Officials: Typhoon caused significant increase in radioactive releases from Fukushima — Record levels of ‘highly toxic’ nuclear material found in ground outside reactor — Among the most poisonous substances at plant

Published: October 11th, 2014 at 12:23 am ET


Radioactive Analysis for Underground Water at Fukushima Daiichi, Oct 9, 2014:

Radiological Fact Sheet; [It’s] possible to dissolve Co-60… making it a potential inhalation or ingestion hazard… Inhaled Co-60 contamination can give high radiation dose to lungs… Ingested insoluble Co-60 can give high radiation dose to the intestinal tract, while soluble Co-60 distributes fairly evenly through the body… “hot” particles can give very high dose locally, in area of particle… 45% of Co-60 that enters the blood is evenly distributed through the body…

Michael Maqua, nuclear expert and head of plant engineering at GRS, Oct. 10, 2014: Over the past days, the concentration of radioactive substances in the groundwater has increased significantly at some of the plant’s measuring points and, according to TEPCO, this was caused by the recent heavy rains… Contaminated water… is in fact constantly reaching sea water… caused, for example, by leakages in building structures

From Oct. 6: Typhoon triggers alarm at Fukushima — Warning of leakage at Units 1, 3

Published: October 11th, 2014 at 12:23 am ET


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163 comments to Officials: Typhoon caused significant increase in radioactive releases from Fukushima — Record levels of ‘highly toxic’ nuclear material found in ground outside reactor — Among the most poisonous substances at plant

  • Co60 is a nasty carcinogen, it is thankfully less than 6 years half life, but in that time is a volatile metal. Iron can attract it, so blood is mainly the carrier. Cs137 in the mix also, explains the strong purple color in a diffraction grid when there is a lot overhead.

    Thanks out to Doc for this Co60 info,

  • Crickets Crickets

    After the storm passes, I'm guessing we'll be hearing the "Nuclear energy's finest hour" nonsense. Oh wait, that was reserved for the original disaster..OK…"Nuclear energy's second finest hour."

    • Dick Shenary

      Crickets – Nuclear energy – What finest hour or hours? Would that be Hiroshima or Nagasaki? How about Santa Susana or Fermi 1? What about Rocketdyne in Colorado? Was this nuclear powers finest hour? Don't forget TMI, Chernobyl, and Fuku. Nuclear power's finest hour will be on the day people shut down the last remaining nuclear power plant. No other response to "What was nuclear power's finest hour?" is rational or appropriate.

      • Dick Shenary

        It actually says a lot that various nuclear supporters claim that 3/11 was nuclear powers finest hour. Apparently they cannot think of any event or occurrence that was finer. So yes, the nuclear world's finest hour is also the world's worst nuclear accident. Talk about cognitive dissonance. The people that hold these opinions must be walking conflicts.

      • Rocketdyne Simi Valley California report proposing a 'greenwash' for clean up. I would say it is about time since the meltdown happened in 1959. Even an image of the melted fuel rods included. So folks even a small reactor accident is very long lasting.

        • We Not They Finally

          They apparently NEVER clean Rocketdyne up. Michael Collins ( has done the best work on that. They built a public park there (no kidding!,) but have made people sign health release forms to go picnic in the park! They tried to do that to a girl scout troop (how could I make this stuff up?,) and it was so insane, that the outing got cancelled.

          • Dick Shenary

            Somehow I suspect that the nuclear industry cannot clean-up any area that has been severely contaminated. Does anyone know of even one large completely successful remediation?

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              @DS; Sure there's a "successful" story of severely contaminated land! The story of the success enjoyed by Phillip Morris Corp. They continue to buy cheap & enjoy great profits via their arrangement with Kazakhstan tobacco farmers to purchase the tobacco planted to leach the soil of radioactive Chernobyl isotopes in a remedial effort to make the agricultural lands become suitable for growing food crops someday! I try not to indulge in their products despite smoking cigs,which is my only real vice to speak of,although I've more than likely guaranteed to have already sealed my fate in the process??!! If smoking was bad before 311,imagine how much worse it is with Fukushima'a Shitium included in the list of compounds known for the connection to cancer[s]?! 🙁 I have only myself to blame for the tumors I declined to follow-up on per Dr.'s advice with biopsies & treatments and contrary to a certain haughty swine's assertions & worthless opinion that I or anyone already dealing with dying loved ones who WERE & WILL continue paying for nuclear power's lack of ability to control or contain their shitium isolated from the food chain/water sources they're sick or dead from. Bad habits like my smoking don't allow logic or my conscience to attempt to blame nuclear for ALL cancers,but that has NOTHING to do with my assertions & medical evidence as it's worded in my wife's case file that her rare,aggressive instance & form of cancer being attributable to Fukushima/311!!:( …

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Talked w. someone who worked at the RocketDyne facility in Southern California. He has since made a career change.

            We got on the subject of Fukushima and Southern California. He said there were multiple toxic waste spills on site. Rocketdyne used to do a lot of missile testing and weapons development at the site. The pollution there is more than "just" radioactive waste. The person said the entire site is highly toxic, and he wonders if he'll develop some strange cancer or other disease from toxic exposure during this work there.

            And there are supposedly plans to build housing on part of the former site?

            No wonder Erin Brokovich and others in the area are up in arms.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

            • Crickets Crickets

              One of the drought-related stories I've recently read had to do with finding new sources of water for Southern California. The author mentioned a possible cleanup of the aquifer underneath Simi Valley. Are these people insane, or what?

            • LA Times snippets of actions taken against RD activity results in Simi in the 1959 era.


            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              @HoTaters;+311! The actual magnitude of US domestic nuclear disasters in comparison to what's officially reported[?] Did you know that the herd of white reindeer that USED to roam the grounds of the DOE facility I'm near & which you also had too close for comfort before leaving the same SW Chicago suburbs has been "removed" from Argonne's grounds altogether? I also have a "friend" who used to work there @ the DOE facility before going back to his home country of Japan to take a leading role in operations @ 1-F. He toldme the herd of Scandinavian "Albino reindeer" was culled after instances of illegal poaching of the animals created panic at the facility over the known RAD total body counts of the species imported for the expirement they were chosen for as representative of the total absorbed doses livestock in contaminated regions would receive! They allegedly got rid of the herd in short order to prevent the potential removal of any animals likely to display scary-high levels of contamination that would've scared the crap out of the local residents,especially those nearby whose water comes from wells rather than Chicago's treated Lake Michigan tapwater. BTW,it IS a "park & recreation" area which surrounds the grounds there & he also spoke of the post-311 increased radioactivity @ Red Gate Woods,Cook County,IL Forest Preserve District and late-March to April workplace alarms/detections that sent employees home later confirmed was Fukushima fallout too[?]! 😐

              • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                p.s.,sorry I forgot the OT threads were up & running again or I'd have posted there. I don't want to be thought of the same way as a certain swine who is also a "bore"! The creepy "MFer" & his lack of acceptable sources for his fact-chucking is annoying,but laughable as he neither has the Phd.,"elite" status or level of intelligence/credentials to have earned the right to speak against the realistic,logical stance against nuclear here and is a "free-lancing,nuke-puke wanna-be",likely an embarrassment to those he's trying to impress and/or earn Brownie points towards getting a job sweeping the floors & shoveling shitium at a nuke facility & highly unlikely to be "officially" representative of the caliber of personnel they'd hire to come here & speak for the offending industry. A "teacher"?? NOT!,Who'd hire someone so lacking in the field he claims to have expertise in when he's such a slowboy he claimed repeatedly to not be socref,moe foe,etc.,etc.,etc.& yet "slipped-up" in the wee hours of the morning via yet another unsolicited reference to Goffman's work??! LOL! Strictly Micky Mouse amateur hour & way out of his multiple persona's league under any assumed screen name & falsely claimed doctorate degree's,etc. in his alleged field of study!Any serious questions posed to him either go unanswered or can be found in Wikipedia or someone else's work. "Teaching science for fun" is his ONLY option since all 6 of him don't have the IQ of even 1 of the…

                • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                  bananas he tries to peddle here!! It almost is scary that someone so incompetent "might" actually have a good day @ "acting" during a job interview at a REAL nuke facility where he could really harm millions of people & ruin thousands of square miles of vital land & freshwater supplies??!! Hopefully even the sharpest tack in the box of elite nuke-puke executives doing interviews won't miss the same signs of his lying BS & "fakeness" before hiring him to a position that could harm millions??!! I won't be mentioning much about him again since he's already wasted too many good peoples time & diverted attention away from real threats during time better spent keeping an eye on REAL issues instead of feeding his need for attention. I wonder when they'll send someone who actually has a brain & can organize & keep track of the lies that kept nuclear alive all this time? This Catt is a rank amateur "hobbyist" with a face for radio. I hope he finds a new hobby soon,but don't particularly care or plan to read any more of his garbage or post about him in ANYthreads or manner again. Take Care peeps & thanks for helping "out" the fool!…again… 🙂 TTYL

        • Dick Shenary

          O – good post. “Third parties who endorse Boeing’s vision for open space at the SSFL site will be key to the media’s campaign,” the plan reads. “Third parties add credibility and authenticity and blunt allegations of greenwashing.” Translation – Shills and other useful individuals will be key to our propaganda campaign. Shills add seeming credibility and help to stop criticism of greenwashing. Just like Rocky Flats, whenever the nuclear industry contaminates a large area for thousands of years, they think it a good idea to turn the contaminated area into a park where families and their children can enjoy themselves and people with pets like to exercise. Shame on you KB Homes for continuing to try and build a housing project at Runcle Canyon which is known to be contaminated from SSFL. Have you no regard for your clients other than their money?

        • Plutonium Mimics Iron In Body – 2 Million Times More Dangerous Than Uranium, MOX Planned For Use In All Future Nuclear Power Plants; via @AGreenRoad

    • Bay Area Guy 2

      The date for the after data was October 9th. Isn't that just for the first storm? I thought there was another one poised to hit Japan today (the 12th over there)? The last I saw on the Weather Channel, it was supposed to produce a lot of wind, but not as much rain.

      • Crickets Crickets

        It is confusing. Maybe we're just getting reports on the first storm as the second one approaches. In either case, it is obvious that Japan, including Fukushima, are prone to these powerful typhoons, in addition to powerful earthquakes and their offspring (tsunamis). How can we possibly think that nuclear energy, being so vulnerable to these natural events, is a good idea? Who pays for the futile, so-called cleanup of these crime scenes. Who pays for the coverup of the effects left behind? And what good do we get from this? Boiled water? This threat must be stopped. Better late than never.

      • This was for the last storm… Next storm is weakened now, but will trash even more ELEments around in the waves/wind. Still no increase here on the Mojave yet but SD Cali is glowing…They have/will change the law to 350 soon and or have… Something tells me they will change that very quickly to 1200 also. Why bother with the laws? Why not INFORM the public?

        625 CPM

        NETC.COM © 2014
        Station ID 4:915 San Diego, CA, US
        Click here for data charts
        CPM: current 625 Low 4 High 625
        Average 79, Deviation 115.3
        (CPM of Beta particles)

        Last updated: 2014-10-10 11:52:00

        • Even the currently inactive station NETC location list shows high last readings over the past couple days. There is a noticeable pattern of 3 day later increases after every large JP storm on the USA West Coast.

        • ISeePinkClouds

          Yes. Onto. Those numbers seem incredibly high to me. I got only 27 counts(10 neutron), in Carlsbad, NM, and I had all the symptoms of radiation poisoning. At my home, about 270 miles south of Carlsbad, I have a mean average count of 23 cpm(5 neutron), and I am very upset about it. It seems to me that an average count of 79 is extremely high. The old rule was at 50 cpm it was imperative to seek shelter. I would think that the people in San Diego would be showing signs of radiation poisoning if they have no place to go to get away from the radiation. Peace

          • Oh they are demonstrating signs trust me, I spent plenty of time in LA while being treated for skull cancer. So many were zombies even back in 2012. Many of them in the cancer center from SD were bad sick with horrible cancer legions. You see they never list that kind of thing as anything but the cancer. I see the western end of the valley here tonight has raised a bit, the station in Nye county is on rise status. Agreed 50 cpm dosimeter average is basically bug out time. But go where from here? Only much higher rads to the east, and ludicrous to the west. Ave is 69 to 87 in many stations out West now. San Bernardino is 71 ave currently.

            Radiation dementia I observe in way too many people right now, those who refuse to stop eating huge amounts of GMO trash and dairy products, they have very sore muscles, impossible to fight off weight gain even when basically starving and 'gout like' symptoms, are what we are hearing people we know complain about. All of the above are low dose symptoms, and there are plenty more ailments like skin sores, and pre cancer legions.

            As far as feeling strange from WIPP exposure. We flew at 33k feet (bit low for a commercial flight)over the area unavoidably while off our flight path due to storms. We have had the strangest nerve symptoms since. Good ole transuranic effect…

  • West Aussie West Aussie

    Secret Agent, Sooper Spy, is The man from Uncle-Daddy!
    The drama continues…just as it does at Fukushima as the harried officers of TEPCO's 'Rapid Radiation Response Squad (more simply known as the 'RS' squad) don smile masks and recite the TEPCO motto;
    "Um, we think we have a plan, That's in the can, Next to Super man, Unfortunately completely FUBAR, From all the Kryptonite with been boiling, Thanks for all your wishes, Bought some time and kisses, From Abe and his mistress, The nuclear lobby's bitches!"

  • check the 6-7 Oct graphs captured in twitter via in Japanese for prefecture radiation data, spikes recorded

  • Jet streams and ocean currents … toxins travel the world.

    Guess who is effected the most?

    Now, Get the Rad Word Out, Folks!

    Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too!

    These nifty cards are easy to print and pass out.
    Or leave randomly, where ever you please. Distribute liberally.
    Post to all social media. Side 2 stands alone with links

    Other easy resources and getting up to speed
    (The combat rads forum is also full of remediation protocols)

    While Y'All print and snip, Dana's Fuku voyage continues in B.C.

    • P.S. 22,346 downloaded Fuku card since June 2014…..

      23,610 "Likes" for ENENEWS since March 11, 2011.
      3 Fukushima meltouts: 3 years, 6 months, and 30 days later.

      1,310 days.

      All You Facebookers out there, Get the Rad Word Out and give ENE a "Like". Twitterers, Please Tweet away! Pin ENE every where and encourage everyone else to do so.

      So few still know. Start changing that today. TY

  • Ki11more Ki11more

    So very sick of the figures forever creeping up and up. In what appears to be almost in direct correlation to the ever upwardly creeping figures of 'safe' levels.
    Perhaps all of the world media missed the lecture proving there is NO safe level.
    Only incremental increase to the degree of danger posed…..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Typhoon caused significant increase in radioactive releases from Fukushima"

    And it will happen again the next typhoon ..and the next..and the next finitum.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Gabe, am hoping the pandemic thing won't happen. But the whole eugenics crowd scares me spitless. We're pretty much unable to do anything about it; if that's the underlying agenda. Our immune systems are already so hammered it probably wouldn't take much to kill many of us off.

      After the H1N1 debacle (Czechoslovakia, Bayer) don't have much faith in Pharma cures for anything.

      Can you say engineered organism?

      Vaccines are definitely off the table for me and my family.

      Don't these people realize there is already a giant threat looming, which threatens to destroy mankind and life on earth? Fukushima & all the other nuclear dumping, accidents, and nuke testing pretty much put the survival of all life on earth at risk.

    • 4Yahshua

      10~11~5996 (out of 6000) Sabbath in this "Silent Armageddon"!
      Last Evil Days of "Manmean"! Yes, Yahshua the Messiah returns
      VERY SOON! HalleluYah! Hebrew: Praise ye Yah!

      Did I mention this to you before? Taking NAC (Cystein, an amino acid) was proven to prevent H1N1 flu back around 2008. It also improves lungs and the immune system. Adult: 120 mg. day Child: 60 mg. day Swanson Vitamins It may do A LOT more for us. We have taken this since early 2009 and have not had the flu. Olive leaf extract is supposed to be good for fighting radiation as is boron and iodine.

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        Thanks 4Yahshua. I've been taking olive leaf for b/p. Glad to hear that it might help with radiation effects. Also taking iodine.

        Did you know that in ancient Hebrew language the "Y" was an "I", and over time the "I" changed to "Y"?
        In older Hebrew the name IHOH later was changed to Yahwey.

        For interesting language reading see introductions to "Hebraic Tongue Restored" Part 1 and Part 2 by Fabre D'Olivet

  • Dick Shenary

    How did we get to this point? A little history can be helpful:
    "Nuclear weapons plants in the US began operating in 1943, and power plants first started in 1957. From the outset, the fission process generated huge amounts of highly radioactive waste, regardless if the reactor was used to make nuclear weapons or generate electricity. Even before reactors started, scientists knew this waste would be produced, but no plan for maintaining waste was made.(Still the case today) At first, such a plan was seen as an obstacle to the breakneck pace of creating nuclear weapons for WWII and for the cold war arms race. Atomic bombs were needed as fast as possible to ensure national security, and the lack of a plan for radioactive waste, while a problem would not be allowed to stand in the way of this goal." Mad Science 2012 Joseph Mangano

    • Shaker1

      Well, Dick, seems scientists aren't immune to faith and hope, or the mesmerization of technology, are they?

      The Gods Knew

      The mechanism still exists.
      Myth abounds; our minds
      haven't physically changed.
      Language and its use,
      obsession with concrete definition
      that moves beyond single words
      to sentences and paragraphs
      in books filled with understanding
      is no denial of the creativity of experience
      and communication of shared analogue.

      We've tried to explain away the gods,
      reach for their power
      in the 'primitive' mind,
      yet cannot release ourselves from words,
      so the informed vision eludes.
      It's quite sad to view
      what little remains
      of gods wasted
      to memory and misunderstanding.

      Their forms are barely visible now for all too many;
      there on the horizon
      they occasionally turn their faces to us
      that the insightful may still gaze upon glory.
      The gods were sacrificed,
      the rite turned inside-out,
      that we may attempt to explain ourselves away
      in rash discourse among ourselves.
      The scepter has passed.

      The gods are gone

      • Dick Shenary

        Scientists like all other humans are most certainly subject to bias, mistaken beliefs, and prejudice. It is the scientific methodology that attempts to overcome these shortcomings.

        • Shaker1

          Of course, Dick, and I've nothing against attempting to minimize predjudice and superstition, but to add science as a predjudicial background itself is also a grave mistake. There seems to be a couple of different scientific philosophies at work here. There is the scientist who might study and observe events in attempts to learn and understand the environment in which we live. Then there is the scientific meddling that moves into motives that become tainted by exactly that type of human bigotry that destroys with technology and ignores (or has faith in their ability) to ignore predicted consequences. Nuclear power is born of dubious lineage, was conceived in the worst motives, a product of mating saints with syphilitic prostitutes. When the kid turns out bad, is it just the prostitute who is responsible? Science even asks whether their partner has an STD, yet screws it anyway claiming foolproof protection of objectivity. (Oh, it can't be my child!) Technology raises the child alone.

          What's so difficult to understand or observe that while radioactivity is pervasive naturally, our presence here is not based upon segregation and collection of radioactive substances. How can one stand in innocence intimate in knowledge yet silent, or claim to be an innocent observer? They, in essence at that point are the least objective of all. Objectivity beyond controlled situations is a chimera, a ghost they cannot exorcise. One doesn't live in a controlled world. Who in hell are the…

          • Shaker1


            If science is going to stand as some uninterested party (beyond their curiosity) and take no ethical stance beyond an objectivity that really doesn't exist, they need to live in my world. I have to be responsible for my children. We, for our part, need to exercise better choice of partner for those self-declared saints if they can't make the choice themselves.

  • Sol Man

    All resulting from a collapse of the human spirit in favor of collections of corporations that dole out blood money in order to influence legislation/regulations that continue to ensure profits at the expense of everything else. Yes, EVERYTHING!

    A poster here had noted the increase of violence in crime and that of the police/security people/domestic groups seemed to correlate to the beginning of the nuclear tests. Why might this be?

    Citizens realized, with immense frustration, the loss of their personal sovereignty and the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones as the banker/corporatist/politico partnership created recipients of taxpayer money in perpetuity.

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    … oh, and I forgot death oriented…

  • Dick Shenary

    People have been the opposing the construction of long term nuclear repositories in their back yards for a long time. But what they don't realize is nuclear contamination transcends both human time frames and their silly preoccupation with their local area. Not IN MY Back Yard(Nimby). Is Fukushima or Chernobyl, for that matter, in your backyard? When it comes to nuclear waste and contamination, the slogan should read: Not In My World(Nimw).

    • Crickets Crickets

      Probably the first misconception that needs to be addressed with the masses, that our world consists of borders and policies that somehow are confined to those borders. It's hard to imagine, but most people probably conceptualize the world this way. It's all part of the conditioning we receive in school and by the news media and propaganda machine where the wheels are turning 24/7, 365 days a year. What an uphill climb we have to turn this ship around. I sometimes think it's not possible.

  • Dick Shenary

    What if there is no "good" way to store high level nuclear wastes, especially in the amounts that NPPs produce yearly? The longer we run these plants the worse the problem becomes. You could say we are fuked. I could never quite understand why a slang word (f__ked blanked out letters for the kids – you know who you are)is used to described a bad situation. However, the word fuked makes all the sense in the world. Click "add to dictionary" the next time you see the word fuked with red underline.

    • Dick, it is my belief that nuclear waste or discarded components can not be stored safely over time due to materials degradation. The metals and concrete pounded by hot rads over years become severely inadequate for containing toxic isotopes….if there was a safe solution, they'd have found it by now. But, in the 70+ years of researching and producing nuclear energy and weapons, no one has found the solution. It's a real shame people were convinced nuclear was a good deal to begin with.

  • The conspiracy behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming myth (aka AGW; aka ManBearPig) has been suddenly, brutally and quite deliciously exposed after a hacker broke into the computers at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (aka CRU) and released 61 megabytes of confidential files onto the internet. (Hat tip: Watts Up With That)

  • Jebus Jebus

    Any natural climate variations in temperature are being assisted higher by the millions of gallons each day that each and every one of the reactors on this planet heat up to planet killing temperatures and then attempt to cool inadequately, before dumping it in it's tritium laced, ionized and sterile, higher temperature state back into this planets environment…

  • Dick Shenary

    Jebus – PWR and BWR reactors have an overall heat/energy efficiency of about 33 percent, so 67 percent of the heat produced is wasted and just goes into the condenser cooling water and ultimately into the environment. Even burning coal is much more energy efficient than nuclear. Of coarse, burning coal has enormous consequences as well. Burning anything, including atoms, to produce energy is not only inefficient but contaminates as well.

    • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

      Plus NPP only contributed 15% of the global electricity output in 2013 so there is not even an argument as to its importance to global electricity requirements.

      No the immense costs and damages to the global ecosystems and looooooooong term storage and handling requirements of the waste products do not have a cost/benefit ratio that would warrant any investment at all in an ordinary business model.

      Electricity production cannot possibly be the true motivation for this insanity

  • Jebus Jebus

    Yes, that is a very important fact.

    Whenever man tries to transfer his manipulated energy into daily work, he pollutes in the form of heat and lethal byproducts.

    When he takes the energy already around him and transfers it's energy to work, the heat and pollution are much less…

  • Dick Shenary

    People just don't seem to realize the extent of the problems we have with nuclear waste. How about a small thought experiment? Let us assume for the sake of argument, the huge Yucca Mountain repository is open for storage as of today. Given the enormous amount of nuclear waste on site at various NPPs within the US, it would take 20 years to safely move all of that waste into Yucca and Yucca would be full to the brim. Meanwhile a second Yucca Mountain would be needed to accommodate the waste generated during the filling of the first Yucca. This chain of Yuccas must never end as long as we keep creating these deadly materials. So, what do we have today to resolve these problems? – nothing, nada, zilch, 0 Yuccas. But, that doesn't stop us from making this crap. Nick would say "GMI" – global mass insanity and I cannot disagree.

    • and garbage in garbage out … I've been wondering about the required capacity to manage all known waste stream production, can you point me to some sort of inventory of expected waste….

    • An endless exponentially rising curve of Yuccas needed as more and more NPPs are built and activated.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      There can never be "safe storage" or "isolation" let alone "disposal" of nuclear waste. These terms are used to create the illusion of technological control over substances that are beyond human control. Some of the best minds have worked on this problem for decades, and their sophisticated solutions have consistently come up short, or worse, resulted in disaster (i.e. Hanford, WIPP, et al).

      The more nuclear waste and emissions we produce, the longer the earth will be condemned to potential and actual corruption of all life forms with ever increasing severity. It's a mad scientist nightmare experiment scenario that somehow has been allowed to proceed.

  • Dick Shenary

    2nd thought experiment – Imagine the large numbers of specially designed and expensive waste moving vehicles that will be needed just to move this crap. I have seen some designs of the NRC's vendor vehicles which must be designed to survive a train impact. Thousands of these vehicles will be needed for moving wastes. These "mobile Chernobyl" vehicles must make many trips without incident or more "national family parks" will be needed to hide contamination zones. It just doesn't get much crazier than this!

    • amberlight amberlight

      That is one of the reasons (the other being the movement of military equipment) for the overblown, destructive and unnecessary four-lane Hwy 101 Willits bypass that Caltrans has been shoving down our throats for decades. They deny it of course, but anyone who has been paying attention knows that the freeway infrastructure that criss-crosses this country is primarily intended for moving military machinery and nuclear waste.

      Most people naively think it was all put in place for their convenience, so they can do 70 MPH to get from their cooky-cutter McMansions to their daily grind in the city and to the suburban mall with its dazzling array of cheap, toxic Chinese crap… that is, when they are not backed up in hopeless gridlock.

      The American Dream has become the American Nightmare…

      • Dick Shenary

        amberlight – "The American Dream has become the American Nightmare…"
        Curious – Just when did this transition take place? Some have suggested this process began when nuclear technology rolled out. The development of governmental lying to the American public kicked into high gear during the arms race and shows no sign of let-up.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Started around 1913 when they legally taxed all comers by/through the force of law and if anyone owns their own business and then attempts to do his/her own taxes then these people are living in the pit of hell and truly a created by many others.. American Nightmare. 🙁

          This will not last much longer since the young ones won't take this type of mental forced abuse..

          • Dick Shenary

            Obe – Good point.

          • amberlight amberlight

            Hope you're right about the young 'uns, Obe. It is very encouraging to know quite a few young adults who are learning farming and mechanical skills, using alternative medicine, starting cottage industries, speaking up in public forums, etc.

            The PTB recognize this and are doing all in their power to keep us tethered to the dark side. I have observed a real dichotomy between those youth who are awake & aware and those who couldn't be bothered as long as their iPhones and their wardrobes are up to date. We need to mentor the youth while doing all we can to ensure that they have a future.

        • amberlight amberlight

          One benchmark for the decline was the introduction of corporate personhood into law in the late 19th century. (That coup has been augmented with the more recent Citizens United scam.) Next, 1913 saw the "Federal" Reserve & the 16th Amendment—both illegitimate—further erode our rights. Over time, Americans became more & more subservient to the "authority" of government with its increasing proliferation of alphabet agencies designed to obfuscate truth & benefit corporate monopolies.

          I see post-WW2 as the great dumbing down era. Born in 1944, mine was the first generation to be raised to believe that we didn't have to know squat about self-sufficiency: Food came from the grocery store and eventually the supermarket. Clothing came from a retail shop, eventually the mall. You called a "professional" to fix your broken appliances, from toasters to automobiles. Grandma's herbal wisdom was ditched for the omniscience of the medical industry, which has spawned Big Pharma, untouchable even by gov't regulations.

          Everything we now recognize as the death knell for us, our progeny, & all life on earth—GMOs, nuclear rads, EMFs, mercury, deforestation, etc.—has proliferated because We the People, in spite of the warnings of this nation's founders, swallowed the lie that government acts in our best interests.

          Many have awakened from the Deep Sleep, but can we put the brakes on this runaway juggernaut? The process won't be pretty or easy. Never is, but more so in…

        • humptydumpty humptydumpty

          Some say in 1963 with the JFK assassination. Others say in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. Indigenous Americans might say 1492 when Columbus (and other European plunderers) committed mass genocide and opened the way for mass immigration.

          • amberlight amberlight

            Well, I limited my remarks to events stemming from the establishment of the United States of America. The indigenous peoples were not Americans. This place wasn't "America" until a German guy came up with the quaint notion to name the entire western hemisphere after an Italian named Vespucci. Maybe we should call this the United States of Vespucci… or "Poochy," for short.

        • The nightmare started when the 'settlers' arrived; actually way before that..

          Violence, taking, stealing, and breaking treaties. Instead of sharing, conquering Nature, opposing all natural things and living in disharmony with the Earth, polluting everything for short term gain.

          Guess what? No one is taking any of that $$$ with them. Many act as if they will be rich, powerful and be able to kill whoever and step on the 99% forever. Wrong…

  • Dick Shenary

    Obvious – Here is one link to the government's spin machine: Waste stream production capacity is not a subject that the government likes to talk about as they currently have no answers to this problem. I understand that the Japanese are struggling with this same issue as all nuclear countries are.

  • Dick Shenary

    Don't let any shill tell you that waste fuel reprocessing will solve the waste problem. This simply isn't true. Uranium and Plutonium extracted from spent fuel rods comprise just a tiny fraction of the high level waste, which still must be segregated from the environment basically forever. Not only that but fuel reprocessing is an extremely dangerous and contaminating process that currently does not exist within the US. West Valley, NY, Morris, IL, and Barnwell, SC reprocessing facilities have all been closed due to high operating expense and contamination.

  • Dick Shenary

    Obvious – here is a starter for your research. A 1,000 MWe light water reactor generates about 27 tons of fuel waste per year. If they were all the same size, which they are not, the US would average approximately 2,700 tons of high level waste per year. And there is currently no place to store it except where it currently sits.

  • Lacsap Lacsap

    All isotopes (except Pu) decay to an stable toxic isotope, like Cesium 137 decays into stable Barium 137 which is toxic (stable means no more decay). Cesium 137 has a 30 year half life ones 30 years have past, 50% of the Cesium remains and the other 50% decays into stable toxic Barium 137 and does not go away by itself. So unstable radioactive isotopes only transform (decay) till they reach a stable toxic isotope, 100%Cesium -> 100%Barium (Pu to lead).

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      None of the actinides have stable isotopes, and there are 2 other elements that have no stable isotopes:

      "'The elements without any stable isotopes are technetium (atomic number 43), promethium (atomic number 61), and all observed elements with atomic numbers greater than 82.' (82 is Lead)"

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        These are the elements above 82. And they all have no stable isotopes:

        208.98 84
        [208.98] 85
        [209.99] 86

        **Actinoids ** 89
        [227.03] 90
        232.04 91
        231.04 92
        238.03 93
        [237.05] 94
        [244.06] 95
        [243.06] 96
        [247.07] 97
        [247.07] 98
        [251.08] 99
        [252.08] 100
        [257.10] 101
        [258.10] 102

        7 87
        [223.02] 88
        [226.03] ** 103
        [262.11] 104
        [265.12] 105
        [268.13] 106
        [271.13] 107
        [270] 108
        [277.15] 109
        [276.15] 110
        [281.16] 111
        [280.16] 112
        [285.17] 113
        [284.18] 114
        [289.19] 115
        [288.19] 116
        [293] 117
        [294] 118
        It didn't copy really well, but you can click on the link.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        And all the other elements which are not actinides, but above 82.

        • Lacsap Lacsap

          Just to avoid any confusion.. Cesium 137 isn't an actinides of course and isn't stable either that's why it decays. Actinides decay also (because unstable) and end up in a stable toxic isotope or lead. Some (alot) isotopes decay first into another unstable isotope before reaching a stable isotope (toxic or lead form).

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            Curium: The longest-lived isotope is 247Cm, with a half-life of 15.6 million years.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              Human Health Effects:

              Evidence for Carcinogenicity:
              “There is sufficient evidence in experimental animals for the carcinogenicity of mixed alpha-particle emitters (radium-224, radium-226, thorium-227, thorium-228, thorium-230, thorium-232, neptunium-237, plutonium-238, plutonium-239 (together with plutonium- 240), americium-241, curium-244, californium-249 and californium-252). /Radium, Plutonium, Americium, Curium, Californium/
              [IARC. Monographs on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man. Geneva: World Health Organization, International Agency for Research on Cancer, 1972-PRESENT. (Multivolume work). Available at: p. V78 478 (2001)] **PEER REVIEWED**

              “Internalized radionuclides that emit alpha-particles are carcinogenic to humans (Group 1). In making this overall evaluation, the Working Group took into consideration the following: Alpha-particles emitted by radionuclides, irrespective of their source, produce the same pattern of secondary ionizations and the same pattern of localized damage to biological molecules, including DNA. These effects, observed in vitro, include DNA doublestrand breaks, chromosomal aberrations, gene mutations and cell transformation. All radionuclides that emit alpha-particles and that have been adequately studied, including radon-222 and its decay products, have been shown to cause cancer in humans and in experimental animals. Alpha-particles emitted by…

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                Alpha-particles emitted by radionuclides, irrespective of their source, have been shown to cause chromosomal aberrations in circulating lymphocytes and gene mutations in humans in vivo. The evidence from studies in humans and experimental animals suggests that similar doses to the same tissues – for example lung cells or bone surfaces – from alpha- particles emitted during the decay of different radionuclides produce the same types of non-neoplastic effects and cancers. /Americium, Plutonium, and all other alpha-emitters/…”
                [IARC. Monographs on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man. Geneva: World Health Organization, International Agency for Research on Cancer, 1972-PRESENT. (Multivolume work). Available at: p. V78 478 (2001)] **PEER REVIEWED**

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              Mag: Curium and plutonium outside Fukushima plant indicate nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — Broken spent nuclear fuel rods may have been scattered
              December 17th, 2011
              “…Our conclusion therefore is that it [explosion of Reactor 3] may have been a nuclear explosion….”

  • rogerthat

    COMMENTARY: Now is the time to listen to nuclear pessimists
    October 12, 2014

    By NAOHITO MAEDA/ Senior Staff Writer

  • rogerthat

    The government is considering freezing certification of new large solar power projects planned under the so-called feed-in tariff system, people familiar with the matter said Saturday…

    Under the feed-in tariff system, utilities are obliged to purchase power generated from renewable sources at fixed prices.

    The system's introduction in July 2012, following the Fukushima nuclear crisis in March 2011, caused new suppliers to flood into the solar power business…

    The ministry will also propose allowing higher prices for electricity from other energy sources, they said.


  • weeman

    The main difference between Fukushima and Chernobyl, the corium is not in contact with water, why do you think the Russians put so much effort into making sure corium did not reach ground water and built a cover over site to stop rainwater from coming in contact with corium, dispersion into surrounding environment.
    It is going to be virtually impossible to stop ground water and rain from undulating site, you would have to control the whole watershed, as they built on underground river and built foundations below sea level.

    The ice wall should be around foundations of building and make the buildings airtight, pump out contaminated water as you increase air pressure, until you have enough pressure to prevent water from entering basements.
    What ever corium is still in the building at least will not be in contact with water, even if it is ex building, a certain amount of corium will remain, small steps is mitigation, it is all we have,.
    Comments welcome.

    • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

      What makes FD so much more lethal to the entire globe than all the other nuclear and toxic substance dumping and cover-up combined
      The SFP of all 6 of the reactors at FD are now gigantic Multi-Thousand Ton chunks of Corium directly exposed to the weather and every rain and windstorm is dispersing radioactive isotopes and hot particles into the air, groundwater and air

      Unit 4 had approx 2.28 Mw of decay heat from the fuel bundles That is 228 MILLION watts of energy every hour. The average FD cooling pool is 375,000 gls.
      No power=no circulation so the boiler math is 188Kw heats 500gls 140f in one hour
      1 Mega watt = 1000 Kw
      1 Mega watt = 1,000,000 watts
      1 Kilowatt= 1000 watts
      2,800,000/188,000= 14.8936

      375,000/500=750/14.8936=50 hours to raise 375,000 gals of non circulating water 140 degrees. Of course with evaporation and all the other factors of heat absorption/reflection etc. etc. the number is actually smaller but we don’t have all the specifics for that calculation.

      NRC guidelines indicate that the Spent Fuel Cooling Pools be maintained at below 60c or 140f assuming a start temp of 140f the pool temp only needs to be raised 72f to achieve BOILING and only about 45f to begin turbulence associated with what most know as SIMMERING on your stove top.


      • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

        Sorry the figures were revised down by Tepco and I missed that.
        2,280,000/188,000= 12.1276

        375,000/500=750/12.1276=61 hours to raise 375,000 gals of non circulating water 140 degrees.

        So if we only have to raise our water 72f that is around 31 hours with no circulation that boiling temperatures are achieved however there is substantial loss of water due to evaporation which reduces the protective shielding which is the primary purpose of the water, and so you now have lots of un-absorbed energetic particles also flying around adding to the heat and overall turbulence and instability of the pool racks and rods themselves.

        • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

          At high temperatures the absorber rod will deform or balloon and locally contact the Zircaloy guide tube. As a result of chemical interactions, the stainless steel cladding of the absorber rod will fail. The released molten (Ag,In, Cd) absorber alloy will then attack the Zircaloy of the guide tube and fuel rods and dissolve (liquefy) it much below its melting point[1]. The absorber rods in Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) consist of boron carbide (B4C) pellets or B4C powder in thin walled stainless steel tubes. The absorber rods are contained in a four-bladed stainless steel assembly. Four fuel rod bundles, each surrounded by a Zircaloy flow channel box arranged around the cross-shaped control element (Figure 1). The boron carbide/stainless steel system is not stable thermodynamically, Le. chemical interactions have to be expected to take place. Under normal reactor operation conditions the limited chemical interactions between B4C and stainless steel can be tolerated.
          But the question is how the absorber rods behave chemically at temperatures which have to be assumed to prevail in severe reactor accidents.

          • weeman

            I take it you believe that the fuel pools all evaporated and melted into the ground, then why am I communicating with you, you should be dead?
            Going by the potential fuel load in all the SFP and the vapiourization of radioactive substances incorporated in such?
            That is the madness of atomic atom, nonsense, does not compute, not worth the risk, dead end technology and us with it, of we don't see the light?

            • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

              They all experienced PCMI to some degree but no they did not melt into the ground and what does any of this have to do with you communicating with me and why would I be dead?

              Seriously please try and understand what is happening in reality and stop buying into all the BS hype

              • weeman

                Because 97 percent of the potential energy is still encapsulated in spent fuel rods and they have 30 years of spent fuel in pools, what was in reactors is a drop in the bucket and I was pointing out, if spent fuel pools went into full meltdown, none of us would be here.
                Be well and no disrespect intended.

            • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

              Here is my question to you weeman and all you other Enenewswer's, why isn't everyone else understanding this simple fact?

              Sorry but the mathematics I used above are IMMUTABLE and the outcomes are the same ANYWHERE ON THIS PLANET ALWAYS!

              It's simple and undeniable, no power to the cooling pools means no circulation, no circulation means no viable heat removal, there is no other outcome possible, regardless of how many news reports or how many experts say otherwise.

              Also, it is an IMPOSSIBILITY IN THIS REALITY that there were any TEPCO workers driving around in a Fire Engine attempting to spray sea water into the reactor cores-huh TEPCO has admitted that there were at least three cores in critical heat flux and breaches of the containment vessels, no electrical device of any kind would have been functioning in that environment let alone a biological organism.
              The photos and videos are not from the REAL FUKUSHIMA DIACHII SITE and there has never been any reporters or anyone else for that matter walking around that site.


              The laws of physics are no different in Fukushima Diachii than anywhere else on this planet, and that being a FACT, there is no one walking around that site and never will be again-IMPOSSIBLE

              Just my conceited opinion of course, sadly there is going to be a day in the not too distant future when everyone else gets it, but it will be too late, its already too…

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    One website states that VonFong will still be at least a category1 typhoon when it reaches Fukushima with 90+KM per hr/130KMPH gusts with 36ft waves[?]! 🙁 If so,then I'd say those of us sharing concerns over the broken,tilting stacks looming above the less than durable remaining bldgs & rubble with SFP's still not emptied & transferred into the questionably chosen common spent fuel pool holding many other damaged fuel assemblies seems justifiable??!!
    I never knew how nuke-happy/money-mad Japan was until 311 and while that doesn't speak well of my powers of observation prior to my 311 wake-up call which was awakening to a nightmare come true that never ends but getting closer to the event/day it "ends" us!
    I don't know which storm,EQ,tidal wave,volcano,human error or unforseen circumstance will topple what's left of Fukushima's Halloween House of Horrors or even what's "left" to be released/dispersed & airmailed across the globe[?],but I suspect we're going to find out & sooner than we'd hoped to have to get our affairs in order??!! I've made plenty of mistakes in my life,had momentary lapses of reason and even panic/anxiety issues & display human faults/traits that'd exclude me from reaching some unrealistically high goals,self-expectations I'd set for myself. Having come to my senses re; 311/Fukushima as a slow-motion ELE & the ultimate proof that nuclear is & always was/will be the WORST idea ever deployed against our world proves my immunity to MSM…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      "hypnosis" & gullibility! I', both proud of my stance against the stupidity of the Atomic Age and resistance to absorbing/accepting the nuke-puke party line & streaming,spewing lies dripping from the lower lip of their hired,talking anuses. Most of us here have the described immunity to their brainwashing,"programming" technology and I'm proud of each & every "stone in Big Nuke's shoe"!! I'll continue on living in my harsh world or radioactive reality with the pain just the word "cancer" evokes & burns inside me like the memories of those who died for their "too cheap to meter electricity" & those VERY close to me whose lives are being torn apart & dying slowly & painfully before my very eyes as I type this. I'm proud of each & every one of you here with great horror & hurting inside. I almost feel sorry for any "pig" who gets off on our pain,mistrust & the anger & sadness the nuclear industry,their spokesturds,lobbyists & sell-out political leaders & so-called "Environmental/Regulatory" agencies have proven themselves to be! I'm a far cry from being someone whose done anything with my life that demands respect or should attract a following,but having planted the "seed" of knowledge & inspired a handful of people to inquire,research & draw their own conclusions that resulted in a few "unhappier",but much "smarter" & "grateful" friends did wonders for my lacking self-esteem despite the predominance of skepticism & apathy as well.THANKS 'NEWSERS!…

  • Dick Shenary

    Took me awhile to find – The United States is currently holding approximately 66 million metric tons of high level nuclear wastes. If current production levels don't increase, another 66 million metric tons will be added in 30 years time. Even if we were to shut down all reactors within the country today, the prospect of sequestering just the wastes that we currently have is daunting.
    I am afraid that this beastie is out of control. This does not bode well for the future of manunkind.

  • bo bo

    Vongfong just vanished. just like Neoguri ?

    I am sure it will take NHK and ministry of weather a bit longer, to admit it disappeared.. but good night for now 🙂

  • rogerthat

    'When can our children play outside again safely?'
    Rob Edwards speaks to former residents of the 'no return' zone
    Sunday 12 October 2014

  • rogerthat

    … "At least 25,000 people will never be able to return home, and this will have traumatic, prolonged and widespread consequences," said Maria Vitagliano, international programme director for Green Cross International, an environmental Red Cross active in Japan and set up by former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993.

    She added: "In Japan the catastrophe is continuing. Three years on, it is impossible to calculate the full dimensions of this disaster and its terrible consequences for the people. This is a catastrophe that will cause untold suffering for decades to come." …

    • rogerthat

      … It is a tragic disaster that is getting worse, according to Ikuko Hebiishi, a green councillor in Koriyama city, 34 miles from Fukushima Daiichi. The evacuations have torn families and communities apart, making people sick and depressed, she said.

      "The next Fukushima disaster could happen anywhere and anytime in Japan as long as nuclear power plants exist in our country. The co-existence of nuclear power and human beings is totally impossible."…

      A third government MP, Mineyuki Fukuda, did not deny when pressed that all the reactors could be re-opened. "They will have to meet new safety standards, and when they meet those standards, they will be opened," he said. "If they do not meet those standards, they will not be re-opened."

      But the government's attitude towards nuclear power infuriates many. "What makes me angry is that they don't regret what happened," said Yoshiko Aoki, who runs a community centre for Fukushima Daiichi evacuees in Koriyama.

      "It's the individual villagers who regret it, and that makes me very angry. They are all afraid of the hazards. They don't have a future and don't feel there is a possibility of going home."

      The tsunami was not the issue, Aoki argued. "The biggest problem is the nuclear catastrophe – and it is not only our problem. It is a problem for future generations and for the world."

  • rogerthat

    … Readings hit record highs at three points after rain caused by the typhoon, but the company said it does not know why.

    – more proof that radiation damages the brain

  • byron byron

    What if admin were to charge a credit or debit card $10? A ONE-TIME MEMBERSHIP FEE for most of us. But trolls would have to use a new credit card (with another real world name printed on it) each time they switch identity! The understanding of course is that the $10 charge for using the website is a contribution which carries no absolute permission to post. Other services do this all the time. If a member of .. service doesn't follow the rules they get kicked out and the money is Not refunded. So here, If the poster becomes troll-like they are gone. Their silliness just gave the website another $10. Maybe we could even do away with the two silly advertising spots.
    Imagine, trolls having to go through another $10 on a different credit/debit card each time they switch identity?..
    How many of you would put $10 on your debit card to do this? Please note that I have no difficulty with handles shown as who posted a message. Those would remain. This merely applies so that Admin can fix the website.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Byron, you got an idea?

    First of all the website is not broken and second of all I think we should only use your credit card. 🙂

    • byron byron

      Broken? Tired of trolls? Just hold them accountable. They behave or they have to go through and pay another $10. A source of income to not depend on the two silly adverts and maybe even upgrade the service. Anyone would still be able to read all the postings but postings that got Reported would reflect poorly on their registered members.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Why would we be tried of trolls? When they show up they are crushed with facts..they lose the argument every time. 🙂

    It's called "mental masturbation" just like when I do my stupid tax programs. Tax programs benefit no one except those who specifically write the silly tax code and thus a complete waste of human resources all the way down the line. 🙁

    Trolls give us all good "mental masturbation" of a different flavor, since they pull the real truth directly to the surface for all to see from the other posters on this site.

    The truth is that Nuclear Power Technology is a bad technology that is currently destroying the Earth.

    There is good mental masturbation and there is bad mental masturbation. 🙂

    The current USA tax code in form is very, very bad mental masturbation. 🙁

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    oops..Why would we be "tired" of trolls?

  • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

    If they cannot work around Chernobyl, except for just few MINUTES AT A TIME, even after putting down huge lead plates, and considering that Chernobyl is already covered in TONS of Zeolite and a Concrete Sarcophagus, and Chernobyl is a TINY 77 TONS OF CORIUM, how is it that any of you pretty smart people here on the ENENews Forum, CAN POSSIBLY BELIEVE THAT THERE IS ANYONE WALKING AROUND AND WORKING ON THE FUCKUSHIMA DIACHII SITE?

    Admitted facts=Three melted cores each 140 TONS OF CORIUM, all within 1000 or so feet of each other, not covered in Zeolite, or sand or Concrete, maybe the fantasy story about Kevlar Panels is true, but those only cover the rooftops and the side walls, according to Tepco, those corium cores are in the ground, what Fukushima Diachii radionuclides only go straight up?

    Sorry people, but time to grow up, and try to think for your selves about the simple facts just presented here, and then ask again,


    There had to be a pretty significant reason to cause the Japanese Government to pass the Secrecey Act didn't there?

    The melted cores could not possibly be that reason could they? NO THEY COULD NOT! Why? Well cause that is what everyone TALKS ABOUT ALL THE TIME. NO SECRET THERE IS THERE?

    I am just amazed, especially since there is never any meaningful discussion or rebuttal of any of the information and statements I post-I find that to be very…

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