly revitalize Fshima-NPP as a busy LNG import facility and industrial zone after we get the hazards cleared out of the way; unload the SFPs and sink the reactors under an impound pool of freshwater.
              –yes it would be good to sink the blown reactors & coriums 30meters under a below sea-level pool of freshwater.

              In ten more years we might have the technology to trap & convert tritium into abundant clean electricity.


        • J.

          Japan is an advanced industrial nation with first-rate technologies in the construction industry. The capacity to mitigate is much greater than being implemented. This massive governmental failure — the counting of one yen coins one by one — is going to haunt Japan forever, I think. I hope I'm wrong and that some efforts are being made that are being kept under wraps for whatever reason. I've read nothing to suggest that, alas.

  • Socrates

    It seems very obvious that water from the mountain runs downhill, and that one or more cores have melted through any and all containment. Why is this such a difficult concept? Maybe because it means spending hundreds of billions of dollars for little results.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      The water runs off the mountains..yes.
      But that is only part of the problem.
      The problem is the underground water..the aquifer on which the plant is built.

      • Socrates

        Yes, we all know that aspect, which is very important.

        • john dpugh

          I am sure they know it all from the beginning , just like everyone else here.
          It s all about media tactics that they only give bits and pieces of information each time.
          Until the public gets so numbed down about fukushima that they can sell us anything they want .
          All they have to do is , just keep repeating more and more misinformation about the subject and after a while public will loose interest .
          Just like occupy movement or 9/11 truth movement it all fades away in time. Eventually public looses attention and they are ready to accept any news (lies) , no matter how extreme they are .

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Correct! 🙁

          • zogerke zogerke

            But after 911 though it took seven years there is a medical registry that covers tens of thousands of people and covers our healthcare till we die…at least covers us for proven related conditions, like copd and bronchitis and asthma, GERD, even cancers from our exposures. The public may have forgotten but we are being cared for. Unlike fuku where there is no acknowledgement and the scope of damaged health in humans and the ecosphere will be in the millions $ plus. As majia writes in her book, the risk is privatized,it is out of our own pocket, no coverage, no relief, just denial and lies.

            • john dpugh

              They will never admit it . They will keep covering it up.
              Millions of people who will get sick or cancer because of fukushima will not even know it .

            • Ontological Ontological

              Cared for…They catch it "just in the nick of time" They do what they can to bill the hell out of your insurance, saw bones and whatever other horrible procedure. Then put you put to pasture all alone and unaccounted for TO FEND FOR YOURSELF!. Great health care NOT!

              • zogerke zogerke

                OT with apologies. @ Ontological….Agreed in general. Yet So far my healthcare for wtc 911 diseases has been decent and covered in full. Do not know how much i will have to fight if gad forbid i get cancer from that mess. But the care i got for pulmonary illnesses was decent. And i am a fighter in a healthcare system. I have also seen so many people i love love love get decimated destroyed from the battle to get decent care, any real choices, medical competence of any kind. And then one filthy doctor or nurse or food tray in a hospital and you come home with C diff or MRSA and that can kill you too. I have been without insurance many years of my life. I am grateful for what ive got now, as long as it lasts.

                • zogerke zogerke

                  Was just saying the specific care you get if you are part of the wtc registry of responders… decent. And weird. And saying that, we do not expect anything decent from fukushima atomic poisons or any nuke exposures. Or military exposures either. And wtc my medical care is part of a national study of health effects from that 911 mess and so is covered. at least for now. I am so sorry for your medical troubles and feel great respect for your tenacity.

                • Ontological Ontological

                  I was basically called a mindless idiot by these 'doctors'? here in Las Vegas, because I INSISTED it was a fuel flea, and that I had aggressive skull cancer. How could a Neanderthal minimalist with no money ever know anything THAT intelligent? As a burden to society I could never know anything medical. When I got to UCLA head and neck cancer center, I was asked by there most prominent people why I have not SUED these idiots here! I get back after to find out they changed the laws here in 2001, and you can't do shit about there lack of any health care whatsoever! I worked 30 years for this disrespect due to old age Medicare primary insurance.
                  Sorry for OT I was commenting to above posts. I get so pissed off when I read about how these shills claim no one has had any health effects as of yet, no one has died. Only millions of animals. The Human deaths are being covered up.

            • Socrates

              Yes, the profits are privatized while damages are socialized or externalized…. such as damage to the commons, or to the public health.

        • Socrates

          Soils engineers knew of the mountain aquifer. Geologists knew of the seismic risks. Tsunami zones were known to the inhabitants. Design defects were known to GE on the Mark I.

          The plant location was atop mudstone. They intentionally cut down closer to the ocean and sea level to save money. They used fill dirt.

          This was all done knowingly. They took that risk and gambled away their future. The USA does the same. It was our project to promote nuclear power in Japan to keep them away from oil in the Dutch Indies. The deal promised economic prosperity for Japan without wars for oil, rubber and tin. We sold the technology and now Japan sells it to other countries. Canada and Australia provide the uranium ore. Their is reprocessing, too.

          • Ontological Ontological

            I have indicated many times in the past, they indeed did this DELIBORATELY! They knew if this ever really DID happen it was the ONLY way they could keep the corium under wraps. We would all be dyeing if this all went in the air. Oh we are dyeing, well then I guess were green eggs and tritium ham, you are after all, what you eat. OH and the meal will be self heating just pop it out of the freezer and allow to cook on the counter top.
            The gamble was based on the good old convenient lie, "it wont happen in our lifetimes, we have data to prove that". I fear many of the people that made that original claim, were correct however.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The world has other priorities and this one was a 50 billion dollar one… one cares.

    Death/cancer/disease must be a good thing for profits..

  • GQR2

    The news anchor said, Today Fukushima is in a safe condition. What a giant lie. It also struck me as if for the first time,that the cores were already submerged – the reactors built into the basement.

    according to Casto the plant operator acted in a rogue manner and began with the sea water coolent.
    Seems to indicate that it was hopeless and they knew it.
    Did't Tempoc recently report that tides levels can be measured inside the reactor buildings. my guess is they're all catastrophically compromised.
    Casto is a liar they understood completely what happened within hours.

    • SpeakEZ SpeakEZ

      GQR2, in case you haven't already done so, checkout Hatrick Penry's most recent video which confirms what Casto knew based on FOIA documents. You are absolutely correct that he was certainly misleading in this interview! Hatrick Penry has done excellent research uncovering the hoax regarding the status of reactor #4's spent fuel pool.

      • GQR2

        I have checked him out. In fact i sing one of the chorus of his song about Fukushima. Its like a bad dreama. He has done so much work. The citizens have so much information. These are the videos that need to go viral. This is the cover-up to end all cover-ups. How long it stays covered? Somehow the evidence will out, undeniably. all around. It will be rush to cover their hind ends.(we can hope)

        Really there is no plausible denibility here, just bald faced lies.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This will never be fixed.. 🙁

    • Socrates

      Spraying salt water on it was cosmetic, causing formation of buckyballs. But nowhere in the NRC FOIA documents do we see Casto being against it. Now he grumbles, "I ain't standard; it isn't in the Manual…"

      He was the first panic. Monday morning quarterbacking on a nuclear site…. Remember John Belushi? "I can handle it!"

      Next time they build a nuke plant in an earthquake and tsunami zone it will be different. Let's build some on the Gulf of Mexico to finish the work begun by BP.

      • Ontological Ontological

        Why wasn't there a huge barge that makes fresh water available in the harbor, LIKE THERE SHOULD BE IN EVERY NPP STATION! Oh yes back to, they just cannot get past their own impossible GREED.

        • Socrates

          If you try to maximize profits, skipping on safety and cutting labor costs is usually steps one and two. Plus, the image of nuclear safety is destroyed by a safety net.

          There are no parachutes in airliners, for example. But airliners cannot kill everyone in Tokyo.

          You should never bet the farm.

          • J.

            As Martin Sheen has reportedly pointed out in his anti-nuclear video, one airplane can indeed destroy a major metropolitan area. It simply needs to fly into a nuclear power plant. (Indeed, the airliners that crashed into the WTC towers reportedly flew over NPPs en route.)

            The USA's DOD was provably unable or unwilling to protect even its own headquarters from a commercial aircraft on 11 September 2001. How can the USA or any other country protect all of the commercial NPPs? There is no way to make these plants safe enough to continue operation.

  • bozzy54

    To enenews,

    Who are u ?


  • sworldpeas

    Nuclear power
    Man wins the Darwin award
    Nothing left but goo

    • Socrates

      There was a balance of nature that man upset with his technology.

      Does anyone believe that the ecology of North and South America was improved by the events following 1492?

      The ensuring Columbian exchange was one aspect; but man ripped nature a new one, and now she'll do the same to man.

      Symbiosis means "with life" or "living together" in mutual harmony, neither law is followed by man who wishes to "conquer" nature. The footprint of modern civilization is staggering. No technology can restore balance. We will pay the ultimate price for our little gadgets and massive consumption.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Now there’s molten cores…which are bring bathed by the water coming down from the mountains because…the cores are in the earth being bathed by the water." Dr. Helen Caldicott

    The Pacific Ocean Ecosystem is toast.
    TEPCO is broke. TEPCO is toast.
    Japan is in a depression in the midst of a stock market crash, while sickness is spreading. Japan is toast.

    No aid of any kind will be forthcoming from any quarter.
    No underground wall is under construction.
    Little useful work is being done there.
    TEPCO's response is to drill more sampling holes.
    All they seem to be doing is moving contaminated water around, and chasing new leaks.
    Oh, and revising old rad readings upwards.

    It is becoming more and more clear that those webcam observers who have been reporting fewer and fewer workers, and less and less work being done with the cranes, are actually seeing a winding down of the effort. Perhaps it is true that nothing more can be done, due to high rads. I see higher and higher rad readings all over the US now. Perhaps TEPCO will simply pull out. There is, after all, nothing more to be done. Right? 😉

    • bf9 bf9

      Right! There is nothing more to do, or that could POSSIBLY be done…/sarc

      My goodness, this whole situation would be HILARIOUS if it wasn't so damn tragic.

    • Ontological Ontological

      I put coconut oil on my toast. No butter. No toast for that matter, oh I forgot were being exterminated.

    • Shaker1

      With my western cultural discipline, it's quite unsettling to see something this far from any control. But I'm sure, as little as the language can sometimes allow us, we all realize that the entity Tepco for this situation hasn't existed since very early on, and what might be seen is first, Japan abandoning the problem, and the rest of the political powers then doing the same. And one gets the feeling that, when even what is going on now at Chernobyl is viewed in the same light, the effort there is just some political economic scheme with the nuclear contamination threat a distant second as consideration, a make-work type of effort that's a sop to those who might be concerned. Honestly, that's all I ever saw as reasoning for the French efforts in Fukushima, an economic opportunity, maybe a dry run for technology that France might use as statistics catch up with them and their nuclear dream. One asks where the Germans were if it were anything really more than that. The US has nothing, as there has been and never will be an private investment in nuclear remediation beyond someone with a good idea, not as a necessary component of the culture, and the military, whether they call it to DOE or the DOD, has little more than soap and brooms and time as a 'plan'.

      Maybe what's needed is an imaginative coder to come up with a computer simulation for various stages of radioactive exposure, give it the visual component that we seen to covet nowadays, to get the point across.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Outstanding post, Shaker1! Many thanks. 🙂

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        The apple Alar Scare back in '86 got more airplay and action by the gov't than all the nuke issues combined, which is telling in itself, no?

        Loved this quote from the Chicago Tribune:
        "Never mind the scientific evidence, says Consumers Union: “It is not the size of the risk but its moral offensiveness that makes the public respond so strongly.“ In fact, what makes the public respond so strongly is that it gets information about one risk without getting the information needed to make sense of it.

        The result is exaggerated fears leading to hasty actions that may leave us in greater peril, not less. Coping with risk is one of the endless government tasks of the modern age. Alar is a case study in how not to do it."

        Amazing how nothing's changed, ain't it? If you want something to change you have to do it yourself, although it's getting harder and harder to do thanks to gov't.

        About the "imaginative coder" comment. There's I figure about 100 ways of helping people to deal with what's going on. For example as I've mentioned before, use cheap micro air and land sensor platforms to map out radiation levels in all human occupied space in near real-time and display that information as a color overlay with elevation gradients on a 3D map and in a Google Glass like device HMD. Then people can see where to go and not go. As NPR so astutely observed, radiation from these disasters are going to be with us for along…

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          time. But where are all the "techies"? Oh that's right, they're working for gov't shills. BTW, any wonder the FAA is getting involved to shutdown modelers so they don't "see" something they shouldn't? Evil bastards. Texas evidently has a law immunizing companies from prosecution if they're caught by a modeler viewing them through a camera.

        • Shaker1

          I guess in some respects something like the Alar episode does give one insight into this. There is a difference, though. With Alar, one just didn't eat apples if they were concerned.

          One is dealing with something very fundamental in fear. It's a survival tactic. Like anything that's taken too far, it can become debilitating, but I see no harm in fear that stays within the bounds of being careful.

          Here we have a visual event that is entertained in over 400 places 24/7. That chance of recurrance might actually be a statistical fact. Entertaining fear might seem appropriate. Even with knowledge that makes one feel more comfortable, the reactions such as what you suggested "cheap micro air and land sensor platforms to map out radiation levels in all human occupied space in near real-time and display that information as a color overlay with elevation gradients on a 3D map and in a Google Glass like device HMD" seems quite a waste in comparison to properly entertained fear. I think the suggestion's good, as the episode is here. But it's kind of a half-assed way to be comfortable, don't you think? As all people have limitations, life seems naturally neurotic. Knowledge such as this just strengthens the cord that holds the sword over one's head, dulls that sword, or fuses the vertabre so that one can't look up, while knowledge put to better use might remove fear's cause. Dealing with fear in this manner is just about fear.

          All in all though, I agree with you.

        • J.

          The global group SafeCast seems to be making good faith efforts to build a network of persons testing for radiation. (I'm not a member yet.) You may wish to check that group.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      We all think about what COULD happen at Fukushima.
      I wonder what actually WILL happen.
      Here goes:

      An underground wall will be built, frozen or steel pilings.
      Spent fuel will be removed to CSFP, and ultimately to dry cask storage yards.
      Efforts to remove reactor fuel from Units1-3 will be abandoned.
      Corium lava tubes will be discovered, and filled with grout.
      The reactor buildings (including basement, torus, containment, and reactor) will be filled with grout.
      The tank farm water will be filtered and dumped.
      FDNPP grounds will be paved over with a thick layer of reinforced grout.
      The harbor bottom will be given a thick layer of grout, and the harbor mouth will be gated.
      Perhaps a sarcophagus will be built over Units1-4.
      Japan will declare a 10km no-go zone around FDNPP, and declare decommissioning completed.
      The year will be 2061.
      The depression will still not be over by 2100.
      The Northern Pacific Ocean will be devoid of higher life forms.
      Human civilization will continue its precipitous decline.
      Thank you kindly, TEPCO. 😉
      If another accident bathes the area in skyshine, and drives workers away, at any point, things will remain in that state (unfinished) "forever". The results of uncontrolled radiation exposure will adversely affect life in the entire Northern Hemisphere.

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        PUN: …you are very practical & realistic in your assessment. Let's hope that the outcome is much better than leaving it as another miserable FAIL..
        ..a deserted paved over moonscape littered with dead bones of those who couldn't remember what had really happened there.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Correct! 🙂

  • PeterC

    You may wish to check out an outstanding report, thanks to France, about March 11, 2011 and the days after, link:

    • Ontological Ontological

      More of this is needed even if it is only half truths. Still good advice. Thanks.

    • byron byron

      Have diff w Turner link w huge spaceship on Moon and large planet crash w Earth..things that can't be so. Perhaps that website is compromised but there is also some Fukushima news. The existence of totally off wall news there makes the F news there suspect.

  • PeterC

    About 20 weeks ago, a FaceBook post led me to wonder… I learned about 600,000 lbs of Uranium & MOX, and I leaned that reactors do not "blow up".

    I have learned about energy. I'm thinking energy is the best/only problem elimination option, at this time.

    Manifestation… Universe energy. It is inside each of us. We are all connected. Each one of us… is Universe energy.

    Japan, who is/are the head of the snake, who ordered the nuclear bombing of unit#3?

  • GQR2

    So lemme get this straight. They just won't know a darn thing about those melting down corii, until they get a device. a device to see it with. m'kay.
    Last i heard mad scientists were on the verge. microchip interface with the brain. And there is nothing,not a single bit of techno f'ing ology to make an educated guess as to where they are?

    The flimsy show of doing something constructive at that plant or helping the global public cope with the consequences of the fall out is maniacal.
    Its beyond evil. Only people waking up the nuclear reality around us, inside us, will there be any restoration of sanity. If that is even possible.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      +1,000 GQR2
      "They just won't know a darn thing about those melting down corii, until they get a device. a device to see it with. m'kay…And there is nothing,not a single bit of techno f'ing ology to make an educated guess as to where they are?"

      "Techno f'ing ology". 🙂

      Where is da damn corium, eh, TEPCO? 😉

      • GQR2

        TY philUpNorth

        Tepco : You talkin to me ?

        Terrence Bickle :ya Tepco we're talking to you. Show us the corium.

        Tepco. "what"

        Jules Winnfield Say "what again Mother&*#!er i dare you.
        "English Mother*#!er do you speak it? "

  • Nick


    This device has yet to be invented.

    Word has it that it will be tested on TEPCO and GE executives before being field tested.

    Gone fission. Back soon.

  • utahruss utahruss

    I still cannot understand how anyone is even walking around on that site considering the realities of Chemistry, Physics and past Real World meltdowns, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island etc.

    Premise for this wonderment is detailed at this link, with links to the information sources quoted and relied upon, primarily published reports within the Nuclear Industry and other Peer Reviewed Papers

    I would appreciate some feedback, corrections, or simply tell me to "Go Pound Sand Mister!"


  • CaptD CaptD

    Breathe N☢ Steam – CaptD

  • rogerthat

    Radiation makes people stupid. So stupid that they can't find something that's bigger than 50 elephants, as hot as the sun, and that literally glows and sparkles in the dark. These people have become so stupid that soon they will be rubbing two sticks together to make fire.

  • Rubbing sticks together to make fire takes lots of energy, intelligence, training, memory and some finesse..

    Radiation brain damage does not allow for any of the above..

    It will probably get down to eating grass, n dirt as an appetizer.

    Been done before, no worries mateee.

  • retali8 retali8

    Does anyone know how to personally get in touch with helen caldicott? We need her for an immigration battle, nobody wants to know when your suffering, they interrogate you and think your twisted.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Retail she has a facebook page.

  • I hope they can do this soon, the world needs to know what the real damage is.

  • rogerthat

    ha ha yes doc, have to admit i tried in vain as a kid to get even a wisp of smoke from rubbing two sticks together. you have to be seriously motivated, i guess