Nuclear reactor on North Carolina college campus leaking radiation since last Friday — Public not told because radioactivity was “compared to what someone might receive getting an x-ray”

Published: July 7th, 2011 at 9:43 pm ET


Minor water leak reported at NC State’s nuclear reactor, WRAL, July 7, 2011:

North Carolina State University officials said Thursday that there is a low-level water leak in the liner that surrounds the campus nuclear reactor, but that it poses no danger to the public.

University spokesman Keith Nichols described the leak, discovered Saturday, as the size of a pinhead and that it was leaking about 10 gallons per hour from the 15,000-gallon tank. […]

Nichols said it would be considered a public threat if the reactor were leaking at 350 gallons per hour.

The university is in the process of repairing the leak […]

NC State says nuclear reactor leak poses no threat
, WTVD, July 07, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

[…] The reactor is housed in the Burlington Nuclear Engineering Laboratory. The building is located at 2500 Katharine Stinson Drive. […]

NC State said the leak was suspected on Friday and confirmed on Saturday. It said the public was not informed sooner because of the low level of danger. The amount of radioactivity was compared to what someone might receive getting an x-ray.

The school says the leak is so small that special equipment is required to detect its location in the reactor’s lining. The company that can do that will not be in Raleigh until next week. In the meantime, the leak is being closely monitored. The reactor has been shut down since the leak was discovered.

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Published: July 7th, 2011 at 9:43 pm ET


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77 comments to Nuclear reactor on North Carolina college campus leaking radiation since last Friday — Public not told because radioactivity was “compared to what someone might receive getting an x-ray”

  • Again, They decide rather then allow the people to decide for themselves !

  • CB CB

    WTF? I’m sure what little information the Power industry decides is appropriat to tell us that it is low balled.
    The power industry is in bed with the military industrial complex.

  • CB CB

    Military Industrial Complex
    Some 140 ships are powered by more than 180 small nuclear reactors
    Most are submarines, but they range from icebreakers to aircraft carriers.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Any Countries using nuclear Power or anything this dangerous, should have under ground facilities available for everyone.

    National free Health care for anyone with precancer cells or cancer.

    Better yet..No more Nuclear Power

    Nuclear Power = Radiation = Cancer

    If they are going to build these things and keep them running, then where is the plan for the public???

    • sickputer2 sickputer2

      WSP types:
      “If they are going to build these things and keep them running, then where is the plan for the public???”

      None…they could care less.

      Your survival plan and mine is on an order of magnitude a million times less than a mega billionaire who if they were smart would already have a big mansion fallout shelter down in Tierra Del Fuego.

      Naked apes are just like tiny chaff in the wind on the face of this huge globe. Virtaully nothing manmade can be spotted from outer space except when we blow up a nuclear device. We are like little fireants running around and our ant factories churn out products that can be good for us and some not so good. Right now we have a lot of human ant-made Amdro being dumped on our head and our puny little existence on this planet is not looking so good. Ciao.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi Sickputer2

        Quote: if they were smart would already have a big mansion fallout shelter down in Tierra Del Fuego.

        I am sure those who can afford it, have places to go.

        Quote: We are like little fireants
        I like your analogy of us. It’s spot on.

        You can add the word “radiated”
        Little Radiated Fire Ants

        However, I don’t like Amdro being dumped on our head.

        If this planet isn’t looking good, then we cannot expect us to fair well here.

        • Sickputer

          Yes and probably be a lot of bites and stings before all the radiated fire ants (aka naked apes) die from the clouds of radioactive Amdro. On the Beach, Mad Max and the Road will pale in comparison if that scenario plays out.

    • CB CB

      I agree, but any country using nuclear power should stop.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi CB

        I think most of us agree by now that Nuclear Power should be stopped.

        I agree with you that they prefer to keep us in the dark. It’s a good way for them to do as they please.

        They want all that they can get, without any responsibility to others.

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

          WindorSolarPlease: “…they prefer to keep us in the dark…” Remember, our taxes are paying for them to do these things to us.

  • CB CB

    The plan is keep the public in the dark. Deny the right to know that the medical implications are grave, and to use the media as propoganda to support clean energy. Murder is legal I guess, there are no laws against it that I know of. All pregnant woman in the fall out in NC unborn kids are twice as likly to get mental retardation and eye abnormalities.

    • CB CB

      What I meant about the murder laws is the right to know the radiation effects on humans and no laws governing them, except the epa’s tolerable limits. but that’s not law. Were not Guinea pigs, were not insignificant, and we do contribute to society.

  • CB CB

    BLDG 4 is even more decayed and fallen in than this morning.

  • sickputer2 sickputer2

    Building 4:

    Yes..Unit 4 is looking pretty bad…wonder how much bracing they actually got the bottom shored up, but it doesn’t matter…they will never get the vaunted “heat exchanger water pipes” (soon to appear!) working in time. Pure TEPCO lies.

    While they continue to use a handful of men or maybe just remote controlled-cranes to clear space for their damn circus tent. It’s way beyond viewing a trainwreck in slow motion.

    The place looks like a ghost town most of the time. The 5 million workers they need to save the world aren’t going to happen in our short lifetime. TEPCO fiddled while Tokyo burned….

    And the world wonders…where is the Japanese government as their island rapidly perishes?

  • Fall out man!

    Those articles are pretty poor reporting. So they say the leak is like having a chest xray. Unfortunately that could mean anything. Is it like a chest xray if you stand next to the drain taking it away, or a chest xray if you bath in the stuff??!?!!! And how long is that chest x-ray’s worth of exposure. Its a meaningless fob off statement.

    As for 10 gallons an hour coming out of the reactor, that does not sound minor to me. That sounds like a lot of radioactive waste.

    Multiply 10 x 24 x 7 (Which is how long before they can be bothered getting a ‘repair man’ to take a look at it), and you get 1,680 gallons of radioactive waste to be ‘disposed’ of.

    Convert that to liters and its 1,680 / 0.264172051 = 6,359 liters

    In other words over 6 tonnes of nuclear waste water has to be dealt with. (or not) Presumably since its leaking into places it should not, and they don’t give a damn, they must be letting it go straight down the drain.

    After all, those ‘chest x-rays’ will then be someone else’s problem. No thought for sewage plant workers, or anyone fishing or swimming in the sea.


    • maaa

      If they can even lie about a “small xray scan” They can lie about everything else. Time to wake up folks.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Fallout Man, to convert gallons to liters you have to multiply. 0.2641…x 1.680 equals 443,81 liters equals 0.443 tonnes. Which is still a lot.

      • Fall out man!

        Hi Bread and Butter,
        I am glad someone took notice and checks the figures! (but the figure was right) It was a confusing way I put the calculation.

        Here is a clearer way to put it.
        There are 3.7854 liters to a gallons,
        so that’s 10 x 24 x 7 x 3.7854 = 6,360 liters. In other words 6 1/4 tonnes. Which is huge.

        And fair point Maa, I was taken in by their quoting a leak rate. They just make that stuff up anyway!!!! If they use the Chernobyl method of quoting stats then we need to multiply by 5 again (Since in Chernobyl all radiation figures were divided by 5 before reporting them.)

        Over six tonnes of rad waste to dispose of and they book a plumber for next week???#%^&!! I reckon they must want it to go down the drain. Cheaper than storing it I suppose.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Fallout Man,
          you are totally correct.

          *note to self: no maths before 3rd coffee

  • irradiated californian

    wow. how pathetic of those who are supposed to protect us. i guess their way of protection is what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

  • maaa

    Proof, SOLID now, ELEnin is an Extinction Level Event !!!

    If this doesn’t kill us, I’m sure our nuclear plants will.

    • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

      Having observed, for months now, that this site concerns radioactive fallout from a highly controlled populace positioned upon a small scratch of land, in the pacific, it is a bit refreshing to see that the disinformation agents are still active in the heavens above.

      The above article lacks more than creditability in that, it refuses to consider elementary physics that a well studied high school student would realize.

      This comet lacks the most important factor to cause any concern to those living upon this planet… and that is “mass,” (i.e. size).

      This is a very small comet and you will be lucky to see it with binoculars in the dead of night while close to Earth.

      Sure, it will pass close to Earth, but it lacks the energy to influence Earth.

      It does not have the “potential” to alter Earth’s magnetic field, gravity, electrical values, let alone “flip this planet” on it’s side.

      Our Moon alters the tidal levels of our oceans, and it is thousands of times the size of this speck of rock flying by us soon.

      The hype surrounding this issue is a very calculated effort by those who want you to “freak-out” to maintain control of the gullible. (The ego of a few idiot’s is at stake here)

      The above posted article makes “no” reference to creditable scientific data. NONE! Only projected orbital path.

      If you like being lead around by a ring in your nose, then please do so.

      PURE CRAP!

      • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

        I forgot one point:

        If I were a high ranking member of the controlling elite scum currently residing upon this planet, I would fire up several ionospheric heaters, while this little speck of rock passes by, causing mayhem, and then say “I told you so.”
        Please follow us…
        to your controlled demise.

        Wake up people.

      • Cindy

        I agree, the article is full of crap !!

        it is a tiny peice of rock, it won’t affect us like that …

        • maaa

          Google the damn Elenin yourself and you’ll be surprised as the mass of the it is still unknown unlike all other comets. Do you work for the nuclear industry?

          • HardLeft

            Now, now, quit accusing each other of being shills and trolls!

            I have heard credible arguments that the electromagnetic properties of comets are poorly understood, and may have some unknown effects.

            But yeah… even if the wildest theories were true, Elenin will do very, very little, if anything. It could be exploited, I suppose, by the PTB/MSM to distract us all and freak us out, but… that seems unlikely. Just my opinion. (I also believe HAARP is a real project, but scalar weapons are not in use any more than nuclear weapons other than DU are, and I don’t believe in chemtrails. Mostly.)

            Suggest we stay on Fuku first, Calhoun second, Los Alamos 3rd. Occasional tangents are fun, of course, but good to be focused and keep chasing the data!

          • maaa

            “When the reader finally wakes up to what is really happening, then you may want to identify Planet X Safe Zones (topic). FEMA is buying billions in food
            for the Elite and prepping without you right now as we speak”


      • jump-ball jump-ball

        “…the electromagnetic properties of comets are poorly understood”.

        They’re not poorly understood here:

        or here (see Comets):

        Mainstream ‘gravity-only’ nasa-style braniacs won’t admit it, but we live in an electric universe.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    This girl is amazing, she says it all

    The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Geothermal Energy In Japan Becomes Hot Topic Following Fukushima Nuclear Disaster (VIDEO)

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Japan’s Shikoku Electric delays restart of nuke reactor

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne,240/57.html
    “As bad as Chernobyl was, and as bad as Fukushima is becoming, there is the potential for an even bigger disaster in Russia. In addition to handling its own wastes, Russia is taking in spent radioactive material from Britain, France and Germany for reprocessing, turning it into a profit center for the Russian government.”

  • WindorSolarPlease

    The College Campus is not the only thing that leaks radiation.

    Stay Far Far Away from trucks that have that radiation sticker.

  • Enough about iodide and cesium…

    Tell me about these hot particles!

    Here’s one I hope you will enjoy…

    A rare and highly radioactive element, polonium is chemically similar to bismuth[1] and tellurium, and it occurs in uranium.(half-life 138.376 days).

    A milligram of 210Po emits about as many alpha particles per second as 4.5 grams of 226Ra.210Po (in common with 238Pu) 210Po has the ability to become airborne with ease: if a sample is heated in air to 55 °C or above…

    By mass, polonium-210 is around 250,000 times more toxic than hydrogen cyanide (the actual LD50 for 210Po is about 1 microgram for an 80 kg person (see below) compared with about 250 milligrams for hydrogen cyanide).

    Even in microgram amounts, handling 210Po is extremely dangerous, requiring specialized equipment and strict handling procedures. Alpha particles emitted by polonium will damage organic tissue easily if polonium is ingested, inhaled, or absorbed…

    The median lethal dose (LD50) for acute radiation exposure is generally about 4.5 Sv.
    The committed effective dose equivalent 210Po is 0.51 µSv/Bq if ingested, and 2.5 µSv/Bq if inhaled. Since 210Po has an activity of 166 TBq per gram (4,500 Ci/g)[37] (1 gram produces 166×1012 decays per second), a fatal 4.5 Sv (J/kg) dose can be caused by ingesting 8.8 MBq (238 microcuries, µCi), about 50 nanograms (ng), or inhaling 1.8 MBq (48 µCi), about 10 ng. One gram of 210Po could thus in theory poison 20 million people of whom 10 million would die.

    The actual toxicity of 210Po is lower than these estimates, because radiation exposure that is spread out over several weeks (the biological half-life of polonium in humans is 30 to 50 days) is somewhat less damaging than an instantaneous dose.

    It has been estimated that a median lethal dose of 210Po is 0.015 GBq (0.4 mCi), or 0.089 micrograms, still an extremely small amount…

    In addition to the acute effects, radiation exposure (both internal and external) carries a long-term risk of death from cancer of 5–10% per Sv.

    The general population is exposed to small amounts of polonium as a radon daughter in indoor air; the isotopes 214Po and 218Po are thought to cause the majority of the estimated 15,000-22,000 lung cancer deaths in the US every year that have been attributed to indoor radon.

    The maximum allowable body burden for ingested 210Po is only 1.1 kBq (30 nCi), which is equivalent to a particle massing only 6.8 picograms. The maximum permissible workplace concentration of airborne 210Po is about 10 Bq/m3 (3 × 10−10 µCi/cm³).

    The target organs for polonium in humans are the spleen and liver.[45] As the spleen (150 g) and the liver (1.3 to 3 kg) are much smaller than the rest of the body, if the polonium is concentrated in these vital organs, it is a greater threat to life than the dose which would be suffered (on average) by the whole body if it were spread evenly throughout the body, in the same way as caesium or tritium…

    More info:
    the person that founded the element Polonium “Irène Joliot-Curie”; Was the first person ever to die from the radiation effects of polonium (due to a single intake) in 1956.

    She was accidentally exposed to polonium in 1946 when a sealed capsule of the element exploded on her laboratory bench. A decade later, on 17 March 1956, she died in Paris from leukemia which may have been caused by that exposure.

    Other interesting Case’s:
    In 1957, Traces of 210Po were found on the hands of professor Dror Sadeh, a physicist who researched radioactive materials. Medical tests indicated no harm, but the tests did not include bone marrow. Sadeh died from cancer. One of his students died of leukemia, and two colleagues died after a few years, both from cancer…

    Seattle WA. Air =’s 5 hot particles a day at 120 days… =600 particles…

    Food for thought…


    • WindorSolarPlease

      Since this is not contained, I would say that more, hot particles will be coming this way.

      • In all reality, every time the water boils, trillions of particles, are lifted to the surface of the water… Once there the heated vapor carries these particles, deep into the global trade winds.

        Polonium as mentioned above becomes airborne at +50C.

        Eureka, you got leukemia…

        Add googles more when considering the amount of present particles contaminating the planets oceans. With the addition of coastal cloud forming and rain cycles…

        Bingo you have radioactive rain… Virtually everywhere

        This is the true scope of the situation we are in…

        Every glance at the rays of sun light seeping through your window? just staring at the dust particles…

        Well there you have it…

        In a only a few short years time, the ocean will carry highly contaminated particles, across the entire globe. Radiotoxic clouds will rain the contamination across every nation on the planet. Giving you a full fuku daily dose, of assorted radionuclides.

        Over the last 4 months time an apocalypse was born…

        They just haven’t told you about all the goodies, and surprises we can expect…

        Dont worry they say we are testing milk for dangerous levels of:cesium & iodide.

        Do not worry about the other 2200 Known nuclear isotopes that are products of nuclear meltdowns…

        Rest assured that: Lisa P. Jackson “The Administrator of the EPA”, will tell her boss “The President of the United States”, of any dangers United states Citizens will face…

        As he has single handedly been taking this situation by the horns.
        We can count on his, the NRC and other leading scientific experts to be forth right about the dangerous, nuclear isotope’s found in the united states, alaska, hawaiian and other US territories…

        Do not prepare. You needn’t supply your self with now already contaminated, food supplies… Because rest assured, the radiation will not, and I REPEAT. WILL NOT be touching down on American Soil…

        Did “OBAMA CARE” Cover chemo therapy?

        • WindorSolarPlease

          No it doesn’t cover chemo treatments.
          However, I heard they want to put lithium in water to relax us and make us happy, maybe so we won’t care we are radiated.

          • From what I’ve come across here and there:
            I believe they had already begun putting lithium in several cities water supplies as early as 1980’s…

            Mostly near areas where nuclear arms tests were conducted. (Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, ect…). ?

            I am not sure if there was a direct link between the two subjects; although nothing really seems to surprise me these days…

            The world is madd lol…
            Now drink your fuku’ed milk…

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Instead of water or milk, maybe I will learn to drink wine everyday.

            Now that might make me happier. It won’t take much for this old

  • Darth

    @ Tacomagroove,

    Well summarized.

    Now all we have to do is wait for the results to show up in the years ahead. DEPOP ELE – who would want to survive this and pass this onto one’s children?

    Got my suicide kit handy.

  • Here is some history you might find interesting darth…

    The first nuclear bomb test was the “trinity test” at Los Alamos Nuclear labs…

    “The gadget” was the code name given to the first bomb tested.[15] It was so called because it was not a deployable weapon and because revealing words like bomb were not used during the project for fear of espionage. It was an implosion-type plutonium device, similar in design to the Fat Man bomb used three weeks later in the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan.

    Before the test took place a betting pool had been established between several leading physicists, on site…

    Test predictions:
    The observers set up betting pools on the results of the test. Predictions ranged from zero (a complete dud) to 45 kilotons of TNT, all the way up to the complete destruction of the state of New Mexico, and even worse several scientists agreed that the explosion could trigger the ignition of the entire atmosphere and incineration of the entire planet.

    This last result had been calculated to be almost impossible, although for a while it caused some of the scientists some anxiety. Physicist I. I. Rabi won the pool with a prediction of 18 kilotons.

    The Trinity detonation produced an explosive power equivalent to the explosion of about 20 kilotons of TNT.

    using only a small sphere of plutonium wrapped in explosives…

    The nuclear payload involved in the trinity test is magnificently dwarfed in comparison to what we are looking at at fukushima…

    Food for thought…

    • so were talking a 64kg payload of U235, VS. A _____ amount in metric tons of U235…

      Sounds like your statement: “Glad to see that the atmosphere is not going to blow off the planet.” Is very appropriate indeed.

      • Darth

        Nice try.

        I already knew all of that.

        The point is that the implosion device took years of effort to make it work. You don’t have a chance of that happening in Fukushima. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – it leads to all kinds of implausable speculations.

        Stick with planning weddings. Or is the world being wedded to Fuku the reason for you intense interest in this subject.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    TODAY (12:30p EST): Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen on WBAI Radio with Gary Null

  • AustralianCannonball

    My latest video.

    Fukushima(Thrown To The Lions)

  • radegan

    What an incredibly wasted opportunity !! You’re exposing them to enough radiation to take an x-ray – so why didn’t you pass out free film? Surely everyone has some lump, bump, fear – they want to check out, the entire campus could’ve take home x-rays. Think of the lives you might have saved.

  • Ariana

    I’m sorry if someone else has already said this; I didn’t have time to read through all of the comments but:
    “comparable to an ex-ray”- that doesn’t mean that the radiation level is at that of an ex-ray. They have been comparing Fukushima radiation to ex-rays too- although in really high quantities… ex: radiation from Fukushima is like getting 200,000 chest ex-rays all at once (No, I didn’t quote that from anywhere. I am just making an example.)
    The speed at which my trust for the government has dwindled over the past few months is alarming. We really are all fighting for survival for ourselves and our families. They will not help.

  • J.F. Sebastian

    There it is again, the moronic x-ray comparison. I don’t get friggin x-rays unless it’s absolutely necessary, and I make that decision. However, anyone allowed to speak for a university, should have enough gray matter to not compare exposure to water containing fission products to the flash exposure of x-rays.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    “It said the public was not informed sooner because of the low level of danger. The amount of radioactivity was compared to what someone might receive getting an x-ray.”

    Yea, getting an x-ray every 1 millionth of a second, all day, every day……

    • arclight arclight

      “It said the public was not informed sooner because of the low level of danger.”
      yet the eu has an advisory to pregnant women and children to avoid risky behaviour dated april 11th! i did a repost of the advisory on the new discussion page! it makes a note that the contamination in the usa was 8 or 10 times worse than in europe! and no advisory in the usa at all!! its criminal!