Number of sick U.S. military first responders doubles — Around 250 victims of Fukushima radiation exposure contact attorney — Congress: Reports are ‘disconcerting’ (VIDEO)

Published: January 28th, 2014 at 9:59 am ET


Stars & Stripes, Jan. 27, 2014: Congress has instructed the Defense Department to launch an inquiry into potential health impacts on Navy first-responders from Japan’s March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. […] While the instruction is not law, Defense Department officials said that they were taking the request seriously. […] These individuals claim to be suffering from exposure-related ailments such as unexplained cancers, excessive bleeding, thyroid issues and ailments including loss of muscle power, migraines and vision problems. […] The suit was filed in federal court in San Diego in December 2012 seeking damages and funds to cover medical expenses. The original eight complainants were on the USS Ronald Reagan, but the suit has since expanded to include those who served aboard the USS Essex and USS Germantown as well as attached Marines. […] some claim they were pressured into signing forms confirming they had been given iodine pills when none had been provided.

Congressional Record, Jan. 15, 2014: Recent reports of sailors who have developed cancer and other health conditions linked to radiation exposure after serving on the USS Ronald Reagan during Operation Tomodachi, which provided humanitarian assistance following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan in March 2011, are disconcerting. […] The Secretary of the Navy is directed to take all necessary steps to ensure that any health effects resulting from this humanitarian mission are fully addressed. The agreement includes $200,000,000 for the peer-reviewed medical research program, $100,000,000 for the joint warfighter medical research program, and $25,000,000 for the peer-reviewed cancer research program. A portion of these funds should be utilized, if necessary, to carry out additional research on the health effects of radiation exposure.

Paul C. Garner, attorney representing military personnel who served in Operation Tomodachi, Jan. 27, 2014: Here’s where it’s going. We’re refilling before Feb. 6 […] we had 51 victims, we expect double that figure – of record. We’ve been contacted by probably 250 victims […] There’s a latency period, but we have filed on behalf of all who participated in Operation Tomodachi, to preserve their rights so that they can file a claim in the future when something arises. With Steve, we know it’s happening, with several others, unfortunately it’s the same scenario, or beyond — Constantly bleeding from your butt, or from gynecological? And you’re a young person, at 21 you lose one of your testicles? We’re going to push this forward. As you mentioned congress is going to get a report back from the undersecretary in charge of this by April 15, but we’re not waiting for them because where have they been?

More from Garner’s interview here

Published: January 28th, 2014 at 9:59 am ET


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89 comments to Number of sick U.S. military first responders doubles — Around 250 victims of Fukushima radiation exposure contact attorney — Congress: Reports are ‘disconcerting’ (VIDEO)

  • Ontological Ontological

    "some claim they were pressured into signing forms confirming they had been given iodine pills when none had been provided".

    Since these pills are basically useless in a situation like the USS Ronald Regan was in, this is an attempt at cover up. What was the crew roster head count, for that first helicopter run? What percentage of crew does this 250 afflicted people represent?

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      2%–approx. 12,000 total was stated, iirc
      several ships sail with a carrier, frigates, cruisers, 'protection'
      cargo/fuel/provision ships running in the mix 24/7

      A LOT of people/hardware in a fleet, plus support.

      Former USN

      • gordon

        Yep. The group is going back, by the way… they're switching with the George Washington, if memory serves, or the like. Mid-life refuel for the vessel going conus, the most advance ship going forward (the reagan).

        Depends on how real the mid-life thing is, also depends on what's going on with the island conflict. Looks possible that they're staging for something overall.

        • mairs mairs

          They stated that the carriers are switching, not the personnel.

          • gordon

            Yeah. One group returns, the other goes. They may switch ships around in the reagan group, depending on what they're up to. Looking at what the support ships are, what they do, that might give an indication of why the thing's going over there.

            The optimist in me would like to think that the DOD in general is moving the get Japan under control. Though I know little to nothing of China and their current triad relationship with the US and Japan.

            I can't imagine the DOD being under instruction to screw around with China. The obvious problem in the region is Fukushima.

      • Ontological Ontological

        "The number of sides to a story, is directly proportionate to the number of people involved".
        So 12k people were affected to some degree. Thanks for your answer, and for your time in service to our country AST, snappy salute.


          agreed Ontological. Snappy salute to AST and all his brothers and sisters, who serve(d) in the armed services. Now, if only those who hand-down the orders, could demonstrate the same integrity…

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            Thanks, I am only 1 of millions.
            They cannot reverse what is done.
            It is a symptom of leadership and priority.

            It is a breakdown of chain of command.
            It is directed from the top down.
            Followed from the bottom up.

            It failed in both directions.

    • GOM GOM

      Onto. There were 16 ships [ours] in that area. Inside info. At what distance or where exactly I can't say. I fear now the crews have been silenced with "Captains Mast", a threat of being expelled from the Navy.

    • It is not just this generation that will be affected. He better sue on behalf of 7 thousand future generations of everyone on the planet.

      List Of All Genetically Linked Diseases Caused By Low Level Radiation Exposure; via @AGreenRoad

    • Yoichi Shimatsu has some startling data about what the USA is up to in regards to Fukushima and the contamination on the west coast…
      here's a transcript of an otherwise long radio interview…

      a more recent radio chat that i have not yet transcripted discusses that usa has chem trailed the hell our of west coast to stop the rain which is highly radioactive….not to save humans but to save their military hardware….especially those silicone based military assets…

      what kind of captain of the most nuclear capable ship on earth trys to be taken into a port knowing his ship is contaminated…
      i mean they aren't in distress….there is nothing on earth that ship needs from anyone except their own fleet….
      it's all a bunch of rubbish is you ask me….
      they sick and dying should sue the captain and the japanese…

      fraud all!

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        This makes so much sense.. they have chemtrailed us like crazy in the inland PNW.. crazy grid patterns, in places there is zero plane routes.
        I have suspected, after watching the weather report lately and seeing the drought etc, in California, that they powers that be, are attempting to keep the radioactive rain off the "food bowl".. although.. no rain, no food.. and also, it occurs that they could be forcing the jet stream to dump on the midwest/east as it is less likely folks will make the connection to Fukushima…

  • Socrates

    Remember that low levels of exposure that continue for centuries will eventually accomplish in North America the same or similar result. People will get sick. Mutations will happen. Food, water, and air will be contaminated.

    Eventually, people woll seek to assign blame and affix legal liability.

    Until the stillbirths and abortion, low birth weights, childhood leukemia statistics mount up, along with Chernobyl heart, lung cancer, thyroid cancers, autism, learning fisorders, etc., Americans will be concerned with the Superbowl and the Grammy Awards, etc.

    We are all on the good ship USS Reagan. Wake up, folks, We are next in line given tincture of time.

    There are endtimes cults with nuclear technology. Wake up!

  • Sickputer

    The power of the Internet is growing. Big Brother is never again to feel sheltered beyond the watchful eyes of millions. That doesn't mean corruption is stopped, but it will be exposed and injured parties may get money to help their shattered lives.

    BB is good at showing the kindly face when his ugly demonic minions are revealed for the crimes they commit either by incompetence or blind obedience to their place in the social niches they crave so much.

    It is the love of money that corrupts humans into abandoning the values of caring and compassion from immemorial times. Busby said it well in the November interview.

    Power corrupts. But the love of money corrupts the ruling class to the point of losing touch with the mores of humanity. This isn't ancient Athens and 90% of politicians do not have your back.


      @Sickputer – BigBrother while allowing us to all drive the car (internet) they own the OnStar system and can shut it down anytime they wish. We are no more in charge with the internet than what BB is currently allowing.

      • WWJD WWJD

        …but while we still have temporary control of the wheel, we should use it for as many errands as we can before they shut us off or before we become seriously restricted.

      • Sickputer

        I don't know that they can shut it down. If they could it would already have happened. The Internet was built to be out of control. 😉 They built a Skynet and have to live with it.

        The Internet is like a rash that BB constantly has to scratch, but never gets rid of it. They can still pass censorship laws like Japan. But as long as people have Twitter devices the genie is forever out of the bottle. Infoglut rules.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      I respectfully say, it's gone way beyond the simple love for money. Just google Alan Greenspan fundamental flaw. As Socrates stated above, we're dealing with endtime cults or premillennialism.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "This isn't ancient Athens and 90% of politicians do not have your back."

      Morning, SP.

      Yes, this is not Athens. It is Pompeii we are living in the last days of.

      Similarity: one civilization was fried by nature, the new one will be fried by man's greedy malice towards all the others.


      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Very True.
        We pulled the Jeanie out because "if we don't, someone will"
        We used it to save "millions" on an Island Nation battle.
        And now we integrate it into our total existence.

        And the real cost will be unknown.

        We can walk and talk, but we are not superior beings.

      • andagi andagi

        Dear James Tekton,
        Did you mention fried?! Here in PNW… taste great with sugar 🙂

  • Ontological Ontological

    Agreed Socrates. Earth be our ship, and we need to keep her clean.


    @Socrates – I agree with you and while we chase what "they" have already done to us, we allow them to continue to build new nuclear plants and restart the 30+ year old death reactors daily after EMERGENCY shutdowns become common place. All of this continuing to put mankind at risk with a risk vs. reward that makes no sense.

  • charlie3

    "We are all on the good ship USS Reagan."
    Well said.
    Like all of us here, I have wanted to bring attention to the fukushima disaster and cover up. I still do. But I also wonder what making people aware of fukushima can accomplish…the poison will still spread over the planet, and we still won't be able to stop it, or even do anything to protect ourselves except avoiding Pacific seafood.

    • gordon

      I don't think making the public aware does much. The people that need to know, if anything is to be done, are those that enjoy the tax base that's being poisoned. They're the same people that steer the military around, the direct controllers, not the guys that finance it.

      The health of the tax base is one of the most important factors in all this, in my opinion. I believe that's the only plausible reason that the evacuation areas/exclusion zones in Japan are so insufficient.

      You can't fleece the herd if they up and leave.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Fleecing the herd is a many thousands of years old program and they are excellent/refined at it! 🙂

        Its called the rule of law!

        • gordon

          Yeah, so what. You get wars and stuff, but that's always been going on. Maybe the big wars are a little over the top… but you also get hospitals, trains, landing on the moon and stuff like that.

          Granted that over the last two or three decades the whole thing is getting rather messy, but you could point to a few mitigating circumstances to explain the excessive destruction. Bankers with imaginary currency comes to mind.

          Anyway, I'd like to hash things out with the system that exists. Living suddenly among three hundred million cave dwellers ain't too appealing. But that's me, you know…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        you cant extract blood from the heard if they all get sick and die

    • We Not They Finally

      How ironic that that doomed ship was named after Ronald Reagan. "Saint Reagan" spearheaded all those wonderful "USS Reagan" ECONOMIC policies that seem to have Pandora-Promised us into oblivion as well. And with a big smile and Hollywood script to boot.

      • gordon

        That Reagan was a professional actor should tell you a bit about what a president is, not to mention all the governors across the country.

        I've read that there's a Reagan museum on the ship that gets such little use they don't even have to clean it.

        Anyway, the ship wasn't doomed. It seems to be operating fine. Looks like everyone that spent time in open air when they were in the plume had their medical destiny changed. The more I think about it, maybe they did start up filtration countermeasures during the event. That would explain why such a small portion of the crew is effected… well, so far as we know up to this point.

        • Sickputer

          Gordon sez: "that would explain why such a small portion of the crew [Ronald Reagan] is effected… well, so far as we know up to this point."

          SP: The MOX air was ubiquitous so I doubt many escaped unless high officers stayed in safe rooms.

          The bigger problem was the contaminated drinking and washing water they siphoned in the Pacific near Fukushima. That water desalinization system is regulation on all nuke ships to cool the reactors without corrosion and also serve as the lifeline water supply for the crew.

          Maybe there was enough bottled water for the high command after they discovered the water supply was a death sentence. But there definitely wasn't enough bottled water for the entire crew. Many months at sea after they fled Japan. Perhaps some airdrops brought the officers fresh water. I can't imagine they were so dumb as to drink the bad water.

          Wait until those grim details come out in the lawsuit depositions by the dying sailors. The DOD may try to wiggle out of this with some big compensations for the sick troops. Many more may fall ill.

  • Nick

    There is already enough nuclear poison in our world to destroy our future.

    When that truth becomes known, the masses wake up.

    Calling for shutting down the industry ignores the reality of the radiation poisoning currently going on.

    The meme from here on has to be "no safe dose" AND the world as you know it is gone.

    So love while you can. Laugh until the blood oozes from your orifices. Cough up the white and yellow goo.

    No one anywhere can hide from Fukushima.

    Get used to this new reality. There will be no other.

    To all the sailors of the USS RR, my heart bleeds for all of you. No one deserved your fate.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Nick, no worries and if things get too wild with too many heads and arms being placed on bodies they can just unleash what they are now looking for. Fragments are all you need. Dire warnings forecast.

      We should have stayed with the campfires..smoke and all.

    • gordon

      The masses are focused on their iphones; best to leave them alone so they can flip burgers for each other and get high.

      It's O.K. to be resigned to your own mortality. It's something that comes for everyone eventually, unless they got popped in the back of a head during a retail robbery, killed instantly in a crash, etc.

      In this case, if it is so bad that everyone is dead over time, then it's better to resign to your mortality with a sense of sacrifice. You decide: "I'm dead, but perhaps I can die in a way that gives others a chance."

      Or, you think about how you can become a liquidator, die like that, so a few decades later people are still chugging along, individuals among them deciding the same thing you did, because they think that maybe it'll improve the odds for those even later.

      To resign everyone everywhere to be ended… that's kind of sort of not such a good way to go.

      • nedlifromvermont

        Gordon! Let's focus on the positive … the doable … the truth telling and any mitigation possible … preserve what we can … enlist those willing to die … I'd rather go out trying to help in Japan than hooked up to some GE Medical Devices devil's profit center … We're not dead yet … we're n'ed: not dead.

        Oh and by the way … Time to shutter the greatest blunder in the History of Capitalism: Civilian Nuclear Power. "Atoms for Peace" was a promotional campaign for an unnecessary worldwide uranium industry. What is so hard to understand? Sheeple!!!?

        peace …

  • Seraphine Seraphine

    "While the instruction is not law, Defense Department officials said that they were taking the request seriously."
    That tells me all I need to know about how much effort & transparency will go into that inquiry.
    Such bs.

  • Gasser Gasser


    "Killing Me Softly With His Song”

    See this first…read below last

    Strumming my pain with a deformed finger

    Singing my Fukushima life with his words
Informing me softly with his song

    Killing denial softly, with his songs
Telling the rest of my life with his words

    Enlightening me softly with his songs

    I heard he sang truth songs
I heard he had a freedom style
And so I came to see him

To listen to truth for a while
And there he was, this Plutonium disfigured boy
A nolonger stranger to my eyes

    Strumming my pain with a crooked finger

    Singing my life with his words

    Revealing me softly with his song

Killing me softly, with Nuclear songs
Telling what's left of my life with his words
Killing death softly, with his truth songs

    I felt all flushed with Cesium's fever
Embarrassed in the Pro Nuke crowd
I felt he found my Nuclear concerns

    And read each one out loud
I prayed that he would finish

    But he just kept right on

    Strumming my pain with one deformed hand
Singing our lives with his words


    • Gasser Gasser


Killing me softly with a Cesium song
Killing death softly, with his songs
Telling our future life with his words

Killing us softly, with his songs

      He sang as if he knew me
In all my dark Fukushima despair
And then he looked right through me

As if I was Gamma rayed there
And he just kept on singing

      Singing clear and strong

      Strumming my pain with a deformed arm
Singing my life with his words

      Killing me softly with his song

      Killing us softly with his songs
Telling of no more life, with his words

      Killing us softly, with his truth song

      Strumming my brain with enenews updates

      Stinging my life, with pragmatic words
Awakening me harshly with No Nuke! songs

      Enlightening me deeply, with word-crafted songs
Explaining Nuclear half life's with their words
Enlightening the World

      Blogger's was strumming their brains

      Yeah, they was looking to extend life
Encouraging us truthfully, Nuclear power is wrong

      Killing monster reactors, eventually, with truth songs
Warning all of life with just songs words
Comforting the World softly, with truths songs

      ~Gasser Classic~

    • name999 name999

      wondering when you would post again…
      "comforting the World softly with truths songs"

  • Shaker1

    It should be noted also that the figures cited are related to ALL research in the stated fields. While Congress may have had its composure disturbed about this particular incident, it does not state what money is directly allocated to this incident. I did look at the original cited to read its content, then wondered if those allocations are all that much different than previous years and if so, how different. Searching the Congressional Record for previous years for comparison that may in fact be named differently than this particular one can be daunting. I admit, too, that I get side-tracked as my personal areas of interst in documents such as this are many. For example, of note to me personally, but off-topic, was that $347,000,000 is specifically allocated to just 20 MQ-9 Reaper drones…


      not just that, Shaker1. I'm laughing at how they can't seem to find the money to test fish for rad-cons in Alaska, yet, seem to have no problem allocating hundreds-of-millions (promised, of course) to serve the needs of those who've – been – contaminated by radiation. Would it not be prudent to allocate a few million dollars from that budget towards testing of food stocks? Oh…forgot…I'm still on the planet of dumb fucking apes…

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        aftershock…great observation…"Would it not be prudent to allocate a few million dollars from that budget towards testing of food stocks?"

        • Shaker1

          I totally agree. The whole process gives one to wonder, doesn't it? For instance, I do wonder what all the people in the EPA who manage rad monitoring were doing and getting paid for while the monitors were down at the first stages of this. It rather amazes me that while we can find time to be so contentious that basic services dictated directly by nuclear policy past and present are compromised. By the way, the word 'disconcerting' not only has a definition of having one's composure disturbed, but also that one is 'thrown into confusion'. Sorry for the cynicism, but being 'disconcerted' may only be a statement of the general order of things, and not really a concrete statement of concern? Each time I personally attempt to suppress my cynical nature to imporve myself, confronted with what appears to be reality a quote from George Bernard Shaw comes to mind.

          "To be cynical may be a sin, but it's rarely a mistake."

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        .. 🙂 Now that was funny! I needed a good laugh! Spit up my coffee! 🙂 Key board is gone and so is the screen now!

        "Oh…forgot…I'm still on the planet of dumb fucking apes…"

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        On this planet of dumb fucking apes, I would like to see all that money just given to the soldiers, and to hell with the studies and crap. I would just kind of suspect that those kinds of studies could be half the reason these military men and women were sent into harms way in the first place. Sick twisted reasoning. Hell, study the effects of radiation…dumb fucking apes will be doing that until they figure out some other way to entertain themselves. Look how they studied syphilis. Infected people with it, and studied them. I say outlaw any study, just give them the money. That will teach those sick bastards.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          …and look at the crappy radiation monitoring we have. Wouldn't that be the first step in any study? But no, they are not doing it, or not sharing it, anyway. Obviously, they just see it as some pork money for themselves. So why should taxpayers pay for more secret information that they will never see, anyway?

        • artika rama

          unincredilous On this planet of dumb fucking apes , we still have armies and weapons to kill and destroy . we are getting pretty good at it too . how stupid is that 🙂

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      "$347,000,000 is specifically allocated to just 20 MQ-9 Reaper drones" Hmmm a cool 17 million per each robotic killer. Sow death, reap death. But "karma" shows no proper discrimination, as the innocent will die, right along with the guilty

      Military spending is on topic because the crazed, killer criminals are behind nuclear. Too out of touch to consider their actions, but so powerful they can ruin a planet

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Sailors got it first.

    People on the mainland are next.

    Only a matter of time.

  • Nick

    What if much of what we have been led to believe is bunk?

    What if numerous diseases and mental conditions are an offshoot of excess radioactive toxins in the environment?

    Not that the radiation per se is the cause, but an enabler, a catalyst of ill health.

    Take diabetes…..



    Pancreatic cancer…..

    Prostate cancer….

    Brain tumors….

    I bet, with enough neutral funding, folks could find links to radiation (above background) in all of the above.

    Even lung cancer (which may be triggered by inhaled radioactive particles from the air on from the direct combustion of materials)

    The problem is…… NO ONE wants to admit how nasty human made radioactive wastes are.

    • artika rama

      nick But some of those ARE Nick ,, thats the main problem.
      I keep repeating a million times ,, radioactivity is not cancer ,, they are not the same thing ,, many diseases are caused by radioactivity ,, and some of those are on that list you made ,, thats what i am saying and cant seem to convince anyone .

      Radioactivity is just in the ethiology of cancer ,, among lots of other diseases,,but somehow , even experts seem to confuse that .

    • name999 name999

      Nick, I suspect this has all been researched and proven, but that research is classified.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Yes Nick, What if … ?

      Tobacco concentrates polonium, resident in the atmosphere from weapons testing and now FukuDaddy and Chernobyl … so there's a proof to your hypothesis … maybe Big tobacco wants to take it up and get back some of their $285 billion from Big Nuke?

      Don't count on it …

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    We(mankind) must fix Fuku, at any cost.

    We must address the resulting suffering, at any cost.

    We must use alternatives to nuclear and reduce power demands.

    I received my power bill today. The cost is fair, mostly produced by hydro. Made me think. I am not alone. 1 of 100,000,000 homes in just the USA. 20% of US power is nuclear. Tied to a 24/7 grid.

    How do you slice this pie, without being a hypocrite?

    Anything, everything that I consume requires power of some sort.
    The computer, bread, water, heat, natural gas, car, gasoline, clothes on my back, and the chair I sit on requires power.

    20% of the power is nuclear. It is not likely existing alternatives can completely fill the void.

    The US is projected for 30% population increase at 2050.
    100-130 million more people.
    20-30 million more homes???? More power, just one of many challenges

    Conserve, inform, educate, and improve.

    Much appreciation for this site and those on it

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Unfortunately, none of this will be achieved until the familial structure is allowed to resume it's hierarchical structure. Which is both logical and natural.

    • flatsville

      The US is back to year 2001 levels in residential energy consumption.

      Efficiecy and conservation paid off.

      If everyone switched out their lighting to LEDs, we could close evry NPP the next day.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Also, flatsville…many people cannot afford to use much energy because they are unemployed, hence the low oil consumption. I say shut all NPP's and we will figure it out.

        • flatsville

          Inspite of all the calls (keyboard pounding here) to "Shut them down Now!" blah, blah, in the wake of Fuku, it has not translated into any significant movement in the anti-nuke ranks or balance sheets to get the job done. It should have. It didn't.

          Easier to bang a keyboard than go to a meeting or write a check.

          It can take years of activism and legal manuverung to shut down a plant…and it ain't free.

          The best ROI is killing them on the drawing board.

          If people want these monsters shut down get active start writing checks.

          The opposition certainly is.

    • nedlifromvermont

      AirSep Dude: It actually is like alternatives can more then make up for the shortfall caused by shutting off Big Nuke completely. That has been established elsewhere … Google Arjun Makhijani or the ENENEWS threads from Stanford on renewables …

      It's easily doable. Nuclear was a complete fraud.

      Just sayin' …

  • Nick

    code et al:

    If so many sailors are sick, can we really, honestly say we have the best military on the planet?

    Just what constitutes best anyway?

    Sucking up a country's budget?

    Fleecing millions out of honest pay?

    Rendering vast areas of the globe uninhabitable?

    The MIC has destroyed our planet. No shill can convince me otherwise.

    Wars are not healthy for children or any other living thing. (only stock holders in certain industries benefit from warfare)

    Warfare is passé. Why the hell aren't we spending money on grouting Fukushima????

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      War is wealth, and wealth is war.

      Simple, you have it-I want it-fuck you.

      2 year olds fight over shit. Parents try to remove the bad behavior.

      It's in our DNA like no other creature. We struggle with it.

      Most creatures just try to survive, it's struggle enough.

      It's what we are. The need to be superior.

      We love a good fight, and the spoils that go with it.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Nick…Ken Buesseler was in charge of nuclear safety for the troops at Fukushima, he was in the Army at the time. What does that tell you about everything he says now…no way is he going to admit the levels of radiation are hazardous.

      Ken retired after 30 years in the Army, his loyalty is to the US military complex, not humanity.

  • jec jec

    So called 'Broken Arrow' events, like Spain, Greenland and others required US military personnel cleanup activities. THOSE people should join with the USS Reagan lawsuit. They have had time to develop full fledged issues from exposure.
    Has anyone realized the radiation in the Med seems to be increasing around the 1966 accident in Spain? I say 'seems' as no one is testing(where have we heard this before..??)

  • zogerke zogerke

    More from the uss ronals reagan case:

    <<<<The Plaintiffs say Tepco negligently leveled a natural seawall to cut water pumping expenses. The ensuing tsunami then poured over the site’s unprotected power supply, forcing desperate workers to scavenge car batteries from a nearby parking lot to fire up critical gauges. Tepco belatedly dispatched 11 power supply trucks that were immediately stuck in traffic.>>>>>

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