NYTimes: Japan’s cleanup denounced — “A disgrace” … “Absolutely irresponsible” — Company that built all six Fukushima reactor buildings is leading ‘decontamination’

Published: January 8th, 2013 at 5:49 am ET


Title: Japan’s Cleanup After a Nuclear Accident Is Denounced
Source: NYTimes
Author: HIROKO TABUCHI; Makiko Inoue contributed reporting
Date: January 7, 2013

The decontamination crews at a deserted elementary school here are at the forefront of what Japan says is the most ambitious radiological cleanup the world has seen […]

Recent reports in the local media of cleanup crews dumping contaminated soil and leaves into rivers has focused attention on the sloppiness of the cleanup.

[…] the central and local governments have handed over much of the 1 trillion yen decontamination effort to Japan’s largest construction companies. […]

Kajima also built the reactor buildings for all six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, leading some critics to question why control of the cleanup effort has been left to companies with deep ties to the nuclear industry. […]

What’s happening on the ground is a disgrace” -Masafumi Shiga, president of Shiga Toso, a refurbishing company based in Iwaki, Fukushima

This isn’t decontamination — it’s […] absolutely irresponsible” -Tomoya Yamauchi, an expert in radiation measurement at Kobe University

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Published: January 8th, 2013 at 5:49 am ET


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54 comments to NYTimes: Japan’s cleanup denounced — “A disgrace” … “Absolutely irresponsible” — Company that built all six Fukushima reactor buildings is leading ‘decontamination’

  • richard richard

    no, really.

    i wonder what enenewers would have to offer on that 'denouncement' … for the last two years?

    • RJ RJ

      Explain yourself please

      • richard richard

        if i really must.

        it was sarcasm in the first instance, as in .. no (unbelievable) really (are they blind).

        the second sentence contains the use of my new word for the week, 'denouncement'. as in – to under announce, to obfuscate with meaningless dribble.

        and the sentence opens with an an expression of the great and prolific writings of the admin and contributors of enenews.

        the sentence ends with a reminder that it's taken two years for someone like the NYT to 'wake up'.. where as enenews has been on the case since 3/11.

        two years .. that's a lot of urgent time that has been wasted. the word urgent has become irrelevant. it's a joke to suggest that things need to move at a pace now, that chance is way gone. Consequences are now the only thing to await.

        feel free to ask for further clarification if required.

  • nedlifromvermont

    exactly … Where has the NYT been, I mean …

    providing cover to world class criminals … not the manufacturer of the six reactor BUILDINGS … but the manufacturer of all six Fukushima REACTORS, which would be American assassin conglomerate GE, is NOWHERE TO BE SEEN at the clean up, offering not a scintilla of info as to what to do …

    Death Machine vendor-in-chief, American Bandit Extraordinaire, General Electric runs from the truth about its role in Japan's destruction, like a child would run from a barn fire which he himself started, playing with matches …

    You want disgrace? You want coward? Look no further than American blue chip scoundrel General Electric, who took it upon himself (corporations are 'people', remember?) to "just push this nuclear thing through …"

    Thanks be to GE … Bastards!

    peace …

  • or-well

    appropriate words, by johnnyo, from last August.

    "Throughout this madness I've tried to stay mellow
    Now Tokyo suburbs got roofs of yellow
    Moss like gunk, is it living? growing?
    Daily more questions, why less knowing?
    Got pregnant mothers in poison cleaning
    How many babies on rad milk weaning?
    Tepgov lying like takin' a breath
    Whoring for dollars, pimping out death
    School kids smiling when playing outside
    "We'll be fine if we just stay off the slide"
    We hear different numbers but nothing specific
    They've mortgaged our future, killed the Pacific
    Raped our one Mother, the once prisine Earth
    They know where their stock's priced, not what life's worth
    For months anger smolders, let's stoke the fire
    We evolved for eons, just one step higher
    Accept that we're all one with love as our guide
    Cast out greedy evil, with no place to hide."

    Thanks johnnyo, hope you're well.

    • nomoretrust

      Or-well. Wonderful poetry. Truly one of the finest ingredients here. Thanks all who contribute. What a wicked mess.

    • johnnyo

      my brother or-well, thank you so much for that. really a nice suprise. I aint gone no wheres. Lurkin/reading here every night, just been too tired to contribute. Your kind flashback has inspired me however, so my muse beckons, like a sexy siren on yonder shore.

      Nuke expertise i have none, but we all can contribute that which we are able. I've have learned so much and am in such deep debt to all who enlighten this noble corner off the interweb thingy. I chuckle to myself remembering reading sometime in late summer 2011 about "coriums". Had no earthly idea what it was, had to google it. I have learned damn near every day since from our gallant warriors here…thanks be to each and every one of you. When the head prick at GE says there is no future in nukes, one knows we are making headway. Stay the course comrades. Fight the good fight and together we shall be victorious. Our planet and our progeny demand no less.

      Thanks again or-well. Your unexpected kindness has truly touched me and you can know when in the near future i re-join you in posting the odd iambic pentameter, it will in no small measure be because of your inspiration.

      • or-well

        johnnyo! I was hoping you'd show up one day, so I could thank you for the dedication "in person" – err, sort of :). It meant a lot to me that day. And now, here we are, spiralling higher!

    • Anthony Anthony


  • jec jec

    One reason you do not hear Fukushima and nuclear dangers in the press..General Electric (GE) is a PART OWNER of MSNBC. Wonder which other media companies are owned by companies with ties to the nuclear industry? The media is controlling information to provide "pollyanna" view of nuclear power! Its a planned effort to influence..

    • WorkerBee

      We knew back at Trinity something like, "I have become death." We knew that nuclear leaks radioactive particles and yet remained quiet. Lies and silence supported the nuclear program. Back in the '70s I gave a speech on how nuclear power would reduce radioactive emissions compared to coal. Just didn't mention, didn't know, that everything had to work right. The speech was based on an article from a science magazine, Sci Am if I remember correctly.

      Now nuclear disasters with something like a 20 year frequency are exposing the hope for the future with disease, birth defects, cancer, and death. Accident frequency will increase with older plants. Who would have thought that nuclear was such an unforgiving mistress?

      There is no place to hide. Wealth and power won't buy air free of plutonium particles. A particular company doesn't matter any more: it was the system.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        An alternate translation of the same section. Prince Arjuna is getting cold feet just before leading a big battle. Vishnu (appearing as Krishna) is encouraging him. Arjuna asks to see Vishnu in his true form and gets the ten megawatt laser lightshow *with* fog and chainsaw and cat juggling version. Arjuna is overwhelmed.

        "…Tell me who are You in such a fierce form? My salutations to You, O best of gods, be merciful! I wish to understand You, the primal Being, because I do not know Your mission.

        The Supreme Lord said: I am death, the mighty destroyer of the world, out to destroy. Even without your participation all the warriors standing arrayed in the opposing armies shall cease to exist.

        Therefore, get up and attain glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a prosperous kingdom. All these (warriors) have already been destroyed by Me. You are only an instrument, O Arjuna…"

        Bhagavad Gita, chapter 11, verses 31-33

        Oppenheimer's thoughts at Trinity (they were not spoken words) were described in his own translation "I am become death…"

        I like an alternate translation that suggests the Sanskrit "I have become TIME, the destroyer of worlds…" That sounds more like what Vishnu would say to explain his cosmic form.

  • or-well

    For myself, I'll say
    "primitive, hazardous, disgrace, regettable"
    dangerous, corrupt, criminal, contemptible
    decon work or Government in Japan?
    Am I looking at left or right hand?

  • or-well

    Always with cesium!
    Made King of Nuclides
    by all News Medium!
    Or "face" and "fall guy"
    the others to hide,
    handy spokesparticle
    in every "news" article,
    the stuff that yells "Boo!",
    the active distraction
    from others taboo
    made in nuke reactions
    and killing you.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Here I sit all broken-hearted,Fukushima-Daiichi took a sh_t & TEPCO claims it only farted!,
      Cesium-encrusted nodules on the crack of my ass,Denied by TEPCO to be a product of their Krpton gas,
      Lumps in my body Tumors on my bones,A sheep named Dolly-God I wish I could have my own clones!
      TEPCO has nothing to offer,they haven't even built the underground coffer!
      GE claims to bring good things to life-but all I see if they're killing my wife!
      They've perfected depopulation machines that raise hardly an outcry much less civil strife!
      Radiation Hormesis-one of many a faulty thesis,All of which make up the puzzle with missing pieces-But it's easy to see that TPTB are the ones chock full of feces!!
      Always sick & usually disgusted- waking to another day without news of the criminals being busted-they all seem dirty now even those I'd trusted!
      After years of rambling & angry rants,I hope I didn't blow my one chance?!~to be an ENE poet like or-well & others I seek to advance with reason & rhyme whose words can en-trance.
      Our wit is a weapon to counter nuke-puke spin-I hope one of us is there every time they bend over & give us a chance to stick it in!
      It may not be funny,polite or right,but my sick sense of humor is not for the contrite-but don't have the time to pull punches aimed at nuke-puke slime-alright?
      In closing I WISH ALL OF YOU the BEST,hope no one's offended by my light-hearted jest.Take it or leave it-be my guest!!(?).. 🙂 ..**

      • or-well

        +++ 🙂
        it's never too late
        to prattle and prate
        so serve up a plate
        of steaming irate
        and skewer nuke slime
        when Muse in mind
        says romance the rhyme
        with rhythym sublime
        Take it or leave it?
        Always the way.
        You can't please everyone
        at end of day
        so have your say
        and do it your way.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          hahaha,you're awesome or-well!! I get too wound up and thugly to mince words much these days,but you always drive the points home much more eloquently than I can & without waiting for the rope on GE/TEPCO's soap to break to "stick it to the [n][p]uke[s]"!~ 🙂 ~
          THANK YOU for your selfless contributions to ENE and the cause!
          HAVE A GREAT NIGHT ENEwser's!!!! ~TTYL~

  • dosdos dosdos

    A pipe dream that is being bilked to make a fortune fr the already rich.

  • lam335 lam335

    I'm glad the NYT is reminding the rest of the public that Japan is STILL a radiological mess and bringing to their attention just how incompetently (actually corruptly) the so-called "clean-up" is being handled.

    BUT there is NO mention of the fact that much of the contaminated waste is being BURNED in regular trash incinerators, and that as much as 30% of the radiation in that incinerated waste has been found to go up the smoke stack and back out into the environment.

    No mention of the fact that the waste to be incinerated is being transported all across Honshu, even to less contaminated cities where the residents do not want it but are forced to receive it–thus spreading the contamination farther instead of containing it.

    No mention of the fact that much of the (also radioactive) ash left over after this incineration process ends up getting dumped at Tokyo Bay.

    Perhaps the Times could do a follow up story. Perhaps the AP could do an investigated expose. This folly must be brought to the attention of the broader public. That is the only way politicians will even be motivated to care about it.

    • lam335 lam335

      investigated = investigative

      even = ever

    • or-well

      Agree, but Media nuke stories seldom seem to have any broad or comprehensive focus.
      You correctly point out other facets of the "clean up" story being overlooked.
      In trying to read the story as if I didn't know what I know, I get a sense that it says "If only more companies – and specifically US companies – were involved, the cleanup would be more successful."
      As if it were possible to decontaminate an entire geographical region of a country.
      And of course, no mention of anything besides cesium.
      The story seems less about decontamination and more about J-Gov poor choices.
      Throw in quotes from "unhappy locals" and official justifiers for "balance" and there you go.
      I'm not saying the story shouldn't have been written, as it needs to be covered, but, like you, the omissions are as troubling as what seems to be implied.

  • weeman

    Kaijima the company that built the nuclear reactors in charge of cleanup? Why simple corruption, already has a track record when building reactors of kick backs, when you are talking this kind of money the scum of the earth will come to feed.

  • Ecoguy

    My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of http://www.zeolite.com . We are the largest supplier of natural ingestible zeolite for removing heavy metals and radiation from the body in the world. We have offered to GIVE FOR FREE 16 TON's This is 32,000 pounds of medical grade zeolite that can help to remove the radiation from a whole lot of peoples body's In Japan! 500,000 tons of zeolite was used to treat and help remove the radiation from the people as well as the cattle in Chernobyl after their disaster! We called the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC just after the disaster they said that our offer would be passed to the correct people in the Government.

    NO ONE has returned our calls or E-mails. So then I personally E-mailed and called TEPCO Tokyo electric power company's office in Washington DC USA to offer the FREE zeolite to them for their radiated employees and for the radiated people in the Fukushima area. TEPCO did not call me back so I kept calling them. When I finally got through to them they pretty much blew me off. It's amazing that my company zeolite.com seems to care more about the health, lives and welfare of the Japanese people then the Japanese Government and the Tokyo power company. I am hoping that if this information can make it into the news! If it does maybe it will then stimulate the Japanese Government and power company enough to take action to help their own people. If you would like to interview me for more info call me direct at…

    • Anthony Anthony

      I'm glad you posted this.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Many thanks, Mr. Barry Cohen, for your offer of zeolite to the Japanese. Word will get to the right people there, by means of your post here, as ENEnews is widely monitored in Japan.

      Japan will spend 1 trillion yen, but will accomplish nothing, except to put much of those yen into the pockets of their stockholders. Fallout in the forests and mountains will never be cleaned up. Current fallout recontaminates areas that have been 'decomtaminated'. Handling comtaminated soil and leaves spreads the contamination once again into the air, not to mention incineration, and into rivers from dumping. Hopeless.

      While efforts got underway to begin the cleanup in the summer of 2011, radiation readings were not going down. At the plant, things just got worse and worse.
      And all this time, the ground water flowing around the corium from 3 melt-throughs, pours unceasing into the Pacific Ocean, spreading the contamination up the food chain, all the way to those thousands of seafood chain restaurants in towns all across the USA. Bon apetite!

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Hey, the story about the children's recovery center might be able to give you a contact that would be interested. The organization's name is Okinawa Kumi no Sato. They are providing a rest center for the children. They have proven that they are willing to do whatever they can to help as many children as possible. Here is the link to the original story or I am sure you can find it in the Japan post just before this one.

      Is there anyone who can find contact information for this organization? I started to look but soon realized I don't read Japanese.

      Source: ENEnews of course.

      Thank you for doing what you can to help our friends. Insanity abounds in our modern age and it is nice to hear of a kind stranger from time to time.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Many thanks, 16Penny, for this great idea!

        Just ran across more proof that ENEnews postings really do have legs. Back in December, I wrote a summary of what has happened at Fuku, and posted it here. (Reposted below). Today, I was reading a blog by Northerntruthseeker, who says:

        "I came across an interesting article that best summarizes the Fukushima nuclear disaster as it stands today. It comes from the Rense website, at http://www.rense.com, and is written by Richard Wilcox, PhD. It is entitled: "The Disastrous Status Of Fukushima Daiich", and I have it right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves… I have my own comments to follow:…"

        As I started into this "article", it quickly became clear that I was reading my own words, attributed by Northerntruthseeker to Rense to Dr. Richard Wilcox, PhD, and to me. The "article" was actually posted by PhilipUpNorth on 12/6/2012, right here on ENEnews. So you see, ENEnewsers, our postings here are newsworthy, replacing news networks in thrall to "GE and The Powers That Be", who remain by and large silent on the ongoing Fukushima Disaster.

        More below:

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          Article posted by Northerntruthseeker"

          "The Disastrous Status Of Fukushima Daiichi

          " From Richard Wilcox, PhD
          By PhilipUpNorth

          "Workers can't work in Buildings 1, 2 and 3 because the radiation is too intense.

          "Steel is corroding from saltwater, threatening pipes and pumps which cool the remains of three destroyed reactors.

          "Radiation is crumbling concrete onto dust.

          "Zirconium cladding is so corroded from seawater that it is doubtful that SFP 1, 2, 3 and 4 can ever be emptied.

          "Corium under Building 4 has cracked the foundation and the building is sinking unevenly.

          "Ground water contacting corium in the mudrock below Buildings1, 2 and 3 becomes highly contaminated, and flows directly into the Pacific Ocean, killing the Pacific Seafood Industry.

          "Hawaii milk is so comtaminated that farmers are feeding boron to their cows.

          "Two US cities on RadiationNetwork.com right now measure over 60cpm of radiation in the air.

          "TEPCO seems to have lost track of the corium from 3 nuclear plants.

          "And then there are the two earthquakes of 6.2 and 7.3 which hit just offshore since midnight…"


          • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

            Northerntruthseeker responds:
            "NTS Notes: I could expand on all of the points stated, but for now I will concentrate on just a few….

            "Yes, it is a fact that NO workers have been able to approach any of the failed reactor cores, simply because the radiation is absolutely too intense. The few workers that have volunteered so far to go in and try to help with the situation are now dying of radiation poisoning!

            "Part of the problem with the steel corroding from salt water is due to the fact that in the vain attempts by TEPCO to cool the reactors by pouring sea water from the nearby Pacific Ocean, they have allowed salt from said sea water to react with the steel within the facility! This corrosion is only adding to the horrific possibility of the Spent Fuel Pools collapsing. Also, the entire facility is deteriorating due to not only sea water corrosion, but to the radiation that is slowly turning most of the concrete walls of the entire facility to dust….

            "The reason why TEPCO has lost track of the "Corium" from the failed reactor cores, is simply because there is the strong possibiility that the "Corium" has broken through the bottom containment barriers of each of the failed cores and is burrowing into the Earth slowly as we speak. This is a very slow "China Syndrome" that has always been feared to catastrophically happen with this facility…."

            • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

              Continued from Northerntruthseeker:
              "Radiation levels are still well above normal all over the Northern Hemisphere from this disaster, and I am troubled that there have been NO new videos or new reports of exactly how high that radiation level can be. Two US cities now measuring over 60 counts per minute of fallout radiation is bad enough….

              "There are scattered reports coming out that the 7.3 (some places say 7.4) magnitude Earthquake did considerable damage to the already crippled Fukushima facility. But it is only as a stroke of luck that the failed Spent Fuel Pools did not collapse as a result of this quake! If that would have happened, then it could have spelled the end of Japan, and possibly much of the Northern Hemisphere as well….

              "I cannot emphasize that this disaster is absolutely not over by a long shot. Sadly, the world's nations are presently working on new wars of aggression in the Middle East for Israel, while totally ignoring this planet threatening disaster in Japan. Does anyone else besides me see the problem here?"

              • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

                What comes around, goes around. What is said here is, truly, widely circulated on the Web. Keep it up, Admin. and ENEnewsers! Choose your words carefully; work more towards finding solutions, then assigning blame. Peace. No nukes.

                • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                  Yes , i can hear the "echo" of ENENews/ers truout different mediums and articles too .

                  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                    Maybe even better to call them "harmonics" like in sound-energy , instead of echo , is more alive 😉

      • Anthony Anthony

        Yes because if there are any medical scientific projects connected to Fuku I'd hope they'd be remedy focused. Using this product where you suggest is a mutually positive endeavor. I hope there is something to detoxification like this.

    • m a x l i

      Barry, could you please explain, where the heavy metals and radioactive isotopes end up, after they are removed from the body by the help of zeolite?

  • Ecoguy

    Barry Cohen of http://www.zeolite.com Back To Give Our Contact Phone Number. Its 1-561-629-5618. I will everything possible to help our USA sailors and the people of Japan get the justice they deserve!

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Vengance is mine sayeth the lord. I am not ultra religious but that bible quote is pretty well known.

      I would stick to providing aide and any assistance you can. We need more healing and less damage, even to the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity.

      • richard richard

        The criminals need to be prosecuted. They've raped Japan and the pacific, show no mercy, especially in light of their denial and ineptitude.

        Stop whimping out with peace love and mungbeans. Destruction is on your doorstep.

  • 3-11-11

    The New York Times has been an advocate of the nuclear industry from the very beginning.

    Professor Karl Grossman wrote about this, saying:

    * The New York Times "pro-nuclear editorial culture began decades ago"

    * "…Manhattan Project director Gen. Leslie Groves personally arranged" for reporter William Laurence "to join the project."

    * *Laurence was responsible for the first piece of nuclear media disinformation; he wrote a press statement to cover up the first test of an atomic device, claiming there had been an ammunition dump explosion."

    * "From the dawn of the atomic-bomb age, Laurence and the Times almost single-handedly shaped the news of this epoch and helped birth the acceptance of the most destructive force ever created," writes Keever, professor of journalism at the University of Hawaii."

    * "Laurence would describe nuclear power as "making the dream of the Earth as a Promised Land come true." "

    http://www.karlgrossman.com/articles.html#The NYTs Nuclear Promised Land


    A list of Professor Karl Grossman's other excellent articles:


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Decontamination is impossible both for country and your body. It stays, destroys, and must be outlawed. There is simply no other solution.

    • There seem to be a few 'solutions' out there, but I wonder if they are real, or the usual fakery:

      Rice University discovers that graphene oxide soaks up radioactive waste
      Posted on: january 8, 2013 – 4:30pm

      "Graphene oxide has a remarkable ability to quickly remove radioactive material from contaminated water, researchers at Rice University and Lomonosov Moscow State University have found.

      A collaborative effort by the Rice lab of chemist James Tour and the Moscow lab of chemist Stepan Kalmykov determined that microscopic, atom-thick flakes of graphene oxide bind quickly to natural and human-made radionuclides and condense them into solids. The flakes are soluble in liquids and easily produced in bulk.

      The experimental results were reported in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

      The discovery, Tour said, could be a boon in the cleanup of contaminated sites like the Fukushima nuclear plants damaged by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. It could also cut the cost of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") for oil and gas recovery and help reboot American mining of rare earth metals, he said."

      • Or this one:

        West Windsor firm working on medication to help those exposed to high levels of radiation
        By Matty Hammond/For The Times
        on January 07, 2013 at 7:00 AM, updated January 07, 2013 at 7:06 AM

        "WEST WINDSOR — A company with a background in developing medications for use in extreme biohazard situations said it may one day have something humans can use in the event of a nuclear attack or reactor meltdown.

        Soligenix, which for a while has been at work on an anthrax vaccine, is working on a medication to help the body rebound from heavy exposure to radiation.

        The drug, OrbeShield, works on the gastrointestinal system, the health of which has been shown to be pivotal in the body’s ability to recover from radiation poisoning. In trials of the drug on dogs, the health of the digestive organs was somewhat improved, which in turn raised survival rates for the animals, the company reported late last year."

        • 3-11-11

          Someone posted this the other day, about a pharmaceutical drug called "Ex-Rad"

          >>> "This newly developed compound is said to be a potent radiation protection agent."


          The company making it is ONCONOVA

          From Onconova's website:

          >>> "Ex-RAD, ON 01210.Na" — "is a radiation protection drug being developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense under the FDA “Animal Rule,” which permits marketing approval for new countermeasures, for which human efficacy studies are not feasible or ethical."

          More here:

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            if some new product developed by Big Pharma shows promise regarding curtailing radiation sickness & treating exposure-it may have the undesirable impact of "delaying" the only REAL solution-which is to start shutting them all down and shifting all of their resources towards phasing out nukes from the mix & forcing power companies to developing & implementing new energy technologies that are non-toxic and truly clean sources of power. Any "celebrations" following the unveiling of new technology or substances showing promise with regards to "healing" radiation victims are short-lived if they are used to prolong the painfully slow death of the Nuclear Age & allow their victims to falsely assume some new device or substance renders man-made ionizing radiation contamination harmless!!(?)
            If those involved with the horrific events unleashed on the planet can "use" promising "positive" developments to argue for their side being allowed to continue poisoning for profit,then it doesn't seem like such a great thing unless it also cures the cancers like that of my sweet wife & all of the other victims whose health didn't withstand even the first round of releases,fallout and bioaccumulation already evident beyond what MY opinion holds via "up close & personal" experience(s) that I refuse to believe my family & I would've suffered had the Fukushima Disaster NOT occurred!! The BEST way to "treat" a medical condition is PREVENTION!-no further explanations needed!
            ~ 🙁 ~

          • kalidances

            Death by cancer means big money for the pharma companies. Drugs like this are more than enough incentive for doctors to delay early treatment to sick Japanese citizens. All they have to do is toss cancer meds and various chemical drugs at them until they die and will have many more in line behind them.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    The "world's most ambitious radiological decontamination" effort is also the world's most ineffective waste of time,resources and one of the many examples of how truly helpless the nuke pukes are when it comes to cleaning up what can't be cleaned and "liquidating" the already limited labor pool by sending manpower out to be irradiated doing "PR" work tasks that allow news stories that makes it "appear" they have things under control. Too bad they can't control their runaway nuclear trainwreck in Fukushambles nearly as well as they control the media and manipulate the minds af their all too trusting victim/public??!! I bet they "decontaminated" the ground and protective housing of the probes & radiation detection/monitoring posts REAL well!(?) As long as people don't step six feet any direction away from the monitoring posts registering low numbers they should be okay!!(?) ~RIDICULOUS!!!~ Those who know a thing or two about radiation & bioaccumulation HAVE to be CONCERNED about the prospect of a whole lotta nastiness being unleashed when they do start removing fuel from the SFP's in such poor shape that the removal of the fuel HAS to proceed BEFORE the whole place sinks,explodes,floods with radioactive water accumulating onsite or just simply collapses and ALL of the above happens(AGAIN!)[if there's even any fuel assemblies left that could react to being exposed to the air!(?)] TEPCO's so full of s_it their breath stinks!! 🙁 ~

  • RememberThis RememberThis

    They could get better results if they gave all the junkies in Tokyo and elsewhere a box of straws……

    And told them they would get higher than a friggin' kite if they snorted it up


    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      "They" probably just got a (another)great idea & "answer" to the shortage of people "willingly" going there to become nuclear waste depositories on legs aka a "job"…wonder how many "gambling addicts"(or drugs,etc.)whose vices found them "indebted" to labor recruitment entities strongly "urged" by their Yakuza creditors to accept their "kind" offer of a job that would allow them to repay gambling,drug debts,etc.??!! It doesn't seem so far-fetched as it may sound though for those of us who wondered about the whereabouts of many of the post-3/11 Fukushambles workers AFTER they'd gotten dosed with RAD levels logic would hold would've likely SEVERELY sickened or killed them much faster than MOST of us will see such impacts & it reminds me of the allegations of NPP worker corpses being "hidden" and/or "stored" at TEPCO-connected,sponsored medical & research facilities,universities,etc.!!(?) The very same human "faults" that we'd assume would preclude certain segments of our population from gaining employment/access to sensitive,dangerous material & situations that would logically "disallow" drug addicts,hustlers,sociopaths & most other downtrodden segments of society from even being in proximity to "switches,valves,etc." that HAVE the ability to toggle the switch that determines the fate of the WORLD!(?)~are now the BEST "recruits" the relatively low-paid "liqiuidator-labor pool" has to offer!!?? 😐
      GOOD LUCK!-(the best WE can hope for!) :(…

  • or-well

    Stay on sidewalks. Stay off grass. Use indoor gym to keep lard off ass. Leave school at 15. Have kids by 20. If half of them live, that will be plenty. Labor 'til 40. Linger 'til 50. Life to be for "Shorties" – those to whom suffering comes swiftly and don't get the drugs nifty. The 99%, if you get my drifty.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I remember in mid-2011 there was a big story about a kind-hearted Japanese millionaire or billionaire whose selfless acts & sense of concern & urgency was not shared by the other 1%ers whose morality,code of conduct or LACK of those attributes earned him the contempt of his wealthy & powerful peers those of us who engaged in the discussion group threads that this man was the topic being focused on at the time had suggested would likely be targeted by the 1% and TPTB with the intention of destroying the character,fortune & man described as the "Good Samaritan"(??)-I "think"??-was the keyword that might refresh the memory's of anyone who remembers the story AND might be able to provide an update on the man and his story-I hope he was found to be sincere and continued his charitable activities without turning up dead or a "broken" man for his rare example that set him apart from "the Takers"-who may have taken him down for all I know??!! I lost ALL of my files,bookmarks EVERYTHING that was in my old PC during a cyber-assault that included shutting down 3 public WiFi resources including the one myself & a dozen others enjoyed for YEARS-some said If I was "trying" to step on someones toes-it appeared I'd succeeded!(?)LOL!Anyways if anyone has anything further on "The Good Samaritan"(not the movie!lol)and/or his current status going on 2 years from the last I'd heard of him-please post it?! THANKS! TAKE CARE 🙂 **