A Nun’s Warning: “I just came back from Japan and Fukushima and I hear already many children start getting sick” (VIDEO)

Published: January 5th, 2013 at 10:56 am ET


Title: A Nun’s Warning: Radiation Hurts Children Most
Source: eon3
Date: Jan 4, 2013

A Nun’s Warning: Radiation Hurts Children Most

June, Buddhist Nun: I just came back from Japan last month so I have lots of stories of suffering from Fukushima […]

I come from Japan. I just came back from Japan and Fukushima and I hear already many children start getting sick. Some thyroid problems. And so we have been studying what’s happened in Chernobyl, nuclear testing sites […]

Watch the video here


Published: January 5th, 2013 at 10:56 am ET


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35 comments to A Nun’s Warning: “I just came back from Japan and Fukushima and I hear already many children start getting sick” (VIDEO)

  • jec jec

    Does anyone have the actual dosimeter levels in these locations. I have searched the internet..lots of info on the TESTs..and what they call "results"..but NO dosimeter results. There have got to be some. And then levels could be compared with Fukushimas..eye opening I believe. Also eyeopening..USA nuclear tests to the 1992 – over 1000. Russian, shows in the 700s. Somewhere….

  • 🙂 Thank you…

    …to everyone who documents.

    "In every time and culture there are pressures to conform to the prevailing prejudices, but there are also in every place and epoch, those who value the TRUTH, who 'record' the 'evidence' faithfully. Future generations are in their debt."
    – Carl Sagan

    From Cosmos Part IV
    Heaven and Hell
    (at 23:25)

    • natano natano

      Future generations just are now indentured, unless we get help from some other form of intelligence out there. It's our only hope, which is a hell of a remedy. Just goes to show you what happens when you mix evolution with fiat currency. It allows less intelligent creatures to gain control over technology which they don't quite have the necessary understanding and appreciation for. Nor do they have the capabilities of grasping long term consequences of how this is a game changer for all life. Please, if you know smart people, tell them to stop empowering short sighted narrow minded hippocrats with advanced technology. It's not working out so good. We might not hear it yet, but the future is not very happy with this mess we're making.

      • richard richard

        if your only hope is some other form of intelligence out there then there's no hope.

        one reason i don't like the word hope. it places the need for action on some other unknown and most likely none existant entity.

        hope, wish, try. all words of inaction.

        there is no try. there is do, or do not. (Star Wars).

        to expect an external being(s) to come along and wipe humanities proverbial for them is like a defenseless child waiting for mother to replace it's nappy.

        the parties over. do not expect outside help. if you want something done, then start doing it.


        'Tom Waits – Gxx's Away On Business'

        • Anthony Anthony

          Do your philosophies on hope apply here?

          January 5, 2013 at 8:32 pm · Reply

          Beyond Zero Point, thank you.
          It's the ones about children I most hope touch a few hearts.**

          I think we all have our own spiritual and energetic qualities we should try to respect in general for peace.

          • or-well

            Anthony, are you asking me or richard?

          • richard richard

            thanks Anthony, good point.

            from that perspective, it is something i see as an aspiration of goodwill based on 'achievable' realities, for want of a better way to put it.

            when something as important as the issue of survival of species and the planet is involved, leaving the resolution to some external, uncontrollable and improbable entity(ies) doesn't really achieve much.

            in some ways it would better if i didn't have to rattle the keys, but we need to break free of the cage of feeling like a hopeless victim and get out on the street and take some actions.

            two years is approaching. what's it going to be like in five years, ten years? do you think tep.guv will do anything if it's going to cost too much. i suppose when the coriums are under the pacific in ten years time they will say it's not on their watch anymore.

            i've watched all this time since 3/11 and seen little successfull action on anyones behalf. i've been trying my bit from down here in the southern hemisphere, but it's the other half of the world that has immediate and pressing needs for action.

            no matter to me really. i'll not survive long enough to see the end of this fiasco. that fate is many decades and centuries away. but i'm trying to press for some action here. or else i might just as well give up. some would prefer it i'm sure.

            /end ramble.

            • vital1 vital1

              Those young who become educated quickly to the dangers they now face, will have a chance to avoid, and mitigate the danger.

              Even simple things like how to use a Geiger Counter properly or what foods to avoid, could make the difference between living a short, or long life in the future.

              This flyer was designed to wake the parents up, and also inspire them to education their children. Just some of the reasons it is titled "Important Information for Mums and Dads".

              It has had a lot of success. There will be some who initially seem to discount attempts to wake them up. As time passes new items will appear in their reality that will make it clear that they need to act.

              Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or (or create your own), hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.


            • Anthony Anthony

              I get you, I thought you`d feel that way. You don't have as hard a stone heart as you writing reflects, I believe.

              I think this (Fuku) is coming to a head soon. Not sure why I feel that, but I do. I think this being in limbo is actually worse and more stressful. I don't want to live in a world made up of filthy lies and liars.

              If SPF4 topples, and Fuku Dominoes occurs, and lets call it Japan Dominoes (rest of unattended reactors 50+)occurs, and gross contamination then unrolls in our Hemisphere, the elephant in the room is what will happen when North American dominoes unfolds, as it surely will if the hemisphere is massive contaminated by the SFP4 trigger?

              And how can we trust people who lie to us at a time like that? I just see chaos potentially ahead. I hope I'm wrong!

      • Time to go watch a Superman movie, then sign up for monthly Superman service calls.

  • or-well

    When will "they" get it?
    No kids equals no Future.
    There are wounds that result
    for which there is no suture.
    How many delivered
    to never take breath?
    How many will live
    needing care until death?
    How many to grow
    never able to thrive?
    How many will wish
    they were never alive?
    How many parents
    must endure grief?
    How many will greet
    death as mercy, released?
    What can bring Justice
    or just satisfaction
    to all of those
    most needing compassion?
    How many lives
    erased from Lifes' Book?
    When the accounting
    of lives Nuclear took?
    When condemnation
    of Lifes' degradation?
    Will it come before our
    species Annihilation?

  • PattieB PattieB

    For The Record! Tritium is being spewed out of EVERY reactor, even if it has no "So-Called" Leaks! The ONLY THING that can contain H3 is GOLD!
    H3 passes through the lung-blood barriers, and accumulates in the body.

    NO reactor that is in existance, is coated in gold!

    Now, does this make the issue clear? That goes for reactors in shut-down! The water that cools the pools, and core is heated, generating H3 (Tritium) and it's radioactive, and nothing they have in the plant can stop it escaping! It's the one item even the human skin can't keep out!
    taking radioactive elements, chucking them into water!?… Gee, you just generated a radioactive element that bypasses EVERY method of keeping it out of your body short of coating yourself in GOLD!
    Like I said, build a chamber in a subduction zone… one without a volcano close-by, put all this crap into it! Let it be pushed back into the core of the planet where it can't hurt anyone anymore!

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      "…NO reactor that is in existance, is coated in gold!"

      I beg to differ – ask any utility that operates one. It's like a gigantic, gold-plated ATM that is connected directly to ratepayer's bank accounts.

      Bonus: zero shutdown costs, zero clean-up costs, and virtually no company capital at risk – ever. Liability? That's the taxpaying chump's responsibility, not the company's. The fed got yer back.

      • +1000000000000000 Bucks free money for the nuclear industry

        from the tax paying hard working 'normal' people working the daily grind, willing to take on all of the risks of the nuclear industry, plus the costs to store the dirty, toxic, deadly radioactive waste, plus the healthcare costs of genetic diseases for the 1 million years, plus countless generations of deformed or aborted children…

  • PattieB PattieB

    the ENTIRE IDEA that those rods being SAFE in the water is BOGUS to START WITH! Never mind all the other issues! NOW!? The dump it in lakes, rivers and the ocean!?

    WHO came up with such IDIOTIC methods of decontamination!?

    They just fixed it so EVERYONE, regardless of wearing protective gear, gets SLAMED with Tritium!

  • PattieB PattieB

    THIS IS MADNESS! Beam me up, Scotty! There is NO intellegent life on this world!


  • Beyond Zero Point

    or-well; I have read many of your comments on enenews forums.In the last 15 years I have researched from infinet density to infinet entropy and in between, have become some what hardened. There are few that can put a tear in my eye, but today You did well. When it comes to our children, not kids, for kids are from the goat, for children are the earth longing for its self. In Julian Jaynes book "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" He speculates that until late in the twentieth millennium b.c. men had no consciousness but were automatically obeying the voices of the gods…IMO That old family tradition carries on to this day,oil, nuclear,tyranny ,war,etc. Bless all involed with raising the consciousness of man and womenWith Love,And may shall you be,Forever Young.

    • or-well

      Beyond Zero Point, thank you.
      It's the ones about children I most hope touch a few hearts.
      Thank you for an interesting reference.

      • RealityControl-1984

        Has everyone seen these FDA Radiation "Derived Intervention Levels" for children's food.

        It won't line up, but you can see the radionuclides (Bq/kg) and the two age groups, 3 months and 1 year old

        Radionuclide 3 months 1 year

        Sr-90 308 362
        I-131 196 167
        Cs-134 1600 2190
        Cs-137 2000 2990
        Cs group(a) 1800 2590
        Ru-103 6770 8410
        Ru-106 449 621
        Pu-238 2.5 21
        Pu-239 2.2 18
        Am-241 2.0 17
        Pu+Am group (b) 2.2 19


        • jec jec

          Bringing up for a read by others on ENENEWS. Anyone worried about the higher designations for radiation exposure in children shown by the EPA/FDA in US? Who are they following, and where is the science to show how SAFE these levels are? Chernobyl derived? Hardly…you can not test on babies.but I guess from the numbers..THEY DID..

  • Sol Man

    Dear Hearts,
    What is not to be understood about "extinction event(s)?"
    If tears clean the heart, mine is clear.
    Sol Man