Nuclear Physicist: Most of the fallout from plutonium-containing MOX fuel will drop on U.S., unless very strong winds take it elsewhere

Published: May 18th, 2011 at 5:08 am ET


Interview with Akira Tokuhiro, Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima and the Mass Media, Vivian Norris for Hufffington Post, May 17, 2011:

[…] Fukushima differs from other nuclear reactors in that it uses a dirty fuel or MOX which is banned in many of the countries where nuclear power is a major energy source. My Swedish-Russian nuclear physicist friend is sending me links for reliable radioactivity readings and weather/wind patterns. We must remember some of what is posted on the internet are simulations, not actual readings. But he did add this:

The most terrifying fact is that the Japanese power plants are using ‘dirty’ fuel, which most countries have rejected and banned. Needless to say that the Americans built them. Since the Earth is moving Counterclockwise most of the fall-out will drop on U.S., unless very strong winds take it somewhere else. […]

Published: May 18th, 2011 at 5:08 am ET


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166 comments to Nuclear Physicist: Most of the fallout from plutonium-containing MOX fuel will drop on U.S., unless very strong winds take it elsewhere

  • cossack55

    Ya gotta love irony.

    • Cassie

      Karma is a B as they say.

    • Japan has an annual typhoon season which will start within the next few days or so and continue through September. During this season, the wind reverses and blows inland bringing mega storms and tons and tons of rain. And this time the rain and wind will cover the entire Japanese archipelago with all kinds of radiation, plutonium, cesium etc. And when the reactors start exploding again, the radiative particles will increase even more and more then we will start seeing a massive human tragedy unlike anything ever seen before.

      • Darth


        Summer season weather will be awful for Japan if radiation continues to spew out of FUKU.

        If the fuel hits the ground water will it begin to “burp” jets of radioactive steam into the atmosphere?

        • xdrfox

          there may be a chance a large portion of the “burps” will be filtered in the muck/muds under the reactor the deeper it goes cooling as it tries to escape bubbling up through the muck behind it’s decent and may never reach the air, but the ground and waters though will become so contaminated spreading outwards, Death by either is not a favorable prospect !

  • marsh

    Back to where these reactor designs and the mox fuel came from.

    But hey, you can try to sue GE for that.

    • Ian

      Sue Toshiba, Hitachi, TEPCO and the Japanese construction company that made the plant. It’s the fault of the Japanese for being so incompetent.

      • mikimus rankin

        it is not only japans fault, remember, we helped them build this disaster and were the ones whos government is going so far out of there way to keep it secret. our government is more concerned about trying to keep the economy and the all mighty dollar rolling than protecting the american people from what is the worst disaster in history! gotta love our media black out policy….anything that can make a positive change could damage their plans so lets just cover it all with american idol and shopping at walmart, and when we all die from cancer and radiation poisoning maybe the economy will bounce back. i love america :/

      • delete facebook

        How are you going to sue, if you’re dead? Also, Tepco won’t have any money for the suits. Okay, so, you sue and you live 5 to 15 years and maybe even see a victory… meanwhile your health fails.

        The evil of the whole thing is mind-boggling. Then again, so is the evil of dumping depleted uranium on innocent people. I guess there is something to the notion of karma.

    • Dbug

      Don’t forget to sue whoever made the earthquake.

      None of the reactors, not even number 3, were designed for MOX, so that choice isn’t one to blame on the designers or the manufacturers. U235 when spent becomes U238 among other things, and U238 exposed to neutrons makes plutonium among other things, so all used fuel has some plutonium in it.
      Because Tepco had issues with MOX starting around 2003, they had sent fuel back to France and wouldn’t use it for some time. Other utilities there put it in commercial use before Tepco. When Tepco did finally start using MOX last year, then went with only 6% MOX. Others use as much as 30%.

      Although there is also plutonium in spent fuel that enters recycling programs, MOX is also a way to use up (in diluted form) weapons grade plutonium to dispose of it as agreed in international treaties.

      Plutonium gives of more neutrons than U235 when hit by them, so it takes in the way of fuel rods and/or boric acid to control it. That is the main cause for concern with MOX.

      Making a fuss about differences in fallout from it is misguided. Most of the differences in fallout are from where contamination was throw out directly, as in with fire/explosion, or through steam. In the case of steam the composition is different being weighed towards water soluble isotopes.

      Looks like you’re victims of sensationalist reporting yet again. Isn’t regular fallout enough to be concerned over???

      • Moco

        Dbug. you act awlful trolly.
        Is that an eight dollar an hour job?

        • Dbug

          There’s plutonium in non-MOX fuel too, the main issue is really that MOX is harder to control.

          Uh, Moco… if you take that as a statement that there’s no plutonium, or a conclusion that there’s no fallout, or that it isn’t actually warning of something else, you really need to brush up on your reading and comprehension skills.

  • You are very uninformed on the reality of the situation…
    The nuclear blasts alone sent the radiation on a 300 lap racetrack around the globe… It has spread an even layer all across the planet the entire time lapping the planet several times over and beyond. (as the fallout is likely still in the jets stream), even though Its main deposit was released in march the particles will be falling out for months to come.
    There will be another 2 months for this fallout to extinguish without even accounting for the daily releases following the initial explosions… In fact adding the daily releases only add more fuel to the car while its driver heads round and round. The car will not stop going the distance, until its out of gas.
    This will be next century. when the tank is empty. and the race will come to an end…
    the human race…

    • marsh

      The radioactive particles and the steam never reached the jetstream, because they are not hot enough.

      Remember Chernobyl? This was much hotter and nevertheless the nuclides were distributed all over Europe.

      • The Heated particles are indeed in the jet stream. As the radiation is already documented internationally in food on an almost global scale… I doubt they arrived to europe and asia by train. But it was a Nice try to sabotage real information…

        • extra knight

          definitely the radioactive fallout is in the jetstream, there is no way to avoid this, and this is precisely how it ends up in the pacific northwest, the united states and parts of canada and the rest of the globe including most european countries.

      • GI justice

        Why has the US been complaining for the last 10 years about pollution from China? Because China’s pollution comes right across the pacific and pollutes the US…it takes 4-5 days. Google pllution from china…lots of info. Lets see…if your average everyday pollutants can travel across the pacific in it a form much the same as it left China….why i bet radiation pollution can come across too.

      • mothra

        Radioactive plutonium, uranium, americium, strontium, cesium, iodine and xenon are detected in the US from Fukushima already.

      • glenn

        I have to agree with you that very little radioactive substances would make it into the jetstream. The jetsream flows in the stratosphere and there is not much mixing of gases across the tropopause. It hardly matters though, of course, since the winds in the troposphere move west to east and will carry the pollution to the US anyway. Also the water circulates clockwise around the Pacific Ocean and some will end up on the west coast of the US as oceanic spray.

        • extra knight

          wrong. 😐 yes the radionuclides and radioactive contamination ends up in the jetstream, so does alot of other types of pollution. that’s why
          radioactive isotopes including plutonium, uranium, americium, strontium, cesium, iodine and xenon have ben detected in the US and europe from the destroyed fukushima dai-ichi reactors.

    • mikimus rankin

      very sad but i comlpetely agree and i can only hope that the car gets stalled, but the likelyhood of that happening is slimmer than slim to none.

    • Dbug

      Actually the only thing of concern that breaks down into something safe in a couple of months is the iodine 131. Other items last far longer but the airborne levels will fall from dry particles which settle out of the air, and from others coming down in rainfall (which can bring down much more of it at one time). Unfortunately in both cases it is not gone, just somewhere else. Note that when it is on the ground counters will show readings even if the air is clean. Some get confused over the two and mistakenly conclude that a published airborne value or shift is wrong when it is actually not a measurement of the same thing. It is not unusual to see large variations (hotspots and coldspots) in the distribution of what is brought down in rain.

      Tiny particles of dust, or when around, particles like cesium, act as condensation nuclei, the starting points for formation of rain drops. Rain also depends on the amount of moisture in the air and the temperature. Since falling pressure tends to decrease temperature, pressure is often related as warmer moist air cools.

  • food for thought: G.E. owns comcast; Is this why USA media is blackballing the story… ?

    • Moco

      Comcast has nothing to do with. They are not a news service. The gubbermint runs the rueters and AP, the news networks rely on their feeds. No feeds, no reports.
      Notice that nightly news broadcasts are so similar, every night. They are merely talking head companies. Kinda like the US congress.

      • Calltoaccount

        are you loco moco?


        (NBCUniversal, LLC is owned by Comcast (51%) & General Electric (49%)). Specific assets include:
        E! · Style Network · Golf Channel · Versus · G4 (88%) · PBS Kids Sprout (part owner) · TV One (part owner) · FEARnet (part owner) · ExerciseTV (part owner) · Comcast Entertainment Television · Comcast Television · MLB Network (minority stake) · NHL Network (minority stake) · The Mtn. (50%) · New England Cable News · Comcast Network
        XFINITY · DailyCandy · Fancast · Fandango · · Plaxo · ThePlatform
        Universal Studios: Focus Features · Geneon Universal, Illumination Entertainment • United International Pictures,· Universal Animation Studios · Universal Pictures · Universal Playback · Universal Studios Home Entertainment · Media Rights Capital
        Universal Parks & Resorts: Universal Studios Dubailand · Universal Studios Hollywood · Universal Orlando Resort (Universal Studios Florida · Islands of Adventure · Universal CityWalk) · Universal Studios Japan · Universal Studios Singapore · Universal Studios South Korea
        Broadcast TV assets: NBC · NBC News · NBC Sports · Telemundo · Universal Sports
        NBCUniversal Cable, A&E Television Networks (15%) · Bravo · Chiller · CNBC · Comcast SportsNet · E! · FEARnet · G4 · Golf Channel · MSNBC[nu 4] · Mun2 · Oxygen · ShopNBC (30%) · Sleuth · Style · Syfy · Telemundo Puerto Rico · Universal HD · Universal Sports (50%) · USA Network · Versus · The Weather Channel · Weatherscan
        CNBC global channels CNBC · CNBC Africa · CNBC Asia · CNBC Europe · CNBC Latin America · CNBC World
        CNBC Europe branches Class CNBC (20%) · CNBC Africa · CNBC Arabiya (according to CNBC Europe) · CNBC-e · CNBC Nordic · TVN CNBC
        CNBC Asia branches CNBC-TV18 · CNBC Australia · CNBC Awaaz · CNBC Hong Kong · CNBC Pakistan · CNBC Singapore · Nikkei CNBC · SBS-CNBC
        Universal Networks International: 13th Street · Diva TV · Hallmark Channel (International) · KidsCo[nu 6] · Movies 24 · Steel[nu 7] · Studio Universal · Syfy · Universal Channel
        Syfy global channels: Asia · Australia · Benelux · France · Germany · Japan · Latin America · Poland · Portugal · Romania · Russia · Spain · UK · US
        NBCUniversal Television Group
        NBC Studios · NBCUniversal Television Distribution · Telemundo of Puerto Rico Studios · Telemundo Television Studios · Universal Media Studios
        NBC O&Os KNBC · KNSD[nu 8] · KNTV · KXAS[nu 8] · WCAU · WMAQ · WNBC (New York Nonstop) · WRC · WTVJ · WVIT
        Telemundo O&Os KBLR · KDEN · KEJT-LP · KHRR · KNSO[nu 9] · KSTS · KTAZ · KTMD · KVDA[nu 9] · KVEA · KXTX · WKAQ · WNEU[nu 9] · WNJU · WSCV · WSNS
        ShopNBC O&Os WWDP
        Spanish independent TV station KWHY
        Internet ventures: · Hulu[nu 10] · iVillage ·[nu 4] · Television Without Pity

        • Dbug

          Be sure to watch the latest episode of The Daily Show with John Stewart where the Comcast/NBC/GE deal gets suitable mention.
          An FCC commissioner behind the deal just got hired by Comcast/NBC/GE!

          Demand some changes and restore some of the FCC regulations to pre-Reagan standards

          1) Bring back the 7 AM – 7 FM – 7 TV station ownership limit for corporate ownership

          2) Demand the FCC make public the report that taxpayers paid for by they buried showing damaging effects of media ownership consolidation. (A copy was leaked to Barbara Boxer)

          3) Bring back the commitment on license application/renewal forms to a self-imposed limit on the number of minutes of commercials per hour for all but two weeks of the year! (dropping that rule brought us infomercials, an a level of ads formerly only seen for a week before elections and just before Christmas, oftem 18 or 10 minutes an hour. In the 1960’s, 9 minutes was not uncommon)

          4) Require over time that a minimum set percentage of station owners in each market live within the primary service signal contour (good reception area) of the station. Local owners better serve local communities.

          5) In the license application/renewal also have applicants specify the minimum amounts of how much FREE political time (must be given out in a balanced way), public affairs programming / News, and children’s programming will be aired. Political corruption works primarily through campaign contributions buying influence. We’ve seen that politicians don’t effectively cut that off. Making that money impossible to spend on tv and radio would help immensely.

          Regulation of broadcasters must insure that they operate as trustees of the public interest. Democracy depends on diversity of free media and an informed population so that they will make informed choices.

          If you think news coverage is poor, programming degraded, politics corrupt, advertising excessive, reporting biased by corporate dollars, the CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND THE FCC, and motivate your friends.

        • That was my point exactly… Thanks for filling in the blank so suddenly:)

        • jess

          The scariest element to this tragedy has been the uniformity of the blackout ACROSS THE WORLD, revealing how far the ONE WORLD GOVT consolidation has progressed.

          It is not just American media or even western media. It is now WORLD media and the WORLD agencies have united together to aid and abet Fukushima as a POPULATION REDUCTION endeavor. UN, IAEA EU, NRC… these bodies have acted deliberately and very forcefully IN UNISON to do nothing to solve this.
          Agenda 21, MDGs, CLub of Rome, Rio Earth Summit- the grand plan to bring the grand total down to 500,000 people from 7 billion. They have to start somewhere so they have. Wake up people. This is far bigger than most are willing to admit.

          • SMAK

            I agree Jess. Just go back to several different movies over the years. How many have “fictional” news networks like: GNN = Global News Network or
            WNN = World News Network
            They have been telling us that this is happening for years. Yet the sheeple keep moving through the shearing line. We are slaves unless we chose not to be. There is power in the Blood of Christ

      • Poor Daddy

        I have written my Sen. and Congressman now twice. I have received no response from one, a form letter from another that states how much he is doing for the environment and an invitation to read more @, and a form letter from the other blaming the intransigence of the other “party”. Absolutely appalling. I bundled them all up in a file and sent it to each editor and investigative reporter at the largest newspaper in the state. They’ll probably blow it off too, but keep writing and calling. Its all we’ve got at this point, IMHO. If you wake up 5 people, and they wake up 5, etc.

        • Heart of the Rose

          Plus..let’s clog their systems..get some attention for the people.

        • Franky

          I will be writing too my friend, our so called “representatives” that are not listening will not be getting my votes! Ever!

        • mica

          They do not care. They work for corporations, not you. Just look at GE – who designed those Japanese nuclear plants. The CEO of GE is an Obama cabinet appointee. The Country is now run by giant cartels – oil, banking, military, etc. THEY run the country. And they, and the politicians they own, could not care less about any of us. Writing to these crooks is a waste of time. And voting them out will only open up a space for the next corporate puppet.

          And if you really want to know how ugly things are, check out Leuren Moret’s 12-part talk on Youtube. She’s a whistleblower & had experience with Japanese power plants – having warned them not to build where they did.

          • Dbug

            Don’t give up on pressuring all related officials and agencies. If people don’t speak up, they’ll only hear from the corporations. Our lives are busy with many things, so most of us don’t get involved. That’s part of the problem. I’ve personally seen other legislation that got a critical last voted needed for hearings, that last vote coming as a result of a handful of people that spoke up and met a representative. If your representative ignores you, tell your local media. Most will at least send out a form letter telling you where they stand.

            Pressure for change at the FCC. They’re a bit different since they don’t run for those offices. That means they don’t get campaign money. We need to prevent the other sorts of buy-offs that apparently are happening. We need to have the same level of integrity in those positions as we expect from the court system. Making a decision favoring a corporation then getting hired by them should be prohibited.

            This incident with Comcast isn’t the first. There was a great deal going on behind the scenes with the media consolidation/ownership rules. There were some public meetings with very strong public outcry over the likes of Clear Channel which has held more stations than anyone. There has been some shuffling since with the latest being venture capital groups owning stations. That makes it even harder for members of the public to know who the owners are. Because of the way investment pools are handled, some of the owners may not even know what they own. The certainly doesn’t bode well for stations serving the needs of the communities they are licensed to. (which should ALWAYS be more important than any outside influence).
            Obviously we need to do what we can to improve the EPA and FDA also. Let’s do this while we have a supportive administration. Obviously the last one sold out in every way possible.

            Improving this (FCC) part of government will help democracy work better, essential to best deal with our many energy, environmental, economic, and social issues. If people that care don’t act, who will?

            There have been interesting reports from both Japan and Germany. People really are looking very seriously an alternative energy sources. Besides safety and accident issues, it seems the past analysis of nuclear power that made it look so cheap failed to include costs of dealing with spent fuel and decommissioning. Germany has already been working towards phasing out nuclear power. Initially, it looks like some of the older higher risk plants shut down in March will never be restarted. They have issues like cooling that could be wiped out by airplanes, in some cases even small ones. Japan is looking at geothermal power, something that is used heavily in Finland. With over 100 volcanoes, that’s an option that many of us might not have realized was available to them.

          • terraohio

            Boycott them all! Don’t watch tv. Boycott their sponsors.

            There’s a big revolving door of politicians, politicians’ aides, and journalists and it keeps on revolving.

  • xdrfox

    “MOX which is banned in many of the countries”

    Other countries still suffer deadly from it even them that showed good sense, like the use of Corexit banned in many countries the deadly effects everyone !

    • SteveMT

      The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
      – Karl Marx

      • xdrfox

        “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of
        authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to
        guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.” Daniel Webster

  • Noah

    Plutonium already in play

    It is obvious to conclude more of the same is headed toward North America. What began as a war time project in America, ironically is returning to the place of it’s birth.

    A small group of men, mesmerized by infinite pride and the challenge of the hour, forged the Devil’s hammer. It has slammed against the shore of a nation that purchased it’s seductive power, and now poisons the land that gave it birth.

    In truth, it should have never been born.

  • noradmama

    I am terribly sad. What is a mother of 2 beautiful sweet smiling souls supposed to do? Heartbroken, scared, angry. And why can’t I have a decent conversation about this with my ‘friends’? They are all in denial. You are overreacting. Don’t worry. Only low levels. F–k! We are all doomed. It is so not fair. I am so angry at all the arrogant men, not all men, who invented this kind of crap, who never realized we are all connected and that you can’t create a form of ‘energy’ whose by product is so terribly toxic to life. What were you thinking????? Now my precious sweet children will pay. Screw you bastards! Oh, and I am not allowed to get angry. Screw that too!

    • Steven

      Terribly sad, I believe, is the correct response. You are not alone. Now we must pray for a miracle.

    • Cassie


      Well said, I feel exactly the same way.
      We know something very bad is unfolding.
      We are being lied to and kept in the dark.
      There is no one to talk to about it, everyone else is in denial.
      And we keep being told what to think or feel even in forums like this.
      It is agonizing.

      And yes I do not care about me, but I keep looking at my 14 yr old daughter and wondering what is going to happen to her.

      • Moco

        Without this event, the future was looking bleak.
        I told my young engineer son, to start living a life of duality. I have been preping for almost two years. Today I’m getting materials to build a faraday cage for my diesel generator. I talk to myself and ask; “should I even bother with this?”
        I have 10 weeks of great camping booked for the summer. Fresh air, kayaking, playing with my great dog, eating with good friends, and enjoying the scenery created by God.
        Well, the fresh air is gone, now. No where to hide here. I had a great time last summer, treating it as it might be the last.
        Even though my children are older, it is not any easier. This is the amerikan nightmare.

    • Lill

      @ noradmama, *hugs* even a text virtual comfort might help a little. i too know how you are feeling. my 10 1/2 year old is on my mind the very same way. she has Asperger’s autism, and is a smart kid; she is keeping up with things as well. like me, she’s not wanting to stick her head in the sand. the arrogance of a few wealthy goats have stolen innocence from all our children.

      most people are in denial. many i try to speak to get angry, angsty or combative if mention is attempted of this whole situation. yet here and there, the news falls on receptive ears. not all sheeples are blind, deaf and dumb!

      no, you are not alone, and not over reacting, don’t believe that drivel. Noah’s detractors refused to believe as well, yet the boat floated. hun, get angry! you have as much a right to as every soul on this planet! don’t let them rob you of that either.

      • J1

        “hun, get angry! you have as much a right to as every soul on this planet! don’t let them rob you of that either.”

        Well said!

        Some will listen. Others won’t. Always hurts though when the people on the other side are friends, family, etc. who turn the other cheek.

        Keep strong noradmama. Get right with yourself. Believe me, you’re not alone.

        • elmers

          Maybe Fukushima is Gods vengeance on America. How many millions of tons of DU did our military dump on the completely innocent children of Iraq, Vietnam, Latin America,….?

          Very few seemd to care. All the dead we killed for our oil convenience to maintain our lifestyles of ease? Then when our greed hits our own shores in G of Mex over oil we bleat in outrage. According to Americans, karma is always served up to someone else.
          But God says, justice for all.

    • Your comment clutches at my heart. Take strength from knowing that not everyone around Chernobyl died. Far from it – and they didn’t even know what was going on until too late to do anything about it.

      Still and all, this is an ongoing deliberate policy of a very few psychopaths on this benighted planet. See Georgia Guidestones message for proof.

      Another aspect that might help you is knowing that one of their main aims is to create as much fear, panic and chaos out of this terrible situation as possible – it feeds their dark energy.

      So don’t give in to it (sure, understandably almost impossible for a loving mother). Don’t feed the beast – true knowledge gives strength and a buffer against fear. Love and compassion always triumph over fear, and occasionally evil, in the end.

      It just takes enough of us knowing what’s really going on, to shine a hard light at the rampant evil that unleashed this ‘soft weapon’ on us all. Only then will evil dissipate…

      • extra knight

        close your eyes and hope for the best, that is what i am doing. stay informed and be aware of the consequences of not taking adequate precautions, especially where diet, foodstuffs and clean drinking water is concerned. basically the events of 0311 changed everything, but as someone else has stated the planet was more or less doomed anyway, from a biological, geological and overpopulation standpoint. but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, you just have to try harder. and know deep down insided that the system and our leaders have failed us, from top to bottom, they really don’t know what they are doing. they also have to face the coming radioactive nightmare and poisoning of the entire northern hemisphere, probably the entire planet.

        • elmers

          Not a word in there about our personal responsibility. Each of us, by closing our eyes and ‘hoping for the best’ have brought this about.
          Let someone else do it. Blame someone else- the leaders, Tepco etc. While we pursue our own fun and distractions like whipped docile slaves who then whine how we’ve been ill-used.

          As long as Americans choose to have the energy to organize for a million useless activities, camping, NFL, bowling etc but never to save their nation? They’ll will get what is coming. This is not a threat but a simple recognition of how reality works.

          • J1

            well said. The “red pill” is a hard one to swallow.

          • Cassie

            I keep saying there is enough blame to go around. Yes what is our part in all of this?

            Are we just victims or co-conspirators?
            Our silence, ignorance and apathy a part in all of this?
            Are the corrupt and greedy corporations and politicians merely representing our shadow side??


          • terraohio

            I blame the U.S. GE is an American corporation and they designed the nuclear plant. Besides, I am no history buff, but didn’t Japan sign some kind of agreement to be subservient to the U.S. after WWII? Japan could not establish an army or a military, for example.

    • GI justice

      You speak for millions of people who will feel the same way as soon as they take the couragous steps you have to face the situation. Your friends will see the light….soon.

    • fuckyoushima


      1) relax your trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles, as well as your masseter.

      2) breath with your belly for no less than 5 minutes… slowly

      3) hepa your air

      4) reverse osmose your water

      5) buy a polimaster 1208 and wear it

      6) buy a terra mks05 and keep it in the pantry

      7) buy a lot of melatonin and take it at night.

      8) have lots and lots of sex with your husband.

      • Dbug

        Good tips, just remember that if you drink water with the minerals removed, you must make sure you get them from other sources. Too much purified water alone may deplete those minerals. Also, those who don’t get fluoride by drinking city water with it right from the tap, should be extra diligent about frequent use of fluoride toothpastes, and may wish to consider a fluoride rinse (you don’t rinse with or drink water or eat for half an hour afterwards).

        Those who work out or work in the heat can make their own “sports drink” to help with minerals.

        You can make an inexpensive rehydration drink at home. But do not give this homemade drink to children younger than 12.

        Measure all ingredients precisely. Small variations can make the drink less effective or even harmful. Mix the following:

        1 quart (950 mL) water
        ½ teaspoon (2.5 g) baking soda
        ½ teaspoon (2.5 g) table salt
        ¼ teaspoon (1.25 g) salt substitute (potassium-based), such as Lite Salt or Morton Salt Substitute
        2 tablespoons (30 g) sugar

        • terraohio

          Does anybody know if our dysfunctional cities or states are adding zeolite to the water supply? I would think they could add some chemicals or increase filtering of the tap water.

          • Ra

            You can’t depend on the water supply – just look at TX today – google it for yourselves.

            Water is in the news again in Texas. With no end in sight to the worst drought in at least a century, the scramble for groundwater is taking on new urgency. One challenge to groundwater use in Texas is high levels of radioactivity in some aquifers, particularly in central Texas.

            Unfortunately, the anti-government governor has not done much to address the problem. To further underscore the potential for radionuclide exposure, high levels of radioactivity have been discovered in the pipes, plumbing, and storage tanks throughout the central Texas.
            We all have to depend upon each other and ourselves – Katrina was a test case?

            You can find a cheaper, less diluted form of Zeolite – called ZeoForce here:


            Their product line is very concentrated and much cheaper than others that are more diluted.

            They put Zeolite in cookies for kids during Chernobyl, in farmers fields to decrease radiation, in JPN to decrease radiation in the water.

            We are all learning – we have no choice now.

            As Albert Camus, the great French writer and existentialist, wrote in the immediate aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing:

            “Our technical civilization has just reached its greatest level of savagery.

            We will have to choose, in the more or less near future, between collective suicide and the intelligent use of our scientific conquests.

            Before the terrifying prospects now available to humanity, we see even more clearly that peace is the only battle worth waging.

            This is no longer a prayer
            – but a demand to be made by all peoples to their governments
            – a demand to choose definitively
            – between hell and reason.”

      • terraohio

        lol! She’ll have another baby to worry about.

    • mica

      I am so happy to see this issue being discussed. I, too have been looked at like I am crazy. Gerald Celente, who has been predicting trends for 30 years, says he is finding that the latest trend is DENIAL. Nobody wants to face the truth. The hardest thing for me to come to grips with is the fact that our government has turned against us. We are on our own.

      There are a few things you can try. You can purchase a counter top reverse osmosis water system which eliminates radioactive matter. You can take powdered zeolite daily. It is like a clay that binds itself to heavy metals and radiation and eliminates them safely from your body. I’ve heard of parents baking zeolite into their children’s cookies to get it into them. You can look into Nascent iodine. This protects your thyroid.
      A hospital in Japan had total success treating survivors of the nuclear bomb with a diet of brown rice balls, seaweed, miso soup, Hokkaido pumpkin, ginger and absolutely no sugar. Everyone at this hospital lived. Keep your children out of the rain. Do not eat dairy or green leafy vegetables. Try rice or almond milk instead. Or look for AGED cheese that was made pre-Fukushima. You can also purchase canned Australian butter and cheese on-line. It lasts indefinitely. Take off your shoes when you come into the house so that you don’t track radioactive dust in. Purchase a HEPA filter for your home. Stock up now on white rice from the last, pre-Fukushima crop. Seal it (and other storable food) in mylar bags. Getting clean food is going to be difficult in the future. Stock up now. If you can find some of last year’s potting mix, you can grow some plants at home. I find that it helps to so something-anything, rather than dwell on the negative. And don’t forget to help others. We’re all in this together. Good luck to all.

      • Yes, the latest trend is denial. See the video by Dr. Helen Caldicott at

        I want to put together a video which contains the best tips for health in the new “post-Fukushima” era. There are many people who are aware that radiation is here and they want to do something to help themselves.

        If you are interested in working on such a video with me, please send me an email at

        Also, we need to form a network where we can connect with each other in the real world.
        I suggest you join my Synergy Nation Moodle system at and we can develop it there.


        Steve Moyer
        SKYPE: stevenkentmoyer
        Phone: 802-488-5065

        • mica

          Hi Steve. I enjoyed looking at the links you provided. Thank you. I’ve bookmarked them. Helen Caldicott is brilliant.

          Even tho I submitted some tips on dealing with radiation, above, I don’t really feel comfortable doing so. I’m still trying to figure it all out myself. But you are welcome to copy my suggestions if you like. One of the reasons I felt the need to start storing food is because some in my family are gluten-intolerant, and I worry that those with special dietary needs may find themselves in more trouble than others if there are food shortages. That may be something you can address.

          I think what you want to accomplish is fantastic, and I wish you much luck. Stay safe out there.

      • Coot

        If the entire country gets poisoned, how much would a ‘lifetime supply’ of this cost? Will we still be able to buy the ingredients to bake cookies? Will the oven still turn on? Will the water filters last 1,000 years? Once 100,000,000 die, will anything still function? Power, water, sewer, grocery stores, Doctors offices? No. No way.

        Buy some good old liquor, some fine smoke, sit back and enjoy the show. If ‘worst case’ is the future, go out in style.

    • mikimus rankin

      im with you on this one. everyone looks at me like im a conspiracy theorist or just a nut job. ive tried to talk to family and friends about how serious this is and they cant fathom the idea so they just choose to ignore the threat or they just dont find it to be a problem. and its not their faults, i blame our government 100% for lying about this and covering it up and making it seem like theres no problem. They are the problem. ive been taking zeolite supplements along with sea kelp and the say that this is a good counter attack on the radiation along with epsom salt baths, but i dont know how to get people to listen to me about this and it makes me sad as well. my heart goes out to everyone, especially those with children, and all i can say is there are ways to slow the momentum if more people are willing to make changes like giving up milk and taking steps for radiation detox. good luck in this everyone, my our spirits remain strong through all of this.

  • Rami

    Does anyone have the link to that Japanese forum discussing Fukushima? Or any other real talk in Japanese, my wife can’t find much info from jp. Thx

    • kx

      same here, I dream we can take my daughter safely so the grand parents can see her 🙂 a small tear in my eye

      • Cassie

        Same here.
        I am beginning to understand why keeping us in the dark for as long as possible is a kindness. Once the truth sinks it, it is hard to function.

        • extra knight

          very well said, the absolute size and enormity of radioactive poisoning of the planet, this monster unleashed is mind boggling.

          • Cassie

            Extra Knight:
            And no one wants to talk about it, they just get angry and defensive. So all of this is a very isolating experience.
            Maybe there is something to Ignorance is Bliss.

      • kx

        seriously, I just wanted a protection suit that worked and meds that worked and thrust I could get clean food. I have none. If I go japan I’m going to kick some serious ass for this. no samurai gona hold me

    • Once there request jonathan clowers. I will add you to our discussion group

  • Any communication managers to tell all no more nukes and sarcophage the existing? It will require probably millions of Japanese and a billion others to do what? Its gone out of control of humans…What a way it will end… slowly spreading irrecoverable diseases over 500 generations or more…
    I read my Nuclear Fundamentalism and now how do I end the piece?

  • And how do I continue this?
    I can understand the Russians and former citizens of USSR when after all the scientific analysis of the great damages done and still continuing vehemently of Chernobyl they shout radiophobia….the mind is also there… and how disturbed it is to see in front of your eyes that the gennexts are to be altered badly… Yes we must maintain our equanimity.. But we must still fight the criminals who mutated all life for all time. The governments must be sacked forthwith…A new era based on truth… How?

    • Cassie

      Mr Kumar:
      How do we sack the lying corrupt bags of S*it that pass for leadership in this world?

      And how do we install people with character, integrity, intelligence and compassion?

      I don’t know the answer to these questions, but it must happen or we will not survive as a species. Letting sociopaths run the world is not working out well.


      • Misanthrope

        The flaw here is having anyone ‘run the world’ in the first place.

        • extra knight

          that’s not a big of a flaw as one can imagine. you do need people to make decisions and be accountable for the outcomes, otherwise you would have totaly and complete chaos, such as you witness today, and as reflected by the big box mass media conglomerate outlets.

      • dan

        Give the people who need someone to follow, someone to follow. Someone who performs a miracle, and fixes this thing, might have a chance.

      • Well, having people “run the world” is definitely an old paradigm born out of the hundreds (and even thousands) of years of rule by a tiny “elite” minority (those who give themselves titles such as “Royals” and “heads of State” and “CEOs” and “industry leaders” and so on).

        Although it may seem completely impossible, humankind DOES actually need to “step up” to the task of taking collective responsibitily for global management in a way never before seen in all of history. There actually IS an “answer” in that sense and very good wisdom is available as to how we can implement this “answer” globally. Please have a read here if you are at all interested in such:

        Also, it is essential that the facts of the massive deception taking place relative to this terrible nuclear disaster get to a wider and wider audience (while there is still any time for that left!) so that more and more people will awaken to “what is really going on” with this crisis. Further analysis of the latest “private” forecast images from Norway leads to the clear conclusion that the “private” forecasts are accurate and the public ones (that are now ended, in any case) were never accurate:

        The more people who wake up to the incredible lies and duplicity of our current global “leaders” (which especially includes the corporations and their head people, given that corporations own all the governments on Earth in this era) the more chance there will be for true change. We must collectively move on from putting any faith in these old systems, such that we can all-together work on a new system of global management that is actually BY all and for the good of ALL (including planet Earth itself).

        Yep, sure sounds impossible, but it’s the only “answer” to this situation in truth. Whether or not we will all DO it together remains to be seen! And as all reading here know, it might already be “too late” given the dire nature of the current disaster. So, now is definitely the time to act. “Now or never” as it is said.

        • @Savvy – you are indeed 😉 Great post.

          You just missed out the desperate underlying reason the old elite has gone full ahead with ‘population reduction’. They are losing any grip they ever had on those increasing numbers who realise they have to live for themselves in co-operation with nature & everyone else. The OWO abhors self-sufficiency. Parasites need a host…

          Whereas Gandhi had it right when he stated:-

          “The world has enough for everyone’s needs but never enough for some people’s greed.”

          • elmers

            The Elite are not losing their grip or losing control. This comforting sedative slogan supports denial.

            When each outrage they launch goes unopposed by us, they are stronger and emboldened for the next harsher one.
            Their next attack will be on a scale unimaginable to us. Possibly a 9.0 Madrid quake extending from the G of Mex to Maine.
            Our passivity has enabled escalating crimes.

        • Moco

          Sad fact Savvy, is no one is listening. No global cooperative can get any steam when your friends look at you like a deer in the headlights.

        • dan

          We need to stay away from centralized control. If everything is centralized, only _one_ thing needs to be taken over to run the entire world. And that’s way to much power in the hands of too few, with no checks and balances.

    • Heart of the Rose

      Keep up the emails and calls..this BS won’t be changed in a day…
      Cowards with money is all they are.
      Keep up the pressure let them know we are coming…

      • Heart of the Rose

        Go to their sites in mass…
        AJ is good with that.
        CALL the MSM.
        Call your local media..yep the ones in your own home towns…send a link to here.
        Embrace the revolution with affection.
        Give ’em hell.

        • Heart of the Rose

          Blog in the foreign press….
          and in religious periodicals.
          I’ll probably die begging for mercy…no prob.

          • Heart of the Rose

            Please sling a little for us…email all the major science organizations and tell them you know they are complicit to genocide..

          • mark V

            Now this is well said Heart, I am with you

          • Heart of the Rose

            @ mark v..
            Thank you so..
            Let’s all spread out from here some portion of the day…and take some of these folks on…right here on the Internet.
            We can bang our sheilds while we prep and pray.

      • wonders never cease

        Awesome!! Yes, it’s also a very mentally healthy way to address this problem!! And once there is negative public PR, this will push U.S., Japan and TEPCO to GET ON IT!!!!!

        • wonders never cease

          If an informed, resident taxpayer and mass media subscriber can’t get worked up about this, CHECK YOUR PULSE!!!

  • norral

    our planet has been destroyed by mans greed. thats the bottom line. when we the people unite and only then will real change come. the politicians of any country are souless for the most part and would sell their mother for a dime

    • Cassie

      The people of this planet have been sold down the river by corrupt politicians and greedy corporations, who will probably go live in their underground bunkers and be safe and sound to start the cycle all over again. God help us.

      • @Cassie – It can be very clearly demonstrated that the last place humans will be ‘safe’ is in an underground city! Just take a look at the increasing number of seismic phenomena, along with the depths at which they are taking place. 🙂

        Dr.Strangelove was, of course, quite mad…and how human is a life without sunlight and beauty?

        • Cassie

          I will find it comforting to know that the fat cats who caused this hell on earth will have no place to run or hide either.

      • SteveMT

        Imagine being in an underground bunker with a few thousand of those NWO trash people for the next 50 years. They can have it all to themselves. They will destroy themselves in that setting, which I for one would call Hell on Earth. How fitting that the entire lot of them would willingly condemn themselves to being confined in a cave for years to escape what they have done to the rest of us on the surface of this planet. May they rot in that bunker of theirs. I cannot imagine the stench coming out of that place. The Almighty may just permit another quake or flood just after the door has been sealed shut.

        • kx

          lets cover the entrance door with lots of dirt lol.

        • Anna

          Don’t you think they will just be living in the sunshine down under? Or is this poisonous cocktail really going to slide over the equator in a big way?

          • Cassie

            These people have ripped off $$$Trillions from us.
            Certainly they have enough money to build escape pods or alternative living arrangements.

        • extra knight

          so that’s where all this doublethink leads to. i was wondering.

        • Cassie

          That would be a suitable karma.
          For the whole lot of the corrupt, greedy lizard people
          who caused all of this, are stuck in the same bunker for the rest of their lives.

        • terraohio

          Not only have the elites built underground bunker cities, but they have also saved hybrid seeds in a Norway vault.

    • Misanthrope

      When? In which dreamland are you living?

    • Cassie

      Anna, there’s a tummy ache waiting to happen.

  • YS, McRae

    Plutonium-239 was already detected in the air at California at Mar 24th with 6.8 aCi/M3 and uranium at Hwaii and Alaska accoring to EPA.

  • Cassie

    A good friend of mine and a very reliable source who used to do communications installation for many years for the US govt, told the story of underground bunkers with DNA storage in the event of a nuclear holocaust. I am thinking about that story these days.

    My guess would be that if things are going worst case scenario, the world governments already have plans in place to house the elites (those with money and power) into safe bunkers, food, water, etc. They rest of us are on our own.

  • Buck-O

    The element normally exhibits six allotropes and four oxidation states. It reacts with carbon, halogens, nitrogen and silicon. When exposed to moist air, it forms oxides and hydrides that expand the sample up to 70% in volume, which in turn flake off as a powder that can spontaneously ignite. It is also a radioactive poison that accumulates in bone marrow.

    Interesting, spontaneous ignition

  • Coxxy

    The French made Mox not the USA.

    This website is fairly informative but often needs to check its sources. Most countries have also NOT rejected Mox fuel in fact were/are embracing it. The USA being one that has not embraced MOX to the degree that the EU/UK/India have.

    Great website but facts often need to be checked.

    • kx

      fair enough, still I blame GE

    • Dominique Guillet

      Precisions in relation with Coxxy’s remark. For those interested in the triangulation France-Japan-USA, since the 80, in the production of Mox and plutonium, here is a link to
      C I A/Directorate of Intelligence
      French Nuclear Reactor
      Fuel Reprocessing Program (Plutonium)

      You will have to scroll down to get to the PDF in English:

  • Mark

    My kids are 1yr and 2 yrs old and I live on west coast Vancouver Canada my 2 yr old likes to pull back her rain cover what can I do? Too poor to move and kids live with Mum who is oblivious to this as are most people I know. The silence is deafening! Yet as time goes by mainstream media confirms what this web-site said months ago.

    Tepco and Jap government moving too slow but why isn’t US gov more involved? Then they would have to admit to the bigger problem and pop of Cal would move east. Well that would be bad for the economy can’t have that.

    I’m going for a swim. (not in ocean!) Positive outlook and keeping as healthy as I can seems like all I can do. And take iodine pills

  • Ian

    Most of the radiation has landed in the ocean or Japan. The Japanese are so reckless and careless they see the Pacific Ocean as a huge dumping ground that can handle all the radiation. All the wildlife that will be affected by this will be staggering.

    • extra knight

      wrong. most of the radiation is in the jetstream or has been deposited on the pacific northwest, and the entire northern hemisphere, including europe and asia. no one disputes this fact, maybe you needs to do some more research and stop parroting the lies and the disinformation of the Talking Heads. 😕

    • terraohio

      GE, a big U.S. corporation, designed and built the Fukushima nuclear reactors.

  • Ballistica

    noradmama, I feel the same,,, I look into the bright shining eyes of my 8 yr. old and think WTF! everyone I know is in denial, my man just says ” the world has been f—ed for a long time honey,, I still have to go to work and pay the bills” he is right, I just wish I could find that Zen inside myself to go down in dignity, be a rock for those who will need one, 5 – 10 years??? how long will it take before the ramifications really start to become overwheleming? Man I wish I could believe Bob when he sang ” have no fear in atomic energy, cause none of them can stop the time”…So some sweet well meaning soul just brought me some California Strawberries! they wont be mixed into my smoothies but for how long can we try to be careful? stay out of the rain? change our clothes…. WTF WTF???

  • pamela827

    I feel the same way, but try to be calm. I found out a few things about ridding the body of radiation. Here’s some advice. Hope it helps….
    #1- These radioactive isotopes are also heavy metals. Heavy metals tend to accumulate in the liver. The herb Milk Thistle is one of the best liver detoxifiers in the plant kingdom. Just start using it on a regular basis just like flossing. Make it a daily routine just like taking your vitamins. Your children can also do this. I have an 8 yr old that takes it.
    #2- Zeolite. Read more about it here:
    They are using it ti absorb the cesium. You can order it online to detox your body similiar to Milk Thistle.
    #3- Clay- They used clay in Chernobyl to pull raidation out. They ate Bennonite clay along with clay baths.
    #4- Apple Pectin- Apple skin contains pectin which also helps to pull heavy metals from the body through a natural chelation process.
    #5- Chorella- Helps to oxygenate the cells and push out free radicals.
    #6- Astragalus- The Chinese Herb that protects the cellular structure from free-radical damage.
    #7- Fo Ti- Another Chinese herb that protects cellular integrity.

    All of these protocols are proactive ways to deal with this situation. It would be wonderful if it didn’t happen, but it did and now is the time to calmly take care of yourself and children! Be well….


  • mungo

    Heart of the Rose
    May 18, 2011 at 12:02 pm · Reply
    Go to their sites in mass…
    AJ is good with that.
    CALL the MSM.
    Call your local media..yep the ones in your own home towns…send a link to here.
    Embrace the revolution with affection.
    Give ‘em

    what is MSM? no results that help in google search.. thanks

  • Heart of the Rose

    Abbreviation for main stream media.
    CNN, FOX –etc.
    Call them… call their studios..disrupt their normal cheesy day….
    (no offense to cheese)

  • Franky

    If you have phone numbers to the media and other organizations/people to contact please post, thanks!

    • Heart of the Rose

      We don’t keep a running list.
      Alex Jones’ Infowars might.
      Just go to their sites and hit contact…generally there is a form.
      Better still if you have a minute bug them with a call.

      • Heart of the Rose

        Calltoaccount posted a great list at 11:46

        • Heart of the Rose

          Might mention ..Jeff Rense …and the work of his group also top notch.

          • Heart of the Rose

            PS. Because God Like Productions allows for the full spectrum of human thought…they have brought many a vital bit of info.
            They have fought fiercely for the Gulf of Mexico..
            So it’s a personal thanks…GLP.
            And thanks to all the others that are about..we know who we are…..we know who they are.

          • nyc

            GLP does censor links to, or mention of, certain sites. But generally it’s a good ole no-holds-barred free-for-all.

  • Maria Rivas

    God bless you all, we will be able to overcome this.

  • Bottomfed_Buddha

    Such bullshit.

    Anyone who speaks of any atmospheric fallout plume at this point is absolutely talking out of their ass.

    Until an actual explosion occurs and the extent of the vertical ejection of fallout material can be measured, there is absolutely no way to tell where ‘most’ of the fallout will land.

    • Major Domo

      Good morning. It’s time for sleepy head to wake up and open his/her eyes. While you were sleeping, you apparently missed the multiple explosions at a nuclear facility in Japan, over two months ago. Explosions which released highly radioactive particles into the atmosphere. Explosions which sent those particles on a merry journey around the planet, using a highly efficient Jet Stream as transportation. Not ticket required! Apparently you are not aware that particular radioactive isotopes which do not exist in nature as normal background radiation, have been detected across North America, and beyond. OK, you can go back to sleep now. Or make an effort to learn a little bit of what’s going on around you. Good luck.

    • wondering

      Bottomfed_Buddha, Are you in Politics?

  • What can we expect from Bottomfeeders?
    Shitt in,….shitt out!

  • Pu239


    Numbers suggest the U.S. can expect a core meltdown at some nuclear reactor every 10 to 20 years.

    • Dbug

      Correlation is not causation. Their analysis is flawed. It’s not like recurring things such as some earthquakes where pressure builds up in a cyclic way. The accident in Japan did not directly reduce stresses at other plants.

      Some change in the risk level might be expected from better understanding and closer inspections resulting from the Japan accident. But otherwise, without that influence, if I had to draw a conclusion, I would expect a slightly rising risk (failure from internal causes only) due to the generally increasing age of the plants. While many components are regularly replaced or tested, some things like metal becoming more brittle over time from radiation exposure and heat cycling (especially rapidly), and some slowly corroding parts that won’t be changed, do have a greater likelihood of failure when stresses beyond design values occur, like might happen in a strong quake.

      There seem to be many articles where the analysis is seriously flawed, predicting better or worse outcomes for the wrong reasons. The people that simply look at trends of numbers and use those to predict the future are the same type that got bitten in the ass in the financial markets. If those things held, people that grew to 6 feet at age 20 would be 12 feet tall at 40. Meaningful analysis is rarely so simple.
      Junk science strikes again.

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    Japan has build Plutonium breeder reactors on the coast. How are these doing?

    • anne

      From Wikipedia, “breeder reactor”
      “Japan has built one demonstration FBR, Monju, in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, adding on to the research base developed by its older research FBR, the Joyo reactor. Monju is a sodium-cooled, MOX-fueled loop type reactor with 3 primary coolant loops, producing 714 MWt / 280 MWe.
      Monju began construction in 1985 and was completed in 1991. It first achieved criticality on 5 April 1994. It was closed in December 1995 following a sodium leak and fire in a secondary cooling circuit, and was expected to restart in 2008. The reactor was restarted at 10:10am on the 1st of June 2010.[26]
      In April 2007, the Japanese Government selected Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as the “core company in FBR development in Japan”. Shortly thereafter, MHI started a new company, Mitsubishi FBR Systems (MFBR), with the explicit purpose of developing and eventually selling FBR technology.[27]”

    • Dbug

      I’m surprised that Anne didn’t mention that the very long down time at that reactor was because of public outrage over the severity of an accident being covered up.

      At least with that breeder reactor it seems that they were never successful enough for it to become commercially viable. It certainly wouldn’t pay for itself in saved fuel costs. Between the problems with this reactor and the 1999 fuel reprocessing criticality accident, I suspect they may be contented to have the French process their fuel while they get busy working on geothermal power from some of the many volcanoes they have.

  • Bruce Hayden

    Am I the only one here that read that reactors 2 and 3 were in meltdown by March 13? And plutonium was already present in the US by March 18? Which is about how long it would take to get here. I probably read this either at or
    These are two of the best sites on the net as far as I am concerned. I believe that is why the Feds pulled half the radiation detectors from the west coast and has gone back to putting out the numbers every three months. They are simply trying to milk this cow for all it’s worth. It’s the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” game. I knew this was a planet Killer by the second week. And there’s more to come….

  • The jetstream moves in a consistent direction, effected by high and low pressure systems. A couple of days ago the Pacific NW had a very strange weather system. Our weather generally comes from the West and continues. This time, it was a swirling pattern that would head east, then north and back to us before continuing east

    Like throwing garbage “away” there is no away. All radioactive toxins will be swept up by the jetstream, by the trade winds, and by the continuous dumping into the sea. It is impossible to avoid it, and it doesn’t matter if “it” is in a particular area each day. Except for Iodine 131, the half life of everything else is so long that none of us will out live it.

    Since it’s impossible to avoid contamination, we can be certain that we are eating, breathing and drinking some form of radioactive toxicity everyday. The only solution is to remove it from your body and there are a vareity of inexpensive ways to do just that.

    There are also other expensive ways.

    You don’t need someone’s permission to take health precautions that you consider reasonable. If you’re waiting for the PTB to tell the truth, their half life is longer than Plutonium.

    Stay healthy

    • dan

      I’ve been noticing a lot of strange wind circulation around here too. And another thing I noticed today was there weren’t very many earthworms out on the sidewalk after it rained. About a month ago I noticed a lot more than I remember seeing before. Now it seems like just the opposite. Hopefully it’s normal, and I just wasn’t paying close enough attention before. But if the earthworms are dying off, that would really suck.


    Wow, with a palpable sense of relief I realize there are other people out there that are awake. The MSM and disinfo psyops goons have done such a commendable job over the last 60 years. Anyone that has the audacity to think for themselves and asks hard questions gets automatically relegated to the fringe lunatic or conspiracy nut bin. I may well die before the internal bio-accumulation of radioactivity creates cancer in my body, but I shed tears for our kids. We have been screwed, big time. And now…back to Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Snooki or whatever the anaesthtia of choice may be…

  • Rica E

    just watched chris everards movies and confirmed my guess that this and all atomic occurrences whether officially planned or not , are black magic rituals intended to F–k things up on this plane of existance and others. think of everything as frequency and you will have solutions come to you. look into accutonics, prayer, meditation, alchemy ( transmutation of elements) know these are more real than than the mad sorcery offered by the democratic dictatorship we live under! and in fact is the same power being used against humanity. sounds that heal , sounds that make you sick, thoughts that heal or harm, turning base elements into toxic poisons of mass killing or ………………use your imagination it’s a terrible thing to waste!

  • Lilly

    I can’t believe some of the comments people are making. MY FAMILY did not build those reactors. MY FAMILY did not drop “the bomb” on Japan. Why do I and my children “deserve the karma” of death on our doorstep? My ancestors are not even from
    U.S.! Sick and devoid of a soul, some of you are.

  • mark V

    Lilly is right, NOT JAPANESE PEOPLE are to blame for this, but global corp/bank mafia. Japanese will suffer far far more than anybody else, if the monster will not be contained. Lilly you should not take it to heart.



    Criminal Plans!

    The Plans That I Made !


    Are All BROKEN TO DAY !

    I ‘M THE Manican MAN !






    …These Plans ARE BROKEN !



    Has Lied Once Again !

    YOU Don’t Understand !

    The Criminal’s AT Hand !

    The Plan’s That They Make !

    On Your Life !

    They Will Take !

    Only God Won’t Forsake !


    A Disaster in a Disaster !

    A Few Broken Nuclear Reactor’s !

    And A Man!

    Manically Making More !

    Nuclear Broken Plan’s !

    • glenn

      Title Nursery Rhymes
      Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
      Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
      All the King’s horses
      and all the King’s men
      couldn’t put Humpty together again

  • good people. its up to us now. we have to do our best to leave the ego agendas behind and step up. i am truly alarmed as most posting here are. Tacomagroove/ you have gotten my attention as im sure many here. is there anyway you can tell us how you know this info ? is this your profession and background or your best educated guess? either is valuable here. respectfully, it would help us all to know?

    cassie, i feel for your comment about your daughter. i have a son. we all have family and loved ones. we also have our own lives.
    i am a visual artist. i know a laymans knowledge of nuclear and learning as i go. im doing my best to be awake and informed. i have nothing to hide as you cans see my identity.
    please all, lets help each other as best possible. our elected officials
    and mainstream media have hung us out to fend for ourselves.

    only education and cooperation can help us now.

    • mark V

      I have always been a believer of Darwin’s theories, how unfair they may sound to some. There is a story about creatures hitting the planet now floating around, this might give you a clue.

  • charles stokes

    I’m now-70-years old–expect to see many years yet==but it doesn’t look v ery promiseing to those-still growing up==My Grand mother-& grand father–always said–MAN Will Eventully destroy–It’s self==looks like they were right–Unles we all take off for a Distant–Earth like Planet–to live–but this is so unreal==but that’s what brought us here to earth–we came ==or our distant relatives did–to colanize this once beautiful Planet–& look what we have done==What a shame==Earthlings are so Dumb!!We can’t smartin up–it’s too late!!!