Officials: Tons of Fukushima radioactive waste in area beyond Tokyo, 150 miles from reactors — Higher strontium levels there than spot 1 mile from Daiichi plant — “Southern wind directions and rainfall explain relatively high activity levels”

Published: February 1st, 2014 at 3:03 pm ET


Asahi Shimbun, Feb. 1, 2014: Sludge designated radioactive waste for 1st time in Kanagawa — The Environment Ministry has classified 2.9 tons of sludge from Prefecture as radioactive waste derived from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the first such designation for the prefecture on the southern border of Tokyo. The designation, made in December, means the ministry is responsible for disposing of the radioactive sludge. […]  Yokohama city government officials said the designation covers sludge from rain collection and storage facilities at 17 municipal elementary, junior high and other schools. […] The designation also included sludge collected from roadside ditches and elsewhere […] Waste containing more than 8,000 becquerels of radioactive cesium, spewed from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, per kilogram is eligible for the designation. […]

Concentration of Strontium-90 at Selected Hot Spots in Japan, PLOS ONE (Scientific Journal), March 2013:

[…] Southern wind directions and rainfall explain the relatively high activity levels in the remote hot spot in […] Yokohama

[Results in chart below are in grams, not kilograms. Multiply figures by 1,000 to get Bq/kg]

Mainichi, Nov. 16, 2011: Radiation-tainted sludge, ash continues to pile up at Yokohama treatment centers […] I visited the southern sludge treatment and recycling center in Yokohama’s Kanazawa Ward, where some 4,000 tons of [ash contaminated with radioactive materials] — over 70 percent of the city’s total — is stored. […] As I was photographing workers transferring ash into bags, one worker warned me, “Don’t get too close.” […] Bags of ash covered with plastic sheets formed mountains on the premises. The amount of ash is increasing at a rate of 20 tons a day at the center. Seeing them up close, I felt the ominous weight of the nuclear crisis, which had seemed a distant affair to me up until then. […]

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Published: February 1st, 2014 at 3:03 pm ET


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101 comments to Officials: Tons of Fukushima radioactive waste in area beyond Tokyo, 150 miles from reactors — Higher strontium levels there than spot 1 mile from Daiichi plant — “Southern wind directions and rainfall explain relatively high activity levels”

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Yes Mark part of the radiated world, home of 7 billion souls…

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      For me not only human souls count, anthroprocentrism is one of the reasons we are doomed – I am grieving all life that is being destroyed, all souls… Humans are the only species that is a damn dumb nestpooper, taking all life on the planet down.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Homolumina…agreed….all life(forms) are precious…fortunately for most other lifeforms they do not have to the foreknowledge of doom the naked ape "nest poopers" possess possess…


      • sweet pea sweet pea

        About the innocent creatures, I agree 🙁 Sadly humans hit a new low i.m.o. because they still are not caring enough to stop making more of the stuff. Will life on Earth be irrevocably altered because humans are too selfish to care? OR have we been invaded by aliens who are posing as people? How can we slap the stupid off the people who are running the show?! Starting with the dead fish .. heap the carcasses on their door step? Take the bags of toxic stuff to their houses and leave it on their porch! I'm so mad, disheartened and thoroughly disgusted with "the powers that be" .. a U.C. Berkeley student told me:"Bring on the radiation!" I'm Glad they built that school on a fault line ..

        • Homolumina Homolumina

          Dear sweet pea and newsblackout,
          I can only agree. What I found at the very root of the disease our planet and humanity is suffering from is that our males are not initiated anymore and being in power. They have created all the distorted, disconnected from life social and political structures that are dysfunctional and death oriented. I could scream out in pain and despair – and I do – a male who is not initiated will remain immature, aggressive, territorial, competitive, goal oriented and death driven, disconnected in his being from life, unempathetic. Only through initiation – and it needs to be done, it does not just happen naturally – a male is being reconnected (religio = reconnection) to life, the female, empathetic, life affirming part in a man is integrated and he can NEVER turn against life anymore in all he does. An initiated leader would never ever approve of nuclear power. The fact that males MUST be initiated into life at puberty is NOT my personal opinion – it is all shown in the male body itself – the whole structure of the initiation process itself, we only need to see. Joseph Campbell was tracking the same truth but never made the conclusion.

          I would like to add something here too – a suggestion of what to do and I am sending all my love out from my breaking heart to this community here:

          Thanks, Lilo.

          I have explored many past and current covert activities of our Deep State agendas.

          There are many negatively synergistic agendas. For instance,…

        • mushroom

          You seem like a selfish human yourself wishing ill will for THOUSANDS of people who attend a school in which one person who attends said something you did not like. Punish them all!

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    So ah, are these measurements from 2011?

    And if so, why the discussion about what happened almost two years ago? It seems to be another steer away from what is happening now. Where are the 2014 and later part of 2013 reports?

    Yes, Kanagawa. There was also a nuk accident there that was covered up too, right?


    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      My guess is because at the time, the official message was that all was fine, there was no danger to anyone. Yet, we now know that those same officials were already treating the fallout as dangerous.

      • ENENews

        It's from today.
        First line = Asahi Shimbun, Feb. 1, 2014
        Tons of "designated radioactive waste (Over 8,000 Bq/kg) for 1st time in Kanagawa" that came from 17 elementary, junior high and other schools 250km away.

        • jec jec

          The sludge from "schools' at 8000 bq per chilling. That means those students have been eating poison. 17 schools equal how many students? If I was one of the parents..I would run my child to a full body counter..if the government allows it. Otherwise, take a trip to the Marshall Islands and use the body counter LLNL has there! Combine vacation with medical!

          • ENENews

            Not sure why 2.9 tons… 5,700 tons of radioactive ash being stored (Mainichi: 4,000 tons only 70% of total) + the 20 tons/day — Back in 2011

          • weeman

            Schools? why not in disused mine shafts in containment for future refinement, defies logic, I fail to comprehend, does not compute, infinite loop, overload, shutting down for protection.

            • Shaker1

              weeman, I believe the sludge is from treatment facilities in which school systems are part of the collection responsibility of the facility, not that sludge is actually stored there. The sludge is generated as they are treating that water from those systems. I could be wrong. But the caption beneath a picture in Ashai article implies the storage shown is at the treatment facility or something other than school grounds themselves.

              By the way, I might expect circumstance allowing something less than what is stated but in no circumstance after this incident would or could it be honestly zero or background as before, especially with them incinerating waste all over the country. I believe this is only what is caught and what might requre admission, not a real total, as things such as recyling that sludge into building material, etc. make accounting of what might be inventory such as this unnecessary. It isn't there, so uncounted. This is also only a statement of what is cycled by treatment systems, not what just runs off. I guarantee most water that reaches ground runs off into the ground and is not collected, therefore untreated. One could say that the runoff might not be so concentrated as the treated, but it has the possibility of becoming just that. Wasn't that seen at monitoring stations? I wonder if some of this from decontamination efforts.

              • weeman

                I hope you are right but I do remember reading a article that they were storing waste on school grounds, under cover of soil and plastic?
                Schools would be the last place I would store waste, you must be right they surely are not that dumb are they?

                • or-well

                  Actually, there is radioactive dirt and plant litter being stored off to one side of playgrounds and schoolyards and public places.
                  There's inevitably confusion with so many terms of waste, sludge, debris, contaminated material, designated waste etc and how these terms may be applied by various official bodies.
                  I am commenting generally, not regarding this specific instance.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Maybe it is a good sign. At least they are not saying it's happy dust for the happy anymore.

      Maybe the evil curse or fog of confusion is lifting, and sanity is returning. Like when the spell is lifted and you find that on your dinner plate is a pile of feces, on your fork is a peanut with what looks like chocolate on it, and your bowl of soup is really pee. And you shake your head and realize you have been playing with your "food"

      Shock can strange things to people. Denial. The brain drops out when the higher consciousness realizes that hell is upon you.

      Now, the work may begin. Let's see you shine, Japan!

  • ftlt

    Yes, the poor Japanese… I had commented on this before and someone – forget who – had claimed the prevailing winds protected them.

    This article clearly shows that they did not get protected all the time from the winds and that all Honshu was made to suffer/share in FUFU by the insane policy of distributing and burning the waste throughout the island. Madness!

  • Jebus Jebus

    Sh#t in, sh#t out.

    It's a technical term.

    Everyone eats.

    Even creatures.

    Rain, Runoff.

    It all goes to the Ocean.

    Everyone eats…

  • Ontological Ontological

    Yes was a common lie that the winds were protecting anyone. They blatantly burned trash in full view of the camera, for over a year before they "announced" they were going to burn. After they already had.

    • Ontological Ontological

      I can't find the reports that came out about how they used highly radioactive sewer sludge for making bricks for new construction. So disposal of those was easy. Here is a comment someone back then made on one of the estranged articles.

      • mairs mairs

        I watched a news report of a woman who discovered that the new apartment complex where she lived (Japan) was radioactive. It was found out that the material for the cement that was used to build it came from a quarry that had been in the path of the initial Fukushima fallout. So it is being incorporated into their buildings.

    • unincredulous unincredulous


      They found the perfect radioactive waste depository — everywhere!

      Still believe in evolution?

      • atomicistheword

        unincredulous. Hidden everywhere means no baseline to determine crimes against humanity.

        What about devolution/bestiality as outlined in religious texts?

        • atomicistheword

          opse. Hidden everywhere as in respect to Japan. (clarification)

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          I was being sarcastic. I'm saying they don't seem to give a shit and are spewing free nuclear love sperm everywhere like a bunch of apes on aphrodisiacs.

          Yes, devolution.

          Yesterday I watched a video about the wireless electric lighting produced in Egypt by the pyramids. I wonder if they had the internet. (Kidding) I have read that wifi radiation lowers you I.Q. Well, something did it to them. Something is doing it to us, I think. Even if you are penniless, you are getting irradiated for free with wireless signals. No where to run no where to hide.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        And let's not forget the Nissan plant that is just miles away from Fukushima

  • Kind of related folks. The US EPA Air Samples from Guam, Hawaii, California, and then throw in Saipan showed clearly that somewhere between 50 tons and 180 tons of uranium and plutonium were aerosolized, AND detected. What also fell into the ocean rapidly? What ALSO fell on Japan?

    Proof is here, spread the word. We been dosed. We deserve better. MOX turns reactors into Radiation Cannons. Insanity or Stupidity, take your pick, but we have to get rid of this false science, ego pumping, economic hit man bullshite that is nuclear.

    Check it out, its worth a click and a few minutes to run down the rabbit hole. This is not rocket science, it is high school math delivered by an MS in Material Science (me)

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes, those land masses were hit with aerosolized uranium and plutonium, but much of settled in the sea on the way there. Working its way up the food chain starting with the plankton.

      That's what turned Chris Busby around. He was trying to figure how contamination could move so quickly so many thousands of miles across the Pacific. Then when he saw the massive ongoing damage to sea life, he realized that aerosolized uranium and plutonium had been doing it from the plankton on up.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    "Yes was a common lie that the winds were protecting anyone."

    Good morning, On.

    If anyone has watched the winds for the last almost there years in Asia, you would know that there has been a distribution radionuclides in the atmosphere all over the entire Asian continent. If one looks closely and regularly, you will see that these winds have been taking this unholy killing radioactive fallout all over that entire region. Those poor folks in China are getting hammered a heck of a lot worse than the west coast is now and no one seems to mention this. The worst part is, there is no real information coming from China that can be added to the pile of research and statistical information. Seems like there is no info from any of those other Asian countries that are also getting slammed hard with radiation every day in the atmosphere, and the oceans.
    (on the top bar of the map, use the drop down menu to see winds and dispersion models)

    Did we not have a good reporter here from China that was sharing good info? Blessings to you if you are out there Mr. Chinese reporter.


    • We Not They Finally

      Thank you. We need all that info out there. It's a global onslaught with little protection anywhere. Except maybe the southern hemisphere in tact longer than the northern hemisphere. And harder on cultures who traditionally rely on food from the sea.

      I was hoping that the Koreans (so close!) would be taking legal action against the Japanese. Don't know if that ever got off the ground. And the Chinese (well, the Koreans too) have huge historical animosity towards Japan. This could explode real ugly.

  • Jebus Jebus


    All life great and small has now been enlisted, sacrificing their longevity and quality of life, as Mother Nature's little helpers.
    Aggregating, concentrating, accumulating these bad elements, to the circle of life, so that they can be sequestered and buried forever, underground.

    Then she can work with what's left.

    It may take awhile, but Mother Nature has a proven track record…

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    'Leopard skin' deposition/concentration patterns will become the norm, across broad areas and at great distances from the origin, as were long ago measured and acknowledged to exist . ross Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, coming from Chernobyl.

    The dilution solution assertion will be discredited, periodic random food sampling will be revealed as useless as well as dangerous, and continuous GC contamination detection of point of sale food and one's local environment will become common safe practice.

    The recent video of the Yokohama grocery where each product's CPM count was indicated on the price tag, and where almost every shopper was double-checking with their own detector, shows the direction N. American grocers and food shoppers are headed as contamination continues to build on our farm and ranch lands and facilities.

    • hexagon

      Do you have a link to this video?

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        Different grocery, this one in Tokyo, but skip to 3:20' to see rad counts on each item's price tag, then see 4:10' for local Tokyo professional testing center where 'non-Fuku' grocer has food checked before going onto her shelves, then further on to a Japanese rice farmer put out of business, and then an Oregon State Univ. comment on contamination continuing from an initial crop exposure to the new crop, and then a consideration by the Japanese farmer to re-start his farming in a hydroponic greenhouse:

  • weeman

    Creeping death, slowly and surly it will spread far and wide, levels can only rise, accumulation through environmental factors and bio magnification in food, the longer it continues to leak radiation into water and air the further it will spread, what has escaped already will never be fully contained again and if no solution is found levels will continue to rise and spread, till saturation the level of background radiation that will corrupt the strands of DNA in all living things, still simple life forms may survive and the cycle begins?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Correct! 🙂

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


  • Think of costs involved with every family running checks for rads on their food supply, taking stuff back that is "over limit".

    What is the true cost of nuclear power plants? Killing ourselves to live a lie.

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    May be, in hundreds of thousands of years, when our time is nothing but a myth, there is a saying that once there was a thriving civilization and an Island Atlantis, that sunk into the ocean, taking with it all life…

  • earthsmith earthsmith


    Troubled times
    Fall hard
    Speaking my mind
    Seems to be the barb
    Through the machines of nuclear brine
    I feel dissolved

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    A slow steady decline has taken America in its vitals. Yes, the Invisible Hand has been lifting money out of America's pockets on a regular basis. But this is not the hand that Adam Smith wrote of; this Hand belongs to one of the financial "Idealists". You do not know its owner even by name but soon He will be known to Janet Yellen though of course not on a first name basis. She will go to one of his offices and have little chats. Oh, yes, I should mention that He is one of those sinister figures the Shadow knows a great deal about. So much so that if anyone with authority (assuming such a person even exists in the USA) should wish our Friend would have a nice cell soon in a Federal Prison. Too important, you say? Well, we could put it that way. Our Friend is in a position to make anyone a multimillionaire in a couple of days. So he has lots of friends inside and outside. We all have our price as we have been told in the movies. And those that don't find what solace there is in a mental institute or a grave!

  • usagi usagi

    I'm in Yokohama right now with my geiger counter, looking for contamination. Any idea where the places are that they found this stuff? I may be able to locate more of it.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Usagi please be safe
      Do not jeopardize your life and liberty for us

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Check the bottom of your shoes… 🙂

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        And your food. Seaweed, etc. I'd be more worried about ingestion than soil. Perhaps you could travel to a local farm and test some of their soil (how you do it is up to you 😉 That's would be my biggest concern.

        Question: How are you perceived by those around you when you go testing?

        • usagi usagi

          @SykeWar Sorry for the late reply. After visiting some places on Sunday, I came down with a bad flu like sickness. I ran a fever of 102F on Monday night and limped through my work today (Tuesday). I tested some soil in Yamashita Park in Yokohama and got a count of over 2000 CPM with the GMC-300. I expected more based on some videos I have seen but that's all my counter did there. We also got some rain then snow this afternoon which gave an elevated reading in air to over 70 CPM.

          To answer your question: Other people seem to be absorbed into their own thing here. No one has really paid any attention to me when I'm out with the counter, that I've seen.

          I have one more weekend coming up before my return, plus whatever opportunities to get outside in the next 3 days before that to get any more measurements. So far it looks like it is a bad enough situation to detect on my cheap geiger counter. God only knows how many isotopes I've ingested on previous trips by eating the seafood (and everything else).

          I work very close to both Tepco and GE (but not in any nuclear power related capacity), and I've been trying to warn colleagues here about what is going on. I've sent them links to stories from here (particularly the one in this article), but I don't know if it's really making a dent in their thick heads.

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    A sad story out the real life of an nipponese who is only at the INITIAL MODE.

    High School Saitama, 500 people scale, boys three years sudden death. Hematuria , my child bones grew suddenly from knee Izu-Oshima Izu-Oshima

    Tokorozawa, Saitama,_Saitama

    Son of a friend I go to high school here .
    Now , I think it's third year , but the boys of classmates , seems to have lost last year in sudden death .
    At the same seems to have been originally girls , you are suffering from childhood cancer , but no longer able to go , it seems to have stopped .

    This is a story that has arrived from Tokorozawa, Saitama around .
    School of 500 or less people in the whole school .
    Acquaintance of sixty -year-old before and after have fallen more than one in the same area , we of whom he seems to eating normally and local bamboo shoots .
    " And I think in me , health damage has been clearly finally , but around just people you do not want to alarm really . And I'm a hard as possible so protect their children , but . " ……

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    Next, is the story from the Izu-Oshima . I have received an email to first in the spring of last year . A great deal of damage has come out in the typhoon then , I was sent an email in the one this , but there was no reply . From other people , I have to ask you was safe with respect to the safety of this person . And I have received an email this week also , . I introduce to continue to e-mail the two .


    2012 around October , I was testing the soil .

    Mountain district of north → 150Bq/kg

    Motomachi district,_Yokohama → 34Bq/kg

    Ignorant I feel uncomfortable in the TV news , I started looking because I wanted to know the truth on the net . And was shocked to see the lecture image of Noro Mika . It was found that it was contaminated health hazards since out land away 300km. Health damage is often a fine particle , and are easily absorbed into the vegetables because it is away .

    No way , even in Oshima ? Some overlap with , at that time , my son in junior high school was supposed to be surgery bone grows from the knee .

    No way , was troubled one and whether it is the influence of strontium .

    Strontium be mistaken for calcium . And such as to be absorbed in a few days , such as the knees of growing children calcium ……

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    Time the nuclear accident immediately after milk is no longer line up in supermarkets in Tokyo milk in Fukushima becomes discontinued , Oshima milk because it was sold as a bonus , I was drinking a lot . It was also the day that you are taking the 1st 2L . So I ended up with extra care .

    The disease name osteochondroma . ( Overkill Uptake – Bone cancer usually occurs about 5–20 years after radiation exposure. )

    Read more:

    With its gonna , I had a surgery but the results of the pathological examination , that it was not like that .

    Sensei " I do not know the cause . If you were doing sports , over the past years, growing at the impact ball I meet it? "

    Nantes , was telling me that appropriate . Although there was no such remember it hits …

    ————————————————– ——————————–
    It is well before , but when the typhoon No. 26 of last year , thank you . Received mail . I learned that the e-mail software broke away from those days , you can see from the mobile at this stage of the game . We are really grateful to receive mail from Kinoshita .

    There was no damage to the house , but the boss that I had to trust the most died . Shock was very big thing because it was a valuable existence which had…

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    seriously to me to be very gentle , are worried about internal exposure .
    Every day without even time to drop , you do not take care while also evacuation of their own was going past .

    ( Found to be scirrhous gastric cancer ) worsens the condition of the stomach , which has been suffering from last year , father-in-law came herself as hard as she can nurse the father-in-law without any time to sad from that time , but I have passed away in the fall .

    Causing several times cerebral infarction from around May , the end becomes a cerebral infarction for the fourth time in the hospital , the father of the parents' home in the hospital today. It is becoming a little recovery trend , but it is the state that can not be careless There is also a myocardial infarction .

    While you are thinking … as if nothing does not happen any more , the day there is a child that bone has been growing from the knee which had you will mail the first time ,
    " Once, it should be reported . Was the urine brown much but it . Was the color of blood today."
    It was a brilliantly blood and get to show what you started to say something shocking , and was on top of the tissue . …..

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    I do not want to go to the hospital but , after all , hematuria but it is not good . Seems to be asymptomatic .

    I hope if there is no any problems , but I am a little worried . And , Oshima okay ? I will think .
    And too much bother to say to people such a thing ! It would make it that .

    If I had been in some sort of disease , then you would feel the fear of low-dose radiation exposure than you think .

    I do not know standing use is less that is happening this child is whether we should be inferred the possibility of health damage caused by radioactivity . However, even in remote areas , Oshima where the bloom is passed through the sea , to reach the end . For these islands , and that food is also limited to are many , it is preferable to assume that the unexpected , and the hope that it will be wise with .

    Ukraine reported meeting in Niigata to be held on Friday this week , there was coverage of the Asahi Shimbun in advance . Lectures , pre- coverage of the newspaper do you fairly uncommon ( coverage of the lecture that day in most cases , a simple announcement article is about the rest pre- , unlikely pre- interview to me . ) , Fukushima evacuation this time apparently it is said that an emphasis on the place 's to host these events themselves . If you think in this perspective certainly , as the events of the time you will be month of three years has elapsed soon , it is likely to be that in terms of awareness…

  • Sickputer

    It helps to visualize this new toxic sludge revelation from Kanagawa Prefecture:

    Kanagawa is 14, Tokyo is 13, Fukushima 7.

    Tokyo has been burning radioactive sludge and tsunami debris for well over two years. Tokyo's 23 wards burns 2.8 million tons of garbage each year:

    Most of that is turned into ash which is then measured for the 8,000 becquerel radiation level. If the ash falls below that which it usually does since a large percentage of the radioactive particles escaped the filters and rises up into the jetstream or disperses 360 degrees on lower, slower winds, then they dump it into the approved landfill.

    The landfill is in Tokyo Bay:

  • Jebus Jebus

    Back to the sea.

    Where the web of life will carry the full weight of the primordal atomic energy that was released upon it…

  • Sickputer

    Japan runs 70% of the world's municipal giant incinerators. They are just batshit crazy for burning stuff. Guided tours to the incinerators, ground floors built as community centers with big public swimming pools heated by the radioactive debris they incinerate.

    I hold no brief for the survival of the Japanese race in their homeland. The leaders are imposing a death wish on the public. Relocate as fast as you can, you poor intellectuals who are confronted with this invisible Godzilla destroyer.

    • bo bo

      I wish the same for all my friends and family who live there. But how will they move? And to where ? Sorry I'm not asking you to answer this SP… Just so sad reading this.
      Thanks for the post.

      • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

        bo: how do mexicans get here? 🙂 First the strong leave, hop a freighter (doesn't cost very much), whatever. This shouldn't be to difficult since there's huge populations of individual cultures all over the world. Little Tokyo, little china, etc. They bring their families over. But I understand, it's a cultural thing. It's extremely difficult for them to deviate and assimilate. I feel there's a shift in the wind tho'. A subtle change in the under current. I monitor various forums, talk to people, etc. as I'm fanatically interested in human psyche, behavior, motivations, etc. And Japan is interesting due to it's mono-culture, traditions, attitudes. Like all humans, they keep what they want and dispel what they don't. But for harmony you must always take the good with the bad. Sorry for the preaching. Hope your sister is doing well.

        • tsfw tsfw

          " how do mexicans get here? 🙂 First the strong leave, hop a freighter (doesn't cost very much), whatever. "

          With all due respect but no. No to most of it. You make it sound easy, but many Mexicans die trying or end up in worse situations. It is a huge risk to decide to defect, especially with children.
          Not only do you have the safety issues, but the economical,health…who do you bring who do you leave behind. Who can you afford to bring. Who do you pay to help you get there? Are they going to take advantage of you? What will you do once you arrive,are you a person who can live in hiding? What happens if we get caught, will children be taken away etc etc … I respectfully disagree that it's just a 'cultural thing'.

          • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

            Seriously? You want to debate this? Do you live in cali? Have you ever lived in cali? Texas? Arizona? Who has to Defect? They can cross the border like I cross the street. Border towns have more mexicans in them than americans. Seriously? And when they're given amnesty the population will explode. I predict 75 million. Sounds hard don't it?

            • tsfw tsfw

              I live in Mexico so yea I'd say I can stand by what I say. The fact that you have many Mexicans in Cali does negate anything that I said. Also I was not debating anything about immigration with you. I was simply stating that fleeing is not as easy as you portray it to be. I know many Mexicans and have gotten first hand information about what the risks are. So yes, short of taking the journey myself, I am more than qualified in my opinions. Not sure why you're making it an immigration issue on me.

              • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                Well you're the one disagreeing. That's your opinion. But it would be incorrect. BTW, I've lived in all those places so I see it from the inside. I also know many of the immigrants personally. You are on the wrong side. And there's many people crossing who are from south america and other countries. The point I was making is there's ample infrastructure available to cross at the southern board if you want in. Nothing's easy, but it is getting easier everyday. And as I said, once amnesty is done, it'll be even easier.

            • tsfw tsfw

              I know of people who have dehydrated, who have been ripped off by coyotes, countless rapes, murder,being dumped halfway with no water is not uncommon. I don't get this from tv, these are human beings. I think you're only seeing the surface. You only see the faces of those who made it.

              • tsfw tsfw

                I never said that many don't make it. Obviously they do. You are arguing a different argument. There is a whole other ugly side- but I shouldn't have to post links that should be obvious, so I'm not going to bother. I wasn't looking for a debate, I was trying to bring perspective to your lackadaisical attitude about how easy it should be for Bo's family to just up and leave. That's all. You seem to have a thing about the Mexicans, and I'd rather not go there.

                • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                  I've got no "thing" about mexicans. I have an issue with vulnerable people being used to serve a despotic political purpose. I have an issue about no reciprocity with Mexico – but hey, we all can't be Americans. 🙂 All I pointed out it was a convenient point of entry. And if I were in their position, I would consider it. Of course, it would be going from the frying pan into the fire.

              • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                I never said it was easy 100% of the time. It's certainly much easier than it should be. And with amnesty it'll be even easier. And as far as bo is concerned, as with other countries, walking, swimming, riding through the mexican border is the way to go.

                • tsfw tsfw

                  Even if we never mind the boder X-ing… it's still the most difficult decision to make. Maybe I didn't state it very well, but if I can ask a personal question, do you have kids? BEcause if you do, you know what an ordeal it is to contemplate just taking a legal trip on SunWing with meals included. Assuming the border crossing is a breeze, becoming an illegal immigrant is a huge deal and takes a lot of courage, good timing, luck, and an ability to be sneaky. I don't know any immigrants who didn't have to leave some family or other precious treasure behind. I'm just saying it's a huge deal and not everyone is cut out for it. So much more to consider than just getting there.

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

           long ago..when Mexico was in possession of the US Southwest.
                    Noted by the remnants of the beautiful rancheros along the border.
                    The border be dealt with.
                    Original crossings done to visit relatives in the north.
                    Hard the Comanche ..knew no border.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Opportunity calls..also the cattle keep going back and forth across the river.
                      The Americans have figured out how to make a fortune on their theft.
                      So many rancheros burned…..

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Like all 'border' areas.
                      Not just Skagway..
                      It draws bad people.
                      Booze, money, guns..

                    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                      Ah yes the comanche. Tough warriors – they beat the US Army. Weren't they the only indians to not have been fully captured by the army?

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      And in some village..there is talk of a better life.
                      Which direction?
                      Where does it matter?
                      The human heart is drawn toward betterment.
                      Someone looks north.. some are doing now..east..west.

                      Oh..that 'land of milk and honey'.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Life is hard in the village.
                      Someone.. (often women)..decide to try a new life.
                      She bundles her child and hopefully her husband and sets off.

                  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                    I'm not disagreeing with anything you've said. But they're not alone. Whites are the minority now. So if you're white non latino, you're the outsider.

                    But again I never said it was easy. What's easy exactly? I do know once you've had to abandon your home, it becomes easier to do it the next time and the next. Sometime you have to split up to survive long enough to get back together – like mercury. Been there done that. I used to say to some people, I've thrown away or lost more than you'll ever own. But this is life. It serves no master and is master to no one. It is gental as a breeze and brutally destructive and unforgiving with no end, until the end. It just is. But if we are destroyed by it, it was our choice, at some point.

      • Sickputer

        No, I don't mind answering. Relocate as far southwest of central Japan as possible…even 200-300 miles could make the difference between dying twenty years from now or dying next year. Relocate does not necessarily mean emigrate.

        • bo bo

          Thank you sickputer.
          That makes it very clear.

          I actually have saved another post of yours to keep around, so I can show people if they ask me too.Thanks, so glad you are here.

          • bo bo

            Sickuter said – Leaving aside political action…if you mean survival advice then it varies based on several factors.Distance from epicenter: Those closer get sick, propagate sick babies, and die faster. If you are within 100 miles I suggest permanent relocation. That relocation radius will widen over time if the plant remains out of control. In ten years a 1,000 mile extreme danger zone radius is possible. Tokyo metro area is within 2 years of being an extreme danger zone because of aerial bioaccumulation.

            Farther away is better obviously. Tierra Del Fuego is looking nice. West coast North America will degrade in this decade. Hard to say when it would considered an extreme danger zone…we need to see what happens over the next two years and then there will be a better database of how this bioaccumulation is progressing.North Africa and Eurasia will fare better barring any massive new releases, but imported foods will be subject to close inspection.

            Follow the cardinal rules for avoiding as much as possible inhaling contaminated air, and ingesting contaminated fluids and foodstuffs. If you don't know those rules look in the archives if Enenews using Google as your friendly helper.Take care, be positive, we're not dead yet.

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    On a final note,the tought die lastly.
    Ignorance the opposite to generosity get the most power on universe.
    The emigration wave refelct reciprocal the anticipation.
    Muni Muni

    Fast determination of 90Sr/90Y activity in milk by Cherenkov counting


    Cherenkov counting of the 90Sr/90Y pure beta emitters is an attractive method for 90Sr activity determination, but the color quenching effect may be significant, especially for strongly colored or semi-opaque media. A quench correction method based on the external source of some liquid scintillation systems (named ESAR – external source area ratio) was proposed and checked for aqueous solutions and was proved to be effective also for urine samples. In the present work, the application of the ESAR method for fast determination of 90Sr/90Y activity in milk samples is described.

  • Jebus Jebus


    Burnt Ashes.

    Whole Country.

    Fukushima Holocaust.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Japan is Toast!

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    Leukemia is a broad term covering a spectrum of diseases. In turn, it is part of the even broader group of diseases affecting the blood, bone marrow, and lymphoid system, which are all known as hematological neoplasms.

    Bovines Leukämie-Virus

    Bovine leukemia has increased – Current situation and Countermeasures in Hokkaido -Now

    Hokkaido University Graduate School of Veterinary animal disease control Laboratory Microbiology Department
    What kind of disease and bovine leukemia ?

    The bovine leukemia , ( increase of lymphocytes in the blood ) leukocytosis
    Let me be the symptom ( tumor of nodular ) malignant lymphosarcoma of systemic and
    Sick , it is so-called "cancer of the blood ." Occurrence of bovine leukemia
    Cause is divided into two major in non-viral and viral
    The bovine leukemia virus is the cause , of the disease among this
    I might be a major . Currently, the vaccinia for this bovine leukemia
    Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment and Chin .

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    Fast method and ultra fast screening for determination of 90Sr in milk and dairy products.
    Kabai E, Hornung L, Savkin BT, Poppitz-Spuhler A, Hiersche L.
    Author information

    In emergency situation or in case of defence against nuclear hazards, the rapid analysis of radioisotopes in food products is essential. Radiostrontium is one of the most interesting isotopes in case of emergency. The determination of radiostrontium in milk and dairy products plays an important role especially for infants. The procedures described here were tested for fast determination of (90)Sr. The typical chemical recovery of the proposed fast procedure for determination of strontium from milk and dairy products was 90% and the time needed for analysis was one working day. The achieved detection limit for milk is 0.8Bq/l. An ultra fast screening method allows the determination of radiostrontium with quantitative recovery within 1 hour. The minimum detectable activity in this case is 230Bq/l.

    Variations in the transfer of radiocesium (137Cs) and radiostrontium (90Sr) from milk to cheese.
    Besson B, Pourcelot L, Lucot E, Badot PM.
    Author information

    This study aimed to compare the transfer of 2 manmade radionuclides, radiocesium (137Cs) and radiostrontium (90Sr), from cow milk to whey and cheese in 3 different types of French cheese production with rennet coagulation. Most of the 137Cs was present in the aqueous phase and became concentrated in the whey.

  • Wyakin Wyakin

    Created by man, reapportioned by the Japanese government, distributed forever by the laws of nature.

    “Sludge refers to the residual, semi-solid material left from industrial waste water, or sewage treatment processes…also sometimes used as a generic term for solids separated from suspension in a liquid…”(WP

    Radioactive contaminants are in this sludge. Sludge ash is being commingled with tsunami debris and garbage ash. Atmospheric discharge of fumes and dilution of radioactive ash with ash from non-toxic sources ensures compliance with any current discharge limits.

    Japan has had a long standing trash management strategy to incinerate the majority of its garbage (up to app. 80%). Limited geographic space coupled with unappreciated respect for the effects of low level radiation, explains the appeal to those with anti-social personality disorder of radioactive debris incineration.

    “Southern wind directions and rainfall” are a factor explaining relatively high activity levels of Strontium in unexpected places. Gov’t reapportionment of contaminated debris is another.

    500,000 metric tons of waste was planned to be shipped for incineration in Tokyo and disposal through March 2014. This likely explains high levels of 90SR in the hot spots noted so far from FU plant.

    “…21 incineration plants serve the 23 wards in Tokyo…cont.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sadly..they (escalating levels of contamination) will never end! 🙁

    We humans have all been duped! 🙁

    Certainly few of us were ever really educated…

  • pkjn

    Cesium-134/137 level spiked in 21 school ground soil in Kamakura in 2013 (Kamakura is immediately south of Tokyo.)
    February 3rd, 2014 Fukushima Diary

    In 16 elementary schools, Cesium-134/137 density was lower than detectable level in 2012, however Cesium-134/137 density jumped up in 13 elementary schools in 2013.
    In 9 junior high schools, Cesium-134/137 was measured in 8 junior high schools that Kamakura municipal government did NOT take the samples of in 2012.

    The highest reading was 156 Bq/Kg in total of Cesium-134/137. 156 Bq/Kg is 1.5 times much as the food safety limit.
    The measurement time was in August in both of the years. The cause is NOT known and Kamakura municipal government has made NO announcement either.

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