NYTimes on “Surreal Serenity”: Hotel owner gave me mask, coat — ‘Radiation levels are high sometimes when it rains’ (VIDEO)

Published: July 23rd, 2012 at 6:45 am ET


Title: In Fukushima, Surreal Serenity
Source: NYTimes.com
Author: By KUMIKO MAKIHARA, Op-Ed Contributor
Date: July 23, 2012

In Fukushima, Surreal Serenity

KORIYAMA, JAPAN — The traditional inn nestled amid the mountainous countryside offered all the luxurious comforts for which these old-style hotels are famous. An elegant and eye-pleasing eight-course dinner was served in our room. The outdoor hot-spring bath had a view of lush foliage covering a steep cliff, lit up to highlight the diverse shades of green. A soothing sound emanated from a river flowing below. I could have been anywhere in Japan enjoying the typically understated royal treatment.
Only this time, when I checked out, instead of a parting gift of a box of local confectionaries or a hand towel with the hotel’s name on it, the owner handed me a plastic bag containing a vinyl raincoat, cotton gloves and a gauze mask. “Just in case you need it,” he said. “Sometimes when it rains, the numbers are high.” He was referring to measurements of radiation.

On a recent visit to Fukushima Prefecture, I encountered a surreal situation where residents lived and worked with impressive calm and normalcy amid daunting circumstances: an ongoing struggle to decommission the nuclear plants damaged last year by earthquakes and a tsunami, questions about the health effects of exposure to radiation, and what seem like endless revelations of negligence and misjudgment by government and power company officials that contributed to the disaster.


Recent video from Koriyama

Published: July 23rd, 2012 at 6:45 am ET


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6 comments to NYTimes on “Surreal Serenity”: Hotel owner gave me mask, coat — ‘Radiation levels are high sometimes when it rains’ (VIDEO)

  • arclight arclight

    domo arigato

    the video clip was impressive..

    but to proove it was rain water and not ground contamination being picked up by the rain?

    either way this is NOT good for local residents..

    i noticed too that the reading was 0.6 mcSv/h on the notice but 0.9 mcSv/h on the gieger..

    was this because of the hot rain or the inaccuracy of the official monitoring?

    once again thank you for this video evidence!

  • arclight arclight

    they played down the protests.. giving NO figures and saying the protests were on fridays.. doesnt mention all the protests around japan

    and i really hated this condesending piece too!

    "…The challenge this nation now faces is how to nurture healthy skepticism alongside such admirable perseverance…"


    nurture healthy skepticism

    how about nurture political change?? seems more like the aim?
    the skeptism has moved on imo!

    the NY times is full of s&^%t imo

    go back to journo school!

    however in a recent article the NY times did say that the news is manipulated for the corporations.. so maybe its just the author of the article not botherng to research the facts… hard to say 😉

    • arclight arclight

      Anti nuclear movement becoming a force in Japan’s elections

      Fukushima Watch: Anti-Nuclear Candidate Gains Ground in Yamaguchi Race WSJ. 23 July 12, By Yoree Koh

      "..Pro- and anti-nuclear candidates are again locked in battle in a Japanese local election. But while pro-nuclear candidates have had the upper hand in all post-Fukushima elections until now, a clean slate of newcomers has made the gubernatorial contest in Yamaguchi prefecture one of the most high-profile among the anti-nuclear camp as recent
      polls indicate the candidate opposing nuclear power appears to have a fighting chance for the seat……
      The Yamaguchi race is seen as the latest litmus test of voters’ opinions on the soul-searching issue of nuclear power……"


      how comes the wall street journal says this and the NY times says that??


      we have a newspaper in england like the NYtimes .. its called "the sun" and has a pair of breasts bared within each edition… so people tell me! 😉 lol!

  • arclight arclight

    maybe the NY times wants mini reactors like those billionaires who have invested all their money in nuclear.? there has to be some way to save these poor/feckingrich people (including norways invested future)?

    Call for USA govt to fund new experimental nuclear reactors

    Leaders Renew Call For Federal Grant For Small Nuclear Reactors Osarks First.comBy: KOLR10 Newsroom & MO News Horizon July 23, 2012

    “……Gov. Jay Nixon joined officials from Westinghouse Electric Company and Ameren Energy Monday for a Missouri Economic Development Summit in Columbia,…"