Official: Japanese gov’t withheld radiation forecasts to prevent causing panic (VIDEO)

Published: May 2nd, 2011 at 3:46 pm ET


Japan’s NHK TV is reporting the “Japanese government is about to begin releasing data projecting the spread of radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant that it initially withheld for fear of causing panic.”

Published: May 2nd, 2011 at 3:46 pm ET


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84 comments to Official: Japanese gov’t withheld radiation forecasts to prevent causing panic (VIDEO)

  • Harry PHD

    I read that a bit earlier at NHK. Seems like they must believe the situation is not as bad as initially thought and are releasing this data.

    I look forward to seeing it as it should help dismiss much of the nonsense about fears of radiation spreading throughout Japan.

    • Slick Vick

      Ignore Harry people, he is a paid douchebag who’s job is to make the news here look like BS to newcomers…

      Fcuk you harry, choke on plutonium!

      • “Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that.

        I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.”

        ~~ Frank Zappa (1940-1993)

    • tony wilson

      harry phd v arnold gundersen or dr christopher busby.

      all this is nonsense is it…
      a mox plutonium reactor has not had a roof on it for 6 weeks you prat.
      i do not care about corporate stooges like you.
      but i care about the health of innocent children.
      at some stage the japanese government need to kill themselves, for choosing corporation money over public health.

    • Radiation has already spread throughout most of Japan Harry.

      It’s all over the Northern Hemisphere, (including Japan).

    • mothra

      PhD, of what discipline may I inquire?

    • kx

      yes harry fukushima you.

    • Ashen

      Nonsense? How tall are you Harry? I’m just wondering how high they’re stacking BS nowadays… How long has it been since you “sold out” to the powers that be? Phd? You sound more like a “mental midget” to me.

  • Moco

    “My skin is falling off”

    “Calm down. There is no need for fear mongering”.

    Fear is the mental state so to protect oneself. Oh, binny ladan was fired today from trumps show. I think the pied piper had a harder time leading the rats off the pier.

  • Slick Vick

    Wrong Harry… Seems like some more BS where they will say “well, at first we lied, so now we will release our real predictions, which were pretty bad” yet the predictions are bullshit anyways because this IS worse than Chernobyl and it DOES need to be taken seriously.. All you’re doing here is acting like a moron..

    “nonsense about radiation spreading through Japan”?????

    Are you serious?? Get the FCUK off this site and tell your government boss that you’ve been called out on this site.. Maybe he’ll assign you a different site to be a troll on, because you suck at doing it here.

  • JC

    They apologize…and apologize…and apologize…and keep doing shit after shit!

  • Deetu 3

    Vick,Tony,Moco-right on gents! running tally of douche bags:

    ex knight
    afu (lol)
    surreal vista

  • Arizonan PhD

    Dear Harry et al,

    Even if people disagree, it makes it more pleasant for all of us who use this site on a regular basis if people can please civilly refrain from swearing at each other.

    I do note that the ‘blame the victim’ game is very prevalent around nuclear accidents and nuclear facilities. For example, students I had in the 90s who were from Ukraine said that the government had come up with a new syndrome, called “fear of radiation syndrome” which they used to denigrate people who were concerned about radioactive fallout from Chernobyl. Harry’s comment is much the same. The government of Japan has not so far been telling the truth about the levels of radiation being released; there is no guarantee that their new scheme to finally tell the truth will be any closer to the truth. Blaming the victims – all those humans needlessly exposed to cell-damaging ionizing isotopes – does not advance not advance matters. It merely dismisses and denigrates humans who have very legitimate concerns about the long-term effects of these releases on human and non-human health. we should have a fear of cancers, even if their manifestation is random and even if the risk to each individual is relatively small overall (it doesn’t feel like that to the individuals affected). The risk goes up and the numbers affected will go up every day these releases continue. Humans have evolved to respond with fear to immediate dangers, like lions attacking. We have not yet sufficiently evolved to deal with dangers like radiation, where it can take 5-10-20-30-50 or even 10,000 years for the tiger to land on our heads. It is a different kind of danger, but it has been scientifically proven that the danger is, nevertheless, there. Blaming populations for being so hysterical as to be “afraid” of radiation is like blaming victims of rape for being too sensitive.

    • kx PHD

      correct dear colleague.

    • mothra

      It’s not just fatal cancer (already in epidemic), but a myriad of additional disorders and quality of life (and bank account) reducing ailments and dysfunctions too. Fatal cancer is a morbidly high threshold to apply. It sucks for non-fatal cancers, diabetics, cardio-pulmonary, immuno-supressed, asthmatics, hormonal or endocrine, developmental, fetal, infant and reproductive systems too – to name a few “concerns.”

      On balance, I agree the questioning and demands are understandable from ones who bear the risks and expense for this. In fact, they are downright polite and measured to date considering. It’s just language after all – so far.

    • Dear Arizona PhD
      I too am an Arizona PhD. People on these forums typically resort to name calling when known trolls post remarks designed to mis-lead or misinform.

      The amount of industry shills on popular forums is amazing. I noticed it first after the BP oil spill. Shills only show up in emergencies. They attempt to aggressively dismiss or ridicule other posters’ comments.

      Harry is such a shill. I’ve seen his work at zerohedge as well.

      I find these shills disgusting and they demonstrate the willingness of industry and/or government to strategically use propaganda.

      I’ve had students who were employed to go to online forums and post comments. Recently the Pentagon was “outed” for its efforts to set up fake facebook accounts for propagandistic purposes.

      Public relations is pervasive and insidious. Propaganda is a multi-media project today.

      People who read comments and post on forums simply get sick of it…

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi majia,

        It sounds like if you are a Professor at one of Arizona’s University’s.

        I was wondering if the students are sampling milk, water, and so on for radiation and writing monthly reports on their findings?

        If they are, is the findings open to the public?

        Thank you

        • xdrfox

          I think it’s time to take some dirt samples from around Ca. and other states and test them !

          I challenge Universities and science labs around the country !

          • Heart of the Rose

            Check out the weather modification going on over Japan…and the cut and paste by NASA.
            Check out a few.
            See anything interesting…please let me know.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi xdrfox

            Quote: I challenge Universities and science labs around the country !

            I have contacted our University to ask if they are doing testing’s or plan to, and if they are going to make the reports public.
            I have not heard back.

            I’m not sure the University is set up for these types of testing’s, but they should be.

            We have a nuclear power plant in AZ., so somewhere in AZ should be equipment to test things.

          • xdrfox

            hey girl, “good job” !
            If anything like what has been the norm, they may get a call from the powers that be and try to squash them report, Idea, National Security, they would want to create a panic.

            Meaning, they would want people to stop spending normally and hurt the corporations they serve !

  • dan

    Don’t feed the trolls (it only makes their job easier)

  • SteveMT

    The pertinent part of the official NHK news release for the record. Does anyone know anything about this “SPEEDI” computer system?

    Monday, May 02, 2011 19:34 +0900 (JST)

    The data in question is in a computer system called SPEEDI that predicts the spread of radioactive substances based on actual radiation measurements at various locations and weather conditions.

    A joint task force of the government and Tokyo Electric Power Company says about 5,000 undisclosed bits of data will be released from Tuesday.

  • Jay

    PHD. Plutonium Hysteria Doubter?
    Power Hungry Distractor?

  • anne, Doctor of Philosophy

    I almost died of cancer in 1989, 3 years after Chernobyl. I had to have very severe surgery which totally disabled me and has left me in pain every day since then.

    However, I did a lot of research and live on a very restricted diet and take herbs and supplements and at 70 years old have no medical problems and take no medications at all. I also detoxed with clay every day including after every chemo treatment.

    I love this website. I didn’t even know there was radiation in the U.S. from Chernobyl. Even though I hadn’t eaten meat for 4 years, I did avoid cheese from Norway after Chernobyl. However, when diagnosed with cancer I gave up all milk products. I appreciate learning the truth and all the dietary advice from everyone. Being careful has given me another 22 years and I do teach as a substitute teacher and use both of my two bachelor’s degrees, my two master’s degrees, and my Ph.D. “The truth will make you free!”

    • xdrfox

      @ anne, Doctor of Philosophy


    • Ashen

      Anne – you are a true doctor and someone I admire. If I never get the opportunity to meet you in this life – I look forward to talking to you in eternity. You are more than a conqueror! 🙂

  • Decker

    SPEEDI is a system (in which the japanese government spent obscene amounts of money) which belongs to the Nuclear Safety Division of the Ministry of education. It’s supposed to estimate the atmospheric spread of radiation fast enough to organize evacuations (thus the name, you get it?). They have used it to calculate the spread of volcanic ash also.

    The problem is that it was dependent on the monitoring posts in the plant, which weren’t operational because of the tsunami during the moments of the major releases.

    They published some estimations already, which indicated the contamination in Iitatemura and Namie, outside of the evacuation zone, at the end of march.

    • SteveMT

      In other words, we shouldn’t be waiting with baited breath for this release of data tomorrow. It probably will not be accurate.

      Thanks Decker.

      • Decker

        I don’t know. To some extent the data presented by the Ministry of Education (MEXT) has been confirmed by independent readings. MEXT was also the first organization that released the data showing Pripyat levels of cesium outside of the evacuation zone by late March. They’ve also been working with dozens of university departments and with the local authorities to get readings all over japan. This larger network makes it a bit more difficult to get the airtight hierarchy necessary for a cover up (I mean, you only need one of those guys to upload the info to 2ch)

        On the other hand you have NISA and Tepco, which have very close ties and are controlled by a very small group of individuals, individuals that not only profited from the nuclear industry but that can be considered legally responsible of the consequences of the accident.

        In short, my knowledge of Japanese politics is superficial at best, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at the moment there’s an ongoing conflict of interests between NISA and MEXT within the Japanese government, with NISA pressuring for a non-disclosure of the data and MEXT being a bit more partial to releasing the info to the public.

        Or maybe I just need a silver lining and I’m in total denial about the whole thing.

  • Cindy

    Do you think we are all stupid ? We know it’s bad, because there are Heavy elements all over the entire Northern Hemisphere. It must be shockingly bad in Japan…

    I’m so sorry !!

    I’m worried, Huge amounts of Radiation are being flushed out through the bottom of the reactors, it is entering the ground water tables, entering the sewage systems, and completely polluting the Pacific ocean…

  • Concernedmom, JD

    Reading the above comments makes one thing crystal clear – we have a lot of highly educated individuals on this forum who know when we are being fed a bunch of bull.

  • George Monbiot is at it again:

    He’s talking mainly about the BEIR VII Report which claims:

    • The risk of radiation-induced mutations in sperm and eggs, resulting in heritable disease “is sufficiently small that it has not been detected in humans, even in thoroughly studied irradiated populations such as those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki”.

    • Regarding transmissible genetic damage from the exposure of future parents, such as “spontaneous abortions, congenital malformations, neonatal mortality, still births and the sex ratio of offspring … there is no consistent evidence of an association of any such outcomes with exposure to environmental sources of radiation.”

    • “On balance, the existing evidence does not support the conclusion that rates of childhood leukaemia have increased as a result of radiation exposures from the Chernobyl accident”.

    Wondering if he’s got hold of a bogus report, or a doctored one from Wikipedia since I’ve heard the opposite of those 3 conclusions everywhere else.

    • E.g. the same report says:

      Naturally occurring mutations in somatic and germ cells contribute respectively to cancers and heritable genetic diseases (i.e., hereditary diseases). The discoveries by Muller (1927) of the mutagenic effects of X-rays in fruit flies (Drosophila) and by Stadler (1928a, 1928b) of similar effects in barley and maize, and the subsequent extension of these findings to other types of ionizing radiation (and also to ultraviolet) and other organisms, conclusively established the genetic damage-inducing effects of radiation. However, widespread and serious concern over the possible adverse genetic people to low levels of radiation first arose in the aftermath of the detonation of atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, some 20 years after the discoveries of the mutagenic effects of X-ray …

      Also, there are ample reports other than the Beir Report (which seems to focus only on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?) which do pick up genetic mutations and other illnesses, even at low levels.

      A random cut and paste illustrating genetic effects:
      Chernobyl Workers’ Children Show More Mutations, Study Finds

      London, May 9 (Bloomberg) — Children born to workers involved in the cleanup of Chernobyl have seven times the number of genetic mutations of siblings born before a nuclear reactor at the Ukrainian plant exploded in 1986, a study shows.

      Exposure to radiation of people near Chernobyl after the accident is considered to have been low, the study said.

      Even the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during World War II failed to cause any “significant genetic defects” later in the population.

      Yet the “liquidators” of Chernobyl, as the cleanup workers are known, “are among those who received the highest doses” of radiation, and children since born to them have an “unexpectedly high” rate of changes in their DNA, according to the study published by the Royal Society in London.

      The scientists said that even lower doses of radiation, such as those received in medical tests, industrial accidents or environmental contamination, can double the mutation rate, a finding that “needs serious attention.”

      DNA-testing techniques developed in the mid-1990s were used by the three teams of scientists who tested the families, in which one child was conceived before the Chernobyl accident and one later. Some of the families now live in Israel.

      In one family, both parents were exposed to radiation in the cleanup of the plant. In the others, only the fathers were involved.

      The findings, reported earlier in the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper, show changes to the sperm of men who worked on the cleanup, leading to mutation of the DNA in offspring born later. None of the children shows any physical deformity, while the long- term effects of the DNA changes are not known, the scientists said.

    • Nina2

      FUKUSHIMA, JAN. 30 KYODO (1989)

    • Nina2

      Health risks of the nuclear energy – Erick Notebart MD, MSc, Prof. Adjoint University of Montreal
      8’42”, in french

    • Nina2

      Health of the Bialorus population after Chernobyl – Institut BelRad, Minsk 2007
      A long-term study. In french.

    • SteveMT


      I agree with you. His conclusions are bogus, IMO. He forgot to read the conclusion of this very large study. The final summary sentence of the BIER VII report says it all:

      “The committee concludes that the current scientific evidence is consistent with the hypothesis that there is a linear, no-threshold dose-response relationship between exposure to ionizing radiation and the development of cancer in humans.”

      No threshold means that there is no lower limit of exposure that is safe. All the talk about “acceptable” levels of radiation and raising the standard of “allowable” level of exposure are also bogus and very misleading.

      • Thanks Steve. I caught that last bit too, but your explanation brought it home.

        Linear no-threshold (LNT) is a proposed model of biological response to ionizing radiation. The model says the response is always negative, and it is directly proportional to the absorbed dose; the harm becomes zero only at zero dose. This model is used as the basis of most nuclear-related legislation around the world.[citation needed]

        LNT estimates that the risk of premature death from radiation-induced cancer is around 0.5% per each 100 mSv of chronic exposure.[1] It is slightly higher for acute exposure. For reference, the average annual human dose from background radiation is about 3 mSv.[citation needed]
        The model was initially created based on reconstructed doses for Japanese atomic bomb survivors. The obtained data, which clearly indicated an increased risk of cancer for acute doses larger than 100 mSv which was linear with respect to the dose, was then extrapolated down to zero dose.[citation needed]

        The main conclusion of this model is that radiation exposure must be reduced until it is as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). A useful feature of the model is that the effect of radiation on a population can be estimated by summing together the individual doses. This leads to measuring total occupational exposure of a group of people to radiation in units such as man-sieverts.

        Since then, lots of new research was conducted, and a large portion of it does not agree with the model.[citation needed] One example is a study of lung cancer mortality in the United States by Bernard Cohen,[2][3] which demonstrates that the human response to low level radon exposure is definitely not linear,[Who says?] though it cannot rigorously say what the actual response is. Informally, it appears to support radiation hormesis.

        Some organizations, such as the Health Physics Society[4] and the French Academy of Sciences[5] reject using the linear no-threshold model to predict the health effects of low level radiation exposure. The erosion of scientific consensus around the LNT[citation needed] has not affected regulations surrounding nuclear technology.[citation needed]

        1 HPS mentions the risk of dying is 5 in 100 000 per mSv. This gives 0.5% per 100 mSv.
        3 Bernard Cohen’s web page
        4 HPS: Radiation Risk in Perspetive
        ↑ 5

  • psky

    I just saw two news articles :

    1.”NRC chief says nuke agency to look at flood risk”
    …Omaha Public Power District, which operates the Nebraska plant, told regulators it found two small openings in the wall of an auxiliary building on March 31, but said they were well above water levels along the Missouri River. The openings were plugged the next day….

    2.”Army Corps decides to blow up Missouri levee”

    They say it is for saving an tiny Ill. town of population 2,800. I suspect the real reason is to protect something else BIG.

    • xdrfox

      The Judge gave the Order for the corps to blow it last week, Major problem down river and may led to massive problems for crops this year and more. Remember this is a fault line too !
      Whoa to the GOM like there wasn’t enough problems already !

  • anne, Doctor of Philosophy

    Opposition to proposed nuclear power plant in India:

    “Resistance to Jaitapur Nuclear Plant Grows in India”

    “Many Indian scientists, though, remain distrustful of India’s nuclear establishment. And they criticize the decision to use Areva’s new reactors, saying they are unproved.

    “Compared with the 40-year-old Fukushima Daiichi boiling water reactors, Areva’s are of a newer sort known as pressurized water reactors, which the company describes as a major advance. But Areva’s first commercial installations of the technology, in France and Finland, have been delayed by several years after the initial designs failed to meet safety criteria. The company is also building two of the new reactors in China.”
    “Adinarayan Gopalakrishnan, a former Indian nuclear safety official, is among critics who argue that India should not import the reactors, which are known by the initials EPR, because they do not have a proven track record.

    “’In view of the vast nuclear devastation we are observing in Japan, I would strongly urge the government not to proceed with the Jaitapur project with purchase of EPRs from France or any other import of nuclear reactors,’ said Mr. Gopalakrishnan. He once led India’s Atomic Energy Regulatory Board and has also criticized the structure and independence of his former agency.”

    See also:

    “Resistance to Jaitapur Nuclear Plant Grows in India”

    “Earthquake prone Nuclear Power Jaitapur Plant Approval by Indian Government shocks civil society;Jairam Ramesh appears biased towards Ruling Party Pet Projects”

  • Buck-0

    After watching this video I am reminded of the movie, “The Matrix”, when Neo was talking to the Architect. “Denial is the most predictable of human emotions”

  • eyeb1

    they have known all along just how bad it is .. they did not want to cause a panic in the economy or the stock market before the could liquidate their portfolios and assets in preparation for leaving the country ..

    there is an old saying .. that the meek shall inherit the earth .. that goes with out saying .. but as to whether it is a good thing or not .. that is a whole other matter .. personally i would suggest the latter ..

    if you want to understand what is going on in this world .. follow the money trail it tells whole story ..

  • Somi

    My friend refered me to this website… I am sill learning a lot about Radiation and seing the unseen and stuff… I have to mention I lived thru Chernobyl – I was only a young kid and we had great effects of the unknown and not seen polutans in the Air… I remember we had rain the next day it was gray misty rain and it was just so quiet… the goverment told us first everything is under controll, then the next day we got told stay indoors and put towles at the doors and window seals… Then finally they said it was danger but not in the area where we lived…. as I watched Fukushima I had a feeling this will be a same way… the Japanese gov. ordered the people to stay indoors and stuff …. I knew at that time… this is a fat lie… I am in my 30’s I was diagnosed with Salvanary Gland Cancer at age 27 ( in the US- where I live now days it is a rare form of cancer..In the country where I am originally from not so much… I had classmates who passed away at 21 with Leukemia…I watched little kids go thru chemo therapy, blood trasfusion, loosing a kidney to cancer…. I am deeply concerned about the people in Japan and I wish their goverment would realize Pride, Stubbornes and Lies will not protect them from the affects of Radiation… It is a slow killer and it might take 10 yrs to see how many people is affected by it… it will not show as fast as you get in contact with a person who has SARS or HINI or just a simple cold… it will take couple of yrs to see people slowly getting sick and generations will suffer from it…

    • Decker

      Sorry to hear about what you and your friends went through. It’s very disturbing when you compare to it to what the gov is doing in Japan right now (basically the same). How far from Chernobyl was your hometown?

      • Somi

        …Chernobyl is in now days in Ukraine… I was born and raised in Hungary … I know some might think it was far enough not to see efects of Radiation … but the truth is what do you call safe zone? The ocean has it is own current and so as the air… even though you can not walk with always a gasmask on your face and you can not avoid consuming water and food, but what we can do we can learn from mistakes like Chernobyl… and I would really thought Japan- being pretty advanced in technology – would step up to the plate and take actions more aggressivly … but as I said Pride and stuborness will not save people…It just comes in my mind that when couple of days later in Tokyo the goverment officials were demostrating and try to encourage people to consume vegetables and food from the Fukushima area…I was thinking What fools you are you can’t taste radiation… you can’t see it… ofcourse it is taste the same…

    • Nina2

      Yes, it is the same. My heart is broken when I listen to Alex from Tokyo, a french DJ married there with a child. They stay in Tokyo, 200 km far of Fukushima burning and the media says them nothing. He needs to know the truth.

    • xdrfox

      @ Somi
      We can not thank you enough for sharing your first hand knowelge and courage to tell it to us.

      We also are concern for the peoples of Japan.

      We are also concern for ther safty of the many peoples in this country !

      Our leadership needs to hear your words as well.

      Many thanks

      • TRex

        Ditto! We need to listen to the survivors of Chernobyl. Huge reality check!!
        And Japan needs to heed their technical and practical advice ASAP!! This is NO time to invent the wheel…

  • anne, Doctor of Philosophy

    Here is someone with the right idea and who knows how to influence many people:

    “Norman Solomon: It’s Time to Close California’s Nuclear Power Plants”

  • anne, Doctor of Philosophy

    “Japan Fukushima Radiation Facts You Should Know ∞ Leuren Moret (1/7)”

    “Japan Fukushima Radiation Facts You Should Know ∞ Leuren Moret (2/7)”

    “Japan Fukushima Radiation Facts You Should Know ∞ Leuren Moret (3/7)”

    “Japan Fukushima Radiation Facts You Should Know ∞ Leuren Moret (4/7)”

    “Japan Fukushima Radiation Facts You Should Know ∞ Leuren Moret (5/7)”

    “Japan Fukushima Radiation Facts You Should Know ∞ Leuren Moret (6/7)”

    “Japan Fukushima Radiation Facts You Should Know ∞ Leuren Moret (7/7)”

  • anne, Doctor of Philosophy

    Arne Gundersen, interview on “It’s Rainmaking Time”

    “Nuclear Power Insider Blows the Whistle (1/7) “

    “Nuclear Power Insider Blows the Whistle (2/7)”

    “Nuclear Power Insider Blows the Whistle (3/7)”

    “Nuclear Power Insider Blows the Whistle (4/7)”

    “Nuclear Power Insider Blows the Whistle (5/7)”

    “Nuclear Power Insider Blows the Whistle (6/7)”

    “Nuclear Power Insider Blows the Whistle (7/7)”

    • Nuclear Power ?

      Proposed nuclear power plant at Jaitapur [ India ], will have liquid sodium cooled reactors.

      Every high school student knows that sodium catches fire instantly when coming in contact with air. So, any leakage of coolant during an accident, will be disastrous. This issue must be addressed and public must be educated.

      But then, how many people have died so far due to a nuclear plant accident ?

      A few hundreds in Chernobyl [ Russia ], 25 years back.

      On the other hand, how many people have died / are dying, due to carbon dioxide emission of coal based power plants ?

      Possibly millions !

      Except that dying by pollution is a slow process – almost invisible.

      Then in India alone, some 6800 people are dying everyday due to malnutrition ( 2.5 million every year ) – even as millions of tons of food grains are rotting in the open !

      It is about time we reworked our priorities.

      With regards

      Hemen Parekh

      Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

      • xdrfox

        Thank you for that !
        Unreal !

        • Heart of the Rose

          Chronic: World hunger
          Acute:Nuclear meltdown
          Circumstance calls for different responses.
          Thousands of people died in the eathquake/tsumani in the area…so it’s easy to point and say there have been no fatalities…exposure is minimal.
          During consensus of the sheeple it is found that society is very poorly educated in science..andthe sheeple are capable of being told anything..and it will be believed.

  • mikael

    The only reason Japan is somehowe spared, is the General wind patterns, the moment that it changes, everything changes.
    They have been “lucky” so far.

    The problem is exported to the Pasific and to ex. Eastern USA. I belive that this is and will be probably the mayor problem area, im afraid.
    And this retoricaly nonsens about some parts of the fallout, when there is a hole range of shitt coming down, that must be highlighted, and not underestemated(ex. plutonium).
    Like others(I live in a fallout sone), I just want to inform as good as its posible, and to educate people, in the end we must be able to not talk falsly.
    It servs nobody.

    PS: I am certain that there are Oceanic survey eqipments or mesure “boyoues” spread around the Pasific ocean, and see if they are able to mesure radiation. And if so, they sould be made public.

    • Nina2

      Yes, there are the laboratory stations on the Pacific, but their mesures go only to the gouvernments.
      In France Criirad (Commission de Recherche et d’Information Indépendantes sur la Radioactivité ) says:
      CTBTO (Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization) et l’AIEA (Agence Internationale de l’Energie Atomique) have the unformation. And Criirad asks about it from march,2011. No effects.
      For a total transparency on the airborne radioactivity we are breathing Fukushima (Japon)
      There are 60 certified radionuclide stations fully equipped with high precision detectors that are set up around the world to monitor airborne radioactivity on a daily basis with unprecedented accuracy. Their objective : Find low quantities of radioactive particles that could reveal a possible nuclear test in violation of the Comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty (TICEN).
      Results of the analyses would allow a follow up, day by day since March 12, 2011, of the evolution on the contaminated airborne masses linked to the radioactive rejections of the FUKUSHIMA DAIICHII nuclear plant. To date this is still impossible as the data are being confiscated by the States. The results are communicated to pre selected official organizations required to keep all information away from public awareness.
      This global measuring network is financed by Public funds. Populations have the right to have access to this information. All the figures without exception must be published and not just a few figures carefully selected by the authorities.
      I hereby demand that the results of the analyses conducted to measure the airborne radioactivity by the global network (TICEN) be made public, ENTIRELY AND WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DELAY.
      Funded by all the citizens of member states, these figures must be made available to public knowledge to serve their right to protection and safety.

    • Nina2

      (There was a note n°1, « L’obligation de subir nous donne le droit de savoir » (Jean ROSTAND). ” The requirement to submit gives us the right to know” – but I can’t to find this link. )
      Both of them were written by Mme Corinne Castagner, the Criirad president.

      • anne, Doctor of Philosophy

        I copied the following citations from the following website:

        “Information Access—Surveying the Current Legal Landscape of Federal Right-to-Know Laws”
        by David C. Vladeck*

        “The obligation to endure gives us the right to know.”1

        * David C. Vladeck is a Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, Director of
        the Center on Health Regulation and Governance of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global
        Health, and Co-Director of the Institute for Public Representation. He is also a Scholar with the
        Center for Progressive Reform. Professor Vladeck has an active litigation practice and has handled
        or supervised many cases seeking access to federal records, including many cases discussed in this
        1. Jean Rostand, Acceptance Speech of the 1959 Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of
        Science (Apr. 21, 1960), in 131 SCIENCE 1491 (1960). Rachel Carson popularized this quotation in her pathbreaking book Silent Spring, in which she not only quotes this passage from Rostand but uses it as the title of Chapter 2. RACHEL CARSON, SILENT SPRING 23, 30 (Penguin Books 1999)
        (1962). Since then, supporters of right-to-know initiatives have used the quotation repeatedly. E.g., Peter M. Manus, Natural Resource Damages from Rachel Carson’s Perspective: A Rite of Spring in
        American Environmentalism, 37 WM. &MARY L. REV. 381, 401 n.75 (1996).

  • Deetu 3

    “Radiation forecast data released” Am I missing something here?
    The article says “reading based on release rate of 1 Bg/hour”????
    (I also like how they release 5,000 bits of data-but no one is able to see them.-perhaps they mean “data” like this news item)

    • xdrfox

      @ Deetu 3
      We need to get ahead of the curve, not be in it.
      Focus needs to be ahead of the headlights glow !
      Prepare and ready, Make your bed before needed, so tired soul can lay down and be warm and safe !
      Numbers are no matter when we know it’s all bad and can not eat !

  • Harry is right

    Harry is right. Most of you are fear mongering, fearful, unintelligent idiots.

    • tony wilson

      mr harry is right…

      shut up,and get back to your obama lovin we got ex cia agent bin laden demonstration.

      even if you worked for tepco or areva you cannot deny we all will ingest isotopes from fukishima.
      if i take a crap on your doorstep you will shoot me or call the police..
      these nuclear terrorist bastards having been dumping 100s of types of waste in the environment for 50 odd years..and getting away with it.
      what is happening now is a physical assault on millions of people big and small.
      adults are a disgrace,we are all guilty.
      but children do not deserve this.
      kids should not have to receive any dose of cesium,plutonium or iodine 131.
      not even so called trace elements.

  • Jack

    Your USA Government is withholding info to prevent causing panic.

  • Heart of the Rose that we have been informed.. we are idiots… are we just supposed to stumble off somewhere with our shoes tied together?
    Shills fatigue easily..frustration shows…along with the fear they try to portray in others.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Harry is not correct…hasn’t been since we’ve known him.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Potus and Flotus….
    Father and Mother of our country.
    Flotus…showing great concern..looking for answers for the people..begging anyone the military, the government,anyone to represent and bring mercy to the people.
    Shoot.. that not her…that’s me!
    Potus…did someone threaten to kill him or something?… what would possess him to deceive the people and be complicit with big coporations in genocide?
    His own free will?

  • Heart of the Rose

    Potus and Flotus..ABANDONED the Gulf of Mexico.
    They abandoned it all ..the air, land, sea, animals, people…..
    They haven’t been down there in months.