Japan Gov’t Adviser on Fukushima: We have “much to learn from what’s happening at Chernobyl” — Engineer: All my co-workers at Chernobyl are now dead, and I had thyroid removed due to cancer (VIDEO)

Published: February 1st, 2014 at 10:44 pm ET


NHK Nuclear Watch, Jan. 22, 2014:

NHK: Decommissioning [Chernobyl] could take a century […] This edition of ‘Nuclear Watch’ is looking at how people tied to the cleanup of the Fukushima accident here in Japan are trying to learn lessons from Chernobyl […]

Professor Ryuji Okazaki, adviser to Japanese government on how to protect workers from radiation: “We really want to learn from what you’re doing here in the Ukraine.”

NHK: A government official told Okazaki, “Our practices are based on lessons from the past.” […] They periodically check for more than 200 types of illnesses including heart disease. Doctors also focus on the eyes […] they monitor balance, too. […] The situation is quite different at Fukushima Daiichi. Screening of workers is left up to the contractors […] they are not obliged to submit data to the plant’s operator or any national institution. Professor Okazaki says Japan has much to learn from what’s happening at Chernobyl.

Professor Okazaki: […] Ukraine provides an example we should follow.

NHK: Okazaki says Japanese leaders should introduce a centralized system to collect health data right away.

Watch the NHK broadcast here

ABC San Francisco, Soviet scientist recalls liquidation of Chernobyl plant:

ABC: Natalia Manzurova was a 35-year-old Soviet engineer when disaster struck at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April 1986. Manzurova was ordered by the Soviet government to go in and clean up the plant after it exploded. […]

Manzurova: “First of all, we were mapping the radionuclides that were there, and then we had to bury everything that was above the surface.” […]

ABC: But like all her colleagues, she would later get cancer. In her case, her thyroid had to be removed. Of the 14 scientists Manzurova worked with at Chernobyl, she is the only survivor.

Manzurova: “I had the same health consequences as everyone who was engaged in liquidating the accident had.”

Watch the ABC broadcast here

Published: February 1st, 2014 at 10:44 pm ET


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84 comments to Japan Gov’t Adviser on Fukushima: We have “much to learn from what’s happening at Chernobyl” — Engineer: All my co-workers at Chernobyl are now dead, and I had thyroid removed due to cancer (VIDEO)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Nuclear power must be outlawed forever.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      TBP… yes…. outlawed forever.

      • atomicistheword


        Excessive radiation levels detected at 54 locations: activists

        Taipei, Jan. 29 2014…




        LONDON — The UK's Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant is being operated with reduced staffing after monitoring found higher-than-normal levels of radiation.



        • bo bo

          The news from Taiwan matches the mysterious recent spike in radiation on NETC which seemed to light up just the southern tip of japan… (I thought it was about 2 days ago?)

          • atomicistheword


            Allenushkaa from Ukraine has some interesting experience to share with us, her YouTube video upload section has a series about radiation on and in the body. This link will take you to her video upload section where you can follow her productions.


            Her video about atomic radiation hitting USA is a great start point.

            • jan

              I tried but couldnt really concentrate on what she was saying ;)sorry.

              • i think it's just that yer intentionally deaf, jan.

              • bo bo

                Socref → artika rama → jan
                Sorry to stoop down to this level but I just had to point it out
                It is so unfortunate when threads get yanked around unnecessarily
                There is such a great art to some enenews threads, when not disturbed by these strange trolls, most likely sent by pro nukers.

                This one is particularly dull too.

                • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                  It's Akita ! Welcome back !

                • jan

                  I dont know what you are talking about with socref artka rama and trolls .
                  If you are saying i am a troll i have to disappoint you .
                  Is this a discussion forum? Can anyone here even tolerate any discussions?

                • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                  I'm sorry too
                  It must just be a coincidence .

                  Back to snow
                  A few weeks ago on the Atlantic coast the snow was melting on sidewalk
                  And I thought Just Who Is Spitting eeshh Gross
                  Yup white patches of goo mush
                  I then thought morgellins but I don't know too much about that
                  Not saying to start talking about that
                  Just my observations here

                • soern

                  @bo: have I missed thomething with artika rama?
                  socref – ok, but artika?
                  Could not find any real long lasting evidence for claiming she was a troll.
                  Jan seems to be joung only – try and error 🙂

                  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                    Perhaps you might want to follow patterns times and the same arguments against cause and effect ?
                    Yes a coincidence .

                  • Sparky Sparky

                    Agree with Soern. Everyone and anyone that offers a critical perspective that differs from the predominant Enenews/'newsers' perspectives is not necessarily a troll or shill. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that "S" was, indeed a troll/shill. He declared his malicious intent and actively sought to disrupt this site. I'm glad he's gone. The others, including artika and jan and…?, I'm not convinced were/are trolls or shills. Recall that even Anne/VAnneV was accused by another 'Newser(s) of being a troll/shill—which I also don't believe for a minute is true.

                    IMO, we need to allow for respectful, robust debate that encompasses diverse views without labeling someone a troll or shill unless there is substantial evidence to the contrary.

                    If you take issue with another ‘Newser’s posts, then report that comment/that poster to Admin. If the post/poster runs afoul of Enenews protocols and/or enough ‘Newsers report the same poster, the Admin. will take care of it.

                    Stay focused, folks. There’s a sh*tstorm ahead and we really need our best Enenews collective efforts if we hope to survive.

                    • soern

                      welcome sparky 🙂

                    • Annie Lark Annie Lark

                      Hello Sparky Et Al-

                      I wanted to jump in here, because I am the person that Anne/VanneV was accused of being. I am WHY she had to change the spelling of her name on line. But the joke is, that I am not anywhere NEAR being a troll. I am SO anti-nuclear that I can be considered too much so. For some reason, my very first entry onto comments of ENENEWS seemed to spark a reaction that I clearly didn't understand.

                      In fact, when I saw that someone abruptly took me to be Anne/VanneV, I quickly added my last name to my posting name, followed by an apology to Anne for someone confusing us. How was I supposed to know that someone would mistake "Annie" for "Anne"?

                      Anyway, please be careful when you label someone a troll or shill. It almost happened to me and if you knew me and how hard I am fighting against a nuclear waste dump in my backyard and nuclear energy as a whole, you would be doing me a great disservice! Also, I have an entry that I will place on the Nuclear Discussion page concerning the odd snow in St. Louis today.

                      Please give everyone a chance to express themselves (short of maliciousness) and know that you do not always see the entire picture. Thanks- Annie Lark

                  • bo bo

                    My apologies to Annie, I never called you a shilll and never thought or suspected that -as I mention on my post.

                    Soern, regardless of if artika was a shill or not, I had no doubt ( after a while of watching from afar, almost all threads deteriorate into mudslinging and name calling), that he had malicious intent – pro nuke or not.

                    I just saw a similar pattern emerging again and found it disheartening, as it usually makes 1) threads harder to plow through 2) brings down credibility of the site as a whole and 3) turns off and drains good contributors.

                    I just found it interesting all three posters appeared/disappeared in seamless succession. I apologize. I am still in recovery.

                    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                      bo: don't stress it. In one way or another, we're all shills. I was a shill but not so much anymore. 🙂

                    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                      I was accused of being one too when I first started posting

                    • bo bo

                      3) is what gets me personally in the end, but as sparky says, report report, and don't discuss on the thread itself.

                    • Annie Lark Annie Lark

                      Thanks, BO-

                      I agree with the current thread concerning maliciousness. I wanted to say that when I first "awoke" to Fukushima, I learned much at a blog site offered by UT Berkley's Dept of Nuclear Energy. It was abruptly halted, as it appeared that there MIGHT have been a difference of opinion within their ranks. However, what I did like about it at the time, was how factual and objective is appeared to be. The links to other articles was helpful and I learned a great deal when I veered off to explore other sites and most especially follow up comments. The point being, that factual, to the point, objective commenting allows others to learn. SUrely, we can trust them to analyze the facts appropriately. But to give them the facts (unadulterated by opinion)… is a real service to those hungry and ready to learn more… and smart enough to form their own opinions. (I apologize. My last few postings have been WAY too wordy. Time to get off line.)

                    • jan

                      You are so afraid of facing a shill / trol that your forum has turned into a club, instead of a discussion forum .

                      Unless you allow the opposite opinions you are doomed to fail .
                      There is no discussion with only one sided point of view.

                    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                      I agree There is no discussion with only one sided point of view.

                    • jan

                      Anni Lark Sorry to disappoint you but it is not much different here either.

                    • charlie3

                      clamshell, there has been lots of differences of opinion and lots of discussion here between members of this community.
                      What the troll is doing is disruptive baiting,insulting this place and people, and derailing of threads.
                      There's a difference between having a different point of view and being a troll.

      • Ontological Ontological

        "Outlawed forever". So easy to sit there and tell people this and that. No offer for a REAL solution like I have to GET THIS CRAP OFF THE FRIGGING PLANET! Because you know these idiots won't spend a frigging nickel, your input is welcome but stems from pure stupidity! ROTFLMFAO, and do WHAT with the dripping stinkin' CRAP? Oh I know put it all in a giant sand kitty box in MY BACKYARD. Great idea NOT!

        • atomicistheword

          It is true Ontological that if they lost $1.00 they would cry for a month, notwithstanding their utter disregard for humanity. They threaten government with a depression. All the government has to do is grow a set of balls and say "bring it on. " Corporation drops a brick, goes off with its tail between its legs and stops using atomic radiation power.

          It's a start.

          After all, it wasn't us jumping out of windows in the 1930s; was it?

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Ontological……it isn't going to happen if all any of us do is sit and type words on a forum. I know you are going through many health issues so I won't take offense to you attacking an opinion.

          I am getting out today again and talking with people. Also, what about all the nuke dumps everywhere in this country…how many people have called the crooked politician in their district to complain about anything. The ptb were hell bent on attacking Syria until the populace rose up and flooded them with calls. It isn't that they cared one way or another, they just wanted to get the people off their back.

          I don't believe it will change much, but the more people aware of this the better. No one will convince me that if 500,000 people would show up at a protest over nukes, that media would fail to cover the event. Also, last night I was thinking about all the other crap we allow corporations to inflict on the planet…while we stay silent.

          Did anyone here even call someone to tell them you supported Sister Megan Rice, Michael, and Greg who stood to say no more nuclear weapons?

          What is this forum any way if we can't exchange ideas and vent frustrations.


          • Ontological Ontological

            Thank you. I am here with open eyes, to TALK about a SOLUTION. We have options, but seems any I have offered sane logical approach GET THIS CRAP OFF THE FRIGGING PLANET cost too much. What costs too much is doing nothing at all.

            • Ontological Ontological

              I also have worked for brown sky clean up, for many dark sky laws, and to make an astronomical club. awareness was my bag. What good did it do? I am now struck down with health issues like the skull cancer I survived. So I have ALREADY been through hell and now I am JUST PLAIN TOO DAMNED OLD. So what I can do aint much your right. I guess I aint worth a pisshole in the snow now am I.

              • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                Ontological…about your statement of what you're worth…not true…I have learned a lot from your posts. I am sorry you are having such a hard time with your health, and about your wife's new health problem. It makes total sense you are angry. We are all frustrated here and scared for those we love, and humanity/earth at large, I am feeling disgusted with the ptb, and trying to see if the people who still have some health left will try to stand up…. that is what I was trying to communicate. I hope things improve for you…and I meant no disrespect.

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    Let's act all surprised and ignorant to make it look like these accidents were absolutely unforeseeable. "Chernobyl was the world's worst accident" You're never gonna tell the truth are ya? "We want to learn from the Chernobyl accident" You run gov't approved dirty bombs and you didn't learn anything 28 years later? "Japan hasn't decided how far it wants to go to monitor the health of the workers at Fukushima Daiichi" 3 years and counting.

    • gordon

      At the Chernobyl plant, there's a rather gigantic project going on. The effort being put in there is not trivial.


      It would help if the fucking population in Kiev didn't start a civil war over welfare benefits two hours north of the site.

      The internal struggle going on within governments over this whole disaster is there. Understanding among common people is most pathetic. I give people in government more credit than the Walmart hoards.

  • Jebus Jebus

    The result is Chernobyl + Fukushima + …

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    Natalia Manzurova, Soviet Engineer sent in to "liquidate" the destroyed Chernobyl reactor after it melted down said, "she believe what's happened at Fukushima is a clear sign that many of the lessons of Chernobyl, were lost." Lost on purpose of course.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      Now watch the NPP operators in the U.S. claim that "it couldn't happen here". They have learned nothing from Fukushima except how to cover up the infinite harm and costs and how to squelch public criticism.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    The criminal action is going from A to C without going through B. We might call it a short cut. Whoever made the final decision back in the 1970's to go ahead with the GE M1 design took a short cut. This individual may out do both George W. and Obama in the number of persons killed or wounded by his fateful decision. Surely he created in that moment a Weapon Of Mass Destruction. I would like to believe that if he had known, he would have decided otherwise. But I can not know this for sure.

    That is the problem with big and dangerous operations. Nuclear bombs. Nuclear power plants. Bio-weapons. Pipe lines carrying oil. Drilling down deep in the ocean for oil. GM grains and vegetables. It becomes so easy for a moment's error to destroy the lives of millions. Corporations are too much for human beings. So is the technology we now have. We lack the necessary virtue. For the sake of satisfying our curiosity and our desire for novelty we have almost destroyed the possibility of life on earth. The goal was happiness and joy. The result was despair and endless pain and suffering. We blundered as a species. Now what do we do?

  • humptydumpty humptydumpty

    Sounds like a weak apology from Japan. Doesn't look to me like Tepco wanted to learn anything from Chernobyl, or they would have followed some of the immediate steps taken back in 1986, instead of planning to restart the reactors. Doesn't look like the Japanese Government wanted to learn anything from the Russians, or they would have spared no cost in evaluating and containing the mess and would have immediately invited Russian experts to assist. Doesn't look like the Japanese nuclear scientists wanted to learn anything from Chernobyl, or they wouldn't have allowed these monsters to continue operating after the 1986 disaster. Doesn't look like the Japanese doctors learned anything, or they would have demanded the government provide better protection and diagnostic services for the residents around Fukushima Daiichi.

    But of course, the Japanese authorities alone are not the only ones to blame. The American government agencies, corporations, and especially General Electric are to blame for foisting off this dangerous and defective technology onto the Japanese people in the first place, and for allowing these death machines to continue operating in a vulnerable location and with unaddressed design faults.

    Shame on the whole lot of them. We all will end up paying the price, but especially the Japanese people will suffer.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority Reports on Conditions at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station


    National Project Development of a Remote
    Controllable Decontamination Technique inside the
    Reactor Buildings


  • kintaman kintaman

    Japan and the world had over 20 years to learn from Chernobyl and learned NOTHING. It is too late now. The cat is out of the bag in Fukushima and the cat shit will be pouring out of there forever.

    The FIRST lesson that must be learned is LEAVE FUKUSHIMA. No rebuilding. Get out of there and take the children with you. You are 3 years too late. Idiots!

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    From Tokyo in the rest of the world – Airports (carryover)

    Dialogue with Ukraine National Military Medical Institute Horishina deputy director. Accident luggage after arrival from Tokyo, happened in the UK resident family.

    This woman , worked as a deputy director currently in Ukraine National Military Medical Institute . I had been working in the Department of Public Health Faculty of Pediatrics and the National Academy of Sciences that before . Doctor of Medicine . Is Oriha – Horishina 's . It is the author of "shadow long Chernobyl " . The feeling in the place which is engaged in the side of the medical researchers , mainly in children , that is also the affiliation military government And further , it seems he is taking the balance well .

    Moreover, intelligent , women feel good and yet , yet the goodness of personality had oozing . Even a woman appealing to the public and concerned about the exposure , by the people , the nature I is what very different .

    "Shadow long Chernobyl " is , so it is a thing to tell the world , information about the health hazards caused by exposure clearly anyway , with the feeling that want to save a lot in the one , she wrote , and I think only a Free Brochure to know that because it was not , it is sold as a book in Japan , I was surprised . Royalty nor over , if there is such a money , I had spoken that you want to use to save the children .

    The story of the Horishina 's , or the like Ukraine report meeting scheduled…

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    Busy schedule , thank you very much and I have a lecture in London . 311 later , get all the information almost on the net , I knew in my head , but ask a direct talk with meet with Kinoshita actually , I was able to reaffirm the severe situation in Japan again .
    I think continue , thyroid mother and want to see the progress and the inspection . In fact bruise have been able to foot but she does not hit yesterday , all lower body , Cobra seems to have become the collar more than one hour lecture after returning home .
    Through the two and a half years , rather than the symptoms of acute , do not you're coming on behalf of the chronic symptoms of the other ? I am guessing with .
    Because it take to doctor the second son happens to today , I show also documents of soil contamination that I received from Kinoshita to ( doctor mother ) the doctor in passing , I'm going to try to hear more precise examination and echocardiography or impossible .
    Is not only the mother , there is also a feeling that I was exposed to family moving luggage mother . In fact, at a rate of once , nosebleed , atopy worse , nosebleed , second son is also in asthma suddenly , eldest son stomatitis onset frequently whole family in the 2nd luggage of my mother from coming . Diarrhea is followed by my dog , several small blisters , there is always a mouth . And extent that you have heart surgery in the summer , and is said to be " had sudden death if you did not notice as it is if " the surgeon , my…

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    Place the other day , showed also pollution map of Ayu from site of Nature and soil pollution data that I received from Kinoshita 's also a doctor (UK ) here , and I am very interested in , by performing inspection more little by little with respect to mother it was decided to give me .
    And is that with me also looking for agencies that have a research and treatment for exposure in the UK . Radioactivity of most survivors researchers seems to go to Hiroshima this doctor to say .
    I'll try to ask immunologist at Cambridge University is living in the house next door was moving apart from that , because it seems also be interested matter of nuclear power plant accident , and whether there is a new study at the genetic level or something literature . (Since curable diseases eye color , height , genetic engineered by now )
    Since I think many Japanese people and continue to develop exposure symptoms from now , I believe that the fix the posture for me to do such a deal not only Japan but also in each country is not bad .
    Institutions rather than human experimentation Hiroshima , such as Nagasaki , us to " cure " the effort is required.
    Not a journalist politician even scientists also a doctor , I am just a powerless civilians , but I think to the extent that their own can do and let us work hard ?

  • atomicistheword

    Let us build a fast breeder sodium cooled reactor, after all their as safe as building an atomic reactor on a fault line.

    Nothing happened at Simi Valley California, we just put a blanket over us like Bert the turtle and the radiation went away.


    Brought to you by..

    Hitachi General Electric Japan "We bring good things to life!"

    Enjoy your Super Bowl and remember, trust your government they have their welfare at heart. Their god takes General Electrics sins away, in god they trust.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Learn this…150 cubic miles of highly radioactive water (multiple billions of Becquerels per cubic meter) in 3 years. 50 cubic miles per year is what's pouring into the Pacific.

    3 years from now, the radioactive plume will be 300 cubic miles. If you think that can be wished away by "dilution", then you are as brain dead as Kenny boy and the rest of the psychopath shill scientists.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8gd1OU4X9g at 41.45 minutes into the video.

  • Another documentary recommendation by my side to everybody here:
    "Into Eternity"
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoyKe-HxmFk (Trailer; the film is available for rent at different online movie portals).
    "Into Eternity" is about the Onkalo nuclear waste deposit site in Finland and deals with all the problems that are inherently connected to nuclear waste. Basically, the movie comes to the conclusion that mankind should never have lightened the nuclear fire and shows how nuclear power is the ultimate fall of mankind.

  • Ontological Ontological

    What about the rest of the world, Not long before the desperate sea life trying to get out of the oceans, will be desperate Humans trying to get out of the atmosphere.
    To pretend this is just Nuclear boy's shitty diaper is inhuman, inexcusable, and unjust. I always respected the JP, but thanks to GE and friends, they are now just another race of industrially bred child/morons, same as young Americans. They call this pollution of our genes/education "westernization". JP did not need it, the rest of the world does NOT need it. How about YOU government SHILLS, ABE, BARACK, CONGRESS, ETC. eat this mess YOU bastards have allowed! WE little tiny pieces of insignificant CRAP as tax payers have had enough shit on our plates to eat now for too long, at a cost of totally unreasonable amounts of suffering.
    The Chinese girls in the crowd shown at the skating event last night were horribly unhealthy, the damage these cold hearted GMO Plutonium, petrochemical producing monsters are doing is inexcusable!

  • sworldpeas

    The lesson is death
    Tepco is the grim reaper
    Killing us with greed

  • Finally found English versions of the arte documentaries on nuclear waste. Please watch them as long as they are available online !
    see my post here: http://enenews.com/forum-general-discussion-thread-nuclear-issues-july-2012/comment-page-108#comment-464980

  • weeman

    The only thing that you had to learn from Chernobyl is nuclear power is not worth the risks associated with nuclear fission, stop the insanity, how do you justify, I can't.

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      I have come across this before. Jim Stone is the author of this idea, I believe. Should we say the more fantastic the more likely? I mean Dr. Judy Wood is shunned by many in the 9/11 movement, but she is certainly no dummy. To verify this would take a lot of work. And connections.
      But given the Iraq War, nothing is impossible for this crowd of mad men. Well, Vietnam was also the work of insanity. There just is this element of destructive energy in the human species, call it the Fall if you want, and it keeps working its way out with the latest weapons.
      Unfortunately I see no solution. In which case it is not a problem as all problems can eventually be solved. But this seems inherent in humans.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Capt. Nemo, and bluetick…scalar technology is real…that is all I will say.

        • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

          As I mentioned the idea is certainly feasible. Few persons know what is going on in the realms of power. I doubt either of us know or have ever met anyone but light weights.

    • mairs mairs

      From the article:

      "A 9.0 is such a huge quake that China, Korea, and Russia should have seen significant earthquake damage from one happening in Japan and everything in Sendai should have been leveled. Yet no nation outside of Japan could even feel it."

      That is not true.

      "In Norway, water in some fjords pointing northeast toward Japan (up and over the pole) sloshed back and forth as seismic waves from the earthquake raced through."

      "The earthquake produced a low-frequency rumble called infrasound, which traveled into space and was detected by the Goce satellite."

      The earthquake shifted Earth on its axis of rotation by redistributing mass, like putting a dent in a wobbling top. The temblor also shortened the length of day by about a microsecond.

      More than 1,000 aftershocks have hit Japan since the earthquake, the largest a magnitude 7.9.
      About 250 miles (400 km) of Japan's northern Honshu coastline dropped by 2 feet (0.6 meters).
      The jolt moved Japan's main island of Honshu eastward by 8 feet (2.4 meters).

      In Antarctica, the seismic waves from the earthquake sped up the Whillans Ice Stream, jolting it by about 1.5 feet.

      Beijing 2011 3/11- The powerful earthquake that struck on Friday off Japan's Pacific coast was felt as far away as Beijing but Chinese authorities said the country faced no threat of a tsunami.

      Workers in office towers in the Chinese capital, more than 2 500km from the quake epicentre, reported via chat sites that they had…

      • mairs mairs

        …that they had clearly felt the tremor.

        Since that particular premise of the article is already a lie, I don't give any credence to the rest of it.

        I could continue to find reports from other countries on that day about what they felt, but I don't have the time.

        • gordon

          I was in San Francisco at the time. The tsunami was impressive at the gate, that and we visited a marina at Santa Cruz. The damage from the wave there was extensive. Most people that understood what was happening and were prepared to go, they took their boats out to sea.

          That the quake was fabricated… astonishing bullshit.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Bluetick, yep seen that I offered it as a bone here, comments were. "we all know it was an act of war". OK so…why the hell have we not acted on it, unless it was of course Israel, Stuxnet virus, small camera nukes, a tsunami nuke, and NPP Plutonium plants with a certain Siemens controller in use. We inadvertently unzipped Japan's fly and we are obviously deeply involved with covering it up, due to the lack of doing anything more than generating pure propaganda responses.

      • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

        In the original presentation of the idea Israel was implicated just as they were in 9/11. But you know the Holocaust and all so it is okay if they did. Right?

  • mairs mairs

    I just talked to an American customer of my business who's wife is Japanese. They're going to go visit her mother in Tokyo next month and spend a few weeks there. I wanted to get his personal take on Fukushima. He said that they all get their info about it from the Internet, as the Japanese government isn't saying much about it. He said, "It's amazing that they're so quiet about something so dangerous, and people have nowhere to go if something catastrophic happens, as Japan isn't very big".

    • bo bo

      It's exactly because people have nowhere to go, that's why they are so quiet.

    • kintaman kintaman

      Akira Kurosawa predicted this very thing long ago:


      Here we are today with this still ongoing and no one is doing anything about it. No one is trying to escape. It is amazing how crazy the world is.

      • myau

        If this video was made bout 20 years ago, not only the Jap/tepco in denial that such event could ever happen or they are simple fatalistic,or suicidal or bottom line greed or what not. Now with their secrecy law &heavy handed gov't control, I doubted they will let their own population escape,and if
        they should perish they would willfully drag the rest of the world with them without remorse. Since the us is a partner-in-crime going back to the US-Japan security treaty, I think the US gov't should invite the evacuation of all japanese people willing to move, plenty of vacant land here, bringing with them all their assets and factories etc. this may prove to be beneficial to the US economy ultimately and saving the extinction of these people. However, I still think the mad dog Abe would rather have his own country perish than bow to their "new benefactor".Pity! Just myHO. Peace!

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    It would be one thing if human beings had an abundance of free will. But the truth is that by the time one leaves home, one is already afloat in habits and attitudes that are not easily changed. If greed and avarice are big in a person, then like an automaton he or she will pursue wealth and power. If saintliness, something similar happens.
    Unfortunately people are the change they can believe in–and many of these changes are detrimental to the human being. Socially for the most part the events follow an historical logic–the past recombining in endless ways without consulting a soul. Most of us know how hard it is to change a little habit, so we should not expect much when trying to change a whole society or the world. Centuries come to mind–not years.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Rense.com is pretty good as a rule, but sometimes they delete things for unknown reasons. He certainly did not want the Israel did it thing for 3/11, and immediately denounced it though I am not sure why. Does anyone know why it has barely been picked up? Just about everyone believes Mossad was in on 9/11.

    • gordon

      9/11 isn't an event that will impact people born five hundred years from now. Fukushima is that kind of serious. Jeff Rense has a certain component of entertainment in his programming. He understands that to incorporate Fukushima into the entertainment lineup is not ethical. Hence, his reporting on the matter is as close to reality as he can keep it.

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    They have learned new tricks since: deceleration radiation from missing liquefied cores can be obtained by means of the gamma ray-beta ray deduction method resulting in some continuous constant weak x-ray equivalent of a few years and no cell phones are allowed near the meters because when ringing the readings pike and radiation is constant, therefor 0.5Sv/h is below lethal for 15min where 2SV/h sources are isolated.

  • pkjn

    Fallout level spiked in Fukushima city (Fukushima city is 60 kilometers away from the Fukushima plant) / Highest reading since 2013 October
    January 28th, 2014 Fukushima Diary

    Fallout level in Fukushima city (Fukushima city is 60 kilometers away from the Fukushima plant) spiked up on 1/26/2014.
    The reading was 48.3 million Bq/km2 (Cesium-134/137), which was the highest since 10/13/2013.
    The increase of fallout level was observed from January to February of 2013 too. The increase of fallout level can be linked to the seasonal wind.