NY Post: Snow falling on Navy ship caused by Fukushima radioactive steam… “Is that aluminum foil I taste?” — Sailor: People were defecating on themselves in hallways from excruciating diarrhea — Officer: We saw radiation 300 times ‘safe’ levels (VIDEO)

Published: December 22nd, 2013 at 9:04 pm ET


New York Post, Dec. 22, 2013: Navy sailor Lindsay Cooper knew something was wrong when billows of metallic-tasting snow began drifting over USS Ronald Reagan. […] she and scores of crewmates watched a sudden storm blow toward them from the tsunami-torn coast of Fukushima, Japan. The tall 24-year-old with a winning smile didn’t know it then, but the snow was caused by the freezing Pacific air mixing with a plume of radioactive steam […] Senior Chief Michael Sebourn, a radiation-decontamination officer, was assigned to test the aircraft carrier for radiation. The levels were incredibly dangerous and at one point, the radiation in the air measured 300 times higher than what was considered safe, Sebourn told The Post.

Lindsay Cooper, Navy sailor aboard USS Ronald Reagan during 3/11 rescue operation: “I was standing on the flight deck, and we felt this warm gust of air, and, suddenly, it was snowing […] We joked about it: ‘Hey, it’s radioactive snow! I took pictures and video […] Japan didn’t want us in port, Korea didn’t want us, Guam turned us away. We floated in the water for two and a half months [until Thailand took them in] “People were s- -tting themselves in the hallways [All the while crew members had been suffering from excruciating diarrhea].”

Cooper interviewed by EON, published Dec. 20, 2013: (at 4:30 in) “As soon as you step foot on the flight deck and went outside you had this taste of like aluminum foil.”[…] (at 10:45 in) We thought that we had felt a plume because there was kind of this warm air that went past the ship and you could kind of tell the differences between jet exhaust — we didn’t have any jets going around at the time. It was like 20 degrees outside and you could feel this warm air and you kind of enjoyed it at first and then you’re like, ‘Is that aluminum foil that I taste?’

Watch the interview here

Published: December 22nd, 2013 at 9:04 pm ET


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96 comments to NY Post: Snow falling on Navy ship caused by Fukushima radioactive steam… “Is that aluminum foil I taste?” — Sailor: People were defecating on themselves in hallways from excruciating diarrhea — Officer: We saw radiation 300 times ‘safe’ levels (VIDEO)

  • Songie Songie

    “People were s- -tting themselves in the hallways [All the while crew members had been suffering from excruciating diarrhea].”

    I feel like puking……the sailors had such bad diarrhea that they were soiling themselves and this is the first we've heard about it…and the first they've told about it? ALMOST THREE YEARS LATER??…..OK, you have my undivided attention. I am F*CKING angry right now……

    • Angela_R

      and the President of the U.S. of America, the Head of the United States Armed Forces was told? Well, if he wasn't then, he should be told NOW.
      For two and a half months they battled radiation poisoning!

      The United States Pacific Command is based in Hawaii where I believe President Obama will shortly be visiting.

    • robertsgt40

      "We saw radiation 300 times ‘safe’ levels"—There is no such thing as a "safe level" of radiation.

      • Fall out man!

        Good point. Perhaps they should have said, 300 times what is considered to be "no immediate danger". 🙂

      • Roberts gt40: The DOD says there is— so they can deny that these sailors were ill thanks to their ship inexplicably ordered to sail into the Fuku explosions area. Doesn't the Navy know anything about radio-nuclides?? Is military ignorance that bad?
        Why was that irresponsible order given?

    • mhocker10

      “People were s- -tting themselves in the hallways [All the while crew members had been suffering from excruciating diarrhea].”

      looking up the exposure numbers, these Sailors had a minimum exposure of between 6-10 Grays for them to be deficating on themselves. They will be dead in a few months time. Very sad indeed.


      • OldFool

        Great comment. The Mayo Clinic webpage was very interesting. 2-6 Grays can cause the symptoms too, but the bottom line is that they were probably exposed to at least something over 200 Rads. If they had been exposed to far more than that, they would already be dead.
        The US Navy is without doubt 100% brainless to have allowed this to happen. Great leadership by the officers to keep the iodine pills for saving only themselves. Do they ever feel any guilt?

        • mhocker10

          Iodine only helps with Iodine-131/133.. they got hit full tilt by the Pu/Ur expelled by the unit 3 explosion. I can not fathom how many "hot particles" every sailor picked up.

          • OldFool

            Of course the iodine pills only help for iodine isotopes. They undoubtably got hit with 100+ other isotopes too. The point is that with such brilliant and unselfish officers on that ship, the poor enlisted men must have felt very jolly indeed. It was not exactly HMS Pinafore, but more like one of the US POW hell ships of WWII.

            • Gasser Gasser

              Rickie Lee Jones: On the Street Where You Live



              Oh the fearful feeling, just to know Cesium's right here.

              I have often walked,
down this street before.
But the pavement always,
 stayed beneath my feet before.

All at once my Geiger counter reads high,
Knowing I'm on the street where Fukushima lives.

              There are lilac trees,

              With their leaves all brown.

              You can't hear a lark in any part of town
No enchantment pours out of anyones door!

              Fukushima's on every street where we live.

              And oh, the radiation feeling,

              Just to know somehow its near.

The overpowering feeling,

              That any second we may suddenly disappear.

              People walk with a glare, 
It really bothers me.
For there's no where else on earth,
that anyone of us could ever be.

              Let the half life times go by,

              Yes I no longer care if I,

              Can't be on a streets where we can no longer live.

              Contaminated people stop and die 
It really bothers me,

              For there's no safe place on earth anyone can ever be

              Let the isotope half life times go by,
I no longer care if we all die.

Can't be here on the streets where we once lived,

              We are dying on the street where we once lived.

              ~Gasser Classic~

  • Tiza Tiza

    How horrible for our military. Feel for them so much.

    • norbu norbu

      They got fried, with no warning?

      • Fall out man!

        They were knowingly left out there to keep getting fried, over and over.

      • Fall out man!

        The navy know as much about nuclear power as any organisation can. Its hard to believe they could not foresee the imminent danger. I read when this scandal broke the claim that they didn't have sufficient testing equipment on board. (its a nuclear air craft carrier, very hard to believe they cannot test for radiation) But the FOI act request documents showed the Navy knew more than the NRC about what was going on at Fukushima. They were able to tell the NRC where the wind was blowing and where the worst contamination plumes had gone and when. Getting caught out at the start could be poor planning, but to stay out there exposing the crew to that is not just poor judgement. That tragically, appears to be what the plan was.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    AS a vet, all Vets & active suty need to go to you tube & look up "BeauifulGirlByDana" & watch what real resech is & be a paprt of it. We need to add a million viewers a night untill it melts the system down like Fukushima!
    Thank you!

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Sorry I was talking & typing at the same time. Please get involived in some way. It's aour duty to all life to exposed just how bad Fukushima really is, when U 3 blew, 1300 dirty radiciules to make nuke weapons blew into the jet stream & hit the USA in 3 days & has been going around the world daily & it's in the rain, snow, water, food & it is in all oceans! That a fact folks & can be proved, Dana has done a heck of a job & ask nothing back in money, just helping him to alert the people of the world.
    When food is no longer nothing but putting crap in your belly like mud cakes of radiation, then you may act, but to late folks!

  • We Not They Finally

    Japan, Korea and Guam all wouldn't let them dock? It took 2-12 months to get to port? Where was the United States? Was this the 19th century, with sailors lost at sea? Or maybe the 15th century, when they still thought the Earth was flat?

    The most advanced military in the world and they were just left STRANDED? WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE?

    And now they can't sue the Navy? The Navy should be shamed to the ground right here in America, "from sea to shining sea"!

    And CBS' "60 Minutes" wants to welcome the NRC to tell America how radiation is really safe? When the U.S. Navy did that to their own?!

    I can hardly believe what I'm reading, it's so sickening.

  • We Not They Finally

    Fire the Secretary of the Navy! Fire EACH AND EVERY NAVY OFFICER who had ANYTHING to do with perpetuating this monstrosity for 2-/1/2 months! I'd like to suggest worse, but we are not supposed to be as barbaric as these barbarians.

  • sJon Piranha

    Is this why President Obama has been firing so many military commanders, including the ones involved in the nuclear side of things?

    • He is firing the ones that would support the constitution,

      He is firing the ones that would fight against socialism and fascism.

      • Huh? We lost that war.. We are owned by China; US is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Communist China.

        They never had to fire a shot. We exported all of our jobs, technology, R and D, manufacturing base and brains to them.

        We couldn't even make a pair of shoes for soldiers if we went to war with them..

        We would have to buy all of our war supplies from them.

        The global corporations would get richer faster, because they would fund both sides, like they have done in previous wars.

        • Edward Edward

          America has been sold out. Sadly most do not even know or care what is happening or why, they just keep shopping, buying and traveling. A third of americans live on entitlements – disability, welfare, workers comp., unemployment benefits etc. This is not an economy that works – it's an economy that works for the super rich only. The income gap is growing ever wider at an alarming rate. The fed has made the rich much wealthier while doing nothing for the rest of america with QE/wall street giveaways. Republicans and the super rich are trying to derail the affordable care act. Greed and corruption are ruining america!

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          The global corporations would get richer faster, because they would fund both sides, like they have done in previous wars."


      • mairs mairs

        Romney was a pioneer of outsourcing. He was one of the first to hire Chinese factories to copy American goods to sell back to us, the first. I remember listening to a former factory employee saying Romney made them build the stage from which he then fired them. The Right is gutting the US economy, stealing it out from under us. So excuse me if I don't get all hot and bothered over Obama.

        • OldFool

          Yes, it was the corporations who wanted to outsource all the manufacturing jobs to China to increase profits. Nobody in the US remembered that manufacturing capability determined the outcome of WWII. The outcome of WWIII is already determined.

    • razzz razzz

      sJon Piranha: You are being a bit naive about our fearless leader. After reading off the teleprompter that he would tell us anything new about the Fukushima, Daiichi fallout as soon as he knew more, he hopped on a plane with 300 of his closest friends and flew to southern hemisphere to escape the radioactive fallout plume when it passed over the east coast.

      If you ever can comprehend that fact then understanding how he is destroying our military morale and relationships with allies should come easy to you.

      Besides, Congress through emergency meetings at the time, already knew the extent of the meltdown disasters in Japan. All the current news is of no surprise to them, including the status of irradiated sailors and others.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Yes, but your congress wants to build more of these Nuclear Rattle Traps.. 🙁

      • mairs mairs

        Seems that the Republican Congress could do something, but they don't. They are bought and paid for by the nuclear industry, so better to write bills about flag burning and contraception.

  • eyefidelity

    Since this was in Murdoch's NY POST it must have been noticed by somebody besides Shep Smith at FOX. Any bets on how long it takes the likes of Hannity or O'Reilley to pick up on it? They care SO much about our troops, after all.

  • No, that was a botched false flag nuclear bomb attack on the East Coast; and they got fired for NOT setting it off.

    At least, that is all we could find on it…

    There is some really dirty stuff going on right now..


  • American Phoenix57

    The Military has been radiating their own since WWII.



    "Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."
    – Henry A. Kissinger, as quoted in "The Final Days" by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in chapter 14. Page 194 in the paperback version (1995).

    We need the military to wake up and prove him wrong.

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      i just read how the military had their people rolling 3,000 barrels a day of nuclear waste into the atlantic with no protective gear at all. they all got sick. the govt called them crazy and neglected their families.

    • Won't happen. The military IS the nuclear industry…

      Soldiers cannot complain, and all are sworn to secrecy and never to sue, no matter what.

      So the nuclear military industrial complex can and does just DU, radiate and Agent Orange them as much as they want..

      We have met the enemy, and it is inside this country.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Metal taste in mouth lasted weeks . . U.S. got nuked.

  • Socrates

    One dime-size particle of Cs-137, if atomized, can permanently contaminate a square kilometer of land – permanently. It is soluble in water. It bioaccumulates in the food chain. It accumulates in organs such as the heart, pancreas, thyroid..

    There will additional cancers… I wish this was not true. Exposure ingestions of radionuclides such as Cs-137 is biomagnified as it moves up the food chain. But routine ingestion of Cs-137 gamma radiation can be measured in the human body. Chronic ingestion is NOT considered. See Yuri Banachevski. ICRP method assumes that radiation is uniformly distributed in human tissues. It is not. Radioactive Cesium in the Heart got him thrown in prison. Check out Steve Star's work. He works with Helen Caldicott.

    The brave sailors really got exposed. If it had not been the subject of a lawsuit, whether successful or not, it would have been swept under the rug.

    You will be hearing that it is in such bad taste to sue. You will be hearing that these are "bad lawyers." But take your case to a mass tort lawyer if and when you or your child gets sick.

    If the nuclear industry has to pay they will stop, Asbestos dangers were k ow for 60 years and concealed. The documents proved it. They knew.

  • The Navy guys KNEW this was happening.

    They hid it and covered it up, just like the Japanese covered up Fukushima.

    They made all of the sailors sign a promise to never sue.

    The cancelled the health registry of these sailors.

    If they can do this to their best and bravest in service of their country, what are they capable of with civilians, who are like 'outsiders'?

    Just another Agent Orange, DU, now a FUKU affair.. They will cover it all up, deny everything.

    20 -50 years from now or so, maybe some of these sailors will get something, if they are still alive.

    That has been the pattern…

  • Angela_R

    "They made all of the sailors sign a promise to never sue."

    "They cancelled the health registry of these sailors"
    Is this true?

    but that surely would be considered unconscionable conduct.
    What was presented to the judge?

  • CB CB

    As you know most men and women join a branch of DOD to serve their country. Once brainwashed and the personal identity is taken from a service men or woman they are very impressionable. They look up to leadership for answers. Demoralizing oppression must be rampant through out the ranks. I'm sure the topic is taboo and frowned upon to talk about among the ships crew. I'm sure Training and instruction to not talk to the media was ordered without proper public affairs or command authority. These poor service men and women deserve the best available representation for their sacrifices both at home and abroad. These servicemen and women sent into harms way again unwittingly victims of their corporate government greed.

  • I am a Marine Corps veteran myself, and I would not do anything to harm our planet or poison it! They are polluting our planet and oceans at an alarming rate. The true scientists know this and try to warn everyone. Most "holy" texts say that one day most of our oceans will be killed off. I used to think that wasn't possible, but now it totally is with radiation poisoning and outrageous pollution. Test before you eat any seafood, and get your tap water treated to remove radiation, with at least a zeolite type filter! http://thehealingfrequency.com/whole-house-water-purification-systems/

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Good for you holistic, but it is your master that does it for us all.

  • Well this is how its got to be. First keep a lid on it for as long as possible. That is the first rule of thumb when it comes to any nuclear accident. Yer in the army now, so therefore State security becomes part of your protocol so good luck suing as all of the truth will never come out. Me I was always puzzled how a war ship of a nuclear power would not have serious radiation detection equipment on board. Yeah they knew Obummer knew but isn't that part of their job anyways to send young men and women off to die somewhere in a foreign land? What did you expect a medal? Up here in Canada the troops that went to Afghanistan get some miserly compensation for injury but not if you went their as part of a militia battalion. In that case you get squat. This sort of thing goes on all over the world so just get used to the idea that the troops, you and me too are just an expendible commodity to the super rich and act accordingly. Another good one is the bomb tests of the fifties. Everyone became involuntary guinea pigs as Kodak complained about the hot particles ruining their film development operation so Kodak and no others got the heads up. Life is cheap. Always has been.
    The world is truly run by a bunch of inept selfish psychopathic assholes.


  • Ontological Ontological

    Thanks ENENEWS for answering my question, "How the hell did the USS RR get so contaminated so fast so early in the disaster.

    Hot snow! Wow. Once again to the crew of the USS Ronald Regan, thank you for your brave service to Humanity.

    I fear many creatures of the ocean have suffered the same negative health effects, now that this truth is out. Try not to remain outside when that tinfoil taste/smell is in the air. Anyone researching this disaster can clearly see why.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The active participants..trying to 'hide in the woodwork'.

    Chuck Casto:
    "I've never had a time when I thought nuclear power's not worth it. I've had many times where I've thought 'This can't happen.' I think safety is achievable. We're doing it every day here," Casto said.

    He continues to get calls about issues in Japan, he said, but is pulling away as much as possible.

    "I can't sit here and help Japan and Washington and all that," he said. "So I have to try to step away. I've got to focus here. Because I don't want that to happen on my watch."

    Safety first for man who represented the U.S. in Japan during its nuclear disaster


    Thanks a lot..Chuckie.

  • captndano captndano

    I hate to say it, but these poor service men and women who were unwittingly contaminated are now all 'walking dirty bombs' :{

    • Bones Bones

      Don't be afraid to say it. I know you are just caring for the poor souls' feelings, but the truth hurts sometimes. The real pain must be exposed and the treatment they receive from their employer the U.S. government so that Americans realize the true depth of this on going catastrophe of biblical proportions. Imagine how strong and brave these sailors or soldiers whatever you want to call them, I'll call them humans with some huge balls. I can't believe how they can keep this fight up with their health condition. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. A lot of pain is coming and here already, but that doesn't mean we turn our backs and pretend nothing is going on. This story has the ability to crumble the house of lies the Japanese and American government have created to cover this whole ordeal up, from the sailors to every event ever in Fuku's history.

      • Bones Bones

        I'd literally be in Japan with my friend at Yakota if it wasn't for my grandfather that fought in WWII and his stories of just what the military is all about and how they treat the soldiers. Now, that was in the 40's so I can only imagine how they are treated now. Like letting soldiers with leukemias, cancers, a litany of disease die because they won't admit fault. There was a 50/50 chance and I had no idea walking out of the recruitment office that me choosing no and my buddy choosing yes would mean being forced to stay in Japan. The whole point of us joining was to go to Japan and second if Japan not available, Germany. I ended up traveling to 15 or 16 countries across the world as a free man not a slave to the military. A risk yes, but liberty is personal responsibility. I know exactly why 90% of these guys joined and it's to help others and to get out of economically dead America with all it's wonderful opportunities.

    • artika rama

      How about USS Ronald Reagon ?

  • Bones Bones

    I'm going to do something different here. I'm going to thank those media outlets for actually digging into this story and letting the sailors' voices be heard. Maybe that positive feedback on REAL news might have an impact on someone. Boy, so they clearly were directly exposed to the fuel and anyone seriously questions whether they are sick from Fuku or not. Uh yea, they are being murdered in front of our eyes. This may be many of their last Christmas's. I'd like to make it worthwhile. This story will get Americans to wake up and wake up fast. I know it. The military has affected all of us negatively in one way or another. That angst, despite everyone always thanking the troops, means nothing only to the poor souls conscripted through economics or hardship, is still palpable through every generation. We know not to trust the Navy, Air Force, and Army. I'd also suspect the entire crew IS sick, but I'm sure anyone still in service can't speak out lest they be thrown in the brig.

  • bozzy54

    For what it's worth, Back in march 2011 again in April I had that metal taste in my mouth for two weeks. My life has completely change for the worse. Another strange thing was driving with my arm outside the window in summer 2011 when the sun hit my skin it burned in a way I never felt before. When I went fishing, removed my shirt and had round sores from small to the size of an eraser on a pencil. No product I used would heal them until I used iodine! Very strange feeling with pain in feet, legs, mussel and bones. Really sucks

    • jec jec

      Have you gone to a doctor and had a scan? I hope so. At least get a baseline to compare to for later if you were exposed to that level. AFTER you get diagnosed with a large inop tumor is not the time to check! Our family member just passed; he was outside all spring farming. He had pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer. So take care if you were exposed.

    • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

      Bozzy….. check out CT scan radiation before you have one done.. as it comprises the equivalent of 600+ doses of radiation…which you don't need, none of us do at this time or ever…!!!


      Choose another method … thermography for example..??

      Al the very best to you…

  • bozzy54

    West coast, Northern California

  • ftlt

    I remember that taste from having gone to the Sierra snow with the dog in March of 2011… I remember, thinking how foolish I had been for letting myself do this.. We returned after only an hour… The taste lingered for days..

    I have always felt guilty for exposing the dog to this.. And worry about him until this day..

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    Not funny…,

    So Adam…how's that "top of the food chain" theory working out for you?


  • bozzy54

    No matter what I did could not wash this taste out. I remember at least two weeks later thinking this was coming from inside my body.

  • Sparky Sparky

    @Enenewsers. [cross-posted] The Webcam Forum has been having some functional access problems. Until fixed, please view/post Webcam comments to the temporary alternative forum, “What to do about Japan burning nuclear waste” (“JPBurning”) located here on Enenews, (see lower right webpage). The Enenews Administrator has been notified of the problem, which we hope will be fixed soon.

    Suggested Method: In a separate browser, open one or more links from the (formerly operational) Webcam links below. Then open and log-in to Enenews as usual but post on this "JP Burning" forum. Start your post with "@WebCam", then add your message as usual. This will alert others that the content is Webcam-related.

    Here are the cam links:
    Direct Link to Tepco Webcam: http://mfile.akamai.com/127380/live/reflector:51361.asx
    Watch the JNN/TBS feed here: http://www.youtube.com/user/tbsnewsi/featured
    Alternative Direct Link: http://mfile.akamai.com/127380/live/reflector:52045.asx

    Also, please be aware that there are two back-up Webcam Forums established by Enewsers Nuckelchen and Vicky13 in case the Enenews Webcam forum(s) or Enenews goes dark. Both are off of the Enenews website/forums, both require registration. Please scroll through the JPBurning posts for additional information regarding these OPTIONAL, back-up forums.

  • lickerface lickerface


    This is NHK World news. It's sick that the people assume that they just need another round of decontamination to make them feel safe. It's not like decontaminating the ship would've helped either. They breathed that stuff in!

  • greatlakes

    More Bad News…. Radiation Alerts Hit U.S. Cities


  • Another angry sailor!!
    Please,make them take care of you!
    I an still suffering results of post concussion syndrome that ended up with me having a stroke,and them lying that it was all related to my first in Navy concussion.You need there care,and they NEED TO PAY FOR IT!!!
    I have lost respect for the military,all any of us conspiro.org/Thread-%E2%80%9CIs-that-aluminum-foil-I-taste-%E2%80%9D-%E2%80%94-Sailor
    I backlinked it with a good video.
    Be good to yourself and do not let them manipulate you.
    You gave what they asked.
    Thank you for serving


    These people NEED CANNABIS OIL.

    Everyone needs cannabis oil while WE REMEDY EARTH from the FILTH of TOXIC EVERYTHING.

    The are MANY REMEDIES.



    But we must begin if we're going to LIVE.

    A civilisation is only as advanced as its mathematics.

    Phi Mod9 = correct math for the vortex.

    Advance yOURself…

  • alsetn

    All military vessels continuously test for all CBN (chem., biolog., nuclear) threats in the air, ground, and water. They don't miss a thing. However, there is always a need for empirical testing of these threats on live subjects. Need we elaborate?

  • Nick

    The energy from decaing atoms is ripping apart our world.

    It's as if the technology has opened a rip or tear in space-time itself, from which there is no turning back.

    Once the USS RR was in the plume, the fates of all aboard was sealed (literally by the lying higher ups).

    Merry Christmas all.

  • http://youtu.be/Xk6Sy1cNgXo
    "During our 2011 deployment on the USS Ronald Reagan, we went through a radiation plume after heading to help out Japan after the earthquake/tsunami. This is what we had to go through every time we came back off the flight deck. This was the only entry point from the flight deck."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Repost ..wrong thread.
    Some stats..

    "Debunk 1: "These levels of incidence are what you would expect in a ship's complement of 5,500."

    Not so…or indeed anywhere near it. I'm indebted to veteran Slogger Tig for pointing out that the lifetime prevalence of testicular cancer in US men is 0.4% … and 5.5 per 100,000 with the median age at 33.

    So in each group of 100 navy men you would expect 0.0055 of them to get testicular cancer anyway. Aged 18-25, somewhat less. You'd need a group of 20,000 navy male personnel to even get 1 case of TC via 'natural' occurrence.

    The USS Ronald Reagan has 5,500 crew, and nowhere near all of them are male. There are in excess of 20 cases of testes cancer thus far … and counting."

    Fukushima's cancer epidemic: the reality revealed
    Dec 25 2013


  • pkjn

    Did the National Security Agency conceal Fukushima meltdown from military sent into area?
    Washington Times

    December 24, 2013 – As over 50 US Navy sailors who served about the USS Ronald Reagan responding to the 2011 Fukushima disaster report falling ill to cancer, it is critical to ascertain if the National Security Agency intercepted telephone and email communications from Tokyo Electric.

    The question of whether the spy agency already knew that Tokyo Electric was covering up the multi-reactor meltdown at the time the Pentagon ordered sailors into harm’s way during “Operation Tomodachi” needs to be answered.

    It would be hard to imagine that the National Security Agency was not using all available surveillance technology and Japanese translators to monitor the unfolding Tokyo Electric catastrophe, continually providing the Obama Administration with frequent updates on the unfolding situation.


  • Occupant Occupant

    As a nation, we must never allow our children to join the American armed forces, until after The American Revolution 2.0

  • bo bo

    Rihanna cancels several shows due to sickness (spring 2013) – 'I've been sick since san diego' – there was a homecoming for USS Ronald Reagan in spring in San Diego and Rihanna performed on that ship if I'm not mistaken (could not find definite date)


    • bo bo

      From article : Apologising to her Houston fans via her Instagram account, Rihanna wrote: “I was sick since San Diego!“I kept working because I thought two days off after the Vegas show would be enough time to recover and I f**ked up, those were two days off from hell and today is not different!

      The ship could still be quite radioactive.
      I wonder where it is now.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Title to above..

      Local Official: Visible hot mass floated in air and fell for hours after Reactor 3 exploded — “Top secret images” of black smoke falling — Diluted version may have reached Tokyo
      June 14 2012..


    Goddamned mother phuquing government does not give on dead rats ass about anybody except their own scumbag selves. Phuque ewe all and die

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    I found this to be of interest sorry if anyone has already posted it and I did not see it .it speaks of the possible NSA involvement a very good read. http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/freedom-press-not-free/2013/dec/24/did-nsa-conceal-fukushima-meltdown-military-sent-a/

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      the state of being involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing.
      "they were accused of complicity in the attempt to overthrow the government"
      synonyms: collusion, involvement, collaboration, connivance; More

  • ars__sra

    I live on the West Coast of CA and lately when there's a glaring brightness in the air there's a metallic taste out there. Thank all the stars for the recent rain… And I hope some of the survivors of the worst fallout can use this link to the NIOSH site regarding their exposure:

    NIOSH is also working jointly with OSHA to provide up-to-date worker protection information. To view OSHA’s page go to http://osha.gov/radiation-japan/index.htmlExternal Web Site Icon.

    • ars__sra

      It seems I recall hearing that it took generations of legal infighting for relatives of GIs exposed to nuclear testing to get the benefits they were due. NIOSH has a Special Exposure Cohort category, maybe this time around it won't take so long for justice to prevail…

      NIOSH is also working jointly with OSHA to provide up-to-date worker protection information. To view OSHA’s page go to http://osha.gov/radiation-japan/index.htmlExternal Web Site Icon.

      Best wishes to all survivors of Fukushima, that's all of us now, I guess…

  • lacrosseseopro

    This is the absolute worst thing going on in the world and no one is talking about it. It makes my skin crawl knowing that radiation is out floating in the air and the entire ocean.