Officials: ‘Large’ piece of land falls into giant sinkhole, over 1,500 square feet — New flyover footage from Monday (VIDEO)

Published: October 30th, 2012 at 6:57 pm ET


Watch the latest flyover here

>>> UPDATED HERE: [intlink id=”officials-now-30000-square-feet-of-land-swallowed-by-giant-sinkhole-almost-20-times-more-than-first-estimated-its-a-concern-video-photo” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink] <<<

Title: 5:45 p.m. Slough In Reported
Source:  Assumption Parish Police Jury
Date: Oct. 30, 2012

It has been reported that a large slough in just occurred at the sinkhole site. The size is estimated to be a 20′ by 80′ section located on the east side of the sinkhole. No additional details are available at this time.

Watch the latest flyover here

Published: October 30th, 2012 at 6:57 pm ET


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38 comments to Officials: ‘Large’ piece of land falls into giant sinkhole, over 1,500 square feet — New flyover footage from Monday (VIDEO)

  • jec jec

    THE FLOOR of the sink hole is rising..10 ft in the past few days..but 50 some feet since end of September. Now what is under there pushing up the saltdome floor? Any geologists or oil production engineers..chime in here..

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    So, rising cavern floor and collapsing cavern roof….not sure if anyone would want to comment on that one jec 😉 . But, someone will eventually have to say something public. Geologist Hecox is becoming the scapegoat so we'll hear from him soon.

    • Mark Brander

      I will comment on it. There is a methane mega disaster in the works. The high temp high pressure crude from the BP oil well was capped but it has been escaping into the massive deposit of methane hydrates and melting them. Large pockets of gas are being created and pushing up the seafloor and creating tremors. Many are going to die. Prophecies Org for the details!

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    fascinating, but this can't be good.

    • Mark Brander

      It is not good at all! It is extremely catastrophic for the gulf region. Great numbers will die in the coming explosions and silent killer poisonings!

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Page 18 of 19 for graphic pic/rendering of our problem,lots of info in this briefing from Shaw

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Let's see if I have this correct.

    The floor is rising, sides bulging, roof would cave in then

    Besides what they have put into the caverns.
    Could any or all of these played a part in this?

    1..Nuclear Plant – one and half hour drive. (wonder where they dumped their waste)

    2..Gulf Disaster – Didn't during the BP oil spill, they drilled into the point in the salt dome that begins in the gulf off the coast, opening a channel for the salt to dissipate up into the area of the New Madrid fault

    3.. New Madrid fault

    4..Levee Explosions

  • irhologram

    How MANY times do I have to say this? WHEN will you connect the dots? Matt Simmons WARNED exactly this would happen before his untimely death in the summer of 2010. He said the ocean floor had been fractured by BP. He said since the methane mega bubble there hadn't blown up since April 20, 2010 to summer, it wasn't going to. He said the methane chamber that had been breached WOULD make its way across the continental shelf, a short distance from the New Horizon rig into the coastal aquifer which abuts the continental shelf. He said the methane would force its way under the land mass. WHY OH WHY is methane bubbling for almost a year or more…followed by earthquakes, followed by a sinkhole taking on oil and gas, breached from the bottom and sides, and BULGING from pressures, as other new areas bubble and begin to collapse…WHY…what does it BENEFIT you not to put it together. The. WORLD watches this blog. If we don't get serious about helping these people by FACING this for what it is…NO HELP because of NO POLITICrAL pressure…will come. And much sooner than later THIS will affect YOU, wherever you are in the world.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi irhologram

      I believe the ocean floor had been fractured by BP and that this disaster has not stopped. I have no solid proof I'm not there and I am not a professional in this area. We do have extremely large tar marts and oil sightings. I would say you are right in, that disaster is playing a part in this sinkhole (it makes sense to me).
      There could be other reasons along with that.

      I also question Matt Simmons death, it very well could be a warning to other professionals. Public talk is nothing, but when a professional talks, that's something else.

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      A youtube personality and citizen scientist / reporter Dutchsinse started a petition which requested increased federal attention and over site of this disaster only got ~900 of the 25K signatures it needed. It seems that there is not nearly as much concern for the welfare of Louisiana as there is for figuring out who put the smack down in the debates. Ok, that dated me but really, no one is watching because they keep saying everything is ok.
      A great example was from today's NYC Mayor briefing. At the end the mayor is asked if there is any concern for the nuclear reactors and he says "NO" and steps away from the podium. God help him if he is wrong.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      There is one thing, which I don't understand.

      If the ocean floor is fractured, why the methane have to travel hundreds of miles instead of bubbling out of the fractures?


      • markww markww

        The methane is long and goes for thousands of miles under the ocean to places on land.

        • harengus_acidophilus

          Maybe you refer on methane clathrate layer, but if it's decaying in methane and water the methane will go up thru the fissures and not on a long horizontal way.

          There is a lack of logic, pls explain.


    • Mark Brander

      I sent tens of thousands of emails throughout the Gulf States and people will not believe it, nor will they post the warnings! Louisiana is going to be destroyed! It is just getting started!

  • jec jec

    Really do not think its a good idea to allow evacuees to move fact..a much larger area should be evacuated. Should a disaster occur while the "experts" continue to say "its safe"–manslaughter should be changed to first degree murder for those "experts". While its recognized a careful plan and response is needed, since no one has seen this type of situation before, there are NO safety metrics. Err on the most careful side, and evacuate (and purchase/reemburse for damages) those within several miles of this location. Yes, $$, but if everything settles down and safety is assured, the Texas Brine owners can re-sell the properties. You can not REPLACE human life….

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    In my best Hecox voice:

    From the perspective of slowing the growth of the sinkhole, big pieces falling in is a good thing. Large chunks will block the bottom of the sinkhole, kind of like clogging a drain. this will allow more debris to settle above it and stabilize the growth of the sinkhole. (I can barely type I am laughing so hard now)

    Also this will block more hydrocarbons from rising to the surface of the sink hole. We can focus on pumping the money cough . . . cough, I mean hydrocarbons directly out of the chamber reducing the local pollution.

    Really this is probably not a good sign. How far is the evacuation zone around this thing? I am not saying it is going to blow or all fall in but if I was near Assumption I would leave. The "experts" are saying they expect things to slow down (referring to the finite amounts of crude and gas)so you might not have to stay away long. However they have not been correct or anywhere close to confident about the situation to date.

    Please be safe LA brothers and sisters. Demand answers. I am not mad at Hecox at all, he has guts for standing up there. When he can't answer you demand to know who can.

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      hahahaha! funny, but I had similar thoughts!! Oh geez, I just knew this was a "good" thing.. lol!!! Thank you for the belly laugh! I have to go find a tissue for the spittle 🙂

  • kalidances

    Texas Brine and the entire nuclear industry seem to think that they have contingency plans for everything…except how to handle human errors or potentially catastrophic acts of God.

    They should hurry and modify their assumptions.

  • dosdos dosdos

    In regard to the current $2M in cost for the Louisiana government being billed to Texas Brine. ($1.6M goes to Shaw for services rendered.)

    "Texas Brine company spokesman Sonny Cranch said Monday, 'Texas Brine has received no accounting of those costs, but when we do, we will address that issue in an appropriate manner.' "

    I sincerely doubt it will be addressed in the form of a check.

    • jec jec

      You understand the game! BP did the same with THEIR "playbook"..all you do is see what happened…Good luck to the Louisanna government..Texas Brine LLC (note the LLC) is a "limited liability company"..note the liability. And the contract to correct emergencies..the paper says employees and TB will help as best they are able..but no money amounts..its left to TB as to the level of assistance to victims. THAT document is not worth the paper its printed on. Any government offical that accepted the document should be FIRED..after as much of his assets are frozen..home/bank accounts/401..and so on.

  • razzz razzz

    You know how they use different weights of drilling mud to hold down crude and gas well pressures, they have a couple of wells into the collapsed cavern, why not start pumping mud down the wells? Would brine do the same thing?

    Not enough volume to overcome the natural pressure, I suppose. (Can't pour it in fast enough)

    Can't really dump large amounts of anything into the sink hole or you will chase the gas and oil to a different exit path.

    The funnel shaped sinkhole will turn into a stovepipe with continued erosion. Better figure something out soon or the void below will become to big to deal with.

    How'bout a floating oil rig over the sinkhole and bringing the gas and oil up then send it back down at an existing wellhead making for a big loop. Control the pressure and flow somewhat and then try to infill the voids.

  • irhologram

    In answer to how a fractured deep puncture of methane 150 miles out in the Gulf from the BP drilling which was said by some to go SEVEN miles down, and possibly into the mantle….according to Matt Simmons, the path of least resistance was sideways because of the huge pressure from the water above and because the continental shelf, where this breach occurred, abuts the coastal aquifer. The coastal aquifer is porous. Underneath the seven to 10 feet of clay is basically large particle SAND and brittle limestone, easily fissured. The mechanism for the methane/oil making its way under land is pressure into the path of least resistance. Surely we are not so dopey as humans, not so lazy, that we would not want to KNOW…and even if it required the effort of large areas of relocation, surely we could get up off our collective backsides and MOVE to survive. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we're so hypnotized by comfort, we'd rather die than show the stuff of our forefathers. This helpless ninny state has been induced by an official normalcy bias we've been brainwashed to believe. You know: it can't happen here; they'll tell us what we need to know; demand answers and our friends will think we're crazy; it's only true if its on TV; if we rock the boat, it's asking for trouble; there's always more time…if it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, unless an expert says its a duck, it's not a duck.

  • irhologram

    There has been discussion here that it is improper (well, stupid was more the tone) to think injection wells would be present in the sinkhole area. These wells would help explain WHY the methane moving sideways under the ocean flow through the path of least resistance, out the continental shelf, into the coastal aquifer, and end up at the sinkhole area could possibly have "found" it. But of course, we weren't TOLD injection wells (fracking) were present there, so they're not. Right? Here are the locations of the injection wells. see maps.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      "…we weren't TOLD injection wells (fracking) were present there…"

      Injection wells are not fracked. Ever. Oil and gas production wells completed in shale-bearing formations are. And EVERY type of well drilled into the Napoleonville salt dome *IS* an injection well.

      "…Here are the locations of the injection wells…"

      'Injection Well' is a LA DNR class. Brine Solution Mining wells are part of that classification. Salt Dome Natural Gas Storage Wells and Salt Dome LPG Storage Wells are part of that classification. All are found IN the Napoleonville Dome salt mass. Fracking would ruin them.

      Salt Water Disposal Wells for Salt Caverns are also a type of injection well. There are a couple of them northwest of the salt dome, and one to the southeast. They go down to briny sand layers 1000' – 2000' underground and are thousands of feet away from the salt mass. There is NO reason to frac them – the sand is already porous.

      Hazardous Industrial, Commercial Hazardous Industrial, Industrial Drainage, Industrial Process Waste, Petroleum Exploration and Production Waste Disposal, Cesspools, and Aquifier Recharge Wells are also injection wells. NONE are found in or around the Napoleonville Salt Dome. There is never a reason to frac one because they're never drilled into non-porous formations to begin with. Fracking is way too expensive for any disposal well.

      All this can be verified on the DNR SONRIS site.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    As I predicted, this area is sloughing in, and not done. if you notice the pad, not the one closest to the sinkhole, but the one behind it, you will notice dead trees, and much soggy ground, with some sort of holding pond, all of that will no doubt, slough in.

    check out this pic, to see what I am referring to. Just as the last slough in, first there was a ring of liquid seeking the lower ground, a nice ring around the sinkhole if you will, and then it sloughed in. Notice the liquid to the right and how it flows all the way to and behind the pad furthest away, and behind it also looks to be collecting liquid..

    Current outline here

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    "Scientists found that the radioactive waste is 15 times over the acceptable state level."

    Incase you missed it..

    No end in site for La. $2M sinkhole emergency

  • jec jec

    EAST slough of sinkhole MAP.

    Note the marked area on the map..the collapse of the wall going towards the butane filled cavern..PLUS look closely at the the crude oil slick..and note the way its draining to the west..all of it..subsidence at west side of the area..and collapse at the east side..not a geologist. So what does this mean for the area?

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      Wind is pushing the oil to the west, not subsistence. The surface of the water is always level.

      The sloughing is from the trees/grass in the mud/silt sitting on top of the first dense clay layer (70' IIRC). The material underneath that layer (second layer 70' – 500') is falling into the really deep hole in the middle. As long as material is lost into the deep hole and undercut the 70' clay layer, chunks of the top 70' will continue to crack off and sink.

      The deep hole may still be getting deeper, but eventually it will not have anywhere to go (cavern) and stop growing. The sand and mud sloughing into the deep hole from the second layer will eventually fill it up. The top 70' layer will slough off if it is just suspended in the sinkhole. When it matches the outline of the top of the second layer – and is being supported by it – it will stop sloughing off.

      There's only so much space in the cavern for anything more to collapse from the outside in. The salt isn't dissolving anymore – the 'water' in the mud is saturated brine by now.

      • jec jec

        Good comment on the winds blowing the oil — that is logical. Now what about the increase (steady increase) of the cavern floor from ?? About a foot a day. The steady rate means it is likely not cavern roof falling as that would not be steady..Thoughts?

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          looks like pressure coming up from "big hum" gas and oil vein.. could be some pressure building and following the big hum vein, up to the edge of the salt dome, which could have weakend the side wall of the Texas Brine Cavern.. page 18 of 19.

          interesting doc regardng big Hum, and Plaquemish parish, Stella salt dome, showing the underground veins and how they connect..showing how it is possible for gas pressure to vent long distances imho.

          • PavewayIII PavewayIII

            And to put this into perspective, this is a huge amount of fill. The cavern's 300'diameter is also 100 yards, or a cylinder as wide as an American football field is long. The fill is already taking up that of a cylinder one football field wide and four football fields high.

            There is still two football fields of sludge / brine / hydrocarbons on top of the fill to the top of the cavern. The top of the fracture in the west wall of the cavern is 14 football fields under the land surface.

            If the sinkhole was the same volume as the fill that is already in the bottom 2/3rds of the cavern, it would be a 600' diameter inverted cone about 1000' deep – the sides would be far too steep for the bayou though. More probable: 1000' diameter inverted cone about 110' deep.

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          The bottom 1400' of the 300' diameter cavern is filled, but its not going to be level. The sand or fill was pouring in from a fracture on the west side. It probably slopes toward the east side.

          They lowered the pressure in the cavern when they were pumping the hydrocarbons out. The oil/gas that pushed its way back into the cavern – shown by the rising pressure afterwards – probably dragged in more fill.

          The top of the fracture is probably around the top of the cavern fill now. As long as they pump anything out and lower the pressure, more oil/gas or fill is going to gush into the cavern. Either they leave the cavern at 900 psi, or they keep pumping the brine and sludge out and let the top third of the cavern get filled with sediment. That will stabilize the cavern and keep the outside sediment from dropping further down. No idea if that will stop the oil/gas from leaking or bubbling up the outside edge of the salt dome.

          The only other 'solution' I can see is to pump heavy drilling mud into the cavern to displace all the brine and sludge, and also squeeze OUT the fracture and compressing (re-compressing, actually) the formation sands around the outside of the salt. Heavy mud *might* add enough pressure to keep the formation oil and gas from migrating up the outside of the dome.

  • arclight arclight

    the info is skewed.. the science is corrupted… heres a good example..

    the word uranium and testing for it is banned,,

    western charities and media have to go with the peer reviewed science..
    but the times of india was a bit more truthful..

    IRAQ: Birth defects rise since arrival of US troops -But NO studies on depleted uranium?

    "In Fallujah, lead levels were five times higher and mercury levels six times higher among children with birth defects compared to normal children. Uranium levels were also found to be higher among such children. Lead, mercury and depleted uranium are used in manufacture of ammunition that was deployed in the Iraq occupation although US has denied it used depleted uranium or white phosphorus based ammunitions."

    and of course Prof busby has measured the uranium…

    how can we trust any science that supports this tragedy, not to mention the usa soldiers that are breathing it in as well.. who will test them for uranium?

    are the geologists involved with this just mitigating for the lawyers like they do in fukushima/japan?

    same PR company
    and what a good job they are doing..

    helping the bbc out too!

    and the security services are up to their neck in it