Nuclear Worker: “There’s been some people dying, young guys, of some weird cancers” (VIDEO)

Published: July 23rd, 2012 at 7:29 am ET


Interview with former General Electric nuclear plant inspector Kei Sugaoka
Uploaded by laborvideo
Filmed May 5, 2011
Uploaded Jun 6, 2011
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At 35:45 in

Sugaoka: My friend the contractor, he works as like an assistant HP at the plant, one of the things he was telling me was he says, ‘Kei there’s been some people dying, young guys, of some weird cancers.’

And I says, ‘You know maybe radiation is [?] as safe as people think it is,’ I told him.

We were going back into Taipei [Taiwan] for dinner, and he says, ‘You know Kei don’t bring that up with Michael Chang, Michael Chang is the head of the division of the HP section at Chin San [Nuclear Power Plant in Taiwan]… at both units.’

I said, ‘Don’t worry I won’t bring that up, but thanks for letting me know’… (Shrugs Shoulders)

I can’t say for sure, ‘Yes that person died of radiaton,’ but when he tells me its puzzling him that normal healthy people are dying at a young age, maybe radiation effects their genes differently.

Published: July 23rd, 2012 at 7:29 am ET


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9 comments to Nuclear Worker: “There’s been some people dying, young guys, of some weird cancers” (VIDEO)

  • razzz razzz

    Kei Sugaoka, poor guy, for whistle blowing he was eventually fired from GE and lost retirement and any health benefits and ended up covered under his wife's health insurance policy.

    Nuclear industry doesn't take care of their own (workers), treats them as expendable and throwaway employees to be replaced by dumb downed uneducated sub par help.

    Even Sugaoka was sucked into the nuclear revision of documents trap and later on thought better of his actions and turned whistle blower. As he learned, nothing changes when the top down including governments are corrupt. Death by nuclear contamination is just collateral damage and its costs are just part of doing business when it comes to nuclear power generation. The human element is consciously ignored.

  • nedlifromvermont

    true!! Nuclear Lies and Damned Lies!!! GE must repent and admit to errors of judgement or be shut down for criminal complicity!!!

    Arrest Jack Welch and Jeffie Immelt for criminal acts and cover up!!!

    Brother Barack with all his false compassion should be impeached for his role in the nuclear cover up. (Google 'plumegate')

    It's time for a nuclear proscription: a bounty on everyone and anything pro-nuclear.

    Banish them all to live out their days in the no-go zone!!!

    If we relent, the entire world will be a NO-GO Zone!!!

    Death to Nuclear and all the shills!!! Saikato hantei!!!

    peace …

  • JustmeAlso

    Where is justice in this ''perfect crime''?

  • hbjon hbjon

    Had Fukushima had a dozen guys like this and Fukushima would still be standing. He has good karma, considering being wronged and mistreated.

  • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

    A few days ago, one of the 1F workers (Yamaken1206) tweeted about 5 minutes work he's done to change the resin from the ion exchange equipment. The surface of the steel drum measured over 50mSv, he said it was a nerve-racking assignment that he could hardly do his job properly 🙁 APD setting was 0.8mSv but 5 mins work clocked him 0.6mSv. No wonder he couldn't concentrate!
    Little time he gets to spend with his young daughter keeps him alive I think. How sad…the whole thing is.

  • arclight arclight

    Workers Forced to cover Dosimeters at Fukushima to Hide Radiation Exposure

    Published on Jul 23, 2012 by freedomwv
    A nuclear subcontractor ordered workers at Fukushima to cover their dosimeters with lead to lower official levels of radiation would be reported; allowing workers to work longer hours inside the plant.
    For your reference

  • Sickputer

    Families of loved ones who died at Fukushima Daiichi need to speak up…not all those guys who died are orphans. Somebody needs to gather the deceased stories. Even if it's just an accounting of the death totals.

    Tepco won't be very helpful, but this is a demand the Tokyo protest citizens should demand of the next Prime Minister.

    Note to Noda…your career is dead and you know it…you suck on those monthly paychecks like Kan did.

  • In reference to:

    I don't think it is fair to anyone on the West Coast that Japan has a right to make poison of mass destruction.

    When you stop eating fish from the sea, you know you have a problem.

  • markww markww

    Prosecute all that have lied and covered up all the nuclear energy problems and then lied to the people of the world PUT EVERYONE ONE OF THEM IN PRISON FOR MURDER OF THE WORLDS POPULATION BY RADIATION You hear that TEPCO