Official: We were told “evacuate to at least 100 kilometers” after 3/11 because Fukushima Daiichi was going to explode (VIDEO)

Published: January 2nd, 2013 at 10:12 am ET


Title: Downwind From Disaster
Source: NHK Documentary
Author: MissingSky101
Date Uploaded: Jan 1, 2013

At 24:30 in

Toshikazu Owada, Minamisoma City Official: They came in from the lobby over there. Self Defense Force personnel. Running and shouting, “The nuclear plant will explode. Evacuate to at least 100 kilometers.”

They were shouting in loud voices and rushing all around.

Outside a steady stream of Self Defense Force vehicles was already heading out of town.

Seeing them evacuate made me realize this was serious.

Watch the documentary here

Published: January 2nd, 2013 at 10:12 am ET


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5 comments to Official: We were told “evacuate to at least 100 kilometers” after 3/11 because Fukushima Daiichi was going to explode (VIDEO)

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Sorry, but the government and nuclear industry has no time or empathy or money for you…

    No more soup for you!

    Wake up and smell the hot particles..

    Is it time to hold the people responsible accountable yet?

    10,000+ People Filed (Fukushima) Lawsuits Against TEPCO and the Japanese Government; via A Green Road

  • Sickputer

    This is the same now super-contaminated city formerly with a population of nearly 70,00.

    After a few months in 2011 the Nippon government began encouraging them to return to their toxic homes and farms. The closest section is a mere 16 miles from Fukushima and is deadly toxic and still off-limits. The government says the other areas of the city are inhabitable despite the lack of city infrastructure.

    Nearly 45,000 mostly older residents, tired of corned beef sandwiches at evacuation camps have returned. Most of the younger families have fled to areas farther away.

    The inhabitants living there today are contaminated and face shortened lifespans. These returning refugees are a classic example of what happens when nuclear plants blow up and contaminate large areas of a country. There isn't enough money to evacuate 30 million people in the dead zone of central Japan which is a 200 mile wide swath. They couldn't even rake up enough money to care for people in a 20-mile zone.

    Nuclear power plants are a controlled beast that when uncaged devours a country. Nothing can stop it and it lives forever.

    Sayonara Japan.. Most of your country has been devoured, but you can't bring yourself to admit it. There will be class warfare over declining food and water resources. Get ready to experience hell on earth.

  • Myme

    So, Japan’s Self Defense Force = self-defense of themselves only, NOT helping citizens, unlike the national guards in the US and similar forces in other nations are trained to do.

    This is reminiscent of the Japanese army during WW II. When the US forces landed on Okinawa, the imperial army soldiers kicked Okinawa citizens out of protective shelters to secure safety and food for themselves, while ordinary citizens were left to defend themselves and became human sacrifice for their own armed forces.

    Not much has changed in the coward-ness of Japanese leaders back then and today. Together with the recent election of the nationalist Prime Minister Abe, whose only wisdom is falling back on to the business-as-usual with more nuclear plants, Japan is clearly in the path of rapid decline with no innovative thinker in the leadership pipeline.

    I hope people come to this site, especially international investors and policy makers, take notice of this.

  • Pierpont

    I monitor the Fukushima airport cams regularly. The airport is about 35 mi. SW of Dai'ichi and 35 mi. south of the city Fukishima.

    I find it curious that the parking lot is almost always full and looks like business as normal. The cars turn over from day to day, so it's not the same cars sitting there since Mar11.2011. But I have never seen a person. At night you can see the traffic signals working on the adjacent street, but seldom any traffic.

    There are rarely any planes within view of the two runway cams, but it's a small airport so that doesn't mean much. The Google Earth 2010 shot shows 3 ramps, no planes in sight, and the parking lot about 1/2 full.

    Now there is snow on the runway and taxi-way. I can see no footprints in the snow of the parking lot and no apparent attempts to clear either the runways or the sidewalks.

    Seems like a ghost-town airport with a full parking lot.

    They do not automatically renew.

    FlyTo: 37°14'19.90" N 140°26'08.48" E

  • jec jec

    So the Self Defense Forces..ran away, leaving behind the people that were to be assisted/protected. The babies and children the families. Good to know they well are taken care of!
    Just read about a woman in Turkey..Black Sea Area..had Chernobyl fallout 1986..she has lost her husband and two young sons to cancer….hope this is not the pattern for Japan. Oh..the tea they drank..10,000 BQ/kg in some of it…which is certainly in the range of the Tea from Japan..