Official: Louisiana sinkhole going to be in record books — The scientists are really baffled (AUDIO)

Published: February 19th, 2013 at 8:14 am ET


Title: Spud talks w/Joe Harrison about the sinkhole
Source: WWL AM 870
Date: February 14, 2013
h/t Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

At 1:45 in

Host: Well it’s kind of unprecedented to this level isn’t it?

Louisiana State Representative Joe Harrison: It absolutely is.

Host: There have been sinkholes, you can go Google up and watch whole houses just disappear all of a sudden, but nothing like this, and nothing with the potential with all the bubbling methane and all the rest of this stuff going on.

Harrison: It is.

At 16:45 in

Harrison: Whether it’s safe or not, I cannot say it is, I don’t think anybody can, because even the scientists are really baffled as to where this thing is going […]

Most of these salt domes are very solid; the geologists feel confident and have for many years, but this an unusual situation. It’s one that’s going to be in the record books.

Full broadcast here

Published: February 19th, 2013 at 8:14 am ET


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14 comments to Official: Louisiana sinkhole going to be in record books — The scientists are really baffled (AUDIO)

  • markww markww

    OK SCIENTISTS when are you going to open dialog with emergency people for input as to this whole problem so others can give you viable answers.All I have seen is people acting like chicken little and not doing anything but talking about RE HASH. There are people that if you give them a chance might be of help.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I think the people were expecting more from Rep. Harrison than a sound bite.
    The scientists are not baffled..those involved..KNOW..what is going on.
    Those that don't have access to the data…can hypothesize.
    They are 'baffled' to the fact there is no fix.
    I encourage Rep.Harrison to get some not wait for answers..and help evacuate the people in danger in the area.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    Evacuate? I think you mean buy-out or resettle HOTR. Or are you still suggesting forced evacuation?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose are people that will remain..not matter..yes.. buy out..and relocation.
    Forced evac would save lives ..but hey..

  • Thad

    This is Harrison second 'pass-by'. Over a month ago when contacted he said he would do all thing possible to help Bayou Corne victims. Then there was some committee seat shuffling in the state gov and he went silent.—
    Was his connent now only because he could not slip "out the door"?

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    Harrison and St. Germaine's job is to write and re-write laws *after* citizens suffer in a useless attempt to dissuade amoral non-citizens (companies) from victimizing real citizens over and over again.

    You can't legislate morality or empathy on organizations that are incapable of either one.

    Nothing personal against Harrison or St. Germaine, but they are part of the government-equivalent of the 1980's Detroit automakers. Lots of effort and hard work, but at the end of the day their cars just sucked. Years of government handouts and flag-waving and hard work, and their cars still sucked. Then a load of marketing and quality-this and that, and… well, you get the idea.

    Harrison says on the show that they need to work slowly and carefully and produce laws that work as intended the first time. I'm sure he's sincere about that, but his constituents will continue to be victimized a thousand other ways.

    Gulf South's crumbling caverns on the North side of the dome will collapse in a few years and they'll be long-gone. Their FERC application to abandon their Napoleonville operations was just approved. Some well-meaning LA Rep will be on a radio talk show nine months after the disaster saying how they have to move slowly and craft a magic law that will prevent that from happening again.

  • dosdos dosdos

    I wonder if the record books will reflect the fracking sludge that originally set things into motion.

    • Thad

      What fracking sludge – easy to toss BS in the game. Can you document —

      • Fette

        You write that after making claims about Rep. Harrison with no documentation. That's rich.

        • Thad

          Have been involved in the Bayou Corne from the beginning– by invitation of some of the residents– Have viewed every vid of every meeting, also the DNR, Parish and TexBrn sites..
          In constant communication with many who are residents.Active on several of their FB pages. My accessment of Harrison was a repeat of their's
          If you care to you can facebook 'BayouCorneSinkhole" yourself and ask them —
          How do you do document a man ignorance– simple point out what he does not know– his own statements shows he does not know what chemicals are in the sinknole nor does he know that DEQ/DNR have tested or he could have ask them. Nor does he know what is in the other caverns, he should have asked DNR they have that information– and as a state representative he should know it—
          It seems that from his first 'appearance' a month ago until now he has made no get effort to learn —

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        He read somewhere that salt caverns have been used for fracking waste – which is true (Texas, I think).

        All the clor-alkali plants fed from Napoleonville need to precipitate out and filter the other impurities – sand, anhydrites, calcium and magnesium salts, NORM. The sludge is insoluble and heavier than brine.

        They can't dilute it and dump it down their brine disposal wells adjacent to the dome because it would just clog them up.

        The LADNR said that cavern solution miners they could return anything to a salt cavern that they originally took out of the dome without needing a special waste disposal permit. They do this right in working hydrocarbon storage caverns, so it must not be much volume-wise. They dilute the sludge with brine going into the cavern to displace withdrawn hydrocarbons. The production string is dozens of meters off the bottom – previously added sludge stays put.

        They also need to clean pipe scale that accumulates throughout the system. Mostly insoluble calcium and magnesium salts, I would guess. They fall under the same exemption as sludge, so are also tossed into the mixing pit and pumped back to the caverns.

        They don't need to do this on all the caverns. Texas Brine's piping originally went to three working caverns, although they were planning on adding Oxy #1 to the sewer system.

        • Thad

          You said it well "The sludge is insoluble and heavier than brine."
          and so falls out of solution falling to the bottom of the cavern being solution mined while it is being mined—the only chenicals that can come out with the brine are those that are soluble, what little insolubles that do come out form pipescale and carrys NORM.
          Any sludge in brine returned to a cavern, even when displacing
          hydrocarbon stored– the brine is heavier and goes to bottom as does the sludge.

        • markww markww

          They also dumped all the crap that washed ashore along all the beaches after the oil blew out from the bottom of the gulf. That is in the mixture too


          • Thad

            "dumped all the crap that washed ashore–" Oh really One road -in one road out and the residente living there never noticed..
            And sure you could show them documentation —