Nuclear Researcher: Mutant microorganisms thrived in melted fuel at Three Mile Island — “Sounds like something you’d see on Star Trek” says host (VIDEO)

Published: February 2nd, 2012 at 4:17 pm ET


Title: Green Time: Challenging Nuclear Power
Source: KDHX
Upload Date: Jan 26, 2012

[…] discussion with renowned nuclear activist Kay Drey of Beyond Nuclear. Video discusses the history and present issues associated with nuclear power and nuclear power politics in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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Drey: […] In order to get the fuel that had melted in the reactor vessel out, and it was hardened so they had to chip it out and there were some mutant microorganisms that thrived, and they couldn’t see to do what they had to do because of these crazy mutant organisms.

Host: Sounds like something you’d see on Star Trek.

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Full episode here:

Published: February 2nd, 2012 at 4:17 pm ET


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17 comments to Nuclear Researcher: Mutant microorganisms thrived in melted fuel at Three Mile Island — “Sounds like something you’d see on Star Trek” says host (VIDEO)

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    Well, I learned something from vid #1….The TMI hardened nuke core is now vacationing and partying with its little mutant microorganism buddies in a “swimming pool” in Idaho. It just isn’t good enough to pollute one spot on the planet for 25000 years, but lets move it around and spreeaaaadd it as best we can.
    Doesn’t Idaho have some pretty high rad readings these days?
    Its soooo crazy and out of control!
    Quick…..send in the Belly Dancers and eroticize this shit! Nothing the corporations like better than an erect containment vessel!

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    Micro minu nuke no-see-ums,

    Belly dancin humin beeums

    Motel sixin up in Boise,

    Pool partys gettin noisy.

    So help me God, (or help me or-well)

    on our

    • or-well

      Maybe I’ll sneak in. It’s on topic! In an overwhelmed sort of way…

      This is all so annoying,
      these matters Atomic,
      not much for enjoying –
      I just want to vomit!
      I want to drink syrup,
      sweet thick and cloying,
      or get a lobotomy –
      that’s worth exploring!
      Maybe I’ll go pass a big kidney stone,
      or have diarrhea ’til
      I’m thin as a bone
      or just cut my head off.
      (Don’t try this at home!)
      Too bad I’m past
      a first-time deflowering.
      It’s hard to know
      what would be more empowering;
      burn loot and pillage the nuclear village
      or like old reactors
      give self-abuse license?
      Hey! I smell radiation –
      off in the distance…
      or Komodo Dragons…
      their danger a pittance
      compared to noo-cleer…
      my mind isn’t clear…
      I guess I’ll watch TV
      to smother my fear.

      • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

        just in time….:)

      • StillJill StillJill

        Good one again or-well. Hey,…let me know what channel that is,…the one that smothers away all fear. I could use that one my friend!

        • or-well

          StillJill! Synchronicity! Just stopped to check in –
          after taking a hypnotube
          alphawave spin and
          bathing my brains
          in the video washer !
          Now I’m drying out
          on wrinkle-free heat –
          downing quick shots of
          my favorite…
          no ice, and neat!
          My serious quota
          is more than fulfilled
          for today so I say
          Pleasant Dreams to StillJill!

  • Blown Camaro

    Sparkly little bugs,
    headed for your rugs,

  • Sevv Sevv

    Mutant microorganismes?
    It’s called life. Life that, in this case, is actually better adapted than we (even if it’s a simple bacterium).
    Darwinism will want to have a word with humanity…

    • Alice Alice

      Okay, what I’d like to know is have these ‘mutants’ been in contact with any human tissue and if so, when? Will we receive an answer? Chances are NO.

      Seems to me humanity has a date with the void, and it’s hard to digest that inevitability.

      Hence the popularity with reality T.V.

      • Sevv Sevv

        It’s unlikely that such bacteria would come into contact with human tissue. First because human doesnt go near that waste unprotected or at all (only with machines) and second because the bacterium has no interest in us – we’re not generating radiation it’s using for generating it’s food (principle works surely the same as photosynthesis).

        The solution to nuclear power is fusion power in about 30 years: fusion power is everything that nuklear power is, without the security problem. Which means it’s more profitable and thus nuklear reactors won’t have a future.

        • lokay5 lokay5

          Yeah, Fusion power. U huh.
          You know what they say about fusion power, right?

          Fusion power is the power of the future

          And it always will be.

          • Sevv Sevv

            30 years is a long time and considering that countries are investing billions in researching fusion power I think it’s quite possible to achieve this. Maybe it will also take longer than 30 years but I’m pretty sure that eventually there will be fusion power – unless we fuck up ourselves beforehand (which seems more possible than ever).
            But still, the research in fusion power could never be an excusion to not invest into renewable energy. Well, I’m dreaming, freaking governments still want to build more of those death machines than facing the reality of sustainability.

      • sweet pea sweet pea

        Alice, what if those microbs are a part of an alien invasion? That'd be one way to explain why at the expense of life as we know it we stupidly allowed such a toxic thing in the first place.
        With so many people still thinking they can live with anything nuclearit makes me feel like I fell down the rabbit hole!
        .. where's that mirror …

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Hanford….has a few secrets.
    I had a better link for this..can’t find..darn..