Nuclear Professor: Fish on West Coast found with Fukushima radioactive material — We’re testing fish that are sold at markets to U.S. consumers (AUDIO)

Published: February 22nd, 2014 at 9:30 am ET


Radio VR – US Edition, Feb. 22, 2014 (at 6:15 in):

See also: More US tuna contaminated -- Study: Entire food web "including humans" may be affected as Fukushima radionuclides spread to West Coast

Full broadcast available here

Published: February 22nd, 2014 at 9:30 am ET


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147 comments to Nuclear Professor: Fish on West Coast found with Fukushima radioactive material — We’re testing fish that are sold at markets to U.S. consumers (AUDIO)

  • Cisco Cisco

    Catherine Higley said, "So it’s not a level that’s hazardous. It’s a level at or below the natural complement."

    What "natural complement"? The residual left from nuclear bomb testing is not natural complement. That's just ridiculous and certainly unscientific. But, who cares, it's not about science, it's about ideology and putting folks back to sleep. No worries, now what's up with the Kardashians?

    Be careful Dr. Higley, we wouldn't want those industry and government grants to dry up.

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    • ENENews

      'Natural complement' appears to be referring to naturally occurring radionuclides present in the ocean, such as potassium-40 and polonium-210.

      For example Pacific bluefin tuna have a mean K-40 concentration of 367 Bq/kg (dry weight).

      If cesium levels are being found "at… the natural complement" in any fish off the West Coast, that should be front page news.

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      • We Not They Finally

        Oh, potassium-40 again? We're back to "deadly bananas"? Say, I'll take my chances with the bananas and skip the sushi, thank you…

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      • Exactly right. ANY bomb test, waste dump (they've been dumping high level waste in drums offshore since the '40s) and/or Fuku contaminates in the food are man-made and IN ADDITION TO the 'natural' radionuclide complement. If they're seeing man-made radioactivity "at the level" of natural radioactivity, that means the fish are TWICE as radioactive as 'normal'.

        Two, two, two fish in one! Should sell well to the hormesis crowd. So long as nobody mentions the doubled dose comes from isotopes known to be dangerous in small concentrations (like strontium, tritium, cesium, plutonium and the rest of the longer-lived actinides and fortified with cobalt-60, it's just more bananas. Right?

        I'm sure contamination for any one man-made isotope is well below 'limits' for that isotope, but double the 'normal' dose overall should certainly catch someone's attention.

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        • Socrates


          Vandals placed fecal matter in our swimming pool at our complex. I did not swim for years.

          If coliform levels were elevated, adding more fecal matter would be fine since there was already fecal material?

          This is the same reasoning. The insane nuclear freaks contaminated the ocean so why not just double the levels and deem it to be "safe?" Poop is "natural."

          I would like to see laws against public health announcements from non-physicians who fail to disclose conflicts of interest and known medical controversies. The majority of physicians would disagree with this professor's safety analysis. In public health, there is the precautionary principle. It in't safe until proven safe.

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      • weeman

        You must remember that as we evolved all these natural isotopes were present and therefore a natural immunity to their presents is expected, but other isotopes are so very rare that evolution would not recognize them or manmade isotopes and in concentrated measures deadly.
        We're did life on this plant first evolve the ocean, no atmosphere to protect from solar radiation, not until the atmosphere was formed did life step on dry land.
        Now what does that tell you?

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      • Fall out man!

        There really should be a page devoted to the lie that Cesium / Strontium / Plutonium contamination can be put into "banana" equivalents. Here are a quick few points to help people understand what a very nasty fraud that is, on a number of levels…
        First – Banana equivalent dose compared to Cesium, as stated by the Nuke industry, makes K40 out to be 240 times more dangerous than it is. K40 levels in the body return to normal within 3 hrs of consuming K40. But in nuke industry calculations, they assume it takes a month.
        Second – The human body is designed to deal with K40 as best it can
        Third – Cesium is a Potassium analogue. So actually eating bananas (high in Potassium) helps you stop taking in the nuke industries Cesium (which really does cause all kinds of disease). Potassium was added to soil on the Marshall Islands to save people from some of the horrible diseases caused by Cesium contamination.
        Fourth – any radioactive element in the body does damage, even one the body is designed to cope better with, like Potassium 40 , which is found in tiny traces with ordinary Potassium.
        Fifth – Potassium is an essential element, and the tiny trace of Radioactive Potassium that is found with normal potassium in food is unavoidable. We just have to put up with it. However Cesium is just contamination, its poison from Nuclear power. It destroys the genome, and brings all life closer to extinction.
        Fallout is not comparable to tiny traces of Potassium found in Bananas.

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