“Nuclear reactor fears after huge earthquake strikes Japan” — Plant operator “is further looking into any possible damage” — Quake measured “at highest possible level” on Japan’s intensity scale — Prime Minister: “We intend to do the utmost to grasp situation” — Official: “Extent of damage still unclear” (VIDEOS)

Published: April 14th, 2016 at 5:31 pm ET


The Mirror, Apr 14, 2016 (emphasis added): Nuclear reactor fears after huge earthquake strikes Japan… Authorities raced to assess the damage to THREE nuclear power plants which sit just miles from the epicentre — A massive deadly earthquake that hit Japan left many fearing a Fukushima-like tragedy could happen after the epicentre rocked homes and building just miles from THREE nuclear reactors… experts immediately began checking the island’s nuclear reactors for any damage…

Kyodo, Apr 14, 2016: The quake at 9:26 p.m. registered a maximum 7 on the Japanese seismic scale in the town of Mashiki, Kumamoto Prefecture, the Japan Meteorological Agency said… no abnormalities have been detected at nuclear power plants in the area… An official from the weather agency warned that there may be aftershocks of around lower 6 on the Japanese scale in the coming week.

Japan Times, Apr 14, 2016: Strongest earthquake since 2011 strikes Kumamoto area… [it] registered the highest 7 on the Japanese earthquake intensity scale… A series of similarly shallow and frequent aftershocks followed, including one of… upper 6 on the Japanese seismic scale… Kyushu Electric Power Co. said it found no abnormalities in its Sendai nuclear plant… The operator said it is further looking into any possible damage… At a hastily arranged news conference, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the government was doing its utmost to get a full picture of the situation… Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said at a press conference that Self-Defense Forces airplanes and helicopters have been dispatched to the quake-hit area to ascertain the extent of damage…

AP, Apr 14, 2016: “The shaking was so violent I couldn’t stand still,” said Hironobu Kosaki, a Kumamoto Prefectural Police night-duty official… “Because of the night darkness, the extent of damage is still unclear,” [Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga] said… Suga said there no abnormalities at nearby nuclear facilities

Sky News, Apr 14, 2016: A fresh 6.5 magnitude earthquake has struck southern Japan – causing fires to spread and dozens of houses to collapse, trapping people underneath… One of the earthquakes registered at the highest possible level of Japan’s seven-scale system for measuring seismic intensity – and a quake of that size usually means it is “impossible to move at will” as people are “thrown by the shaking”… [USGS] has upgraded its damage assessment to red, which indicates extensive damage is probable and that the disaster is likely widespread.

CNN, Apr 14, 2016: [T]he threat of aftershocks is far from over… Gen Aoki, director of the Japan Meteorological Agency’s earthquake division, warned more aftershocks could occur over the next week. “This is an earthquake that is going to shake for a long time,” CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said. That could mean many more building collapses… An estimated 750,000 people felt “violent to severe shaking” Thursday, Myers said… “When you have a shallow earthquake, such as this one is, you have the potential for more damage because the shaking is close to the surface,” John Bellini of the U.S. Geological Survey said.

USA Today, Apr 14, 2016: [T]he quake registered the highest level of 7 on the Japanese seismic scale, in the town of Mashiki. It was the first reported quake with an intensity level of 7 since the deadly March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan… None of the nuclear power plants in the affected area reported damage, according to a statement released by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s office.

Asia Times, Apr 14, 2016: The strongest earthquake to strike Japan’s southern Kumamoto area since 2011 has leveled scores of houses… Japan’s nuclear regulator reported no problems at nearby power plants… “We intend to do the utmost to grasp the situation,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters. “I’m now planning to hear what we have gathered on the situation.”

Watch: NBC | ABC | FOX | CNN

Published: April 14th, 2016 at 5:31 pm ET


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1,071 comments to “Nuclear reactor fears after huge earthquake strikes Japan” — Plant operator “is further looking into any possible damage” — Quake measured “at highest possible level” on Japan’s intensity scale — Prime Minister: “We intend to do the utmost to grasp situation” — Official: “Extent of damage still unclear” (VIDEOS)

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Ben Davidson forecasts large earthquake in next 36 hours. Video.
    (Please make watching this daily video something you do every morning over coffee. Ben broadcasts early in the AM.)

    • Angela_R

      A very interesting site that, Philip, thank you for the link.
      The sun is certainly 'fighting'. That is how I refer to its 'outbursts'.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Over the course of my life, the sunshine has taken on a sharper edge.
        Sunlight that was mellow in my youth, seems harsher today.
        I wonder why.
        Hence my study of atmosphere and the sun.
        http://www.suspicious0bservers.org Is a great place to start.
        Correction. The best lace to start. Space weather. Great concept. 🙂

        • Angela_R

          Yes Philip, space weather;
          actually it's a lifter of mood for me. Looking up, not down, is inspiring.
          Where I live, the sun's burning heat is referred to constantly; summer now has many days where UV levels reach 12, sometimes 13.

          Here's a video that may have been posted previously, I know I've watched it a few times, but for those that haven't, this has some interesting observations and comes from an expert:

          "Former NASA & White House Advisor Warns of Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions & New Madrid Event!"

      • Ben has some interesting data but not the whole story. He holds to this big bang rubbish lie and degenerates the hard work of BPearthwatch. I only view his data for sun impact information.

    • If that huge earthquake does not happen, would that make him a false prophet? Or not?

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Dr. Goodheart,
    Suggest this book as the starting place to investigate Planet Earth's religions:


    (Re your earlier post to this thread.)

    • AGR has many articles about UFO's and ET's, but there is a problem with all of the Niburu stuff tossed around on Internet…

      Regarding Niburu, also called Planet X…

      It is interesting that so MANY of the worlds religions all come up with the same end scenario, and each believes that it is special, that no one else will be saved at the end.. Curious… which special religion will God pick in the end and all others go to H#(# forever, as everyone sits on their hands and does nothing to prevent Armageddon?

      Armageddon Or End Of The World Belief Systems; Apocalypticism Among Christian, Judaism, Hindu, Islam, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, UFO, Y2K, Psychics, Numerology Followers, Planet X, Niburu

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Dr. Goodheart,
        The religions of the world were all founded by gods and their half-human progeny.
        All the gods were from Nibiru.
        The gods bread the human race, using their own dna.
        Science has found that all living human beings come from the eggs of a single mother.
        Humans were dispersed across the world to be the slaves of the gods.
        Religions were founded by the gods to keep humans subservient.
        "Bring us gold."
        The gods used gold to stabilize Nibiru's atmosphere, warming that planet during Nibiru's year of 3,600 earth years.
        The gods next handed control of their religions to human their demigod sons, and to human beings.
        Humans didn't have the concept of the gods quite straight, and bent religions to their limited understanding.
        On earth, gods competed with each other over territory, gold, and slaves.
        Almost inevitably, the humans began to teach the supremacy of their own god above all others.
        What began as competition between half-brothers Enlil and Enki, sons of Anu, evolved into "us versus them".
        God versus satan, in the limited understanding of human beings.
        Hence the planet-wide teaching by each religion of the supremacy of their particular faith:
        "Noone comes to the father but by me.

        Doc, I see no conflict between our positions, vis a vis Nibiru.

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          In the end, competition among the gods resulted is a war against each other, using atomic weapons.
          Anu, Enki, and Enlil recalled all or almost all of the gods to Nibiru.
          The gods of Nibiru are now forbidden by galactic civilization to interact with Earthly humans.
          We are by and large on our own, except for little hints and nudges here and there.

          • Angela_R

            Actually Philip, I agree with some of what you have written, however, my belief:

            man pre-existed, before their visit.

            The sons of god, saw that the daughters of men were desirable and they 'intermarried' with them.

            Btw, I have noted that the sons of god were able to materialize, i.e. take a physical form.
            I would never wish to emulate the gods/goddesses.

            You stated: "In the end, competition among the gods resulted in a war against each other*". Also check out the various stories written and termed mythology.

            * not sure about the nuclear; they are energy forces, the physical is not that necessary to them. They can travel without vehicles… they are not 'held' by matter.

            • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth


              "sons of god, saw that the daughters of men were desirable and they 'intermarried' with them."

              This is actually a later writing. Note "sons of gods", indicates that the sons and grandsons of the gods were involved.
              Nibiru gods are as physical as you and I.
              And aren't much more evolved than you or I.
              In fact, their mating rituals, pettiness, enslaving humans, and waring makes me doubt that they are highly evolved.
              They are, however, very long lived when on Nibiru.
              Perhaps Anu himself still lives, though hundreds of thousands of Earth years old.
              Humans are 50% Earth primate, and 50% Nibiru god, genetically.
              Fertilized embryos were implanted in Nibiru goddesses by Enki.
              The result was human.
              The sons of gods from Nibiru, looked at female humans, and took them.
              The gods of Nibiru are genetically compatible with humans.
              But the children of such unions are demi-gods, having 3/4 Nibiru god dna and 1/4 Earth primate dna.
              Good luck on your search for understanding. 😉

              (None of this means that there are not spirit beings, star children, etc. running around on Earth.)
              What, do you think, was Jesus, genetically speaking?

              • How about instead of calling any old ET a Niburu, we call them ET's?

                Is there just one ET race, or are there more? It would be kind of silly to call them all Niburu, if there is more than one race of ET's out there, correct?

                Anytime anyone shows up in a UFO, they would seem like 'gods', to those who don't have that technology, and they would be worshiped as such.

                Kind of like the early explorers making first contact with indigenous peoples were often considered 'gods', and that they had the power to perform miracles; guns and cannon fire for example.

                Of course anyone who really wants to believe in Niburu planets, Niburu Gods, and intermarriage with them can do so.. no laws against such.

                Genetically, every human is 99 percent the same as apes. Not saying humans are pure animals, but just to give some perspective to the claim that humans are Niburu.

                Evolution is wonderful and miraculous process, given enough time. Of course, it is also possible to 'seed' planets with life, given that ET's can space travel. Both can be true without either one being untrue.

                NIBURU, PLANET X Myth Busted; Prophets Have Been Predicting Armageddon And End Of World Starting With 2003, But It Did Not Happen. Why Do They Keep Moving Dates Up? False Prophets?

                • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

                  The gods of Planet Earth, including "God and Satan", are from Nibiru.
                  100% clear on this point.

                  ETs visit Earth, too. But are not considered to be from Nibiru, unless that is their origin. ETs can be from anywhere, anywhen, even from other universes and dimensions.

                  Never meant to cause any confusion. 🙂

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    With such a long orbit.. I just hope none of these Gods are hungry!

                    Seems like the human populations are being fattened up purposefully..just saying. 🙂 Yummy!

                  • Angela_R

                    Actually Philip, the God I refer to, did not come from Nibiru, nor did his sons.

                    However, I would not discount the visit of energy, (perhaps an energy that could take form),from Nibiru. Suspect we are already encountering the effects of that energy.

                    If the Nephilim (the giants) interbred, I pity the child bearing woman.

                • Angela_R

                  Dr. Goodheart: From your comment on 19 April @ 2.54pm
                  "Genetically, every human is 99 percent the same as apes."

                  I like to think we are different to apes; in fact I understood that that was why we were called humans.

                  Wasn't it that we all came from the one mother? Surely they have checked enough DNA.

                  Be that as it may, we do have different ‘driving’ forces/energies.

                  Though over a lifetime the ‘driver’ can change.

                  We are born with 'self', the driving force for survival.

                  So where do those other drivers come from?

                  • Why are we so different from our closest relatives, the chimps? Puzzling, since there seem to be few DNA differences between our two species. But researchers are looking hard at those differences in hopes of identifying uniquely human stretches of the genome that help make us quite unlike our nearest ape kin.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      were not so different from chimps after all, we only egotistically assumed we were. Probably you could breed a chimp with a pig, teach it to write and…voila!

                      as to Angelas question…koko the sign language gorilla shows our drives are all pretty much the same. The amazing thing is some people cant see it, even though they have pets

                    • Angela_R

                      With matter and self come 'animal' appetites.

                      But where do aspirations come from?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      you mean like the painting gorillas? The loving pets who engage in play and humor? Some say it comes from the dot in the middle of this representative picture, and that everything has it, not just three pound brain apes


                    • Angela_R

                      Very good, what ape painted that?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      It seems like a very special ape indeed Angela. Have you ever wondered how the stupid animals, even tiny ants and moths, can survive in the wild while mankind has to be educated in survival skills? Have you looked close at an ant and thought, that little brain in there…must not be capable of comprehending much? Or who hasnt pondered the 17 lb whale brain and thought, well they arent more aware than humans because its the body to brain size or "encephalization quotient" that really counts? Who has asked about the relativity of brains and awareness? If an ant cant comprehend the universe- or that Jesus died and went to heaven for the ants sins– because the brain is not up to it, how can we be sure our three pounder is up to it, because after all, both brains are virtually infinitely small. If 3 lb is better than 1, how about a 79,000 lb brain? Can you be so sure that your three pounder is as good as a 79 thousand pounder? Man is the supreme…..egotist!


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      man can thank his ability to pass on information and build knowledge through generations for his glory. A true ferel human is very primitive by our standards! No Tarzan, that is for sure.

                      I looked closely at a butterfly that was surviving out in the wild…without the benefit of government leaders, police, tax payments or cell phones…and I realized, that tiny animal is as tuned into nature as I was. Most people dont think so, but nature and 'god' are synonymous, or at least, nature is all we know.

                      Men think their thoughts and their women are the best and sexiest, but an Elephant thinks the same for his kind. Man isnt so awfully special, he just thinks he is. To think that he is the only animal capable of tuning into the essence or spiritual is a ludicrous egotism. Hubris, egotism and stupidity ruined the world. How great is that?


        • Has anyone here met any of these Gods from Niburu?

      • Dr G,

        "…as everyone sits on their hands and does nothing to prevent Armageddon?"

        An imposter religion actually teachers their delusional followers this exact doctrine. They say you are saved by doing nothing and all your sins belong to a human invented son of GOD. John refers to them as nicolaitans. They practice black magik masses, sex festivals and consume devil cakes with crosses on them. Culminating in the abomination of cannibalism drinking blood and eating flesh.

        They get very sulky when their revealed and never seem to come to the door again; their naked shame revealed.

        • Angela_R

          "They practice black magik masses, sex festivals and consume devil cakes with crosses on them. Culminating in the abomination of cannibalism drinking blood and eating flesh."

          Such practices are rumoured. If they occur, then they are following a horrific, minding boggling monstrocity, who apes.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Why are you posting here using this name?

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                    Because I need protection and because there is freedom of religion in the US.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      Fascism, including nuclear fascism, uses the concept of race to create an elite class to divide and conquer their slaves. Malla Nunn, in her novel “A Beautiful Place to Die” about the Union of South Africa in the 1950s, writes “Emmanuel felt the rough ground underneath him and heard Shabalala’s deep baritone voice singing a Zulu song. His life was saved by a black man and a Jew, his physical being reawakened by a mixed-race woman, and his crushed body lifted to safety by a proper Afrikaner. It was a jigsaw of people that fit against each other despite the new National Party laws….Zweigman was right. What else was there to do but get up again and take another swing at the world? (p. 373)” (Emmanuel, a mixed race Asian white and Zeigman,a German physician and survivor of the Holocaust]

                      When people are willing to look beyond race, they will unite against the rule of all dictators. There is only morality or immorality, compassion or cruelty.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      You will not get or receive any protection from using this name when posting on this site.

                      This young women is probably one of the most intelligent to ever walk this Earth and she did not need to promote any name to achieve such a status.

                      Enjoy! 1992 UN Speech!

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      If anyone took the time to listen to this brilliant young women you will here her say that they were catching tumored/cancer filled/ridden fish back 22 years ago. I remember that in the 70's I too caught tumored fish out of Lake Erie.

                      I actually attended the very first Earth Day, but was firmly entrenched within the tentacles of this created Zeitgeist Matrix control nut house and did not recognize the importance and true meaning of this event. The main speaker looked directly into my eyes and then told me that the Earth was dying and I could see and sense the pain he was truly feeling and I have never forgotten that moment.

                      That was then and this is now and we are still eating Cancer filled Tumor ridden fish and we then wonder why 2 billion humans will die directly from this disease called cancer between the years of 2030 to 2110?

                      We are what we create/poison..we can and must do better!

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Here should be.. hear! oops!

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Gee, I am sorry it was 24 years ago! My how time flies…

                    • "Because I need protection and because there is freedom of religion in the US."

                      Christ was/is all about truth and was vehemently against boasting. He taught that boasting was a vanity under the sun.

                      My user identity is based on the Hebrew meaning husband. There is no boasting nor any attempt to do so. I am that I am. A natural born eunuch.

                      Would you like a stone, to watch it cry?

                    • ISeePinkClouds

                      Yes. obewanspeaks. Ty.


                      Girl's(Severan Suzuki)Speech @ UN Conference on Environment and Development

                      The Council Members smirked.

                      So they managed to accomplish; Agenda 21,in spite of her pleas.

                      The Earth Summit resulted in the following documents:

                      *Rio Declaration on Environment and Development;
                      *Agenda 21;
                      *Convention on Biological Diversity;
                      *Forest Principles;
                      *Framework Convention on Climate Change.


                      It’s been called “the most dangerous threat to American sovereignty”; “An anti-human document, which takes aim at Western culture, and the Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions,” that will bring “new Dark Ages of pain and misery yet unknown to mankind,” and “abolish golf courses, grazing pastures and paved roads,” in the name of creating a “one-world order.”


                      Agenda 21 and Private Property

                      “Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore contributes to social injustice.”


                      "It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave. Keep on Thinking Free."

                      Eyes of A Child

                    • ISeePinkClouds

                      Yes. contd:

                      Eyes of a Child: The Moody Blues



                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                    So which will win, freedom or racism, life or death?

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      It appears at this present time that the only one that always wins..is death. 🙁

                      Bu they are working on it!

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Oops..But they are working on it! 🙂 Cyborg is what I hear..

                      Just cut the cancer/tumor filled body part off at the local human butcher shops and then replace it with a brand new cyborg part.

                      This would be part of the preventative healthcare sections found inside those 2700 pages nobody read and then voted on.

              • Those whom follow nick, old nick, saint nick, santy claws. You know him that sits mocking YAHUAHshua on his throne promoting selfishness, bribery, pride, wantonness, vanity. Everything GOD represents. Not!!

                The festival of fraudulence; 25th December, where the son of perdition tends to hypothermia affected sheep in winter, with stars in positions that have been linked scientifically to be in that position about the end of June.

                Jesus is the son of perdition diablo in sheep's clothing.

                • Angela_R

                  ISHI, Jesus did not set the time of his birthday, and declare it as the 25th December, others did to fit their agenda.

                  Tell me, who do you think became the willing, once only sacrifice?

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Jesus…willing once and only sacrifice? How do your three pounders come up with this stuff? Some super being that can supposedly live in the unimaginable glory of infinite conscious spirit and love considers it a sacrifice to die on this pitiful radioactive planet in a body (house) of blood bone and spit? And what about all the other people who are suffering even worse deaths? The poor folks who didnt receive a bible from the disease and poverty bringing minister in borneo? Sacrifice for what exactly? (no need to answer). What happened to yer Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent creator? His little earthlings got out of control did they? Needed to send a sacrificial one did he/she? Oooohh such a long ways to go in our understanding, my three pound ape brothers and sisters, top of creation and gods beloved though ye may be!


                  • Jesus said nothing because that name could never have existed in that time. In an alphabet invented in Rome about a few hundred or so years ago.

                    For more information on the slip-streaming of the name Jesus you will need to access Vaticon archives, the Rothschild link to Nero, the advent of the printing press & thee cult of the roman emperor. The Byzantine dog is another hint.

                    The book of revelation is the destruction of lie fraud Christianity and the restoration of truth Christianity. This is why false prophets fear this book so much. They added for their own gain doctrines of laziness and skapegoat blaming, because they fear their salvation. let's do nothing and pluck our harps as earth burns. Sounds familiar?

                    Modern Christianity is about destroying earth so we can live, you have to die, so you can live you know! Truth Christianity is about faith and good works that prove that faith. False prophets say that is the laws of Moses, but helping a granny cross the street is not in those laws. They would let the granny get hit by a skater boy playing flappy birds on his dumbphone revving up the street.

                    Get ready for a load of links designed to take you on a strange journey.… 😉

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      ISHI, nobody will like it, and you will get nowhere, influencing nobody. Yes, some of us push the philosophy envelope, but we break the site rules and wishes of the owner when we do. Just saying…if you want to get into religion and philosophy, you will have to go somewhere else

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus


                  Jesus is not the son of perdition.

                  Why have you taken on one of God's names?

                  Isaish: 54:5. Also Hosea: "And it shall
                  be at that day, saith the Lord, that thou shalt call me Ishi," my husband …”

                  We used to have a blogger who called himself VOX Dei (the voice of God). Is this you again?

                  • Angela_R

                    Thank you for the link, Pt.

                    It promotes an interesting discussion, and maybe it is time to 'iron' out some discrepancies

                  • Praising imposter Christ; that is mentioned in the book of Daniel .… Changing thankfulness for food and water, to the cup of indignation & the abomination of a dead man on a cross. I ain't no cannibal Dracula. Nor do I bow down to murder threats. Do not make graven images, or else!! Do not commit murder. Summed up by YAHUAHshua, love thy neighbour. I don't think killing someone by word or deed is loving them?

                    The link you provided stated he was proud, not scriptures. Did you for covetous reasons misinterpret this? For some reason the link is no longer active. How convenient.

                    No vox dei was a plant, a disruption paid to send people on a strange journey. Like many of your links. My friend.

                    Have you had that circulation problem checked out yet, half an aspirin (if not allergic) a day helps, circulation problems stay away. Seek medical advice before undertaking medication changes. 😉

                    Ps: YAHUAHshua is his returned name, containing the name of the FATHER and the son.

                    Mrs g-d says nothing on the matter. Because their is no Mrs g-d; catholic bible changing lies. Queen of heaven paganism.

            • "Jesus was proud" from your link. The king of pride some would say.

              The son of perdition saves no one.

              I will break down your stubborn pride. Leviticus 26:19

              His pride led to his downfall. He was unfaithful to the LORD his God. 2 Chronicles 26:16

              When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 11:2

              I urge you to seek advice upon the matter of your medical condition of poor circulation.

        • Have you ever watched the movie 'Regression'?

          It is quite good and delves into this topic.

    • Angela_R

      Have read a little of the work of Zacharia Sitchen and followed the here again, gone again planet since the 1970’s.

      However, at present I am recalling Moses and the then Pharaoh, the magicians and the parting of the Red Sea……
      Here’s a thought I had in an eureka moment:
      what if there had been an earthquake and a subsequent tsunami.
      The sea had receded, allowing the Israelites to cross, then – back it came, drowning the Egyptian Army.

      After all, the area is known for earthquakes:
      “Seismic activity in the area of the Egyptian seaside resort Abu Dabbab may be caused by an active fault that lays below a 10-kilometer thick block of old, now rigid igneous rock. The surface of the block slides along the active parts of the fault, lubricated by fluids from the Red Sea that have penetrated the crust, according to Sami El Khrepy of King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and colleagues.” https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/06/150615130857.htm

      (Perhaps they are also due for a big one again…)

      • Angela_R

        and perhaps I should have mentioned that Nibiru, Planet X or …, had been sighted and acknowledged on a number of occasions and then Puff! the 'magician' dragon, made it disappear again.

        • Where or who is this magician with the power to make a planet appear and then disappear, POOF? Gone…

          Where can a person sign up for the apprenticeship program?

          Maybe we can start with smaller stuff, like making bugs disappear and then reappear?

          • Angela_R

            Puff, Dr. G? That particular 'magician' can drive energy. What is said to have made the clay form of man move? The Breath of God, the Source of All Energy. Breath is a gentle movement of Energy.

            Puff and its gone? There is always an explanation, try thinking about the movement (requires energy), of a planet with an extreme eliptical orbit.

            It takes energy to make form. Again, I cite my belief, Energy pre-existed matter.

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              They renamed God "the big bang." Everything came from there. There was nothing, and "BAM!" there ya have it. —From the mystified, bewildered, and baffled scientists.

              Does sound like their tsunami story… "Not a chance" and then "Bam!" From zero percent chance to 100 percent in the blink of an eye… the big bang tsunami.

              Like the volcanoes on kyushu … what volcanoes?

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Born of boundless potential energy.
                The ancient beginning.
                It's pretty primordial.
                The return is going to be rough.

                • DUDe DUD

                  Il était une forêt..


                  This is what we returning form with burned bridges to proof it..the Universe beautifull unfinished conversation with itself..we were part..

                  From the creators of March of the Penguins and The Fox and the Child. Once Upon a Forest invites the spectator into a never-before-seen world of natural wonder and staggering beauty. For the first time, we will be able to watch a rainforest growing before our eyes. Drawing on a vast fund of research and knowledge, Once Upon a Forest will lead viewers on a journey into the depths of the tropical jungle, into the very heart of life on earth. For years, Luc Jacquet has spellbound audiences worldwide with his intimate yet spectacular stories of the natural world. His encounter with pioneering botanist and ecologist Francis Hallé was to give birth to this extraordinary exploration of the prehistoric rainforests, the great green lungs of our planet. Once Upon a Forest offers this unique voyage into a completely untamed universe, a world of perfect balance in which each living thing – from the smallest to the largest – plays an essential role. The film will deliver a complete sensory immersion in the primeval splendour of one of nature's richest mysteries, inviting the audience to enter, discover and marvel at a universe of untold treasures while joining its voice to the ever growing awareness of the need to preserve our world.

                  • DUDe DUD

                    voice is french..no subtitels..scaled down quality..awesome movie..liveblob sex..tree's..the livespark that runs tru us runs tru the liveblob as a whole..1:14 mins

                    Just a reminder before its gone like the whales..still no action on that underground river ?

                    The quakes shaked ab e up to re-realise he diddent restart them all yet..?

              • They are only just realising there is more than one universe, we haven't even got to multiple dimensions yet. As far as DNA; one level, big deal. It's all so revealing. 😉

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Mt Aso is a supervolcano. Many websites say there are 7 supervolcanoes that could put the extinction hurts on us. Mt Aso is where all these earthquakes in Japan this past week were. Silly me had been worrying about Mt. Unzen or Sakurajima

    We seem to have lost our basic instinct to survive, or at least 99 percent of intelligence Quota if alarms do not sound over this.

    With the recent activity at Yellowstone, if we got a 9.0 quake there, what should our response be? Well, if we have any sense at all we should quickly build at least a couple of nuclear power plants there. YA THINK?

    Fuku… Aso Can't make this shit up

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    They should apply the LNT model only to man-made radiation. They should immediately remove anyone's credentials that speaks of bananas and man made rads.

    Question? How many bananas do you need to make a chest x-ray?

    Hint: start watching Gilligan's Island.

    • 1000 bananas, and Fukushima was only a couple million bananas.

      Anyone who believes the banana theory is bananas.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        what is the banana theory? Pretty sure they got the radioactivity and then their seivert conversion correct (based on a linear extrapolation of poor bomb survivor data). Countering the banana theory is not so easy. I havent seen anyone do it yet. If we are stuck on radiation danger, what difference does the nutritional value, and the large fraction of non radioactive k isotope make?; 400 million internal radioactive disintegrations per day is still 400 million internal radioactive disintegrations per day. I did make the effort to elucidate, but people called me a hormesis pushing pro nuker for it. C'est la vie

        who is qualified to make fun of the banana dose equivalent?

        • Radioactive Potassium (K40) In Bananas Compared To Cesium, Plutonium, Uranium And Iodine; Peeling Away The Mystery And Deception

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Dr G, do you feel you have answered the banana disinfo? I keep a file on it. As I said, its not so easy, and nobody has made a convincing article yet. But weve had this exact exchange before along with your link to your website and article. Therefor, this time I will make a point by point critique, if you dont mind. Maybe it will help refine the article, who knows

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Critique of Dr Gs K-40 article, I just made notes reading through it, sorry if its difficult to correlate…

            starting at "IGNORING HALF LIVES AND TOXICITY OF K40"

            long half life doesnt matter if we are looking at becquerels. Scientists, public and even anti nukers always think in terms of radiation quantity. Can you use a long half life as good for K-40 and bad for Plutonium?

            harmless decay product is a point

            danger of cesium is a great subject, the rat study telling, yet no mention made of the ICRP standard which says radiation from potassium is only half as bad as cesium. Isnt that a key point?

            Specific activity is an important metric, one never used by the nuke industry, yet again, if we are stuck on radioactivity as the measure, it doesnt matter because both cesium and potassium are soluble. Only theories like re-concentration factors would bring specific activity back into importance in that argument

            the nutritional value is moot if we are talking radioactive danger

            "Potassium-40 represents about 5% of your "natural" internal radiation burden," is not true

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              deformity and retardation is a good point. i.e. pervasive natural radiation never caused deformities and evacuation zones. But this only answers the potassium radioactivity question obliquely.

              again the specific activity…cesium millions of times more radioactive…is not an arguable point with a scientist since they are only interested in measuring becquerels and extrapolating sieverts. So you need a theory why the specific activity is important

              huge amounts of artificial man made K40,…now being put out into the global food system is incorrect. Man doest make artificial K40

              The percentage of radioactive isotope in potassium is moot since science is only interested in the radioactivity. It doesnt matter how small the percent of K-40 is, it still gives nearly 5000 bq in your body

              You dont know that the body doesnt utilize the radioactive isotope. Weve given reasons, but you werent interested. No study shows better health without it. Some studies show worse health without it. Links given already

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown


              radioactive bullets of man made k-40? Highly radioactive man made potassium 40? pure disinfo and more of it here;

              "radioactive potassium K40 increasing due to the use of man made chemical fertilizers, which are made from radioactive carbon fuels. This means that foods grown in soil contaminated with K40 may have much larger amounts of K40 in them than the statistic above."

              fertilizer doesnt make man made K40.

              not accumulating potassium doesnt mean it doesnt radiate you your entire life.

              more BS here "nuclear reactor melts down and throws a huge quantity of the man made artificial and much more highly radioactive and toxic forms of artificial man made radioactive potassium"
              and here "high energy heavy metal and highly radioactive poison in the form of artificial man made isotopes of potassium "

              Bandazhevsky's info on suppression of the activity of the important enzyme creatine phosphokinase is interesting.

              Remaining is the question of radiation effect…in other words the dose. If radiation is the problem, why doesnt the radiation from potassium inflict the same? The bioaccumulation argument doesnt fit here because we are looking at radiation; 70 bq/kg from potassium is harmless, 70 bq/kg from cesium deadly.

              pin prick to hydrogen bomb is not a relevant analogy because we are concerned with radioactivity. See above.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown


              the article
              'Radioactive Potassium Isotopes Are Created By Fission From Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Plants And Nuclear Accidents ' was previously shown to be full of poor deduction. We went through the studies. Where is the one study that shows this large quantity of man made K-40? No esta alli

              again, the nutritional value is moot because we are talking about radioactive danger

              Confusing potassium electrolyte danger with potassium radioactivity is….really bad journalism, if I may be direct. Thanks

              back to specific activity, i.e. 2 grams C137 = 20 tons bananas. Again not relevant as long as science is focused on becquerel dose and the extrapolated sievert

              no explaination why the same amount of radiation spread across a couple square miles is different for potassium and cesium. "Decompose away harmlessly" is a non sequitur since K-40 is long lived. "cesium…cannot grow anything there for 1,000 years." probably not 'scientifically' correct either since the half life is 30 years

              Genetic adaptation to background radiation…."we all have repair mechanisms in our DNA to handle this small amount of low activity 'natural' radiation and the small amount of genetic damage this causes. And yes, this radiation does do damage" The problem here is quantification…if we can handle a small amount of radiation from one source, why not the same amount of radiation from another source? Also, weve posted studies showing that no genetic damage…

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Also, weve posted studies showing that no genetic damage was seen from K-40, and it was considered non mutagenic. You give no link confirming your statement that, yes, it does do damage. Thats to say, there is no evidence that cancer or illness or genomic instability was caused by k-40 either before or after the nuclear era. It makes sense, at least to our 3 lb ape brains that it does do damage. Consider the scientific conclusion; half as much damage per becquerel as Cesium 137!

                "now that man has added HUGE amounts of artificial man made poisonous plutonium, uranium, iodine, and 1000 other radioactive elements to the global oceans and air and ground. This huge increase in toxic and radioactive heavy metals all works up the food chain to humans"

                Scientists and maybe the public too would want a quantification for that. Why not post it? Radioactivity from potassium (the natural kind) and radon is far greater (global input, not hot spots at dead zones) than man made.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown


              "Humanity has never been exposed to some of these radioactive elements" this point could be elaborated. Heres a radical idea; Why not set the background level of radiation as the null point, being natures standard, and having an unknown effect in natures balance, whether negative neutral or positive. Then when man made radioisotopes are added they are seen for what they are; infinitely higher additions rather than small additions to the environment

              Ah, then the famous peak radioactivity graphic. I took decibel measurements from three rock concerts. One foot away from concert A, one mile away from concert B and 10,000 miles away from concert C. I have concluded that concert A was by far the loudest, and nothing is going to change my mind, anyone with common sense would agree. Where was the peak measurement of the bomb test era taken?

              toxicity of the heavy metal element apart or in conjunction with the radioactivity is a good point

              latency has little bearing on the potassium subject unless you would like to point out that there was no apparent brain or genetic damage over millions of years of constant internal exposure…

              "Pro nuclear apologists try to confuse people by saying low level radiation is not dangerous and that it is actually GOOD for you." No radiation standard or nuclear policy is based on hormesis. Woods Hole and NOAA and ICRP dont say low level is good for you

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown


              " No government regulates the amount of radioactive potassium found in a banana" Good point, no real explanation given, other than cesium being a heavy metal poison. Again, the real fight is with the standard ICRP model which says its only twice as deadly as potassium, per becquerel

              You go on to address the danger of plutonium.

              The contaminated zones around nuke accidents; It seems like a no brainer, yet more than once people tell me how Chernobyl is a thriving animal paradise. In fact its a death trap for 1.8 million birds/yr.

              safe radiation levels are being raised instead of lowered to zero; Yet natures standard is not zero. For my brain, we want to differentiate natures standard (non zero) and man made (new and novel super poisons). This is important because as long as science and people lump radioactive sources, they will use radiation measurements as the guide, not the radioisotope!

              Finally, you end quoting Praising Jesus that there is no safe level of radioactivity. Thats fine, but it doesnt differentiate K40 and other isotopes, which is the subject of the article. Moreover, to be totally accurate, you would have to say that our three pound ape brains ASSUME there is no safe level of radioactivity (yes, my 3 pounder assumes the same; being open minded is a challenge!). Otherwise you could post the study showing the danger from K-40 which we havent seen yet. Is there a safe dose of oxygen?

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                here Gofman makes a rebuttal to the free radical fallacy of ionizing radiation


                Note that other sources maintain that up to 90% of damage from low level radiation is due to free radicals, not direct DNA hits. Always remember that there are knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns

                We can see that life flourished with little cancer and no known genomic instability for millions of years with all that background radiation. However, since the nuclear era, cancer has skyrocketed, animals are dying left and right, exclusion zones surrounded by sick zones are all over the planet.

                thus we conclude that

                we live in a sea of radiation, the danger was insignificant until man added new radioisotopes.–Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds–

                And somewhere in that is the answer to why a dose of 70 bq/kg of radiation from bananas is healthy, while 70 bq/kg from cesium-137 is deadly.

                • Code, do you know of ANYONE studying why?

                  "why a dose of 70 bq/kg of radiation from bananas is healthy, while 70 bq/kg from cesium-137 is deadly."

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    I was studying it. Theyll be callin you a radical hormesis pusher…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      we were just getting into ionic and voltage gradients but nobody was interested…we covered chirality and the genesis of protocells. Endless futile argument over details on that one. Certainly one must engage the hypothetical unless/ until doing the primary test research. One thing stands out; details of the toxicity level of background radiation is interesting yet not essential to the argument. Background WAS and IS the standard of nature and its very difficult to know the details of this balance. Compare the mutated butterflies of Fukushima receiving less than a becquerel of fallout to this perfect wing bathed for endless generations in K-40 radiation. Natural observation trumps theory. Every form has a function


                      micron size structural elements of butterfly scales


                      note that nuclear fallout nanoparticles are in this size range of a few micrometers. This is small enough to be held aloft in the atmosphere by air viscosity, traveling far distances, and going deep into the lung. Notice how delicate and refined the butterfly structures, not harmed by background radiation


                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Yep! 🙂

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      🙂 Absolutely…

                      "Natural observation trumps theory"

                      After all, isn't the interpretation, (sum), of the data, (parts), ultimately an observation, (results)?

                      Backround. LOL.

                      Anyone who thinks of this, with the many, many years of facts and data, see's that the meme of "backround" exposure, fails at discerning what man has added to that.

                      It has become a permanent present tense descriptor and an all inclusive meme.

                      Backround technically, is pre trinity…

                      When does Fukushima's addition to backround become backround.

                      Is it after the next one?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      yes Jebus, todays fallout is tomorrows background. Unlike potassium, huge amounts of carbon 14 WERE added to the biosphere. Other hideously toxic elements were added that were never here before…thus an infinite increase! Its very rare to get an infinite increase of something.

                      But lets not fall into the man made background trap. There was plenty of radiation before the nuclear era. I have a hard time grasping why radon, a deadly alpha emitter, hasnt mutated everything to oblivion. Yet observation trumps theory. Actually fresh outdoor air can have very low levels of radon for one thing. Then there are the unknown unknowns. Many things can alter an elements dose coefficient.

                      And thats the point; we dont need to ascribe background radiation to mans activity in order to justify its existence. The earth and internal environment was radioactive, but only fallout makes dead zones and evacuated ghost towns surrounded by sick zones. People forget but the earth wasnt always a sick zone

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Again absolutely…

                      Can't fool Mother Nature. she has been around for a bit. Ya, and we made it this far. Amazing actually. Monkeys holding opposable thumbs on the triggers. The ultimate poo flinger. Two halves fighting for power of one mind. Consuming the planet to be rich. Flinging poo everywhere as a means to an end…

                      One would think we could figure it out.

                      The results are in the timeline of manmade nuclear, but that doesn't help with ultimate poo flinging…

                      So we spread that shit everywhere.

                      Flattens the curve. So science has no data and can just blindly wonder why…

                    • Angela_R

                      Too much of anything, including bananas, can kill you.
                      However, the radioactive isotope of K-40 in bananas, is very, very small. But in view of the topic, may I note here again, that the K-40 isotope in bananas, did not go through the nuclear process.

                      The nucleus of THAT isotope was not split.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Simply, they wear tyvec, dosimeters and keep it in an airtight box, for a reason.

                      It kills cancer cells because it is radioactive. The patient gets sicker first, because they have consumed poison.

                      That's fine for humans, right?

                      Millions of humans for millions of years.

                      Till it always, gets out of the box, whether intentionally, or by accident, it will always, get out of the box…

                      She takes it all back eventually.

                      How long we got? Can we fix it in seventy years?

                      This Earth sat spinning for a long time, getting over the very challenging beginning.

                      Till we popped up flinging poo.

                      The fatal mistake is from the beginning, of the toxins of nuclear, all the rest of life, that supports our life, has been ignored in effects…

                      We are baffled. They are all dying…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      There was a dead zone in Australia for millenia where there was a high amount of natural uranium. The aborigines called it the place of dying.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      “Data in Table 4 shows that radiation is 100 to 2,000 times more dangerous than previously thought (Schmitz-Feuerhake 2008, ECRR 2006).

                      “That is a fundamental criticism of the guidelines provided by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) 12 . The ICRP together with the
                      International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) advises governments in implementing legislation addressing radiation protection for employees, public and the environment. They also recommend radiation limits for workers and population caused by incorporated radioactivity due to inhalation, ingestion, skin absorption and contamination directly entering the blood stream through wounds.

                      “Following ECRR, the official dose-effect assumptions to evaluate incorporated radioactivity by the ICRP are not adequate. Proof is given by looking at the health data analyses following the nuclear accident in Chernobyl on April 26th 1986 (Yablokov 2006). The effects are higher than predicted by the estimated dose and the official dose-effect assumptions (ECRR 2006). The same holds true looking at the Wismut uranium workers in Germany.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Angela, the k-40 isotope in bananas is very small? You mean the radioactive dose? Thats true, and so then what? If the conclusion is that the radiation is as dangerous as anything,(and Im not saying it isnt necessarily) then one is back to supporting the banana theme, which for the nuke cartel, is that there is more of this dangerous radioactivity from potassium then there is from fallout. Yet we still have the observation that life was doing fine with all that radioactivity. Now its not…so what point are you making exactly? It sounds like you are saying a radiation dose is a radiation dose, except for one thing; the nucleus wasnt split. That makes no sense to me. Radioactive decay is when the nucleus 'splits'. I know you have a theory but I cant figure it out…

                      how low is the k-40 exactly? pretty 'low', but so is a harmful dose of cesium;

                      'daily exposure to radiation is about 100 banana equivalent doses. The maximum permitted radiation leakage for a nuclear power plant is equivalent to 2,500 BED (250 μSv) per year, while a chest CT scan delivers 70,000 BED (7 mSv). A lethal dose of radiation is approximately 35,000,000 BED (3500 mSv). A person living 10 miles from the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor received an average of 800 BED of exposure to radiation during the 1979 accident'

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      we can note that the ECRR didnt raise the danger of all radioisotopes by 100 to 2000 times. In fact, I dont believe they even touched the background radiation emitters… on the other hand some forms went up much more than 2000 times. This makes my point;

                      We live in a sea of radioactivity, the danger is not in the dose, its in the nuclear fallout

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      The ECRR did raise the radium-226 and U-238 dose coefficients. A lot depends on the particle size and if its inhaled, eaten or not

                      The earth is a dangerous place. Natural poisons everywhere, animals dying left and right, one ape species gone crazy killing off everything. Too much happy sunshine can kill. There is no argument there, no sense in trying to prove the earth and its elements are dangerous…we know they are.

                      But, if arguing makes ya happy, by all means, enjoy! Argue that radiation was bad and created dead zones before the nuclear era. Radiation is radiation after all! Man made or natural, its all deadly radiation right PJ? The world reads you loud and clear

                    • Radium; The Epic Story That Disproves Hormesis And Medical Radiation Theory First Proposed By Madame Curie; via @AGreenRoad

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      TAKE AWAY;

                      "There is no difference between radium and all other radioactive elements"

                      nuclear radiation fallout from Fukushima; a couple hundred peta becquerels.
                      Radiation from K-40 in the ocean 15 million peta becquerels. Its a wonder the ocean wasnt banned thousands of years ago…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Its OK. Finally convinced by PJ and DG that all radioactive elements are the same, Ive figured out we all died from radon already and ENEnews is just an afterlife dream. Peace to you, my dead friends…


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Say, Betty, would ya like a tip on how to boost your ack ack and steer clear of the idiot sticks?

                      How to Improve your Anti Nuclear Powers of Persuasion in One Easy Step!!

                      Get behind Busby and his Boys!
                      Dont fight against radiation, fight against the radioisotope!

                      I can guess what you're thinking Betty; youve heard it all before, am I right? You're doing your part, demonizing radiation, and just last week was the neighborhood bake sale and petition drive! Yes, you have done a pretty swell job, but you dont want people saying "she dont know from nothin" do ya? OF course not. So before you put your thumbs in your ears and hum Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, let me explain, it'll only take a second!

                      You see Betty, the banana lie is based on this one misconception; "There is no difference between radium and all other radioactive elements"

                      I bet yer thinking Im full of bushwa right about now, but Im on the level! Heres how it works;

                      The toxicity of radioactivity can vary by over a million times! You heard me right Betty. Make no mistake; A becquerel aint equal to a becquerel! Deep six the becquerel Betty!

                      Busby's pals will tell ya; a becquerel from a U-238 particle is one and a third million times more deadly than one from a banana. Thats straight up radiation, no funny yap yap. Theres no difference between snakes….except the ones whos bite is a million times more deadly!

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      Becquerels are not the only factors that differentiates between radionuclides. It matters if it is internal or external, inhaled or injested, the biological half-life, how it acts in the body and where it goes. Plutonium, just an extremely tiny amount inhaled, stays in the body and never leaves. K-40 is always a tiny amount tied to 2 other stable isotopes and accompanied by phytochemicals that guard against free radicals, and recirculates out of the body every 30 days with a physical half-life of 1.2 billion years.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      Radionuclides internal varied biological effects
                      We Measure the Biological Effects of Internal Emitters?
                      “The general principles just described require further refinement when applied to doses from internal emitters.
                      “What information is needed to calculate absorbed dose of a radionuclide inside the body?
                      “Calculating the absorbed dose from a radionuclide inside the body is complex since it involves both the physics of radioactive decay and the biology of the body's metabolism. Six important factors that must be considered are these:
                      1. The amount of the radionuclide administered.
                      2. The type of radiation emitted during the decay process.
                      3. The physical half-life of the radionuclide.
                      4. The chemical form of the radionuclide.
                      5. The fraction of the radionuclide that accumulates in each organ.
                      6. The length of time that the radionuclide remains in the organ (the biological half-life).
                      “How varied are the types of radiation that different radionuclides emit?
                      “Radionuclides can emit several types of radiation (e.g., gamma rays, beta or alpha particles). Each radionuclide emits its own unique mixture of radiations; indeed, scientists identify radioactive materials by using these unique mixtures as if they were fingerprints. The mix of radiations for a specific radionuclide is always the same, regardless of whether the radionuclide is located on a bench in a physicist's laboratory or inside the human body. This means that the type of radiation of each radionuclide…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      can be measured outside the body with great precision by laboratory instruments. A quality factor, discussed earlier, is used to adjust for the difference in the biological effects of different types of radiation.
                      “What determines how long a radionuclide will irradiate the body?
                      “The combination of the physical and biological half-life (the effective half-life) determines how long a radionuclide will continue to pump out energy into surrounding tissue. If the physical and biological half-lives of a particular chemical form of a radionuclide are very long, the radionuclide will continue to expose an individual to radiation over his or her lifetime. The total lifetime radiation exposure, expressed in rem, is called the committed dose equivalent.
                      “The physical half-life is the length of time it will take for half of the atoms in a sample to decay to a more stable form. The physical half-life of each radionuclide can be measured precisely in the laboratory. A shorter half-life means that the miniature power source will "run down" sooner. Sometimes, however, a radionuclide will not decay immediately to a stable form, but to a second, still unstable, form. A full calculation, therefore, must also include the types of radiation and physical half-lives of any decay products.
                      “The biological half-life does not depend on the radionuclide but rather on the chemical form of the radionuclide. One chemical form of the radionuclide might be rapidly eliminated from the body whereas…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      other chemical forms may be slowly eliminated.
                      “To measure the biological half-life of a particular chemical form of a radionuclide, that chemical form needs to be studied in animals. Since the biological processes of different animals vary considerably, an accurate determination of the biological half-life requires that each chemical form of the radionuclide be studied in each animal of interest. Prior to studying a chemical form of a radionuclide in a human being, animal studies are performed to get some idea of what to expect.
                      “Once the results of animal studies are available, scientists are able to predict what amount of that chemical form of the radionuclide can be safely injected into humans. An accurate determination of what fraction of each chemical form of the radionuclide accumulates in each organ and how long it stays in each organ in humans can only be determined by studying humans. These type of studies are called biodistribution studies.
                      “What is the tissue weighting factor?
                      “Some chemical forms of radionuclides are highly concentrated in one small organ (e.g., iodine in the thyroid gland). When this happens, that organ will absorb most of the radiated energy, and little energy will be deposited in the remainder of the body. Thus, for each chemical form of a radionuclide, there is an organ that will receive the highest dose from that radionuclide. Since organs also vary greatly in their sensitivity to radiation, the biological consequences of the…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      radiation dose differ depending on the organ. This difference in sensitivity to radiation is represented by what is called a tissue weighting factor.
                      “What is the difference between committed equivalent dose and committed effective dose?
                      “An estimate of the risk posed by a radionuclide in the body depends on its chemical form, its biodistribution, its physical properties (how it decays), and the sensitivity of the organs exposed. When all these factors are considered in the calculation of risk for a single radionuclide, the total lifetime exposure is called the committed equivalent dose. If more than one radioisotope is present, the sum of all the committed equivalent doses is called the committed effective dose. Both are expressed in rem or the more modern units sieverts.108 These calculations provide a basis for comparing the risk posed by different isotopes….”

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Praising Jesus; I have a multiple choice question for you, since you bring up the physical half life of K-40/ potassium all the time. Ready? OK, here we go, but first, lets review what we know about potassium levels; The body maintains strict homeostatic control of potassium levels, with only a small variation of its concentration through your life time.

                      The question;

                      What difference does the biological half life of potassium make, regarding the radioactive dose from potassium?

                      A) biological half life makes NO difference. You have a nearly constant radioactive load in the cell through your lifetime from K-40 of 70 bq/kg


                      B) biological half life makes NO difference. You have a nearly constant radioactive load in the cell through your lifetime from K-40 of 70 bq/kg

                      –I have a gut feeling youre going to be right this time PJ!— Im excited about it…

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Just a wild hair…

          The redioactive k40 comes bundled with a couple of non radioactive Ks

          What about the man made stuff? Do man-made isotopes come neatly packaged like that? A "low voltage" radio element sandwiched between two non radio similar elements?

          Might make a difference at the quantum level.

          I always like tossing in that quantum shit. A place where the unexpected is eagerly sought after; unlike the real world where inconvenient apprehension of dangers discourage investment capital.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            yes uni, Ive been mulling the significance of the inseparable sister isotopes for a while. Cant get anywhere with it yet. But there are always the unknown unknowns!

            I like to repeat that even though radio toxicity from potassium has not been found by test and is only a derived estimate, the main argument is about the nuclear fallout; it is generally 10s, 100s or 1000s of times worse than assumed by the ICRP model. Now if they find that potassium is also 1000 x worse than theorized, then weve got one huge problem!

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              Potassium is like a weathered old man visiting with the aid of two stable children.

              You are comfortable with him, share food and drink, breed with his daughters.

              I doubt that we will ever see it as 1000x worse.

              Potassium 40 decays to stable isotopes.

              Man-made radioactive isotopes decay to more unstable isotopes.

              Comparing potassium to man-made isotopes is like comparing a stable, and peaceful community to a pack of rabid dogs on PCP

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Yet another fear concerns experts’ warnings that the aftershocks are “migrating” along known fault lines to other parts of Kyushu and even into the neighbouring islands of Honshu and Shikoku.

    “These quakes are moving north-east, towards the Ikata nuclear plant, which is on one of these faults, and to the west, which is where the Genkai plant is on the coast of Saga Prefecture,” she said.

    Both plants are presently mothballed, a consequence of the 2011 Fukushima disaster, but the Genkai facility is in the process of receiving permission to return to operational status."

    Despite assurances, quakes prompt calls to switch off Japan’s nuclear reactors
    April 18 2016


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Japan earthquakes: Nuclear regulator refuses to shut down station on Kyushu Island
    April 18 2016


    • Japanese government pride and arrogance, the same pride and arrogance that caused Hiroshima and Nagasaki boom, boom. Have they not learned? A Japanese government rearmed, eeek. Lest we forget?

      By the way, this is against the wishes of the Japanese people, held hostage by corporation aliens. Bestial corporations reversed in humanity; dogs eating dogs for a dollar.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Shut them down?
    But ..but ..they are scheduled for MOX fuel use.

    "Two other reactors in the Kyushu-Shikoku region are prime candidates for using MOX fuel once they get the regulatory green light to commence operations. The Ikata-3 plant on Shikoku Island, which has also received preliminary approval from the NRA, had earmarked MOX for the Ikata-3 unit. Likely to get approval this year is Kyushu’s Genkai plant complex. Opponents had sought a court injunction to prevent the use of MOX in Genkai-3 once it cleared the NRA inspection. The court dismissed the injunction, saying, “any danger [from using MOX fuel] has not been proven.”

    Why Japan's Rokkasho Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Lives On

    The central and local governments are too invested in Rokkasho to give up on the project.
    April 18 2016


  • Sickputer

    The massive earthquake in 2011 that destroyed Fukushima NPP and contaminated 70 million Japanese directly with fallout and is still gushing into the Pacific Ocean (small and large species are dying by the trillions of creatures) was the direct cause, not the tidal wave that arrived after the fatal building damage was already completed. Sure the tsunami intensified the effect, but for all intents and purposes Fukushima NPP was in ruins before the tsunami.

    How do we know? The GE workers fled like scared puppies immediately. And they gave eyewitness accounts of those first concrete-crushing minutes. Those accounts are logged here:



    “It felt like the earthquake hit in two waves, the first impact was so intense you could see the building shaking, the pipes buckling, and within minutes, I saw pipes bursting. Some fell off the wall. Others snapped. I was pretty sure that some of the oxygen tanks stored on site had exploded but I didn’t see for myself. Someone yelled that we all needed to evacuate and I was good with that.

    But I was severely alarmed because as I was leaving I was told and I could see that several pipes had cracked open, including what I believe were cold water supply pipes. That would mean that coolant couldn’t get to the reactor core. If you can’t sufficiently get the coolant to the core, it melts down. You don’t have to have to be a nuclear scientist to figure that out.”

    1 of 2

    • Sickputer

      As he was heading to his car, he could see the walls of the reactor one building itself had already started to collapse. “There were holes in them. In the first few minutes, no one was thinking about a tsunami. We were thinking about survival.”

      2 of 2

      • Sickputer

        Maybe they got lucky this time and the two operational nuclear reactors at Sendai (the ONLY two still running in Japan out of FIFTY reactors in early 2011) are not compromised by the latest earthquake.

        But there will be more and larger earthquakes some day in Japan. They better realize they are already in deep trouble by the meltdowns in Fukushima. In trouble for the next 5,000 years (if the nation lasts that long).

        Nuclear power plants are potential country killers. Maybe continent killers. Even a child knows that now in Japan. Other nuclear countries will have to learn that lesson themselves.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Yet nuclear Apologist here in video says, that the containment of the reactors survived well past their design limit, so it proved how safe nuclear is.

      Not mentioning that they don't know where the corium are, or that the design limits were too lax, and everything flew apart before the tsunami hit.


      stupid shit

      zero deaths, cancers, stupid stupid stupid banging my head shit shit shit here it comes again, the tsunami of lies

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Picture the camera location



    Nice tight bunches of shrubbery in area of camera supposed location. The loose scrub trees on webcam look more the area on right side of Nikkei photo, but the angle of camera is parallel to reactor.

    So maybe the camera is way up behind and above the road that loops around the parking area at top left.

    Just scoping things out…

  • unincredulous unincredulous


    Deja Vu

    “Nuclear reactor fears after huge earthquake strikes Japan” — Plant operator “is further looking into any possible damage” — Quake measured “at highest possible level” on Japan’s intensity scale — Prime Minister: “We intend to do the utmost to grasp situation” — Official: “Extent of damage still unclear” (VIDEOS)

    oh man, the picture of reactor 3 on Millenium Report link… I bet Abe made that his screensaver. Still trying to grasp and measure his success.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    You should not miss this image :

    "Japan's Self-Defence Forces search for missing hikers on the peak of Mount Ontake following the deadly eruption in late September. Photo: AP"


    The image is just above the text "Ioyama lies in the volcanically active Kirishima mountain range and is roughly 64 kilometres from the Sendai nuclear plant run by Kyushu Electric Power"

    • Mitsubishi; glory days; Sinop Turkey. Is this the same country that has been rocked with some of the most severe earthquakes of our time? Let's build a $15.8 billion dollar atomic nuclear power plant there.


      Some very interesting information is found in this link.

      Another confederate of pluto that builds atomic nuclear reactors on fault lines and next to volcanoes.

      Sendai an example.

      The reactors are of the 3-loop M type pressurized water reactor, built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm sorry, that Mr. Sanders lost in NY, the east coast headquarters of plastic land.
    I wish, he'd say he'd go independent.
    And I wish, he would say something about the over-reach of intelligence, since the signing of the 'Patriot Act'.
    A law, in which, somehow it became legal to snoop on patriots and every other living soul, that they see fit.
    Does he know that as truth tellers ..we live in this sh#t every day.

    George Orwell's Biggest Fear Went Far Beyond Big Brother


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Latrines in the Age Of Great Placation"

  • Why are people promoting that naturally occurring radiation is the same as synthetically altered and or reprocessed ionised atomic nuclear radiation?

    What are their motives?

    I eat a banana, I don't get leukemia.
    I get sunburnt, I don't die of heart failure.
    I eat a potato, and my thyroid still works.

    Please explain simplistically?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      It is not the same.. and that is what Code has informed/communicated to those whom frequent these page and read these many pixels of light. 🙂

      • Angela_R

        Sorry Obe, but Code ridiculed me, every time I mentioned that. This goes way back.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Must have missed those pixels of light from Code and I think he has stated clearly that there is a difference. Is that what you were saying and why did he disagree with you?

          • hbjon hbjon

            People have motives other than the seeking of truth. Usually they are somehow linked to finance and ill-gotten gains. Natural radiation, for instance, is what the sun produces and that form of energy is required by all living things. The radiation emitted throughout the decay chain of uranium is natural, however it is damaging to all living things. Good thing it is bound up in rock formations underground. The big difference between the two is the energy the sun gives us is in the form of photons (no mass), uranium and its decay products emit particles with mass like protons and electrons. An extremely dangerous form of radiation happens when uranium splits in half and produces neutrons. Neutrons affect the nucleus of other atoms close by. A lot of energy is released by this process.

            • So when Russia stopped producing first stage radiation cheap and they took atomic bombs apart and reprocessed them into MOX fuel, does that make the fuel safer to use?

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Correct! 🙂

              "Good thing it is bound up in rock formations underground"

              Used to be bound not very long ago..not any more.

            • hbjon hbjon

              Any small piece of uranium (pea size), has trillions of atoms that are counted by scientific notation. It is possible to estimate how many atoms will decay in time when one multiplies the number of atoms by its halflife. In this way we can determine how many alpha particles of a given quantity of depleted, or any other species of uranium will be emitted. Alpha particles are two protons and two neutrons like the helium nucleus. But an alpha particle travels very fast through space and strips other atoms of electrons, while an ordinary atom of helium is inert with 2 electrons. As a highly evolved species would it be wise to leave the dangerous element in the rock where it can decay naturally, away from living things? I think so.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Yes, of course..but those days are now gone. 🙁

                Stopping this Nuclear Beast will be very hard to do now..it has been and still is touted as a form of progress inside our prestigious educational facilities,

                Just because we can.. does not mean we should.. but then.. one only needs to follow the taken by force money to know why things occur around us like they do.

                All of Earth's resources are now for sale to the highest bidder..

    • Ann Coulter, Forbes, Conca, Corbett Report All Agree; More Heavy Metal Radioactive Poison Is Good For You, Mass Media And Pro Nuclear Industry Hormesis Theory Promoting Propaganda All Agree

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Might be getting allot more manmade radiation contamination real soon. 🙁

        Just how is all that international law working out for this Atoms for Peace program?

        • Angela_R

          Atoms for Peace?

          Could it be that the program 'misfired'….

          for instance: cobalt-60

          “Radioactive cobalt-60 was discovered by Glenn T. Seaborg and John Livingood at the University of California – Berkeley in the late 1930's. By bombarding cobalt 59 with neutrons, in a nuclear reactor, an additional neutron can be captured by the nucleus converting it into cobalt 60.”
          Read further @ http://radioactiveisotopes.weebly.com/production-of-cobalt-60.html

          Patients with metal hips implants hit by illness
          “A trio of Queensland medical specialists, Professor Xinzhan Mao, Dr Andrew Wong and Professor Ross Crawford, wrote that the cobalt and chromium in metal hips released "a variety of metal ions into local tissue and [into] the general circulation…"

          “The medical trio said increased cobalt levels had been reported to be associated with hand tremors, depression, vertigo, hearing loss and heart problems. In case studies of two patients with DePuy hips, their symptoms "were related to their elevated cobalt levels, resulting from cobalt leaching out of their hip prostheses. Both patients had MOM prostheses and [their] cobalt levels were reduced after removal of the MOM… We are concerned that cobalt toxicity may be under-recognised…"
          Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/patients-with-metal-hips-implants-hit-by-illness-20150316-1m066t.html#ixzz46NYa7zcn

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Got it! 🙂 Good tip!

            Pass on the metal hips.. just like do not cross the streams.. Thanks!

            • Angela_R

              And what do we irradiate our food with here in Australia?

              Light doses they say of Cobalt-60,
              and guess what?
              I am told it does not touch the food. But the gamma rays…..do

              Ah well, console ourselves with – light doses.

          • Angela_R

            Following on from my previous comment:

            In March this year, it was announced that Johnson and Johnson, one of two companies who had used these prostheses, had reached an agreement:
            “Patients set to share $250m in Johnson & Johnson hip implant case”
            (More than 450,000 artificial hips have been implanted into Australians since 1999 – thousands of patients claim the hips have poisoned them)
            Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/patients-with-metal-hips-implants-hit-by-illness-20150316-1m066t.html#ixzz46Nehk0J8

            • Angela_R

              Some further background on the use of cobalt-60 in irradiation plants in Australia

              “In the 1980s, an international consumer campaign played a vital role in raising awareness about food irradiation. Worldwide, workers, environmentalists and consumers joined together to make wide-scale food irradiation an unpalatable business prospect. The nuclear industry seemed to back off. In Australia, a ten-year moratorium was placed on food irradiation in 1998. Irradiation virtually disappeared from the public eye.”

              “In actual fact, the irradiation industry continued to expand, irradiating non-food products − such as packaging, bee hives, herbs, pharmaceuticals, medical products, pet food, therapeutic goods, wine corks, cosmetics, cereals and grains fed to meat animals. When the moratorium on food irradiation in Australia was lifted, the nuclear irradiation industry was already well entrenched.”

              “In 2008/09, up to 100 Australian cats developed neurological disorders linked to their consumption of irradiated cat food. Irradiated cat food is now banned in Australia. But since then, Australian governments have amended trade rules to support the interstate movement of irradiated foods.”

              Bee hives, umm

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              and then you have gov types shooting x-rays (and neutrons?) at "Security checkpoints" and just everyone driving past. How does that affect people with metal implants, including dental implants?

              Does the metal in the body become radioactive?

              • ISeePinkClouds

                Yes. unincredulous. Ty. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-ray_generator

                An X-ray generator is a device used to generate X-rays. It is commonly used by radiographers to acquire an x-ray image of the inside of an object (as in medicine or non-destructive testing) but they are also used in sterilization or fluorescence.


                The heart of an X-ray generator is the X-ray tube. Like any vacuum tube, the X-ray tube contains a cathode, which directs a stream of electrons into a vacuum, and an anode, which collects the electrons and is made of copper to evacuate the heat generated by the collision. When the electrons collide with the target, about 1% of the resulting energy is emitted as X-rays, with the remaining 99% released as heat.

                X-rays are highly penetrating, ionizing radiation, therefore X-ray machines are used to take pictures of dense tissues such as bones and teeth. This is because bones absorb the radiation more than the less dense soft tissue.

                Mexico is fine.


  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "TALLAHASSEE — A former Florida Power & Light manager traded nuclear information from the company for cash to assist one of China's top nuclear power companies, according to federal court records unsealed in Tennessee last week." http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/stateroundup/former-fpl-manager-accused-of-trading-nuclear-secrets-in-chinese-spy-case/2273949

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Comment section rules:
    "Comments in violation of the rules will be denied, and repeat violators will be banned."

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Lucid dream sort of. It was odd. It was like a nuclear dangers documentary that was being shown on a tv screen all in my head. I don't think it exists or is something I have seen.

    Not much to it really. Just a woman standing on the street, under an overpass. It was summer, a nice breeze no traffic noise just a little wind rustling to tree leaves. The woman is explaining about half lives of radioactive shit. The audio not so clear. The video HI DEF. She was standing there in the middle of the street and there was a digital tape measure on screen like digitally imposed from where she stood, maybe thirty feet away, to close to the unseen camera. As she started walking toward the camera and then disappeared but she kept talking. Then her voice getting louder her face reappeared maybe five feet from the camera not even her neck could be seen. The exact message of the video was I don't know. Then, only her arm appeared, in the right position but you could not see her neck or other body or clothes or anything. Other hands appeared, put on powder and manicuring her hands and getting them ready to be a major actor in this documentary. "Our halved lives" was the title of the documentary. I don't know how I know it. If it comes back in other dream I'll DVR it. I guess I need a DDVR

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    A picture in the image search caught my eye. It was a painting of raven calling out "No!" with a small flag that had a red Japanese sun and the word "Sendai"


  • unincredulous unincredulous


    "hush now baby don't you cry everything's gonna be alright […]

    And if you ask me to, Daddy's gonna buy you a Mockingbird .I'm gonna give you the world. I'm gonna buy a diamond ring for you I'm gonna lie for you, I'll do anything for you to see you smile. And if that mockingbird don't sing and that ring don't shine, I'm gonna break that birdies neck I'll go back to the jeweler who sold it to ya and make him eat every carrot. Don't f*&k with Dad."



    Abe got a piece of crap ring for his kids, but instead of taking it up with the jeweler, Abe makes his kids shut up. The ring has quiet a shine, but it don't sing. Abe's a dead beat Dad

  • Earthquakes; Live Real Time Global USGS Earthquake Monitors And Ring Of Fire Documentary, Major Earthquakes In Ecuador And Japan Preceded The Huge 1908 San Francisco Earthquake

    Is SF next? Stay tuned…

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Expecting exactly that. California falling into the ocean (west of fault) could happen. Alot of toxic oil and industrial, household, farm chemicals dump into ocean. Tsunamis? Natural gas, oil pipelines busting. Nuclear waste underwater.

      Maybe Cascadia subduction zone going off, too. Landslides block the Columbia River, diverts to path of least resistance wherever that is. Backed up water forms new inland sea, radioactive, thanks to Hanford. eventually water breaks through landslide blockage and new inland sea erodes all Hanford site down to bedrock into the ocean.

      Yellowstone erupts, and New Madrid Quakes have North America evacuating to South America, but Donald Trump built a wall and everone piles up dead against the wall.

      Nuclear power plants all melt down. Trump raises allowable radiation in drinking water to, "The more water to radiation, the better. " W. Bush and Trump open a Brawndo factory in Paraguay.

      Hillary and Bill and Obama get Leukemia and spend their last days selling uranium malt liquor for Hormesis.

      Marijuana and hemp save the planet. Radioactive mutants finally have enough heads, arms and fingers to operate a hookah, blow themselves "shotguns" drink and have sex, before most people get out of bed… all in all, a conservative victory

    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes.Dr.Goodheart.Ty. More rock falls here.


      Near the present northwest boundary of Big Bend National Park, the first of a long series of volcanic eruptions occurred approximately 42 million years ago. Upwelling magma lifted the mass now known as the Christmas Mountains, fracturing and weakening overlying strata, allowing massive outpourings of lava to spread across the land. The oldest volcanic rocks in Big Bend owe their origins to this eruptive cycle. Between roughly 38 and 32 million years ago.

      Beginning some 26 million years ago, stresses generated along the West coast of North America resulted in stretching of the earth’s crust as far east as Big Bend.

      Near the end of the Cretaceous Period, a west-to-east compression of the earth’s crust marked the beginning of the second major mountain-building period in Big Bend. This compression, which began in Canada, moved gradually southward, uplifting and folding ancient sediments to form the Rocky Mountains. In Big Bend National Park, Mariscal Mountain represents the southernmost extension of the Rockies in the United States.

      The 1995 magnitude 5.6 earthquake near Marathon, Texas, 70 miles north of Panther Junction indicates that the responsible stresses are still active. The western slopes of the Chisos Mountains provide evidence of additional activity within the same fracture zones.


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    What does having the radiation isotopes and all do to the surface tension of the water in the ocean? How would any change in surface tension affect the tiniest life forms at the surface?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Here's an old video about earthquakes, Japan, USA, HAARP, geoengineering from 2011. Worth watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXt34bD-oXo

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    This afternoon it rained a bit. I had the front door open. Closed the door before it got dark. I did not see anything on the walls. Later, when the lights went dim and I was thinking about going to sleep, I noticed a large female mosquito on the wall. Then another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, evenly spaced on my living room walls about 6-8 inches from the ceiling. I went about smashing them and smashing them and smashing again, again, again. Only the males bite. But the females surely have some pheremone or something to attract the males. I stayed up and eventually a male turned up near where I smashed a female. I chased it with a toy bat with Lightening McQueen race car from the movie, "Cars." (Gotta have some fun! I bashed at it as it flew on the ceiling about six feet away from where I first saw it. Where did it go? Amazingly it went back to exact spot it was in by the smashed female within 10 seconds. Knocked him pretty good with the bat. It dropped straight down. I thought I got them all. When I started typing this, a big female went buzzing along the floor toward me. Bat was right there. SMOOSH! Way to go Lightening McQueen. Holy crap, 15-20 females and one male. Been sick all week. Now this. Alot of talk about virus spread by mosquitos now. Maybe they were dropped by a plane. who knows?

    Ya'll watch your backs. Shit is getting deep

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Very keen observation. People are getting dumber and dumber.


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Jeff Rense, Yoichi Shimatsu, Dana Durnford discuss Japan Quakes 1 hour ago.

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2016/04/20/texas-officials-fear-zika-carrying-mosquitoes-will-enter-u-s-from-mexico/

    Reportedly, local Aedes aegypti mosquitoes transmit the virus in Mexico. The TDSHS spokesman commented that this type of mosquito exists in southeast Texas, along the Gulf coast and a few other pockets within the state. The CDC also lists another mosquito type, the Aedes albopictus, as a carrier.

    The CDC confirmed local mosquito transmission of the Zika virus in Mexico. By definition, that means mosquitoes native to the region are infected with Zika and spread it to people. On April 14, Mexican health officials confirmed 222 Zika cases of which 53 were pregnant women, seven who were not affected by the virus.

    Travel magazine Baja Insider reported while no reported cases of Zika virus have been recorded in Baja California or Baja California Sur, to date, those reported occurred in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Nuevo Leon, Guererro, Jalisco, Michoacán, Veracruz,Nayarit, Sinoloa, Tabasco Veracruz, and Yucatan.

    More people remain inside more and don’t sleep with open windows receiving less exposure to the winged insect. Preventative measures like wearing insect repellent play a significant role.


  • "CodeShutdown April 22, 2016 at 6:12 am

    ISHI, nobody will like it, and you will get nowhere, influencing nobody. Yes, some of us push the philosophy envelope, but we break the site rules and wishes of the owner when we do. Just saying…if you want to get into religion and philosophy, you will have to go somewhere else"

    IT'S ALL ABOUT TRUTH. Every comment from praising Jesus is breaking the site rules, yet protection avails. Hypocrites and false prophets. Not everyone folks some people genuinely seek to remove this technology without supporting distractions from the danger of atomic ionised radiation.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

      This is Bill Duff over again. CodeShutdown demanded that someone bring back Bill Duff again to this website. The nuclear industry is obviously desperate to keep stealing from the taxpayers. Nuclear energy is exorbitantly expensive and is killing the whole planet.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Just because a huge earthquake struck Japan again and again and again and again and again and again and again again and again and again and again and again and again and again again and again and again and again and again and again and again again and again and again and again and again and again and again, and volcanoes blew up again and again and again, and typhoons flooded and destroyed and most people in Japan were against nuclear power in Japan in 2015 and 2016 simply does not mean that nuclear power plants are not a perfect solution for Japan's energy needs. No. That is all unwarranted hysteria. So what, nuclear plants blow shit up. That's what they are for. get over it. who needs an environment anyway? environments need a climate and climates just keeps changing. The environment is simply not sustainable in the face of nuclear power. Shut down the environment. Let's start a movement.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    MOXzilla is out there

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Go with it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GtTyC53kjU

    We may as well go with it. Nuclear bicycles. Nuclear toothbrushes. Nuclear solar cells. Nuclear windmills. Conquer this bitch of a planet.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Expert was schooled by this recent quake…


  • unincredulous unincredulous


    18 April 2016
    The Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan
    Situation of Nuclear Facilities following the 2016
    Kumamoto Earthquake

    Epicenter 75 miles away from Sendai nuclear power plant.

    I am imagining an earthquake rated maximum level (7) by the Japanese Earthquake authorities. I am imagining it occurred 75 miles from where I live. That is a scary thought.

    If I were in charge of that power plant, I would have shut it down, out of caution.

    But the Japanese government doesn't care about people.

  • NHK is featuring a few kids and about to give birth moms living in their cars in parking lots in the quake hit region.

    Few people understand that this is preferable to a LOT of homeless compared to the downsides of staying in an emergency shelter.

    True for US or Japanese homeless.

    30K still homeless and living in shelters. NO word on how many are living in their cars.

  • Harry Linda

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  • David11

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