*Watch* Nursery school children on contaminated playground equipment: “The radiation is in the holes” — Some kids with no dosimeters, masks not covering noses (VIDEO)

Published: July 22nd, 2012 at 3:29 am ET


In Containment: The people of Minamisoma, 15 months after the meltdown – Part 5/5
Camera: Ian Thomas Ash/ Koji Fujita
Published by DocumentingIan
Published: July 21, 2012

At ~7:45 in

Part 5 STORY: After returning from the exclusion zone, the crew goes to a testing site to be measured for radiation exposure. Later, Ian visits a nursery school located just outside of the 30km radiation zone, where the head teacher opens up about her fears for the children’s future. Finally, the children go out to play, but their conversation quickly turns shockingly real.

Published: July 22nd, 2012 at 3:29 am ET


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16 comments to *Watch* Nursery school children on contaminated playground equipment: “The radiation is in the holes” — Some kids with no dosimeters, masks not covering noses (VIDEO)

  • Noah

    Unmentioned Symptoms of fallout exposure

    1. Increasing Passivity of will
    2. Inability to flee normal dangers
    3. Decrease of Intelligence
    4. Lethargic Mood

    Symptoms displayed, especially symptom three in this video.

    What good is testing, decon, monitoring etc. when living/working within a fallout zone. Permanent evacuation is the only answer. Ordering the children back in is sending them to their death.

    • arclight arclight

      "Fukushima" Lyric Video [Magnetic North & Taiyo Na]

      "..Uploaded by homewordsound on Sep 11, 2011
      Dedicated to the victims and families of 9/11 and the Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis of 2011.

      Dedicated to the victims of any tragedy compounded by not just natural forces but human error and deceit.

      Dedicated to those who in the midst of this, find the love and courage necessary to get back up on their feet and rebuild.

      Dedicated to love over evil…"


  • rambojim

    I agree with Noah. Very sad indeed. I thought that the Japanese people were much more intelligent than to fall for all the lies of the power company and their own government..

    • gotnuttin2lose

      I think the Japanese people are intelligent. But, their power company and govt. are such skillfull liers…very few ordinary citizens ever find out the truth (until too late). With one lie piled upon another in ad finitum, it can be impossible for an ordinary citizen (especially an outsider) to uncover the truth. Getting to the truth in Japan has often been likened to an endless Russian Matryoshka doll (with a different lock on every doll). Most people would rather just live in denial and not bother with busting their knuckles/racking their brains out trying to get to the truth. And, heaven help the clever defiant ones who do.

    • many moons

      From the video you get the idea that they haven't fallen for the lies but rather feel it's their duty to accept them.
      Even the children can point out the danger, the radiation.
      Japan teaches their people that love of country means accepting whatever the goverment asks of them.

      • gotnuttin2lose

        In this particular catastrophe, what you say is perfectly accurate. I have seen entire communities pretend a particular neighborhood was not used as a shallow dump site for munitions/toxic waste (by the yakuza). Reality can be so painful in Japan, that it is best kept buried by everyone. This was always maddening to me…not good for real estate values either.

  • sadtexan

    I had (and still have) a real beef with how this guy ended the last installment (In Containment 4/5), but that scene on the playscape was effing gut-wrenching. Heartbreaking.

  • wideawake wideawake

    That play equipment/slide shouldn't be allowed to remain there for god sake… it should be dismantled and got rid…Can't we enenewsers buy them a new one, anyone know where to send a donation?…poor little mites, so gorgeous.. their bye, byes' made me cry.

    • gotnuttin2lose

      To be honest, I have not brought myself to watch this video yet. Having taught English songs to those cute little rug rats for decades (a reason why I stayed in Japan for so long), makes me like some Japanese: get drunk, stick my head in the sand, and ignore the painful reality. Sometimes, this is better than blubbering, screaming, hissing, and thrashing the air with my hands. One reason Japan has the highest rate of prescription tranquilizers, is because
      1/5 the population do not have enough of an enzyme in their liver to break down the booze molecule. Some of the other 4/5 sometimes combine the two to launch an accelerated escape from reality. Far too many attempted AND successful suicides from that cocktail.

      • andagi andagi

        Dear gotnuttin2lose,
        I hear you. You have experienced their culture, thank you. Speaking to this, are there any answers that come to you, or have you 'written them off'?
        Please share. This is a beautiful country. There are wonderful folks living there and are trying so hard. Some have the opportunity to come to this website …the ons who are trying.
        How can we best help them?

        • gotnuttin2lose

          Read my comments earlier in the day Pacific time when I am more apt to be sober; pat the backs of the other bloggers who put up with me when I am bloody pissed, drunken obnoxious; seek out others like me who had/have been too afraid to speak what they know about this country.
          All solutions require problem recognition. Recognizing/identifying a problem in a nation that always pretends there is no problem, can be a diplomatic nightmare.
          In that country, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" & "No good deed goes unpunished".

  • rambojim


    It broke my heart also…

  • richard richard

    When I was a toddler, I used to dig up raw carrots out from the dirt and eat them whole. Dirt and all 🙂

    These new world is a corrupt abomination, yet the nukers, big industry, even the parents, will tell you this is all just fine and dandy that kids have to make sure they have a mask on properly.

    The next generations toddlers will be wearing moon suits as normal, here on earth. Provided they all live that long.

  • rambojim

    many moons

    Maybe 50 years ago that was true, but my god, the poor Japanese seem to be going to the slaughter house like meek little lambs, without a fight. Everyone has a right to life, we only get one shot at it. Perhaps the Japanese people should change their mindset. Perhaps after this horrible catastrophe they will. I sure hope so. The entire country should be up in arms,not just a few, but all the people. Then their lying stinking government will listen..

    • gotnuttin2lose

      Everyone speaks in terms of 50 to 60 years ago, when US occupied Japan. DM was just a bump in the road. He was duped. They say DM stripped the Emperor of all his power. Bullshit!
      The Emperor still has the power to pardon anyone for any crime whatsoever, publicly AND privately…without anyones' Knowledge.
      All assets that DM could have legally seized from SHOWA approaching the occupation were transferred into private hands AND transferred back over after DM left. Their time clock was set back too.

  • hawaiiguy

    Thankfully we have seen the people of japan in the 100'000's marching against the deceit from tepco and the government. now if only Americans would do the same. Thats how I remembering the stories of my parents generation, they actually got off their butts and demanded change and truth. On a side note, the horrible corruption today in voting fraud is blatant and they aren't even denying it, they know nothing will happen to them for vote rigging, because of what I mentioned above. Take the blue pill.

    ps, my friend is going to Japan for 2 weeks and he didn't/doesn't have a clue how much radiation is still spewing out. I am trying to educate him as fast as I can.