NYTimes: Unprecedented concentration of sea creatures near shore in California; Experts baffled, longtime residents astounded — Biologist: “It’s a very strange year… The $64,000 question is why?” — Similar to ‘extraordinary’ events seen recently along Canada’s Pacific coast? (VIDEO)

Published: November 25th, 2013 at 9:08 am ET


New York Times, November 24, 2013: It began with the anchovies, miles and miles of them […] in the waters of Monterey Bay. Then the sea lions came, by the thousands […] the pelicans […] bottlenose dolphins [in groups of 100 or more have been spotted] […] But it was the whales that astounded even longtime residents — more than 200 humpbacks […] and, on a recent weekend, a pod of 19 rowdy orcas […] the water in every direction roiled with mammals […] For almost three months, Monterey and nearby coastal areas have played host to a mammoth convocation of sea life that scientists here say is unprecedented in their memories […] never that anyone remembers have there been this many or have they stayed so long […] Last month, so many anchovies crowded into Santa Cruz harbor that the oxygen ran out, leading to a major die-off. Marine researchers are baffled about the reason for the anchovy explosion. […]

Baldo Marinovic, research biologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz: “It’s a very strange year […] The $64,000 question is why this year? […] Now [the anchovies are] all kind of concentrating on the coast.”

Just a few weeks ago similar sightings were reported along Canada’s Pacific coast:

Vancouver Sun, Nov. 6, 2013: An extraordinary string of recent whale encounters around Vancouver Island is likely due to luck, not one factor, experts say. “This has not been a typical year,” said John Ford, head of the cetacean research program at Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo. […] The “biggie” of the bunch is the endangered North Pacific right whale, spotted twice in B.C. waters for the first time in 60 years. […] There have been other remarkable whale encounters […]  passengers aboard the B.C. ferry between Galiano Island and Tsawwassen were treated to the sight of a superpod of about 1,000 Pacific white-sided dolphins […]

Nick Claxton, Indigenous academic adviser at the University of Victoria: Recent whale encounters could have a deeper meaning, according to an Indigenous worldview […] “We see them as our relatives, as ancestors. All of these occurrences remind us of our place here and our connection to the natural world. It’s for the better of all of us to listen.”

Indigenous leaders have recently been attempting to get the world listening: [intlink id=”yale-chief-arvol-looking-horse-addresses-u-n-over-fukushima-crisis-a-threat-to-future-of-humanity-2001-quote-contamination-of-our-food-and-land-now-affecting-way-we-think-disease-of” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch video from the New York Times about the events in California here

Published: November 25th, 2013 at 9:08 am ET


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106 comments to NYTimes: Unprecedented concentration of sea creatures near shore in California; Experts baffled, longtime residents astounded — Biologist: “It’s a very strange year… The $64,000 question is why?” — Similar to ‘extraordinary’ events seen recently along Canada’s Pacific coast? (VIDEO)

  • lickerface lickerface

    I will bet $64,000 that it will never be said that radiation is WELL KNOWN to cause immune system disorders in marine wildlife, and that sea creatures have the instinct of "running" from danger. What, is this decade about "forget science"?

    • nedlifromvermont

      Don't want to upset GE, JPMorgan's cash cow. Focus on the "intelligent machines that are changing the way we live" and not on the stupid, unnecessary machines (nuclear reactors) that GE sold to Japanese stooges at Fuckyoushima Daichi, which are changing the fact that we are alive into cancer center customers for their diagnostics side show.

      Six Sigma my ass!

      peace …

    • Cisco Cisco

      Science, science…we don't need no stinkin' science! Fukushima, Deep Horizon, TMI and list goes on, are what you get when you don't employ science versus ideology. The folks who are in and have been in charge, the psychopaths, have conveniently ignored science for their economic benefits at the expense and demise of humanity.

      Japan is in the forefront of promoting their nuclear technology to construct more nuclear plants of their designs, worldwide. What's incredulous though, is that governments are still moving to provide financing and insurance guarantees on the backs of their taxpayers.

      Oh, the inhumanity…FUBAR!

      • pattersonp

        I think if more people re-read this they would understand not every single freakin newstory on here is attributed to Fukushima.

        If you look for Fukushima everywhere you will find it everywhere. Its all relative and the amount of paranoia and out-right fear for people living on other side of 5000 miles of water is sickening.

        if you're worried, imagine Japan… then realize you are not the ONYL persons or animals being affected and whatever you MAY be getting, Japan is getting it 100000x worse.

        • Socrates

          No doubt the die – offs are caused by fear – mongering in the media by environmentmentalists. The poor animals are being frightened to death.

        • We Not They Finally

          What's "sickening," pattersonp, is your chalking up people's profound concern and analysis with "paranoia and out-right fear." It's your responses that tend to be sickening. Go watch "Pandora's Promise." Stewart Brand may be just your kind of guy.

        • 16Penny 16Penny

          pattersonp, I think what is most significant about the content of the articles is how many times they mention the rarity or how unprecedented these occurrences are. It isn't hard to read between the lines and see that something isn't right. Same as the starfish die off. It had been seen before but not like this and it was attributed to unusually warm ocean temps, not the case this time. I think it is very plausible that this is a case of stuck between a beach and "hot" water. Perhaps the stew of crap coming off of the debris island is what they are running from. It is hard to say because no one (who) is monitoring the situation (will talk openly).

          LOLs Socrates, I am a fan of sarcasm.
          saying BOO! to a 50 ton whale, what an image.

          • pattersonp

            rarity when in the last 100 years? humanity does not keep records that great on a world-wide scale especially. I think people forget the earth is billions of years old, and us putting human timelines on it is another example of fear mongering.

            "THE WORST DISASTER IN HISTORYYYY" <— no way to know that ever. FIRST TIME WHALE SEEN IN 60 years… according to who, eye-witness reports (which don't reflects what UNDER the surface).

            Obviously the rads/isotopes fallout etc are going to cause problems, that's straight out of a radiation chapter out of a biology 101 textbook. But crying Fukushima-Wolf every single time, paaalease.

            • AB AB

              The b is a p and the d is q. So…. pattersonp could also be…

              at least it rhymes!

              Get this spacebar-humping TROLL out of ENENEWS…

          • PurpleRain PurpleRain

            Fully agree with you 16Penny. It is not right. There is some problem going on that has caused all of these animals to interact and come so close to land..and well…I'm not paranoid or fear stricken to think or believe that it's Fukushima-related. It could be radiation..or it cold be chemical spills in the ocean from the tsunami too.

    • Gradius

      Answer: FUKUSHIMA! Where I get my $64K ?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      I'd take the bet except I don't think we'll be here long enough to find a wise enough species to realize and say this, nor that we will be alive. So, keep your money. It won't do either of us any good.

    • We Not They Finally

      Hmmm do you think it maybe that scatalogical word…Radiation????Is that why the creatures of our oceans maybe dying???

  • kintaman kintaman

    They are all trying to get out of the poisoned ocean. Thank you for what we have done stupid humans.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      This may actually be a type of forced evolution and we might soon see millions of sardines and whales with two legs, standing straight up, screaming at the top of their lungs (Help!), and running like hell all over the west coast beaches soon.. 🙂

      I am sure they will need/want some food to eat, probably us humans, and then will want to buy some shiny bangles too! I see some business potentials coming in the near future taking care of them all, housing etc..

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      i was supposed to move back to the monterey bay area this year where i lived for more than 15 years. it hurts to look at it. yes, it seems the sea life wants to get out of the water.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    The wildlife knows that *BAD* water is coming and it's trying to move away from it.

    It's somewhat comical when you realise that the wildlife is actually brighter than mankind, especially the experts.

    • pattersonp

      Are you the dog whisperer now?

      • davidh7426 davidh7426


        LOL… Not really, I just refuse to be so egotistical as to assume that man is the pinnacle of evolution when it comes to brains, after all, we are the only race that is actively soiling our own nest, with barely a thought as to how it affects not just us, but all of life.

        The world will survive, changed, but still living, likewise so will life. But if there is any justice those that have caused this won't.

      • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

        he's the reality whisperer

      • nedlifromvermont

        the nuclear troll whisperer …

        peace pattersonp … you know not what you do …

        • pattersonp

          hahaha yes you caught me! I caused theearthquake in 2011, and I build and support nuclear power plants all over the world /facepalm.

          creatures that live,die,breed in the ocean piling up against the shore… wow, SO odd and rare. lolololol "FIRST TIME IN HISTORY OF MANKIND"…


          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            pattersonpooper…I have one more post to you after this, but that's it. Sayonara. No more. As Jimmy Morrison said,
            "This is the end, Ignorant friend, The end."

            So no more time wasting words from me, nor from reading anything you say.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        No patter bin master sonp, just aware and sufficiently free from distorted ego to be aware.

  • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

    True story: couple months ago, wife and I stood near a small concrete dam on a shallow pond when a great blue (looked like a juvenile) swooped down low over the water and landed on the dam. He proceeded to stalk, then half-dived, half fell into the poind. He/she jumped back out onto the dam and shook themself off like a dog from tailfeather to head. I asked if he got it. He glared at us, and dipped his beak in the water, threw his head back, spraying a curl of water drops into the air. Then he did it again and flew off. I think he was trying to tell us there is a problem…

  • jec jec

    If the chain of food, the plankton up to the higher levels of food animals has died, then the mammals and the fish are all migrating to find other food sources. Sharks and larger fish may start looking at land based animals silly enough to step into the oceans as a major food source.

    I hope GE knows how to make "manna" or food for everyone out of thin air, because they are acting like gods to the rest of humanity..

    • hexagon

      Soylent Green

    • nedlifromvermont

      GE's bros at Monsanto got the food thing covered …

      food that will give you cancer …

      more unintelligent, unnecessary cancer causing crap from American Big Bidness …

      what's not to love about seeding the market?

      peace …

    • Insight

      Nuclear contamination destroys the lining of the intestines preventing nutrient absorption. I think by the description, that MANNA is a form of Lecithin. Lecithin is present in the body at the cellular level, it has an indispensable role in regulating the flow of nutrients & waste materials in & out of the cell.
      Studies show that soybean lecithin reduces the incidence of lung tumors. Lecithin can enhance memory with better ability to focus & concentrate.
      In doughs and bakery, lecithin reduces fat & egg requirements, helps even distribution of ingredients in dough, stabilizes fermentation, increases volume, & protects yeast cells in dough when frozen. Ingredients in soy lecithin granules are essential to nerve & muscle function, including the heart, & are contained in the sheath that covers every nerve and muscle cell in the body. Taking Lecithin improves muscle endurance & provides relief of arthritis while "wandering in the desert".

  • I looked at these articles.

    There is ZERO consideration given to Fukushima FALLOUT.

    The is NO MENTION of radioactive contamination as a possibility.

    Almost seems like a joke, but it's not.

    The FALLOUT is already here.
    It's been here for over 2 1/2 years.
    The FALLOUT will continue to accumulate and SPREAD.

    The 'Media' will not speak of this, ever. They will just make more commercials for prescription drugs and the nearest Cancer Center Hospitals. Plus, they'll remind you to BUY health insurance. 😉

    Someday soon…. they will blame most things on climate change, which IMO, was likely accelerated and perhaps even triggered by Nuclear Testing and Nuclear Power. That's why they got the 'bright idea' to do test explosions underground. They knew they were destroying the atmosphere. (and people)

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Chas – The fascist's lies, denial and manipulation are so outrageous that I will not be surprised to see store posters and other promotions for 'anti-radiation "flu" shots'.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Sometimes scientists can be very dumb when it comes to what the rest of us know as "common sense."

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Yeah, and now they are talking about taking all the chemical weapons from Syria and putting them on some boat in the middle of the ocean to ? … incinerate them. sure hope that doesn't mean dump them into the ocean…then they can blame the chemicals for poisoning the Pacific instead of GE's Nuke plants!

    • SandWyrm SandWyrm

      Fallout is one possible answer. But don't forget the floating Tsunami debris field and the witch's brew of chemical contaminants contained in it. Everything from gasoline to fertilizers, pesticides, industrial solvents, and a hundred thousand other things that were washed off of Japan's shores in everything from plastic jugs to industrial barrels. The physical debris will cause huge problems for wildlife all by itself.

      Even without the contamination released from the reactors, this is every bit as bad (or worse) than the deepwater horizon spill and toxix 'cleanup' operation that followed it.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear ChasAha,
      On top of this disaster, folks need to be most careful and not get scammed with the huge healthcare debacle.
      'Cover Oregon mistake causes personal information to land in wrong hands' http://www.statesmanjournal.com/article/20131122/NEWS/311220035/?nclick_check=1
      Take care all.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    As deep water oceanic ecosystems collapse species move to the coast to feed. The isotopes from nuclear power cannot be diluted because at an atomic level their charged state interacts with the environment. The electron flux in a cubed quantum state does not loose value when it reaches it's half life. It will however change it's emission pattern to a less intense wave length. Delta Frequency x Delta time = 1 for light transmission. For quantum electron physics Delta time x 10/100 = 10/100/time. The state of quantum computing shows that with a carbon atom you can have multiple cubed negative or positive states at once. This means that Frequency from charged particles cannot dilute, they can only reduce frequency over time.

    • +1

      "…charged particles cannot dilute, they can only reduce frequency over time."
      – Grampybone

      That's why I try to use the term 'decay rate' instead of 'half life' whenever possible.

      Charged particles are/do spread and accumulate.

      'Dilution is the Solution' is a childlike rhyme that is an absolute lie that is repeated by insane puppets who read from the Nuclear Playbook. A lie whose sole purpose is to misinform and misdirect the truth.

      Thanks again, Grampybone.

      • Grampybone Grampybone

        The worst part of the equation is that it only applies to a single charged particle. When applied to a combination of isotopes the formula grows exponentially. 10/p/-10/10 to the 10th is the formula for a single atom's electron potential. Cube that number (4x4x4x4) and you can see that the potential become a space occupied by that particle in liters. Bq/liter. Considering that multiple isotope clusters are being released it's a daunting number that represents roughly 925quadrillion bq/liters cubed over space/time/delta frequency . A number that "We and I and Grampybone" are still trying to properly quantify.

    • Kassandra

      You are awesome Grampybone

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Grampybone is very wise.. 🙂

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    The new buzz word in science is "unprecedented" followed by "but no need to worry." or "We are looking into it…" If I were a marine biologist, I would be ashamed that I have sold my soul for a crappy job that in the end will no longer matter.

    At this point I am sick of the pseudo-scientific theories offered up by the whores (not meaning to give whores a bad name) of the nuclear industry…. the marine biologists are a pathetic shameful group that has remained silent, and soon they will no longer be needed after all the creatures they study will be dead. .

    Enenews has posted a plethora of articles stating "unusual" events occurring with wildlife since Fuku started 2 years 8 months years ago.

    Great whites are now lurking close to the shore in Manhattan Beach, CA.
    The earth and it's creatures are crying out to a population completely deaf to nature. Maybe someone needs to invent an "app" to show die-offs around the world. Would that make the masses pay attention?

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      on facebook we started coming up with terms for scientists reactions: confused, alarmed, puzzled, astounded, dumbstruck, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, flummoxed, concerned………….

      • nedlifromvermont

        bamboozled … hoodwinked … hornswoggled (it does exist!) … hoaxed … swindled … etc.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          stupified, moronified, autisticated, dumbfukud, hyperrationalized, uncalmandcollectedated, silenced, speachless, mute, mutated, horriflummoxed, xenongasted, liarated, ohshitified, deluderated, fabulisticated, notsosmartafteralled, muddlerucked, snafude, amisstified, counterfactualized, goofballed, mindblown, brainstrained, bogglified, bumblebutted, miscomputrified, Doh'd, bonerbrained, bungleflubbed, schlemieled, deboneheaded, cretinized, dolted, terrorstricken, panicbuttonated, plutonified, overcesiumed

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    And westerly winds are transporting the radiation.

  • Shaker1

    Observer and Observed

    Where once one might behold a natural definition of horizon,
    was allowed to laugh, to love within the cosmos,
    to feel hardly central
    and be soothed by the comfortable revolution of the night skies,
    eyes has been rocketed into the well of heaven.
    A daring bargain:
    such sight in exchange for wisdom
    and a stereoscope of ravens.

    In the beginning was the Word…
    The stories are similar and abundant,
    a broad sweep across cultural imaginings
    with but few discrete messengers.
    Variations attributable to capricious interpretation,
    in depth and persistence it is all same the voice,
    not simple multiplication of translators.
    The impact of what is whispered
    can be painfully different when screamed.
    The gods whisper,
    and punctuate wisely;
    the mistaken irresponsibly scream.

    What may have been a tree,
    is a mast and antennae?
    What might be stars
    are geosynchronous imposters?
    What would be revelation
    is the incessant shriek
    well above the frequency of a heartbeat?
    The gods whisper,
    and punctuate wisely;
    the mistaken irresponsibly scream.

    The oracle recognizes the model
    but sings with consternation.
    Impetuous with the language of the gods,
    one may curse in proud ignorance
    and be fated to necromancy,
    the perspective of Odin:
    with knowledge, but just one eye.

  • Socrates

    Correlation does not prove causation. But collapse of so many different species must be caused by or contributed to in some degree. In nature, there are cascading effects from multiple causes. Confounding all of this is the fact that multiple assaults on nature are occurring simultaneously. None will be isolated in time. The chief suspect is mankind's activities.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Statistically speaking, what does one make of so many statistical "outliers" in such a short period of time? The outliers being so many unusual events. The "line" being the normal course of events, animal behaviors, mortality events, etc.

  • or-well

    A coast doesn't intrinsically draws feeding behaviour, simply because it's a coast.
    In fact, because of our activities, inter-tidal zones and coastal waters, whether shallow or deep, may be exceptionally poor feeding areas.

    What's required are the inanimate and animate elements that support a life-web; structure, habitat, nutrients, appropriate temperature, salinity, water clarity, currents… which are the foundation for a food-chain which in turn, depending on it's balance/imbalance, may sustain a diverse/less diverse population of species.
    Destroy or unbalance the physical habitat, remove the seastars or sharks or something in between, and there's decline of some or all, or a temporary over-abundance of some.

    What's the point? Life in the ocean requires many factors and predators follow prey, to the extent they are able.
    They don't move to a coast simply because it's a coast.
    Conditions have supported anchovies. The rest follows.

    While it may be pleasant to think there's a Gaian consciousness ocean creatures can access to warn them of radiation, or that they have their own radiation warning systems, reality suggests otherwise.

    Reality says that they don't know. They aren't running from radiation, they aren't trying to escape, and they aren't trying to warn us. They are doing what they evolved to do.

    Why so many anchovies? It's worth knowing, for the sake of better understanding oceanic life and how we affect it. contin

    • or-well

      This is quite a different story than those of mass die-offs, disappearances and sicknesses.
      This may be one of the last "good news" ocean stories we get from the west coast of the Pacific Ocean.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Good point Or-Well, also it is important to note the many conflicting headlines…I remember a recent post stating anchovies were at a minimum….all this leads to is speculation. Hence the importance of real scientists who are willing to test, and study, regardless of what corporations want the study to suggest.

      As for " Nature Crying out" this is more of a "canary in a coal mine" statement. When the bird falls over dead the miners make a hasty retreat. Modern society sees the canary die, and ignores the signal.

      • or-well

        Hi newsblackoutUSA,
        wasn't that sardines? Whatever it was, they weren't where they usually were, there was some evidence they were elsewhere, but the headline was about a fishery "collapse", accompanied by scientific speculation and much uncertainty, which became in some minds a certified fuku-related die-off.
        I'm not saying sardines aren't affected. I did think effort should have been made to get to where the sardines had been seen, evaluate the population and grab some for testing. I don't think that happened.

        It seems now, when the canary keels over, business sees an opportunity to sell new and improved gas masks and exploit a gas deposit.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        Perhaps the sardines found refuge in the bay and levels of whatever they are running from were less harsh there.

        Over the last few months I can't keep the image of "The Nothing" from "The Never Ending Story" out of my mind. I see the animals in the stories being torn away from the planet by this Nuclear Nothing. I feel sad like the rock giant in the movie, my strong hands could not hold on to my friends and now they are gone.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Enjoyed that movie. 🙂

          • PurpleRain PurpleRain

            Me too, but I thought the saddest part of all was the horse stuck in the mud..and I sort of feel like we are the ones stuck because we want to help these beautiful animals..but we are sort of helpless to stop all this radiation. Hell, we can't even get our friends, neighbors, co-workers, or whatever to even listen or acknowledge Fukushima!

    • Why so many anchovies, or-well? My grandsons would probably say, PIZZA!!! §;o)

      Odd that they'd concentrate in an easily-escapable inlet just to use up all the oxygen and die. But then again, maybe it's like frogs in a heating pot of water who don't notice when it gets too hot. Something's wrong in the north Pacific. We don't know that it's Fukushima or some other natural or (more likely) unnatural plague or even some combination of factors. But the critters are escaping it as they can. They may need to keep heading south, though.

      • or-well

        Hi JoyB, why so many? No specific answer but the obvious – conditions supported it. I don't think they'll use all the oxygen in the Bay, but to concentrate to that extent in a boat harbor and create the conditions for their own die-off suggests they arent thinking straight. 🙂
        I agree, something is wrong in the north Pacific. IMO something is wrong in almost every part of the planetary ocean, and in all cases it's a combination of things.
        I don't think the Pacific anchovy populations are well-enough studied for "science" to say anything relevant.
        This is a story of unusual abundance. Anchovy eat plankton. A hearty "last supper"? Is this a movement away from something or a movement towards something? I suggest it originates with supportive conditions (occurring somewhere) for this specific species and they are where they are not to avoid being elsewhere but because conditions support them being where they are. When those conditions (that they are capable of responding to) cease, then they will be leave.
        I'm saying they will "behave" as nature/evolution has equipped them to behave, no more, no less, quite unaware of radiation.
        Please note, I am not saying they are immune to radiation effects,
        simply unaware and incapable of a response to that specific input.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          I think they can sense allot more than we can and the ocean is their atmosphere and its now very charged with ever increasing positive radiation contamination energy waves… 🙁 I would flee too!

          • or-well

            Hi obe, those little anchovies are not fleeing anything, they are in the range of waters they usually inhabit.
            So the questions are why the abundance and why later than usual?
            If it's fuku radiated water, does that mean they like it?
            Not a conclusion many here would support, I think.
            Fukushima has NOT suspended the rules governing life in the oceans.
            However, something IS different, something like food availablility (up), water temp, etc but the point is, it's some variability in something the anchovies naturally respond to.
            I know I'm mostly talking to myself when I post here, but until someone has something credible to say that links this abundance of anchovy to Fukushima I have to reject the idea
            as unsubstantiated speculation.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              or-well, something isnt right about this discussion/and or news story. Fish are in steep decline. The ocean ecosystem is decimated compared to 100+ years ago. Just look at these graphs


              Fish populations in Southern California have dropped 78% over the last 40 years, according to a new study. Many of the fish in decline are small, schooling fish such as sardines and anchovies


              as to the sensitivity of ocean life, of course we know that animals are far more sensitive than man usually realizes. If people can smell or taste metal, how much more so for animals like shark that can smell blood miles away, diluted in ocean waters? Whales communicate maybe 2000 miles, giving some detailed information in their vocalizations; birds and fish migrate with uncanny abilities. Animals are like avatars in the movie, humans like insensitive worms by comparison. If there is a minor uptick in anchovy and sardine population, it is a small blip in a steep die off. Uneven death in predator species perhaps could account for it. Or since they spawn 100km from shore, maybe they did move closer to "get away" from something

              • or-well

                Hi Code, I agree, the ocean is in trouble, Fuku has compounded things and this is anomalous.
                However, as you may know, sardine and anchovy populations have crashed and recovered before.
                This could well be a blip preceding another crash.
                I am simply saying this;
                this could be due to many things totally unconnected to Fukushima.
                I know people like simplistic soundbite explanations that fit their viewpoint but it just isn't that simple.
                I'll say again – Fuku has NOT re-written the rules of life in the ocean.
                This is a story of atypical abundance. Proper science should be done to determine the cause, as it may not be good news longterm.
                Indeed, it may be a side-effect of something else, including (but not restricted to) Fukushima.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              or-well, I'm with you on this one. Agreed, something has changed. The creatures are responding as they are "wired" to do. We just need to know what has changed.

          • Hmmm… Maybe Fuku contamination "stinks" to high heaven for the critters that live in the sea as if it were their air? I can recall living down south for awhile near paper mills and chemical plants. Talk about stink!!! It was the smell that got most people to move as far away from them as possible, rather than the sulphurous yellow air that ate the paint off cars and houses. Not that it did any harm to human lungs, of course, according to all the usual gub'ment spokespersons.

            Had to be something else that gifted them with the highest lung cancer/emphysema rates in the nation, right?

        • hbjon hbjon

          Life and nature, to this day, utilizes and understands methods that, as of yet, we humans in our infinite wisdom cannot duplicate.

          Isotopes are used as building blocks for the living creatures. The mechanism that puts the molecules in place where they're needed, happens quickly and afterward is observed by the great and wonderful Oz who says that it is good. But, after inspection and approval, the building blocks unfortunately decay into non-usable materials.

          Fact. Plankton will feed and uptake isotopes as if they were calcium and magnesium and will pay the price for doing so. What this means for the entire population is yet to be observed. If you were to tell me that their life expectancy will decay as a result of this error, I am forced to agree with you.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        At 81 (in January) with emphysema, I'm going to continue eating Caesar salads with anchovies, and other foods I love. I've had my life. I don't need to try to worry about extending it. I wish bon apetite to all thiose younger and much luck in finding safe and healthy sources of food.

  • Nick

    Coming to your library soon….. digital books.

    Books with titles like:

    Sea Creatures that we Knew.

    The Cry of the Dolphins.

    The Tides of Death.

    Sorry, I'm a bit grumpy today.

  • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

    The main producers of oxygen, phytoplankton and zooplankton, are being killed by all of the radiation. We are all going to slowly suffocate like the fish. They are the first to go, because the oxygen is being depleted in the ocean by the radiation killing the main photosynthesis producers of oxygen. No one can tell me that this is not the cause. Less oxygen, less health. Period. The whole bottom of the food chain is being killed off. What do we expect? Everyone should be taking cannabis oil supplements and planting CANNABIS THE #1 PLANT PRODUCER OF OXYGEN. Maybe if we plant enough cannabis, there will be enough oxygen for us to still live without the plankton.

  • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

    Fukushima is most likely responsible for this.

    But then I consider the sink holes, new islands popping out of the ocean, spontaneous explosions all over the world and wonder if it's methane venting from the ocean floor that may be responsible for this particular phenomenon.

    We are surrounded by it here. Not far from here is a home that looked like something out of a Roadrunner cartoon with the outside walls charred and bent back on themselves and everything else in the home pretty much decimated. Two deaths. The methane was pretty shallow beneath their home but it wasn't discovered even when the first minor explosion took place. The people were badly hurt in that explosion but survived and eventually returned home. Locals said they changed their propane heating system to oil thinking that had been the problem. The second more serious explosion took care of the oversight.

    That couple had lived there for years without incident. The earth itself is changing.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    They've come to the shore seeking help – help we can't give them.

    The 'collective unconscious' knows what's going on.

    Anyone with a brief understand of quantum physics understands this. We are all in this boat together, and it isn't going to get better.

    Got kids?

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    The first major wave of tidal debris is due to hit the west coast anytime within the next two to three month. We're been seeing massive sea life deaths and now massive waves of creatures running before it. This isn't coincidence.

    I don't believe it's just the radiation, it's not an immediate poison. Radioactive hot particles get into the body and slowly destroys it. These creatures are running from something far worse, something that has immediate consequences. Something that you can see/smell/taste. I commented on this before, the water from the Tsunami washed far inland and took LARGE amounts of debris out with it, including chemicals and petroleum. More than likely this toxic stew has been killing sea creatures as it's moving across the ocean and now has a mass of the rotting dead moving along with it. To swim into something like that would be a death sentence (high methane, CO2 and bacterial content) so they want to keep away from it. Now they're pinned between it and land.

    • ShutItAllDown

      "I don't believe it's just the radiation, it's not an immediate poison. Radioactive hot particles get into the body and slowly destroys it. These creatures are running from something far worse, something that has immediate consequences. Something that you can see/smell/taste."

      Nah. Gamma radiation is an immediate poison for single cell organisms, and stuff slightly further up the food chain. That's why they promote irradiation to sanitise food from bacteria! Clusterfukushima has sanitised vast swathes of the Pacific, and the larger fish are now frantically looking for food in places they normally wouldn't need to go.

      The Pacific Ocean food-chain has been cut to pieces. This cannot end well.

      • Keen

        Shutitalldown Perhaps you have forgotten that water is a great moderator or shield for radiation. That is what all the water in the fuel pools is about. In an aquatic environment (and in the air) it is only the contacted absorbed radionuclide that can deliver enough of a dose to cause a problem. Unless in air the radionuclide concentrations are extremely high. You could probably swim close to a large radiation source that would defiantly give you problems in the open air. As it is starting to be made apparent to many greatest generation scientists the whole body dose model is entirely inappropriate for measuring harm from absorbed radionuclides.

        I agree that it is not just radiation. I do not know what it is or if it is a problem. I tend to think though that many folks who think otherwise do not know just what it is.

        I would have liked to be there. They sure did put on quite a display. I sure do hope things like this do not become a thing of the past.

        • Water is a good shield because water molecules and assorted compounds in suspension in the water absorb the energies before they get far. A consideration for Fuku contamination coming out in huge amounts is that the most common chemical compound produced by the irradiation of water is hydrogen peroxide. Which is toxic to life in sufficient amounts.

          This is the poison when talking about "radiation poisoning" from high gamma doses. Because gamma is just electromagnetic energy, not itself a toxic substance.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Riding on the wave of debris about to hit the western coastline of North America is also a huge amount of toxic chemical debris. Think of all the chemical plants located in Japan that got slammed by the tsunami.

      The radiation is bad enough. Or it would be bad enough just to have chemical waste alone to contend with.

      I used to wonder what would happen if a large U.S. coastal city were to be destroyed by an earthquake, then swamped by a tsunami. Now I have an idea what it would be like.

      Just have to wonder if what that one observer described is accurate. He said there was debris as far downward as he could see in the water column, out in the Pacific gyre.

  • Sol Man

    Beautiful creatures all, saying good-by.

  • pattersonp




    but Fukushima is what people are worried about when this has been going on for 30+ years even though Fukushima is not even 3 years old… I guess a lot of you folks haven't been sleeping for the last 30 years or you just pick and choose what to be scared of based on the headlines?

    • pattersonp

      "The San Onofre facility is only a stone’s throw away from the Pacific Ocean. "

      Yes but Fukushima 5000 miles away is causing them to pile up against a coast with known oil, radiation, fracking, industrial waste and 100+ years of human garbage…

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      hahahahahaha..pattersonp Don't worry, you will catch up.

      There will be no denying it, no matter how hard you try. Many here have been trying for over 1000 days… and guess what? The more we tried to find evidence to the contrary, the more evidence we found that Fukushima is like nothing we have ever seen.

      The Pacific Ocean is dying, no stopping it. The plume is off the coast, it is bigger than the state of Texas, it has been tracked by satellite. Not only is it laden with trash, chemicals and all sorts of stuff, but also, plutonium and uranium nano cage cluster buckey balls.

      The damaged ph of the Ocean alone, from the tsunami debris and chemical spills would have done severe damage, but the radiation, hundreds of tons, everyday, pouring into the ocean for more than 1000 days, in addition to the majority of the exploded, vaporized, aerosolized, radioactive material that fell into the ocean initially, has pushed this over the top.

      We are in "never seen before" territory.

      If you live by the coast, you might want to consider getting ready to bug out.

      I was really not laughing at you, I was laughing at the notion that we are not focused on the absolutely number one issue impacting life on this planet.

      It is systemic, we know that. Industry with the help of the elected have murdered millions of living things. The hydrocarbon companies bought the Uranium mines, it is the same industry, no respect for life, only profits.

    • hanaloa hanaloa

      Honestly, patternsonp, itʻs not exactly rocket science! Prior to 3/11/11, ocean in real bad shape…after 3/11/11, ocean in worst shape ever.

      Your fervent denial is sad but understandable in the face of such tragic truth. I wish it wasnʻt so but Occamʻs Razor leaves little else but the obvious.

      In these post-triple meltdown times, no self-respecting scientist worth his scientific method can credibly speak of the Pacific Ocean without speaking of the ongoing, ever-increasing radiological contamination from Fukushima. Itʻs the 300+ ton/day elephant in the room, if you know what I mean.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I will have to agree with Sol Man! 🙁

  • Ron

    Tepco thinks that if they just channel all the radiation into the ocean that it won't affect us on land and they can continue to stall.

    The damn know-it-all nuclear junkies need to get off their smug, lying, lazy asses and find a way to stop this catastrophe now!

    If not, then the world's governments have to step in and take over. Let's not wait until there's nothing left in the ocean!

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Wow, the New York Times article is so sad.

    These poor people that think this is amazing, they hope it never ends, that are so excited about these events.

    I can not help but feel empathy for the moment they realize these poor creatures are running from death.

    They are trying to get away from an invisible monster that all of our ocean species can sense, in one way, or another, is killing every living thing.

    There is a massive plume of toxic death off the west coast!!! They have no choice but to run scared from where the death is. It has driven them out of the depths of the Ocean, they are begging for help.

    We will not listen.

    Is it because we are heartless?

    No, not most of us, 1% of us are certainly, and a maybe a bit more.

    We are mostly selfish and ignorant of what we have allowed to happen.

    Wake up time is just around the corner for the masses, I guess I can sense what this will do to many, they will not be able to cope with the horror.

    What a shock for those that have been unaware the significance the last 1000, or so, days, in the history of man, has wrought.

    We have been fooled for 40 years by the nuke cartel, what a rig, the risk was high, but the payoff higher, for a small elite few.

    Splitting the atom is Pandora's box. We screwed up and opened it.


    …at least a few select got rich and to live in the lap of luxury. Right?

    SHUT DOWN TIME. before there are not enough of us left to try…

  • eyeb1 eyeb1

    there is no mystery ..

    they have come to say goodbye ..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Another area..of science..in which the 'experts' are baffled.
    Extraordinary..changes and behaviors..gee..that must come from an extraordinary imbalance..or contamination..of their ecosystem.
    More than a few species..involved the entire biosphere must be affects.
    So like..hey..it could come from an extraordinary event.
    Which would be?

    Wonder if the 'experts' are any good at 'filling in the blank'?

  • Clyde Scalf

    Biological collapse happens at the lowest order. Contamination is killing the primordial soup that we came from. We know virtually nothing about the higher and lower forms of ocean life and how they live.

    Predator and prey cycles are not the only reasons for this influx of fish and mammals. There is something going on at the very base of this food chain. Warmer water, pollution, weather, earth cycles and fukushima.

    When I was young I asked my father, if you take a cup of water from a pond, would the water level go down? Answer no.
    However, subtracting 1 from a billion you get the result of, yes.

    Our solution to pollution is dilution is false. We have done this with impunity and now we have to pay the piper. This "accident" did not have to happen, because our finest and brightest engineers said these nuclear plants are safe, clean and reliable.

    These engineers and scientists sold a energy hungry world, a silent and deadly pill. But on the other side of the coin somebody became very rich. But not you and I.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Clyde, you are seeing things very clearly my friend… 🙂

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    When people talk about dilution I ask them to perform a test. Take a white piece of paper then put a single drop of black ink onto it. Now using your finger start spreading the ink around. That's dilution. You don't get uniform spreading across the page, you get smears, whirls, areas of clean white, grey and black. Add another drop and spread it around again. In a very short period of time you no longer have a white piece of paper. It's grey with patches of black.

    That's what the pacific ocean is becoming, only it's not one drop at a time, it's a constant flow of radioactive particles. All the images showing this single wave of radiation coming across the ocean are wrong. It's should be a solid flow starting at the coast of Japan and spreading across the ocean. The dispersal won't be the heterogeneous spread like the 15 year estimates, it will be our piece of paper with swirls of black and varying levels of grey.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    I do not ever remember seeing 17,000 page views on one thread in the first few hours: I keep looking for critical mass awareness, both in the 'choir', and in the low information civilians and their fascist presstitutes, and ENE figures like this give me hope that the so far hidden 2 year 8 month fuku word contamination tragedy may soon be coming out of its hiding in plain sight.