Nuclear Professors: Every engineer is really scared about fuel removal at Unit 4 — I advised gov’t to be ready to use explosives to collapse pool after 3/11 (VIDEOS)

Published: November 26th, 2013 at 12:47 am ET


Arirang’s ‘In Depth’, Nov. 23, 2013: […] there is mounting concern about radiation leakage caused by the Fukushima nuclear plant destruction. There is reemerged concern as Japan dismantles its nuclear plant.

Professor Suh Kune-yull, Nuclear Engineering at Seoul National University: Q: What’s the situation like in Fukushima? A: Your guess is as good as mine, in fact, nobody‘s really sure about it. […] Q: Everyone around Japan, everyone in the world, we have to be on our toes for the next however many years [fuel removal at Unit 4] will take? A: It’s not many years, it’s many decades — that’s what I’m saying. They’re talking about a year and a half, 18 months. That’s a very implausible case, that there’s no accident […] no slippage? […] That’s where everybody, where every knowledgeable scientist and engineer gets really scared about this.

Watch the broadcast here

Theo Theofanous, Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara, March 16, 2011 (at 55:00 in): In the fourth reactor we had an explosion in the top of the fuel pool. […] So that’s the fourth reactor which up to this point had shown no indication of difficulty. Now we have fire at the top of the pool and now we have an explosion, which destroys the roof […] To me that’s a very big concern […] The situation is the following: Reactors 1 and 3 have lost those pools and the fuel is basically destroyed in there. Reactor 4, the same situation […] The question now is going to be – this morning I was trying to puzzle how do we cool those pools up here? I have been advising through some channels that consult with me for the government, I’ve been advising them to be ready if necessary, to controllably collapse this whole pool into the floor. Because as long as its sitting up there, there’s no way to cover it [with water] […] Basically, controllably with explosive, the floors cut through, and then cut this pool down. […]

Watch the presentation here

Published: November 26th, 2013 at 12:47 am ET


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89 comments to Nuclear Professors: Every engineer is really scared about fuel removal at Unit 4 — I advised gov’t to be ready to use explosives to collapse pool after 3/11 (VIDEOS)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      RE: 1.)

      That's the first time I've seen the gigantic flash of light before the explosion of reactor #1, and the giant black blob rising, then falling in the midst of the exploded material.

    • pattersonp < This is a press tour TEPCO PR vid presented in Sept 2013… extremely interesting as it walks you through their 'steps' taken since 3/11. VERY detailed for some reason considering TEPCO's mysteries…

      It shows where all the pools are, etc… Strange they are worried about sabotage when they themselves map the entire site out? The pool fuel building is located the closest to the sea of all the buildings… and there is a 'temporary' site as well… Its actually fenced around with a guardroom watching tower. Wow.

      This is so absurd I don't understand why they are fooling around with this fake measure while they store the CASKS above ground in concerete containers that will leak…. Also, I did not know this but they bury 'waste' in-situ… no wonder tritum, etc spikes… there is literally waste all around this plant… and they just dump soil over it…

      Also, they admit to pumping up groundwater BEFORE it enters the site as well as it leaking into the site, which makes subsidence even more wild. Also, they are storing all sludge in-situ as well… They outline reports where ND of Tritium/CS detected 20KM from plant… (?)

      This must have been for the olympics?

    • Gradius

      If they collapse this with an explosion, wouldn't it go directly to Ocean again ?! Total nonsense solution.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    NRC Transcript – TEPCO relayed information Unit 4 SFP Dry – Walls collapsed and incapable of holding inventory – Unit 3 “everything else gone” –
    5 March 2013

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    There were 204 new fuel assemblies in SFP #4 according to

    Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, CNSC Fukushima Task Force Report, INFO-0824, October 2011
    p. 6:
    Table 2.2 shows the inventory of fuel assemblies in the spent fuel pools in units 1 to 4.
    Table 2.2 Spent Fuel Pool Inventories (fuel assemblies)
    Unit Fuel in reactor Spent fuel in pool New fuel in pool
    #1 400 292 100
    #2 548 587 28
    #3 548 514 52
    #4 0 1,331 204

    Why are just hearing about 22 being removed last week and 2 removed last July. Where are the other 180 fuel assemblies? What happened to them? Why the cover-up?

  • mr_rich mr_rich

    I went out for a motorcycle ride a little over a week after Fukishima blew up. I was in the mid west and I figured the particles would not be there yet. It was a pretty cold day and me and my friend rode from Rockford Il to Savanna. I had something weird happen though, my gums started bleeding pretty bad a few days after riding.
    I went to my dentist and he wasn't sure but had me get deep cleaning of the gums. The bleeding lasted about 2 weeks and went away. I never had that happen before or since. I always wonder if somehow radiation was here already?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      “…The prevailing jet stream winds are blowing from Japan directly across the Pacific ocean to the west coast of the United States. Any airborne radioactive Fallout would make its way across with the jet stream, reaching the U.S. in approximately 36 hours, depending on the actual speed of the jet and how quickly the particles mixed in with the jetstream….”
      Image of the Jet Stream from Japan to the U.S.

    • Kashiko Kashiko

      That's scary and quick if it was the fallout which is more than possible

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      coincidence or cause: One young healthy friend lost her newborn to unusual brain tumor, midwife friend had many stillbirths, another 50 yr old friend is doing chemo for rare leukemia. I noticed inflammation which made my skull bones feel different (funny image there), accelerated aging, and plethora of different things including phantom or hypersensitive smell. Doesnt really matter if its coincidence, since we know deformity, retardation and cancer have increased since the inception of nuclear. Needless pain and suffering. And no, our narrow anthropocentric concept of karma wont result in a just retribution to the perpetrators.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        I'm so sorry, CodeShutdown. StillJill said that her friend reported an increase in stillbirths at a hospital in Northern California. So much suffering.

        • Au Au

          My mom's two front lower teeth crumbled in August and September! I wasn't quite understanding that that is what happened as I don't live in the fog inundated California coast with the rest of my family. I thought the first one fell out. So, we pooled money to get it fixed. Then the other one fell out. I said to my sister- so what is wrong with the teeth? Are they just falling out or what? She said, "no, they are crumbling and they have to pull out the what's left." It is, of course, VERY unusual. Add to that the "out of the blue" high blood pressure she experienced, which is also very unusual. Very worrisome and concerning.

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            Oh no, Au. Terrifying. Sounds like a nightmare. I'm so sorry that your mom has to suffer with this. I bet it is the fog.

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      it's been here since a few days after the blow up in march 2011, not all of it but enough

  • Kashiko Kashiko

    Anne, I quote from the page;

    Clarification from NHK Wolrd News Japan… a second location, Fukushima II, not far from the Fukushima I nuclear power plant, is also experiencing cooling problems. The government’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said equipment failures have made it impossible to cool 3 of the plant’s 4 reactors. (Translation: ‘impossible’ is not a good word).

    That's Fukushima Daini just down the coast from the Daichi plant. It's the 1st time I've heard of a problem there. Is/was there a problem or just a spelling mistake?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      There was a problem at Fukushima Daini also.

    • rakingmuck

      This has been happening for two weeks. I have just one question remaining and then its a wrap. Where is all the enriched uranium we smuggled in for 40 years more or less. My guess Unit 4.And that's what all this cover-up has been about. Sad to know our Government will sacrifice both Japan and US west coast to keep it that way and they will. Bet on it.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    first, make TEPCO look like fumbling idiots that are in desperate need of assistance from the "smart and capable" nuclear people

    then, tell everyone that TEPCO is on their own in the most demanding procedure with nearly 100% chance of catastrophic failure

    Thirdly, say that the incompetent failure needs to be solved with explosive demolition

    Why, Theo has been advising through some "channels" to controllably collapse the whole pool with explosives. You see, an earthquake would uncontrollably collapse it, but explosives will do it safely.

    Once the unfortunate and unforeseeable accident managed by morons is safely dealt with, new reactors can be built by the competent nuclear engineers. Whew, close call

    "I have been advising through some channels that consult with me for the government, I’ve been advising them to be ready if necessary, to controllably collapse this whole pool into the floor"

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      "this morning I was trying to puzzle how do we cool those pools up here" Feels good to have dedicated nuculer engineers like this advising through their government channels, doesnt it?

      Whilst puzzling over eggs and toast, the lightbulb suddenly goes on, he picks up a hard boiled egg and squeezes it to mush in his hand, exclaiming we'll just blow it up with explosives! Send a note to Don Draper at public relations

  • Sam

    that is what actually happened. The SFP-4 walls collapsed,
    the pool was dry and the rods all got overheated causing huge quantities of hydrogen to form. When the building blew up
    the rods went flying ….

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Doesn't much matter who the scapegoat is. Reactors melt, and continue polluting long after.

  • pattersonp

    I checked the EXIF data on the photos for all SPF4 this year especially in November/Oct, there are many different camera models… atleast 6 spotted so far, all brand new 2013. It all says was taken this year.

    I'm really, really starting to think this isn't right… However, we know from 'aerial' photos (could be staged) that there are casks on-site, and the recent videos of removal, etc (could be staged).

    I really have hard time believing this building is still standing, (from the webcam we can 'see' it is) with all the explosions and fire, etc……

    Are they at Daiini plant or somewhere else with such a pristine fuel pool?

  • yummy radionuclide

    wow I'm not the only one who thinks it would be a good idea to collapse the pool in the event of a criticallity.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Then use of 'controlled' explosion..would sink it pushing it (nuclear material) into the local geological layers..and into the groundwater .

    'Controlled'? ..It would be no Building 7 ..I'll tell you that.

  • ruppert

    They are having to chose between the rock and hard place of whether to demolish it with it eventually all (whatever is in there) going into the ocean or allowing the possibility of an explosion and continual radiation going into the atmosphere.

    All this is assuming that there is anything in Reactor #4 SFP. TEPCO is playing their version of whack-a-rad. I can't believe if they do demolish it that it wouldn't release radiation in the work environment making any work not being possible in the plant area.

    It really is all moot as Reactors 1-3 will make the area eventually impossible for workers to be present.

    Do you want your ELE quick or dramatically drawn out?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I want the ELE version that coincides with the correct scientific hypothesis.
    Considering there is no other origin for the fires/explosions..concerning Unit 4.

    There is no reason to assume there is much left that hasn't been damaged.
    Corrosion from the seawater used for the cooling attempts..took care of most of the rest.

    Ok..say there was a few rods..dangling up there..The impact of another criticality would only ADD to the already critical contamination.

    It's like being eaten by an alligator..
    "There goes both legs..and one arm".
    " .not my other arm…Help..Help!

    The victim was already dying..

    • flatsville

      >>>I want the ELE version that coincides with the correct scientific hypothesis.<<<

      Agreed on correct science. But, we'll never get that.

      Re: Ticket to Nuclear Terrortown…THAT was truly inspired. I am using it starting today.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Every engineer is scared" this meant to imply all are on board.
    Holding their breathes like.. anticipatory school girls.
    They have all picked up their 'golden ticket' to Nuclear Terrortown.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      yes, three full meltdowns have raised some doubt about their risk analysis which showed chances of the inevitable occurring were a million to one.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Looks like they are running about a 1 failure in every 50 built and that number will certainly climb since we now know they break down/impacted by nature on a regular basis worldwide. 🙁

  • ruppert

    What I don't understand is if Reactors 1-3 are so radioactive that nobody can go near them, then how is that not making the whole area impossible to work in? I think we all agree that any of those uniformed workers will have a greatly reduced life span but the levels they have reported of the rad levels (which will be raised over time) of those 3 reactors make it unbelievable (to me) that anyone can currently be in the area.

    I think they do know what is going on with Reactors 1-3 but are using the "it's too radioactive for us to know anything" sounds too convenient of an explanation.

    I guess it won't be until we're all dead to know what the real situation was.

    Happy Holidays!!!

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      The workers are there at mortal risk.
      We don't get to see what goes on the ground..I suspect a lot of body bags.

  • mesa777

    I advised gov’t to be ready to use explosives to collapse pool after 3/11 …. Wow, really? Wouldnt that be the WORST thing to do is use explosives to bring down the pool? There has to be a better and easier way to remove the entire SPF pool and to bury it in a built underground seeled bunker of some sort, get it deep underground and out of mind and sight forever!

    • mesa777

      Now all I can do here is think why this scientist thought up this idea to use explosives at the site to collapse the pool, this is very shocking and troubling that this is an idea that is possibly under advisement. UNREAL TEPCO, THANKS FOR RUINING THE WORLD! AND THANK YOU TOO GE!!!

  • ruppert

    I can't understand that if they do a "controlled explosion" of Reactor #4 SFP, wouldn't that just start off this dramatic explosion they are worried about to begin with?

    How do you do a "controlled" demolition of something that has as much radioactive spent fuel as Reactor #4 SFP supposedly has?

    One minute they are fussing about 2 rods rubbing together and we could have an explosion and the next minute they are talking about exploding it "in a controlled way"

    Am I missing something?

    • I'd suspect that they'd place the explosives on the remaining understructure to pulverize, and the glorified house-jacks added later. That would get the fuel onto the mud, which might be better than 100 feet in the air. Or not. They'd have to bury it quickly though, or it'll be an open air fire/meltdown regardless of it being on the ground. I haven't seen any indication of ready stand-by stockpiles of zeolite/boron or galium and equipment to move it in fast.

      "Bury fast" means within 3 hours, in fatally radioactive environment. Even helicopter dumps unfeasible, as pilots/crew would sustain fatal doses.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      It's just insane..a rational mind can't be expected to try and find rationale.
      It's a game..

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        A game of suspense..the populous has become jaded and weary..or terror from the Middle East.
        What a better 'play' than having all waiting for a collapsed building..or a detonation?
        What could me more terrorizing?

        Me..I've blown them off.
        I watched what happened.
        I sleep at night..perhaps a bit better for a bit.
        Catch a little sleep.
        Watch who wanders off…following TEPCO…a ginger step..down the merry path..while physical signs of contamination continue to come in.

        Truth is self-evident.

    • GW

      MagnaBSP and Stuxnet-

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        The conspiracy theories are to cover up the explosions ordered by TEPCO to cover up their MOX and weapons production. Sure, blame it on someone else. Or all that MOX at unit 4 exploded when critical debris fell from the sky from the MOX explosion of unit 3. Or the heat from MOX detonation of unit 3 ignited the MOX at unit 4.

        Conspiracy theories are just another cover up because the nuclear industry is promoting criminal, dangerous, failed technologies.

        Anyway you look at it, nuclear is killing all life and destroying the world. There is no way to completely and safely control nuclear reactions.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          The earthquake completely destroyed the cooling spipes and systems of these aged reactors, and the months old MOX experiment in unit 3 was undoubtedly already failing, and there was no way anyone was going to pay to fix the cooling pipes and damaged buildings once the earthquake had destroyed them.

  • Nick

    I bet explosive solutions are being considered to destroy evidence of weapons research.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose now the have moved enough get to the real nitty-gritty..and I believe they are moving..weapons lab materials..etc..all extremely..'hot'.
      And some of it..they are throwing in the pit…aka.. the CSFP area.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        The industry standard is 10 years before the material..i s cool enough to transfer to dry cask..
        If they are moving and storing it..they are moving and trying to store 'hot' fuel.

        "2.As the pools near capacity, utilities move some of the older spent fuel into “dry cask” storage. Fuel is typically cooled at least 5 years in the pool before transfer to cask. NRC has authorized transfer as early as 3 years; the industry norm is about 10 years."

        That's a itty-bitty problem.

  • bozzy54

    Check out the tepco website!!! Used fuel rod (6) moved to the cask

    • mark_eric

      I am very suspicious about the dry casking thing. Particularly since we KNOW some of the assemblies are going to be damaged, and given Tepco has little experience in setting up and maintaining them, I just see those casks getting dumped in the ocean at some point.

      That's actually why I think they are trying to restrict overflights so forcefully. We wouldn't want people to see just why the bay might be boiling occasionally.


  • Socrates

    Wow! I am convinced by the evidence presented by these experts and the videos posted by commenters that the spents fuel pool at 4, as well as at 1-3, are very damaged.

    There are suspicions that either MOX or military activities were underway in SFP 4 – something that TEPCO/gov(s) or corporations do not want public to known about,

    The information is really bad news for me. I have followed this closely since 3-11-11 bur have been effectively misled.

    Talk of exploding SFP 4 to collapse it in order to cover it with water shows the extreme danger that is not diminishing. I see that Pattersonb is freaked out now. The FOIA documents from the NRC are corroboratef by contemporaneous evidence as well as by subsequent events.

    Can someone walk me down from the cliff we sre staring at?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Maybe they already purposefully exploded unit 4 SFP back in March, 2011 in order to conceal their MOX activities or weapons manufacturing or both. It was a different kind of explosion looking at the side that is bent.

      I don't trust all the experts, who now supposedly have a unified story about extreme danger about present fuel removal.

      The experts are most likely all connected to and paid by and do research for the military in their respective countries.

      • Socrates

        Thanks, anne.

        Earth is a large place. Nice to keep hope alive. Poor Japanese and plant workers.

        Maybe the worst is yet to come.

        Initial problem was with primary containment. Hydrogen came out from zirconium burning off. Water boiled off. SFP in reactor 4 had 4-6 core equivalents with fire and explosion. Autocatalytic causes a big spike in radioactivity.

        How to cool pools? Collapse pool into floor? Mixed oxides could become critical. So much debris on top. Information was withheld. Evacuation should have been 80 kilometers, according to the NRC.

        Robots and humans could not water into SFP. Heat was too great. Maybe the SFP was collapsed. No way to walk away with the SFP 5 stories up.

      • ruppert

        You would think Japan must realize that we are all way past their concept of "saving face" or being honorable. It's like they are bombing the whole planet with their radiation and I think they are more worried about saving jail time and world condemnation than saving their honor which they lost a long time ago.

        I just wish "they" (other countries must be involved) would just fess up so the world can see if there are any options left (doubt it).

        Meanwhile because they won't tell us what's really going on, we have to play this multiple scenario game and waste time while they slaughter millions and cause global anxiety.

        It all comes out eventually. I don't think anybody would be shocked if they were developing weapons.

        All we get left to do is speculate while they play keystone cops trying to cover up their actions.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          It would appear, after going on almost 3 years, you have the very best available in the entire world of scientists, engineers, skilled workers representing the Nuclear Industry at Fukushima right now.

          That fact alone should give you great confidence in this ever expanding Nuclear Industry which is pushing itself and its technology all around the globe.

          This industry eventually wants to legally steal/take money from those same countries and their citizens that they are now seducing with promises of exciting "cheap energy" and all this big business seduction that is going on has no guarantees of safety and/or liabilities on their Nuclear Industry's part.

          They have a name for such behavior inside brothels.. 🙁

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        anne, I think you may be on to something — re: possible intentional collapse of the pool, back in 2011. That would explain a lot of things.

    • Collapsing the #4 SFP wouldn't be to allow for water, as water would not extinguish a cladding fire, and would only cause lots of scattering explosions from radiolysis for the subsequent open air meltdown. Plus cause major new airborne fallout plumes going up with the steam.

      • Socrates


        How would they handle fuel pellets on the ground? I assume much zirconium has burned off and all the pellets are dumped down five stories if collapse by explosives is (was) used?

        Chemical suppression?

        • I don't know how TEPCO would handle it. I'm not at all impressed with the way they've handled anything at Fuku over the last 2 years and 8 months. But it is an 'unprecedented' disaster, so nothing would surprise me.

          Chemical suppressants would extinguish zirc fires, but somebody'd have to stand there spraying it on, and who'd volunteer for that? They'd have about a 3-hour window to bury the pile in order to prevent airborne plumes as bad or worse than the original ones. Borated sand, zeolite, gallium dirt, whatever. Any fire would go out. Individual scattered pellets wouldn't melt, but they'd disintegrate (irradiated ones, anyway). Still, burial would be a good start.

  • Nick

    The world is collectively on the proverbial cliff.

    Most of us are hanging by our finger-nails.

    All of us are slowly sliding down same cliff, leaving scratch marks as we slide further down
    towards oblivion.

    Jumping off is not an option.


  • Clyde Scalf

    Thanks everyone for the good conversation and thoughts.

    The reason for wanting to use explosives, to bring down to earth the #4 pool, is the notion that things are not going as predicted. By bringing the pool into the building it would be hidden from sight or put water on it so it can flow into the ocean.

    TEPCO doesn't want the world to see anything that goes wrong with this operation. Japanese cultural traditions are an inherent part of this big mess. Secrets kept and never told. Remember Pearl Harbor. This time the sleeping giant will die.

    • pattersonp

      You didn't read the transcript right.

      the collapsing of the pool was to make the material more aggregated, and easier to dump water on.whole purpose is to dump water on the cores… thats the solution and end-result if they were to drop the pools.

      there is also talk of 'drying out' reactors in transcripts (boiled dry) even though they specifically state they want to dump water on it, IF they were to collapse it. It isn't to 'hide' anything but obviously crumbling bits of corium and rods and water do NOT mix well in the ocean.

    • Kashiko Kashiko

      You are right about Japanese cultural traditions. I've lived here for over a decade and what you see with TEPCO and the Government is standard practice in Japan, right through society to the lowest levels. Bad treatment of staff, lies, cheating, corruption (Called 'Gift giving'), no transparency,secrets etc. the list goes on and on. It's sad really as they (The great unwashed) are a great people, I love them, but they are trained (Read 'brainwashed') from a young age to follow the government or the corporation blindly and unquestioningly. It's changing slowly but not fast enough.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Dropping water on any..Human technology is no match for the burning fuel.
    Suprised they haven't figured it that out yet.

    Below reactor burning nuclear fuel (corium) ..along with debris from the reactor..that in itself must be tremendously radioactive.

    If it(SFP) were to might cause criticality..which in turns excites the corium…below the other reactors and the CSFP.
    Then again if they already bombed may have already happened.

    Now… if they could only do something about that pesky subsidence.. and rising of the ground water.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


    Everyone wants to talk.. fire.
    Even Arnie..
    A clip before TEPCO..went to black and white at night.'re the boss.
    Much love.

  • Ron

    I gotta tell ya, I'm no expert, but using explosives and dropping the SPF into the floor at Fuku sounds mighty risky to me.

  • Fury Fury

    Too bad all the ridiculous bloggers and other uneducated "professors' have moved to ENE- News to speak their false speculations, and do their fear mongering just to get someone to listen to them whan thay have nothing to say.

  • utahruss utahruss

    This is a ridiculous story-If the water all boiled out as per Gundersen in March of 2011, just the fact of the makeup the fuel bundles and containers-Boron Carbide, Stainless Steel, Zirconium and Zircoly-

    ALL THOSE SPENT FUEL RODS/BUNDLES WENT INTO MELTDOWN-The published papers all say this is what happens.


    Does anybody here know how to READ????
    At high temperatures the absorber rod will deform or balloon and locally contact the Zircaloy guide tube. As a result of chemical interactions, the stainless steel cladding of the absorber rod will fail. The released molten (Ag,In, Cd) absorber alloy will then attack the Zircaloy of the guide tube and fuel rods and dissolve (liquefy) it much below its melting point[1]. The absorber rods in Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) consist of boron carbide (B4C) pellets or B4C powder in thin walled stainless steel tubes. The boron carbide/stainless steel system is not stable thermodynamically, Ie. chemical interactions have to be expected to take place.

    But the question is how the absorber rods behave chemically at temperatures beyond 1000°C which have to be assumed to prevail in severe reactor accidents.

    The rest of the story here