Officials: Wall around giant sinkhole must be ‘re-routed’ — Land is sinking outside boundary — “Ongoing surface subsidence”

Published: April 26th, 2013 at 10:11 am ET


Title: 9:25 p.m. Advisory from the Office of Conservation
Source: Assumption Parish Police Jury
Date: April 25, 2013

The Office of Conservation, in consultation with Assumption Parish Incident Command, is advising the public that Texas Brine is preparing to re-route the western wall of the sinkhole containment berm further west, and extend the northern and southern berm walls accordingly, due to ongoing surface subsidence in a portion of the existing western berm wall. While the sinkhole’s western boundary remains more than 100 feet away from the existing western berm wall, ongoing filling of the failed Texas Brine Oxy 3 cavern and compaction of the disturbed rock zone surrounding the sinkhole have created an area of surface subsidence outside the sinkhole boundary. […]

See also: [intlink id=”new-flyover-of-giant-sinkhole-oil-sheen-covering-surface-large-section-of-trees-not-turning-green-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: April 26th, 2013 at 10:11 am ET


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121 comments to Officials: Wall around giant sinkhole must be ‘re-routed’ — Land is sinking outside boundary — “Ongoing surface subsidence”

  • markww markww

    Chasing the wind can't be shored up going to continue to sink west and north west


    • 16Penny 16Penny

      Yep, and the more overburden they pile on top, the faster it will sink. They should get someone in their office who understands geology a bit.

  • amberlight amberlight

    At what point are the "authorities" going to mandate that Texas Brine buy out—at full market value—the landowners bordering this gaping maw?

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      Probably when the market value hits zero, or the land no longer exists above the surface, which ever comes first.

  • ftlt

    Has anyone ever won a judgment in a sinkhole case for cause???

    I think, TB will claim an act of god and sadly win… Think, the insurance companies will do the same…

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      This is not really a sinkhole but a salt dome failure. At least that is how I perceive it and was caused by negligent actions thus legalities concerning TB should not be considered an act of god but these mighty corporations seem to be allowed to practice above the law. Heck most of them like Exxon, GE don't even pay taxes so who knows as they operate on a different set of rules than the rest of us little people. IMHO

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    Who cares about the wall NOW? That's only containment and eternal remediation. TB's problem – nobody's solution.

    Louisiana's extended victimization program (wait for the Blue Ribbon decision) is tragic enough for Bayou Corne residents and probably lethal to Pierre Part (but they already wrote that town off from the start as useless eaters).

    Jindal used the best con in town: absolve himself of responsibility to make a decision, spend a dime or help anyone for six months. Delay=Action.

    He created and imposed the delay. You can be he's cooking up the next one, because no engineer with a shred of ethics can make ANY decision based on Texas Brine's seismic. That wasn't for decision-making, it was *their* slimy con-job tactic. Delay=Action.

    Anyone that thinks "It will be different next time" is delusional. The only thing that will be different is the reason for the next delay. If people get too mad (not sure how that's possible), then TB or LA will do a third of what they absolutely must do… and delay the rest.

    I really want Wings of Care to walk around Assumption Parish taking video of the people. Do perma-victims look different than anyone else?

    • dana dana

      Paveway you are so correct! Pierre Part has been completely ignored. I live in The center of Pierre Part and by highway I'm only 3 miles from Bayou Corne. By way of bird about a mile if that. We have been asking to have testing done to see if the gas has spread. Everyone is assuming it has because we've had tremors and there is bubbling here. As usual, we were told that the tremors never happened and the bubbling is swamp gas. That's some long winded swamp gas. It's disgusting to know what is really going on here. Texas Brine can continue to spew the crap about everything being ok but we are not stupid. We know. There is clearly still oil coming up in the sinkhole. Now they are moving the berms out. WOW! Big surprise there. NOT! We've been know they were sinking since they started building them, right along with the rest of the land around there. Now they are having problems with the pressure in the collapsed cavern. Took all day to bleed off 5 psi and in two hours it was back up to 7psi. That area is under great pressure and they cannot burn the gas faster than it is coming in. There's over 30 vent wells but the most that have been burning at one time is 16. Pretty Pathetic don't u think?

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        dana, sorry you have to suffer through this disaster and then on top of it rely on conflicting information. It must be very frustrating among various emotions. Take good care and if you can I would consider relocating. I know easy to type but a difficult decision when you are making your living and home in LA but I would highly advise a move if at all possible.

      • We Not They Finally

        Our condolences. Just whatever happens, put yours and your family's health first.

  • jec jec

    West is not a good direction. TB has been directed by Jindal (or so one press release said) to proceed on buy outs of property owners. Not the exact wording, but the idea was to buy out owners, and TBrine was to start the process. Anyone know what if anything has come from that? 2 cents on the dollar, or a good faith buy out reflective of property values. AND the cost of moving a whole household, every single item included in costings?

    Texas Brine should be required to duplicate US federal government relocation packages(covers packing up moving, temp housing/rental, car/boat/trailer movement, selling/taxes/loss and more) and provide a similar compensation to any home/property/rental owners as well as those who live/work there. Its a whole community being relocated.

  • pcjensen

    what a waste of resources. Pay for the people to leave! kinda reminds me of Japan's idiotic decontamination efforts. they haven't got a clue and are spinning their wheels going nowhere fast.

    • jec jec

      Suggest what else can be done. If someone knew what to do to fix this situation.. I am concerned with the safety. If companies had to pay for their accidents..without huge legal actions required by the victims, then we might not see this kind of thing hap pen, oil spills, sink holes, toxic gas/fluid releases, and more. Responsible for problems until proven NOT the cause, or reasonable financial support to impacted individuals/communities. I am sure folks in AK with the oil line spill, the Napoleonville sinkhole, fracking sites, etc. Those of us in 9 miles of a nuclear plant would LIKE to know we don't have to go to court to prove what has been keep out of public view or hidden by the government regulators and nuclear/power companies. Right now, I find the water company says the the EPA/Gov does any tests for radiation in water/NOT THEIR JOB. So I look for reports, and if you are a nuclear scientist, great. Reports are available for 2010, some for 2011. Oh..the milk and other reports are somewhere else. Am sure nothing has happened to the emissions in the two years between reports, which are scanned in TYPED documents circa 1960–no way to search them.
      So if you have a better idea than relocation a population when a company moves in, damages/destroys your land/home and business would be good to know. Would love to take that to the nuclear power company so they can make sure the tritium releases into air and water dont affect my family. Sorry for the vent, but…

      • pcjensen

        no problem – venting is healthy. the only real solution is to shut them all down and not allow nuclear and fracking. we ca apply all sorts of rules (bandaids & duct tape) on these industrial practices, IF we allow them to continue, but, in the end – it's all still bad and not required for life, for humanity. We are smarter than all that.

        not a nuc scientist but more than 2 years of fukushima patrol handed me way more knowledge than I ever desired about nuclear. It also handed me a load of trouble from… who I am not sure, all I know is the heat was getting to close for comfort. And, I quit my twitter and blog. CISPA is too dangerous for folks like me and the last time I was in town, just after another revealing nuc tweet session, a pair of cops wandered into the bus station and were checking me out… they were young, apparently thought they were being clever, but the last look they took of me and the curt little nods they gave each other just before they turned and left was a strong indicator that I needed to divest. And, sigh, I really did not like the way they fiddled with their handcuffs strapped to their vests as they slyly glanced at me…

        too weird for words and may sound paranoid, but, my experience with this nuc fight includes numerous network blocks, a scorpion dump at my front door and certain people popping up in my travels when my internet experience got real funky. They are way more powerful than I.

        Keep up the good fight – Shut Them All Down.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh..leaking outside the boundary..
    I want all those that punked me about the..ring of feel sorry for doing
    I'm a bit of a flaming I best cut it short.


    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      Nice try HOR, but I believe it says Land is "sinking" outside boundary, and not "leaking" outside the boundary.

      Flame away….:-)

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Land is sinking/moving..geological material..methane/oil coming up…
        Why would it stay in the ring?

        • Anthony Anthony

          I think those here who have grown to **know** you Heart would agree your insights are usually and often right on the mark. There is not much you say unless you mean it with feeling. One can read the depth of the thought you put into what you share with others. Without getting stuck on the semantics, I think your postulation originally on this situation seems to be coming to fruition today.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            @Anthony..thank you for this comment.
            I (we)..have to be as correct as possible..for the people.
            This is a very important responsibility.
            The people deserve truth..

          • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

            Hi Anthony,

            You can call it semantics if you'd like, but it isn't semantics in this case as there is a very big difference in the use of the word leaking versus sinking in this instance. Leaking outside the boundary insinuates that the sinkhole liquid is infiltrating, and coming out the other side of the berm. That is not the case, and in fact, the sinkhole physical bounderies are well away from the berm.

            Per APPJ "the sinkhole’s western boundary remains more than 100 feet away from the existing western berm wall".

            HOR and I have had a little continuing discussion about the berms usefullness, and her comment was a followup of that discussion. Her misreading and misuse of the word leaking is indeed important, and not just semantics.

            As far as oil coming up out the ground, well, I'd like to see documentation stating that rather than just hearsay, or a link to a source. I have never seen that documented anywhere. Have any of you?

            I would also like to see some examples of "so many things that have been going on there that are not made public." that someone EIGHT….not three by highway, and not "maybe one as a bird flies" would know about when the most attuned locals haven't heard this. Links and sources are ENENewsers friends.

            Pierre Part to Bayou Corne

            Distance by road 7 miles.
            As measured in a USGS map the straight line distance is 5.87 miles.
            On zoon slide use second bar from bottom


            • 16Penny 16Penny

              Really? now subsidence and the sinkhole are separate? The whole thing is a sinkhole no matter what semantics the officials use. The extent of the sinkhole is admittedly outside the containment per the past we are responding to.

              • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

                Yes, I think the sinkhole and the subsidence needs to be referred to as 2 separate things, as they carry different threats. Admittedly, all of the subsidence may eventually BE sinkhole, but that is not the case for not.

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  The next to the collaping salt dome….above the subparallel disturbed.
                  The contents of the cavern is coming through this area… as well as methane and oil from an unknown source (unknown source?..ridiculous).

                  The subsidence..oh, part of the sinkhole now..and will be (always).. as the area of subsidence grows larger..and it will.

              • dana dana

                I won't sit here and argue with this fool. Obviously she knows better where I live than I do. I will say this. There's a lot going on there that " miss know it all " doesn't have a clue about. I'm going to get off of ENE News because I refuse to argue with this 50 something year old child. She knows only what she reads and will never know more because nobody in this area will have anything to do with her. Exactly for this reason. She is a very hateful person. If anyone would like to join our Facebook group please find it. The name is "residents for a positive assumption parish". Most of the residents are in this group. We post all updates there and have discussions without the likes of this woman to constantly be badgering everyone. So Rainbow, Jocelle, teleca or whoever you are today, have at it. These people are not stupid. They will see they you really soon. Goodbye everyone. It was nice being able to have adult conversations while she was g

                • dana dana

                  It was nice talking with you folks while she was gone.

                • 16Penny 16Penny

                  Cheers and as frustrating as she can be, you should not resort to the name calling. It is apparent by her comments that their tactic to split hairs between sinkhole and subsidence has worked at least once.

                  The subsidence is due to the sand and gravel that was the MRAA underground falling into the collapse zone beneath the claytard. I don't know how that isn't the sinkhole.

                  Her video contributions are appreciated even if I think her and the rest of the remaining residents need to split. Until there is an enforced evacuation it is her right to sit there no matter what anyone else thinks. Doesn't make it right but I have seen less intelligent things being done before.

                  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

                    You think I am frustrating 16P? Why?

                    I don't use it as a tactic whatsoever and don't understand why you think I would?

                    The sinkhole is a different problem than the subsidence.

                    As far as the other poster, and hatefullness…..does any see me name calling, or once again bringing personal crap in to a discussion? Someone needs a mirror.

                    • 16Penny 16Penny

                      "I don't use it as a tactic whatsoever and don't understand why you think I would?

                      The sinkhole is a different problem than the subsidence."

                      I should have clarified, Texas Brine and State officials are attempting to include only parts of the area which have gone down x number of feet in the sinkhole size reports. My guess is they like the smaller number of acres but the truth is that all subsidence is the sinkhole. I am not accusing you of the hair splitting, I am saying your taking their bait on that one.

                      If the subsidence was much further away, say across the highway, I could see them as possibly separate until proven otherwise. As the areas of subsidence discussed in the article is directly connected to the sinkhole, I say they are splitting hairs to justify reporting smaller figures.

                      I first noticed this tactic when they showed a map with the "area" of the sinkhole outlined. This map had two elevation loops around the sinkhole that were labeled zero ft. that looked very suspicious and at the least was redundant. I don't know where they learned surveying but that wasn't accepted where I learned it.

                      I think that a portion of "the mysterious missing void" would be accounted for by including the volume of what they consider to be the subsidence zone with the sinkhole as it should be.

                      Frustrating, yes but that is your right as well. I do genuinely appreciate your journalism and we can still communicate even if we don't agree.

                • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

                  "Most of the residents are in this group."

                  OMG…I just caught this.


                • irhologram

                  You know Dana, your resentment is seething something like hatefulness, and we just got rid of that here. I don't see using a map measure of distances as being uncalled for, but I DO see that name calling is uncalled for. Again, we thought we had gotten beyond that here. Just the facts, m'am, just the facts, like the Dragnet movie. PLEASE keep emotions of the like and dislike of persons out of this. And Rose, pointing out your insights is one thing…but gloating for a head to head goat butt is…um…not useful. Please forgive me if I have offended. I just hope to keep focused on the spewing from the sinkhole, and not on the spewing on sinkhole coverage. As far as people being annoying for having opinions separate from yours or from officialdom's, I thought that's what we are all here FOR…to think, to question, to learn. And please don't call me a name, but IMO the subsidence may be a casual factor in the sinkhole, but it is not the same thing as the sinkhole. Is it not the case there is subsidence throughout the area?

                  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

                    My reason for pointing out the discrepancy in distance was important because there is no reason for anyone in the area to embellish or sensationalize. Whether 1/2 mile away or 8 miles away, there is indeed concern for the entire area. But when folks start flat out being dishonest with easily verifiable facts, then one has to wonder what else posted by that person is accurate or not. Follwed by statements that there is oil coming out of the ground outside the berm, as well as "there's a lot going on not made public" by someone not a local is the kind of statements that need to be backed up with links or sources to prevent even more mis information plaguing this disaster. It's bad enough without embellishing. If it is known that there IS oil coming out of the ground outside the berm, then that needs to be screaming headlines. If things are going on that someone 8 miles away knows about, but not locals, then THOSE things need to be revealed. Pictures, videos, notarized statements. Documentation. That's what is needed. Just because I persoanlly don't know of something doesn't mean it is not true. but when I ask 8 other STILL THERE residents and THEY haven't heard it either, then yes, I question the validity of such statements. And despite what's been said, I am a resident of BC and I do have many friends here. They just don't belong to this one little click. I think I have proven myself repeatedly with my knowledge of events, and vidoes.

                  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

                    "but IMO the subsidence may be a casual factor in the sinkhole, but it is not the same thing as the sinkhole. Is it not the case there is subsidence throughout the area?"

                    Agreed. And yes, the subsidence is throughout the area. Homes showing damage 1/2 mile proves that.

                    Here si the latest from the Advocate today


            • Anthony Anthony

              I think Heart understood what I said. Its like, before you came here (that I noticed anyways), this whole sinkhole topic floated here at the urging of markww, much to the chagrin of many who attacked him without mercy. It was a story of dignity, where a poster plain and simply wanted to get a warning out to the affected people, based on his professional experience. markww was somewhat grasping at straws as at that time it was not necessarily public knowledge as it is now. For all the beat-downs we all saw him endure, markww was after all correct in his warning. I have seen this happen many times with many people here. I don't remember the specifics or semantics but I do know that Heart`s knee jerk consideration was that the berm was cosmetic rather than a solution. I think Heart was right. While Im unsure why you feel the need to jump on thunder I was passing back to Heart, I just want you to know this post was not really about you at all.

              • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

                Gotcha Anthony. I don't think the berm is cosmetic. I SEE the good the berm is doing.

                I do have the right to state that, right?

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  Yes..but it is an the disturbance below..has yet to fully present itself.

                  PS..I'm rather impervious to insult..because the situations we deal with here..are so much bigger than we are.

                  Umm..OT..George Jones passed away today..and where I'm from that calls for flag half-mast and half a beer.

                  He Stopped Loving Her Today – George Jones live .


                  Fighing is for another day.

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    Guess the voids that, cough cough, didn't show up on the VSP are still having a visible and measurable effect on the surface. 1 big void, several large voids or many small voids, can't get around the missing volume problem no matter how you divide it.

    I think I remember a few posts to the effect of glad they got the temporary berm done, now build a second one that can handle a cat 5 hurricane and further out, especially on the west side where the sinkhole is projected to grow more rapidly.

    Heart, I agree with you. They can build a dirt road, cover it with goetextiles and clay but that does nothing to prevent infiltration anywhere but through the dirt ring. It doesn't stop anything from routing around it through the aquifer or any penetrations through the soil. We know the gas is not just methane, it is a cocktail. Anywhere it is going is getting all of the other constituent gasses and hydrocarbons as well.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Here is an older bubble map..this is the very minimal of the involvement..

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    Also, are they really under the illusion they have any control over the geology?

    "The Office of Conservation and Assumption Parish Incident Command are continuing to monitor developments in the area to ensure all necessary steps are taken to protect public safety and the environment."

    If that were true several local communities would be under mandatory evacuation. I guess they will keep gambling with peoples health and lives until they go bust.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Agreed. the pattern I notice is they talk all knowingly until it does a dance or gets seismic in ways THEY DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND after all, as demonstrated by the controlled panic during those moments. Right? I don't think I'm imagining this picture, or am I? They can probably throw away the old cavern maps and schematics because today what was underfoot is unknown to them. They probably cant even safely ACCESS all the fuels they pumped in underfoot. But I guess nobody wants media attention on their professional shit-show. I get that I guess.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais


      There is only one local community,and that's Bayou Corne. The next nearest community is Pierre Part, and that's 7-8 miles away.

      There are scattered homes along the highway between Bayou Corne and Pierre Part.

      But the thing is, there already is a mandatory evacuation order for Bayou Corne. If you mean forced, there are those that say they will absolutely not leave. So, if after 9 months of no injuries, not one negative reading on an air monitor, and no methane found in any homes… do you then change an evacuation from mandatory to forced, and justify doing so, as well as enforce it?

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        The officials seem to be wrong on many accounts, are you suggesting we continue to bet that nothing harmful or deadly will happen? That will sound great at one of your meetings.

        I say why wait until health problems begin to emerge after a year or two of exposure to this crap or worse yet, someone looses a life.

        As far as a force evacuation, and yes that is what I meant thank you, it is pretty straight forward. The state declares an enforced evacuation, Law enforcement removes anyone refusing to leave by a deadline. Remember the intelligence displayed in the days prior to Katrina and all the butt hurt whining afterwards when so many New Orleans residents refused to heed warnings?

        I know an enforced evacuation would suck but so would people dying. I am sticking with get out and fight from a distance.

        • 16Penny 16Penny

          There are reports of gas coming up miles away and who knows where it has been traveling in the aquifer. I believe that more than your community is being directly effected by the bubbling in the Bayou. Remember that they acknowledged the network of faults? Gas can travel along faults and to shallower permeable formations as it seeks lower pressures. They are unable to identify the huge missing volume, what gives you any confidence that they know where the gas is going?

          I am also sticking with my gut feeling about this not stopping on it's own and not being confined to "the disturbed area". There are many communities which will be impacted as this grows.

        • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

          "are you suggesting we continue to bet that nothing harmful or deadly will happen?"

          Not at all.

          What I asked, was this…

          "there already is a mandatory evacuation order for Bayou Corne. If you mean forced, there are those that say they will absolutely not leave. So, if after 9 months of no injuries, not one negative reading on an air monitor, and no methane found in any homes… do you then change an evacuation from mandatory to forced, and justify doing so, as well as enforce it?"

          Now,I assumed you were referring to phyiscal danger, but it seems you are referring to medical problems, or both. Can't tell.

          Why won't/can't you believe that the air is not full of these toxins you suggest?

          • 16Penny 16Penny

            "So, if after 9 months of no injuries, not one negative reading on an air monitor, and no methane found in any homes… do you then change an evacuation from mandatory to forced, and justify doing so…"

            Simple, there is a train coming, it is moving slow but we can't stop it. Time to get out of the way.

            I covered the how and really that action is well known.

            All I have heard is that gas was detected beneath two homes and that there have been no LEL concentrations of methane except the two supposed false alarms. That does not say no detection of methane, just not at a high enough concentration to trigger the alarms more than twice. Where the methane is so are the other gasses and no one is monitoring for anything besides methane and H2S in the homes. It's your health but I will have no sympathy when the TB lawyers get medical cases thrown out of court due to non compliance with evacuation orders.

            What is so clear to me is that Hecox has repeatedly said he would not let his grandchildren live there. That should be a clue.

            • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

              16P…I see your point, and I wouldn't let my small children or grandchildren be in Bayou Corne either. But we have to protect them because they can't make those decisions on their on, as we adults can.

              When Texas brine installed the methane monitors, they asked each household that did if they wanted a hole drilled in their slab to see if methane was under them. Some said yes. Some said no.

              Why would we NOT expect it to be under the homes when it's been said to be as shallow as 10 feet?

  • dana dana

    @Heart of Rose……the land is sinking. In, out, under and there has been oil come up outside the berm. The berm will hold the contaminants coming up in the hole but it does not if it comes up on the outside. There's nothing that stops it from coming up and where it finds a path.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @dana..I believe..there is oil coming up outside the berm.
    In depth berm v. the depth of the 'disturbed area' disturbed?
    No match.
    Sad really..

    • dana dana

      It is sad. And it makes me very angry to see Texas Brine down playing it the way the are. They make me sick! There are so many things that have been going on there that are not made public. They talking through both sides of their mouths. On one side everything is good but on the other side they are doing things that don't make sense if everything is good.

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        It is amazing how MSM has not even mentioned the salt dome failure and seems focus on one event. Perhaps they did and I missed it as I rarely watch anymore. If you want real news these days you have to depend on the internet and wade through a lot of BS conspiracy garbage. We are fortunate to have Enenews to access.

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          That's the obvious solution here, msb.

          Start planting stories on the internet about bearded, middle-eastern-looking men sneaking around the bayou at night in an airboat carrying huge tanks marked 'Sarin' and long hoses, and another airboat carrying some kind of drilling equipment.

          Plant various pieces of Turkish or Russian-manufactured drilling equipment all over the Bayou and keep 'finding' it and reporting it to various alphabet agencies. Print up some Arabic discussions about Salt Dome Sarin storage. Drop those along with Syrian political rants and Ba'athist party literature near the suspicious equipment.

          I guarantee the bayou and the Napoleonville Dome will be completely emptied of methane or any other gas by the DHS within a matter of weeks. Problem solved.

          Unfortunately, U.S. troops will also be in Syria chain-gunning it's children with Apache gunships. We will also be under a retaliatory nuclear attack by Russia and unable to respond. The defense contractor responsible for *our* nukes turns out to have been selling them piecemeal for parts on Ebay over the years. They're empty inside – no engines, warheads… nothing. But the same thing was going on in Russia so there is no actual attack.

          We all have a good laugh afterwards over a pile of fresh beignets and weird molasses-sweetened chicory coffee. We're oblivious to the carnage in Syria because that's classified. Yay!

          • We Not They Finally

            This commentary seems sort of uncalled-for. People in that area are in genuine distress, yes? Let's respect that, however people may disagree on the particulars.

        • pcjensen

          MSM relies a on what is spoon fed to them. Ever think "oh, gee, that article sure reads like a Press Release"? It probably was and they most likely are PR pieces from industry that MSM repeats abut the growing hole.

          Start flooding them with your own well researched PR. Include data, but not too much science because it hurts their pretty little heads, interviews, photos/videos…. organize your own media spin operation!

    • dana dana

      Cisco most of what you are seeing here is work activities. To get a really good picture of the movement look at it between the goes of about 7pm to about 5am.

      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        That is very accurate dana, however there is activity hidden behind the worker activity blurr on those charts as well, and many times, enough to make them shut down and run for the hills 🙂 Soo soo far from being over, impossible to stop at this point no matter how much we wish it might. Ask any geologist or geophysisist. This is only the beginning of a very bumpy ride. The hard core stay behinds will have no choice but to pack it up within a year from now, if not sooner. I can't blame them for a second for wanting to hang on to their dreams. Corporate greed is our worst enemy at times.

        • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

          "Soo soo far from being over, impossible to stop at this point no matter how much we wish it might. Ask any geologist or geophysisist."

          Um, geologist and geophysisists ARE what/who is leading this show…LOL

          • 16Penny 16Penny

            Not the TB guy that was muzzled after the first meeting. The show seems to be run by politicians and they are maybe making TB do some stuff that needs to be done unless TB files a suit in opposition.

            I have been impressed with Hecox attempts to be forthcoming with information but at times it has seemed that he was reigned in as well. By whom and to what extent I don't know. I wonder what agreements he entered into when he joined the Blue Ribbon Team but I would expect it included some type of confidentiality agreement.

            The various experts who are involved have admitted this will take many many years to run it's course and so many of those expert's opinions have been less accurate. Credit to Hecox for stepping up and admitting it, but the erroneous projections go to show that even the experts are learning new concepts and refining models with this collapse. The masters need to become the students.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Only two users on here that keep attacking heartoftherose when they address her by HOR , Rain is one and the other one is the person that I despise that Rain allows to post under her name from time to time. So easy to tell when that happens by the technical data and oilfield expertise in the comments. Isn't there some rule about letting other people post under your user ID? Many of you may not know this but ex enenews member freedomrox has and is doing more to help the community of Bayou Corne than all the rest of us combined. Irony is he got the boot from ene for telling the truth. Thought that what this place was all about to begin with. Deceptions from fukushima seem to be rubbing off on others these parts 🙂 Old Cornholio is just waking up, you ain't seen nothin yet. Best of luck to you guys with the influx of infiltraitors and imposters on enenews as of late.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      Um, excuse me TM2020?

      I call Heart Of Rose HOR to be short, just as I do you TM2020, and 16penny….16P.

      Just as paveway called moonshellblue …msb.

      I absolutely donot shorten HOR to be unkind, and if she, or any one has a problem with me doing so, they simply have but to say so.

      Please go troll someone else for your buddy.

      And I have NEVER let anyone elsepost under my ID…E.V.E.R..!! I assume enenews can verify that with Ip addies.

      "So easy to tell when that happens by the technical data and oilfield expertise in the comments."

      LMAO! I'm so sorry it offends you that I have a lil intelligence and can post on my own, UNLIKE you and a couple other people that OBVIOUSLY are posting for fraudomrox. I had to LOL when I saw the post above regarding PSIs and all that stuff that I KNOW did not come from THAT poster. Too funny.

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        I have been tempted to use Heart's initials in response but stopped short due to the similarity between the abbreviation and a name for someone who sleeps around. It isn't that hard to see and I think it is demeaning, even if on accident. If you use the O from of why exclude the T from the unless it was intentional? Why not HR if you are just being lazy or Heart?

        • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

          As I said, it was in no way meant to be demeaning, and if you look at my last post about it, I even called her heart Of Rose, because quite frankly, I thought it WAS Heart Of Rose.

          But again, I don't see HOTR (better?) as one so timid as to with holdsaying something if she felt it was directed to her as demeaning, so why do others feel the need to chastise anyone?

          Good Lord….can we get any more petty?

      • pcjensen

        cough cough… and why not have shortened to Heart or Rose? U had choices. I find your posts to be rather distracting. Not going to bother reading anymore.

        • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

          "cough cough… and why not have shortened to Heart or Rose? U had choices. I find your posts to be rather distracting. Not going to bother reading anymore."

          I've explained all I am going to that the abbreviation was not meant to be unkind. She, and the rest of you can believe and accept it or don't. I really don't give a flip. This is a petty thing in my world right now.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      "Many of you may not know this but ex enenews member freedomrox has and is doing more to help the community of Bayou Corne than all the rest of us combined"

      Really? Such as?

      Please give us a few examples…

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    You and you backpeddling snake oil salesman buddy can go live happily after as far as I'm concerned. I'm not the only one that knows your little secret, I'm just the one that wanted to make sure that everyone else has a chance to see thru your smokescreen of poor little me show. I'm done so rant on all u like. I know that you were part of getting Freedomrox booted from here and that was a mistake on admins behalf, he has worked feverishly for endless hours getting help to the residents of your stricken town, and I know this for a FACT, regardless of your accusations and rants, you just managed to trip him up and get him to post things against the rules cuz you 2 had him so flustered, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for your neighbors, the truth will get out to the public eventually. You put on a good show, I'll give you that. I'm outta here, it's friday night somewhere!

    • dana dana

      Thank u Timemachine! I'm so glad that someone is seeing her for what she is! TROUBLE! TROUBLE! TROUBLE! As a good friend of mine describes all her identities. She is no longer in Bayou Corne because she's been run out by real residents. Everyone who has anything to do with her for a short amount of time hates her. Now to her. Get your screen shot of this so u can send it to the sheriff. Frankly i don't care and neither does he! Goodbye everyone and thanks for the intelligent conversations we've had for those days she had no Internet.

      • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais


        I left Bayou Corne because I was afraid you and your friends would either slash my tires, vandalize my property, or worse….poison my dogs.

        How sad is that….

        Turns out it was a Godsend. I am at piece and no longer fearful. As I said, sometimes God makes decisions for us that we can't make on our own. I no longer run outside when a thunderstorm hits at night to see if something has blown up. That's peace.

        • dana dana

          Yeah TELECa, I run around cutting people's tires and poising dog. You sound like a freaking idiot! U left bayou corne because u were evicted! So stop your lying!!!! I'm done with u. U have something to say to me carry yourself over here and tell me. I promise I won't do like u and run back inside and call the cops.

          • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

            How would you know that Dana? But if you know that, you also know the reason…oh wait….the FIRST reason was because my landlords were taking the buyout.

            The second reason, when I demanded it follow the legal process, then became becuase of the gas found under slabs.

            Then, when I still demanded due process, the THIRD reason became "non payment of rent". Don'tforget I have all the voicemails, texts and the TWO different notices.

            Right…how convenient, and yeh,I feel that anyone that would resort to those tactics and their friends would not think twice of poisoning my dogs, are vandalizing my property.

            But….sounds like you knew that too..

            • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

              And before your "friend" starts harrassing me with 1000 text messages again, or shows up at my door with a gang, you be sure to tell her that once again, YOU brought the subject up!!

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      Well, i'm sure they all feel much better now tm2020. See ya!

      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        Word is that you show yourself tresspassing on private property many times in your youtube video collection. Also heard that the authorities are interested as well. Good luck with that 🙂

        • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

          Really tm202? Do tell…..

        • cheykenzie cheykenzie

          O….m….g…..Did I just walk into a room full of preschoolers??? Freedomrox help the community? How? Has he come down? Attended any meetings? Taken his own water samples? Air samples? No. All he has done is come up with one "theory" after the other, and caused more tension between residents than there already was! Not to mention that before the residents were paying him the attention he so craves, he would not hesitate to insult them. Very helpful indeed. The people have enough problems without him! There has been some VERY childish, and downright ignorant things transpire by some. All uncalled for. I was explaining the story of the "incident" (I will not describe it here cuz if you need to, you already know what im talking about) to someone the other day that has no knowledge of the situation, and they asked me if i was talking about high school kids! ….Nuff said.

          • 16Penny 16Penny

            I actually am aware of a project he and I collaborated on to bring relief to the community from an outside organization. I can't speak to other things he may have on the back burner but his intention seemed good in respects to the project I am familiar with.

            Completely agree with how threads on this topic descend to throwing lumps of poo around in the sandbox. It takes two to tango, or three.

            • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

              "I actually am aware of a project he and I collaborated on to bring relief to the community from an outside organization. I can't speak to other things he may have on the back burner but his intention seemed good in respects to the project I am familiar with."

              Apparently, or I should say I can only hope that project just never got off the ground, because again, I have heard nothing of that, and surely any relief "for the community" wouldn't just be offered to select individuals?

              Whether in need or not, something like that should be made available and known to ALL residents, and then screening done for qualifications.

              I may not need the resources, but I may know of others that do, that also aren't aware of such a thing. I know of one person right outside the evacuation zone that desperately wants to leave because she has small children, but can't afford it. Why wouldn't someone like this be aware of such help offered?

              • 16Penny 16Penny

                Perhaps it is still in the works. Maybe that is why you don't know about it. I didn't send it to you for your approval.

                The feedback I got was that the board members were not in agreement that it was good to support people who were choosing to stay in harms way. I am not at liberty to disclose their organizations name and I am not obligated to disclose to you the nature or extent of my proposal or what types of relief were requested but you can sleep well knowing you were not excluded even in light of our differences, nor were any other residents.

                I have been requesting updates on their decision and last I heard it was still being considered. I did specifically point out that there were many individuals and families with special circumstances that may be preventing them from leaving while others simply didn't want to.

                Why on earth would you hope it never got off the ground? What a thing to say.

                Feel free to do it yourself. Maybe you can get it moving faster than I can. Good luck.

                • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

                  16P-you seem to have misread my post again.

                  Did I insinuate anywhere that I expected for whatever it is to be sent to me for approval? Or that you were "obligated to disclose to me the nature or extent of my proposal or what types of relief were requested"? Why even make statements like that? Is it that you just can't have a normal discussion with out inserting the snark, or be insulting?

                  I think I was clear on why I said that about it getting off the ground. My entire followup after that "because" explains. Yes, I would rather see a project canned, than be unfairly distributed. I was also clear that I was not speaking for myself, but for others more in need than myself. Believe it or not, there are not that "many" with special circumstances that prevent them from leaving, if ANY that IS getting the financial assistance. I am not aware of one single person that is that's wanted to evacuate, but didn't because they couldn't.

                  I also know that your buddy is involved with a small group of people that have basically separated themselves from the rest of the community as a whole yet feel THEY are the voice for the community. He calls one person with small kids just 2 miles out of the evacuation zone a fraud for trying to get help, yet screams for the people of Pierre Part, 8 miles away to be included. THAT is selectivity, that is wrong, and that is my point.

                  I don't need your help, but yes, it would be a good thing to see those that TRULY do need it, to get…

                  • 16Penny 16Penny

                    "Did I insinuate anywhere that I expected for whatever it is to be sent to me for approval? Or that you were "obligated to disclose to me the nature or extent of my proposal or what types of relief were requested"?"

                    Yes, you act as if just because you don't know about this activity it can't exist. You asked for proof, I step forward to offer verification of what I was aware of, you called me out and said:

                    "I have heard nothing of that, and surely any relief "for the community" wouldn't just be offered to select individuals?"

                    Sounds like your upset about it to me. Why such vile venom from you when you claim to have found new peace and tranquility. You are a contradiction.

                    This is the last discussion you and I will have. From here out I will not address you. Seek peace.

                    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

                      "Yes, you act as if just because you don't know about this activity it can't exist. You asked for proof, I step forward to offer verification of what I was aware of, you called me out and said:"I have heard nothing of that, and surely any relief "for the community" wouldn't just be offered to select individuals?"

                      Um no, not that it didn't exist,but possibly kept a secret to the community as a whole.

                      Asked for proof? Please show me where I did that.

                      Called you out? I responded to your post where you talked about my community. I don't "call people out". What is this…high school, or the wild wild west?

                      Vile and venom? Really? Where, please? I'm interested to know what YOU consider vile and venom in my posts yet never had anything to say about fraudoms or danas (oh so sweet) posts.

                      Apparently you really can't have a normal discussion, without you getting your own self worked up, so your idea to just not communicate at all seems to be a good one.

                      I don't know you, nor you me. You are a stranger that chooses to be on this site to discuss issues. So am I. We are adults. If you feel you can't handle that, then yes, smart decision.

    • irhologram

      C'mon! Rox's barnyard mouth and mean spirited posts are what got him booted, before the entire blog ended up crumbling into bullying and malicious mayhem, labeling, name calling, and right here and now, we have a game afoot…an attempt to organize shunning. Ummmm. People.

      • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

        "and right here and now, we have a game afoot…an attempt to organize shunning"

        It's pretty clear, isn't it?

      • 16Penny 16Penny

        irhologram, I see both sides slinging the mud up there, are you saying that RD is trying to get Dana booted now?

        • irhologram

          No. Of course not. If anyone gets booted, it's not because "the devil mad them do it." It's because they're not living up to the standards of the blog. But WHY would you even THINK I want or that i am suggesting that ANYONE get booted? I AM suggesting we OMIT personal slams. Period. As is befitting this international blog. Dig?

          • 16Penny 16Penny

            In the words of the Coolaid man,

            Oh Yaaa!

          • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

            I'd be fine with any criticism of my knowledge, or lack of, if you prefer, or anything I post here that I may get wrong, not understand….whatever. I'd be even more fine if the personal attacks against me stopped. My personal life, where or how I live, how many friends I do and do not have, who will and will not talk to me….and now, my profession, has no place here, and I wished this site, like most sites, automatically banned people that start outting personal information. Especially names. That is a big no no on most internet blogs and sites, and thus the reason for user IDs. People resort to outting personal information in an attempt to hurt, or humiliate when they don't have an intelligent response….and know it.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    After the Gulf Disaster happen, people were hired to clean up as much as they could.

    People kept warning them to be careful and wear protective gear. In the beginning, the crew members felt fine.
    As time passed, a lot of people there, are no longer feeling fine.

    No one wants to see anyone else hurting, from these toxic sinkholes. There are many here who are concerned for people there. This disaster has not gotten better.

    You may feel ok now, but what about later? These toxic chemicals can do a number on you, they are nothing to fool around with. I would not want to breath in that stuff.

    It is something that Ms. Erin Brockovich was there. She said, "This is dangerous, they need to get out, there is risks of explosions". When that lady talks, I would listen.

    I don't like what you are going through, I don't like that our Country has another environmental mess. This is not right, I am so sorry.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      No one wants to see anyone else hurting, from this toxic sinkhole.

      • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

        Thank you WindorSolarPlease..

        • WindorSolarPlease

          You're Welcome rainbeaudais. I just want everyone to live safe and healthy. I am very concerned for everyone who lives in that area.

          I am also concerned that our Country is protecting the corporations who have been continually wrecking our environment and our Country.
          With Nuclear Plants, fracking, dumping, drilling for oil, spaces hollowed out of huge salt formations, spraying toxins in the ocean and air, and so on.

          What direction are we heading in? Do the ones in control still care about this Country and the people?

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    The only reason why rainbeaudais can see the difference of the berms is because there is a lot to be seen and we can all see it, like a thick blanket covering the inside. The rest is also although we can't see it. Should any of it catch alight there will be more to be seen. Markww suggested a that foam be poured out when the sinkhole started in the single digit acre range, now being a double digit and approaching the third digit range with the possibility of containment failure, the amount of foam needed to prevent or contain a fire is staggering. Where the dots don’t connect we have to theorize unfortunately. As far as LEL and gas is concerned, most of the victims refer to methane by its name and not to any of the other gases by its name. That in itself is alarming. Unless some see glowing gators in the dark, they don’t see a problem, while others accept condolences as sufficient, which is not wrong, but understanding the dangers of a self eating system is also important. It is only once a person has become a victim himself/ herself that the person really understands what it feels like to be a victim. It his horrible. Condolences.

  • James Hollen

    What is going to be worse case scenario here in 5 years? Is there going to be a massive salt dome collapse with a HUGE hole in the ground? Is the "sinkhole" going to fill in with silt and be stable? What are the reasons behind the berms, I think its a total waste of time and money. Pay the people what their property was worth BEFORE the disaster happened and everyone LEAVE the area! Man is not going to stop this scenario. It's "gonna happen"

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      James, my gut on this is yes, progressive collapse and unknown amount of salt erosion over time. As the Northwestern edge of the caprock is undermined it will begin to cause fractures along a line of stress concentration.

      We have seen surface soils sloughing in on the western side, even their built up work pad is chunking off and falling in. I have seen a report of gas escaping around another well access point which is further in under the caprock. That could be coused by a couple of different things but gas traveling under the caprock is a possibility and so is gas coming through from the aquifer above and following the well casing to the surface. I have also heard they are having to bleed off pressure from other caverns and cannot explain how it is rebuilding. My guess would be migration along faults in the geology or in the salt.

      I found the composition of the caprock to be very interesting.

      If this example is representative of the caprock in B.C. then it is possible that small fractures would self seal due to the bitumen in it's structure and the layers of rock verses monolithic stone. Large fractures would open a pathway to the aquifer which would tend to further undermine the caprock.

      100% agree, pay them and get the area cleared while we can still say "no REPORTED injuries or fatalities". It only takes one person making one mistake to change that.

      • James Hollen

        Thankyou 16Penny for your answer. The berms "look important" but in reality, it like putting new shingles on a roof WHEN THE FOUNDATION IS CRUMBLING. All of the real action is happening far below ground. With all of that gas bubbling coming to the surface, something BIG is going to happen and it ain't going to be pretty! Water will get into that salt dome sooner or later. Like you said 16Penny, clear out the area before we read in the newspapers of some ones demise.

        • 16Penny 16Penny

          Great analogy James.

          If you look at Heart's post below you will see more support for the opinion that subsidence is not separate from the sinkhole, just further down, undermining the top confining layer of soil.

          Also, imagine how much of the hydrocarbons and brine are going outside of the "sinkhole". Picture a clay funnel, caused by the loss of the supporting strata below. Anything coming up from below must hit the opening of the clay funnel which is surrounded by highly conductive sand and gravel from the MRAA. Add to that the complication of constantly shifting and settling geology in the collapse zone. When the Soup isn't coming up into the sinkhole proper, is it routing into the aquifer? That would be my guess but it would take a series of shallow scans (250 to 1000 feet) during one complete burp cycle to understand that dynamic better. I think the berm has some utility, certainly as access routes for the testing and flaring traffic. I do not think it is very effective at preventing the widespread contamination of entire MRAA by these hydrocarbons and brine.

          • 16Penny 16Penny

            I wanted to elaborate on this:
            "just further down, undermining the top confining layer of soil."

            As the layers of clay slope towards the center of the sinkhole many conditions around the sinkhole change.

            First, the stability of the clay layer is reduced as it's angle relative to horizontal changes. I am aware that this "clay" layer contains a high percentage of organics that were deposited over time. Generally speaking they were deposited in horizontal layers and that is what eventually produces the seams and pockets found in lower formations that have been consolidated. When the layers are inclined towards the collapse zone and permeated by liquid and gas hydrocarbons it acts as a lubricant, reducing the soils strength. Think of a Chinese finger trap. As long as the soil particles and organic sediment are in contact with each other there is a suction that "sticks" them together to some extent. When the contact surface area of the layers is lubricated they can't maintain the soil layers integrity as well. Add in the vibration of daily activities on the site and you further accelerate the process.

            Secondly, as the layer tilts towards the collapse zone it is opening concentric circles of pathways around the perimeter of the BS "subsidence zone". These new pathways will provide avenues for hydrocarbons to escape outside of the berm no matter what a traveling nurse says. For any meaningful containment to occur it has to start at the bottom of the MRAA.

            • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais


              So, you choose not to communicate with me any further, but post "at" me? Do I have that right?

              "These new pathways will provide avenues for hydrocarbons to escape outside of the berm no matter what a traveling nurse says."

              This traveling nurse never said oil was not, or would not surface outside the berms. This traveling nurse simply asked for documentation when the statement was made that it was NOW happening, from someone not a resident, doesn't have access to the area any more than the rest of us does, but spoke as if she has seen it herself. Is that so hard to do if it's a definite thing? Otherwise, it's hearsay. Perhaps we could at least hear it from the person that actually claims to have seen it?

              (This IS your words, right?)…*wink*

              Again, if I personally saw this, I would be all over the media with it. Gotta wonder why no one has come forward with this information.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      "What are the reasons behind the berms, I think its a total waste of time and money."

      I'm sorry, but I just have to ask. If you don't know the reasons for the berms, then how can you think they are a total waste of time and money? FYI, the berms don't just look important.They ARE important.

      The salt dome is not collapsing.There is nowhere for it to collapse to, and solid objects don't collapse. It is a solid piece of nonpourous salt that goes 10,000 feet down and is 2 miles by 3 miles wide. Water can not get "in" to it, and even if it gets TO it, then it turns to brine and that brine will only hold so much salt before it can no longer dissolve the salt. That's why they store brine in these caverns when they plug and abandon them.

      We have been hearing statements like "something BIG is going to happen and it ain't going to be pretty!" for almost a year now, and NOTHING has happened and yes, things ARE under more control now that ever. More experts, More knowledge, more flaring of the gas, evacuation order still in effect, emergency code system in place, better seismic monitoring. Sadly, it's almost like people want to see something bad happen so they can be "right", and say I told you so.

      Flame away at my "permavictimness".

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    FYI – Thursday @ 9 on History Channel, swamp people (the gator hunters) going to feature the sinkhole in Bayou Corne.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Cranch can babble all he wants..

    "In addition to the sinkhole, the shift in earth left behind a zone of fractured rock running up outside the cavern and alongside the Napoleonville Dome, scientists have said.

    In a presentation April 5 at LSU, Gary Hecox, a CB&I hydrogeologist, described how other rock movements also have been increasing the sinkhole’s size and creating subsidence in the surrounding area.

    The sinkhole has a 25-acre settlement area around it, he said then.

    Hecox said that sands from the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer, which runs in a band about 120 feet to as much as 600 feet deep, are flowing down into the zone of broken rock under the sinkhole.

    Also, the sinkhole’s volume has more than doubled since it was calculated in October, rising from 550,000 cubic yards to 1.2 million cubic yards, Hecox said then.

    “The material is flowing out of the bottom (of the sinkhole) down the disturbed rock zone,” Hecox said."

    This is what is going on..
    ADD OIL..methane and methane coming up..

    Texas Brine can deny it all they want..the 'disturbed' involved with the aquifer..the sinkhole..and the salt dome.
    In Assumption's all becoming one.

    Assumption sinkhole’s containment wall gets extended.
    April 28 2013.

    The subsidence area at present is 25 acres.

    Geo-materiasl coming up..will take the path of least resistance…in or out of…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ….It's only a matter of time.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Typo…methane and oil is coming up.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    So folks aren't to talk about the methane and oil..just look at the pretty (SARC)

  • irhologram

    So, Rose, according to Hecox, the oil polluted (formation?) water is exiting the bottom of the sinkhole INTO the Mississippi Aluvial Aquafer? So, oil is both bubbling up with methane/et al all over the sinkhole and land surface, while its also being ejected out the bottom into the sands of the aquifer? That's double the pressure, at least to visualize…no? Not at all like a "burp" or a belch. Rose, didn't you post the strata of eight possible input areas into both sides of the salt dome? Wasn't The BIG Hum eleinated as a possible source? What would cause any one of the stata to produce this much pressure to jettison out one end or the other of the sinkhole? Although this aquifer is not the source of tap water (right?), what will oil in the ground water do to rivers and streams…or what effects will it have environmentally? BTW Rose, you have quite a remarkable "handle." When kept seeing HOT R, I thought posters were commenting that you are "hot." Ok, I admit, a little blond of me. Lol

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      irhologram, here is one possibility:

      "What would cause any one of the stata to produce this much pressure to jettison out one end or the other of the sinkhole?"

      "Such as the fact that there are no obstructions between the sand formations at depth, and the E&P Injection Wells within close proximity to the edge of the Napoleonville salt dome. E&P, stands for Exploration and Production Wastes, such as drill cuttings, brine wastes, benzene, toulene, etc. and such, within production water wastes from oilfields. For more information on E&P Wastes, please consult:"


      "That is 48,592,740 (million) gallons in just 2011 alone injected at a depth of 3700 – 3965 ft. bearing sands. It makes one wonder just what kind of oversight is in place around these Salt Domes to allow such polluted wastes to be slurried into sand streams, and what by-products are generated at depths that could easily be the ‘push waters’, (produced waters), that are possibly the actual drives behind the waters that are forcing hydrocarbons into the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer, (MRAA) at the sinkhole in Bayou Corne, as well as forcing the methane gas deposits into the MRAA aquifer as well."

      Read more at:

      He does provide links to back up his claims.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm not exactly comfortable with..Hecox's discription.
    The salt dome perforated..calling for materials to escape..seeking the route of least resistance..the disturbed zone.
    Water and 'rock'filling in the cavern.
    This area would also be degrading do to exposure of water on the salt..and the motion of the 'rock'.
    The water being of less depth as the disturbance..the natural motion is downwards.
    This only considers between the breach and the aquifer.
    From some depth..oil and methane is rising.
    As it rises it is entering the demonstrated by the bubbles rising outside containment.
    A tremendous amount of geological 'active' as these materials..supplant each other in various ways.
    What a mess..

    PS..Oil and methane..are usually bed mates..and this is why I have suspicion that oil is coming up out of containment.
    And if it isn't will.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..I chose the name Heart of the Rose…as a symbol of all that truly matters to and it's potential.

    It's early Spring now..
    The Roses rest well.
    Thoughts of the world..morphed into..musing over tender fronds.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Heart of the Rose,
      My heart is with yours. Enjoy your days and sincere thanks for all you do here.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Checked in on the helicorders this morning.. didn't look great.. just checked again.. looks pretty bad. Something going on for sure..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @andagi..It's always so great to 'see' you here.
    A bit of Hawaiian reggae..

    Joshua Alo "Rhythm So Divine" Official Music Video
    Nov.15 2012