Official Updates: Giant sinkhole started bubbling up around edges, now it’s coming from center

Published: December 11th, 2012 at 10:44 am ET


12-06 Update from Texas Brine Company LLC:

Very light bubbling appears sporadically around the sinkhole perimeter

12-07 Update from Texas Brine Company LLC:

Intermittent, light gas bubbling continues around the sinkhole perimeter

12-09 Update from Texas Brine Company LLC:

Monitoring revealed some bubbling in the center of the sinkhole today

12-10 Update from Texas Brine Company LLC:

Bubbling in the center of the sinkhole was observed again today

h/t Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

See also: [intlink id=”hydrogen-sulfide-gas-now-found-in-salt-cavern-below-giant-sinkhole-officials-the-cavern-cannot-be-plugged-and-the-gas-will-have-to-be-removed-as-it-flows-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 11th, 2012 at 10:44 am ET


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  • Aigeezer, so who are you ? Really?

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      I'm a tired old man, NNU.

      Do your thing.

      • Really pinky, now that I think about it….it's yours & your kind that make me want to throw the non-profit in the garbage. However, your type are probably waiting for that to happen because then you can come along a claim it as 1 mans junk is another mans treasure.

  • Hmmm, I can see how 50 million dollars is small fry compared to ..

    "One of the announcements he recently made could bring in over 21 billion dollars of investments by Sasol, a chemical company. The Lake Charles area will greatly benefit as will all of Louisiana."

  • OK, a man with a pink balloon, go figure, LOL!

  • Sorta like the Primer Christy Clark in British Columbia, Canada making mad billion dollar deals with China for mining rights, so that Chinese immigrants can work the fields while local BC residents remain homeless standing in the temp lines.

  • Not to worry though.. as Occupy Wall Street will step up to the plate, call in the recruits to house them temporarily in tents while getting pissed off because they have mental issues, & when that ploy doesn't work they'll abandon them on the streets where they found them & go back into their burrows to plot another plan to say "we are the 99%'.

  • Victoria, it's time to end the dribble on this thread but before closing if I/we can get my girl into a woman's rehabilitation center this should happen in 1 week. It would be the first time for her without her boyfriend as they spent time in a Recovery House together when she was pregnant & of whom, he was her biggest trigger to keep her addicted.

    I understand that Social Workers have safety checks so not taking things personal, & will continue to keep my chin up.

    Don't know what will happen to the people in Assumption Parish & surrounding areas, but considering the circumstances it sure looks like they are being played until they become broken in spirit & in the pocket book so that they become easy pickings in a crab barrel world.

    I'll let you & Maggie know when I finally get the info I work on in the mail.

    • richard richard

      Please don't bother.

      • OK, let me get this straight. You're just a 'little blip' on a computer than has no face, no identity, no connection to the outside world in that reality meaning, "WHO ARE YOU", & you want to tell me not to bother?

        What? Posting that I put info into the mail?

        Regardless, the fact remains you're a shyt disturber in a context bigger than I'll ever be.

        I'm going upload the wish list to the web-site so what you gonna do about it? Ignore it while trying to act all intelligent here despite you're a nobody who's got to hide behind a computer screen because you're nothing but a coward anyway.

        • richard richard

          Call me a coward if you like. I read you as a con artist, laying groundwork to scam people.

          If you are to ever have somethng succinct and to the point, I'd be happy to read it, but you waffle on like an old drunk bastard who sits at a bar stool all day, you write shyte.

          • Odd though, how you can't even be generous in theory.

            I figure my wish list only costs about 5 mill @ best & only because the helicopter is what's gonna cost a fair amount of change. Outside of that, that still leaves 45 million $'s to do something constructive with while sitting on a bar stool getting drunk!

            • richard richard

              Do you fart this stuff at the keyboard, or are you actually trying to engage that thing some might call your brain?

  • Right, & you, you're just trolling.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Thinking out loud… someone spent two consecutive all-nighters posting white noise on this sinkhole thread. Why?

    Among the possibilities not yet mentioned are:

    1. Deep concern for the issues at the sinkhole. (Doesn't seem to fit with the white noise).

    2. Deliberate thread hijacking. (That has certainly been the effect, but it could be happenstance).

    3. The embedded link in the header of each post gets counted by search engine bots to raise the rankings of the target site. (This one has my vote).

    Whatever it's about (be sure to view the link Jebus posted), it's something new and different for Enenews. Never a dull moment.

  • kalidances

    Aigeezer as an Enenews old timer I have found that the closer anyone gets to major information about one of the big companies(or the government) the faster the paid trolls and shills come out. They need to try to ensure that the board looks a mess and no one "important" will take the time to read the research.
    It never works. Smart people already know what trolls do and why they are here.
    The sinkhole is about to be one of the worst catastrophes in the nations history. Then what is posted here will not only be used for lawsuits against TB and the government officials that hid the info.
    It will also be used to unmask traitors.
    To the trolls and shills here:Anonmymous is quite real and they do read Enenews quite frequently.
    Also remember that you made a deliberate choice when you attempted to suppress critical info that could have saved someones life.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Yes, kalidances, everything on the Net leaves a trail. It's great to see you taking the thread back on target in your next few posts – that's the most effective way to handle diversions and distractions, all things considered. Thanks!

      • kalidances

        Aigeezer that is why I am here. That is why this website was created. That is also why you are supposed to be here. Find new links please and post them. Any topic here will do as long as it genuinely helps a reader.

  • kalidances

    Evacuation To Last Minimum of 6 Months Longer: Bayou Corne Resident Meeting 12/18/12

  • kalidances

    Company officials reject explanation of sinkhole’s formation

  • kalidances

    La. DNR shocks Lake Peigneur residents with salt dome expansion preps

    This is where Iberia is located in relation to Assumption Parish

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    @kalidanced…. That is crazy! Bubbling that they do not know where it's coming from …..and the response is let's expand?

  • kalidances

    Ibuiltthis you will find that being rich or getting richer is generally all that's ever on the minds of the politicians and government in Louisiana and Texas.
    Having friends and family in the South I can tell you one thing: when Assumption Parish goes up in flames the citizens are going to act out in ways that are going to end up rewriting American History.

    • richard richard

      Yes, all the baa baaing will look inspiring when written into history, against all those mediocre voices of truth and virtue from yesteryear.

      • kalidances

        You should be thinking about a Civil war level event at this point. What would you do if you lost your house, life savings, and your family members died an agonizing deaths-that could have been prevented?
        Then you magnify that by,minimum, 30 million angry people(5 million Louisiana and 25 in Texas).
        I think you have seriously underestimated what will happen when the area becomes completely flammable and unable to be accessed. Louisiana Highway 70 runs right over the Mississippi river.The sinkholes empty into the Mississippi River. All the toxins that escape will go wherever the Mississippi runs. That's nine states not including emptying into the Gulf.

        • richard richard

          Well, we really don't know what the future will bring. But potentially, there maybe a catalyst for uprising, although I was expressing my skepticism above.

          What fuku-d hammered home for me is the complete control of media in modern life.

          If three coriums in meltdown can be hidden from the world, what attention will a muddy lake with bubbles likely receive. I'll leave you to speculate.

  • kalidances

    Assumption Parish Dec.20 update powerpoint presentation

    Look closely at slides 7,8,14, and 16