Officials: Unprecedented disease outbreak to blame for dozens of bald eagles deaths — “A major development.. really kind of undocumented” — Concern virus may have mutated — Brains hemorrhaging, immune systems not fighting it off, why are they now more susceptible? (VIDEO)

Published: January 1st, 2014 at 1:56 pm ET


Los Angeles Times, Dec. 28, 2013: At first, the [Utah Division of Wildlife Resources] disease scientists guessed that the illness could be encephalitis, which is caused by the West Nile virus, but later ruled out that possibility.

Though according to the Dec. 28 report in the L.A. Times, scientists “ruled out that possibility”, Utah officials now say West Nile virus is the killer:

Reuters, Dec. 31, 2013: An unprecedented wintertime outbreak of West Nile virus has killed more than two dozen bald eagles in Utah and thousands of water birds […]  Some 20,000 of the water birds have died in and around the Great Salt Lake since November in an outbreak that may be a record in North America, [Leslie McFarlane, Utah wildlife disease coordinator] said. […] the epidemic in Utah may be unprecedented in North America for the masses of birds killed over a broad geographic area and for the number of bald eagles affected, said McFarlane. […] Additional testing of grebes and eagles is underway to shed more light on the mix of factors that converged to trigger the extensive die-off […]

NBC News, Dec. 31, 2013: “It’s actually very surprising that this is the conclusive result,” Leslie McFarlane, wildlife disease coordinator for the Utah DWR told NBC News. […] they may have been exposed by consuming infected eared grebes, a member of the grebe family of water birds, that recently died on Great Salt Lake. The disease usually affects birds during warmer months, when the mosquitoes that carry it are active, according to the report. “So this is an unusual time to document West Nile viruses because it’s cold and we don’t have mosquitoes circulating,” McFarlane said […]

Leslie McFarlane, Utah wildlife disease coordinator: “This is really kind of undocumented. Eagles have been known to feed on birds infected with West Nile virus but the transmission hasn’t happened on this large of a scale. And the total number of birds we’re talking about is on a grand scale that may not have been seen before.”

Salt Lake City Tribune, Dec. 31, 2013: […] it has never been reported in December. “This is a major development. This is not typically a time we would expect to see West Nile virus. We monitor West Nile every year, but during mosquito season. This is an unusual event,” said Leslie McFarlane, wildlife disease specialist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR). “It is concerning and something we will have to watch for going into the future.” […] [DaLyn Erickson with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah in Ogden said “It’s] basically up to the bird’s immune system if they can fight it off.”

Utah Public Radio, Dec. 31, 2013: Officials aren’t sure how the grebes got the virus or why the eagles have been more susceptible to the illness […] [Assistant State Veterinarian Warren] Hess said wildlife officials are looking into the possibility that the virus has mutated. […] “West Nile virus, what it’s doing to these birds is it’s attacking their central nervous system. Causing hemorrhages to occur in their brain and in their spinal cord” […]

Watch the NBC broadcast here

Published: January 1st, 2014 at 1:56 pm ET


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77 comments to Officials: Unprecedented disease outbreak to blame for dozens of bald eagles deaths — “A major development.. really kind of undocumented” — Concern virus may have mutated — Brains hemorrhaging, immune systems not fighting it off, why are they now more susceptible? (VIDEO)

  • RememberThis RememberThis

    More song and dance…we all know whats killing them…..

  • dka

    Ouch, oddly resemble the US Reagan sailors and Eastern Japan citizens health issues. So it painful to say this but the way it is describes the health issues seem to be rooted in Fukushima radiation spread poisoning.

  • markww markww

    US. GOVT orders 14 million doses of radiation protection tablets


  • dka

    Can't wait to get the results of the test for west nile virus.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    The sugar coating is coming on strong, can't say any think linking to Fukushima or back to all the labs like Berkly or MIT! When it their pets & their kids what will they blame on then?

  • Socrates

    Eagle RAIDS – Radiation – induced immunodeficiency – maybe the West Nile virus has nor infected the Eagles but was from stomach contents, or West Nile virus has mutated enough to jump into a new species with a weakened immune system.

    It clouds the clinical picture for many diseases to dump radiation all over the planet in above-ground testing and Chernobyl and Fukushimas. Wait until Hanford hits the Columbia River.

    "Nature" has been "denatured."

    • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

      They fly so high don't they, breaks my heart to see this. What really got to me was the dolphins, remember, who were jumping in their 100's or 1000's? Who could ever count them, swimming up the wrong river.. and all the tourists were clucking with glee.. and had not a clue.. nor were able to put 2 + 2 is done here. It's horrid to see all this.. and more's to come for sure.

  • Sickputer

    So they ruled out West Nile, but then decided it was their best cover story.
    They need to hire some more inventive liars. But the 99% sheeple will accept any crap you put in front of them.

    Doesn't matter… The propaganda agents for the government will not escape the verdict of history.

    • Grampybone Grampybone

      Once contamination reaches a tipping point in the ocean, predatory birds immune systems are next on the list of casualties. Next are livestock and humans.

      • bo bo

        Reposting :

        First they came for the starfish but I didn't care because they are just in the bottom of the ocean. Then they came for the sea lions and dolphins, but I didn't worry because I can still see them at Sea World. Then they came after the bald eagle but I didn't even notice because they were disappearing anyway. Then they came for me, and it was too late.

        grampybone is right… those of you thinking 'boo hoo… no more seafood'… all the fish that is too radioactive for human consumption even by the radically relaxed radiation standards in yhe U.S. (thanks to Hillary and Gina McCarthy) will be thrown right into the feeding tubs of livestock and also turned into fertilizer for 'organic farming'. of course, those have been following enenews is aware if that, but just repeating it here again for those who might be just starting to read up on this now.

        • bo bo


          radiation standards of the U.S.
          those that have been following enenews are aware of that

          Sorry I got worked up 🙁

          • Grampybone Grampybone

            The limits of acceptable radiation were raised to a point where nuclear workers could be allowed lethal exposure level. They then proceeded to use the model of deregulation for the public as well. "The radiation is small so it won't hurt you." Has been the logic all along. "Alpha particles travel so quickly so they are harmless." Just another sick myth used to suppress the truth that radiation is dangerous and has a 100% kill rate for cellular structures exposed. Chemo for the world…except the treatment just keeps on going for eternity.

          • Soylent Green, here we come.

      • lickerface lickerface

        Avoid chicken and turkey? Nobody has to answer this sad thought…

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    What is interesting is, that different life forms, respond in very different ways, to different toxins or contaminants. Who is to know (bar God himself, of course) what contaminant(s) or toxin(s) affected these eagles and how it actually affected them. We only see the end result and no lab tests are going to tell us, because they will never know either, it’s all happening so fast, for everyone. Here there and everywhere there are reports of stuff happening that no one understands.

    The accumulation of toxins over many, many years plus now, the nuclear fall out, on top of it all, must have wreaked havoc with their cells and bodies and this includes marine life too of course and us. DNA is cells.

    I’m forever watching programs which contain film of the surrounding countryside and it’s very rare, if I don’t see leaves that should be green, but are in fact spotted and looking weird.

    Everything is being adversely affected, slowly or quickly but surely. Everything is being touched by this worldwide contamination and it is impossible for humans to stop it now.

    Only the Creator has the power and the know-how to do anything g about it; it’s way beyond human capabilities.


      @ToBeExpected: obvious you're doing your best to merge this catastrophe with religious beliefs. While others may believe in an all-powerful-being, you do a disservice to such "Creator" with this inference that life would be destroyed in such indiscriminate manner. The suggestion that so many innocent life forms are to be sacrificed in the 'name' of the "Creator", is nothing-less than scurrilous.

      Regarding "…stuff happening that no one understands." I'd suggest you take the time to read the responses of your fellow commentators. You may discover, that aside from the shills, we're all in agreement to the underlying cause of these massive die-offs. As you're new to this site, you should be made aware, many have been predicting just such events, since 311. Avoid attributing your own ignorance, to those about you. In time, you may discover, this crowd is (by-and-large) far more informed about Fukushima, than most others on this planet.

      Given full access, resources and adequate funding, the international community could – conceivably – counter your death-cult belief that Fukushima is, "…way beyond human capabilities." GET POSITIVE!!!

      Finally. Please honor admin's request that we all avoid "religious" comments. If you cannot restrain yourself, at least have the decency to constrain such thoughts to the O/T forum.

      • We Not They Finally

        Aftershock, Tobeexpected never said that God APPROVED!

        Me, I've said periodically "God help us all," or "We need a miracle." Are you going to berate ME or call me "ignorant"?

        Get over yourself. There is a lesson here for you, too! It's called TOLERANCE.

      • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

        Hi Aftershock , I am very sorry if I offended anyone, or you, I see others like-minded who make comments here and on the FB page, who don’t get such a response as yours, but no mind, I am not offended. The suggestion that so many innocent life forms are to be sacrificed in the 'name' of the "Creator", as you state as what I have wanted to promote here is definitely not my agenda, nor have I ever stated that..nor will I ever. is humans who sacrifice each other and this beautiful planet to line their deep pockets, everyone knows that surely?

        What I was trying to say, was that with all the happenings, deaths of wildlife etc, folks apart from the ones on here of course, are baffled and blinded too, as to what is really going on. I am regularly in awe at the knowledge base here at this site, but see it as going nowhere, truth be told, as others too have stated. The damage is already done. Thousands of years of damage, already done.

        Positivism is a good thing in its place, but realism is better, for me anyway. Even the likes of Caldicott and Mueret have stated similar to me, on many occasions, and we have all seen their videos and commentaries.

        My comments aren’t religious, mainstream religion is a scam and a racket, as is the MSM, but what I state are thought provoking realities, the sun being a giant nuclear reactor for example, if you think about it. Others have stated similar, and I have yet to see them so slated, as you have me, but no mind.

        Thanks 4…


          appreciate your measured thoughts, ToBeExpected. I'd be the first to agree, higher forces are needed to intervene on our behalf. Only difference is, my take on how those forces work more-often-than-not, radically differs with more 'conventional' views.

          My other concern is that we honor the site's proscription against using it as a platform, for dogma. You're likely aware, some are shameless in their exploitation of other people's fears and conditions. By the time these people are done, we'll be passing the hat to pay for their rad-free diet and security guards. And keep in mind, these are the same people who've did little-to-nothing over the last seventy years, to stand-up against the very forces of 'evil' that got us here.

          So, I'll ask that you forgive my protecting others from being bamboozled by this "we're right and you're all lost souls" crowd. Unbeknownst to this same crowd of self-righteous 'salesman', we're all in this…

          • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

            Hi Aftershock once again, you are very welcome.

            I have I guess, non-conventional views, just like I don’t use conventional medicine. That is also a scam and a racket, with the guys and gals in their white coats lining their pockets too. I guess, it’s each to his own, and may we all continue to contribute to the discussions with our different ‘views’. I find them, the varied views on here fascinating and enlightening and I have learned a lot and I choose to share what I know that maybe others don’t, namely because others have done the same.

            I was interested to read your ‘higher forces are needed to intervene on our behalf. Only difference is, my take on how those forces work more-often-than-not, radically differs with more 'conventional' views’. Good for you Aftershock! If we all had hope only, in the conventional, what hope would there be for any thinking folks? And isn’t it true, the modus is to help folks to think!

            I have a hope and that’s what keeps me going and it looks like you’ve thought about that too. I look outside my box and look back at how man has ruined our beautiful home and then look up at the stars in wonder. These are the kinds of things make me think deeply and give me solid hope that there has to be a future, but it's not in man's hands.

            • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

              You know, I went out in my wheelchair today, in the rain.. terrified of every drop..and it's just started to rain again now, heavily… but then I am somewhat comforted because there's spirulina.. there's lipospheric vitamin C… to be had..there's the potassium iodide.. and I already have cancers (plural)on board.. I have to hang on to what I can, and if that can help anyone else, then I am happy to share it, how can I keep it to myself. Much love…


              awesome thoughts, ToBeExpected. Your balanced attitude is likely one of the few reasons (remaining) to why we're still enjoying life. Put another way, your ability to think for yourself is doing much to protect all about you; including those who are (currently) prevented from thinking for themselves.

              Though 'providence' came into play, it's become an honor to get your take on the issues. Guess the only thing I'd differ with, is it was never "…in man's hands." We just fooled ourselves into believing it was…

              • lickerface lickerface

                Yeah I've been terrified of the air outside at times, especially today when the average was 38 CPM for a two hour test. I had to just set it aside for today and use the new gas grill my parents provided, so I did what I could to smell the roses (spirulina, moringa, chlorella, vitamin C) and made some burgers. I'm taking a shower now after that outside exposure of course. Btw, we have a legitimate excuse to force our kids to bathe after playing outside. In the past, we let things slide and allowed dirty children to hit the sack. There's positivism in the lifestyle change necessary right now. I hope it works.

    • We Not They Finally

      Socrates said something very wise the other day: to not look so much at the pathogens, and more to the IMMNUITY. Remember that when AIDS first happened (just one virus — probably ma-made, yes, but just one virus)people were not dying of AIDS directly. It was abut "opportunistic infections," because the IMMUNE systems were being wrecked.

      There are analogies here. It' just also way more complex because there are SO MANY dangerous radionuclides, and some do specifically cause certain diseases. Like strontium-90 leukemia, I-131 thyroid cancer, plutonium lung cancer, and the like. But there are also tons of NON-cancer diseases caused by radiation. Like yytritium-90 (a "daughter of strontium-90) goes after the pancreas and causes diabetes.

      Very likely SOME radioactive isotope goes to those birds and/or the creatures they prey on.

      Well, The Devil (so to speak) never intended to make the detective work easy….

    • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

      to be expected, i know what you mean about the foliage, i used to ride my bike 16 miles a day back and forth to work, all along the way i was watching a slow motion death of all the plants and flowers. it is heartbreaking, and also, to lickerface. 38 CPMS, i understand how you feel too. today in sandiego it has been around 404, can't remember the last time under 350CPM. i am unemployed and broke and don't want to think about how long it will take till i get cancer. i wish i could just go south, but i'd have to do it on my bike. maybe i will, screw it. :p i am so thankful for this site, i would have been out of my mind without it.

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    I hope they started spraying those pesky snow mosquitoes that carry West Nile.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Have they looked at the western fuel flea?

    They are around more in the dusty summer conditions,
    but there is a subspecies that comes in with the winter snows…

  • We Not They Finally

    They could not think up something more creative than "West Nile virus"? C'mon, Utah, surely even you can do better than that….

    • KDM KDM

      Yeah at least use bird flu, that sounds more like a seasonal virus. Speaking of flu our area is having a terrible outbreak. Multiple strains including H1N1 leaving victims behind.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    A new batch of animals fall victim, all in the path of nuclear radiation.

  • Maggie123

    At risk of wearing out my welcome by bringing up Alberta's bitumen mining – my 'take' on some of these die-offs on land and water is that multiple factors from modern industrial/high-consumption are over-loading immune systems.

    Nuke industry is arguably the worst due to ways it can change genetics, but there's more 'out there'.

    These eagles have likely spent seasons raising young in and around Alberta's bitumen activity, (as per flyway map, previous ENE article).

    Consider tar sands toxins; quotes below from

    "… scientists have found that the (tar sand) area’s viscous petroleum deposits are surrounded by a nearly 7,500-square-mile ring of mercury.

    "Canadian government scientists …levels of mercury — a potent neurotoxin … found to cause severe birth defects and brain damage — around the region’s vast tar sand operations are up to 16 times higher than regular levels for the region.

    further down:
    "Environment Canada’s research on the mercury pollution reportedly suggested that tar sands development has created a “bullseye” of contamination, with the highest levels of mercury found in the middle. The research ..included indications ..the toxin ..building up in some of the area’s wildlife, .. elevated levels .. found in some birds’ eggs. Mercury pollution is particularly disconcerting because of its ability to bioaccumulate, …concentrated as it moves up the food chain."

    • Maggie123

      Flyway map here,

      3 of 4 colored paths shown are all precisely atop the most active bitumen mining/processing part of Alberta. Lesions and other wild life health issues are documented, especially from in and around lakes and waterways, especially Lake Athabaska.

      • amberlight amberlight

        Maggie, you are not wearing out your welcome and are spot on about the cumulative effects of our toxic environment. The fact that the so-called experts are trying to pin the mysterious disease on mosquitoes in the middle of winter in Utah shows how pathetic and desperate these industry shills are. No mention of either radiation or mercury poisoning, even though both are strong contenders as the cause. They must think we are all brain dead!


          from my reading, amberlight, these 'experts' are not suggesting that these die-offs are due to mosquito-borne diseases. They're saying that given the seasonal conditions, such suggestion (mosquitoes) does not make sense. I suspect they're on the precipice of admitting to what we've long suspected, that these inter-specie die-offs are RAIDs related. If and when this occurs (and I believe it's more an issue of when it occurs), confirmation that these deaths are RAIDs related will quickly snowball into an coordinated international response to Fukushima; at least, that's my hope for the up-coming year.

          Speaking of which. I hope you, too, have a safe and productive New Year…

        • Maggie123

          Greetings Amber, Aftershock:

          I'm personally convinced that tar sands toxins are first place to look for health damage to these eagles. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the flyway map at the ENE article a few days ago.

          The flyway map (ENE link in my short note above) does not show Lake Athabaska because the paths cover it. It's a good sized lake. The lake that shows above the flyway paths is Great Slave Lake, NWT.

          UNDER the path ends – is Lake Athabaska. That's where current extreme bitumen extraction has been underway for some years. I think it's highly likely these birds nest in/around where mercury levels are so high.

          I'd not be surprised if in this case radiation involved would be secondary. Thanks for patience with my "might not be radiation as first cause" argument.

          Amber – Yes, curious no press release speculations on Fukushima or bitumen related toxins. Especially curious since mercury level articles reached the press at about the same time. My guess is dedicated wildlife scientists are thinking of both these and aren't speaking up. It should be possible to confirm mercury at least, and we should hear "tests show no mercury". If we don't hear results from mercury tests it will be an 'odd' silence.

          Pressure is extreme to 'go easy' on anything that might challenge Canada's aggressive fossil fuel exploitation.


        wanted to jump in, Maggie123, and wish you a safe and productive New Year! Missed you…

        • Maggie123

          Thanks Aftershock for the New Year Wishes, and may yours also be good. "Safe and productive" it is – as best as we can make it so!

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      "If and when this occurs (and I believe it's more an issue of when it occurs), confirmation that these deaths are RAIDs related will quickly snowball into an coordinated international response to Fukushima; at least, that's my hope for the up-coming year"

      I hope you are right A.S , i dare not say more..

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Good article Maggie123 , i didden't realise canada was speeding up on the insane road to hell too …

        We here in europe always thinking canada was smarter than usa..guess not..

        "The Alberta government is handing over the regulatory responsibility for the province’s tar sands industry to a corporation that’s funded entirely by Canada’s oil, coal and gas industry."

        "The shift to the AER as the main environmental regulator in Alberta is part of the provincial government’s plan to streamline the approval process for oil companies. It’s drawn concern from environmentalists in Alberta, who are worried that the AER’s financial backing from the fossil fuel industry makes the group too close to the industry it’s supposed to regulate.
        Adding to their worry is the fact that the AER’s chairman of the board, Gerry Protti, is one of the founders of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, a major oil lobbying group.


        It blows the fuses in my brain again and again..

        • Maggie123

          Hi DID,
          Pro-fossil fuel industry pressure in Canada is immense. Federal government party-in-power is aggressively pro-development, as is Alberta and NE corner of BC, (both provincial govts in full support.) Many in BC, Alberta, and across the nation of Canada, as in US, actively work to slow down earth/life damage, but there's so much money flowing to support exploitation that "boom town mentality" prevails at local, regional, provincial and national levels. Privatization of public service schemes is also a constant pressure. It's distressing to be 'down here' watching them talk themselves into eroding what has served so well! Re Canada environmental issues, this site is informative:

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Yes Maggie, Money…, the more you have the more you want of it , its the Most addictif drug there is.. makes the brain so crazy you can wade tru rivers of human blood that got spilled because of you and still hum a relaxing tune dreaming about your personal future..
            And there seems to be no legal limit on how much of this craziness one human is allowed to expose himself too..
            The rotshills family alone , have enough money to feed and clothe the whole world , but don't think they ever take a brake from monopolizing more of it..
            Thanks for the link..

    • Ontological Ontological

      Thank you. I have pointed out in the past, that thanks to the oil sand threat, the USA is now surrounded in death. Rads from FUFU on Pacific, now rads from FUFU in Atlantic ocean. Toxins from corexit killing the east coast fisheries. The actual oil from the gulf spill killed that water. So dead zone after dead zone now surrounds the North American tectonic plate. Now due to the greed vision wisdom of an idiotic government, fracking has begun on the only land left alive!

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Boycotting renewables since the beginning , since its profits are not so easy to centralise..inequality is what makes the moneyjunk's boat float.. , is what has brought us today's realities..

  • shamwow shamwow

    I used to make resolutions on how to live better in the year ahead. Now I just hope that the New Year is not much worse then the last year. Eagles are dying, starfish melting and fish vanishing.

    The frog is getting boiled oh so slowly.

    (No actual frogs were used in this metaphor)

    • lol..

      Save the frugs…

      the fumes from the fracking, oil sands, radiation, chemtrails, GMO's, pesticide spraying, mosquito spraying, car exhaust, coal power plant, are making heads get foggy and dizzy…

      The force is growing weaker, and dimmer. But the light is still there.

      Do not go to the dark side… there is still hope.

      • Fred

        Yet, anywhere you suggest fuel and/or electricity rationing, the only fair way to limit usage, the greens in the SUVs and 10,000 sqft 5BR 4BA homes all go berserk in response. If any of you are serious, the first step is to ground all fossil fuel powered aircraft we can all live without. Scrap all fossil fuel powered pleasure craft from the neighbor's fishing boat to Carnival Cruise line's massive cruise ships burning 120 tons of heavy oil per day. Ground all jets, like we did after 9/11 when the sky turned beautifully BLUE in 3 days without the billions of gallons of unburned kerosene pouring out the back with no pollution controls, whatsoever.

        Every licensed vehicle gets a ration card all the pumps can already read in their credit card slot. 25 gallons per week per vehicle is fair. SUVs will be scrapped, fast. Modern digital electric meters are load dumpers. After you use X KwH this month, the meter shuts down until next month…WHETHER YOU OWN GORE'S MANSION OR LIVE IN A TRAILER…NO EXCEPTIONS. You'll be rewarded for being frugal as your ration rolls over to next month. Those guzzling more, creating this problem, will sit in the dark waiting for their ration card for the Expedition to be automatically replenished.

        All talk of global warming, hatred of fuel suppliers, more taxes on fuel and power, will magically disappear. The rich want more tax. Rationing THEIR piece of the power terrifies them!

  • ftlt

    One of these days soon one will have our name on it…

  • Ontological Ontological

    Mosquitoes carry West Nile virus. not too many of those out in the winter. Try again paid shill.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Evil bastards vs. Eagles. Winner= Evil Bastards.

  • Daisy207

    I love watching the eagles in my area nesting near the river. I hope this stuff does not reach us (Maine) – although I have to dress for the cold when I let my dogs out ( a maltese and a yorkie) because they look like dinner to these magnificent birds. I have committed myself to cooking for the dogs – because all of the fish, dairy, meat and potentially vegetables that are determined to be unfit for human consumption because of radiation will surely be shipped off to dog food companies – i heard they are finding cesium in baby food products now. I pointed out to my vet that the vitamins they carried are made in california and could be contaminated – we don't know because no one tests them – she switched to an other brand made on the east coast – but then they could be importing ingredients from the west coast. In any event its not hard to boil a chicken, use local veggies and freeze portions for them that can be quickly defrosted in the microwave. The dogs love it.

    • Fred

      I was showing the bald eagles' nest at Decorah, IA, on, in a diner, to the kids at the next table. Mama Eagle was pulling apart a carcass and feeding it to the 3 eaglettes woofing it down. "What's that she's feeding them?", this nice woman asked. "I don't know, exactly", I replied, "but the collar around its neck says 'Fluffy', I think." Everyone laughed but she thought I was a horrible person and left….(c;]

      I am a horrible person, by the way.

  • Sol Man

    It is beyond disturbing. Headline above notes that eagles' "brains hemorrhaging"…I had questioned how much radiation can humans' brains take before they start showing effects…the ability to function?

    Daisy207, two days ago while out we saw a Kingfisher and an Eagle at the same moment. Great joy at that and we noted it on the calendar.

  • Lady M

    Ahhh… a rare mutation of the Crapola gene has changed the vector of the West Nile Virus from mosquitos to snowflakes.

  • Lady M

    Check this out… Above, markww attaches an article that says the Dept. of Health and Human Svcs. has put out an RFP for 14 million potassium iodide tablets, to deliver by Feb. 1. My first thought was this might be for the US west coast. But after a few calculations, I realized that number of tablets would make sense for something different: Currently US states with people living within 10 miles of a nuclear plant are encouraged but not required to stock potassium iodide doses for the people within that radius. One dose is 2 tablets; so, the 14 million tablets in the RFP are 7 million doses. Currently the US has about 65 nuclear power plants. Many have more than one reactor, but I counted plants only. A 10-mile radius around each plant is equal to 314 square miles. I found the average population per sq. mi. of the states with nuclear power plants, then took the average of those figures — which is 233 — and multiplied it by 314 to get the number of people around each power plant who'd need doses; then multiplied by the 65 power plants. The total is 4.8 million doses. Again, my figures were rough since they're based on avg. pop. density of each state. Shelf life of potassium iodide is about 6 yrs.; seems unlikely states would keep ordering non-required stockpiles they are unlikely to use; so this RFP might be largely intended to enable the states to stock up, which would avoid having a lack of ready doses be a point of contention if Fukushima were to hit mainstream news…

  • Fred

    I'm a nobody electronics engineer. But, what happens if radiation mutates the virus to something Nature has never seen and doesn't expect? No species has immunity from even a formerly harmless virus that now dominates. If the mutation is nasty, how many will be extinct until Nature can react and become immune, again, to control it?

    Geez, what a great scifi book….

  • sea star looks like it is having seizures…

  • Lady M

    Certainly is; couldn't watch whole thing.

  • Soeks

    I recently flew from Wichita to Dallas and took my Soeks Ecotester on the flight with me. (Btw, the Soeks alerts high radiation at 0.40 microsieverts with a yellow background. At 1.2 microsieverts, it alerts dangerous with a red background.) In Wichita, the normal background radiation level at ground level is about 0.12 microsieverts. As we steadily climbed out of Wichita, the radiation level increased peaking on that short flight to approx. 1.80 microsieverts, or about 15x background. On the flight to San Jose from Dallas, again above 20K feet, the Soeks alerted red, and at 32K, the peak radiation detected was 2.32 microsieverts, or about 19.3 background. As we descended to SJC, the radiation level reduced and we had a background level of 0.18 microsieverts at the airport. I am no atmospheric scientist but it appears that here in the US, we are surrounded by a highly radioactive canopy at and above 20,000 feet. That might explain the 'rainouts' and the resulting radioactive contamination of an area. It would be nice if more people could report their inflight radiation levels and if enenews could have a searchable database for reporting and viewing these data.

  • Sickputer

    A little more research by me about the official West Nile virus story for the bald eagles dying in Utah:

    The official maps by the government shows only one "dead" infected bird in Utah in 2013 (in late July). One bird.

    So if they found "20,000" dead infected birds…why weren't they recorded before the eagles started dying?

    The world wonders…

    Here is the full USA map of 2013 WNV infections:

    California was the big hotspot. Any eagles dying there? If not then I am inclined to think radiated fish in Utah are much worse than California.

  • Dr. Mousseau – Chernobyl's Deadly Radioactive Legacy Recorded In Trees, Animals, Insects And Birds; via @AGreenRoad