Officials: Gas being found under homes near giant Louisiana sinkhole — 100% of lower explosive limit — Hydrogen sulfide also detected

Published: June 14th, 2013 at 2:34 pm ET


Title: 11:30 a.m. Presence of Gas Found During Under-slab Monitoring
Source: Assumption Parish Police Jury
Date: June 14, 2013
h/t Anonymous tip

Texas Brine has reported to us that two additional homes (that had not previously been monitored) have undergone under-slab monitoring and the presence of gas has been found – 100% LEL and traces of H2S. Texas Brine will advise what additional steps will be taken to mitigate the presence of gas from the underneath of these slabs. No changes have been made to the evacuation order and we will update as information becomes available.

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Published: June 14th, 2013 at 2:34 pm ET


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23 comments to Officials: Gas being found under homes near giant Louisiana sinkhole — 100% of lower explosive limit — Hydrogen sulfide also detected

  • Baha 2012 Baha 2012

    What rational free thinking person would have to wait for evacuation orders when you’re setting on a slab soaking in elements increasing in it’s potential for an explosion …

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Thanks what..I'm thinking..everyone there needs to think clearly and independently from what the 'officials'say.
    They are not looking after the best interests of the people.
    Their only interest is getting out of liability.

    The Earth is shaking..and gas is rising under foot.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Yaya..typos..lots of news here..

  • One who is, perhaps, frozen by the terrible blinding shock of oncoming supermegawatt headlights.

    Or possibly a person whose beloved home is now, or is threatened by, a dangerous and volatile
    MegaSuperFund Site – or worse.

    I think I would be stricken-in-place, too: it would be so hard to recognize and/or accept such a waking nightmare.

    (That's who.)

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    gas under homes? And what about all the gas coming up between homes? Gas is toxic, making you ill to varying degrees, and very hard to diagnose.

    Imagine you lived in Manhattan, and under every skyscraper was an equal size cavern underground, filled with oil and gas and waste, under extreme pressure. Would that be a scary place to live? Nine times the volume of the caverns in fresh water is required to create them. Is it possible this has no impact on the water table? Pressures and flow? Even though engineers try to take everything into account, the business GOAL is to make these caverns. The Napoleon salt dome is riddled with approximately forty of these gigantic caverns. Being a couple miles away is not really far

    • James Hollen

      CodeShutdown, I believe you said there is up to 40 of these huge caverns alone in the Napoleonville salt dome. Whats going to happen when the area gets a good jolt from an earthquake? Possibly the ground opening up (crack) and letting all of that pressure release to the surface. Up comes all of that flammable waste under pressure and all it would take is one spark and you will have a fireball from hades !

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        within everything is the seed to its destruction. A small number of geniuses throughout history have given mankind powerful tools of science. Our learning institutions allow man to build on the knowledge. Unfortunately wisdom was not equally conferred. We have the power but not the wisdom! The only way to anticipate the un-anticipatible in a project is to assume its destruction. Theres over a thousand of these caverns, and just a little distance away is nearly 30,000 miles of oil pipe lines and wells in the gulf. Looming behind all is the Madrid fault. Such is mans incredible disregard for life and future generations.

  • Everyone here is familiar with the frustration of having their words fall on deaf ears
    when we try to present to others the facts about bioaccumulation and LNT.

    We get looked at askance, and then we get this:

    "FUBAR? Impossible. That's just hysterical-disaster-junkie-conspiracy-wingnutso-crazy-talk. You are totally batshit insane. No way, not happening, not gonna. No. Nope. Okay…well, uh, thanks for letting me know. Yeah, I'll totally call you."

    Or they believe you, and say, "No shit? Wow. We are so FUBAR, dude… can't do much about it now. Wanna go get sashimi?"

    I've reached the level of resignation where I find myself sometimes capable of saying, "Ah, Hell. Pass the Sake.".


      get it all the time etwas; in particular, from someone I work with. But lately, he's gone silent with his laughter. Now, I just printout the day's latest enenews headlines and leave them on his desk. It's more effective than slapping him out of his deep slumber…

  • It must be sinking in if he's gone quiet?

    I've thought about leaving print-outs somewhere out in the open, a stack of them here and there, hard to miss.

    Thank you, AS.
    You've inspired me to try again:
    I'm going to put them in the local free-weekly boxes at strategic locations around town.

    Anonymous-like. Maybe it'll get some press.

  • jec jec

    Not clear if these homes are in the mandatory evacution area or not. I hope they are. BUT that leads to the question on other homes..near but not in the evacuation area. I think a few Texas Brine officials should be 'soaked' in the sinkhole..then throw in a match and watch them try and run(if the smarter than human gators have not left yet..they can join them for lunch..)…got to have a laugh some how.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      jec….nothing funny at all about what you are suggesting, especially in light of all the explosion/burn traumas we have had in the last 2 days.

      Insensitive, and poor timing….

  • irhologram

    And then, there's the possibility that affects on the central nervous system have made them INCAPABLE of thinking straight. That's not a stretch to ASSUME.

  • M Curie M Curie

    irhologram, you're on target. Mentioned the mental decline I have noted recently in a number of individuals to an endocrinologist the other day. Agreed and caseload is increasing.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      dont forget nearly one in six are born with some form of mental disability these days, one in fifty with retardation. Along with people in the political, military and biotech fields, you have a truly large portion of the public who are incapable of thinking clearly even on a low methane gas day.

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    Check out this 3 day report from the DOT highway and bridge monitoring project:

    Here is a catalog of data reports from their monitors:

    I wonder what is going to turn up when the seismographs are compared to the movements of the highway monitors?

  • dana dana

    This report was put out on June 17, 2013. It's the elevation data for the area. I don't know what all this means except that the area is sinking. If anybody has knowledge of what it means can you please explain? Is this sinking really excessive?

    • James Hollen

      dana, how big of an area are we talking about here? It would be nice to see an overhead picture of the area with the wells in question pinpointed.

    • irhologram

      2013-06-18 – Huge gas line explosion rocks Enon (Louisiana), 80 miles north of New Orleans, 10,000 people lose power:

      Dana, I notice Enron is on the subsidance chart in your link above. Add this to munitions, barges, and chemical plant major explosions in Louisiana in the past months. Melting clathrates, methane hydrates, or BP migration…whatever it is…explosions are escalating. H2s is reactive with rusty iron/steel, like many gas lines. Biogenic sulfide corrosion will also eat away at steel and concrete, making gas leaks more common, resulting in more gas explosions and fires…

      • dana dana

        I really don't think this sink hole has anything to do with the explosions. I'm not an expert so I would never say it does or doesnt for sure but I really don't think it does. I know having these explosions in one week sounds bad but I've been in the plants for 25 years and I can tell you most are safe. There accidents from time to time but it honestly doesn't happen often for the amount of industry we have here. The CF explosion I can tell you had nothing to do with methane. The cylinder that exploded was either over pressurized or it simply malfuntioned. There was no fire. That comes from a memeber of the fire department that responded to the accident. As far as the other explosion. It was such a huge explosion and fire that I'll be surprised if they ever find the cause of it. They may be able to say where it started but I don't think they will be able to tell exactly what triggered it.

  • irhologram

    The sinkhole is a symptom. It's not THE problem. If this IS "Flash" theory, it's happening all over the world…as are the incidents. Time will tell. RE: the 18th…another munition plant blew up, this time in Russia, the second one there. 2013-06-18 – Massive fire and multiple explosions rock ammo depot in the Samara Region (Russia):

    Quote: "Multiple artillery shells keep exploding at an ammunition depot near the city of Chapaevsk, a local police spokesman told RIA. 'It is still not possible to halt the self-destruction, or to enter the firing grounds,' he added, saying that the shell shards are scattering in such a large area that there is no way the fire brigade could reach and extinguish the fire. According to the Chief Directorate of the Interior Ministry for Samara Region spokesman Sergey Goldstein, there are '13 million shell units' at the ammunition depot, Interfax reports."

    Quote: "The Emergencies Ministry said about 30 people had sought medical help and 11 of them were hospitalized, while more than 6,000 people were evacuated from the village of Nagorny…."