Nuclear Super Typhoon? Massive storm may approach Fukushima this weekend — Current gusts of 195 mph

Published: May 26th, 2011 at 4:58 pm ET


UPDATE: US Navy forecast shows super typhoon may hit Fukushima plant — TEPCO “still considering typhoon measures”

Super typhoon churns through Pacific, threatens Okinawa, CNN, May 26, 2011:

Super Typhoon Songda ripped across the western Pacific on Thursday, dropping heavy rain on the Philippines and threatening Okinawa and the Japanese main islands with rain and damaging winds into the weekend.

Songda was a Category 5 storm late Thursday, with maximum sustained winds of 161 mph and gusts of 195 mph, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The storm was producing wave heights of 38 feet in the Pacific, forecasters said.

The forecast track for Songda put it over Okinawa on Saturday night as a Category 2 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 109 mph and gusts up 132 mph. […]

Tropical Cyclone Information, Japan Meteorological Agency, May 26, 2011:

Typhoon Songda brings floods, snarls traffic in Philippines, Bloomberg News by Cecilia Yap and Joel Guinto, May 25, 2011:

[ …] The typhoon may pass over the main island of Honshu, including Fukushima prefecture where Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s crippled nuclear plant is located, according to the forecast. The storm is expected to weaken before reaching Japan.

Engineers at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear station are trying to cool reactors and stop radiation leaks after the plant was hit by a March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Published: May 26th, 2011 at 4:58 pm ET


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115 comments to Nuclear Super Typhoon? Massive storm may approach Fukushima this weekend — Current gusts of 195 mph

  • ocifferdave

    “And it exploded” -Galaxy Quest

    • Jaskal

      Love that movie.

      • ocifferdave

        But seriously, “in the last days of spring and the beginning of summer of 1986, radioactivity was released from the Chernobyl power plant and fell upon hundreds of millions of people. The resulting levels of radionuclides were hundreds of times higher than that from the Hiroshima atomic bomb.”
        “The normal lives of tens of millions have
        been destroyed. Today, more than 6 million
        people live on land with dangerous levels of
        contamination—land that will continue to be
        contaminated for decades to centuries. Thus
        the daily questions: how to live and where to
        “In the territories contaminated by the Chernobyl fallout it is impossible to engage safely in agriculture; impossible to work safely in forestry, in fisheries, and hunting; and dangerous to use local foodstuffs or to drink milk and even water. Those who live in
        these areas ask how to avoid the tragedy of
        a son or daughter born with malformations
        caused by irradiation. Soon after the catastrophe these profound questions arose among liquidators’ families, often too late to avoid tragedy.”

        Last chapter of

      • confused californian

        looks like fog. i mean, the storm’s a comin’ ain’t it? isn’t the camera set up on a mountain or something? i did see something about a hour and a half ago that looked like a big smoke pluming out from what i believe is reactor building 4. not sure though. right now it looks like low clouds aka fog.

      • Cindy

        I think they just point it up at the sky when they don’t want us seeing anything …

        I actually caught them doing it once.

        It panned left, then right back onto the plant, then up.. styed there for 15 minutes, then a little play on zoom, and it was back on…

    • ZP

      __/ __/ __/ __/ EMERGENCY POST __/ __/ __/ __/

      May, 27, 2011

      Scientist, Physicist, Mathematician expresses VERY DIRE situation.


      Read his EMERGENCY POST Here:

      Top Of The Page ! A Must Read!!

      (apologize for jumping the thread)

      • This fella has serious web page design shortcomings. Also, one of those ilk who think shouting in CAPs across a vertical 3 column spread squished into one fat column gets the message across.

        Well, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for now:


        • jnny

          “benefit of the doubt?” I don’t think so–he is selling water filtration systems and using enenews to advertise!

        • AHnce

          Place bate in the water and look,
          The sharks show up.
          The slandering dis-info crew.

          • AHnce


            Definition of “bate”…

            bate 1 (bt)
            tr.v. bat·ed, bat·ing, bates
            1. To lessen the force or intensity of; moderate: “To his dying day he bated his breath a little when he told the story”

            (George Eliot). See Usage Note at bait1.
            2. To take away; subtract.

    • Vickigirliee

      Hey girls, wanna meet a guy with money? Find your sugar daddy at

  • Vtech

    I sincerely hope you’re wrong…

    • ocifferdave

      Me too. I hope it does die down and the winds halt. This is truly in His hands. He can allow the wind to stay constant, speed up, or slow down. Huge catastrophies have been averted in the past because of massive prayer and repentence.

      • Ronald Moore

        Yeah, like the Holocost

      • Misanthrope

        Yeah, such as, umm, ummm …

      • sophika

        Hi, allow me to clarify that this is not Gods hand, there is no reason to slander Him. Man has built and misused nuclear energy to build mass weapons and perform dangerous experiments. These man care nothing about human life and most scientists believe in the big bang not God. The only thing that punishes a person is his own energy based fear – hatred, pity, jealousy, revenge.
        Best Regards

  • confused californian
    judging from the chart here it should lose a lot of strength before hitting japan

  • steve

    Great….of course the typhoon is going from East to West to pick up more radioactive particulates to send toward North America. Thanks Japan government and TEPCO.

    • ocifferdave

      It is heading this way a, at least towards Alaska and Canada. Great…. 🙁

      • steve

        Winds of doom. Great that the government and news are telling everyone about the potential risks. Kidding, of course they are saying nothing.

    • Willie


      There’s water in the basement
      Those fumes are lethal
      ACLU’s mad
      About a cross on a steeple

      There’s holes in bad places
      The ocean is sad
      Now just who’s gone golfing
      Have we all gone mad?

      Molten lumps on the move
      Just a little more time
      Oh yeah, there’s no roof
      But there’s antioxidants in the wine

      Gauges inaccurate
      Meters unreliable
      If I was in a theater
      The whole thing’d be just laughable

      But just so you’d know
      The Truth is a Rock
      With Him you’ll be able
      Just answer His knock

      • JWS

        Fukushima, Fukushima, is it true, is it true…

        Did we have a melt-down, did we have a melt-down, one or two, one or two…

        (or three!!!!) just sayin’).

      • I appreciate what you shared here. You have a gift with language and depth of communication.

        Japanese citizens would resonate deeply with what you wrote here.
        Thank you.

    • You mean West to East – then it would pick up particles and send towards N America.

  • jump-ball

    ZH has the Wunderground projection which will be followed up with some high-level posts:

    I cannot stop adding long-dated tuna and salmon to my storage, but I have stopped telling family and friends. Secret prep-a-holic syndrome I guess, but at least it’s not fatal, like some other problems the world is facing.

  • confused californian

    i have a kid on the way…is there anything i can do to prevent the worst for him or her(don’t know the gender yet)?

    • ocifferdave

      Stay away from … never mind. This is just to vast for my mind to comprehend and help you with right choices.

    • ocifferdave

      Stay away from resteraunts and fast food. No dairy. Take your suppliments. Enjoy more tropical fruits from Florida like oranges and bananas from farther south than food from the west coast (ie no apples from WA). Wash everything green that you eat. Get some of that good 100 days aged Tillamook cheese if you like cheese and can’t live without it. Drink bottled water only. I’m sure I am missing a lot. Can someone help her out?

      • confused californian

        lol i am a male. my girlfriend is pregnant :). thank you for the suggestions. i am worried because tacomagroove and others make it seem like we are going to suffer instant death if and when it hits the water table. now is that the case, or does that mean we are surely guaranteed to get cancer here when it happens?

        • fjn

          If it hits the water table we are not all going to die instantly. How damaging it will be will be up to the configuration of the corium. It it is a compact mass it will go critical that is it will cause a chain reaction which will produce a great deal of heat. Since it will have dug itself into the ground in will not be contained in a pressure vessel and the likelihood of a major deflagration will be low. What you will get is a jet of steam coming out of the entry hole at fairly high speeds. This will be very contaminated and will blow a lot of radioactive material high into the air to be carried by the winds in our direction. The problem with nuclear events is not that they kill massive numbers of people quickly rather they kill massive numbers of people slowly. Sometimes weeks, months, years, decades etc. The plutonium released from these plants will be killing people a thousand years from now.

        • Godzilla

          No, it means you’ll have a somewhat increased risk of cancer if there’s a big meltdown and steam explosions. Tacomagroove is not a physicist, nuclear engineer, or power plant operate. She just has a theory, like about 2 billion other people on the internet.

    • Blue

      Read and research alternative supplements which may protect you and your child and take the action which you think is best for YOU and above all try not to get stressed out by the gloom and doom posts. You and your baby are going to be fine. Love, beyond words. Take good care and no worries as you embark on a remarkable journey, one which words can not convey. Please take good care and no worries.

    • larry-andrew-nils

      you can stay indoors. and don’t bring in air from outside so often. (but you have to breathe)
      get a good hepa filter and leave it on inside the house.

      heat house with electric so as not to use the furnace which may replace the air in the house.

      the above is especially important if we see anything exploding to a great height into the air.

      pray that we… our race (the human race) can take on higher doses of radiation and adapt with it… because it is going to be with us for hundreds of generations.

    • gimp

      I already had that experience 25 years ago in Austria after Chernobyl. Keep all your shoes outside your appartment. Refer to nutrition that is safe for example no fresh milk but cheese which does not come from contaminated areas (cheese as calcium source). Try to see the happy side of life and enjoy becoming a mother no matter what is going on out there! Don`t eat fresh herbs or spinach, look for vegetables which are grown in greenhouses! Don’t worry about your baby, everything will be fine.

    • Cassie

      @CC you are asking questions, and aware of the situation. That is good news right there. Best wishes to you, your SO, and baby.

      • Actually I wanted to comment on that…

        Do some research on decontamination… You will have to decontaminate everything, everywhere you go, for years. It could take years or days to become this bad… But Im not going to say anything more. I have my own opinions…

        Now… What I did say: Was when it hits the water table, its game over on the site. And at that point it will leak until it either burns out, or explodes…

        regardless of what anyone tries, or wants…

        So in all reality, If you did want my opinion. Japan needs to either do one of two things…
        A. Everyone stay and fight right freaking now to fix it…
        B. Evacuate because it will decimate japan in a matter of months entirely… What does that mean for the rest of the world… You guessed it…
        We will have the same choice to make…
        But the situation is out of control. and I am right. They have little time to act.

        There is a difference.

    • DrNature

      Yes, You should be concerned; and Yes there are things that you can do. Ociffer Dave is right but these suggestions help to insure a healthier baby under normal circumstances. You are pregnant and dealing with very unusual conditions. Knowing which trimester you are in would be more helpful. The following is a list of Just a FEW things that you can do:\

      1)Be Aware of the dangers of Prenatal Ultrasound. Frequent Ultrasound will only exacerbate your situation.

      2)Take a VERY HIGH Quality Prenatal Vitamin (No I am NOT a supplment dealer): Your supplements should be water soluble or easily absorbed. Only Organic from a reputable Health food store.
      The Following are a must in my opinion:
      Folic Acid Which should be in Your Prenatal vitamin
      Some form of Liquid C.
      Floradix Floravital Iron
      A&D supplement
      All MUST be High Quality

      3)Go on a proactive radiation protection program: Here is one of many good sites:

      4)Bentonite Clay Wash: Bentonite clay creates a negative ionic charge which binds chemicals/pesticides/radiation from the fruits and veggies. Make a one part clay mixture to 8 parts of water in a non-metal container. Use ¼ cup wet clay to 1 quart water to rinse your fresh produce in/covering the produce. Let it sit for 1 hour and then rinse.

      5)Find a Thyroid targeted herbal blend preferably extract: Good Herbs or Pure Herbs are excellent brands. for example Pure Herbs T-W liquid extract.
      Do Not take Potassium Iodide

      6) At this stage none of us can avoid radiation intake; but we can Focus on consistent removal of radioactive particles.
      Russian epidemiologist(They should Know) have found micronized zeolite powder(not Liquid) to be the very best answer.
      I suggest 1 to 1/2 tsp daily.

      7) Now here’s the debacle, fetuses need fresh air and sunshine. Only sunlight provides you with quality vitamin D which is…

      • DrNature

        Sorry Got cut off at number 7 so here is the rest of it :

        7) Now here’s the debacle, fetuses need fresh air and sunshine. Only sunlight provides you with quality vitamin D which is necessary for healty Bone and Thyroid development.
        Get outside and let your skin absorb some rays, at least 15 or 20 minutes. Do not let yourself burn.
        When you go indoors wait at least an hour before taking a shower. This allows your body time to convert the suns rays to vitamin D.
        Yes you have taken on some radioactive particles but your regime of healthy food, Zeolite and Bentonite will protect you.

        8)Plan to breastfeed: Your baby is safer & healthier with your milk than with any other source.

        9) Be informed about vaccines. This subject is huge!!There is a lot of information. Become very knowledgable do not let yourself get pushed around on this matter: Here is a good place to start:

        Remember there are a lot of people out there making an awful lot of money off of our suffering and illness. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can work together a fight back.

        10) Keep a positive attitude, exercise and Laugh!! Endorphins are very important to your child’s development.

        I wish you and your baby the very best!

        • ocifferdave

          @DrNature. Excellent info for all us human organisms! Vaccines. My son had 8 shots at one time when he was 18 months old. His verbal and social skills went down to 0. He was sick a lot. One good pediatrician, very popular in my old town, Juneau Alaska, thought it wise to not vaccinate children until they are 2 years old at the earliest since their immune system is too imature prior to that to learn from the vaccine.

    • I would do the following:

      1. Keep the child as healthy as possible since BDMs (Biological Defense Mechanisms) do play a part in fighting radiation. Radiation decreases white (disease fighting) cells, so it makes sense to do whatever you can do to keep them up.
      2. Stay out of the rain
      3. Spend more time indoors
      4. Eat less top-of-food-chain foods (mile, tuna?)
      5. Get hold of a dosimeter or Geiger counter
      6. Stay away from hospitals – high rate of MRSA right now.

      You might try getting hold of some zeolite, bentonite or anything else that is supposed to work.

      ARMONK, N.Y. – 07 Apr 2011: IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) announcement of the first biodegradable nanoparticles that can seek out and destroy drug-resistant bacteria caps off a century of healthcare and life sciences innovation from IBM.
      Earlier this week, scientists from IBM Research announced ground breaking early research discovering new types of nanoparticles that are physically attracted like magnets to MRSA cells, ignoring healthy cells completely and targeting and killing the bacteria by poking holes in its walls. This discovery could greatly improve the effectiveness of medication. This innovation is just one example of IBM’s ability to use principles and technologies from computing, physics, materials science and chemistry to advance the science of medicine.
      To celebrate IBM’s Centennial, the company is unveiling an “icon of progress” representing IBM’s contributions to fighting infectious diseases and contributions to world health. From the first continuous blood separator which led to treatment for leukemia patients, the first heart lung machine to keep patients alive during surgery, to the excimer laser used in LASIK eye surgery, IBM has made vast contributions to the fields of healthcare and life sciences.
      It’s anyone’s guess what havoc these little creatures will wreak as time goes on. Another example of “the solution”…

    • bob

      leave cali??

  • hawkeye

    wow,who would have guessed

  • kx

    yep I max stored the water here… never realized I drinked so much

  • Manifest Irony

    Worst thing for Japan is the winds will be inland and strong while the system approaches… more contamination and further inland from Fukushima. May even get a South/SE wind towards Tokyo if it passes offshore. Not good matter how you look at it.

  • confused californian

    there will be more guys. we knew typhoon season was coming sooner or later, and it seems it may start off with a bang. sad to say, but this is only the beginning. maybe mother nature will cleanse herself with this, but that is just wishful thinking…

  • SteveMT

    Is this Earth Cleansing? We’ll know what kind by what is left afterwards…Will even more People be taken or will Fukushima be swept under or neither or both? All those different possibilities means that it’s wide-open right now.

  • Manifest Irony

    Is it just me, or does Unit No. 4 look more crooked today on the MeltdownCam? Don’t see how that building can stand up to a gentle breeze, much less a (Super) Typhoon. Someone needs to get to unloading the spent fuel pool now, before it all comes tumbling down.

    • Whoopie

      No it’s not just you MI. I see it too.

    • confused californian

      what would happen if that building collapses?

      • Cassie

        ditto on that question

        • Manifest Irony

          Bad things if it collapses, bad things if it springs a leak. Some of the fuel in No. 4’s pool is not spent and came out of the reactor months ago. It is still very much “hot”, thermally and radioactively. Must keep the pool full of water to avoid another hydrogen explosion situation. The only thing No. 4 has going for it is the rod assemblies look intact. That’s why I think they need to start unloading what they can now before something bad happens. I suggest building a lagoon right off shore to unload the stuff and keep it cool. It can’t be any worse than leaving it where it is to melt.

      • fjn

        1650 fuel rods will get closely pressed together the water that was cooling them will pour out on the ground and they will heat up and melt. Prompt criticality may occur as in reactor three and we will have an explosion of major magnitude. Since the building will be on its side it will depend in which direction the opening of the pool will be pointing. If inland the pool will move toward the sea and the pretty mox missiles will head inland at supersonic speeds. If it lands facing the other reactors the pool will take out the ground based spent fuel pool which has 6,000 some odd rods, I will not bother pondering what that will do, and the pretty mox missiles will destroy the other three reactors and their spent fuel pools. Again I can leave it to your imaginations as to what that means. A lot of us said at the very beginning that the only solution was to immediately bury the whole unit. Now it is too late so hold on to your seats it is going to be a bumpy ride.

  • Darth

    I guess a lot of rain will accompany the storm – washing all the radiation in the air column out and down onto Japan and the ocean. At least this will keep the majority of the radiation on their own “shores”.

  • icone

    I think the winds from even a weakened SuperTyphoon would still be potentially catastrophic for the severely damaged Unit 4 building. Despite meltdowns at units 1-3, the spent fuel pool at unit 4 may have the potential to be the biggest problem if something goes awry.

    Has anyone been charting the listing of unit 4? It really seems to be leaning more than ever lately.

    I was wondering if someone has captured stills of the live feed over time to compare the progression of the building’s listing. On that note, time-lapse movies made from the live feed can be a great way to see patterns in the reactors behavior.

  • Confused Californian,…nice to meet you,..I’m both also! 🙂

    Your lady and baby would benefit from soaking veggies in clay water, bentonite and/or zeolite.
    I’m hearing that we should be washing our clothes in “Borox” brand detergent, for the 10% boron. If you kids can afford reverse osmosis water, and perhaps a clay filter. I know it seems like a lot. The good Lord is giving you a tiny piece of him/herself to hold. It is always a blessing. You sound ready for the gift young man. Hopefully she is as motivated as you are,….or lets you be a ” Secret prep-a-holic syndrome” sufferer for the three of you, Yes? God’s blessings to you three.

  • jed

    Is time travel possible? Is Time Linear? What is Time! One thing I do know is that this is our “TIME”

    Question 1. How did one of the most successful bands in the world “The Killers” write and release a song about the Tiger Woods saga well over a year before the story broke???

    Question 2. How did the biggest band in the world, “U2” write a song over 20 years ago about Tokyo Electric Co?
    “Earthquake 4. Nice and Slow. Useless scenes in old Tokyo. Useless scenes near Tokyo”

    After the Rain the Sun comes out!!!!

    • psky

      Believe or not, official science keeps educating us that we live in a warped four-dimensional space-time prison devoid of energy except aimless photons. Time travel and telepathy is impossible because no information can be transmitted faster than the speed of light, which is an absolute constant according to dogma. In a world where thoughts travel at infinite speed and telepathy is the way of communication, time and distance have no meaning.

    • jed,

      Please stop posting the same thing over and over.

      It’s called interconnectedness – and it works across space, and across time. Humans are similar to radio transmitters – discussed in Autobiography of a Yogi – so that private secrets are hard to keep when the brain is constantly transmitting them.

      Not sure if “interconnectedness” has been expressed appropriately using scientific method, although Einstein’s 4-dimensional space-time CONTINUUM comes to mind.

      Mathematics itself, and physical laws, can be used for prognostication, thus their usefulness. U2 and The Killers do not have a monopoly on extra-sensory prediction, or any other type of prediction.

  • Peter

    Note to self:start skipping over Tacomgaaroves comments.No wonder ENE was looking for some way to moderate this forum.
    Some of your comments are so over the top but I guess you like to read your own crap.

    • extra knight

      wrong. tacomagrooves comments here are not mere speculation, nor should they be discarded so foolishly. her insights and lucid commentary are a shining light compared to the brandname, poorly contrasted disinformation and trademark propaganda of the Talking Heads. the truth of the matter is… Nuclear Boy is Sick

  • milk and cheese

    Cindy, you are right. The view of the reactors is quite clear. Steam was rising out of one of them (can’t identify which). They panned first south, then west…and are still pointed away from them now.

  • Godzilla

    Concerned Californian, I forgot to mention that if Fukus blows again, it might be worthwhile to take some potassium iodide again, which should be readily available by now. I anticipate a fresh production of iodine isotopes over there.

    Jill said to wash clothes in Borax, which seems like a good idea. Can’t hurt, anyway.

    Most of the “iffy” antioxidants and supplements that MIGHT help can be found at which is for-profit but has reasonable prices and good articles. Their main focus is on anti-aging research but there are big similarities between that and preventing radiation damage. I guess you could use their search engine or Google local site search to find articles and supplements for radiation.


  • pAnIc

    Relax, we have them all the time. This one is called “Number 2” because there will be plenty more. It’s called weather.

    Of course we are doomed, as usual, just thought I’d mention. Now go back watching your live feeds, let us know if you see any more fog, smoke, helicopters etc.

  • American Patriot

    Beats me why they build these on known fault areas and so close to the oceans. California is another disaster waiting to happen.

    • glenn

      I think it’s the “it’ll never happan to me” syndrome, but you are quite right. California *is* a disaster waiting to happen. I actually said these very words about Japan only two weeks before Fukushima occured while I was discussing the Christchurch earthquake with a friend, not because I am psychic, but because it was inevitable. The great California quake is going to happen maybe in two weeks, maybe two years, or maybe ten years. If Americans don’t have the common sense to see this and alleviate the danger now while they still can they are dooming themselves to a very great tragedy.

  • hawkeye

    just another day at the amusement park

  • 322

    Excellllllennnt…..Amusing….in the end … .. .. only Roaches and Robots…will be left….[or not]………….word for word………………A fortiori…………322

  • Kibouhope

    Nuclear plant over the hill from Fukushima and brewing lots of plutonium rods that was occupied by the Japanese army to handle, Daini Nuclear plant used to produce plutonium for weapons (as well as making power too) the “Yakuza” are suspected to be involved in the sales.

    • Dr. Strangleglove

      Lets hear it for the Plutonium economy!

    • Cassie

      It was posted on this site that Japan has
      1/5 of the world’s supply of weapons grade
      Plutonium. Why did they need that much?
      And what were they using it for?
      And who was the recipient of Yakuza nuk sales?

    • You can see why they want to suppress the facts. There seems to be a pile of dirty laundry in every corner. That proud *face* thing seems to be more about a facade on some faces there. I would feel quite deceived by my govt if I were in Japan, on so many levels.

  • AustralianCannonball

    Fukushima Residents are facing a nightmare situation:

  • California Dreaming

    Hi Confused Fellow Californian! I have a baby too! Do give your partner loving energy, not stress. Your baby will be fine. S/he is not going to eat solid food for 6 months, and will not be crawling outside or stomping in rain puddles for a while. You have time to plan things out.
    If your partner decides to breastfeed (BF), she could consider taking small servings of chlorella. (It gives me a bit of stomach upset, so I suggest starting out with small amount first.) There’s a recent Japanese study indicating babies whose BF moms took chlorella while pregnant have better immunity. You can google it.
    Your partner could also eat seaweed soup — cooking kelp for 1 hour will release sodium alginate to cleanse heavy metals; alaria will give her calcium. She will get the healthy iodine from seaweed and pass it to the baby.
    I am taking clay to detox myself. I’m giving zeolite (liquid) to my baby. You can bathe your baby in zeolite too, but I find it kind of expensive!!
    While our pediatrician emphasized food-based nutrition over supplements, she recommended cod liver oil for fatty acid and Vit A, and baby vit D drops. If you are worried about cod liver oil being contaminated post 3-11, you could buy it now since it’s probably processed before March, and it keeps for 2 years.
    Chicken liver is always good, and it’s a good idea to buy it now and freeze it for 80-90 days for the I-131 to decrease in the liver. If you plan to give your baby eggs when s/he is older, you could freeze the eggs as well.
    There’s also a fair amount of information on chelation and young kids, mostly from parents whose kids are autism and they are trying to get the mercury (from vaccines/environmental factors) with apple pectin, clay bath, etc. I find the suggestions posted in those blogs are helpful.
    Since you are a fellow CA, I’d suggest something really outlandish, but totally awesome. When I gave birth, I saved my placenta, and it saved my life. I lost tons of blood…

  • madima

    with 38′ waves heading to the site, it will not be good. will sea water make the situation worse for the crippled reactors? the wind will knock over unit 4. will it explode? chain reaction? how long before it goes boom?

    • Understood the saltwater was discontinued due to salt by product build up interfering with water circulation for cooling. Unsure of how salt water will mix with open roofed buildings with lave nuclear blobs in their basements.

  • wikson

    Fukushima was/is intentional. It’s an attack.
    First: 9-11 (Mossad)
    Second: BP Gulf Oil Catastrophe : HAARP
    Third: Fukushima: HAARP
    Read Revelation 9:11-12
    Don’t let normalcy bias make us ignore that we
    are doomed.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus Deliver Us.

  • milk and cheese

    It’s now a Category 3 typhoon, but it is predicted to pass by southern Japan.

  • XYZ

    “i have a kid on the way…is there anything i can do to prevent the worst for him or her(don’t know the gender yet)?”

    U and ur gf ever heard of contraception? Do u think is the right world to bring a child into? Do u think this planet needs another slave? Go for it, have 10 more kids, u stupid ass!

  • AP Exclusive: Fukushima tsunami plan a single page

    (AP) – 2 hours ago

    TOKYO (AP) — Japanese nuclear regulators trusted that the reactors at Fukushima Dai-ichi were safe from the worst waves an earthquake could muster based on a single-page memo from the plant operator nearly a decade ago.

    In the Dec. 19, 2001 document — one double-sized page obtained by The Associated Press under Japan’s public records law — Tokyo Electric Power Co. rules out the possibility of a tsunami large enough to knock the plant offline and gives scant details to justify this conclusion, which proved to be wildly optimistic.

    Regulators at the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, or NISA, had asked plant operators for assessments of their earthquake and tsunami preparedness. They didn’t mind the brevity of TEPCO’s response, and apparently made no moves to verify its calculations or ask for supporting documents.

    “This is all we saw,” said Masaru Kobayashi, who now heads NISA’s quake-safety section. “We did not look into the validity of the content.”

  • LOL! I can see it now a New TV show: Flying Nuclear Super Typhoon Japanese Baby Rangers! :p

  • Mark

    You know the situation is bad when their is almost a total news black out during the on going worst nuclear accident in world history !

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    not good mojo …

  • WarIsPeace

    So I’ve got a few questions…I’ve seen people saying to only drink bottled water, but what type or brand do we know is safe? I am on a well (in Colorado foothills) and have been filtering through a Berkey filter (black filters)…is that OK? Also, as far as dairy products, I am stocking up on pre-Fukushima butter and cheese, and Ghee…I have contacted a dairy (Kalona Supernatural) that uses only Midwest farms and they told me they are testing their products (every batch) and have found no radioactive contamination…are they lying or is that possible? I am drinking black coffee right now for the first time in my life and I hate it…I really want some cream!

    For everything else milk-wise, I’m using Pacific Natural Foods Almond Milk, which has a shelf-life of a year, so as long as the date stamped on it is pre-March 2012, it is safe. (I have been contacting all these companies for information on shelf-life). Does anyone but me feel like they’re living on a different planet than almost everyone else? No one I talk to seems to have any concern about this fiasco at all…I am feeling very alienated. Good luck to everyone!

    • sassyiam

      You’re certainly not the only one!:) Most companies don’t like to give out information on their products anyway (see truth in labeling battles over the past few years over gmo, msg, origins etc) let alone now I’m sure. It’s good that you’re asking AND finding out though.

      Have you considered evaporated or coconut milk for your coffee? Although getting close, our stores still have pre 3-11 of both. Also, when that runs out, you can make your own coconut milk using shredded coconut and water (and use the leftover sludge for macaroons or granola bars!..yum) Good luck back at ya:)

      • WarIsPeace

        I tried “So Delicious” Coconut Creamer today, but it has titanium dioxide in it, which I’m not sure is any safer than radioactive particles…and it tastes awful. Coconut milk from the same company doesn’t really work either, and who knows what their water source is. I have contacted them but they have not responded. I just asked the lady at Kalona to send me lab the analysis, if she has them, so we’ll see. The almond milk does not work as a coffee creamer, unfortunately, because I trust it the most of any of the “non-dairy” milks. I guess you have to pick your poison here, it’s going to be impossible to avoid it entirely. I’ve been eating organic for ever, thinking I was safe, and then some diabolical morons decide to build a nuclear reactor on a fault line in a tsunami zone. It just figures…

    • toots

      right there with ya! I found out that one of my favorite items is no longer pre-311 on the shelves and possibly contaminated from Canada. That was daunting for me. The involuntary look on my face seemed to disturb people at the grocery! (sorry!) I’m surprised more people aren’t concerned with these risks.

      Ask for copies of the testing certificates! Some places will send it right away by email…

    • Terranigma

      Is Nestles Coffee Mate OK? Just noticed that it’s from Calfornia. Not even sure if it contains milk products.

      If you stock up on some of these products now, they may have been manufactured pre 3/11.

      How long do those little half and half creamer cups last if kept refrigerated? Some in the fridge could be a year or older.

  • Bob Rock

    Remember, the Earth is fond of you.

  • Lill

    just a few other webcam vantage points for everyone:

    Fukushima City:

    Fukushima Airport:

    right now a very foggy view of F.Daiichi. half an hour ago it was all-grey:

    scroll down to the bottom of the page for many more links to other webcams:

    above link lists these webcam locations:
    Webcams nearby:

    Kitashiobara, Japan (49 km): City View
    Sendai, Japan (66 km): City View
    Tsuruoka, Japan (121 km): View over Tsuruoka
    Niigata, Japan (127 km): Harbor View
    Utsunomiya, Japan (147 km): City View
    Moka, Japan (152 km): Moka Railroad Steam Locomotion
    Yuzawa, Japan (156 km): Sky above Yuzawa
    Chokai, Japan (160 km): Chokai Weathercam
    Oshu, Japan (164 km): Weathercam
    Akita, Japan (197 km): Akita Airport
    Kamikawa, Japan (211 km): Sky above Kamikawa
    Koshigaya, Japan (217 km): View over Koshigaya
    Narita, Japan (221 km): Narita International Airport
    Morioka, Japan (223 km): Mount Iwate
    Saitama, Japan (224 km): View over Saitama
    Matsudo, Japan (225 km): City View
    Tokyo, Japan (239 km): realtime TOKYO
    Chiba, Japan (242 km): Sea View
    Ichihara, Japan (254 km): View over Ichihara
    Yokohama, Japan (269 km): View of the Port
    Noshiro, Japan (275 km): View of Noshiro
    Kunohe, Japan (284 km): Landscape at Kunohe
    Towada, Japan (300 km): View over Towada
    Mount Fuji, Japan (308 km): LiveView of Mt. Fuji
    Tohoku, Japan (337 km): City View
    Tsugaru, Japan (339 km): Weathercam
    Aomori, Japan (341 km): View over Aomori
    Shimizu, Japan (353 km): Weathercam
    Hakodate, Japan (446 km): Port of Hakodate
    Muroran, Japan (508 km): Hakucho Bridge
    Kyoto, Japan (522 km): Kinkaku-ji
    Hurano, Japan (522 km): View over Hurano
    Tenri, Japan (545 km): Tenrikyo Headquarters
    Tomakomai, Japan (550 km): Seaview
    Osaka, Japan…

  • Lill

    well, i’m awaiting moderation 🙂 when my post is, there’s some other webcam views i found of the F airport, F city and another (currently) very foggy/mist-hidden view of the F Daiichi plant.

    [MODERATOR: If there are 4 or more links the post requires moderation]

    • Lill

      okie dokie, sorry about that. i learn something every day. thank you for explaining Moderator. 🙂

  • AustralianCannonball

    Update on Super Typhoon headed for Fukushima Daiichi:

  • Dr. Strangleglove

    Japan is sinking. Where will the life boats go?

    • sophika

      How did you determine this today? They are not sinking but a strange thought about floating with oil came to me now. I wonder what that means.

  • AustralianCannonball

    Update about Fukushima: