NY Times contributor confirms California rainwater 181 times above drinking water standards for radioactive iodine-131

Published: April 2nd, 2011 at 2:28 am ET


Government Under Fire as Radiation Is Found in Milk, Rain, Bay Citizen, April 1, 2011:

Federal officials have still not published any official data on nuclear fallout from Japan disaster

[Emphasis Added]

… Radiation from Japan rained on Berkeley during recent storms at levels that exceeded drinking water standards by 181 times and has been detected in multiple milk samples…

Radiation falling with rain can cover grass that is eaten by cows and other animals. It can also fall on food crops or accumulate in reservoirs that are used for irrigation or drinking water. Seafood can also be affected. …

A rooftop water monitoring program managed by UC Berkeley’s Department of Nuclear Engineering detected substantial spikes in rain-borne iodine-131 during torrential downpours a week ago. …

The levels exceeded federal drinking water thresholds, known as maximum contaminant levels, or MCL, by as much as 181 times. …

Patty Lovera, assistant director at the nonprofit Food and Water Watch:

“The official mantra from a lot of folks in government is, ‘Oh, it’s OK in low levels.’”

“But low levels add up. We would like to see a more coherent strategy for monitoring air and water in agricultural areas and then using that data to come up with a plan, if you need one, to go look at the food system.”

Read the report here.

Bay Citizen via NY Times here.

First reported at enenews.com: Radioactive Iodine-131 in rainwater sample near San Francisco 18,100% above federal drinking water standard

Published: April 2nd, 2011 at 2:28 am ET


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28 comments to NY Times contributor confirms California rainwater 181 times above drinking water standards for radioactive iodine-131

  • Peter

    Useless EPA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • xdrfox

      Wonder if Bill Gates was there ?

      President Obama Gets Openness Award in Private

      Mar 31, 2011
      President Barack Obama has accepted an award for making the government more open and transparent — presented to him behind closed doors. No media coverage or public access was allowed at the ceremony.

      The White House didn’t immediately comment Thursday on the
      apparent discrepancy between the honor and the circumstances under which it was awarded.

      The award was given by open-government advocates including the
      Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to recognize Obama’s
      work toward encouraging agencies to release information to the
      public — and to encourage him to do more. The group’s executive
      director, Lucy Dalglish, says she was flabbergasted that the White
      House didn’t allow coverage of the event Monday.


    • Crystal

      The constitution was meant to be re-advised and rewritten by each generation. If you think the founding fathers knew anything about gangs, airline terrorists and global warming…your crazy. The constitution doesn’t even fit today’s society, revamp your knowledge.

      • Lee

        Crystal, Your concept of the Constitution is so lacking in wisdom and general knowledge about history it is appalling but not surprising. The makers of the US Constitution may not have known about “airline terrorists” and “global warming” but they did know about FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY and how evil people can steal, lie and murder innocent people in the name of “We the People”. Your mode of thinking is a product of decades of trash media and propaganda designed to produce exactly your kind of “Sheeple” who will line up to support their own eventual slaughter. Good luck to you as you will not see it coming.

  • This is another step in genocide people. Do you thing that it is a coincidence that the second largest economy in the world just tanked. That the island of japan will become a ghost town very soon. And now the us government will spray plutonium across the US to kill and clear off the land here too. This is the final solution, it’s a Hitler genocide on a grand scale. Who do you think taught Hitler to do what he did. The US elite, specifically wall street and the Bush crime family. Kiss your ass good bye…

  • Mark

    Was this april joke?

    This website got to give some external links to support all the “news” posted here, such as I-131 level over 181x of standard level.

    NYT contributor confirms? Who is this nyt contributor? Name, email and phone nubmer please.

    • pdsnickels

      I agree with Mark. What’s the deal with publishing articles that say NY Times say this or that but NO LINKS to the stories, no date of publishing, no author, nothing!

      I would hope that sites like this would serve as alternatives to the main stream media. BUT without links and proper references, this is just useless RUMOR!

  • Buyer Beware

    Eugenics is their top priority bar none. Only the ignorance, denial and naricissism of the targeted prevents them from seeing what sane rational persons would accept, after a very comprehensive review of the evidence.

    The Illuminati goal is to bring down the global population by 90%. Taking down the northern hemisphere is an excellent start.
    Wake up folks, time for prep is slipping fast. Let the cynics and fools sneer, shake the dust off your feet, move on- but prepare.

  • ilyse kazar

    Mark, CLICK THE LINKS. that’s how we check the facts in a blog.

  • terryB

    Could it be that “standards” are way below what would actually cause a problem? Can someone with working knowledge address this?

  • Dr Douglas Linman, PhD

    The comments stating that the radiation levels near San Francisco are 18,100% over the safety limits are simply not correct. Please think about this first. Japan is over 5100 miles from California. The radioactivity would have had to “explode” to cause such travel, and of course there was no explosion, because it was a localized incident. There is a second type of radioactive material created, outside the fuel rods called N-16, or the radioactive isotope of nitrogen. The others involved are noble gases such as Argon. When the uranium splits, it generates a neutron which most slam into other uranium atoms and maintain the nuclear chain reaction at play in the reactor. Some will leave the fuel rod and hit the water molecules, or the air that is in the water. This second “type” of radiation is the one that travels, but certainly dissipates the further it travels and over days. Certainly, not over 5,000 miles- and certainly not over three weeks. We need to slow the amount of fear we self create.

  • * Uranium 238: 4.5 billion years
    * Uranium 235: 710 million years
    * Plutonium 239: 24,100 years
    * Strontium 90: 30 years
    * Caesium 134: two years
    * Caesium 137: 30 years (Caesium can be absorbed in food and water or inhaled as dust. It is easily taken up by plants and animals.)
    * Ruthenium 103: 39 days; Ruthenium 106, about a year
    * Iodine 131: 8 days

    plus a dozen other radionuclides even more toxic. Now the news is spewing the half-truth that you get more radiation from the Sun than from these particle emitters. That’s accurate, but what they fail to mention is that the SUN provides NON-IONIZING RADIATION (which is good for you and you need it, as does all life on Earth) and these particles are IONIZING RADIATION, which causes cancers, cellular disruption, and DNA damage.

  • Mike Anderson

    What a ridiculous and retarded article. Enenews is proving once again that you don’t have to know how to do the most basic math in order to write an article.

    Wow. I mean really, wow.

    The EPA standard for drinking water (set in 1976) is 20,000 pCi/L (picocuries per liter).

    1 becquerel (Bq) = 27 picocuries (pCi).

    On March 23rd, Iodine 131 in rainwater peaked at Berkeley at a level of 20 Bq (it is currently around 5 Bq). this means, at its highest peak, the rainwater was at 540 pCi/L, and is now at 135 pCi/L

    Again, the standard is 20,000 pCi/L allowable in drinking water, meaning that even at that ONE DAY peak of 540 pCi/L, the rainwater was still THIRTY SEVEN TIMES lower than the max standard allowable.

  • Mike Anderson

    I should add, the NRC stated that the regulation for beta emitters I131 is primarily a beta emitter) at 4 millirem/year was equal to 20K pCi – the EPA itself does not have a similar number posted on their site.

    The above articles point to an EPA figure of 5 pCi – that is for Radium.

  • Chango369

    @Mike Anderson You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. You’re full of shit regarding the allowable amount of Iodine 131.

    Facts are inconvenient things you piece of shit.


  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    internal emitters for everyone
    uncontrolled and uncontained

    profiteers and parasites
    protecting the guilty

  • Mike Anderson

    LOL @ change 369 – the link you posted is exactly what I stated – the limit is 4 millirem a year.


    You would have to drink THOUSANDS of gallons of water with 500 pCi/L to even come CLOSE that 4 millirems . LOL for the math retards.

  • Mike Anderson

    For Chicken Littles:

    Relative radiation exposure limits:


    The actual science and levels detected at Berkeley:


  • Gnarl

    From the last paragraph of the referenced EPA document:

    “The average concentration of iodine-131, which is assumed to yield 4 millirem per year, is 3 picocuries per liter (pCi/l).”

  • Chango369

    @Mike Anderson – Given that the EPA document states that

    “The average concentration of iodine-131, which is assumed to yield 4 millirem per year, is 3 picocuries per liter (pCi/l).”

    and you say that

    “You would have to drink THOUSANDS of gallons of water with 500 pCi/L to even come CLOSE that 4 millirems . LOL for the math retards.”

    Who is looking like the retard here?

  • Likvidator

    I would like to thank to those who watched my channel, followed my cautions about possible radioactive rain on 3-20-11 and did not let the small children to go out “singing in the rain”!
    I am guessing that in the following years the endos will be busy yanking “madam’s apples” (thyroid tumors) out of the young girl’s necks and the neck scarves will be a new fashion trend to hide Chernobyl necklasses. Please forgive my sarcasm.

  • Anthony

    Watch the video of the leopard shark who appears to be trying to get out of the water where it belongs?

    Is there a link between high rain water readings and ocean chemical imbalance after all?


  • Internal bleeding,…”bleeders”, that’s what my 4# chihuahua almost died from here in Cali 6 weeks ago!

  • shaktasna999

    Oh Dear the trolls are back.

    I have to ask the trolls: what are you getting out of arguing here?

    Do you get paid? Do you feel satisfaction about adding zero to this situation? What is going on in your head that makes you spend time here?

    Other people on this site have real life family, economic, and health crises going on in regard to Fukushima.

    Why are you here trolls?