Panel: Nuke plant operator behind fake email campaign also destroyed documents sought by investigators about public support for MOX fuel

Published: August 10th, 2011 at 6:02 pm ET


Panel: Kyushu Electric destroyed evidence, NHK, August 10, 2011:

A panel investigating attempts by Kyushu Electric Power Company to manipulate public opinion via an e-mail scam says that the utility has destroyed evidence related to the probe.

The panel was set up after workers at Kyushu Electric and its affiliates were found to have sent e-mails in favor of restarting the Genkai nuclear plant in Saga Prefecture during a government meeting with local residents in June.

Panel head Nobuo Gohara told reporters on Tuesday that the utility destroyed documents related to its activities in 2005 to try to win public support for using plutonium-uranium mixed-oxide fuel at the plant. […]

Kyushu Electric Power destroyed documents on pluthermal plant proposal, panel claims
, Mainichi Daily News, August 10, 2011:

[…] On Aug. 5, [Akira Nakamura, the deputy head of Kyushu’s nuclear energy division] also allegedly ordered the disposal of documents on the pluthermal project kept at Kyushu Electric’s Saga branch, which the third-party panel sought.

But a tip from a whistle-blower prompted the third-party panel to retrieve 15 files left at a disposal site.

Nakamura told the Kagoshima Prefectural Assembly on July 4 just before the staged e-mail scandal surfaced that there was no such e-mail campaign scheme.

Published: August 10th, 2011 at 6:02 pm ET


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  • MyCaL DeaN

    HeLLo: ENEWS Readers…After Months of Following the Lack of Information,I Have Systematically Located and Put Together a Series of Videos, Concerning ‘FuK_U_SHiMA’ and ‘PORT CALHOUN’ On YouTube…Please Check Out My New Channel and Let Me Know What You Think…Also, Many ThanX to ALL of YOU who Provided the LINKS that made these videos Possible…So Many WonderFul People Here Daily…


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    ANY OF YOU EXPERTS WANT TO TAKE THEM ON? If not, I understand. It’s the same OLD BS with them. Grrr

  • ItsJustMetal ItsJustMetal


    Ive been watching it for a while. Its a 100 times higher than before!!! Can anyone back this up? I checked and its the same as being 40 miles from the plant… here in California!!! WUT IS HAPPENING?

  • arclight arclight

    tepco are not organised enough to organise an internet campaign that includes this sort of thing!

    “A panel investigating attempts by Kyushu Electric Power Company to manipulate public opinion via an e-mail scam says that the utility has destroyed evidence related to the probe.
    The panel was set up after workers at Kyushu Electric and its affiliates were found to have sent e-mails in favor of restarting the Genkai nuclear plant in Saga Prefecture during a government meeting with local residents in June.”

    lets be a bit more specific here!
    a large international company like tepco does its own pr work?
    or do they employ the largest global PR company that can regulate everything from facebook to you tube, all the media outlets and keep alternative sites in check by threatening their advert revenue stream or even hack and intimidate them?? Cant see tepco management covering this!! I suspect that the iaea is running things, I suspect that the iaea wants to downplay this like they did during Chernobyl
    Japan launches PR drive for nuclear power
    “2:12PM BST 27 Jun 2011
    The PR drive came as 15 people were confirmed to have suffered internal radiation exposure.

    The new campaign is targeting local government leaders who are currently blocking nuclear power generation in their communities following the atomic crisis in Fukushima.

    Central government officials held the campaign’s first meeting in Saga prefecture, where two reactors at the Genkai power plant were among several across the country halted for safety checks in the aftermath of March 11.”

    This company made a contract with Resources and Energy Agency for 70,000,000JPY to monitor internet ….connected to WPP JAPAN concerning the new mindshare program
    “Mindshare is a marketing and media network with imagination and technology at our heart.

    We use our unique open sourced approach to partnership and wide-ranging expertise to transform marketing challenges into tangible business results.We navigate change and create valuable consumer exchanges for brands to deliver competitive advantage to our clients.

    Our network consists of 115 offices in 82 countries throughout the USA, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific with total billings in excess of $23 billion”
    in an earlier post I said that a project was beginning in august with a second part in October!??? Mysterious? Also it has begun with the initial grant to adk..i think there is more money on the table..
    pointed out that WPP have an oncology health section that will make a killing(sorry!) when the cancers and thyroid problems etc manifest! Doesn’t look like there gonna come clean on this one soon they would have much to lose as well as there reputation for to transforming marketing challenges into tangible business results…now I may be all wrong in my initial investigation of this area…important that we don’t blame some patsy tepco employee or replacement director, cos there not enlightening our july with beef, august with fish and September with rice etc etc news headlines! Obfuscation of data….bp
    100 dodgy lawyers who only give one third of relief money to red cross japan and keep the other two thirds for legal fees…where do I donate I hear you cry? Well go straight to green action japan, red cross japan etc miss out the dodgy lawyers! Unfortunately for the populace thats their legal representation 🙁 oh sounds like shades of bp again!
    Total corporate control of media globally! Merde still sounding like bp
    Lets just grab a link shall we?
    Thursday, June 3, 2010
    WPP Ogilvy apologizes for BP

    “Since late May the company has been running full-page ads on a consistent basis in major daily news publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Washington Post. It has also been running local ads around the Gulf states with information on the clean-up effort and how to contact BP, a spokesman for the oil giant said. The spokesman wasn’t sure how long the print campaign would continue but said the company’s communications plans were still “evolving.” WPP’s Ogilvy, BP’s creative lead agency, which did not create the print ads, referred calls to the company.”

    so, I talk about this last weekend on the blog, I go to a national paper in the evening on sat for unrelated matters.. on Monday they knew I was at this paper, they knew when I finished typing on the computer and immediately after I make a call on my mobile they cut in without it ringing….at 5am!!! Merde! Sounds like evidence of corporations pushing buttons in the governmental security services…. I remember a time when that was illegal to coerce or intimidate that is now legal …now it appears its legal to imprison the whistleblowers. Ie Bradley manning and the guy who reported the ubs tax fraud… any bankers going to prison this recession?….no! so fraud and deception are legal now too! It is legal to have illegal wars, seems like the list is endless!!
    Point is though talk about WPP ETC and you get warned off or erstwhile intimidated… hmmmmm!
    Wonder who covered the pr in the west after Chernobyl? Still trying to track that one!
    Well this is a repost without all the links but I think I’ve made a clearer point this way!
    Peace light and love

    • arclight arclight

      Is PR being used in this campaign and if so what does that mean? What does the immensely rich nuke lobby get for their money? Probably something like this maybe?
      Soothing propaganda promotes uranium mining in Virginia
      Uranium Safe to Eat With a Spoon!, OpEd by David Swanson, 11 Aug 11, Carefully ignoring Fukushima, Los Alamos, Vermont, and Nebraska, a comforting new announcement informs us that “nuclear energy is safe.” A series of soothing television ads and videostells us that mining uranium in Virginia would produce jobs and protect us from scary foreigners.
      Virginia newspapers carried an article from theAssociated Press this week that did not pretend to be anything but one-sided, reporting on the agenda of corporations that would profit from mining uranium while including no other views or any verified facts. The Washington Post did the very same thing. These articles are essentially press releases that have been tweaked. The online versions even include the videos.
      We can expect even less actual news reporting than that (yes, less than nothing) to come through our televisions. But these ads hyping uranium mining as a job solution will be aired. And the television networks will consequently view the mining corporations as customers not to be needlessly offended or inconvenienced……
      Thousands of years of danger, to provide what the uranium mining companies claim might be 65 years of uranium use. That seems like the kind of deal only a U.S. president could consider a bargain. Let’s hope Virginia still has more life left in it than Washington.
      USA Dept of Energy grants money to spin Nuclear as climate change solution
      “project, 10 Aug 11, A Colorado State University statistics professor’s nuclear energy modeling project has been awarded a $1.09 million federal grant, part of a program aimed at developing nuclear energy technology at universities across the country.
      The U.S. Department of Energy announced Tuesday that CSU professor Donald Estep and collaborators from the University of Wyoming and other schools won a $1,098,250 DOE grant to develop high-fidelity multi-scale models of nuclear fuel performance……
      Through the Nuclear Energy University Program, the DOE is working to leverage the research and development capabilities of universities across the country in order to enhance American leadership in the global nuclear energy industry, according to a statement from the DOE.
      The goal is for the United States to use the nuclear industry to cut carbon emissions and create new green energy jobs……”

      give you an idea of the kind of thing we can expect (err or have expected?)
      “Burson-Marsteller (B-M) is one of the largest public relations (PR) agencies in the world and also the most reviled due to its mercenary attitude in choosing clients and contracts, and its frequent run ins with activists for environmental and other progressive causes. When helping its industry clients to escape environmental legislation or sprucing up the image of some of the most repressive governments on Earth, B-M brings to bear state of the art techniques in manipulating the mass media, legislators and public opinion.

      In spite of B-M’s claims that the best way to deal with problems is to put one’s own house in order, the usual effect of PR is to maintain the status quo. By manipulating public opinion PR diverts attention away from difficult issues and creates the illusion of change so that a company or government can go about business as usual without having to worry about its reputation. By lobbying government and creating Astroturf campaigns PR helps to maintain a legislative environment on which industry can avoid real change

      Back to top

      1.2 Market-Share/Importance

      Whilst in recent years Burson-Marsteller slipped back from the number one spot it remains one of the largest PR firms in the world, and with recent restructuring looks set for strong growth in the coming years. Since 1979 the company has been a part of the Young & Rubicam Inc. advertising conglomerate, which in turn was acquired by WPP Group plc[1], the global communications services company, in October 2000. Its revenues for 2000 totalled $175m in the US and $303m worldwide, the highest in its history.

      Today Burson-Marsteller employs 2,000 people in more than 60 offices in 35 countries around the world. That gives it a more international presence than any other agency, which is both an advantage (the firm is still the first choice for clients looking for genuine global reach) and a disadvantage.”

      “the most reviled due to its mercenary attitude in choosing clients and contracts, and its frequent run ins with activists for environmental and other progressive causes.”
      these are the guys that mediate, i believe, between the corporations and the security services, for instance giving them my name gleaned illegally and maybe my phone too! remember these guys are paid to watch this blog and others like it! then your in long term survielance! great! these private corporation boys hold a bit of clout! eh!

      • arclight arclight

        ive been a naughty boy, sorry if any one spluttered coffee over thier keyboards! it wasnt intentional… i will now go off to investigate high finance! follow the money!! 🙂 never mind me then!! lol

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


        Arclight, thank you for all your posts. Are those who work for the PR companies “people”? I say they are scum to stoop that low.

        I can’t bear to see another BP ad beating their breasts and saying “Making things right.” That thought has not even crossed their minds. They have spent more on advertising for the last couple of years than it would have cost them to help the people around the Gulf whom they have so grievously hurt.

        Yes, we actually are PAYING these government thugs to track our every move. Can there be anyone left in America who believes we have a right to privacy? Hitler didn’t go as far as this country has now gone.

        It’s perfectly disgusting. If it smells like poop, looks like poop, and has the consistency of poop, it probably is poop.

        • arclight arclight

          poop is the word…. PR POOP! but its nice to have a name to tptb, illuminatie, lizard people and the men in the moon 🙁 ….my poor brain can get a grip with names and address`s and reports….these people are also promoting themselves and stimulate alot of web traffic….good for a news investigator…lots of boring stuff to wade through but its nice when you get a connection and further relevation!! glad im not a journalist it would be very limiting lolol! thanks for the thanks and …thanks 🙂

  • arclight arclight

    just a random cut and paste here pr orientated from 2008 gives you an idea of the way that PR is a cross disciplinary affair, connected to every strand of modern day living utilising the cutting edge in psychological profiling and targetting! in short these are bright boys…hope they havent read 1984? cos they would like that, they could easily see themselves as the ministry of information! in fact from my viewpoint in england i think weve never been nearer to national socialism being accepted, but its not in place yet! the oppression has a little way to go! it seems that the politicians over here are mostly making all the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons…not good! and the PR magnates are looking after their customers well and contributing massively to this clusterfuck! in fact i would say that without them things would have been sorted alot quicker, any way heres the qoute, not important but it gives you an idea of the inner workings of the ministry of PR!

    “Our aim is to facilitate conversations that will create a platform for collaboration. We hope to attract a range of multi-cultural scholars from the margins of public relations and cognate disciplines. In addition we aim at this first meeting to discuss ways of progressing research agendas and associated research output, and to take forward collaborative and doctoral research.

    We have selected some themes to help drive our conversations but hope that discussions stretch beyond these horizons. Our themes are global in scope, have currency and are designed to catalyse the PR field and its connections with contemporary debates. Our focus on societal impacts rather than organizational need is a powerful corrective to the dominant paradigm in the field. Our initial themes are:

    ■PR and nationalism: stateless nations, nation-building, national identity
    ■Activism and campaigning: activism, anti-racism, corporate social responsibility
    ■International relations, diplomacy, inter-cultural communication
    ■Public relations as a cultural practice: tourism, sport, religion
    ■Technology and discourse communities
    ■Theory developments: ‘sociology of public relations’; cultural theory and PR

    The Roundtable is organised through the collaboration of the Universities of Stirling, Queen Margaret, Lund, Girona, Waikato and will be hosted by the Stirling Media Research Institute, University of Stirling.

    The Roundtable will have around 35 contributors from all over the world including: Australia, Colombia, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, US, UK – and of course a few ‘global citizens’!”

  • arclight arclight

    some more infill here about big pharma and thier bigbucks!!

    #Fukushima “Special District for Medical Research” Planned by Japanese Government
    “Creation of the “Special District” system for medical research has been in discussion between the national government and the Fukushima prefectural government, and the outline of the system has been revealed. It includes: loosening the regulations of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law only in Fukushima Prefecture and thus encouraging new entrants to the medical equipment manufacturing and sales; setting up data centers for medical cases and research centers for recurrent cancer at hospitals in Fukushima, which will attract pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment companies and medical researchers to Fukushima. The government is expected to allocate 10 billion yen (US$130 million) in the 3rd supplementary budget for the fiscal 2011.

    10 billion yen to set up pharmaceutical research and data collection centers so that pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries flock to Fukushima. The government is clearly looking forward to a thriving medical industry in Fukushima with abundant (slightly over 2 million) research subjects of all ages.
    From the above short description, it doesn’t seem to be about treating people who will come down with radiation sickness. It is about collecting data and experimentation.
    Since the national government is fiscally broke, the money will eventually come from the Japanese taxpayers, who will be made accomplice to this human experiment in Fukushima. Dr. Shunichi “Damashita (who conned, lied, tricked, duped, take your pick)” Yamashita must be so thrilled. “

    “A high-stakes game

    There’s no denying that there’s a lot of money – and power – riding on the nuclear industry.
    The money trail can be tough to follow – Westinghouse, Duke Energy and the Nuclear Energy Institute (a “policy organisation” for the nuclear industry with 350 companies, including TEPCO, on its roster) did not respond to requests for information on funding research and chairs at universities.
    But most of the funding for nuclear research does not come directly from the nuclear lobby, said M.V. Ramana, a researcher at Princeton University specialising in the nuclear industry and climate change. Most research is funded by governments, who get donations – from the lobby (via candidates, political parties or otherwise).

    The Center for Responsive Politics – a non-partisan, non-profit elections watchdog group – noted that even as many lobbying groups slowed their spending the first quarter of the year, the Nuclear industry “appears to be ratcheting up its lobbying” increasing its multi-million dollar spending.
    “In the United States, a lot of the money doesn’t come directly from the nuclear industry, but actually comes from the Department of Energy (DOE). And the DOE has a very close relationship with the industry, and they sort of try to advance the industry’s interest,” said Ramana. Indeed, nuclear engineering falls under the “Major Areas of Research” with the DOE, which also has nuclear weapons under its rubric.
    The DOE’s 2012 fiscal year budge request to the US Congress for nuclear energy programmes was $755m.
    “So those people who get funding from that….it’s not like they (researchers) want to lie, but there’s a certain amount of, shall we say, ideological commitment to nuclear power, as well as a certain amount of self-censorship.” It comes down to worrying how their next application for funding might be viewed, he said.
    Kathleen Sullivan, an anti-nuclear specialist and disarmament education consultant with the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs, said it’s not surprising that research critical of the nuclear energy and weapons isn’t coming out of universities and departments that participate in nuclear research and development.”

  • Fall out man!

    Thanks Arclight,
    Some very interesting info there. The scale of the PR industry and scope of where it is applied is phenomenal. It should be a wake up call. Whether it be PR for the break down of Nation states into one global government, or PR promoting the Nuke Industry on the basis of the man made global warming fraud (also launched with the help of Nuke industry money through the DOE). East Anglia University’s climate research unit that got caught out producing bogus data to promote global warming paranoia was originally launched with funding from the DOE. I have also seen a posting (which I cannot find now) from a guy claiming to be a former Nuke Industry engineer who said he recalls the industry pushing man made global warming when he first started working in it. At that stage people laughed at them. No one is laughing at that PR now. It is what is being used to push the industry now.

    • arclight arclight

      i am just skimming the surface here…currently awaiting for some inspiration to dig some more! be nice to work out the finances of these companies for, say, over the last 5 years? proper bit of reporting that would be! should answer some unanswerable questions! 🙂