Official Updates: Giant sinkhole started bubbling up around edges, now it’s coming from center

Published: December 11th, 2012 at 10:44 am ET


12-06 Update from Texas Brine Company LLC:

Very light bubbling appears sporadically around the sinkhole perimeter

12-07 Update from Texas Brine Company LLC:

Intermittent, light gas bubbling continues around the sinkhole perimeter

12-09 Update from Texas Brine Company LLC:

Monitoring revealed some bubbling in the center of the sinkhole today

12-10 Update from Texas Brine Company LLC:

Bubbling in the center of the sinkhole was observed again today

h/t Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

See also: [intlink id=”hydrogen-sulfide-gas-now-found-in-salt-cavern-below-giant-sinkhole-officials-the-cavern-cannot-be-plugged-and-the-gas-will-have-to-be-removed-as-it-flows-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 11th, 2012 at 10:44 am ET


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124 comments to Official Updates: Giant sinkhole started bubbling up around edges, now it’s coming from center

  • ftlt

    Is not "swamp gas" somewhat normal in situations like this???

    It does say "light" – (I understand the source, before we freak out, gang..)

    Has an independent observer been able to get a look-see at the sinkhole lake today??

    • garjackson

      Wow…… where to begin
      Interesting focus on the word 'light' as only the first 2 updates mention light yet you dismiss them all as such… perhaps you shoudl read a bit more closely before writing a condescending comment like "before we freak out, gang" and fyi it's Texas Brine using the word light so you can take that to the bank. And swamp gas……………………………………… wow

      • ftlt

        I was not being condescending at all… I was trying to avoid the knee jerk response that I got out of you.. I mentioned the "source" of the comment… I remain alarmed about the situation in LA… It is not good…

        It is just chicken little nature of so many on this MB around this event… Again, it is not Fukushima, yet..

        I for one am rooting this sinkhole will not be as major of a problem that some would paint it as before it has become one…

        It seems many on here have grabbed this event and are trying with every little bit of news to build it into something larger than it is at the moment…

        From what I can gather here… There is nothing to be done to fix the problem… So all one can do is await and observe the outcome … If this is true – in the meantime – panic and wild speculation are not warranted nor helpful in understanding and following this event..

        Yes, swamp gas was a pinch… Maybe one that was needed..

        Heck, one can walk by almost any body of water and see bubbles rising to the surface from below… I am not trying to trivialize the threat that exists here either with this statement.. Just trying for a modicum of perspective..

        Are there any pictures of these bubbles???

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Umm. I get the impression that the ground above the kinda..'donuting' as is saturates with the materials coming up.
    …..methane gaining.


    "Ibuiltthis" gave a heads up last night that LA09 was going nuts, and sure enough, this morning the bubbling has returned to the sinkhole. I believe the throat is clearing itself, or beginning to, but this is not good news. It means there is a direct path open to the oil, hydrocarbons, and worst of all…H2S. The whole of the area is contaminated now.
    I tried to get in contact with Rainbow, but no luck. Hopefully, she is busy packing…


    @ftlt Who knows? Since this has never happened ever in the history of Salt Domes, then there has never been a "normal situation like this"
    Swamp gas is methane, so forgive me if confused. (refer to above posting).

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    New video posted below thanks to rainbeaudais! The water is high and there are bubbles, what is happening on dry land???


    I sent a shout out to her, see if I get anything back…and where is there any dry land…they've been flooded. πŸ™‚
    I still suspect that with this large increase in pressure that the throat containing all the trees, rocks and soil are about to be regurgitated.

  • beamofthewave

    Can this explode? Why arent there any scientists checking into this problem and telling about how big it is. Are all scientists in the pay of Texas Brine or Jindal.


    Until called in and paid quite handsomely, then they will do only whatever their grants pay for them to do. If this was classified as a 'National Emergency' then they would be jumping out of the woodwork.
    So far, Sandia Labs was in on this in the beginning, and still consult weekly, but then these are the same scientists that are calling for Hot Radioactive Waste to be put not only in Salt Domes, but also into every 'Fracked' hole in the US. Yes, that is not a typo, they want HOT RW to go into the shale layer of every Hydraulic Fractured Waste Disposal Hole in the US.

  • OK, know I probably sound stupid but again "boulders" with no metal in the rock needs to be dropped down into the (center of) the sink hole. The grit/little rocks tumbling in from the base of trees spilling into the hole isn't enough to prop up the base of the dome, & nor is it enough weight to give leverage for a wedge to take effect.

    Something fishy, & not 2 days later dead fish. First the there was 1 & then there was 2, now we're finding out that Fukashima had not but 1 but 2 earthquakes simultaneously. What are the odds?

  • Final thought…on a 5 point note it's magma pushing from Mexico.

  • Off the coast of Cancun Mexico, under water lava volcano.

  • “We are the first people ever to see the bottom of Cuban waters over 50 meters. … It's so exciting. We are discovering the influence of currents on global climate, volcanoes, the history of formation of Caribbean islands, numerous historic wrecks and even possibly a sunken city built in the pre-classic period and populated by an advanced civilization similar to the early Teotihuacan culture of Yucatan,'' she said.

    ADC has also been exploring a string of underwater volcanoes about 5,000 feet deep off Cuba's western tip, where millions of years ago a strip of land once joined the island to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

    Evidence of ancient city found in depths off Cuba 1/2 Mile Down

    By Michael Posner. The Globe and Mail. Montreal, Canada. December 7, 2001.

    A team of Canadian and Cuban researchers have discovered the remains of what may be a 6,000-year-old city submerged in deep ocean waters off the western coast of Cuba.


    So, Atlantis is causing the Yucatan to blow a volcanic magma chamber towards where?

    Sorry, confused..

    • Maybe it's just pressure build up under the original plates that existed before the Yucatan Peninsula broke off from Cuba.

      There are plates all up through that area & some of them are very ancient, but don't seem to be reported on other than this ancient city lost under the seabed.

    • It's probably nothing & I should just let it go & keep this whole situation local.

    • Ancient salt domes can equal ancient fault lines & deep hidden volcanoes that nobody is aware of. People only look for oil so that's a surface grid, something easy to get at & pin point.

      To bad man forgets that what gets buried over time usually gets unburied over a length of time, but profit in a me world allows him & his friends to bury his garbage for others to find on another day.

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        Hey Mama? that's it. They only look for oil and we only buy the oil and not a pristine salt dome or a lovely healthy bayou. This is our hard earned money at work doing what most people state they want – oil and plenty of it. I think the companies aren't acting for various reasons, but, mostly because they don't know what to do because this doesn't fit a very limited understanding of the geology, hydrodynamics they have learned, etc. I know they are experts, and they are, in a very limited and narrowly defined field of extraction of hydrocarbons. That narrow focus also limits their ability to respond and to understand the bigger picture, because for them there never is a bigger picture until they go outside their limits, which is what happened here. I agree with you, someone did something and they aren't confessing, but, the whole thing would have eventually occurred because, like you, i see this as a perfect storm of various elements and sequential events that occurred over decades and is now reaching a state that becomes visible to even obtuse humans, drillers and consumers alike. The salt dome is the least of the worries over the next decades to come.

        • Victoria, when my Uncle was a live he used to say it was a matter of time before civilization was going to have to go back to the horse & buggy, & he was a top notch car salesman back in the day when money was good. After 22 years I still have my 81 Oldsmobile Cutlass LS (GM) that he sold to me for $5000.00 in that day as a used vehicle. Best thing that ever happened in my life as that car has gotten my family through thick & thin & I will surely cry a river when the body gives out before the motor does. It would be like loosing a family member & I know people don't value their cars like that, as it's usually all about fashion for them or just a jalopy until the motor or transmission dies out, but for me as a poor person it will probably be the last car I ever own not to mention, 22 years of driving it while it feels like a elevator till to this day.

          Point, I think anyone with critical thinking skills know there will come a time when gas & oil will become limited in supply. The only people who will have easy access will be the military & the elite, as the rest of us will be herded around unless when can find a way to fend for ourselves on a local community level.

          Does the UN play a role in this on a future note with their sustainable agenda? I don't know but God helps those who help themselves so we better get at it.

        • On the safe side for the residents of Assumption Parish & surrounding area, I think it would be highly irresponsible to not encourage for them to leave. To many different types of gas lurking with plenty of places to hide, & since it's to hard to monitor effectively outside of dead fish coming to the surface it's not easy to move, but people need time out from this situation which is unpredictable. Better for the workers if a even larger crisis can be diverted but having residents to the area re-locate & out of harms way to unpredictable circumstances that could quite possibly spring up out of no where.

          Who pays for that, well start with those who can do for self, then assist those who can't. It's simple while anything else can be dealt with @ a later day.

          Heck, I got orange peels in a bag on my kitchen floor off to the corner & Social Services want to point that out as if.. I don't know nothing after raising 5 kids without them in my life until my daughter became drug addicted & then pregnant.

          Where is child protection in this case with emulsions of gases that can kill you in your sleep?

        • But you see, this is where it doesn't benefit the Ministry to get involved as it would cost them to much money & while they monitor the situation, it will be the parents who will be blamed if something goes wrong.

          My dads wife was in & out of hospital when not in & out of mental institutions for most of her life & all the while addicted to prescription drugs, yet social services never interjected themselves into her life & made her leave the home when she relapsed time after time. She was a government employee so I guess that made it OK for her, while today it costs the tax payers $1000.00 a day for health care cost to find out why a dying woman is dying after all these years of doping herself up when not starving herself into a state of partial death.

          Now my daughter has been surely fed to the street wolves who eat people like my girl up for dinner, while at best she may qualify for $500 from welfare that wouldn't even cover the cost of adequate housing. In fact, she's stuck right where these lizard people say they don't want her, with other drug addicts but yet the biggest drug addict on the planet gets treated like a queen sitting up in some hospital bed loking for the next hand out.

    • Also, these people who are running the show sure aren't doing nothing but monitoring & watching this whole thing unfold. What's up with that? Are they afraid to take a proactive approach to this matter or are they hoping it will just go away?

      It's obvious it's an unusual event & could be equated to a new tar sands being developed right under our eyes, kinda like in Saudi Arabia oil pits. Or, it's going to be a geyser soon where nothing will stop it.

  • I don't know why this bugs me but it has ever since it all started. First, I though it was a pull from the ocean, & still could be said to be true in how it's looked at, as I don't believe this is simply a man made event/disaster.

    If the earth has gone through changes in the past it will in the future, but where man made it worse is by using it to store large amounts of unnatural pollutants that can either explode, or poison the environment.

    Read somewhere on this site that Louisiana land mass is like Swiss cheese from all the drilling, so I would think that has only compounded to make matters worse.

  • What pushed up these salt domes to begin with? Was it actice tectonic plates or volcanoes?

  • No editing features…

    Was it active tectonic plates or volcanoes?

  • & not to be cocky here but, raging oil from the Big Hum on a rampage is not the only geological event occurring here. Or it's just not a loose valve on some oil rig miles away digging for the mother load, & doubt British Petroleum can take the credit either.

    Common sense dictates there are larger forces at work here.

  • Final note.

    Sorry that doesn't fit the norm of thinking, but we're all entitled to our own deduction, or common denominations or theories, or whatever one wants to call free thinking.

  • Considering the size of the exit route for oil & other hydrocarbons to escape into, and the conditions of the water table & how easily those carbons can travel through it & beyond, not to mention air quality & general mental health, I would find a way to pack up my belongings & leave. Rent a self storage container if you have to, they are affordable & transport quickly & easily.

    Things can only go on like this for so long.

  • OK, as if you haven't noticed I sometimes have a lot of time on my hands or at least, I make time to do things that can help to provide solutions for difficult problems, and working on the non-profit is one of them.

    So, despite being over worked at home & now having to look after my grandchild full-time under the watch of the Ministry because my oldest daughter is struggling still with drug addiction to heroin, I'm going to keep it simple & draw on 20 random videos that others have made to help explain what I can't in words. I will add these videos to the web-site I work on under the Lucy the Phoenix Trust Accounts.

    It's all on the Fly, but I believe we can create a movement to become pro-active to some of these things that adversely affect our environments, & get a handle on the dangers they pose to people and surrounding wildlife & domestic animals.

    It ain't easy being over whelmed with life as most of us are these days, but got to keep up the faith.

    Just wanted to put this out there as I know some of the videos I'll use will come from people who frequent this site for their own personal reasons.

  • Oh yes, my youngest son says that the way I do the site is outdated in terms of today's technology & designs. I know this but I do the best I can as a test site to a much larger initiative.

    The pages I work on will always remain for as long as the non-profit exists, but will also expand under new leadership & a designer team I would like to think.

    Basic html is the best I can do & hope it will be the catalyst to see things through.

  • As a matter of fact @ a minimum of at least $3000.00 per day for aggressive health care in the form of all day oxygen, intravenous antibiotics, & now a feeding tube not to mention numerous X-rays, scope this & scope that, regular prescription medicines & paying for specialist to see what is wrong, that's a cool $90,000 per month to keep someone a live who never really cared about anything other than herself.

    90 grand minimum PER MONTH while like minded people plot to disenfranchise me away from my grandson (& my daughter) because these so called professionals can't get a handle on the dope in communities, but be a prescription drug addict & BAM You're dubbed a queen.

  • Single people on welfare have to pay $60 to $80 out of their welfare check which is a maximum of $600 per month, for their methadone prescription, & if they owe for past rental deposits, etc. their welfare checks are further reduced thus rounding them off to about $500 per month per single person. The average cost of a room on a skid row level is $375, while normal room rental range is anywhere between $450 to $550 per month.

  • & just to set the record straight back in 2003 after the BC Liberals came into power, Bill Clinton did us a visit & passed along his welfare reform package to the Premier of this province. In a nut shell, I was cut off of welfare right after Christmas because I couldn't work as I had 5 dependent children with my oldest daughter at that time, just becoming a full blown drug addict by age 13. My Step-father has always been legally blind so he couldn't look after the kids for me so we moved out of the family home that we were in for over 7 years. Moved into an apartment but within 2 & a half months later we moved into a 'shanty shack' with a crazy/mentally ill landlord while social services placed her daughter in my care. I looked after that little girl for over 3 and a half years while she was treated better than my own kids, while WELFARE never gave me 1 red cent for doing so despite putting the responsibility on me to look after her full time.

    I was off of welfare for over 6 years, racked up my credit cards & worked on the non-profit.

    Today they/social services want to harass me about orange peels on the floor as I'm moving fridges up & downstairs and bedrooms around to accommodate an old woman who will only proceed to spread shyt on my door frames & not because she sick but because she's vindictive.

  • Ha, ha…& I'm still faced with becoming homeless…

  • So, people of Assumption Parish PULL YOURSELVES UP BY YOUR BOOTS STRAPS!

  • This page is for Canada, & I can only work so fast but will now move onto the USA page, in addition to continuing on with playing catch up on other pages.

  • Victoria, I'm going to talk to you for a minute before I call it a night (morning really as it's 6am my time). I know sometimes I can sound very callous against the individual in my life who has caused much grief in that her own jealousy, was the demise of my willingness to forgive her for her actions ever since she moved into my home. However, that's why people say don't let another woman move into your house & especially if she's lacking in what you have, because it will be nothing but strife. I knew that before this woman moved in but she was my step-fathers wife who was no longer able to live by herself, & he wasn't willing to move into a care facility with her, so she moved in with us.

    I'm sorry for being so bitter online, but when I weigh the reality of the "disparity" between those who have & have not, I cannot help but get angry when I know it's the supremacist attitude which has gotten us here on a much larger scale than in my own house.

    My daughter doesn't deserve to be ignored by the system & tossed off to the side because of an addiction, when in fact there are others who get rewarded for their addictions that some how the rule of law legislates as OK. You do realize that without the support of her family, my girl will more than likely deteriorate @ an early age of 26, much more so than some woman who is already dying.

    Clearly, others can see the disparity $500 to that of $90,000.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      NNU mama? You have to give me your name again, i'm so forgetful of them. First, i hope you put that blue plastic to good use on a certain pile of scribblings and rants. Yeah, the bitterness comes through, and the worry for your daughter, too. Of course, you know that you are making the emotional, personal, and financial adjustments because no one else wants to, and that's always a hard and bitter place. And, of course, i know you know that any solution you create will not be enough because it's coming from you and not from everyone. But, damn if we don't try. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you take 5 minutes a day that is just yours. The universe already gave you a tap on the shoulder with the plastic, showing you how connected you are and saying, is this all you want? blue plastic? Useful, but why not ask for more? This must also be about you if any solution is to work, any promise kept. Let's start a new thread in off topic, shall we?

  • It's MamaLynn, or Lynn, or MamaLeena, or JudyLynn, or MamaGee, ha ha or it could Mayor X or be Judy. As you can read, I've seemed to have collected a few extra names along the way so which ever works best for you.

    I really don't want to go into the off topic thread & start up there, but if you haven't noticed sometimes I have this knack to channel energy/events either right at or soon before they happen.. but the info comes out in a sort of riddle where people don't necessarily connect the dots quick enough to understand what happened. Besides the point, the only thing I really want is like those people in Assumption Parish, to just be able to get on with my own life, too.

    When the time comes for those who read this thread just understand time will be our weapon, to where we'll make it work for the people & even though the cover letter may not suite the criteria of what it means to be a successful person, none of us having nothing to prove other than to be honest about what can be done.

    I'll be OK Victoria as I'm a survivor.

  • Hmmm, just a wee bit more on this thread as I'm sure others won't mind being it's all connected in a round about way to what is bubbling up whether via sinkhole, or people power.

    As you know I must remind myself to stay focused or otherwise, time can slip through the fingers & we wouldn't want that.

    I don't know why the fellows are reluctant to drop some boulders down that hole, but @ some point I hope they do. Call it intuition but as it's panning out now, they don't know here the oil & gas is coming from because it's much deeper than they thought. It's pushing the rock they said on the videos I watched tonight, so rock on rock will be the only thing to make a wedge, & to continue to carrying on saying the same thing on my part probably does make me sound like raving lunatic but regardless I stand firm on this concept to at least try & maintain on the situation.

    1 big leap for man kind so that's got to be the focus, although much appreciate the venue to help channel energy towards the right direction.

    Luv ya girl!

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Lynn, i'm with you on that sinkhole. Not sure about the rocks, but, no matter how i look at the graphics, it seems to me that the collapse of the cavern wall should have simply closed the cavern, and given the heated discussion about all the hydrostasis of one fluid to another, a brine filled cavern should have maintained equilibrium, as well as not flowed out of the cavern against heavier oil, crushed rock, or even made it up through the cap rock. Seems to me that the voids had to be forming BEFORE the sinkhole to create enough negative pressure in the cavern that the adjacent drilling borehole essentially became a sucking straw in reverse order. So, how did that happen?

      • I don't Victoria but like I said before sometimes I speak/write in riddles or in abstracts to where I'm usually fairly spot on. For example, in the beginning I said this couldn't be stopped because it was like a "Morning Glory" (plant) spreading itself out under ground & coming up to the surface along the path it can travel. Sure enough, they said they couldn't stop[ this thing & that it was going up the side of the salt dome.

        Next I said, it was deeper than 6000 feet as they initially thought it was coming from the cavern itself, to now confirm that it's even deeper than their second guess which is the Big Hum. Look I don't know what the Big Hum is, all I know is this is something under the dome itself or at least it feels like that to me.

        Maybe considering the dome to be a breathing entity might help to visualize what I'm trying to say. As whatever pushed it up in the first place could very well be awake today & doing it again. Or, something out at sea is doing it as in under water tectonic plates moving while lava magma is juicing the wheels. Again, I don't know & really I'm just a simpleton who does have a uncanny knack for intuition or whatever people want to call it.

        Morning Glory is impossible to stop & at best all you can do is try to control where it grows & how. I think same applies to the sinkhole but a bridge/wedge must be made underground as a way to divert a bigger disaster.

      • Again, to many hydrocarbons to make it simply a failed cavern due to negligence &/or an accident. Salt can recreate itself over & over again under the right conditions, so that's where people should want to go with this thing. Salt is a ion which makes it alive, kinda like a bacteria & that's why people usually feel good when by the sea.

        So, in theory this beast is very well connected to the sea & what travels deep under the earth comes from the sea, so therefore the idea of a under water volcano really isn't out of the question considering nobody can pin point the problem.

        Or, these people are simply lying to the public & plucking out words from web-sites like this & from people like me to fool the masses, but considering they walk on the very ground we are talking about, I highly doubt that they would go to such an extreme.

        • Radio VicFromOregon

          Lynn, i gotta agree again and then off to bed for me. Something is just off. My radar says they have soooo sooooo miscalculated and misdiagnosed. I haven't thought tha much about te salt but i will now. I was focused on the methane and was asking our local enenews experts for a primer on the hydrology of both fluids and gases and no matter who answers, the answer does not address this sinkhole, imho, which is not informed enough, i admit. Regardless, the answers might apply to drilling for oil or for a little underground soil displacement with fluids in the mix, but, the explanations, for me at least, don't fit the sink hole. I sometimes make fun of the latest graphic based upon recent seismic survey of the sinkhole and all i see is a third grade scribble that is so generalized as to be meaningless in using it to visualize the sinkhole, the cavern, the Big Hum, the debris. I'm not sure why it was so primitive and lacking in details, and it wasn't even made to scale, but, it was offered as a working tool of how things look down there. At that point, i realized i hadn't been worrying near enough πŸ˜‰ Nite.

          • I see the concept of clear cutting down trees as a 2 (3) fold approach towards beginning to get a handle on the spread of toxins in that; what posses the larger danger when we think about the possibility of fire happening for whatever reason, & how can that danger be controlled?

            1. Seems the trees are sorta like a sponge sucking up hydrocarbons at their base, & that could provide added fuel to an already out of control situation in a worse case scenario where fire becomes an issue.

            2. Would be to cut down on air pockets that may develop as the trees deteriorate & decompose @ their bases.

            3. Helps to provide easier visualization of surrounding area as to what is happening in terms of bubbling & where.

            4. Helps to not feed the beast any further with refuge that could create more hydrocarbons whether short or long term.

            In relation to animals being used as tools to assist in this crisis it's an unfortunate gamble in terms of loss of their life, but animals & birds have sensors that we people & our electronics don't have.

            1. Birds can be positioned in any number of areas for a # of reasons whether low lying or higher up in the eves on the outer perimeters of the sinkhole. Pair them up in 2's with enough water & food to last a week @ a time.

            2. Dogs can be used as scouts as they can follow commands & can also seek to locate hydrocarbons on land bases where no sign of such bubbling's can be seen.

          • 3. Horses are an alternative mode of transportation where they can trail behind the dog(s) in addition too, we don't know their capabilities to signal dangerous gases when coming upon them in travel. For an animal, it's flight or fight, so instincts will kick in before the command if the danger is severe.

            As for rocks/boulders in a pit again, I theorize that without a underground base being propped up to provide support against what is pushing on it, the salt itself just won't be enough to hold up against the pressure.

            1. There needs to be a wedge of solid material that doesn't interact with the salt in a negative way, & only boulders can provide that.

            – If we were dealing with Morning Glory I would suggest bury wood planks under the earth 6 to 12 feet down, but in the case it's sediments & liquids so only rocks without metals in them will suffice.

            2. Of course, some could say it's a gamble here too as the weight of said such prospect/rocks could further fracture the surrounding area to create more springs of hydrocarbons coming up to the surface, but under the current situation I don't think it would matter as it is doing this right now anyway.

            – What's important here is to provide protection against a vulnerable wall of salt that can either go 2 ways, erode under liquification or begin to solidify once a stable base is recreated.

          • 3. Same example can be employed into other areas if this problem should occur somewhere else on an other wall of a salt cavern (or salt dome) in the infected area(s) whether on it's own time, or due to the residential restoration practices.

            4. Helps to give people a tangible plan of attack that could provide positive results to where it does become 1 big leap for mankind.

  • Final thought but as you've noticed I'm tired so will try to proof read before posting.

    My wish list for Assumption Parish is:

    1. Respirators for the men to keep them safe when in the field.

    2. A ship load of Canaries, dogs, horses and/or boats & a watch tower.

    3. Specialized equipment to clear cut without causing sparks, &/or a heavy duty helicopter that can handle the weight of transporting boulders if decided that's a good call to cut down on what is pushing up.

    4. Family re-location if that hasn't happen before we get to the first 3 wishes on the list.

    5. Animal relocation if needed.

    6. Land restoration & redevelopment.

    7. Success

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Lynn, all excellent points, but, then they'd have to say that their instruments and tools aren't the advancement they take them to be. Science and a limited application of physics is suppose to fix this, not common sense πŸ˜‰

      I'm hunkering down again for the next few days but will send reiki each day to you, your daughter and She Who Must Not Be Named πŸ˜‰ A Soltice gift – returning the light.

      • I would think financial resources where already limited despite the added pressure of what this situation is putting on residents, government agencies & corporate company. So, using technology in today's terms I suppose for the company helps to streamline the cost of what they are doing &/or are going to attempt to do. Personally, I don't think depending on batteries & computerized gadgets will be enough to ensure a full & comprehensive sweep to determine how fast & how far gases can seep out into the environment. In fact, people can put bird cages in their own homes if the wanted to, but how long does someone have to vacate the premise for the dose of a gas become lethal to a human being? In a tree, if 2 birds die within hours of each other then the watch tower monitor knows something is up in that area, and workers can go in prepared with or without the electronic device but only with respirators/oxygen equipment.

        My girl has been on heroin for 2 weeks straight now since being told to leave the home by Social Services & that's the most she's done since being pregnant. I can tell she's starting to suffer from Psychosis & is being worn down by those who try to manipulate her for the purpose of prostitution. It's hard to help her because of the divide where I'm not allowed to let her see her son, as my other 2 girls don't always like to help me when I need it.

  • So, I'm left to look after him mostly by myself but forced to abandon her. I'm thinking to take this to court as I don't know what else to do as I don't appreciate them casting judgement on me when they don't have to deal with my work load or when they try to use my work load against me as if there is something wrong with me in terms of being able to look after my Grandson. Conquer & divide syndrome & for what purpose?

    As for my Dads wife well, 1 doctor has informed her that she's dying as if nobody could have figured that out by now. Could be in 1 day or in 1 year from now so she was told, & I will just follow through on what I said I would do if they release her from the hospital, so we'll see.

    Must stay focused.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    I once helped design and run a program for women and children involved in prostitution. Mostly for those on the street thinking about getting out of the life as it's euphemistically called. I was on the streets for a while as a teenager but didn't get deep and managed to get off when i was 18. Then clean and sober by 21. Lots of fortunate breaks and a person here or there that could point me in the right direction instead of see how they could manipulate things to their advantage. There are still human angels out there helping, and i'm sure you know all the resources already.

    Hopefully they will keep her, Lynn, and let her die in the environment she feels the safest, because she'll just need to go right back after a short while.

  • Hardest part with working on the non-profit is the conflicts I come into contact with from time to time in that, when acting as Mayor X I truly speak on behalf of the most disenfranchised regardless of whether they are drug addicted or mentally ill, or simply broke & just don't have the life skills (&/or resources) to pull themselves up by their boots straps. I will go against the establishment & those in public office don't necessarily like me for that, so often times I'm remind of who boss & who is not. So, currently, I'm faced with 2 conflicts with 1 being the disparity within the health care system where 90 grand verses $500 is the norm all the while justifying the addiction of one person while ostracizing another for theirs. Unfortunately, addiction is a life long struggle & since my oldest started off with meth at an early age compounded with other learning disabilities, I'm thinking this needs to be addressed for a long term solution but not in the manner it is being played out now. If my girl dies between now & her next recovery when that happens if it should, will the Ministry take responsibility for that?

    We know my dads wife is dying & has been for a long time & I agree she is most comfortable to be were she is at, or otherwise she wouldn't have done all the things she has done for over 50 years to get the attention she sought from the healthcare system. At 1 point in her life she loved her Psychiatrist

  • more than her own husband, in which was a love affair of over 45 years in itself. Sure, I feel sorry for her, but unfortunately she had to make it personal for me when she moved in on the attack & caused 1 argument after another time after time just to make my dad choose sides, so she could feel loved by him & validated to be his wife. & to make matters worse…food became such an issue in the house that after almost 3 years we all now have our own issues with it & that's why I bought a new fridge & deep freeze to get back to something more normal in terms of family living.

    So, here I work to help Social Services & all those workers out there in this field do a better job for kids & families but yet, they fail me miserably on a personal note =ing a conflict, & as I continue on with working to help the healthcare system I'm now having to deal with a deep rooted resentment towards the cankerous elderly who demand & take to much so that my daughter falls through the crack but again in her young life.

    It's just gets to be to much & I want my life back so….

  • this is important now…

    When the paper work hits the East Coast this time around someone down there must be brave & pick up on it. I tell my personal story to show I'm a real person with real problems just like everyone else out there, but it's time to act & I can't do this on my own. I'm exhausted & don't want to taint what is good because of things I cannot control but which ties to control me. It's beyond begging on my part & I'm ready to play ball, hard soft any which way you'd like but it's time for a home run.

    Cut to the chase, bite the bullet, take the bull by the horns, swallow that bitter pill doesn't matter how one wants to slice it, but it's time to move on.

  • Radio VicFromOregon


    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Btw, the best heroine detox i know of outside a clinic is doubled bagged Sleepytime Tea for calming, with lots of honey for blood sugar levels, and liquid Calcium/magnesium at double dosed every 3 to 4 hours for the cramping. 2 to 5 days. Just in case she comes by Jonesing and wants to get back into recovery.

  • She wants to come back home Victoria, but my daughter is not allowed @ this time. & the only reason she's been doing heroin for 2 weeks is because she couldn't get her script filled as the clinic was either closed when she went, or closed now for the holidays (for 1 month). So, she has to go to a new clinic now but is residing with the same people who use to exploit her when under her addiction prior to being on methadone for over 2 years. Social Services try to say I'm her trigger which is bullshyt because I have videos of her in the summer with her looking her best since her addiction began. Sure we argue & it's not easy for me to help keep her on track, & I'm not always successful when others around her try to continuously derail her, but at least with me she can learn to maintain a somewhat "normal life" than without me & her family as a whole. If she comes home & social workers find out they'd take my grandson away from me & then say I wasn't trustworthy enough or something like that to go off & pay some middle class woman $2500 per month to look after him under a different part of the Ministry. In my area something like 3000 children are in foster care because of the high number of drug addicts, so it's like a baby making business if you get what I mean.

  • So many women that my daughter knows from the streets have all lost their kids & many of them permanently now. I even know a few of these girls myself & know or have spent time with their children back in the day when I lived in an apartment after moving out of that shanty shack. It's heartbreaking for everyone except maybe for those who are profiteering off this shyt.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    Lynn, i know the picture very well. If she's going the methadone route, then once back on it, she can make better choices, and those can maybe include going before the judge as a family and saying you all want to handle every person's recovery or role in supporting recovery as an intact family. It's true that most families are the trigger. But, the addict just replaces these triggers with new ones, so it is even more true that drug friends are the triggers. But, when a family commits to recover for one ad all, then real progress can be made. Of course, there will be no place on this Earth where there aren't some triggers. But, if you can show the judge that you all comprehend the dynamics, have charted a course and can demonstrate an understanding of the pitfalls and the successes and can show the commitment, i've seen judges do an about face and place the recovering mom, pregnant moms, too, and child back in with the parent under an arranged agreement to do such and such and come back to show the progress. The judges get pretty jaded after a while, but, true sincerity can still move many of them.

    • Uhh, but don't you see.. I'm & have been set up to fail from the very beginning Social Services got involved. When my daughter was pregnant they couldn't have given a damn about her bottom line, & they don't care about any other pregnant woman out in the streets right now who are doing drugs either regardless of whether the woman is doing crack, meth or heroin or all three at the same time. It's after the baby is born when they stick their noses into the mix & will monitor the situation all the while giving full custody to the parent despite knowing she's (or the father) is an addict. They make it all sound so cushy & nice in the beginning but underneath the Social Services charade it's a set up because they know statistically these women will fail time after time until such time they remove the children from the home permanently. It's a guaranteed income to supplement a middle class household & that's another reason nothing ever seems to change in the neighborhood unless of course, we're now going on to talk about locking people up for petty crimes that relate to drugs & addiction. Steven Harper just passed a new law that allows for this to begin happening here in Canada (mandatory sentencing) as we know it won't be the big fish going to jail who flood the streets with this crap, but the little people like my daughter after she done tweeking out enough to put her into a position of being arrested.

      I don't need to prove myself/

    • My younger kids are mostly tired of my oldest daughters antics whether that relates to a learning disability, mental health issues or drug addiction as all 3 go hand in hand. However, it's not costing the tax payer $90,000 a month times umpteen years like it has for my dads supremacist wife's lifestyle habits.

      If my girl dies while in their transitional stage, I'll sue the government for a wrong death.

  • Malcolm X Chocolate Milk Party – BACK TO SCHOOL (3 of 4)

  • At least in the old days I could go in to where ever I had to go & try to pull my girl out of bad situations. One time I literally had to drag her off the streets with my oldest son as she was so strung out, that it makes me wonder how we as a society allow these types of horrendous acts of human degradation to occur to our most vulnerable among us. Makes me also question as to whom the real pimps are. is it the establishment to keep Joe @ home happy with his sour puss wife, or the kid acting as a mack trying to just impress the ladies while staying alive. It can get pretty rough out there & nobody cares. Not the cops, not the neighborhood, not the social services as it always boils down to business as usual as faces come & go while others just grow old.

    Now, I can't bring her home so what that mean for society & those who say they care but outside of their actions, we know different.

  • I had the cops pull me over on that night when I practically kidnapped my own child off the streets. They searched my car for guns as if I was a bad azz gangster. Didn't stop my girl though as she was right back out there the next night. I even had to barricade the basement door with a bunch of junk to keep out the riff raff as it moved into my daughters suite, that I tried to help her with (this was before the baby was born & before being pregnant). Been through hell & back, & now someone wants to say, "you're not allowed to help your daughter anymore unless it's at a distance away from your home & your grandson.

    Notice 2 the timing of all this "extra restrictions" I have all of the sudden on my plate, as they (Social Services) know about my dads wife while @ the same time I have a highly intelligent but very lazy 17 year old who is nothing but a complainer to whom ever will listen just so she thought she could get independent living at the expense of down talking about her mother.

    Talk about having me in a very vulnerable spot in life. Full work load, councilor this social worker that, & they mock me about the non-profit too by suggesting I should want to work on the non-profit before choosing my daughter or grandson.


  • garjackson

    what the eff was all that

    • Let's assimilate the similarities between Assumption Parish & the last video I highlighted around the issue of the disparity in how people with addictions get treated.

      Assumption Parish gets ignore on a State level despite this crisis being a geological disaster that has the ability of affecting 10,000's (if not hundreds of thousands) in the surrounding area, while on my end local drug addictions on a street level gets ignored on a Provincial level as the cops & like wise establishments (city councils, local politicians, upper business & business development groups &/or elitism charities) so that the little people whether residents of Louisiana or in Surrey BC, get treated like cattle to only be herded around & penned off @ the convenience of said establishment entities.

      How is my girl being treated any different than the people in Assumption Parish on a State level? Both groups are being ignored & to say not 1 person in Assumption Parish doesn't suffer from some form of an addiction is ludicrous, yet it's common understanding that to ignore a problem doesn't make it go away.

      In my area not one clinic is available for a methadone prescription until after Jan 7, 2013 so I'm going to have to take my daughter downtown tomorrow if I can find a clinic with a Doctor there. That's a long drive & my girl is sick as she also suffers from respiratory lung problems due to her early days of meth use.

    • I'm on call in case of an emergency if her breathing gets very laborous tonight or if it stops all together. She wishes to come home and sleep in her own bed, but she's not allowed & as her mother, I'm worried for her safety as she's developing pock marks behind her back hairline & some of her finger nails tips are turning black. Today she was twitching/looked like mini seizures as she was passing out in between sentences in my car, & she said she felt like someone where she's staying at was trying to poison her because she's been so sick. The longer she smokes heroin the higher probability she will go to hospital, but only when she gets there she'll be treated as a drug addict & I may have to go back & pick her up off the floor when they release her.

      Kinda like that community garden/the video as "who gives a shyt", surely not the city, not the cops, the businesses, not the politicians, the charities, & not the Premier. Only me, her mother. So, is that the trigger that sets everything off in motion, me caring? Last time I looked she looked good, was feeling good, was progressing & BOOM all in less than 2 months she's right back to the floor. Talk about having a boot on your throat.

  • SOooooo, back to Assumption Parish where cops are seemingly choking themselves off in the name of democracy & not wanting to rock the Statehood boat. Or, otherwise there would be more ruckus in the news & in between "legislatures" to help get the financial assistance to this area where clearly there is a legitimate need. Oil & Gas isn't something to play with & neither is a human life, but it looks as if politics is doing it's nastiness in both countries as all parties (the little people) are falling through the cracks. Or, is that simply just being called a ,"sitting duck" & easy pickings for the big crows among us.

    In this video you actually hear my daughter thanking me for never giving up on her & admitting that she'd would have probably died if I had. Lots of young men die (& women) out in Surrey due to drugs & addiction whether through violence, or because of the use of dangerous drugs. However, it boils down to business as usual just as it seems to be boiling down to that in Assumption Parish.


    Really, what does taking it back to the core really mean?

    • richard richard

      With all due respect nunation, you open with 'so back to assumption parish' which just happens to be what this thread is about.

      But then you go back onto your other pet rave, moving way way off topic.

      I have to ask, do you rant on just to flood the pages of enenews with fluff, reducing people's chance of finding relevant information or opinion – is this the intention?

      Or maybe you should try using Facebook or some more social networking related service, as I'm not sure all of us want to read through the dramas of you and your daughters.

      And when you start talking millions of dollars, I know you're pipe dreaming.

      Thanks in advance for sticking a little closer to topic for us all. Just imo.

  • Damn, I just had a very dark thought…

    What if I manage to be successful @ securing a host to Nu-Nations Unity(R) in the Louisiana area so that this org can open up an account on behalf of a international fund raiser to collect funds to help under the "wish list" for Assumption Parish. People do realize there are international laws that must be abide by in order to legally do such an event & especially when we're dealing with millions of dollars. The stakes are high, but lord forbid if some nay sayer's get up in the mix & shut everything politically down because if they can't have it nobody else can. Wouldn't be the first time something like that would have happened to me because thinking in the millions & billions is just to much for most people to handle.

    Who in there right mind would want to be such a scrooge?

  • Governor Christie: The Spirit Of This State Is In Our Families

    Diversity & spin can mix.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    She faded out at about 4:25 a.m. her time. Tough thing to watch.

    "She is more to be pitied than censured" (old song), but now what?


    • So, you have a problem with people pointing out the disparity of how the "establishment" decides to treat whom they deem lower class citizens in our society? If the residents of Assumption Parish were the 'upper elite' do you honestly think they would be left to wallow in an oil slick on the creep?

      Last I heard, many are old age pensioners on the verge of loosing everything including the value of their homes.