Officials now say Fukushima reactor with MOX fuel “leaked directly from containment” — TV: Contamination of environment was due to “failure of vessel” — Experts: This has caused additional worries because MOX is more “radioactively aggressive” due to plutonium content (VIDEO)

Published: December 18th, 2015 at 7:03 pm ET


NHK, Dec 17, 2015 (emphasis added): [TEPCO] says radioactive fallout that polluted the environment in mid-March of 2011 was likely caused by a leak directly from a containment vessel of the facility’s No.3 reactor. Officials… on Thursday reported their latest findings on what happened at the plant… They concluded that radioactive contamination of the environment between the night of March 14th and the 16th was likely caused not by the vent operations but failure of the vessel. They said the vessel likely lost airtightness due to heat from nuclear fuel, leading to the direct release of radioactive substances into the environment.

NHK transcript, Dec 17, 2015: [TEPCO] said the substances in one of the reactors probably leaked directly from the containment vessel… They suspect the heat of fuel caused the containment vessel to lose airtightness.

TEPCO, Dec 17, 2015: A significant release of steam from the night of March 14 to March 16, 2011 is believed to have been responsible for contamination to the surrounding environment of Fukushima Daiichi. The investigation reports that the primary containment vessels in Units 2 and 3 did likely lose leakage resistant properties by March 15 and had been in a condition where radioactive materials could leak directly from them. It is therefore presumed the environmental contamination outside Fukushima Daiichi during that period was caused by steam leakage directly from the primary containment vessels and not from the vent.

TEPCO, Dec 17, 2015: Leakage and release of a large amount of steam from the Unit 3 Reactor Building — The PCVs of Units 2 & 3 lost the airtightness in the end, which is confirmed by the fact that steam escaped from the Reactor Buildings. Analysis of the behavior of the pressure in the PCVs and the situation at the time of the accident has revealed that the environmental contamination from the night of March 14 to March 16 occurred by steam leakage together with radioactive materials directly from the PCVs not from the vent.

UBS Investment Research (via WikiLeaks), Apr 2011: Of particular concern was Unit 3, because, since September 2010, the plant had been fueled with mixed oxide, or MOx… Use of MOx heightened fuel risk — Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 was fuelled with mixed oxide (MOx), which is about 93% uranium and 7% plutonium. This has caused additional worries for TEPCO and the government, because MOx is more radioactively aggressive. We think national nuclear safety reviews might consider restrictions on its use.

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: December 18th, 2015 at 7:03 pm ET


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549 comments to Officials now say Fukushima reactor with MOX fuel “leaked directly from containment” — TV: Contamination of environment was due to “failure of vessel” — Experts: This has caused additional worries because MOX is more “radioactively aggressive” due to plutonium content (VIDEO)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh, James.
    A darling of the MIC.
    I came into this begging, begging the MIC to consider whom they serve.
    And those that serve the military complex.
    How does it serve?

    The military is the ultimate 'handler' of the nuclear industry.
    Weapons is the goal.
    The game of the advanced and advancing army plays out..
    The overkill plays out.. after all how much fire power does it take to blow up a village?
    Eisenhower cautioned.
    I'm begging.
    Please stop.
    Fukushima is plenty to bear.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    So much pushing and shoving to see who gets to control the thermostat.
    Fukushima is getting worse, Mr. Conca.

    Is Fukushima Getting Worse?

    "On June 19th TEPCO reported the highest-ever readings of strontium-90 outside of the Fukushima plant ports. The readings were 1,000,000 Bq/m3 of strontium-90 at two locations near water intakes for Reactors 3 and 4. TEPCO has not been able to explain the spike up in readings. The prior highest readings were 700,000 Bq/m3."
    Jun 29 2015

    Report: “Red Alert! Sharp increase in radiation… at Fukushima” — Levels spike 400,000% under plant — Almost 1,000,000,000 becquerels per cubic meter — TV: Officials investigating cause
    Dec 10 2015

    "Tokyo Electric Power Company has detected 482,000 becquerels per liter of radioactive cesium in water samples taken from the tunnels on December 3rd. That’s 4000 times higher than data taken in December last year."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A couple of things.
    Nuclear plants dump hot water in the ocean.
    (Not a great work up ..Monday, sheesh)

    Transport of waste heat from a nuclear power plant into coastal water

    I'm sure that this factor effects the biosphere.

    Also.. when the waters get warm, and they are…(What did you say your game plan was for this ..James?), the ability to cool the reactors comes into question..

    In Tennessee, Heat Waves Diminish Nuclear Power Output
    April 10 2011

    "On July 8, 2010, as the temperature in downtown Decatur, Alabama climbed to a sweltering 98°F, operators at the Browns Ferry nuclear power plant a few miles outside of town realized they had only one option to avoid violating their environmental permit: turn down the reactors. For days, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which owns the nuclear plant, had kept a watchful eye on the rising mercury, knowing that more heat outside could spell trouble inside the facility. When the Tennessee River, whose adjacent waters are used to cool the reactors, finally hit 90°F and forced Browns Ferry to run at only half of their regular power output, the TVA hoped the hot spell would last just a few days."

    I'm not very appreciative of the scenario ..James.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    CO2 production by the nuclear industry.

    Does nuclear power produce no CO2?
    May 11 2006

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Of course it produces CO2, and much, much more not visible to the head up arse crowd.

      How much of WIPP is dedicated to 'Fossil Fuel'? Nun? Renewables?
      It will require CO2 to design>keep>care for the 20,000yr babysit job. Job security?

      Bottom line for me, Nuclear can not exist without Fossil Fuel.

      And truthfully, neither can anything else at this point in time.

      The difference is Nuclear MUST have fossil fuel to be safe.
      Nothing else has that need.

      Nuclear Power is not freedom, it is dependency. Cradle to grave.

      Every day. Forever. 🙁

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Someone should find out how much fossil fuels the nuclear plants purchased, and how much fuel is used in Japan bagging up and moving 28 million cubic meters of topsoil . I would not be surprised if the nuclear industry was the oil companies single largest customer. I know the IAEA doesn't drive solar/ sail power cars. Someone would have noticed by now. Nuclear powered Cadillacs?

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Just think of the CO2 produced by use of fossil fuels to extract uranium , then transport, the production of the vehicles and containers ..and fuel for transport, mechanisms for delivery on-site,
          other structures for containment, mechanisms to produce the mechanisms for production and the mechanisms for utilization, mechanisms for waste, structures and the production of such for so-called permanent containment…etc.

          How much fossil fuel?

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            ..and all the luxury ceo vehicles fuelconsumption..that forced taxfunded insane bonusmoney needs to go somewhere..and all those luxe hollidays trips around the world..

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            Metric Shit Tons… MST

            Who is working at the mines, administrating the pay and benefits, running the fart fans in the crapper, Caterpiller, Wallstreet, silly F's flying back and forth making silly decisions, NRC, IEAC, OSHA, MSHA, NIH, DOE, DOT, a very long fossil fuel support list.

            Actually, who doesn't have their finger in this piece of pie?

            More than MST, Mega MST. For the want of an atom.

  • Radioactive Carbon 14 From Nuclear Power Plants Causing Deforestation, Fungus Infections, Disease And Death Of Trees, Humans, Animals And Plants Globally – Plus Global Warming Effect

  • Oh pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth that I am meek and gentle with these butchers!
    W. Shakespeare

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    More on St. Louis Radiation Dump Fire
    "Radiolysis could cause an explosion at the illegal West Lake nuclear landfill dump site in Bridgeton Missouri. It's for that explosive reason that legally dumped nuclear waste undergoes an extensive analysis looking at Radiolytic interactions. Yet, in our search we can find no public info that such an analysis has ever been done for the West Lake landfill.
    "We suspect the Feds don't want to go anywhere near talking about Radiolysis at the West Lake Landfill because the situation is too uncontrolled and too complex to model with any level of certainty. At the same time, the Feds likely don't want to talk about at subject they feel might scare the bejesus out of the locals. Throw in the fact that the Fed's plan to cap the West Lake Landfill could actually greatly increase the explosion risk of radiolytic produced Hydrogen, Acetylene, Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxygen, and a host of explosive substances building up under that cap, and it is easy to see how silence is golden for them."

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Back on topic for a moment:
    "…a leak directly from a containment vessel of the facility’s No.3 reactor…"

    More like a yards-in-diameter corium lava tube, right through the floor of the pedestal, supporting the failed reactor.
    The Unit 3 corium melted right through the concrete and steel of the containment vessel, through the base mat, and out of the reactor building.
    Fissioning all the way.
    "Leak" my ass!

    Where is the MOX corium now, Tepco? 😉

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      So they lied and everyone in both of our governments lied..

      Do we still have to pay taxes?

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Benchtop Economics

        Income leads to taxes, taxes are always short, credit is the solution, debt is the result, disaster is a given.

        Stop paying, stop feeding the fire. Save yourself.

        Simple minded approach.

        2nd Amendment may come in handy.

        Worked once in the past, as I recall.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    No, Obe,
    We can be poor.
    The poor pay no taxes.

    Can you say "park model", boys and girls? 🙂

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Had a conversation with a person who runs a salmon fishing camp about 300 miles north of Vancouver. They said salmon fishing has been exceptionally good the last three years. I asked about the sea stars and they confirmed the stars were largely gone. I asked about the seals and other life and they said it all looked good.

    They werent selling or lying, Im sure of that, but unaware about the state of ecological health. For example the exclusion zone around Chernobyl apparently looks like its teaming with wildlife until one studies it in depth. Chernobyl is a death zone that looks like a live zone. An unfortunate circumstance.

    Man is out of touch since we live in cities and 'civilization'. It is documented that 90% of predator fish in the ocean have been wiped out and the majority of fisheries are collapsing and yet nobody notices. Half the animal populations on land have died in a scant 40 years and nobody notices. The planet is trashed, radiated, fracked, and is turning into a desert and nobody notices. Thus the earth was lost, all due to an ape with a three pound brain who has constructed a false wall between himself and nature which blinded him to his own undoing

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Yes Code, but you have to admit 99% of us feel good, anticipate a lot of free shit, and are happy as chimps in a cage with an endless supply of naners.

      Life is weird. Across from the post office the Mortuary is out of business. Who could of guessed Obamacare would be so effective, so quickly. 😆

    • oldster

      Code: Did the person name a village/town in the vicinity? Some areas have had decent fish presence and runs and others not. The seals in the area would reflect that. But it would be interesting to have someone take a closer look at the area, with regard to normal ecology, snails, mussels, kelp, etc., etc.
      Aside, I've been thinking about the problem you have often been broaching: that many scientists re: radioactivity's implications hold what one might call 'fixed consensus assumptions', which form a kind of theological/belief system set of basic premises. I am reminded of something Robert Becker (The Body Electric) observed: that when he began to become concerned about some harmful aspects to EMFs, he was told it was a career ender. Don't go there, he was told. And if one was intrepid and attempted research in that area, it was hard to get funding, and if one persevered, it was hard to get published. And if one jumped through those hoops, you can then get jeered at and shunned, etc. The military and the corporations didn't want bad news about the new baby. Something of the same has probably characterized the process of research into radioactivity.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        thats right oldster, not one in a thousand will question what they learned in health physics education at the university. Not one in a million once they have a job

    • Just saw a PBS special, featuring brown bears on an Alaska island. Some of the bears were missing fur, but it was dismissed as bears do that when they rub on trees.

      The bears were starving because both the pink and the chum salmon runs were missing entirely.

      You could tell the bears were having a hard time. One mother lost two out of three cubs.

      They blamed the lack of salmon on TOO COLD water.

      Finally a run came in many weeks too late, but just in time to keep all of the bears from starving to death right before winter.

      NO mention of how it turned out.. Were there enough salmon to keep the bears alive through hibernation? No word..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


    "Thus the earth was lost"

    • Silverlok Silverlok

      Edgar Cayce said that mankind has been in a self-induced near total racial suicide level mode at several points in 'pre-history'.

      Some (few) humans survive and start the wheel turning again.
      Many ancient cultures believed in 'ages of man' and the Mayans in specific thought the fourth cycle ( would have ) ended in 2012 meaning we are now in the very beginning of the fifth cycle from there philosophical point of view.

      In whatever future humans find themselves it is certain that fukushima daichii on 3-11-11 will be noted as the swan song for the failed experiments of greed and hubris that have put the period at the end of the sentence for all of the socio-political manipulations that created a world wide system that allowed ( and is still allowing ) cavalier and haughtier to define how men treat men , how men treat animals, how men treat the environment , and in sum, how men treat the earth.

      American Indians said the coming of the white buffalo would herald the demise of the white man's evil and a return to the native ways.

      is FUKU the white buffalo ( or will it create one ;)? ANd did the Mayan's get it so wrong when their calendar for the last age ended in 2012?
      perhaps if one changes 'end of the world' to end of the world as we know it it would change your line to …" Thus the earth suffered mankind whom became lost "

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Mayans got it right..

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Silverlok…the natives and also some religious groups herald a new period of peace and upliftment….a return to the garden of eden, rainbow warriers, even rapture. Of course it will be a world of 10s or 1000s of nuclear meltdowns and forever leaking nuke waste dumps. The hopi also have this future in their prophecy and seem to fortell a carrington event or EMP event

        "The United States will be destroyed, land and people, by atomic bombs and radioactivity." hopi prophecy

        The March 1989 geomagnetic storm knocked out power across large sections of Quebec. On July 23, 2012 a "Carrington-class" Solar Superstorm (Solar flare, Coronal mass ejection, Solar EMP) was observed; its trajectory missed Earth in orbit. Information about these observations was first shared publicly by NASA on April 28, 2014.

        • Silverlok Silverlok

          Given the current world state and the socio-economic manipulations that have been sleazed into place to achieve centralized control and wealth for an extremely small minority it has become increasingly obvious that creating a world wide panopticon is not feasible in a'free-range' setting.

          Especially as the concentrators keep desperately having to increase the pace of events that as an unavoidable (side) effect create places both metaphysical and physical outside the panopticon to stand and view things so to speak .

          One cannot balance a pyramid on it's tip forever….prophecy or science , in the end it doesn't take genius to understand balance and or stability ( either in nature or economics ), in fact most of us learn some pretty advanced things about balance somewhere around two when slogging on all fours turns into tottering around on two legs.

          I wonder why most of us ignore those fundamental ( physical and metaphysical ) lessons in balance once we start taking them for granted.

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        white buffalo born, 1994 and several since. One in 1933.

        • Silverlok Silverlok

          Did you ever read "Lord Foul's Bane" ?, since Donaldson ( the author ) grew up in India ( as son to a physician ) I always assumed that this series of books was an overview of the metaphor of the 'white buffalo' as filter from that cultural prospective.

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    Back in 2011 I was voicing my concerns about being in the rain with a young woman who was studying radiology. She was so insulted by my suggestion that Fukushima could cause such a problem and how stupid I was for thinking this way. It was pouring out…she demanded I stop the car and let her out! Haven't seen her since! My point is prior to her "education" she was a lowly D.J. and would have had no opinion one way or another. I suspect people studying in these fields are coached on how to answer to people like myself with concerns over being exposed to radiation!

  • If a nuclear bomb goes off 2000 miles upwind, and you know how fast the wind is traveling, it is fairly easy to predict when the radiation fallout plume will get to you.

    If it is raining when the plume arrives, the fallout will come down in the rain, and it can be VERY HOT.

    You were right to be cautious, and she was wrong. The way to settle that debate is with a pancake radiation detector and a rain swipe test.

    Detectors don't lie and they don't have any agendas or politics.

    Sweet truth, is sweet indeed, even if the news is sour or bad.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Unit 3 Torus Inspection begins this week"

    "3D inspections of the unit 3 torus room are set to begin December 22nd. This work is expected to investigate all of the torus room except the section where a robot was lost in 2011. TEPCO has not disclosed what has happened in that area to make it off limits. The work should continue into January 2016 and is part of the larger effort to determine leak paths and damage to the unit towards future fuel removal."

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Tepco is closing in on finding the corium from reactor 3.
      Five years, and they are still mapping the Torus.
      Will find the missing corium when?
      In 2020?

      Where is the damn corium, Tepco? 😉

      Please, workers. If you can't be safe, at least be careful.

  • sworldpeas

    1 Fish, 2 Fish, MOX
    Red Fish, Blue Fish, they are dead
    History hates MOX


    Let's go..
    No matter what your belief concerning climate, denying that SOMETHING is amiss is just stupidity. And, the denial of in-your -face global weather anomalies certainly let's the Nuke Cabal off the hook for obliterating the biosphere with their childish war games. 'I have bigger bomb'..

    We're not going to make it. Research, ad nauseum, proves this.
    It's almost 80F here in the Gulf, humidity 100%. Global heat records continue, as do floods, worldwide. Crop loss, fresh water contamination.
    Now it snows some, ices, then floods with heavy rains. Oh, it's El Friggin Niño. Kiss it Gore, this is Biosphere Collapse. "Climate Change" makes money, The word 'collapse' causes panic.

    Do the Mo Fo's 'in charge' give a rats ass for you and yours? Or that planetary system failure is in full swing? That a food crisis is on the horizon? Cali is drying up, burning up. Wake up, they don't give a shit.
    Let me now piss you right off…

    Goverment and the private sector are positioning themselves to develop the Arctic.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Drilling in the arctic will release more methane causing more melting. Then as ocean levels rise, the low land will be in the ocean. The cities and factories and chemicals and nuclear plants right in the ocean to pollute and kill the marine life. Lovely

  • Jebus Jebus

    Never let the truth disappear…

    File: Long version.mp4

    Save it, share it. It doesn't even need translation…

  • voltscommissar

    "Loss of airtightness"?? What a sick joke! Maybe it's a case of meaning/idiom/nuance lost in translation, but more likely is yet more obscene spin/lies by TEPCO.

    I've said it before and repeat it again now:

    1. Fukushima-Daiichi Unit 3 exploded with a very thick black "mushroom" cloud of dust and debris being forceably thrust directly upwards.

    2. GE Mark 1 reactor design has been known since the 1970s and 1980s to be prone to catastrophic failure mode called Direct Containment Heating (DCH). This failure mode received detailed coverage in Kenneth D Beregron's 2002 book "Tritium on Ice". A crude extract of the relevant chapter is available here: (3.4MB, image-only PDF)

    3. Steam explosions are *NOT* black. Direct Containment Heating, as modelled in CONTAIN models, is RPV and containment failure wthin seconds of each other. The sequence Bergeron describes: corium melts through base of RPV under extreme pressure, corium squirts out violenty downwards, hitting water in the suppression torus, generating steam so violently that the pressure shock pulverises the corium and blasts open the containment lid.


    • voltscommissar


      4. The blackness in the "steam" cloud is metal oxides mixed with steam. These metals are partly from molten steel from RPV and containment structures, and partly from uranium/plutonium oxides in the corium, not to mention all the crud that is the fission products.

      5. Video footage of the Unit 3 explosion shows the black plume drifting offshore in a south-south-easterly direction (SSE) on a NNW breeze/wind. USS Ronald Regan deliberately sailed into the dispersing plume one or two days later, and had to be scrubbed down a number of times by inadequately protected crew, before being sucfficiently decontaminated to enter any port/harbour.

      #ArnieGundersen #Fairewinds are you refuting this hypothesis? It fits the observable video evidence, and Bergeron's exposition quite well, I reckon. DCH is to be considered in addition to Arnie's concerns about a prompt criticality in Unit 3's spent fuel pool, during and alongside the "main" mushroom cloud explosion. Specifically, according to Bergeron, DCH does *NOT* involve fission (e.g. a prompt criticality)

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "shock pulverises the corium and blasts open the containment lid."

      Reactor three's lid was still on in pictures after they cleaned up the debris. Code Shutdown pointed that out a couple months ago. Maybe they put the lid back on… Maybe they "Photoshopped" it.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        "Maybe they put the lid back on… Maybe they "Photoshopped" it."

        That's my musing, not Code's. Nothing would surprise me anymore… my trust died a long time ago, and scientists are mystified

        • They explained away far too much… a concrete cap from unit 5 or 6 would suffice to keep the gamma down while they worked around there….

          easy peasy.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            The bolts on the reactor dome stretched. I think this is known. The dome stayed on and the concrete caps above also. The stuff sprayed out horizontally, into both pools, which were vaporized and created an instantaneous secondary explosion from all kinds of explosive materials. The pools were deformed, but strong enough to act like short barrel cannons, vectoring the explosion upward. The main mushroom cloud isnt an explosive shockwave, its a simple thermal convection. The greatest damage occurred over the spent fuel pool. Much, most or all of the spent fuel must have been ejected in all ranges of sizes, but a lot in nano sphere alloys 2 to 5 nano-meters in diameter.

            • Code,

              Explain the EPA data throughout the Pacific without a major launch from reactors, and some pools. 100 or 200 tons launched.

              This we know for a fact.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                stock, I did see your calculations. Fallout came from units 1,2,3 and 4. Some significant amount from 4. Unit three scenario should be seen by looking at the damage to the roof beams and whatever else can be seen. Its pretty clear the reactor didnt blow straight up like a cannon, in my opinion. If all the spent fuel from 4 was liberated, it would account for everything. Not saying it was, just saying there was plenty of fuel to go around.

  • zerzer zerzer

    Tepco needs to isolate the ground water. Start by driving a line of steel pilings up hill from the reactors. The interlocking type used for seawalls. Drive them all the way to bedrock. Finish the perimeter around the reactors. Make another perimeter 20 or 30' outside the first. Now dig out all the material in between. Now fill the dug out part with concrete. Clean water from upslope now will go around into the ocean. Water inside by reactors can be controlled. Might be too late but should work. Better than a stupid ice wall.

    • Sickputer

      Zerzer typed these pixels of light: "Drive them all the way to bedrock."

      SP: Catching up on some older threads…
      I wish it was possible Z, but real unfractured bedrock is many miles inland from the mudstone under Fukushima Daiichi NPP. Absolutely one of the world's worst places to build a nuclear plant and the construction techniques were equally dreadful. Just amazing it took so many decades to blow up and lose control of melted reactor cores. The Perfect Storm of nuclear disasters. Trillions of dead sea creature souls will testify to the insanity of the location. The higher ups on the food chain are beginning to fall.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Good ideas, but then that too would cost money..last time I checked the entire world was bankrupt.

    Japan has been broke for a very long time now and is living in an occupied miniature/shrunken Land of OZ now.

  • zerzer zerzer

    Im new to posting here. I have been coming here for info since the beginning. Its time to start expressing my frustration over this nuclear disaster. All nuclear needs to stop now!!!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Maybe the 1.6 billion dollar Powerball winner reads enenews. One can only hope.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Bad news: Floating nuclear power plants

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Kevin Blanch is pointing out this article's submarine robot able to measure gamma radiation in nuclear ports:

    Sorry for wallpaper, but WNN is just full of disturbing crap

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      This one also tops my attention.

      Also there were reports of strange light events during the New Madrid earthquake. Sand geysers at New Marid Quake are interesting.

      If China syndrome Fukushima coriums hit methane…or lava… could a nuclear fire have been lit underground? Could the fire have burped out some huge toxic radioactive heavy metal bi-otch? Could a life form to live on such an energy? Godzilla lives! Now back to your regularly scheduled ELE

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Got a little silly there. On a serious note, I wish Nikola Tesla were around. Maybe he could make sense of these strange events. Magnetic, electric fields? (assuming the videos are real)

        If melted corium hit a vein of high-grade uranium ore in the earth … wonder what would happen. Not likely but neither was a giant quake and tsunami

        • DUDe DUD

          "..On a serious note, I wish Nikola Tesla were around.."

          YES ! Yes , could the real genius scientist AND human , not some slippery sloping moral gutter dweller , stand up or reincarnate quickly please..

      • DUDe DUD

        Hi uni , liveleak video 3:27 , if my eyes are not tricking me , the contour from the mountain on the left moves togheter with the pulsating of the light..

  • EmersonUrry

    How The Department of Energy Incentivized Executives at Hanford To Sweep a Plutonium Leak Under The Rug (Pt. 4)

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