Concern about new bubble sites near giant sinkhole — Resident: More bubbling emerged in past week… “I’m thinking gas is closer to surface than they think”

Published: January 19th, 2013 at 2:12 am ET


Title: Rain reveals gas bubbles
Source: The Advocate
Date: January 19, 2013

High water from recent heavy rains revealed small sources of natural gas venting in the Bayou Corne community, a swampland settlement that has been evacuated for more than five months since the formation nearby of a large sinkhole, residents and officials said.

The high water inundated a formerly dry patch of wooded swampland across Crawfish Stew Street from a handful of homes in a neighborhood north of La. 70 South, residents said. […]

Bubbles could be seen Friday in shallow water left by the storms this month. Bubbles also appeared sporadically in spots in the wooded swamp.  […]

Resident Nick Romero featured in The Advocate’s report:

  • [H]e noticed the bubbles sometime last week after the high water came in
  • [He] thinks more bubble sites emerged since then in the woods
  • “I’m seeing more little spots”
  • [H]e is concerned what the bubble sites might mean in regard to how close the underground gas is to the surface of the ground
  • “To me, I’m thinking the gas is closer to the surface than they think”

“[John Boudreaux, parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness director] said the bubbles near Romero’s house are closer to homes than almost any of the other bubble sites and that is a concern.” -The Advocate

See also: [intlink id=”flooding-exposes-methane-coming-ground-giant-sinkhole-counted-approximately-15-bubbling-spots-normally-dry-land-one-block-area-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 19th, 2013 at 2:12 am ET


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73 comments to Concern about new bubble sites near giant sinkhole — Resident: More bubbling emerged in past week… “I’m thinking gas is closer to surface than they think”


    You won't post a proposed solution, or even the appearance of a solution, but you post this tripe again, ENENEWS? Try this one instead….

    Louisiana Sinkhole Operation: Bottom Kill and Top Fill

    This was sent in tips a while ago, so why discriminate?

    Why always ignore sensible articles for sensationalized videos of?

    We readers and contributors actually thought you listened and were there to hear and sound out our voice.

    Were we mistaken, or do we all have to have a You Tube Video to rate here? That is discrimination against the older, wiser section of contributors available to Enenews, who do not partake of the You Tube craze.

    • dosdos dosdos

      While it looks good on paper, there are flaws in the plan.

      First, there are still very large pockets below the surface that will cave in sometime in the future, adding to the growth of the sinkhole or start a new one. Any attempt to plug the source of the oil would most likely be upset by the further erosion and pressure from the sands layers and negate any effort made to plug the source.

      Second, they aren't sure exactly which layers are the source of the crude and gas. Drilling down to layers that aren't contributing could possibly make matters worse, especially the deeper layers where pressure is much higher.

      Until they get an accurate picture of what is going on below the surface, there is no sensible solution.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        This is going to work about as well as this concept worked for BP.
        It didn't.
        And all they had to do was cap a well..not contain a collapsing salt dome.
        (Inappropriate laughter..lots of cussing)

        • Thad

          "This is going to work about as well as this concept worked for BP." IT DID WORK EXACTLY AS PLANNED FOR BP.
          BP MC-252 is dead, killed from the bottom and cemented, then cemented from the top. This method of killing wild wells has been used successfully many times.
          No matter how many arm chair experts/ conspiracistS claim that it did not work, that the well stills flows will not reverse the kill.

          Yes it is disappointing to some- those that celebrate tragedy and disaster that BP Mc-252 is dead.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Uhmmm..I don't we will leave it at that…it's cool.

            • Thad

              Heart of the Rose
              No proof – can't document?
              Got 'google-earth' enter BP MC-252 blow out – click.

              When satelite pic comes up– see the oil slick. Now move time slider at top to later date satelite pic can go one by one until latest.. There is no slick after 2010.
              Or do you have better documentation that well was not killed.
              BS is BS, misinformation is misinformation. 4 ROV surveys supervised by the USCG- witnessed by fed and state agencies, and extensive multibeam sonar bottom survey by NOAA.. All show the well is dead and capped.
              So what do you have–??

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Dear Thad..I retract my statement.Time will tell now.

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  PS..Cuz heck..I'd want to talk about the seafloor..whahh?..and stuff.

                  BP Oil Spill: Why They Can't Stop The Leak!!!!!


                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    I'm just sure 'groating' is all that is needed at the sinkhole..(sarc-on)

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Oh girl! lol, I think you meant grouting.
                      I'm saying this not for spelling, but meaning. lol, Follow the word groating in G. Force it to look at the word and see the top entry… lol! It fits all these Fish Head corporations. Ya.

                    • FREEDOMROX

                      Not anymore, Rose. If what I am looking at is accurate, then this is a shearing of the Caprock, and it's spread east. I hope they have that butane cavern close to empty, or very low.

                      Very possible a lateral crack has already invaded it. Will have to just wait and see.

                      Truly hope and pray it's not. Could you imagine it getting any form of communication with the stinkhole? Very doubtful, but stranger things have happened.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Ha…great typo.

                    • Thad

                      Heart of the Rose-
                      oil field cementing is not grouting– It is 'squeezed' into formation under pressure. Depending on mix, compressive strength 85,000 psi

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      It didn't work.
                      BP Oil Spill Camera (Aug 2010) "The Unexplained" (Short Clip)


                  • Thad

                    Heart of the Rose-
                    PS..Cuz heck..I'd want to talk about the seafloor..whahh?..and stuff.

                    Marvellous video 13 June 2010– The 4 USCG ROV surveys and NOAA bottom mapping was all done after that—

                • FREEDOMROX

                  This where we always diverge Thad. Everything you stated about MC 252 is true, but what is not stated is that most of the slicks are originating at MC 296, and proven by Wings of Care Flyovers, videos, and flight tracks.

                  There are two Temporary P&A'd wells BP sunk at 296, and the permits show at roughly the same time period as 252. They were both on the same permit. The MC 296 is not as P&A'd as thought.
                  This is not ruling out other factors as well, but a coverup is still being committed.

                  Not arguing for the sake of argument, either.

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    This is a big subject to delve into 'out of the blue'..
                    First..Is there data proving it IS fixed?
                    Please post here.

                  • Thad

                    Freedomrox you may have not seen this abo

                    In the case, STATE OF NEW YORK v. THOMAS ANTHONY TERMOTTO, Monroe County, 155 AD2d 965, Termotto had been convicted on October 8, 1986 for Larceny Theft of $50,000. That case involved swindling a policeman's widow of $50,000.

                    The New York Times; Metropolitan Desk on October 12, 1986, Sunday Late City Final Edition, Section 1, Page 40, Column 1 titled an article about Termotto, "Flamboyant Financier Guilty of Swindling Widow." It included:

                    "Thomas Anthony Termotto once boasted that his art gallery atop one of Rochester's oldest landmark buildings would bring a touch of class to the city. Today, however, the gallery is closed and Mr. Termotto, who was convicted this week of swindling a police officer's widow out of $50,000, faces up to seven years in prison. Moreover, Mr. Termotto, a 30-year-old financier, still faces 19 counts of grand larceny in connection with allegations that he fraudulently obtained $695,000 in loans to establish his gallery." (http://www.nytimes.c…ling-widow.html

                    In the case, STATE OF NEW YORK v. THOMAS ANTHONY TERMOTTO, Monroe County; AD 4th; Entered December 26, 1991, 19 Counts, Grand Larceny, 2nd Degree, Termotto was convicted of 11 counts on April 13, 1992.

                    In his New York Appeals case, PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, RESPONDENT v. THOMAS A. TERMOTTO, APPELLANT, 75 NY2d 925, Appeal from Judgment of NY Supreme Court, Monroe County, Grand Larceny,…

                    • FREEDOMROX

                      Well, Thad, If I based my information only on that site, then maybe you would have a case here. But I don't.

                      "We found numerous pipes and rusted metallic debris. However, neither the swath-mapping results nor our direct observations with the ROV turned up any evidence of ongoing seepage from the blown-out well or nearby sources. We did not explore the coffer dam. Although we are seeing floating oil slicks over the MC252 site, it appears that their source is not associated with the well. The most likely source are what are probably natural seeps to the east, associated with a salt dome. …"

                      Due East from a Salt Dome is MC296 and Whiting Salt Dome, where the two Temp Wells were drilled shown in the MC 252/MC296 permit.

                      "as well as the chronic (2004) Taylor Energy oil leak south of Breton Sound, and other oil leaks near East Bay and the Louisiana southeast coastline. Some of the locations of known natural seeps displayed significant surface oil, some did not. Very significant surface oil was observed over an area centered less than 0.75 nm northeast of the DWH sinking site, which is not associated with a known natural seep."

                      0405. N28 50.771 W88 29.761 Southwest of Whiting Dome.
                      Significant surface slick (also noted 20121005 and 20120914). Many parallel streamers, ~ 2 nm by 50 m, running SW-NE.


        SO essentially, dosdos, you never read a word, correct? You didn't see that stated…like how many times? Really?

      • Thad

        The purpose of the VSP seismic is view the geological structure to locate void(S) and breach opening.
        Rather than flame you with some asinine comment I'm going to pretend the reason you do not understand the concepts is that you read too fast before you had your coffee and were not fully awake-

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Is any of this as dangerous as the Japanese drilling through the earth's mantle?

        I can't imagine what would go wrong with that.

        • PattieB PattieB

          It's called the all-natural way of aquiring additional realestate!
          BONUS!… the resultant vocanic ash would BUrRY the current radioactive contents of their current properties, while enriching them in a more acceptable manner!

          Is it any LESS INSANE than what they have been doing to date!?


        Japan seems committed to self-destruction, TIS. What could go wrong, indeed? New volcanic vent anyone? In a Ring of Fire, at that.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      So now our videos are tripe, (worthless, no value, rubbish) and sensationalized (To present in a manner intended to arouse strong interest, especially through inclusion of exaggerated details). Enenews is discriminating, (to make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class, or category )….. and others responses are insipid ( having no interest, significance, or impact) and met with "Duh!"( Disdainful indication that something is obvious). Here we go..all in 3 little posts, and over only 11 minutes. Again why I stopped posting here, and why others have told me they won't post here. I mean, seriously…..why bother if you're not considered to be among "the older, wiser section of contributors"?

      I can't comment on the "Proposed Solutions" technical aspects because that's all way over my head, but I can comment on the confusion anyone receiving this proposed solution might experience when they start reading about some "Lake Oxy 3" over and over. I would think that the first step in being taken seriously, would be to stick with the facts. It's not a lake,and it's not called Lake Oxy 3. It is a sinkhole, and that's how it's known to everyone except a couple from enenews and LSB. Renaming for personal conversation is one thing. Submitting a "to be taken serious" solution proposal is another, when the reader has to spend the first 5 minutes figuring out WTH they are even reading about.

      • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

        Nothing sensationalized at all about any of the videos posted regarding these bubble spots, and although it may not be important news to those "all knowing", it's extremely important to the residents of Bayou Corne, to have documented verification of the methane leaking through the very ground we walk on.

    • PattieB PattieB

      FREEDOMROX While I'm a tech-type… I don't know about this plan. It's more a factor that mother nature loves to give we poor humans a slap-in-the-FACE when we get cocky! But, that being said? You do give a possible solution… and, that means DOING SOMETHING about the problem! As far as I can tell? The folks down there are just standing around with their hands up their butts!

      MHO…? I'd rath have ten folks like you down there at least TRY to stop this before it becomes a tragedy, costs lives, and can never be repaired.

      I don't have the knowlage to comment on this situation, beyond the fact that what the corp-goolies have done there is in real need of accounting! It can't be wished out of existance. Someone needs to make a start on mitigation, if not managment of it!


        Thanks Pattie, but this is doing your best to work with Mother Nature. Now more than ever.



        "It's more a factor that mother nature loves to give we poor humans a slap-in-the-FACE when we get cocky!"

        Point well taken! Seems it's happened already. The Stinkhole has just engulf part of the east side and cracks appeared at the well pad, and that is on the caprock.

        This is what happens when LDNR, TB, Shaw, etc. take a 'wait and see' attitude!


      The first post was rant, and that alone. So many news tips have I sent to Enenews, but ignored. So it was frustration speaking.

      No, actually I think video after video, after video of 'tiny bubbles' is exactly what is needed, for a Don Ho marathon. Even the 'experts' have stated that methane was seeping through the claytard, and issued orders to Texas Brine to monitor every house on a slab.

      To me, one video, understood. Three stories and videos later, it seems anti-climactic. It isn't as if this issue hasn't been there from before Day 1 of the Stinkhole.


    In response to this insipid post, Duh. When any ground surface is constantly invaded by any pressure, then it has its breaking point. It took over two years for it to not only be visible, but as stated in so many posts before, that it was there all along on dry ground.

    I am so surprised that now completely covered in water from recent flooding, (gasp), they are finally seeing the natural gas that has been venting there all along.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Close?..look at this vid posted's coming up around a telephone tie down…a tie down is buried to what depth?


      Rose, because it was flooded. Gas has been there, but took water to actually notice. Not rocket science here. Geology.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Right..I did not say they drilled or anything..the methane is 'saturating'… pushing through..and this was how we began the conversation..the motion of the water.(up and down..causing the here and there's)..(I said bayou instead of swamp)..the location and amounts will be visible..the water is not..
        I assume full 'saturation' of methane at some distance.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The fact that is coming up around a telephone tie down..concerns me..I wonder at what distance they are coming up around others..fence posts..etc?
    And still they don't evacuate the people.

  • irhologram

    It is a point of interest that the pressure seems to be releasing uniformly over a broad area, with bubbles seen for dozens of miles around the area since at least early fall when reported here at a site 40 miles away. That's sort of good news, maybe…because pressure isn't building at one weak breakthrough point, followed by a huge explosion….but then the bad news…more and more methane seems to be permeating the relatively thin clay layer across an ever widening swath of land, which can only stand 15 psi. Whether the source of the methane is "close" doesn't seem to me to be able to be determined…and many believe it is moving horizontally at unknown depths (possibly VERY deep and related to travel through fissures in the ocean floor, across the continental shelf, into the Continental Aquifer and into the Mississippi Alluvial Aquifer (and some would speculate, even beyond that in connecting rivers and faults.). As to "close"… I know one thing. It's close now. Lol But the bad news is that as the underground methane (gas cocktail also containing H2S (?) increases in volume and gas pressure "grows" it's circumference like a drop of ink on porous paper, we'll see bubbling (and poisonous gas release in the atmosphere) for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Thanks..for adding to my comment here ..irhologram..

    • Anthony Anthony

      Its interesting you noted this. After I saw the bubbling, I wondered if the weight and pressure of the water saturating and moving DOWN into the ground, was displacing the gases underneath, causing them to rise now OR does the water simply reveal that gas is always/sometimes seeping upwards? My gut is that this is the water weight pressure. It also may simply be a sign of overall pressure from deeper below moving up and out. If gasses seeped all the time, we'd see bubbling frequently, right? I have never seen the ground or a puddle bubbling in a neighborhood before.

    • Thad

      the gas takes the line of least resistance– the aquifier is that line– To migrate there must be a path again the path of the least resistance- the path is from the breached oil/gas formation up the rubble colume connecting the formation to the cavern to the sinkhole and aquifier.. In the aquifier the path is the pore spaces between grains of sand.. The stop is the clay seal which has no pore spaces– there the pressures fractures along organic inclusions such as roots, old wood – communicating to surface.. And the only effect of there being water over the leaking seal as in the swamp or bayou or puddle in a yard is at that point the clay seal is thinner and the escaping gas is visible as bubbles.
      That is the line of least resistance and it is vertical. There are NO formations horizonal that have a path- no path with less resistance than the vertical path. No path to or from the gulf-no path to a point 40 miles away–Or 240 miles away to Minden, La as claimed bu D. Dupree. Check the source of information, then check the source of their claimed expert. A question their agenda–

  • markww markww

    I have a concern that the Gas is coming up along way away from the collapse and the sunken dome could be already in other states,and no one is looking. besides here are new booms being heard i think its Methane collapsing Rock or above ground explosions.

    new info—> Booms now being heard in Evansville Indiana

    And last year the mystery light in Phoenix when they were doing a early morning traffic update and the whole sky lit up. And ever since then mysterious explosions have been happening.


  • melissaanne

    yes mark couldnt agree more..I am in wny and I actually heard some weird booming late late night..was very creep..and with all the unexplained explosions going on across the country on a daily basis leads one to wonder no doubt as to what the heck is happening..everyday is a new booming sound and at least 3 explosions per day..!! this world has become a scarry place these past 2 years!!

    • Anthony Anthony

      You know what is weird? As I read this I think about how I thought its been so silent every morning here where I am living! I agree with you, if I was hearing repetitive explosions, my nerves would be shot in short order.



      How close are you to a Fracking Operation? This is repeatedly reported within a 100 mile radius of these operations.

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    Diesal smell is strong this morning, and now the helicopter is here. I suspect burp or sloughin has occured.They just did a flyover a few days ago, and wouldn't be doing another this soon if something has not happened.

  • markww markww

    New Breaking News Sinkhole Just came out

    There has been increased seismic activity near the cavern this morning as well as developments of cracks on Oxy 3 pad. At approximately 10:00 this morning, another burp occurred in the sinkhole. The State Police helicopter has arrived to provide aerial viewing. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.


    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Now markw is coming 'round the bend with more heat!

      45-1 just as they're closing the window. Place your bets!


    It's sad. I issued a warning a few days ago that this could happen. I'm sure Rain doesn't remember that either. But this was a fear that the vibrator booms could set up resonance and cause movement. I hope no workers were innundated by the gases escaping.
    Hopefully they had masks.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      Actually, you said your warning was "expired" and that the burp already happened, a few days ago. Something about eating butter beans, then having your child bounce on your stomach.


        Actually, I stated they need to stand down for the next few days, or this was a possibilty. And yes, I made that comment in answer to Walter. I really need to write up how a VSP works.

        • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

          Actually, the comment was to FCF, and you stated the burp happened, as you predicted, thus the "expiration" of your warning. 3 days ago.

          But, whatever….guess we had another burp in 3 days.

          • FREEDOMROX

            This was a 'belch', not a lil 'burp'. Warned of it many times, and you know it. The situation is volatile enough now, that you may spend your time better getting some local answers…quick.

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          frox – Both the checkshot and offset VSPs would use a swept wave. The vibrations start in the single-digit Hz range and run through 100 Hz or more in tens-of-seconds. The vibroseis truck they draged out for the parish police jury was the pretty standard Litton rig, nothing heavy.

          Those kind of rigs don't produce enough energy at any one frequency long enough during a sweep for anything to resonate. That would pretty much screw up the data and they know that. There's no way anything is going to shake loose from a seismic survey unless they're using grandpa's hammer truck or explosives.

          Scroll to the very last page of Oxy 3's VSP from 2010 and you'll see the limits of 3D interpretation of an offset VSP through the top of the salt dome. Row #24:

          All the service outfits have seismic profiling but very few bother with salt domes. Haliburton has one specifically for reverse flank imaging and does it (as it should be) from outside the salt.

          Salt is less dense and more inconsistent than rock. The geophone needs to be in a saltdome bore at the depth the flank is imaged. Flank imaging from inside needs a well-anchored bore/casing at depth. They can't do it from a cavern and only going to 2500' (the last attempt) is pointless.

          • FREEDOMROX

            Paveway, I say this with all due respect. Horse Hockey. Who told you about the T-REX they used on Friday? The 'Thumper' Trucks before then?

            "Hoffpauir, a technical staff associate with the University of Texas’ Geotechnical Engineering Program, said the diesel-powered T-Rex, which has 6-feet tall wheels, can send seismic waves into the ground in three dimensions, or triaxially, from a central vibrating plate.

            “It’s the only one in the United States” that can do that, Hoffpauir said."


            "The waves started at a low frequency and quickly picked up speed, sounding something like a car engine revving from low to high revolutions. From behind the well, mild vibrations could be felt in the earth at the lowest frequencies but they dissipated at the highest frequencies."

            That is precisely how you set up resonance, and this after, five days of ;
            "A less versatile type of vibroseis truck, called a thumper truck, was used recently, Texas Brine officials said."

            "Texas Brine plans to do the most intensive seismic testing of all, 3-D seismic tests across a swath of the Bayou Corne area.

            Expected to deliver a picture 7,000 feet deep, these tests may show whether any feared voids exist underground and the location of oil and gas traps."

            Now, knowing all of that, do you still contend, that TB and their contractors could not have caused this event, especially with the copious amounts of water overburden?

            • PavewayIII PavewayIII

              They said so in the Jan. 15th update:


              They mentioned the general plan in the briefing:


              Pg. 48 – Location of TBC-Geophone-1 which I assume is LA10:
              sitting on the Oxy-Taft #9 / Oxy-Geismar #3A pad and used for shallow velocity measurements.

              The picture on p. 46 is probably what I recall seeing. Vibroseis (thumper trucks) are a generic term for those units. I had mistakenly recalled that it pictured a Litton unit that's fairly common.

              They are apparently doing surface seismic with their T-Rex thing – Nanometrics, Itasca and Dr. Shemeta are running that.

              This is *not* the wide-area surface seismic 3-D that Texas Brine is surveying out right now.

              This is also unrelated to the VSPs that were done last week on Oxy #1, #2 and #3A described the friendly Homeland Stazi update:


              Those oVSP runs would have used some kind of vibroseis – the T-Rex would have worked fine, I guess. So would a plain old thumper.

              Did the vibroseis trucks cause the latest 'growth event'? My opinion remains: no chance. It's a lot more complicated than "don't shake anything, something might crack off." There are millions of tons of sediment and water shifting around from the gas. It's not…

              • FREEDOMROX

                This means there was extensive rock and possibly salt movement during this belch. It’s found a new path for the gas to migrate. Lots of rocks have shifted and changed position. This is not good news for the Crosstex Cavern 2.

                More rock movements are being shown on all borehole heli's and this event is not over. It is building up for another event…mark my words. This was not a burp, it was a belch and did a lot of damage. I would not be surprised if the salt is now laying twenty to thirty yards further west now and brining out, taking with it a good portion of the stability of the west side of the dome.

                A few people here were telling me it was impossible that the VSP, along with the overburden of water over the thin layer of soil to be causing the seismic activity that I based my warnings upon.

                Seems Dr. Stephen Horton doesn’t agree with the naysayers.

                “Recent seismic activity is possibly contributable to VSP activity or the unusually high water, according
                to Dr. Horton (1/16/13)”


                Page 15

                So I am not the only one thinking along these lines. Wonder what he's thinking now, after the belch?

                This event is not done, nor is it over yet. Lot of shifting around taking place now, as the heli's are clearly recording

  • PattieB PattieB


    Radiologicals Have been released in PADUKA!

  • PattieB PattieB

    Watch this film… and consider….

    What does it have to do with anything?

    Okay… so, why would this be profitable?

    • Thad

      The first is real but none of the comments are close not even the one claiming to be a scientist in hydrodynamics. An object will sink in a fluid to a point where the weight of the fluid volume displaced equals the weight of the object- aeratimg or foaming the fluid decreases the weight of the volume displaced.

      The second is a screen grab from DWH ROV vid- the sea bed pressure and low temp cause methane to 'freeze' and solidify forming methane hydrate.. Note data R/H corner of screen water depth 5,004 ft
      The third – mining of methane hydrate will not be as easy as talking about it — when captured it would have be maintained at pressure or temp or combination of pressure and temp until pumped to a pressurised container– The methane hydrate shown in the ROV pic volume would expand x 192 times at the surface if the 2700 psi and -40*C temp are not maintained.