Nursery schools taking field trips so kids can play in areas with less radioactivity — 800% higher radiation dose at school

Published: October 6th, 2011 at 11:59 am ET


SOURCE: Nurseries let Fukushima kids play at site with lower radiation level , Kyodo, October 5, 2011

Nursery schools in the city of Koriyama in Fukushima Prefecture, where outdoor activities are limited due to radiation spewed from the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, took park in a project Wednesday to let kids play at remote sites with lower radiation levels.

About 40 children commuting to two nurseries in central areas of Koriyama, where radiation of 0.9 microsievert per hour is recorded, and their teachers took a bus to an educational facility some 30 kilometers away where the radiation level is 0.1 microsievert per hour. […]

“We’d like to relieve the stress of parents by letting children play freely. Some families cannot take refuge” in areas with lower levels of radiation, [Ryuta Kamikokuryu, 40, operator of a nursery school] said. […]

Published: October 6th, 2011 at 11:59 am ET


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27 comments to Nursery schools taking field trips so kids can play in areas with less radioactivity — 800% higher radiation dose at school

  • Darth

    When will the other shoe drop?

    Did you ever notice that in the airline industry when a plane crashed and a second plane crashed not to much later you could just hold your breath because there would be a 3rd crash.

    Chernobyl, Fukushima & ????

  • Dory

    Does somebody have a link for a (current) radiation map? Much appreciated.

  • half way down the rc page under chat are a number of radiation monitoring links

  • Darth

    Obtain a free copy of Dr.Ernest J. Sternglass’s book SECRET FALLOUT at

  • bmurr bmurr

    I have two boys and this breaks my heart.

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    I live in Boise and have 2 sons age 12 and 6. I watched as the death machines exploded releasing their toxins into the atmosphere. I watched Anderson Cooper on CNN trying to warn the public while the split screen showed the death angel take form in a rising cloud. I watched the president console the worried people to prevent panic. I watched and timed the jet stream as the angel of death flowed across the vast ocean, diping south then sharply heading northeast straight twards my innocent unsuspecting world. I watched the unusual heavy rain deposit yellow power right on time. I watched the local news report dangerous levels of fallout per EPA testing. I watched the immeadate gov shutdown and cover-up. I watched the EPA comply as they removed the 22 monerting stations due to “abnormal readings”. I watched the information highway shutdown as if being choked to death. I remember feeling alone and scared, searching desperatly for any new developments, readings or guidance. Thats when I found enenews. the ONLY site about Fukushima at that time, THANK YOU! Unfortunally now I watch as my children are poisened and the sheep tell me all is safe because the gov said so. I am lost again. How do I help them see?

    • Yes…heartbreaking. I know a few little ones and I am crushed inside everytime I remind them “ CANNOT play in the Fukushima rain nor eat the snow soon to fly …same for milk, cheese …” and many other things, “now let’s paint your feet, sip some prefuku miso and drink some nice pectin juice please.” For those of us who know, childhood will never be the same. I am very sorry for this for everyone, but it must be done.

      Glad for your presence here, Dogleg. Visit the forums…many forums for radiation protection. Blessings to you and your sons and to all here and the children … everyone.

      • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

        Dogleg, I hope you were watching the report
        about Boise’s open-air reservoir for public water.
        Not that I can offer any help, other than the
        lame-ass warning, hope you gotta Well….

    • Anthony Anthony

      Wow, so beautifully written – thanks for sharing this with us. If you ask me, your kids are very lucky to call you their parent.

    • StillJill StillJill

      I agree with Anthony Dogleg,…that was supremely stated!

      In answer to your last question,..”How can you tell them,…?” Might I suggest taping a piece of paper on the wall, about face level. Draw a circle in the center,…and write,..”Bang head here”. Oh, sorry,…that’s chapter three, you’re starting out,….every one of us must TRY to tell people our own way,..for as long as we’re moved to do so,….THEN,… refer to aforementioned steps above! 🙂 Oh, and “WELCOME friend!”

  • pure water

    Ignorance, lack of morality, or…what?!

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    Thank you Chem. I read enews daily since March, but rarely post because I am a very slow typer and spend too much time on the computer already. I feel I know many of you and truelly appreciate your time and efforts. I am aware of several things that can be done to greatly reduce risk, but meet constant resistance. I am “scaring the children”. I managed to eradicate most dairy and tap water for several months, but had to work out of town for awhile. While I was gone the dairy snuck back in. It is hard to show people when they refuse to open their eyes. Having such elevated levels here in Boise is a constant concern for me, I would be in panic mode if I lived near the plant. How do you keep it togather? Bless you.

    • Keeping it together is relative depending on the weather. I live not 700 miles from you and today it rains so I have on the sad face. My state is a uranium/fracking capital so we will never see testing here. Maybe I am lucky to not have a partner to contend with and we do have well water. Did as much (still) prefuku planning as possible since 3/11 … prepping, some folks call it. We take lots of hot baking soda/epsom salt baths, wash any fresh food in bentonite first …send the small ones with their own lunches with prefuku powdered milk (labeled ‘ radiation-free milk’ with enenews address on it). Relatives laugh, roll eyes and say don’t scare…but so what … 10 years from now is what really counts. This is a long haul. I have two good friends on board …helps a whole lot. Sooner than later this will all come to light. The wee ones get to watch ‘missing reactor 3’ on youtube tonight. Maybe reality is too scary for some … but the young ones will understand. ‘Why do we take off our clothes at the door children?’ Easy they say now, ‘because of Japan!’ Better to prep them now than let them find out in a hospital bed. We share here what we know … and know we are not alone.

      • StillJill StillJill

        This is great to hear!!! I have a friend up in Oregon with two small kids. I BEGGED him to let me send him some Lugol’s iodine to put a drop on their necks (thyroid) each morning. He laughed at me. I said it was O.K. to laugh at me,…and think I’m retarded,…don’t care,…but, wouldn’t it be SMART to cover ALL bases,…so that you (he), can KNOW,…that as a parent you tried everything? I asked him how he thought he’d feel,…if I was right,…driving home from the Dr’s office with the news one, or both, of his kids had thyroid cancer? Silence,….then, he threw me away as a friend.

        ‘We does what we can!’ 🙂

        • Sorry to hear SJ … some/most just can’t be bothered with the doom. Easier to turn away than take resposibility for the past, present and future. I’d rather know than not, even if it is futile.

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    Thanks alot Elenin. What reports about our water? My tap water has been extremely cloudy for @ 4 mo now

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Now I’m gonna feel like a heel, thinking you already knew.
    As reported in stories Aggregated Here at ene….
    “Boise open reservoir radioactive particles” was the
    search-string I typed to try to bring up the stories
    related to this.
    Boise at one point early on, April, I think, had the Highest
    reported Rainwater contamination.
    Comments followed from a local Poster that
    Boise’s main water is from the Reservoir.
    You know the “Western Slope” catches more rain
    than the Western, leeward side.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    ….than the Eastern, leeward side…

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    I am aware of these facts. I thought maybe I missed newly released reports. Dont feel bad, it is better to repeat the warning than to leave some uninformed. You guys should see my pics of yellow rain. I will try to upload them at Fukushimadaily this evening.

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    Last comment @ Elenin

  • matina matina

    if you share a house with people that suffer from TB (tuberculosis) it will be only a matter of time as to when you are going to contract it….no matter how well you eat, exercise, keep to strict hygiene rules eventually it will catch up with you…so will radiation, unfortunately you can’t cheat long term exposure, the only thing you can do is move house, stay out of the direct way of exposure which is the inhalation of tiny water molecules that the sufferers cough out and in our case radioactive gases or particles

    sorry there is no other way, at least as long as you live stress free and healthy you can wage your personal war against the perpetretors

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Freekin’ excellent selfsovereign….
    I’ve seen “The Gerson Miracle” a couple times….
    Max Gerson, whatta Genius, suffered attacks for his
    miracle treatments. Clinic forced to move to Mexico.