Largest pieces of radioactive tsunami debris could arrive on West Coast of US and Canada “within days” — Simulation shows it arriving now

Published: November 10th, 2011 at 10:30 am ET


Japan tsunami debris could reach B.C. in days: oceanographer, National Post, Nov. 10, 2011:

“The largest items swept out to sea following the Japanese tsunami in March could arrive on the B.C. coastline within days, oceanographer Curt Ebbesmeyer predicted on Wednesday.”

“The main part of the 20-million-tonne debris field, equivalent in size to the state of California, isn’t expected until about 2014, but houses, fishboats and even small freighters could already be close to Canadian shores, Mr. Ebbesmeyer said.”

“‘We just finished running a simulation with a drifter, a buoy that got lost in the area of the tsunami, and we find that the first of the debris would be here now,’ Mr. Ebbesmeyer said.” […]

See also: [intlink id=”senator-we-need-agressive-plan-to-deal-with-mass-of-toxic-debris-headed-to-us-from-japan-concern-over-hazards-to-people-fish-clogged-waterways” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 10th, 2011 at 10:30 am ET


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30 comments to Largest pieces of radioactive tsunami debris could arrive on West Coast of US and Canada “within days” — Simulation shows it arriving now

  • Bobby1

    So, what are they gonna do with the debris after it washes up on shore? Let me guess, they’re gonna burn it.

  • Unless “they” are already prepared and organized, i bet most of the debris lies strewn about for quite some time. if we are lucky, there might be some geiger counters about. maybe.

  • westcoast

    It would be ironic if this debris is less contaminated than what is already on our shores. It was shifted away from Japan quickly and it the ocean currents did not match the jetstream it may be relatively clean

  • Anthony Anthony

    Of course its almost here! If there was real scientific passion they would rad test

  • If a Nuclear Plant had exploded on the east coast of the USA due to a tsunami and debris where approaching Europe, I would bet that the Europeans would be demanding the USA clean up the mess. It might even be considered an act of war by some.

    The ocean contamination is but one part of an unknown puzzle whose horrible unfolding and piecing together will continue to accelerate and spread thanks to the Nuclear Industries arrogant agendas and ludicrous lies.

    Innocent lifeforms large and small, whose suffering and deaths are rarely discussed by the NRC, will have ‘no say’ in this matter. But have no doubt, their deaths and the resulting damage to this planet’s ‘chain of life’ will indeed have an affect on us all.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    What is not talked about is the amount of garbage coming
    ..and the plastic.

  • Things that I fear are now high-risk activities:

    1. eating fish, mushrooms, shellfish (among many others)
    2. gardening
    3. playing in the rain
    4. beachcombing

    We’ve been warned . . . But, I fear humanity is asleep at the wheel.

    It gets worse by the day (bioaccumulation, biomagnification).

    • Bobby1

      I have the risk at:

      1. North American meat
      2. NA cannabis
      3. NA mushrooms
      4. Pacific & Gulf Mex fish
      5. Dairy
      6. Tracking mud into home

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    I agree with you & West Coast on that one-the debris were washed back out to sea and started its voyage ahead of the stuff that would be more likely to have higher levels of contamination. My broke-ass self would be “claiming” one of those small freighters that would represent my ONLY chance to get to the Southern Hemisphere!lol-and if there happened to be one of the safes full of cash & jewels that were described earlier this Summer as being part of the loot beachcombers can expect to see,then all the better!!lol-BTW-anyone who discovers such items in the backyards of their beachfront homes & is afraid of its radiation-drop me a line and I will remove it for you free of charge!!

  • arclight arclight


    “With over 250 scientists on board, he Malaspina Expedition is one of the world’s largest collaborative scientific expeditions.

    “DUARTE: The cross has been greatly successful so far. We have reached now the middle of the cruise in Auckland. It is a circumnavigation cruise and now we will investigate the Pacific Ocean sailing north from Auckland to Honolulu and we will take this opportunity to search for traces of radioactivity being released from Fukushima power plant in Japan, which is being investigated on land in both sides of the Pacific, but it’s not being investigated in the centre of the ocean that we will be sailing.

    COUTTS: And have you managed to detect any traces of it so far in the Pacific?

    DUARTE: Well, we have not yet started the research on the waste. We will do so tomorrow as we sail off from Auckland towards Honolulu, but traces of radioactivity have already reached to the West Coast of North America and has been affected in Europe. So I believe we will indeed detect traces of radioactivity in the Pacific, certainly not in huge amounts, but at levels that will be detectable in the atmosphere, and possibly also on the marine food well.

    COUTTS: The levels of radiation that have been detected so far as you’ve mentioned. How high are they, are they how far above usual normal, acceptable are they?

    DUARTE: Yes, they are well above base line, but of course they do not represent any threat to humans or food security in the distant areas that they’ve been detected. Their security range is around 20 to 50 kilometres from Fukushima, but the traces are being found elsewhere high radiation levels comparable to those that were detected during the Chernobyl accident in Russia.”

  • many moons

    I think we should not calm down, and Japan should wake up! Lies kill.

  • Watch for on EBAY soon !

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      xrdfox-a quick re;to Ebay comment, I don’t remember where I’d seen it,but recently someone mentioned the “prize catch” they’d found,-they described finding a “beautiful,green,translucent,hand-blown glass “globe” whose origins were the coastal sea off Japan that is one of the “floats” used on Japanese fishing nets & there was mention that they were considered valuable & “prized-treasures” which are sought out as “collectibles”?!! That would imply that there are items like this one that will “draw” people who don’t understand the dangers associated with such activities & I’d even made mention of the valuable “loot” that temporarily blinded my common-sense with thoughts of such things that could help my family in dire straits right now!That is before my pipe-dream being politely interrupted by the “real & present” danger such notions & activities would expose myself & other like-minded opportunist’s to harm!!No free lunch or Ebay “treasure” in that floating shitpile would be worth the risk now…PEACE

  • Just to touch bases on the contamination argument. Radioactive seaweed was sampled in late March (in none other than Olympia WA’s Bay front). Google radioactive seaweed detected. To find the source.

    So the truth is the majority of the contamination is likely to be pooled with the debris Directly attributed from fukushima prefecture. Attaching and using the debris as a hypothetical life raft.

    Meanwhile the beginning of the contamination / flow, reached our shores a long time ago. Just pray whole nuclear fuel rod fragments hadn’t attached to large buoyant reactor fragments.

    As it would be quite tragic if your child found such a gem on the united states and canadian west coastal beaches. Hey mom whats this. Son put that down its plutonium.

    I wouldn’t suggest attempting to collect the japanese tsunami debris, and would even go as far as advising that citizens discontinue planned trips in respect to United States, and Canadian coastal locations at this point.

    Aside from the fact that the debris has been submerged in a beyond-our-life-lasting oceanic radiation field. ‘The debris itsself is bile’;
    Were talking several whole cities worth of debris. This includes: gas stations, industrial districts, Radiological labs, poison control centers, battery suppliers. All washed away and stewing in an oceanic dance over the 5000km pacific drift. Not to mention human corpses, whole sewer facilities, as well as animal remains of oceanic and land based origin.

    A very real thing to consider is that the debris is not only radioactive but is biologically dangerous as well. I strongly advise enenews users to take the amount of precaution necessary to protect yourselves from both biological and radioactive threats; When performing coastal excursions in the future.

    Friendly advice.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Oh man!,I didn’t even think of the “life raft” scenario of attached contaminants or the “other” sources of “immediate”contaminants that would’ve washed out to sea ahead of the meltdowns! YIKES!-I’d imagine the hagfish & other numerous marine scavengers probably(?)already consumed the bodies of human & animal species that died there or in the swill TEPCO dumped in,or should I say IS dumping & leaking into the sea!!On further review & your very sound & logical advice-I have revised my take on this part of the issue & will temporarily leave my computer to vomit violently in an appropriate receptacle! Thank You for the “food for thought”(I guess)-as well as xrdfox for the short & sensible comment regarding items that may end up on Ebay!!~It really is a small world,isn’t it?!!-every time I turn around I am confronted with more examples of ways the radioactivity & even biological contaminants can be distributed far & wide!!Thanks again & very wise friendly advice indeed!!PEACE

    • watcher watcher

      Taco: Biological and nuclear threats in one pile. A one two punch. Radiation weakens immune system, paving the way for disease to thrive.

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        My solution: stay out of the water, and stop eating fish from the Pacific. Unfortunately, the fish don’t have a solution…I wonder how soon the announcement will come that the aquatic ecosystem has collapsed, and there are no longer any healthy fish in the ocean, all dead or dying…

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          Even the poor fish don’t have a clue yet! If they did have a “spokesman”as it were,say for instance the Starkist tuna mascot who’d convey their message & plead for answers to their dwindling numbers & rising toxicity of their once pristine undersea home~”Charley Tuna” & his little assistant the Starfish would be found floating “belly up” as BP & G.E.,etc.’s new Public Relations shill~”The Tidy Bowl Man” would deny & downplay the event while “beneath the surface”-the “naval task force” of Great White & Cyclops Megalodon sharks they’d “shelled out a lotta clam’s” to be their “goon squad” would make fast work of any little shrimp who dared flap his gills complaining about “TEPCO’s tritiated turds” plopping into their aquatic homes…As on land or sea-“they’re up to somethin’ fishy” again,as always!!!lol…

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            Seriously though,I’m saddened by the reports from all over the NW Coast,BC,& AK of walruses,seals beaching themselves with horrible symptoms of “unknown” causes that I suspect tests have concluded that the “listed” causes remain unknown under the protective “official veil of secrecy” afforded the elite scum whose foul industry,including the results or their incompetent & destructive actions falls under the immunity afforded ANYTHING nuclear being a “matter of national security” & thus “untouchables”!! Another corny ancedote(sorry,lol);”Who ever thoughtn they’d see the day that the fish were “dying” to get into Sea World?!!” Jeez,I’m overtired & being goofy,which happens frequently of late when I’m pissed off about something I can’t do a damn thing about!!Time for this fool to hit the hay!! PEACE everyone!-hope tomorrow brings news offering a glimmer of hope buried wherever it is that good news has been hiding out lately!!GdNite….

  • jimbojamesiv

    Wait a second, there’s a massive debris pile in the Pacific “that’s not expected to reach the western shores of North America until 2014,” and they’re not going to do anything about it, like, oh, I don’t know, clean it up while it’s still in the ocean?

    Seriously, is anyone in charge of this asylum, or is the best we got guys like the Indian official in India, who somehow concludes that there was no accident at Fukushima? Honestly, I’m not even sure what he’s trying to say.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      The confusion resulting mostly from “industry-backed experts” when they feel threatened by their highly-esteemed “independent”civilian & humanitarian counterparts findings & publicized analysis of area’s of interest to the concerned public seeking the plain & simple truth is a big part of the pro-nuke agenda whose mission of “disinformation” has the primary objectives of #1;”obfuscating the truth”,#2;”maintaining some amount of credibility as scientists,as well as “concerned” fellow human beings”#3;”reducing their own “accountability”& personal responsibility for harm caused by their initial blatant lies & claims of less contamination & impact on health & the environment including the food chain”#4;”personal job security~ensuring that they may have a place in their field of expertise should their present position,tenure as “shills” be suddenly terminated or under fire as more facts emerge pointing to their organizations or personal contributions to the issue continue to be found faulted,incompetent,or even deliberate & harmful efforts!”#5;”While those who fall in this category who are among the first to change their original statements & analysis of the present situation should be commended & welcomed back into the human race-their motives should be scrutinized as well as their “new” findings & stances since much of it is still “sugar-coated”,”minimizing pieces”-that should not leave the important questions they “seem” to start out addressing and yet leave us “truth-seekers” with the questions posed still unanswered!There shouldn’t be any question regarding where they stand on the issue being addressed & it doesn’t take a degree in Physics or Political Science to figure out whether they seek to solve dangerous threats to life rewarded only by our undying love & appreciation OR personal material wealth awarded by the offending industry?!I’m just a “poor boy’s fool”-not even a H.S.grad!,but there’s no lying in me!I call it like…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        …I see it! Disinformation,half-assed responses leaving questions posed unanswered,inability to commit to one side or the other-it’s all pointing to TPTB and their minions embarking on the next step of their despicable mission which combines “damage-control”,confusion,and maintaining a “holding pattern” for the nuke industry & their proponents to continue their ways without missing a beat!! “We know who you are and can see what you’re about!!” “Middle of the fence” doesn’t cut it anymore and won’t be tolerated when this issue breaks out full bore into the mainstream media reporting and may have serious repercussions & personal health implications for those deemed to have helped minimize the events & caused harm to peoples loved ones! Some of us didn’t have anything besides our health & our loved ones to lose even before 3/11 and may react in ways that would be a nightmare for those complicit in the harm of their families,even their beloved pets! There’s no lying in me! “All I have in this world is my balls & my word,and I don’t break ’em for no one!!” “You got dat,meester??!!” It ain’t no joke-this toxic issue brings out the worst in people-including those whose dormant “specialties” may not be apparent to those whose actions caused them harm!!I got nothing more to say & sorry if I strayed off topic here with that which is in my heart!!…PEACE(for now)

  • arclight arclight

    “It’s really important that people know [Japan] is safe again and radiation levels are down,” he says. Ulrich Fiedler, a gallery owner from Berlin who visited in November, said he was touring areas far from the nuclear disaster and was only in Japan for a week, so he wasn’t overly concerned, either. “I was a little worried about the seawater contamination because we’ve eaten a lot of fish,” he said, adding, “If I had to live here, I’d be worried.”,8599,2099119,00.html


  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Sooner, Sooner, Soon. Another article on this debris pod at Washington’s Blog.

    Oh what fun: Don’t go out in the rain. Don’t go surfing. Don’t swim in the ocean. Don’t go beach combing. Don’t walk on the beach. Don’t drink milk, eat beef or fish or strawberries, or..! Don’t go outside. Don’t breathe!

    We’ve poisoned the planet! Just go back to bed and try to sleep it off.

    RIP Van …. 1/2 a million years or so….