NYT: Rat Chase Again Bedevils Fukushima Nuclear Plant — Power lost to spent fuel pool for hours

Published: April 5th, 2013 at 9:04 am ET


NYTimes, April 5, 2013: Rat Chase Again Bedevils Fukushima Nuclear Plant [...] Workers at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant who were installing wire nets Friday to keep rats away from a vital cooling system instead tripped up that system, causing it to fail for the second time in weeks. The spent fuel pool at the site’s No. 3 reactor went without fresh cooling water for almost three hours Friday afternoon, said the plant’s operator, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, known as Tepco. Still, the recent power failures have raised concerns over continued vulnerabilities at the plant [...]

BBC News: [...] The breakdown was not thought to pose any immediate danger, operator Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) said. An alarm at reactor number three earlier revealed the system had stopped at one of the pools containing spent, but highly radioactive, fuel rods. [...]

“We were installing wire nets to keep the rats out. But the end of one of the wires may have momentarily come into contact with a live terminal. The next moment, there were sirens.” -Masayuki Ono, general manager at Tepco’s Nuclear Power and Plant Siting Division

See also: 'Rat-like animal' blamed for Fukushima blackout -- Rodent able to endanger nuclear plant? (PHOTO)

Published: April 5th, 2013 at 9:04 am ET


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20 comments to NYT: Rat Chase Again Bedevils Fukushima Nuclear Plant — Power lost to spent fuel pool for hours

  • ion jean ion jean

    Seriously? It takes a rat netting expedition to boil plutonium for 3 freaking hours ??

    Our governments are utterly complacent thus far in wrenching the steering wheel from TEPCOs dusty, crumbling little fingers…that could be called treason when the health of its tax slaves is not being protected…

    WTF? Nuckelchen has been capturing vid of steam releases at night on mar 29 and apr 3…now we know there's more on the way…boogie like it's 2011 folks! I watch the jet stream models a lot now…one day can make a difference.

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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Someone call an exterminator and hand the phone to TEPCO.

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  • redwing redwing

    How hard is it to set a mousetrap? Is this seriously for real?

    Holy shit, what happens if a dog finds the power supply for the cooling system and decides to take a leak on it?

    Are we accounting for the bird dropping problem?

    And what about ants?


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  • We Not They Finally

    Wire nets to keep out the rats? If they did not keeping CHEWING THROUGH wire, this would not have happened in the first place. Not a clue. Just feel very sorry for the humans there.

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  • They're covering up for the radioactive easter bunny…

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  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The meltdowns are continuing, on and on, contaminating everything, thanks to nuclear.

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  • SophieQ

    This is THE ONLY way You are taken seriously. IF the complacent ones don't get their hinds moving and overcome the good religious stories about life having to be hard and cruel because we are all sinners in the first place, then they deserve to witness how their noble goal to procreate will deliver nothing but mutated children. When I see countless young women (many so called 'Hippie'-women here -no discrimination intended, just an observation for Hawai'i) having a 3 year old, a one year old and being pregnant with another one, I can only ask myself: What are these people thinking? Nothing? Are people already that mentally deranged, that they believe the radiation will disappear? Huh?
    As a witness to Chernobyl I am aware of what is happening in the global atmosphere. We are in for the final dispersion of radioactive particles.
    There is only one way out of this corrupt dilemma and if anybody keeps still deluding themselves about the 'possibility' of a 'clean-up', they truly deserve a 'Darwin Award' for being the most idiotic death seekers on Mother Earth's precious surface:


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  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    UH Huh! >>"Still, the recent power failures have raised concerns over continued vulnerabilities <s>at the plant</s> of the brain… [...]

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  • Madashell10 Madashell10

    And flooding the plant with ooooops highly radiated water wont help
    neither ,
    We are not doing enough to stop this are we ? Whats the best way to approach this People. I am Madashell and we are first in line
    to recieve Nuked air again I am not going down like that without a fight 4sure

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  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    I don't believe their earlier blown vacuum breaker was caused by a rat, and I don't believe this bogus story about rat nets. The workers would have been killed.

    It took three hours to get the SPF cooling restored. If a circuit breaker trips and you know why, then you should be able to reset it. It doesn't take three hours. They overloaded another circuit in the trailer with all the junk transferred from the blown one. Now this one blew. They must be running out of second-hand circuit-breakers in their rolling metal shack of death by now.

    “The next moment, there were sirens.” -Masayuki Ono, general manager at Tepco’s Nuclear Power and Plant Siting Division

    That was an ambulance responding to the rights of the Japanese people in mortal pain. The victim was deceased by time the ambulance arrived. Shocked paramedics later told reporters that the patient appeared to have been dead for several years, but someone had been washing it and changing it's clothes on a regular basis, "…as if to trick someone that the people's rights never died. It was bizzare and gruesome…"

    When asked, Division Manager Ono made a raccoon dog face and replied quickly, "It cannot be explained."

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  • irhologram

    SOOO, I guess it would be lunacy to try to fly from Boston to Florida end of the week? Please tell me how risky it may be to fly along the East coast then. The trip has a lot at stake for me. What risk would I be taking? I'd be grateful for specifics regarding air travel if anyone knows. I'm sure it must have been discussed, but I missed it..

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