CBS: Officials alarmed as several types of marine mammals begin washing up in California — “Now entire coast is being affected” — “Whole population getting hit hard… a real shock to us” — Animals of all ages sick, not only newborns — “Really hard to wrap our heads around what’s happening” (VIDEO)

Published: February 2nd, 2015 at 9:37 am ET


Orange County Register, Jan 25, 2015 (emphasis added): … Marine mammal experts say the numbers could hit even higher levels than in 2013 [a record-setting year for sea lion strandings], which federal officials called an unusual mortality event… The difference this year: Starving pups showed up as early as December. Sick females and juveniles are also being found“The difference [now] is we’re not just seeing little pups,” said Lauren Palmer, a veterinarian [with the Marine Mammal Center at Fort MacArthur]. “Females and yearlings are coming in… It’s really hard to wrap our head around the story of what’s happening.”

David Bard, operations director at the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, Jan 19, 2015: “What we’re seeing that’s different is we are seeing a wider array of species and age groups, so in other words [in 2013] we were seeing primarily California sea lion pups, this year we’re also seeing harbor seals and fur seals as well as some sub-adults and adults.”

Daily Breeze, Jan 19, 2015: This year, [Bard] said, there is more diversity among the animals being brought in. “There was a distinct pattern in 2013 of malnourished (sea lion) pups,” he said. This year, harbor seals and adult animals are also affected. “We’re looking at that and any other red flags so that as we move further into the season we may get more answers.”

L.A. Times, Jan 30, 2015: [P]ups aren’t the only ones in trouble.  California marine mammal rehabilitation centers this month have treated record numbers of sea lions of all ages… “We’ve had 67 strandings of sea lions of all different ages,” said JohnsonThe whole population is getting hit hard… It’s a real shock to us,” he added. The story’s much the same in Southern California. “It’s shaping up to be a very, very bad year as far as rehabilitation,” said David Bard, operations director at the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro. There were 75 animals at the center as of the end of January. Like its sister center in Sausalito, the facility was seeing a wider age range of sea lions in January, as well as a greater cross-section of species.

KPCC, Jan 27, 2015: [Justin Viezbicke, California Stranding Network coordinator for National Marine Fisheries Service said] numbers include more older animals than are usually found.

Laguna Beach Independent, Jan 19, 2015: So far this year, [the Pacific Marine Mammal Center] has also seen an increase in adult sea lion rescues needing medical care. “We are concerned”… executive director Keith Matassa said.

Reuters, Jan 29, 2015: … emaciated adults are also turning up, Matassa said.

CBS Los Angeles, Jan 27, 2015: Further alarming the center’s experts is an influx of varying species, according to Executive Director Keith Matassa. “The difference this year is we’re also seeing different species we don’t normally see down here,” Matassa said. In 2013, a record-setting year, the problem of sea lions coming ashore was limited mostly to Southern California, but now the entire coast is being affected, Matassa said.

Watch the interview with Bard here

Published: February 2nd, 2015 at 9:37 am ET


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226 comments to CBS: Officials alarmed as several types of marine mammals begin washing up in California — “Now entire coast is being affected” — “Whole population getting hit hard… a real shock to us” — Animals of all ages sick, not only newborns — “Really hard to wrap our heads around what’s happening” (VIDEO)

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    I don't want to be the first one to say it, but I will. It's the radiation, stupid. Bio accumulating, biomagnifying, sea shine, it's fu$%ing Fukushima. Not to mention the idiot, military industrial machine dumping whatever they feel like in the sea. When was the last time they checked on all those 50 gallon drums they maliciously dumped in the sea? I suppose those geniuses didn't realize salt water is corrosive. Thanks for destroying the entire planet, for basically ever, not to mention murdering millions of people just for a buck. You suck!

    • Ness Ness

      They did not expect the mass dying to start so soon. They counted on a few years more. This is because they gamble all the time, but cannot accept failure as a possible outcome. That is when they start denying until it becomes too ludricrous to be believed by the public.

      • Fukushima mega nuclear disaster is just STARTING. It will get much worse, because it has to, in order to wake people up.

        More nuclear disasters may have to happen to get from almost complete state of denial that exists now to REALITY, and to comprehend the full scope and scale of the HORRORS that are coming out of Pandora's Box.

        How Nuclear Reactors Act Like Tesla Death Ray Ion Guns, Shooting Plasma Ionizing Gases And Rays Into Upper Atmosphere, Destroying Ion Balance

        • name999 name999

          Dr, nothing could be more true than these words you have written.

          I fear though as many have stated here, that it is too late to stop this though we should never stop trying. The herculean effort today to get through denial about this age we now exist in, the nuclear radiation age is just not happening soon enough. We needed to start this process of stopping nuclear production in the 70's when there was a considerable outcry that was successfully suppressed.

          The more drastic the death and dying the more entrenched and fierce the denial. It is truly a vicious cycle. I thank you sincerely for all you do to educate people here. It is one thing that
          does uplift us all.

        • We Not They Finally

          Yes, AND…. I hope this is NOT happening as some grand plan to
          "wake people up." That's a bit like saying, once you have no food, you finally realize that there's a food shortage. But in the case of some more "ordinary" famine, at some point the crops will again grow. So people go into panic mode and then they turn things around.

          I don't know that "waking up" will cut it this time, though at some point there might be panic, yes. But the "waking up" needed to happen prior to 3/11.

          Still advocate SPIRITUAL "waking up" and humanly "waking up." So at least we have the dignity of not just sleep-walking into catastrophe. But ecologically "waking up," shy of physical, technological "miracles" — unclear where any hope ratio lies by now.

        • PlowboyGrownUp

          Glad to see your article, Doc. Arto comes up with generally good stuff. Those wavy vertical lines to the sides of a nuclear blast are now clear to me. I didn't know why they were there.

    • OldFool

      There can be other causes besides radiation – ocean warming, massive changes in ocean currents and the nutrients they carry, acidification from more carbon dioxide getting dissolved in the ocean water – even small changes in pH can significantly impact metabolic chemical reactions in the cells of animal and plant life down to the plankton level. And the oceans have always been used as a cesspool for all human generated chemical wastes. Not to mention the Massive over-fishing with trawl nets that has been going on for many decades by many, many countries. Humanity has raped the planet in so many ways, it is inevitable that there will be unforeseen consequences. It is actually surprising that a biological collapse of the oceans did not happen sooner.

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        Yeah, nothing necessary or sufficient, except mankind.

      • Ness Ness

        In that case, OldFool, the collapse would be global. But it isn't. In the Southern hemispehe no such events happen at all. Life is flourishing as it always did, some freak happenings aside, but those are mainly caused by new technologies used, 'haarps' for instance. It is not strange whales beach themselves when their navigation organs are fried by EM waves.

        But this is happening at the Westcoast, the place all the radiation in the ocean caused by the Fukushima disaster ends up and accumulates because the continent blocks it, before it is washed away or *diluted* to kill even more life.

        • Ness Ness

          *hemisphere. The southern one is not much affected by the gigantic quantities the Fukushima coriums release because they are not transported there by the deep ocean currents or by dilution – YET.

          Mermaid, thanks for that link. Saved to be used in an article. You might as well double that amount. It is already beyond comprehension but they would never admit to the real amount.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

            Here's a world map for just 2013 of:

            Mass Animal Die-Offs -2013

            • Ness Ness

              This is about mass die-off in marine life. Caused by the radio-aqctive particles in the ocean that have now found their way to your Westcoast. Radiation in the atmospere is another thing. Everything mixes there; there is just little gravitational force working to keep it up north only. Your map shows the events happen mainly on land and mainly up north ptt. And such die-offs could be caused by other pollution. Hanford alone should account for some, but other chemical spills can cause them too.

              It is the Westcoast you people have to worry about in the first place. Mark how no one seems to be able to use a Geiger counter on those sea lions. It would be the FIRST thing a SANE person would do. But these people are insane so don't count on logic on their part.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                What about all the massive, massive nuclear waste dumping from Sellafield, France, Russia. And rivers from Chernobyl and Mayak lead to the ocean and the Russians did massive nuclear testing on an island in the Arctic, including Tsar Bomba. And there was all the high altitude nuclear bomb testing, and all the the Middle East and Ukraine wars which use depleted and uranium weapons and armament. The nuclear waste in India and Iran is horrible, North Korea is still testing nuclear bombs.

                And why did you discount the jellyfish in Australia? Aren't they marine animals?

                Radioactive fallout falls on the oceans, and everything drains into the oceans. And as the magnetosphere is destroyed by CERN, etc., more and more cosmic radiation enters the earth's atmosphere. Even every launch into space slices the atmosphere allowing more cosmic radiation in. Particle accelerators are creating more and more radiation.

            • Cisco Cisco

              Mass animal die-offs…Although I do not endorse this religious site, their prodigious listing of animal die-offs (2011-2015), and an individual link to each listing for the supporting media report, is is the most comprehensive accounting I have discovered, to date.

              Although the link you provided to the map was/is graphically interesting, it us far from complete. Maybe that's because there just isn't enough room on the page for the locating all the tombstones.


              "It's the radiation, stupid"

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

            Mass Animal Die-Offs Are on the Rise, Killing Billions and Raising Questions
            Huge animal die-offs, along with disease outbreaks and other population stressors, are happening more often.
            January 13, 2015

            • Anne I made an article using a bunch of your links

              thanks for your great work here

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                TY, stock. I like doing research and learning new information, but don't really like writing, so you are welcome to anything I research, and anyone else for that matter

            • Shaker1

              "If ness were an "expert" he would already know about San Onofre and not be asking about it. He doesn't even know math. He just throws around terms that most people might not know the definition to."

              Anne, that's BS. Some people don't have the time to sit and accumulate links as you do. Do you need to be so irrascible?

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

                Shaker 1, look in the mirror: "Do you need to be so irrascible?"

                • Shaker1

                  Yes, Anne, I have looked in the mirror. I know I'm irrascible today.

                  But it's an obvious insult to intelligence to make a statement such as you did. And you consistently do such things. For once you insulted my sense of justice and community enough for me to say it.This is the first time that I've made such a statement as I did here today. If you don't think so, try and find one.

                  I won't ask you to look in the mirror. It solves nothing, but just reinforces your personal conceptions that allow you to make the statements you did here.

                  This is OT, and I won't consider it further.

                  • Sickputer

                    Nope…neither of you are that word… It is irascible with one "r":

                    having or showing a tendency to be easily angered.
                    "an irascible man"
                    synonyms: irritable, quick-tempered, short-tempered, hot-tempered, testy, touchy, tetchy, edgy, crabby, petulant, waspish, dyspeptic, snappish;

                    SP: Just teasing… My Language Arts certifications made me do it! 🙂

                    Back to extinction protocol…

                    • Shaker1

                      Thanks for the correction, SP. I appreciate the laugh, at myself more than another might think.

                      I generally try to find a hole to crawl into when I feel like I do today because even I don't like those moods and work hard to overcome them. Today I may have chosen the wrong hole.

                      Peace to you…

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

            783 Mass animal die off in one year [2013]! 98% ocean bottom covered in death! Fukushima radiation america
            Jan 8, 2014

          • melting mermaid melting mermaid

            I got it from Anne. But your welcome. So if it's beyond comprehension to a mathematician I don't feel so bad for not being able to wrap my head around it. Poor Pacific. Poor west coast. Poor northern hemisphere. Poor silly mankind. Poor earth. It's so overwhelming, Half of me doesn't believe it.

          • Sickputer

            The ocean of the world is one. Eventually all the world will feel the effects of the massive radiation gushing from Fukushima on the east coast of Japan.
            The Kuroshio Current "bleeds" off into the other currents and they complete the global dispersion. The Roaring Forties in the Southern Hemisphere affects Australia. On the Beach is coming:


        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

          The radiation travels the world. The collapse is global.
          Please look at this photo from Australia and view the events just from Jan. 1 of this year:

          “22nd January 2015 – Thousands of dead jellyfish wash up on Redcliffe Peninsula, Australia. Link

          “26th January 2015 – 350 turtles washed up dead during past 2 months 'is worrying' along Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Link
          “26th January 2015 – 300 Birds dead 'due to hailstorm' in Ivaipora, Brazil. Link
          “26th January 2015 – Hundreds of dead fish appear in a dam in Apodaca, Mexico. Link
          “23rd January 2015 – 10,000 dead fish found in the Lujan River in Argentina. Link
          “23rd January 2015 – Large amount of dead fish found along an estuary in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Link
          “22nd January 2015 – Thousands of dead jellyfish wash up on Redcliffe Peninsula, Australia. Link
          “21st January 2015 – 22,573 birds killed due to avain flu in 7 states across Nigeria. Link
          “20th January 2015 – Hundreds of dead fish appear in a canal in San Justo, Argentina. Link
          “19th January 2015 – Thousands of fish die in a lake in Paranaita, Brazil. Link
          “16th January 2015 – Dozens of sea birds found dead on a beach in ConCon, Chile. Link
          “15th January 2015 – Thousands (8 TONS) of fish wash up dead along beaches in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Link
          “10th January 2015 – Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Oaxaca, Mexico. Link

      • OldFool

        By the way – over two billion people rely on the Pacific Ocean for food – so if this loss of fish is not merely transitory because of random fluctuations in the ocean currents – then the silly apes who fancy themselves the rulers of the world are likely to have a somewhat inconvenient little food shortage and famine – at least for the poor people.
        And I am getting Very Tired of reading the Truly Idiotic conspiracy theories that people have been posting on this website. If some nitwit with a website asserts that Elvis is still alive – that he was kidnapped by space aliens from Saturn that were hired by the CIA to get his special agent FBI badge that gave him the magical power to fly through the air like Superman – it appears that at least 80% of the people posting on this site would believe it.

        • Not necessarily.. freedom to express an opinion is part of this site's modus operundi.. From the very wild and outrageous, to the scientific, to the fake science via the hormesis promoting pro nuclear apologists.

          The wide range of posts encompasses all of the wide range that is the chaos of human beliefs and thinking.

          It is up to each individual to choose what to put 'stock' in, and what to discount, or dismiss.

          The nice thing about the chaos of freedom is the ability to find and choose truth over falsehood.

          Sometimes this process of finding truth takes many years, because propaganda and false beliefs are SO common in this world.

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            Dr. G, that is one of the best expressions of freedom and learning I have heard here.


            • OldFool

              In the real world – the exchange of Solid and Truthful Factual information is good, but when the rumor-based Ranting and Raving starts, the signal to noise ratio drops to zero – the horse shit gets so deep it becomes impossible to see the horse. I am not talking about the ongoing discussion of information suppression by every government – that was completely obvious by the second week of March 2011. I am talking about the rantings and ravings that the earthquake or tsuanami was a conspiracy of the dirty stinking Freemasons, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Jews, CIA, US military, Space Aliens, Godzilla or fill in the blank_____ – even though the historical record of Japan shows super Massive earthquakes hitting every century since the 7th Century AD (pre-Heian era) and tsunamis hitting since 869 AD. And I am sure the geological record of goes back thousands of years.

              • Ness Ness

                Those tales, OldFool, are called poisoning-the-well tales. Try convincing someone the truth about Fukushima is totally surpressed and you will end up with a 'tinfoil' hat that you cannot get rid of, and everyone just laughs and ignores you.

                That is not to say that everyone believing these tales is deliberately poisoning the well; most are not. But lack of scientific insight – caused top/down in many ways – prevents them from understanding it is 100% BS. For instance, there are plenty of HAARPS, because it is a weapon. Any country not having them is doomed to obey a power that does and promises protection.

                So to keep people away from investigating, the most incredible nonsense is spread. There are virtually no trustworthy sites on the matter. The same goes for chemtrails.

              • itsanuclearwar

                With that being the case, why do you suppose they built all of those reactors in Japan? Do you believe that the experts were/are too stupid to know any better? Not hardly! FUKU is the perfect crime.

                J. Edger Hoover was right when he said:

                "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."

                WAKE UP!

                How about 911, do you believe the official story too?

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  itsa….we will just make a bunch of money off these nuclear reactors for 40 years,,, until we perfect the HAARP and cause earthquakes to inundate them, hiding the crime that we are destroying the world so that we can enjoy our rich houses on the sea without all those useless eaters that used to pay too much for their energy bills. Sounds like a plan boys, now lets go golfing!

                • We Not They Finally

                  itsanuclearwar, WHY are you quoting J. Edgar Hoover? He was a walking fountain of deceit.

                  HIS view of conspiracies just promoted witch hunts.

                  • itsanuclearwar

                    Does it even matter that Hoover said it. Hoover is not the issue here. The fact of the matter is, The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. Do you believe otherwise? If so, maybe you can explain why most people will not believe the real truths of FUKU and or 911, and a whole lot more world changing incidents.

                    All made possible because of privately owned Central Banks like the Federal Reserve Bank, the root of all evil in todays nightmare world.

                    • norbu norbu

                      Sorry I could not resist- "If so, maybe you can explain why most people will not believe the real truths of FUKU" anawnser=brainwashed

                • West Aussie West Aussie

                  Watch out for the shills and troll-o-bots. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                OldFool, Do you recommend Suppression of Expression?

                If the noise is to loud, turn down the volume or hit the off button.

                They built the plant in the wrong location, this allows for a tinhat stupidity rant from the beginning, before the blueprints were dry.

                If the entire nuclear mess weapons and all were cleaned up overnight, we would wake up to a Petroleum lifestyle nightmare.

                Rant off, TIA for allowing my freedom to do so. 🙂

          • We Not They Finally

            Exactly, Dr. G. In fact, VERY hard to comprehend how anything reached this point at all without huge conspiratorial plans across the global stage. (like even the Federal Reserve scheme — that we all pay interest on every dollar spent to a bunch of rich people robbing us?) They got to ruin the entire world HOW? It just takes some discretion to see what makes sense and what is over the top, but people can do that for themselves.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          OldFool…I think part of the problem with the conspiracy theories is that something truly conspiratorial is going on, and so its not so hard for people to take it one extra step, or miss a step or two. We have a near total information blackout on Fukushima in mainstream news. What about Woods Hole saying nobody is testing for radiation but no problem because its totally safe? Besides being nonsensical (how do you know if its safe if nobody tests to know what the levels are), its not normal. There should be thousands of studies from universities and institutes, not zero. Data is being cleaned, rad monitors are shut down…its TOO STRANGE, too widespread to believe. My friends certainly do not believe that the government would shut down a monitor or erase data…

          The conspiracy is a question of mass psychology and can only be grasped as a complex combination of factors, some of them indeed being nefarious. An entire psychological journal was devoted to this subject, relating to the world trade center demolition. i.e. how can the public, media and professionals be so hoodwinked.

        • bo bo

          I personally believe in dumpster diving and scrounging for truth. I don't discriminate between a scholarly scientific paper and a tweet from some highschool student in Tokyo. Some may say – 'how can you trust some random tweet by a teen?'.. well.. I stopped discriminating like that when I realized people like Oxford professor emeritus Wade Allison were claiming: 'radiation is good for you – in fact, people in Japan enjoy the health benefits of radiation in the hot springs' or that Dr. Yamashita ( awarded by the WHO ) claimed: 'smiling protects kids from radiation' and Ken Buessler stated: 'more people died in Fukushima from worrying than radiation itself.' These assaults made a convincing case (at least for me) that information should be collected from high & low – and I try to keep my gate WIDE OPEN.. TEPCO website uses very neutral language and doesn't use black background with white type ( with purple & neon green thrown in ) – but they still lie through their teeth, do they not?

      • We Not They Finally

        OldFool, that's all true. VERY informative to listen to people like Dane Wigington and Guy McPherson, who round out the ecological picture. Yet radiation makes EVERYTHING worse, and in this case, EXPONENTIALLY.

    • name999 name999

      melting, it is just too hard for them to wrap their heads around…

    • GOM GOM

      "And now the wheels of Heaven stop
      You feel the Devil's riding crop
      Get ready for the future
      It is murder"
      ..Leonard Cohen…

  • Get the Rad Word Out, People!

    Fukushima Day 1424.

    Search: Dana Durnford Fukushima Expedition for Life.

    Thank You.

  • or-well

    We don't need no stinking mammals
    but if there's cash we'll do a panel
    and then publish science annals
    available to those credentialed
    who will of course remain befuddled
    insisting it all get unmuddled
    by more experts getting huddled
    'neath a federal funds umbrella!

  • Bay Area Guy 2

    I live in Northern California. The die-offs I have heard of here mainly dealt with smaller species like anchovies. There have been a couple of reports of a whale or two beaching, but certainly nothing like what's being reported in Southern California. I did notice on the radiation migration maps that were posted in earlier articles here on ENENEWS that the currents were bringing much more radiation to Southern California than Northern California. But I suppose it's just a matter of time before we get the same concentration up here.

    The one thing I have noticed over the last several months is a lot more bird activity near the ocean beaches. There have always been a pretty large number of seagulls around Ocean Beach, but it seems that a lot of smaller bird flocks have joined in recently. Does anyone have an idea as to why that might be happening?

    • Sickputer

      The primary motivation for bird migrations is the search for food. If the birds you see are not normally coastal feeders then the patterns of low food supply may be farther inland (no flying insects perhaps). These newcomers may find slim pickings also, but they will keep trying to survive. Migration patterns are typically clockwise in North America… Up the west coast in winter and down farther east in spring. That may no longer be the case if the environment is toxic.

    • Many species of birds were killed off almost entirely by first wave of FUKU. Now they are coming back and breeding like crazy due to the food (bugs, dried fruits on the trees, seeds, etc.) having accumulated while the birds were basically erased from the habitat. They are young/inexperienced and have changed social habits as a result.

      Sad situation indeed, as Human populations are mirroring this same phenomenon, and we are becoming a changed mostly young/inexperienced, more gullible to propaganda, species.

      Birds like Desert Doves are right now anyways, on the comeback in S NV:

        • We Not They Finally

          From the link cited: "But it doesn’t provide any new funding, and so far the bill doesn’t have a champion in the Senate, which will also to have to pass the legislation in order for it to become law."

          So this is still very early in the story. Hopefully, the likes of Ed Markey or Bernie Sanders in the Senate (or even Barbara Boxer) will take this up. But then they will have to push it through Repub-run committees. (Not that Dems are not corrupted as well.)

          And since the EPA has recklessly, criminally, raised the so-called "acceptable" levels of rads to post-lethal twice since Fuku, it will be very hard to get through. One would think/hope that increasing mass extinctions of varying species would prompt action, but this is the bought-and-paid-for U.S. Congress that we are talking about.

        • Yes Onto, interesting behind the scenes article. And commenters were as usual trying to drown out the anti-nukers.

          >>>Congress aimed to help answer such questions in creating DOE’s low-dose radiation research program in 1999. In particular, researchers and policymakers say solid science is necessary to set appropriate exposure regulations for radiation workers, nuclear power infrastructure, and evacuation plans in the event of a nuclear accident or terrorist attack. But the program’s funding has generally declined over the years; low-dose research sits within a larger DOE funding pool that has gone from a high of some $28 million in the mid-2000s to less than $16 million in recent years.

          The 2011 Fukushima accident helped revive low-dose concerns…..The result was the Low-Dose Radiation Research Act of 2015 (H.R. 35), backed by both Democrats and Republicans. It initially passed the House last year, but the Senate took no action, meaning the legislation died in December at the end of the 113th Congress. (The leading sponsor of that version was Representative Paul Broun [R–GA], who is no longer in office after losing in a U.S. Senate primary.)

          Last week, voting on the noncontroversial bill was one of the first bits of business conducted by the newly seated 114th Congress. This time, the lead sponsor was Representative Randy Hultgren (R–IL), a member of the science committee who represents a district that includes DOE’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory…..<<

          • I guess we take what we can get when looking for any allies…anywhere. With congress, I don't know, probably too little too late. However, for the moment we still do have a congress (until martial law, FEMA, homeland security implementations override their various abilities to function and thus become our *new government*).

            BTW, when signing online petitions already addressing other non-nuclear issues and causes, there is often a handy window where we can add or insert our own comment to the provided "form letter". Just another way to throw the words *dangers of cumulative man-made radiation* at whomever the petition will be sent to.

        • rogerthat

          nice find. but it does not inspire hope:

          … The bill … would require DOE to produce a 5-year research plan. But it doesn't provide any new funding …

          Still, supporters of the DOE program, which has seen its funding and visibility decline since it was first created in the late 1990s, are pleased by the House move. “Unfortunately, this program has not been a priority at DOE over recent years and has seen systematic de-emphasis,” said Representative Lamar Smith (R–TX), …

          The nuclear energy industry also welcomed the move. …

          … the program’s funding has generally declined over the years; low-dose research sits within a larger DOE funding pool that has gone from a high of some $28 million in the mid-2000s to less than $16 million in recent years…

          The National Academies report required by the bill would follow in the footsteps of the 2009 European Commission report. Lawmakers want it to outline the current status of research, address remaining challenges and scientific goals, and recommend a long-term research agenda. The bill says the report should consider the cost-benefit effectiveness of the proposed research. DOE would then produce a 5-year research plan that responds to the findings of the study. The bill does not authorize any additional funding for DOE, meaning the agency would have to use existing funds unless congressional appropriators say otherwise…

          – this is not cheerful stuff. maybe next century.

  • or-well

    Here's more death.
    "Then, on shore, the spectacle becomes even more poignant, as thousands of bird corpses rest on these beaches, piles of colorful plastic remaining where there stomachs had been. In some cases, the skeleton had entirely biodegraded; yet the stomach-size plastic piles are still present, intact."

    "From the whale, sea lions, and birds to the microscopic organisms called zooplankton, plastic has been, and is, greatly affecting marine life on shore and off shore."

    This is not a soundbite article. If you read it, one thing that may occur to you is that plastic is not unlike radiation contamination.

    • or-well

      Just 1 more link, plastic ocean pollution.

      The article above at is comprehensive.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      That was a long article.
      “We can’t avoid using plastic, but we use too much. “In fact, he’s added a fourth “R” to the ecologist’s classic mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle: refuse."

      This problem is a human lifestyle choice. Plastic is an up-stream product of petroleum. It is a revenue stream, a moderator of costs on other petroleum products, and a choice to use rather than store a huge amount of an 'non-usable' commodity.

      The only choice is to use less petroleum. Less trains, planes, automobiles, trucks, ships, agriculture, food, etc. This list is very,very LONG. And has absolutely huge consequences.

      We are driving our demise with greed, need,,,, and a short-sighted, misunderstood and confused pile of remedies.

      Moving into the future, has become a very, very difficult task.
      On many fronts.

  • Fukushima Destroying the Pacific – Rare Shark Species Being Decimated

    ORIGINAL work from the Nukepro

    Since Fukushima, 5 MegaMouth Sharks have been killed in the Pacific, one of them just today in the Philippines.

    That might not sound so terrible, after all the Pacific is a Huge Place!

    However, in all of recorded history only 61 MegaMouth Sharks have ever been seen alive, seen dead, or caught. Some have been caught, tagged and released.

    Fukushima is poisoning the ocean with radiation and heavy metals and it is only getting worse. We have discovered that the lower life forms are the first to bio-accumulate radiation and heavy metals, such as plankton and lichens. See here:

    • name999 name999

      stock, it is so important to shine a light on these devastating realities.

      Who could ever argue that there is anything accidental about this killing of sea life? Simple logic
      tells us that if we dump poisons into water, air and land the food chain will destroyed and living things will sicken and die.

      Always grateful for your strength and warrior spirit in fighting these atrocities.

  • name999 name999

    or-well, how can one look at this and not cry?

    There is nothing in this article that has not been known for decades yet this never stops.

    "Mermaid Tears" sounds kind of lyrical but broken down plastic slurry that kills life in the ocean is not
    so charming a name.

    This is an important site and article to read. Painful.

  • Please read about the psychopaths that run the world financial system.

    Strauss-Kahn had sexually assaulted Guinean-born Nafissatou Diallo, accusations that ended his high-flying finance career.

    Investigators have compiled hundreds of pages of testimony from prostitutes describing the orgies allegedly organized by the 65-year-old Strauss-Kahn and his co-defendants, centered on the expensive Carlton Hotel in Lille near the Belgian border. Strauss-Kahn says he took part in "libertine" activities but insists he never knew the women involved were prostitutes.

    • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

      I'm thinking it was more than a coincidence that Strauss-Kahn was reported considering removing the dollar as the monetary standard just weeks before the alleged rape occurred in of all places the good'ol U.S.A.!

      • Ya ceratinly the NSA knew his kinky and illegal habits, so they needed to pin a good one on him.

        now Putin decided to sell oil in other than the US dollar. Boy the US economic hitmen really bslapped Putin with $45 oil

        World war 2 was started because USA refused to sell oil to Japan.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

          "…Events leading to World War II

          "Japanese invasion of Manchuria 1931
          "Franco-Soviet-Czech Pact
          "Second Italo-Ethiopian War
          "Remilitarization of the Rhineland
          "Spanish Civil War
          "Anti-Comintern Pact
          "Marco Polo Bridge Incident
          "Munich crisis
          German occupation of Czechoslovakia
          March 1939
          "British guarantee to Poland
          March 1939
          "Pact of Steel
          May 1939
          "Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact
          August 1939
          "Invasion of Poland
          September 1939…"

  • dosdos dosdos

    For the record, of all the new nuclear reactors under construction in China, not a single one has yet been given license to begin operating. Delays, cost overruns, technical problems in the designs that won't pass regulation, etc.

    So the next time someone points to all the new nuclear in China….

  • rogerthat

    Sea Turtle that was Near Death Getting Better

    04 January 2015

    According to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, a sea turtle that was about to die after washing up on the coast last week is recovering. On December 21, Solstice the sea turtle was found on the Long Beach Peninsula in Wash and then it was brought to the aquarium.

    Solstice is an olive ridley turtle and a species that is usually found in areas with warmer waters, involving the southern Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. On Friday, for the first time the turtle ate since she brought to the aquarium. At the time of arrival, she was suffering from hypothermia and dehydration.

    According to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, she has gained 12 pounds since her arrival and still it is more than 30 pounds below according to weigh of a full grown turtle. Now, Solstice is considered stable but according to caretakers, still there is a possibility that she will not survive…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Manga artist claims again Fukushima radiation is causing nosebleeds
    Feb 2 2015

    Speaking of ..probabilities.
    How can it be any other way??

    • bo bo

      Hi Rose, thank you – related to your post-
      Here's a Japanese tweet search tab for people reporting of trains delayed due to 'passenger falling sick' ( express trains have to either make emergency stops or people have to wait for medics to cart passenger away) There has been a pointed increase of these reports in the past month, in Tokyo. The other day I read about a person keeling over and falling off the platform onto the train track.

      Also this –
      Many horse races have had sudden deaths in Japan in 2014

      • bo bo

        I'm going to place this all in one file

        Via @iinoh ( he's a Japanese guy living in NYC )
        'If you are entering Finland from Japan you must go thru special gate with red dot→radiation check'

        I give up on waiting for scientists to let us know.. these small daily observations by citizens are PROOF of the severity of Fukushima and what people in Japan are living in.

        • bo bo

          This red dot will soon become the Yellow Star of this millenium.

          • bowling

            im so sorry u had to go through that bo. my freind in yokohama says the trains there stop too much for sick people too. she got cancer last year. my other family on the other side of japan kinda ok except grampa cant talk now. this whole think makes me so sick and so sad. it made me be honest about many things i was in denial about before. my cats name is heidie. your cat very pretty. i just cry sometimes. get emotional. im not japanese but i talk to japanese buddhists a little.

            • bo bo

              bowling.. just to be clear this was a pic taken by a Japanese man traveling in Finland.
              It was posted in a thread which started with somebody speculating 2015 may be the last year we may be allowed to leave the country, after that there will be a ban on moving out of the country. When I saw this pic a really grim vision flashed past me where young people were volunteering to go to war against their wish – just to escape radiation.

            • bo bo

              I am sorry to hear of your friend in Yokohama. My family lives not too far from there. I have many health related stories I notice of families neighbors & friends from back home. Like I said I'm trying to get PROOF that makes every Pronuke shill, every denier, groan and accept fuku's severity on there knees. And I am not counting on scientists to ever come around. And deformed babies will be hidden or disposed of & continue to remain a mystery or just rumors- especially when Japanese doctors are BY LAW not permitted to disclose any medical data without IAEA approval. I used to cry a lot too bowling.. you're not alone.. but lately I'm more often blue with anger.

              Thank you, bo is a very spoiled & regal Norwegian Forest Cat This means he is giant too. I like the name of the breed as it reminds me of the Beatles song & the book by my favorite author, Haruki Murakami. He says hi to Heidie 🙂

              • bowling

                my cat tortoise shell. many people in japan still trying to suck it up. if i could get yoshi to come here i would. i love my sons grampa so much. so gentle and wise. i am sure many americans radioactve now not just japanese. my ion chamber says so. you are very smart. i get carried away. i fell so ashamed that america exported this death to so many places.

                • Sam Sam

                  Yes Bowling I too am ashamed by the world wide nuclear cartel.
                  Not just America please is responsible for this exported death
                  as you say. Look what Japan did in China and all over South East
                  Asia in this century as well as the Germans. Japan is no victim!
                  There are no innocents in this catastrophe.

                  • bo bo

                    Thanks for the pep talk, sam. I needed that right at this particular moment. Lol

                  • Sam Sam

                    It is all the innocent children worldwide who will
                    suffer immensely from nuclear radiation. They suffer
                    from war, from impoverishment, from neglect , from
                    violence in their culture and now they all have to contend
                    with bone seeking strontium as they grow up. Strontiium
                    replaces calcium and causes bone marrow leukemias.
                    Children need calcium to grow their bones.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Like its sister center in Sausalito, the facility was seeing a wider age range of sea lions in January, as well as a greater cross-section of species".


  • norbu norbu

    "Cold temperatures are suspected of killing some 150 sea turtles found in a lagoon of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula" Wait TO COLD????? When I was there many times it was always warm. sea lions, they say having problems because it is to warm, turtles because it is to cold, south of the to warm???? FUKUGATE

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Aren't whales supposed to survive the cold water?

    Whale and Turtle Deaths

  • NitWit

    No food.

    This is just the start of the pollution that was sucked out to sea by 3/11 disaster.

    Fortified with nuclear decays! Almost 4 years ongoing now! Releasing Bq's 4 us 2 share. Weeee….

    Poor mammals.

  • or-well

    For Debbie Downwinder

    Hi ! I'm Debbie Downwinder
    and this is my sister,
    she's Cancerous Cathy,
    we're both nuke resisters
    who divorced our psycho
    pro-nuclear misters
    with anti-deathcult
    words that raised blisters.
    We are also insisters
    that health physicists
    are mostly spin-hissers
    lying snake-in-the-grass
    pro-nuke bullshitters
    who should be hung
    by their jewels and their pissers.


    2015 Shutdowns:

    January 27 : Shut down automatically at 4:05am after two transmission lines failed during Winter Storm Juno.
    See: Pilgrim Event Reports for January 28, 2015

    2014 Shutdowns & Glitches:

    May 15 : Taken off-line to “perform necessary maintenance to address low-level equipment needs that could potentially challenge reliability for the remainder of the operating cycle.” – Entergy spokesperson

    2013 Summary of Shutdowns & Glitches:

    January 10-17: Both recirculation pumps tripped, followed by a head drain valve leak.
    January 20-24: Leaking safety valve.
    February 8-16: Winter storm causes offsite power loss and main generator load reject; 169 hours down.
    April 18 – June 3: Scheduled refueling.
    August 22-26: Electrical problems cause all three main water pumps shut down.
    (Plant restarts on August 26, but does not reach full power before…)
    September 8-17: Steam pipe leak.
    Oct. 14-21: Off-site power to plant unavailable because of NStar problem, which caused initial shutdown. Plant remained closed for two days after power restored because of faulty mechanical pressure regulator, which caused water levels in the nuclear reactor to become too high.
    December 4: Leaky steam valve. Reactor still down.

    Other Incidents in 2013:

    July 15: Loss of…

  • Pilgrim is STILL down, 1 full week after a snow storm

    But don't worry, they are totally prepared for a terrorist attack… immediate danger

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Keep those fuel trucks rolling, to that carbon footprint timebomb.
      It's not clean, it's not green, it's an unstoppable death machine.

      Please and Thank You

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        That's perfect, "It's not clean, it's not green, it's an unstoppable death machine". It's true and it rhymes. That should be our slogan when enenewsers run for president. We need an anti-destruction of the world party.

      • danger kitty danger kitty

        It's not clean, it's not green, it's an unstoppable death machine-excellent line, suitable for a protest sign when the end game comes (it will).
        I stole it. For twitter. And the limitations on twitter make it hard to attribute I come here to confess my crime. Papers can be served at…
        Thank you.

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Take it, use it, I have only 1 goal. End it.
        Before it ends the planets future potential.

    • Homo Insapiens Homo Insapiens

      Pilgrim is still shut down, yes. Thanks for paying attention.

      Oh, and hasn't Vermont Yankee undergone permanent shutdown recently? Yes.

      So, as of right now, neither Vermont Yankee nor Pilgrim are generating power? Yes.

      And does my Massachusetts home still have electricity? Yes.


    Last days as a radioactive garbage can:
    war, radiation, mass famine, eco-horror..

    The ghost of Earth's future has been found-a minor planet remarkably similar to our own. The residue of the destroyed planet has traces of an abundant water source, much like are own. The atmosphere was full of traces of magnesium, iron, silicon and excess oxygen. There could have been planets suitable for sustaining life.

  • 1 pound of used fuel has so much radioactivity that it would contaminate 188,000,000 very large cattle at 1600lbs each to a level of 200Bq/kg which is twice the legal limit to still call it food, in the modern world.

    It is clearly insane that we are making this stuff. And yes, the worst of it is plutonium with a W(r) of 113,000 times worse than your run of mill radiation. And plutonium lasts basically forever.

    stock drive by factoid, out

  • Dick Shenary

    “It is important to understand the difference between ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Both types of physical phenomena can be dangerous or advantageous to humans. Radio and TV signals are examples of non-ionizing radiation and are very low level where ever they are encountered which is almost all the time. Another example would be the new electric company “smart meters” that use low level RF (radio frequencies) to communicate to passing receivers how much power has been consumed. We as most humans have been bathed in non-ionizing radiation since birth. On the other hand ionizing radiation like its name suggests creates ions by stripping away electrons within complex living molecules. This is done as unstable atoms breakdown and fire off atomic bullets such as alpha, beta, and gamma particles/waves. These bullets, if encountered, cause havoc at the biological cellular level. This is the type of radiation that can be lethal at the atomic level. An understanding of the difference is important if you are to protect yourself from ionizing radiation.”

  • dosdos dosdos

    Westinghouse announces an 18 month delay at Vogtle, costing 3/4 billion dollars more over budget than already claimed.

  • Dick Shenary

    Orange County Register – “Low weights among sea lion pups on remote Channel Island breeding grounds and effects of a warmer ocean on adult females and yearlings could bring record-high strandings to Southern California beaches.” This lead statement says it all – unexplained low weights amongst sea lions of all ages and unnamed effects of a warmer ocean have led to this current disaster. Just what do they mean by a “warmer” ocean? Would that be a radiologically warmer ocean or just a temp/warmer ocean? I did a word search for the word “radiation “and No Matches Found popped up as usual. In terms of why and or causes for these marine disasters, why is it that one possible cause (manmade radiation) cannot even be suggested? So much of our current media, not just OCR, continue to publish product for the Twilight Zone (60’s TV reference). There is a phone and email listing for the author of this OCR article if you would care to ask why. I know I will.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I would say ..I pity the government bought and paid for scientists ..on the 'front' ..having to watch this with the governmental sock in their mouths.
    But I don't pity them ..they placed the sock in their own mouths so willingly.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Rose: it's not just the scientists;

      It's also the journalists, the politicians (bought and paid for with the Big Nuke monopoly money) (very shady), the businessmen elite (who don't dare make an enemy of GE and its ilk, the teachers;

      So many stinky socks in so many mouths;

      Its Nazi Germany redux: everyone is too scared to make a stand; which leaves the resistance scattered and atomized; and on the heroism of an enenews site or a Hans or Sophie Scholl hangs the morality of a nation and its judgement by the future;

      Uranium idiocy may have robbed us of our future;

      Glen Seaborg discovered plutonium, thought he had found the miracle substance for the future of mankind and proselytized for uranium fission development; what a kook! he wouldn't listen to John Gofman, his colleague; and he was chosen by Kennedy to write the highly biased review of the uranium fission program in 1962; which maybe Kennedy realized later was a pile of crap, and, perhaps, when he rejected the uranium fission program, after his newborn son, Patrick, died in his arms, from complications quite possibly related to weapons testing fallout, he signed his death warrant;

      Who decided to give a large money prize to the goofball, Seaborg, for discovering the most long-lived and nasty poison now being produced in industrial quantities?

      Why it was the Swedish Nobel Prize committee!

      There you have it: Nobel Prize money to people who assist in ecocide and genocide.

      Irony anyone?

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "There you have it: Nobel Prize money to people who assist in ecocide and genocide.

    Irony anyone?" PGU – and just a few years ago, u no who got his prize in advance. 🙁

  • Nick

    ****breaking news*****

    The Oceans R Us Institute has just received federal funds to study marine life abnormalities on the West Coast. Scientists of all sorts will be frantically trying to promote their specific field of study in an attempt to explain the vast cross species die off occurring up and down the Pacific Coast. The public can rest easy in knowing that even scientists don't always look with their eyes or smell with their noses.

    In 5 years a report on the findings is due to come out complete with a natural fiber hard binding.

    So, in the meantime, hold off on your amateurish attempts at trying to explain what is going on.

    In other news……….

  • I believe this really is an "On The Beach" scenario. Imagine how dead the oceans will be in 10 years. Don't forget there has been radiation cycled through the bio-cycle from rain into the grass that the cows ate and then into the milk. Coupound this type of process along with what is going on in the Pacific and the accumulation should be actively killing all life on the surface. It does not take a genius to come up with an endgame that really is the end. Oh well, don't worry, be happy.

    • 😐

      Cycled, compounded, accumulated and insidiously spreading for time frames that humans cannot really comprehend.

      Nuclear Engineers KNOW what multiple MELTDOWNS can do.

      It's an ongoing, initially hard to detect, tragedy of global proportions that most people don't want to talk about or think about.

      Nuclear Promoters knew this before they started building them. They continue to promote and operate these DNA Destroying, money sucking, Death Machines with an overtly weird impunity even as the world begins to suffer the clear consequences of Fukushima's nonstop FALLOUT.


      • nedlifromvermont

        Shout out to the U. S. Grant icon from mthans75 …

        ChasAha … the need for the huge business activity of uranium mining, milling, enrichment and utilization as reactor fuel, a business on the scale of the automobile industry, globally, was foist upon society by greedy and ruthless businessmen … the likes of JP Morgan, who, when denied insurance for the holed and not fixable SS Olympic, switched her identity with her sister ship, Titanic, and gambled the lives of passengers and crew on a failed rescue mission by SS California … the ship was driven onto the ice and made sure she would go down …

        These are the moral progenitors of the reactor build out catastrophe …

        JP Morgan would not take a loss on Olympic; Morgan banking syndicate has always been the largest shareholder in General Electric Company, ever since its formation from a merger of Thompson Houston Co. with Edison Electric, Charles Albert Coffin, presiding as (stooge) CEO and Chairman of the Board.

        General Electric and other leading immortal, criminal business enterprises wages a nuclear war on the planet by other means, with their unneeded and idiotic and planet killing reactor business model …

        Idiots!! How you say STUPID in Chinese?

        Have a little war in Ukraine, maybe (where there are 15 operating reactors (6 of them are near the separatist trouble areas) …

        How do you say idiots in Ukrainian? in Westinghousespeak?

        peace 'newsers ..,.. Mock On!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Mankind is his own worst enemy… 🙁

    Problem is these morons called humans are taking out everything else with them..very sad. 🙁

  • Nick

    Humans generally have a hard time realizing how selfish they are, clueless as to how ecosystems work.

    We are at a juncture in our history that won't be noticed by enough of us to make a difference.

    We have a vast information infrastructure that allows anyone the ability to obtain data at ever increasing rates on just about any bit of anything.

    Despite our interconnected electrical universe many humans seem to be stuck in the dark ages, unable or unwilling to use their own basic animal instinct to determine what is happening around them.

    The dying of the Pacific Ocean requires all of us to look at our world in a more compassionate way.

    Instead, sentient beings continue to muse on bizarre ideas that indicate a reduced brain functioning (the 3/11/11 earthquake was NOT due to an atomic bomb, nor did a computer virus screw up the
    nuclear reactor control system).

    The time is NOW to determine how much radiation has poisoned the Pacific. Climate Change is an absolutely insane way of deflecting responsibility from our general toxic loading of the biosphere.

    If you are witnessing sea creatures dying….post to the web, tell your friends, do not wait for "officialdom" to explain what you are seeing.

    We have information engines, the likes never seen, ever; use 'em.


    Above is a great blog, a scientist who write some mean code to gather temperature data and crunch it.

    Ya, no warming for 18 years no matter how you crunch it.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Hey stock … ya der … maybe there would be not much warming from the increases undeniable in atmospheric CO2 levels … but if this were to be a problem … it's not as much of a recommendation to increase our commitment to uranium fission as it would be to repair to the hills all the soon to be stranded nuclear waste at the sea level plants …. Indian Point, Turkey Point, Oyster Creek, Seabrook, Pilgrim etc. etc.

      By the way … Pilgrim suffered a Loss of Offsite Power … their two 335 MW lines tripped during and after the storm … they still have a 35 MW line in service and the diesel generators are humming … Wonder of Big Papi of "Boston is our fu**ing city" fame knows what Entergy thinks about his feelings about who owns his city …

      Mr. Entergy, well he don't care;
      Mr. Entergy now and he don't care;
      Mr. Entergy yes and he don't care;
      My master's gone away …

      peace stock and all ye' 'newsers …

  • You folks who live in California, Oregon, Washington.

    Pull a Dana!

    Go to the beach, take pictures of wharfs and rock at low tide.

    If you can snorkel or dive, put on your best wetsuit and go get pictures. You need an underwater camera, I will mail you one of mine?

    Get on it folks, spend 1 day this month doing this.

    Send your pictures to me or Dana

    stock (((at>>>>
    danadurnford <<<<<at)))))

    y'all got 20,000,000 people over there….are you telling me that not even 1, not even 20 can take pictures and send them>?


    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Yes stock, time to move.
      Time to get the F up, and say 'I will not take this any more.'
      Do something more than pushing shit in a circle.

      I sailed out of Dana Point for years. There are no words for me.

      SoCalifornians simply must get up, go to the beach, and say:


      Create a media FIRESTORM over SoCal Edison planting death on your beach. Take it to Daggett, or shove-it, not on the beach, EVER.

      Your Children will Thank You

      • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

        Daggett? A dumping ground for the radioactive waste? Surely you jest. Barstow is only a stones throw so they are worthless as well. Get real.

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Better than the beach.
          SCE has the stuff, a license, land in Daggett, make them keep it
          Why should the gov(you know, you and I) allow it on our beach?
          Refuse to allow it, and make a big damn scene about it.

          In the end, we already know it is a pre-paid plan to shove in the publics taxloaded arse, wherever, however.

          Why take it without a fight?

          What say you, where should it go?

          • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

            Nuclear waste is everybody's problem. It appears you have fallen for the old NIMBY pitfall where some people believe they are more important than others or more deserving. Kinda like the elite believe they are a superior breed. So, IMO your statement is inflammatory and counter to the cause.

              • nedlifromvermont

                Obe! You do come up with some links!!

                What kind of trashy rumor rags do you read??

                I suggest you take up reading some books!

                Helen Caldicott has a new one out, "Crisis Without End" about the biological and medical effects of the Fukushima global tragedy …

                pretty heavy topic …

                on second thought … stay with the Hollywood gossip rags …

                peace bro'

            • AirSepTech AirSepTech

              Ok, so I take it you would like it to go on the beach.
              Right next to the ocean, just like Fukushima?

              You don't believe a protest is in order?

              You don't believe, that bringing attention to the fact, that there is NO safe place for the waste, is good for the cause? What cause are you for?

              What else can people do? Nothing?

              I am much more common than your insults suggest, and have protested many times. I live between Hanford and INL, two of the largest NUCLEAR DUMP sites in the USA. We have been successful in stopping several NPP prelim proposals, saying goodbye to Areva as well.

              So, what do you suggest people in SoCal should do?

  • Nick

    Even if humans have caused some climate alterations, the nearest star has something to do with our climate as well.

    "This solar cycle continues to rank among the weakest on record,"

    Best we spend our remaining days REDUCING the toxic loading of our precious biosphere.

  • or-well

    Link to majia's article on hereditary genetic instability.

    there's a link to an article there and farther down multiple links to related entries on her blog.

  • or-well

    Interview with John Gofman

    his book – radiation-induced cancer from low dose exposure – can be downloaded here –

  • Sol Man

    MeltingMermaid at 10:44, Yes, it is a gargantuan amount of radiation, but they may fix it with a new number system where zeros and commas are outlawed and scientific notation banned too.

    A problem has been made that may be too big to measure.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      You shouldn't give them any ideas, Sol man. I can just see the headline. Buckling under Corporate and military pressure and psyops and death threats, Congress passes new law, banning 0's, making common core math even more of a pain in the ass for elementary school teachers, than it already is. Cops in riot gear shot at teachers and kindergartners with rubber bullets and sonic cannons for their peaceful protests. Onlookers quoted as saying. That's just shitty, on so many levels and all over the streets. One protester was quoted as saying, why, why zeros, before he was pepper sprayed, tackled and hog tied? Why indeed? In other meltdown news, the Kardashians are making headlines again…

  • ISPC

    Yes. It is odd. There is only a handful of people on the planet that are aware of the "R" word. I often feel lonely and isolated; as if I were looking out a window from a room with no doors. That fact is due to more than a coverup by TPTB; it seems many have been well schooled in the traits of Normalcy Bias, Cognitive Dissonance, and Denial.

    The burden of knowledge can weigh heavily. It carries with it a certain loneliness, yet we do what we do to remain conscious, and to awaken others. I can only imagine how Dana Durnford must feel at times; one man alone against the Ocean. I have great respect for him. I have great respect for all here, night and day, as Chemfood says, getting the Rad Word Out. And, as stock says, I say, Joust On. Peace

    • General User General User

      Agreed, that is why me friends and family "admire that designer aluminum hat" that I wear.
      Many thanks to you also for your heart-felt contributions to our knowledge here.

      About Dana; for most of the human existence it was 'normal' for a human to take on the ocean.
      Dana is one man against a Sea of unknowing/uncaring & lying/obfuscating people, not sure about the percentages here. May we all support him in anyway possible.

      Peace All

      • ISPC

        Yes. General User. TY. "designer aluminum hat." Funny. I asked tinfoilhatbrian to borrow his hat, but no. I really need one. Yes, and Dana; most recent video shows nothing moving on the ocean floor. Peace

    • nedlifromvermont

      ISPC … you, I and most all of us here are "Divergent"

      Just watched the eponymous movie last night with my daughter …

      Get used to it … and play nice with the factions and the factionless

      peace on you!

  • ISPC

    Yes. Just thinking about numbers.

    A French study released on Thursday said that the amount of nuclear material called caesium 137 leaked by Japanese plant, Fukushima, has proven to be the world’s worst nuclear sea contamination event ever, AFP discloses.

    The Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) reported that from March 21st to mid-July, 27.1 peta becquerels (a unit used to measure radioactivity) of caesium 137 had entered into the ocean. One “peta” becquerel is equivalent to a million billion becquerels, or 10^15.


    • ISPC

      Yes. I think Praising the Truth had a calculation recently of the total amount released so far. I cannot find that post this morning.
      To the best of my recall, it was 1,700,000,000 Billion Becquerels. I will look for it again this evening. Somehow, someday, maybe I will be able to imagine how contaminated this planet is. It might help if I could get the numbers right; surely. Peace. out

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth

        I will look later. Right now I'm in a panic over my income taxes. I received a notice about forgiveness on a student loan. I thought I would be filing to pay taxes in 3 years, but the tax is due this year.

        • ISPC

          Yes. Praising the Truth. TY. I have not had the opportunity to find it. I have remembered it at 1.7 Petabecquerels, or 1.7,000,000,000,000,000. I have also remembered it as 1,700,000 Billion Becquerels. Yes. It is millions times billions. I intended to re-read and have not. TY. Peace

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    'Funny' sushi eaters supposedly ate all the blue fin tuna.
    'Funny' how their migration matches the plume..

    "The basic idea is that the scientists will take baby mackerel and inject their reproductive organs with the reproductive cells of the bluefin tuna. As the mackerel mature, the females will produce tuna eggs and the males will produce tuna sperm, instead of mackerel eggs and mackerel sperm. Then, after the normal reproductive affair, little tuna will be born.
    While this research seems really promising, it’s going to be quite some time until it’s put into serious action. This summer they plan on starting the first phase of research, but it could be up to ten years before it makes it to the commercial level. The big question now is: How do the mackerel feel about this? In nature, bluefin tuna prey on mackerel, so in a sense, the mackerel are birthing their sworn enemies."

    Tuna born from mackerel: Japanese scientists develop surrogate tech to save threatened species
    Feb 4 2015

    The Hubris of Human knows no bounds

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