Official blasts Japan Gov’t over Fukushima: Such immoral people — Let radioactive substances flow out freely and said nothing while contaminating ocean — It’s just absurd — Now they’re trying to cover up the whole thing

Published: September 30th, 2013 at 5:38 pm ET


Arirang News, Sept. 30, 2013:ย  Seoul on Monday blasted Tokyo for its attempt to downplay and cover up the radiation leak of its Fukushima nuclear facility in 2011. Korea’s Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Yoon Jin-sook, criticized the Japanese government for its “immoral” acts and said Tokyo had a duty to inform its neighbors of allowing radioactive water to contaminate the ocean.

Yonhap, Sept. 30, 2013: […] “We did not know that Japan would let the contaminated water leak. We thought this cannot be allowed while our people’s fears were growing,” Yoon said while meeting with reporters here. “Japan must have a responsibility to inform (us and others). (Japan) was not providing any information while letting all the contaminated water flow freely. It is just absurd,” she added. […] Japan will not likely file a suit, she said, “because Japan is trying to cover up the whole thing.” “Japan appears to be glossing over its people, too,” she added.

Kyodo, Sept. 30, 2013: […] “We wondered if we had to protect such immoral people under diplomatic protocols, and so we did it (placed an import ban) as soon as we could,” Oceans and Fisheries Minister Yoon Jin Sook was quoted as telling reporters. […] there is growing concern over leaks of contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

See also: [intlink id=”professor-fukushima-disaster-beyond-a-cover-up-japan-govt-thinks-they-can-get-away-with-tricking-the-masses-about-extent-of-problem-officials-and-tepco-cannot-be-trusted” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: September 30th, 2013 at 5:38 pm ET


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36 comments to Official blasts Japan Gov’t over Fukushima: Such immoral people — Let radioactive substances flow out freely and said nothing while contaminating ocean — It’s just absurd — Now they’re trying to cover up the whole thing

  • We Not They Finally

    Go,Seoul! Don't let the pressure up on Japan for an instant!

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    In the long history of relations between the Koreas and Japan, none of it has been friendly.

    This could get very ugly. And deservedly so.

  • Go Flying

    The rest of the world should boycott everything Japanese until the Japanese people realize that they have to elect a government that is not full of trouser stuffing, self serving, lying sacks of sh1t in suits.

    Go Seoul,! Go China!

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      Welcome to the "Blame the Japanese people" (instead of the nuclear industry) beat, Go Flying.

      Can you point to another "democracy" in the world in a nation with 90+ military installations of a foreign power?

      It is clear that the Japanese people are the victims of this catastrophe as much as the rest of us.

      The nuclear mafia is to blame, they are global, their poisons are destroying the thyroids of children and spreading leukemia in China, Korea, the United States, Japan, India, etc., all in the name of weapons to kill more innocent people.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        "Is Japan really a democratic country? The answer is that "yes, it is formally."…

        But in fact public opinion isn't always reflected in the government and its policies. Now Japanese people are seriously criticizing the nuclear policy of the Japanese government, because of the accident of the Fukushima nuclear power plants. But the nuclear policy hasn't been under civilian control, and I'm not sure that Japanese people will be able to control it.

        The sub-government, which consists of some politicians, bureaucrats, electrical power companies, nuclear industries and specialists in nuclear power, has been controlling the nuclear policy in Japan, and Japanese people have almost no influence over it. A "Sub-government" is a group, usually consisting of politicians, bureaucrats and special interests, which controls public policy in a particular area in order to pursue their own interests. The "Military-industry complex" in the USA is a typical sub-government…

        In Japan even the prime minister can't completely control these sub-governments, and of course Japanese people can't control them, either. When a sub-government is formed, its goals and policies are usually rational. But once it exsits, it begins to pursue its own special interests and maintaining itself becomes its primary goal. And then it can go against the public interests of the entire nation.

      • Go Flying

        I am not blaming the Japanese people for the disaster at all!

        But, if the majority of Japanese people wish to bury their heads in the sand whilst their elected government continues to lie, dissemble, and wreak havoc on the world village, and those creatures who do not have the ability to speak for themselves, I reiterate that I believe it is entirely appropriate to boycott everything Japanese until a change is inescapable for Japan.

        This is not about blame, this is about seeking cooperation by whatever means are appropriate to proactively mitigate the effects of a global disaster.

        • WWJD WWJD

          Early on in the disaster many people of Japan stood up in masses again nuclear power and against the Fukushima disaster. Being the downwinders, we here in the U.S. have only a handful speaking out. Most of those are members on here.

          How many here have stood outside the walls of the internet in protest against the Fukashima disaster? How many have written their government officials about Fukashima?

          I am guilty of the first but not the second.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    It's not just Japan, it's the USA, France & the entire nuclear power/weapons cpmplex, the proof has been linked on this site & others many of times from the NRC's own emails from FIOA releases, I sure we do not have them all, so there may more damning emails out there we should know about!
    A sad even for all mankind is it not?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    R A D I A T I O N

    It's downplayed because they're helpless. This nuclear disaster cannot be stopped.

    No one can stop it.

    If someone could, they'd swoop in and do it.

  • Sorry NoNukes, must respecfully disagree with you. Sure, don't blame the Japanese people who voted in pro nuke dude PM Abe? After the triple melt down? I say boycott the crap out of Japan if only to show the world what happens when you willfully pollute international waters to help balance your books. Boycott them and if the Chinese army wants to invade Japan hand me a rifle and I'll go too.

    Tepco lied to everyone, American allies and Chinese enemies alike. Yeah the international atomic industry wants to support Japan in minimizing public knowledge and the IAEI is distancing itself because obviously their policies contributed to this where they should have prevented an accident like this. But the accident happened and Japan owns it. Japanese radioactive waste is bleeding into the ocean and Japan denied it just to get the Olympics.

    This namby pamby politically correct apologistic view don't blame the Japanese people is the same attitude that allowed Hitler to build up an army while flaunting the Versailles treaty.

    The Japanese war atrocities happened. But still today modern Japan refuses to admit that unit 731 existed. Tells me a lot about Japan.

    See Japan today won't admit to or apologize for human experimentation. America is complicit in this. America is complicit in the Fukushima meltdown minimization game. We are being lied to by Japan and our own politicians. Boycott your President too.

    • richard richard

      on the mark, Mark. +1

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      No, Mark, TEPCO didn't lie to their 'allies'. .gov has known from Day 1 what's going on inside those buildings. They just don't want to tell us.

      We built Hitler up. That was no 'accident'.

      Human experimentation? That's a long list, and it's still being done.

      At least radiation doesn't discriminate.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      I will have to agree with the fact that this Nuclear Cabal is much bigger than any one country and Japan does what it is told to do just like we Americans do. We have what 103 of these Nuclear rattle traps in operation on American soil and probably 90% of our population is clueless of the real dangers right next door at their nearest Nuclear installation. They all just watch their family members die from some form of cancer and disease and then believe this is all somehow normal and the way of life.

      Some here believe the world is still carved up and in some hidden battle agenda and yes the world is carved up this way to insure control, nothing more, over the billions of sheep and cattle that exist for those controlling all their money flows. Don't play nice and see what happens means real military action today. NoNukes hit the nail on the head and the Japanese citizens just want to have a good life just like the rest of us in the 1st world today. Sadly the military with the politicians have made poor choices for energy control and it will cost the Japanese people dearly just like it cost Russia dearly. The rest of the nuclear controlled countries will just wait in line for their near future time of despair.

      This is a failed technology thrust on the entire world by a military general and we should not forget that/those simple fact(s). WE can/must do better as a one world species..

      The military always sits at the big table where ever that table is found…

    • RichardPerry

      Mark, Did we get the truth about Three Mile Island, Fort Calhoun and others, we are lied to by the nuclear industry all the time, the only time we are told the truth is when they are exposed by reports and then under play the seriousness. Why did the nuclear companies that built Fukushima not build a proper sea wall to protect it from the ocean and earth quacks. Could it be because they lost to much money so cut another corner like they did several times while building the plant, not professional at all, engineers have lost licenses over much less. Japan should take the builders and engineers to court even though they may have a rider that the builders can not be sued because the builders new what they build was not safe from what nature can through at them, that is criminal.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        And we're not getting the truth from the Bridgton Landfill fire, either.

        It threatens most of the mid-West, and all points south as the wind blows.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      The idea that anti-nuke people of Japan voted in pro-nuke Abe is a fraud, just like the idea that the criticalities at Fukushima are "minor" is a fraud.

      The people of Canada don't want to be poisoned by the nuclear industry

      The people of the United States don't want to be poisoned by the nuclear industry

      The people of China don't want to be poisoned by the nuclear industry

      The people of India don't want to be poisoned by the nuclear industry

      The people of the Ukraine don't want to be poisoned by the nuclear industry

      The people of Japan don't want to be poisoned by the nuclear industry

      The people of the world don't want to be poisoned by nuclear

      No one wants nuclear in their backyard.

      The Nuclear industry is responsible for these crimes, and the people are its victims.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne


      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        WE , THE PEOPLE !

      • Sickputer

        NN typed these pixels of light: "The idea that anti-nuke people of Japan voted in pro-nuke Abe is a fraud, just like the idea that the criticalities at Fukushima are "minor" is a fraud."

        SP: Abe was the winning minority recipient of a 9-person race for prime minister. He got 25 million votes and the other eight over 30 million. No runoff.

        In America we have nuclear interests contributing campaign donations to both final presidential candidates. Hedging their bets so they never lose.

        Does that same special interest dynamic occur in Japan? What do you think?

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          We know the nuclear mafia doesn't blink while lying about black alpha-emitting dust flying into the lungs of infants all over Japan, about the reality show "Cold Shutdown," about on-going criticalities, so why would lying about a vote bother them?

          "Japanese media says LDP won the election by gaining 43% of votes and got 79% of legislative seats. However it should say LDP won the election and got 73% of legislative seats by only getting 16.4% of all voters and 27.7% of proportional representation.

          Peter L. Briger and Giancarlo Bruno have been directly implicated in electronic rigging of elections in Japan, Italy and Greece.

          Peter L. Briger Jr. of Forrest Asset Management is a former Goldman Sachs Partner…Forrest Asset Management, through several paper companies, controls Musashi Engineering. Musashi Engineering voting machines have an exclusive contract to count votes in Japan. They rigged the election victory of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe so that he could order the Bank of Japan to provide funds to the cabal…

          …one company called MUSASHI CO., LTD dealt with the whole election: from counting votes to publicity; there is speculation that this company has something to do with nuclear power.

          • bo bo

            NN thanks for these links. I have read about the rigged voting machines in japanese websites, but good to have english articles to show.

            It is very scary what is going on, and ironically, this is exactly the kinds of tactics that allowed Hitler to take over – just as Mark noted.

            But I agree with you, the PEOPLE do not want this – not in Japan, not in the States, not in Russia, not in Syria, not anywhere!

  • weeman

    You tell me the difference between using poision gas on a population or irradiating a population?,
    I can't find one personnely and the withholding and manipulation of data, makes them even more culpable.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    The nuclear industry and governments the world over are made up of "such immoral people"…..just sayin….

  • I do not quite understand, from where in the Fukushima irradiated with so much water? Surely you can create a flow of water to cool the reactors and pools, which will be held between the radiated heat exchanger reactor cooling water and the tank and clean water cooler .. then irradiated water will return to the cooling of the reactor, and there will need to be storable. Only the top up, if there are any leaks in the reactors and fuel pools .. However, pure water can be cooled by large air coolers and passed through a heat exchanger ..


    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      I think there are too many leaks, and the water too "hot".

    • I appreciate the different views regarding who is responsible for this mess. All views have their merits. Sure agreed the nuclear industry is a worldwide evil industry made worse by its military ties. Lets face it every NPP is a plutonium factory, creating fuel for nuclear bombs. But that is a story of how we got here. Japan took it one step further by bribing officials cutting corners further and ignoring the fact that Japan has an history of earthquakes. Japan also has a history of using organized crime in industry. Fixing problems. Hell even the guy in charge of the IAEI is Japanese, whats up with that? Don't worry he's on it might get a chance to visit Fukushima next spring or something…. Now that the triple meltdown happened its Japans choice to fight it with everything they got like Russia did or dick around to save money. In either case US will minimize effects if only to save the overpriced West coast Cali real estate market. The Japanese people, much like the American people but unlike the few who hang out at enenews just want a strong economy and are ignorant of nuclear, political, whatever issues and lead insular lives tweeting about their bathwater. These people are guilty through lack of participation. Americans accept the mediocraty of their leaders so they get what they deserve, a bickering house and senate arguing over healthcare while nuclear waste bleeds into the Pacific.

      • The US always seems to find $Trillions for wars, $Billions for NSA spying, $Billions in Military aid to 3rd world world countries to buy their influence, but never money for their poorer citizens. But you know what? The triple melt down is in Japan. Made in Japan. And if they feel that its ok to ruin an important food source like the Pacific for personal gain then they are immoral. Boycott Japan. Their fish and beef and rice and cars. Boycott the 2020 olympics. Boycott Hello Kitty and boycott your neighborhood sushi restaurant to make a statement.
        This is how Japan dealt with Australian POW's in WW2

  • yohananw

    Blaming only Japan is narrow-sighted.

    See maps of some (known) major waste sites in USA
    or google maps of nuclear weapons tests
    or see the article: Steven Simon, et al. Fallout from Nuclear Weapons Tests and Cancer Risks. American Scientist. Jan-Feb 2006;94(1):48. DOI: 10.1511/2006.1.48

    Radioactive pollution is a global mess-up.

    • Its not about blame but forcing proper remediation to happen. Sure lots of countries have there nuclear messes but Japan has a triple meltdown screwing up the Pacific. A crime against humanity. Anything that can show displeasure towards this crime has to be a good thing.Let the Japanese people know we are not happy. Its their meltdown.

  • Sickputer

    South Korea has a right to be angry. The people in Seoul are 769 miles from Daiichi as the crow flies (or radiation drifts).

    I can drive farther than that in Texas and still be in the state.

    By comparison Okinawa is over 1100 miles away. Must feel better to be on US base there except for the suspect food imports.

    Parts of China, Russia, and both Koreas are going to experience collateral damage from Daiichi. Cesium is much easier to test for than Strontium-90 (which takes days) so they are wise to ban fish. They will later ban all food, spices, tea, tobacco, and spirits from all of Japan. Just too risky.

    A picture is worth a thousand becquerels: