Officials: Severe thunderstorm warning for Louisiana sinkhole — NOAA: This is a dangerous storm; Deadly cloud-to-ground lightning; Winds over 60mph; Destructive hail (MAP)

Published: November 5th, 2012 at 9:30 pm ET


Assumption Parish Police Jury: There is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning from 11/5/2012 7:06 PM to 8:00 PM CST for Assumption parish

Title: Alert Information
Source: NOAA
Date: Nov. 5, 2012


Arrow shows approx. location of sinkhole




See also: [intlink id=”sinkhole-briefing-essentially-earth-fractured-salt-cavern-all-surface-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 5th, 2012 at 9:30 pm ET


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100 comments to Officials: Severe thunderstorm warning for Louisiana sinkhole — NOAA: This is a dangerous storm; Deadly cloud-to-ground lightning; Winds over 60mph; Destructive hail (MAP)

  • gladys a milyon gladys a milyon

    Haarp is at it again

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Meteorology is obviously more complex than a conspiracy theorist's mind.

      • Lion76 Lion76


        • NoNukes NoNukes

          Stanford University is interested in HAARP, why shouldn't the rest of us be interested?: Introduction to HAARP
          The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility is located in Gakona, Alaska at 62.39 N, 145.15 W, near mile 11 of the Tok Cutoff Highway. The facility houses many diagnostic instruments for studying the ionosphere, but the highlight is the HF transmitter array. This array consists of 15×12 crossed dipole antennas, which together can transmit a total of 3600kW of RF power at frequencies from 2.8 – 10 MHz (HF, high frequency range). This power is partially absorbed by the ionosphere, and though only a tiny fraction of the power it naturally receives from the sun, can still produce subtle changes that can be detected with sensitive instruments.

          The VLF group focuses on using HAARP to generate ELF and VLF waves through a process called modulated heating… Stanford PDF Document

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            Here is the History Channel's discussion of HAARP, love the music, lol:

            • NoNukes NoNukes

              There isn't much that is more mainstream than the History Channel, maybe not even the United States Geological Survey: "Detecting the signature of glaciogenic cloud seeding in orographic snowstorms in Wyoming II: Further airborne cloud radar and lidar measurements
              Year 1 report for a three-year (Mar 2009 – Feb 2012) U. S. Geological Survey and the Wyoming Water Development Commission grant Dr. Bart Geerts, PI 4/30/2010
              This proposal (referred to as Cloud Seeding II) called for two research flights of the University of Wyoming King Air (WKA) over the Snowy Range (Medicine Bow) mountains in Wyoming during the time of glaciogenic cloud seeding conducted as part of the five-year Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Project (WWMPP). This pilot project, administered by WWDC and contracted to the National Center for Atmospheric research (NCAR) and Weather Modification Inc (WMI), involved seeding from a series of silver iodide (AgI) generators located in the Snowy Range. The flights were conducted on 3/25 and 3/30 2009. A previous grant from the UW Office of Water programs, referred to as Cloud Seeding I, supported five WKA flights, flown in Feb 2008 and in Feb-Mar 2009.

      • TheWorldIsFüküd

        Dear B&B,

        Not so sure if this is an attack at me?

        However, I've studied meteorology and have a very precise understanding of how weather systems, air pressure, temperatures, and water vapor interact.

        Further, Haarp is not a "conspiracy" theory. It is real technology, with real effects on weather patterns. It is patented, and truly not that complex of a system once you understand the way it works.

        Hmmm.. and how about this for a "coo-inky-dink".

        I woke up, got ready for work, headed out and boom – sky is LITTERED with chemtrails. Most Ive seen in a long time. And not just small little lines. Maybe 30-40 crosses and X's and weird patterns.

        They are doing something up there – thats no conspiracy…

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Hi Füküd,
          I don't feel like unraveling the whole H. story again – it's been done ad nauseam on a lot of threads again lately (unfortunately).
          I'm aware of the fact that it's an existing technology – I just don't buy that every storm / earthquake / …..(fill in blank) is blamed on "evil forces" using it to turn "diabolic agendas" into reality.
          I remember when last year some weirdo here in all earnest tried to convince us that the Tohoku EQ was caused by the Russians having placed a nuclear bomb in a seabed fault off the Japanese coast.

          So if you're a meteorologist, I'm sure you could find a more plausible cause for a hailstorm to happen…..
          And please be assured that I usually don't attack personally. I just try to identify and flag misleading information.


          • richard richard

            Go b&b. One of the voices of reason here.

          • many moons

            Hi B&B,

            is blamed on "evil forces" using it to turn "diabolic agendas" into reality.

            I think you are absolutely right about that….screw the diabolical agendas, most HAARP projects focus on control of power and money. They are looking for "things" under the earth surface that will ultimatly bring money into their pockets.

          • arclight arclight

            "I'm aware of the fact that it's an existing technology"
            so am i
            but its not the biggest problem to hand..
            meteorology is a science that is beholding to the military/nuclear crowd and their corporate lackeys
            fukushima proved that!
            get rid of the corporations and you get rid of wierd military stuff like undersea nuclear testing.. and other stuff we hardly know about..

            go after the heads of the gorgon, the rest will fall in to place.. imho

            but anyone studying haarp etc, please post on the off topic thread after putting a link on the relevent article thread maybe.. so people reading the article can follow links and ideas on haarp and chemtrails.. it is an area worth keeping an eye on and people are interested in it..

            seems like a good compromise for everyone concerning this heated subject..

            put a comment in with a link to the off topic discussion thread.. but dont ban it entirely from a relevent thread
            my two penny worth

            peace all!

            • richard richard

              Thanks arc. I've been noting the steady increase of haaaaarpers and chemmies on this site, to it's detriment.

              The dogma has become as thick as when the religious groups were running rampant.

              I have a hard enough time getting people to visit enenews about nukes and energy issues, but when new visitors see all the sci fi fantasy junk they quickly turn off the site.

              It's being over run by the prison planet mindset.

              Life's complicated enough already, it'd be appreciated if people stuck to facts instead of dogma and propaganda. Gotta wonder who the 'shills' really are, don't ya?

              • patb2009

                it's probably a concerted Grey propoganda operation to reduce site credibility..

                if ENENEWS can be painted as home to Conspiracy theories like HAARP and CHEMTRAILS, it both drives off legitimate posters and serves to reduce the sites credibility to reference experts like Gunderson, or the major media…

                I know there was pretty good evidence TEPCO was leading Greyops propoganda against Fukushima-diary, i'm sure this is a new wave of it.

                I suspect they are getting ready for some big activities that may release clouds of radio-isotopes and they are seeking to dull information dissemination channels.

                • patb2009

                  as for the on-topic post, see how this HAARP crap distracts posters?

                  Who cares if a big thunderstorm passes over the LA Sinkhole.

                  THe sinkhole is vulnerable to a M5+ quake, and is otherwise slowly
                  collapsing and headed towards the surface with 3 million barrels of product and radioactive scale.

                  i know some shill claimed they had drained it all out, but later credible reports showed that only 1% of the product had been removed.

              • Anthony Anthony

                If you have been around for awhile you would know this is not a true statement. This site USED TO be FULL of alternative theories and thinkers. Its much reduced now. Also I don't believe people are so unintelligent to get caught up on one or two posters with alternative theories and thus think the whole site is about that.

                I don't think the smart people post with only what others think in mind. Think about that.

                I was disappointed when YOUR last attack on a good poster here was erased from the blog because I feel it reveals the whole of your person. I found you to be incredibly rude in your attacks on other's religions and beliefs. Somehow past that I, unlike you, accepted YOUR belief system and gave you a chance, to get to know and like you.

                So when given a pass from being presented as the jerk you really are, you choose again to commence what I feel is the most negative aspect of this blog; flaming intolerance.

                Some old wisdom to ponder: When you are overly or hyper critical of others it says nothing about those being criticized and volumes actually about you.

                The crazy part is I agree with others that you make great contributions here Richard. If you are so entitled to your opinions then so is everyone else, right?

                • richard richard

                  Thanks Anthony. Always good to chat with you.

                  Yes,im a right pain sometimes. Most times.

                  Basically because I can't stand spam.

                  Spam of Viagra, spam of religion, spam of sci fi fantasy. Etc.

                  If I'm not spammed, I'm a nice guy really. Let me get on with the right subject at hand, then you won't hear me bitching.

                  I gotta go to sleep, cyas all.

              • NoNukes NoNukes

                Stanford University, US Navy, and History Channel are the sources I have posted, never been to prison planet, but recommend the History Channel show for the spooky music alone, lol:

            • Anthony Anthony

              Reasonable compromise well stated.

            • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

              Right Arclight?? Where are the damned weatherpeople? Geez, Iodide iodizes, we have used silver iodide for decades to seed clouds, and yet, not one credible, weather scientist stood up and said anything about rain, or what is in the rain.. or that yes, the Iodide from fuku will make it rain as it iodizes the particulate around it, and as it gathers these radioactive particles, it will create clouds full of radiation, that will rain, said radiation down upon you, and yours.

              At CAN,(Coalition Against Nukes) we limit conversations to nuke issues only, this way, we attempt to keep our focus on the issue that caused us to join together.. conversations of HAArp and Chem trails will get you removed from the group.. and not because we believe one way, or another, but because we want to maintain a strong focus on getting rid of nukes, and we recognize there are many sites regarding those other subjects where people can join together and learn, or disprove these issues.

              One thing at a time.. admin provided us an off topic thread, and we need to try to be respectful of that regardless of what we believe. We all wander off topic now and again, lets all remember we are all here because we recognize we have a serious problem with nuke for power, so we all have commonality, this is a place to start. Those that want to tear apart, should go seek out Sarah, Rush and the other professional Agitators 🙂

              • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                Hi Cataclysmic, I remember well you being one of the first (if not the first) poster here on ENE to continually keep us updated on the whole sinkhole story. And it proved to be worth of the attention you paid to it!!
                That this thread was to be about.
                But it's not. Anymore.

                I'll ask our Admin if we could please reaffirm the rule that Haarp, chemtrails, religion belong to the OT section – because just as you say, it's not about believing or non-believing, it's about being ON TOPIC.


                • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

                  Good morning BnB! Yes, the sinkhole concerned me as I had just been researching sites in New Mexico for nuclear waste, and I was just learning about burying this crap in saltdomes, when we got the sinkhole.. I just knew, we would learn of radioactive materials in it.. and the more I dug, the more certain I was that the sinkhole was a nuclear issue.. certainly this event spans the gauntlet of various issues.. and certainly could be connected to a larger problem from the BP Gulf disaster, but my curiosity and initial concern was due to radiation. I still wonder how many of these injection wells were/are injected with radioactive waste..

                • NoNukes NoNukes

                  Enough censorship. We'll censor reference to God, to Haarp, etc., and I'm sure richard will find a new excuse to derail and disrupt this website. Nothing diminishes this website more than but the insults that richard brings all the time, constantly breaking the fundamental rule that IS right below the comment box "4) Not insulting, rude or hateful – No personal attacks." If you want to convince us that Haarp is not relevant, make a sustained argument with documented facts, not calling names like "looney tunes" or "conspiracy theorist." I am tired of reading all of these insults, and having threads derailed by them. Stanford University can manage to discuss HAARP and God: I say that if HAARP and God are good enough topics for discussion for Stanford University, we should be able to discuss them at Enenews.

                  • Anthony Anthony

                    Amen to all that!

                  • crystalwind crystalwind

                    Good for you, NoNukes. Many thumbs up.

                  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                    Hi NoNukes,
                    Stanford University also thinks that "Americans should overcome doubts about nuclear power plants".


                    Re. "censorship": It's Admin's site. He/she will react to the issue as he/she pleases. And that's perfectly fine with me.

                    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

                      now what were we talking about??? lol..

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                      B&B, This article is from 2010 and is just the opinion of one very old professor, not the whole university.

                    • Anthony Anthony

                      I think you would hate it but I have to say you will always be *Gaia* to me. I'm not sure why, but its the energy you exude. Keep on keeping on B&B.

                    • NoNukes NoNukes

                      It seems to me, BreadAndButter, that by removing the instructions about God and HAARP, Admin already HAS reacted. I don't know exactly what is on Admin's mind, and I don't know the limits of HAARP either, and don't see how anyone here can be absolutely sure about HAARP one way or the other since the scientists who study it seem unsure, but there is plenty of evidence that it is significant. US Navy on HAARP : Simulations of ELF radiation generated by heating the high-latitude D- region

                      H.L. Rowland, Beam Physics Branch, Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.

                      By modulating the ambient current flowing in the ionosphere, e.g., the auroral electrojet, it is possible to generate extremely low frequency (ELF) and very low frequency (VLF) radiation. This ionospheric modification technique can provide such waves for probing both the Earth and the ionosphere- magnetosphere. The modification occurs in the lower D-region and can provide information about the ambient conditions in one of the least diagnosed regions of the ionosphere…As the wave propagates in the waveguide, the top of the wave is approximately at the bottom of the ionosphere. Above the heated region, waves are also launched along the Earth's magnetic field. In the near-field ( BX1 and BY1) one can see the pulse being radiated downward. It strikes the ground and reflects back up to the ionosphere.

                    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                      Thank you Anthony 😉

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    Richard is anti Fukushima, but not anti-nuke.

          • kalidances

            I just have to ask this. Why do people think that scientists are superhuman? Could it not just be that there is some scientist at some facility that is a megalomaniac and hopes to carve a "legacy" for him or herself by using HAARP in "experimental" ways?

            B&B back when the same thing was said about nuke scientists everyone was jumping to their defense as if it were not possible for a human being to be corrupt and ill-intentioned. Now here we are with Fukushima and everything in the East Coast nuke sites.
            If it happens in the "moral majority" at the Vatican, the "protectors of children" at Penn State, and with several military generals leading countries into unnecessary wars while knowingly and regularly murdering innocent civilians why can't such a mindset be present in scientists?
            Mengele, Rascher,Lysenko,and Oppenheimer were brilliant scientists…and sociopaths.

            • richard richard

              That's a joke. No one would have ever said such a thing about a nuke scientist.

              A nuke scientist had to be murderous in their thinking anyway, their first job was to vaporize over 100,000 Japanese.

              Anyway, your argument says nothing in support of hahahahaarp. It simply postulates about evil scientists. And it's a generalized speculation at that.

              Sounds more like you have a problem with people being better educated then yourself.

              • kalidances

                Richard hon…so what happened with the brilliant scientists at Fukushima? Do tell…

                • richard richard

                  Brilliant and Fukushima are not words I'd combine in a sentence.

                  I don't know really, what about them? Sorry, I don't see the connection, even if there were actually fuku scientist.

                  Any nuker is evil, thats my simple view on things there.

              • sentinelle sentinelle

                "Sounds more like you have a problem with people being better educated then yourself."

                This is a personal insult.

            • many moons

              sociology professor Lisa Martino-Taylor, claims that the government sprayed African American sections of St. Louis with radioactive particles as part of its biological weapons program

              This study explores the reasons people will enter into these secretive pacts.

              • NoNukes NoNukes

                Just one description from one of the companies involved in weather modification: Dynamic seeding concept
                The concept of dynamic seeding is a physically plausible approach that offers an opportunity to increase rainfall by much larger amounts than the static concept. This concept is to seed supercooled clouds with large enough quantities of ice nuclei to cause glaciation of the cloud. Due to seeding, supercooled liquid water is converted into ice particles, releasing latent heat, increasing buoyancy, and thereby invigorating cloud updrafts. In favorable conditions, this will cause the cloud to grow larger, process more water vapor, and yield more precipitation (Bruintjes, 1999). Enhanced downdrafts from the seeded clouds may also promote regions of convergence and the initiation of convection in the surroundings.
                Rainfall increases of seeded clouds versus unseeded clouds are documented regularly in Texas. Although most of these evaluations show increases in rainfall mass estimated by radar, evidence on what the effect on area rainfall would be has not been documented.

          • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

            There is a Japanese video (with english subtitle) in which one of the Chikyu staff admits that they dig a borehole to cause artificial earthquakes using HAARPS etc. Japanese doing its people? It's not the first time as you know…

        • richard richard

          More chemtrails looney tunes stuff.

          The sky is polluted with contrails. Wish you lot would get over it.

          • sentinelle sentinelle

            Once you've observed with your own eyes the grids being laid down with planes doing nothing but laying down grids, along with a plane making a sharp left turn leaving a trail to match (I have photos and there's a video someone else took the same day on youtube), you will know that these are not your con trails from the past.

            After that, watch the trails and the weather for a few months and see for yourself. I'd prefer a blue, blue sky over a milky white one that most think are normal.

            • richard richard

              If you want a blue sky, reduce the number of planes.

              You have a polluted sky from jet exhaust, nothing more then that.

              Stop the planes, or stop complaining.

              • sentinelle sentinelle

                Yes you are correct the jet exhaust is now filled with chemicals polluting the atmosphere. Not just water vapor which evaporates rather than spreading into a white veil. Why should we stop complaining? Should we just breathe deeply instead?

              • amberlight amberlight

                How old are you, Richard? I'm 68—old enough to know the difference between the condensation trails I saw for most of my life and the steadily increasing aerial crap over the last couple of decades. I don't remember contrails turning on and off abruptly like a Morse code message or gradually spreading into a thin layer covering the whole damned sky like a quilt batt!

                A jet flying high enough to create discernible trails will usually be barely visible to the naked eye, but most of the planes I'm seeing are flying low enough to see very clearly. (Mostly white, unmarked military.) True condensation trails from a low-flying airplane on a warm day are not likely to happen. During WW2 jet pilots learned to adjust their altitude to eliminate the telltale contrails that made them more visible to the enemy. Chemtrails are seen at all altitudes.

                Other readers: Sorry for the off-topic diatribe, but I'm burned out on Richard's ad hominem attacks with no sound backing for his opinions.

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            Weather modification has been going on for decades, and is on-topic to discussion of a nuclear event especially considering what is publicly known about weather modification and Chernobyl. 'How we made the Chernobyl rain'
            By Richard Gray12:01AM BST 22 Apr 2007
            Russian military pilots have described how they created rain clouds to protect Moscow from radioactive fallout after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.
            Major Aleksei Grushin repeatedly took to the skies above Chernobyl and Belarus and used artillery shells filled with silver iodide to make rain clouds that would "wash out" radioactive particles drifting towards densely populated cities.
            More than 4,000 square miles of Belarus were sacrificed to save the Russian capital from the toxic radioactive material.

    • vivvi

      Ah, speak of the devil, the devil appears …. we were just thinking a storm could appear after all this haarping.

    • richard richard

      Laugh again.

      • kalidances

        Richard do you have a problem with thinking that scientists could be corrupt? If you do please tell me why you think a scientist, or twenty, could not be motivated to do such things when a page in the history books or millions in cash are available to them for such illegal acts?

        • richard richard

          Kali, I have no problem knowing humans will become corrupt. I've watched it happen all my life.

          It doesn't mean there is haaarp or sharks with laser beams tho.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      November 6, 2012 at 9:09 am · Reply

      La. sinkhole methane explosion possible says sheriff, refuting naysayers
      I am reposting this here, because I assume that the insults below are an example of "forum sliding" an attempt to bury information, since most came after this post.

    • omniversling

      Lightning and methane…bring your steaks, bring your sausages, bring your fire-proof suit…

      Project Nimbus:

      Two very good clips on the sinkhole, by Idahopicker …a month old now, but great summary and links:



  • kalidances

    It doesn't matter if it's HAARP or Mother Nature…we currently can't stop the government from using HAARP and we can't in any way stop Mother Nature.

    Either way the Louisiana government had better figure something out and fast.

  • dosdos dosdos

    I hope they tied down everything loose and got their vehicles into shelter.

    Just a standard gully washer, probably topping off around 45,000 feet. These storms are pretty common in the south and a bane to insurance companies.

  • crystalwind crystalwind

    @gladys: yup. Making people suffer and destroying Earth for diabolical agendas. Also in sinkhole neighborhood…lightning + methane…I truly hope there is very little gas and it is very much dispersed. Hope anyone still there decided to take off for a while. I had to evacuate once when my area flooded. I lived in my van with my four big dogs along the roadside for a few days in the rain. Freezing cold and we never got dry. But…we did have a home to go home to when the water went down. My very best wishes and hopes are with these and all other people in similar situations, ie: East Coast.

  • garjackson

    Could that crude ignite down that fissure into BigHum?

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      There would have to be an oxygen source for it to ignite underground. I think the big risk here is lightning finding one of the gas bubbling sites or any concentrated pockets (like in buildings). They are speculating that the bunker explosion a few weeks back could have been due to a meteor striking a gas filled bunker. If that is possible than sure, a lucky strike could find the gas.

      What I am left wondering is:

      Sharp tremors 3-4 weeks back were in the general direction of one of the butane storage domes. Floor of "cavern" is rising or being filled by debris falling in. Is the non salt saturated stuff that is falling in going to start eroding the walls of the cavern higher and higher towards the other caverns in the dome? Is the debris which is falling in also contributing to eroding the walls of the cavern?

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    Doing a little digging around the internet, and I ran across this USGS Aquifer System Analysis. The part that confused me is on page 25 of the report, where is shows The Napoleonville salt dome info. It list the diameter at 2 cubic miles, okay, lets go with that. Then it list volume as 7.7 cubic miles.. huh??? Is this correct?

    • razzz razzz

      Ibuiltthis: You read Pg. 25 wrong. The Napoleonville Dome is 2 Miles in diameter with 7.7 cubic miles of volume (mass). What I don't see clearly is the height of inside the dome, must have to subtract some top and bottom measurements.

      How they figured such an odd ball shape for volume is up to a math wiz and a computer program with all the known data fed into it from well bore soundings (sonar). You could start with the area of a perfect cylinder but salt domes are far from being a perfectly shaped anything, as Texas Brine Co. LLC found out.

      This salt dome is full of caverns, 50+ last I noted, first voids from extracting brine, then the same voids now called caverns used for storage of different types of products or in waiting refilled with a brine type solution. A 3D drawing would probably be mind boggling.

      • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

        razzz, that's good to know, thank you. I figured it was volume, however, to me that's a whole lot of volume. Last I heard, which I believe was over a week ago.. there is 2.7 million cubic yards of void space, that no one really can say where.. they can assume, but to my surprise, they have not. There are supposed to be 53 caverns, I believe I have the list saved. If water is getting into void space next to the salt dome, wouldn't it be melting the salt? In regards to the height of the dome. I have yet to see a clear answer. Deepest I have seen it drawn out was 7000 ft. I would love to see a drawing.. preferable something more layman than not! haha

        • razzz razzz

          They know where all the caverns are as a whole and what is in them, that is not the real problem. Texas Brine Co. was told to pump out the fracking mud or whatever else that was stored in their cavern then refill it with brine and did but it was to late.

          Part of their cavern wall was at the same time an exterior wall of the salt dome and somehow failed (to thin to begin with?) and continues to fail. It is not even the top of the salt dome involved but a collapsed portion of the dome's sidewall which leads up to the sinkhole.

          Yes, fresh water melts salt but it looks like hydrocarbons (oil and gas) are finding its way to the collapsing cavern first. Any brine solution being pumped in to the failed cavern will eventually end up settling outside the salt dome.

          You can easily look up area and volumes formulas for certain shapes on the web but the real question is: Deep underground, if a salt dome falls down, do all the other salt domes laugh?

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      The figures on that paper are wrong, Ibuiltthis. The TOP of the salt dome is about 2 miles N to S. and just under 4 miles E to W. Someone calculated the surface of the top of the dome rather than its volume.

      The salt mass itself flares out the deeper it goes. At about 9000' it's closer to 3mi x 6 mi. The top of the salt starts about 700'.

      So even using the 7.7 sq mi *area* for the top and a height of 1.6 mi, you're going to get at least a 12 cubic mile volume. Its probably closer to 20 cubic miles. And there's not a perpendicular connection to the Louann Salt Layer *exactly* at 9000'. You may have an effective solid salt mass 2mi or higher.

      'Salt dome' is the name of the structure between the Louann mother salt and the top of the caprock. They don't do much with the caprock or possible open space beneath that and the salt. When someone refers to 'in the salt dome', it generally means in the solid salt mass itself.

      Any caverns IN the salt mass are man-made through solution mining. The 50-some caverns in Napoleonville were all made through that method initially – nothing was mechanically dug out. They would be the only open spaces found anywhere in the salt dome aside from the well bores. The shallower caverns are a skinny pear-shape. The deeper caverns are a long and very skinny cylinder / bowling-pin shape.

      • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

        PavewayIII, I have so many questions! 1st, the bottom of the floor is rising. I figure it like this: 1. Either there is pressure building below or 2. Outside substance/ sediment has falling in. Which leads me to questions number 2. If it's pressure, no use worry about it, it'll just blow anyway (sarcasm), however if it is in fact sediment, then that add's many more cubic square yards of void space. Where is all of this void space? Why hasn't an accurate 3D seismic been completed by now, and continue to be performed? You would think they would have more of an urgency to find this void space, unless they know something we don't. My brother is 2nd is charge of one of the strategic reserve locations, and I do not want to bother him right now, as he is probably running crazy, so I apologize if I am asking too many questions. Anyway, How do you keep a cavern pressurized when it has a hole in the side of it (for lack of a better term)? If I remember right, in the beginning they mentioned radioactive waste leaking from the bottom of the dome. What has ever happened with that? The bubble sites are just methane gas finding a place to release, I assume (ass-u-me, my mother always warned me about assuming), this is better than not? What's your guess on the cause and outcome?

  • jec jec

    Good test to see if there is any methane gas at a dangerous level near the sinkhole…(sarcasm).Anyone talking about any danger to citizens of the area..due to the sinkhole and emissions/crude oil? Just lightening, wind..and rain../?

  • michellemamarn

    This is for those folks so convinced this thing won't blow – see #5 PROBLEMS. Note the "4 on the richter scale".

    • patb2009

      yeah, i did a thumb estimate if all the butane in the cavern blew and it was megatons.

      now in reality it won't mix well, but still.

      it amazes me that they aren't pulling all that product and selling it cheap to avoid it venting.

  • markww markww


    La. sinkhole methane explosion possible says sheriff, refuting naysayers


  • Sickputer

    Ahem…back to our normal program (topic)…. 😉

    All interesting subtopics, but I am thinking and looking at all the individual cogs in the puzzle of our global weather issues. To me this storm in Louisiana and Sandy in the northeast is just a repercussion of a much greater global issue. Some scientists have dubbed it AA (Arctic Amplification).

    In short the theory means a warming arctic regions skews all the weather patterns especially jetstream flows. Storms become capable of higher intensity in certain respects. For example a Sandy type Cat 1 storm arrived with Cat 3 storm surges. Very unusual.

    I will leave you with a couple of links for research…one recent and one from last spring:

    Even before reading articles on the AA theory I think like Majia that the global plume from Fukushima fallout has been a not insignificant player in this this rapid climate-changing process.

  • CBuck CBuck

    Is the storm supposed to effect the sinkhole in some way? I'm not sure how it would unless it caused flooding. Although if there are high winds they will most likely whip up some kind of toxicity from the sinkhole and spread it all over. 🙁

  • crystalwind crystalwind

    CBuck, I guess the sinkhole conversation got lost in the dogfight that followed. My thought had been the methane that might be collecting in pockets or in buildings which a spark might set off. Or if a lot of it is escaping and not dispersing, a lightning strike in the area would be a pretty good spark. Others above on this thread were discussing could a strike ignite the underground methane. Whichever, I thought it would be a good idea for people to go spend the night somewhere else. I agree with your thought about toxicity being whipped around.

    • CBuck CBuck

      My apologies for not sifting through the argument above to find comments related to the original post, I just didn't have the desire. I've read through a few of those already in the last few days and it gets a bit old.
      The lightning part makes perfect sense, that is some scary stuff. I hope the remaining residents who don't have the ability to leave permanently will at least ride this storm out somewhere else.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        Shame on you for posting on topic, CBuck!

        Actually, this was posted yesterday evening about the time the warning expired. The sinkhole apparently made it through without blowing up.

        Sasquatch was filmed running around Oxy Geismar #2 with a blow-torch and howling like a banshee, but that's off topic.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Sinkhole deadly weather warning raises explosion concerns